Trust and Obey

Chapter One

Bella is a twenty-two-year-old college graduate and submissive whose trust in the community has been broken by a cruel Dominant. Her best friend Rose is getting married and she is coerced into attending the two weeks of pre-wedding activities. 

Edward is a thirty-eight-year-old billionaire Dominant. Since his younger brother, by sixteen years, is getting married, he is opening his home at the Cullen compound to the bride’s maid of honor. 

What happens when he learns her name and he secretly knows it? Can Bella’s trust be restored? Will she ever be able to obey a Dominant again? B/E R/E HEA

“Rose, you have to be kidding?” Bella groaned, throwing up her hands.

“No, I’m not. Emmett’s family has this all planned out. It is a family tradition. Before the actual ceremony, there are two weeks of special events for the families, friends, and the wedding party,” Rose explained.

“I don’t have time for this. I just moved to Boston and need to decide which job offer to take.”

“Bella, this is my wedding. Please,” Rose begged, batting her long lashes at her. “You are already in your swanky condo, all thanks to the sick fuck and you have several employment offers. Pack your suitcases and come have some fun.”

“Rose, you can’t say a word about the money. I signed a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement and I really don’t want to see his face again,” Bella growled through gritted teeth. Fuck, the asshole should be in jail for what he had done to her, yet his wealthy parents had the police in their pockets. So she had agreed to the arrangement. It had been two years, nine months, and twenty-five days since that horrible night and she still had nightmares. Fuck, she hated what he took from her. Trust. The trust she gave to her Dominant. She missed the playroom. She missed kneeling at the feet of her Dominant, surrendering herself to him. Hell, she missed the mind-blowing release that could only be given by a man who knew her body better than she knew it herself. 

“I won’t, I promise,” Rose replied, her voice full of conviction and concern. “Bella, I know you have been suffering and I had hoped that you would find a good man to help you repair your heart.”

“Rose, I don’t need a good man. I need a fucking Dominant!” Bella yelled. “However, I am so fucking afraid.”

Placing her arms around Bella’s shoulder, Rose pulled her close. “You are the strongest person that I know. I don’t understand this whole submission thingy, but I could see how happy you were when you first started. You became more confident and more assured of yourself. I am sure that there is a Dominant out there who will be the one that you can put your trust in once again.”

Bella hugged her back doubting that if she would ever find one. “Thank you.”

“Now, let’s go pack your bags because the next two weeks are going to be one huge party,” Rose exclaimed, grabbing hold of Bella’s hand and dragging her towards the bedroom.


“Damn, Edward, will you stop working so hard and delegate. We have thirty people getting ready to descend on the Cullen Compound over the next two days,” Emmett said as he walked into his brother’s home office. 

“I’ve got a club opening up in two months,” Edward growled, looking up from his paperwork. 

“Club? What club? I didn’t know you were opening a club,” Emmett questioned.

“Because you have a big mouth and you’re a noisy bastard,” Edward declared, leaning back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head.

Emmett looked perplexed for a moment. Then he saw the smirk on Edward’s face. “Holy fuck, you’re building another sex club.”

“It is not a sex club. It is a BDSM club,” Edward growled. He hated when people for thinking that BDSM was nothing but an orgy. 

“Just like I said, a sex club.”

“Damn it, Emmett. It is not just about sex.”

“Sure, big brother. I saw what you keep up in that third-floor bedroom.”

“Fuck, I still can’t believe you walked in my playroom,” Edward groaned. Emmett had walked into the playroom when Edward was having a new pulley system installed. It had taken hours for Edward to calm him down and convince him that he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Thankfully, he made Emmett understand to a point and promised not to share the information with anyone about what he had seen. 

“Biggest surprise in my life,” Emmett chuckled. “I knew you were a controlling asshole, though I never thought you tied women up to will your control over them.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, the submissive has the ultimate control?” Edward snarled gripping the edge of the desk instead of his brother’s thick neck. To look at them side by side you wouldn’t believe that they were brothers.

“Calm down, brother. I still can’t understand why you have to have all that stuff to have sex with a woman. I personally only need my massive cock to keep my Rosie satisfied,” Emmett boasted, placing his hand over his crotch. 

“So, who is staying where?” Edward asked, wanting to change the subject, knowing that he was, in fact, larger than Emmett in both length and girth.

“Most are staying with Mom and Dad, either at their house or in the cottages. The only ones staying here are Rose, myself, and her best friend, Bella,” Emmett explained.

“What is Bella like?” Edward questioned, wondering what Rose’s friend was like. It wasn’t like he was anti-social. It was the fact that it wasn’t just his home, he also had his playroom here.

“Dude, she is really cool. She and Rose have been friends since they were in grade school. Graduated from UW with a BA in business management and sexy as hell,” Emmett said, wagging his eyebrows.

“So, she is flying in for the wedding?”

“No, man. She bought a kick-ass condo here in Boston and has multiple job offers,” Emmett explained. “I am so happy that she will be close for Rose’s sake because it would have been hard for them to be so far apart.”

“Yeah, that is great. When will she be arriving?” Edward asked, thinking about which room to put her in. He didn’t have to worry about canceling any playtime since he had ended his last submissive’s contract two months ago and hadn’t had time to find a new submissive. Regular relationships weren’t his thing and he had never found anyone who he desired more than a standard Dominant/submissive relationship. 

“Later on this afternoon. I have a limo picking her up and bringing her here, however, the bakery called and needs Rose and me to come in. Can you meet her and get her settled?” Emmett questioned.

“Sure. Her name is Bella, right?”

“Yeah. Well, actually, it is Isabella Swan, but she goes by Bella.”

“Isabella Swan,” Edward repeated, not showing his surprise in either his voice or face. Having been a Dominant for many years, he had learned to hide his true feelings. He had been a Dominant for eighteen years. When he was a junior in college, his roommate introduced him to the BDSM community. Garrett took him to an open house at the club where he was a member and Edward was intrigued. Finding a mentor, he began studying and training to become a Dominant. Embracing his dominant nature, he quickly learned that he was a natural. Only a few years in, he was in high demand, with a long list of submissives wanting to serve him. 

Ten years ago, he began opening exclusive BDSM clubs in major cities across the country, one of them being in Seattle. Each Dominant and submissive wanting to become a club member was subjected to background checks, drug screenings, and health screenings. They were also required to sign an agreement that stated they were subject to the clubs’ rules. One of the rules being that if a Dominant ignores a submissive’s safeword, he or she would have their membership revoked immediately at all clubs owned by E.A.C. Corporation. 

That is how he knows Isabella Swan. He recalled that she was a member of his club in Seattle as a submissive. A little over two years ago, she was a collared submissive to a club member Dominant. During a scene, the Dominant ignored her hard limit on knife play. He had her bound to a St. Andrew’s cross and blindfolded when he pulled out a switchblade. 

The Dominant began making small cuts across her breast. Isabella screamed her safe word, but the Dominant didn’t stop. He continued cutting her, all the while she kept screaming her safe word until she lost her voice. 

When he was finally done, he untied her from the cross and left her in the room. Isabella removed her blindfold and looked down at the damage to her breast. There were at least twenty cuts and she was bleeding badly. She staggered to her subs room, locking the door. Grabbing a towel, she held it against her chest while she called 911. The rescue squad arrived and rushed her to the emergency room. All the cuts had to be sutured. The police came and took her statement. She was admitted to the hospital for observation. Edward didn’t know what happened after that, though no charges were ever placed against the Dominant. Edward had flown to Seattle and called for a meeting of the senior Dominants to determine the fate of the offending Dominant who had broken the club rules. The senior Dominants voted unanimously, and the membership of the offending Dominant was revoked from all clubs owned by E.A.C. Corporation. Six months ago, he checked the membership attendance log and Isabella had not been back. Before the incident, she was an active member, having been collared by three Dominants. Each had written glowing letters of references for her file. There was no doubt that she had been a submissive who could only find true fulfillment at the feet of a Dominant. She had submitted her bi-yearly physical reports to the community, even though she had never returned to the club. Trust was hard to rebuild.

“Edward, please welcome her and make her feel at home until we get back,” Emmett pleaded. 

“I will be the perfect host,” Edward replied.

“Thanks. Damn, I can’t believe I am getting married before you, big brother,” Emmett declared. He had been the surprise child. Edward was sixteen when their mother became pregnant with him. Edward had always been the supportive big brother that everyone wished they had. There was never one event that he wasn’t sitting alongside his parents, cheering his brother on. Edward had been the first person he told that he was in love and was planning on asking Rose to marry him. Asking him to help him select the engagement ring, Edward instead offered their paternal grandmother’s ring that was given to Edward in her will. Emmett tried to refuse the gift, but Edward told him that he didn’t see himself finding someone who could satisfy both sides of life. 

“I am. Rose is your soulmate and I am beyond happy for the two of you,” Edward confessed. Emmett’s phone chirped and when he looked down his face broke out a huge dimpled smile. 

“Rose is ready to be picked up,” Emmett advised.

“Have you told her about your gift yet?” Edward questioned.

“No. I was going to do it during the rehearsal dinner,” Emmett answered.

“Did the remodelers get everything done?”

“Yeah. Thank God Bella knows everything that Rose would love,” Emmett said. 

“Sounds like Bella has a kind heart,” Edward said. 

“She does, even though every now and then she lets her guard down and I see this deep sadness and longing in her eyes,” Emmett confessed. “Rose has never said anything, but I think someone broke Bella’s heart. The entire time I have been dating Rose, I have never seen or heard her going out on dates.”

He nodded his head without saying anything. He would offer to help her regain the confidence she used to have as a submissive. It was a conversation he knew would come quickly since he didn’t want her to feel as though he kept things from her. Considering the Doms in their local community, he wondered if any one of them could win her trust and have her submit once again. 

Chapter Two

Emmett had just left to pick up Rose at the airport, while Edward finished the last of his paperwork. He attempted to remain focused on the plans for the new club, while still contemplating his plans to make his brother happy. Pulling up the design plans for the club, he couldn’t help but smile in pride. 

The name of the club alone meant so much to him, The Awakening. A place to discover and experience the dark sensual desires that exist outside the normal societal boundaries of acceptable sexual practices, wants, and needs. The response had been nothing short of phenomenal from the community that he had been part of for so long. There were a few competing clubs in the area, though The Awakening would be the crème de la crème. His new club would have a longer and more stringent application process, background check, and physicals, as well as substantial dues. The interior designer had submitted her designs and he was contemplating which one best suited his tastes and needs. They were detailed and included everything he had requested in their meeting, yet there was something off about them. 

Running his hands through his hair he growled. “Damn it.” Pulling up the two designs that he liked the best side by side, he examined each with a critical eye.  He was distracted a short time later when the front gate guard called and informed him that the limo carrying Ms. Swan had arrived and was on its way to his door. He set the designs aside and went to receive his guest, Ms. Swan. After pulling up, the limo driver jumped out to open the back door.

Edward called out as he walked to the door, “I’ve got it.”. 

Grasping the handle, he pulled the door wide open. When he looked inside, all he saw was a pair of long, shapely bare legs. He held out his hand and a delicate hand grasped it.  He felt an instant attraction that immediately caused arousal to pulsate straight to his cock. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever experienced and concerned him due to his sudden lack of control. As Ms. Swan leaned forward to get out of the car, he was blessed at catching a glimpse down her blouse at her perky breasts, encased in a sexy, lace shelf bra that he knew was La Perla. When she straightened herself up, her silky chestnut brown hair fell away from her face, and he gasped. She was a beautiful angel, with a body made for sin. As he admired her, he imagined her spread eagle on his bed as he worshipped each and every delectable inch of her creamy flesh. 

A moan escaped Bella’s lips as her hand was held by a guy who looked like sex on legs. He was tall, with broad shoulders, a chiseled jaw, sparkling green eyes, and full lips. She could almost feel them as they kissed down her body to her instantly swelling clit. 

He gently placed a kiss on her knuckles, murmuring, “Hello, Isabella, I’m Edward Cullen.” Once he was done, he raised his head and looked into her warm chocolate eyes. “Welcome to my home.”

Bella had no idea what was happening to her. It normally irked her to be called Isabella, but when it came from those sexy lips, she loved it. For the first time in a long time, she wanted to get down on her knees and surrender right there in the driveway; as crazy as it sounds. Damn, she would look insane if she did. “Thank you so much for having me, Mas,” Bella stammered, almost calling him Master. “Edward. I mean.”

Edward caught her little slip-up, which made his cock twitch. Before he could even contemplate initiating anything with her, he had to tell her the truth about how and what he knew about her past. She had to trust him before she could obey him. “Come, let me show you the house and the room you will be staying in for the next two weeks.”

“Thank you,” Bella whispered. 

“Richard, have Michael take Miss Swan’s bags to the Pearl Suite,” Edward instructed.

“The Pearl Suite, Sir?” Richard questioned. Each of the bedrooms in the home, other than the master bedroom, was named.  When you had a home with seven bedrooms, it made it easier to determine which one was which. The Pearl was normally not used for guests, so it surprised him that it would be Miss Swan’s room.

“Yes,” Edward replied, as he placed his hand on the small of Bella’s back and ushered her towards the front door. He had planned to have her stay in the room two doors down from Rose and Emmett on the second floor before she arrived. However, there was no way he could be that far away from her. His own bedroom was the best room in the house, second only to The Pearl. To make his previous submissives feel adored, he created the room as a sanctuary. The place let her express her true self, to speak freely to him, hell to tell him to fuck off if she so desired. 

Edward’s home had captured Bella’s heart. Despite being massive and elegant, each room was comfortable. He directed her out a pair of french doors to a deck that stretched across the entire back of the home. The view captured the private beach and lapping waves of the sea. It would be impossible for her to get tired of this view ever.

“It is stunning,” she murmured, closing her eyes to let the warm, salty breeze blow across her face.

“It’s exceptional,” Edward groaned. as he swept her silky locks from her face. He wanted, no needed to admire her angelic face. It is impossible to imagine someone abusing the trust which she freely granted? This overwhelming attraction he had to her was confusing to him. It was as if he had been sleeping all his life until the sight of her face roused him from his slumber. The Dominant in him was screaming to possess, control, and dominate her. There was another voice that he had heard before that told him to embrace her and to share not only his playroom with her but his entire life with her. 

Bella turned and looked at Edward, then gasped. Instead of looking at the ocean, he was focused on her. His eyes held a commanding intensity that made her heart race and her pussy wet. Soaking in the warmth of his large hand against her cheek, she leaned her head against it. Since the incident, she had shielded herself from men, keeping them at arm’s length and never allowing them to touch her. And yet, here she stood, almost begging him to take her. Why? Looking deeper into his eyes, she saw something there, though she didn’t know what it was. 

“Isabella,” Edward said, his voice gruff with want and need. “Let me show you to your room and let you unpack.” He needed to put some distance between them before he did something that he would regret. 

“Oh,” she replied, taking a step back to put some distance between them since he was rejecting her. She knew absolutely nothing about this man, hell, he could even be married or have a girlfriend. 

As Edward watched her withdraw from him, he resented how he must have sounded. He cupped both his hands around her face and lifted it up for her to see his face as he stepped closer to her. “Don’t pull away from me… We need to talk Isabella, but I want you to be refreshed before we do. Also, Rose and Emmett will be back soon and we need more time than that.” 

Once more, Bella leaned into his touch and sighed. She could not help but lick her dry lips as she stared up at him. “I don’t understand what is happening here,” she confessed.

His undoing was seeing her perfect pink tongue come out and moisten her full lips. As he leaned down, he placed a small kiss on her lips, only intending for it to be one, but as soon as his lips touched hers, and he tasted the sweet ambrosia, his dominant nature rose to the surface. 

Pushing her against the wall, he grasped her hands and pulled them over her head, all the while he ravished her mouth, claiming her as his and his alone. His tongue demanded entrance and when she opened her lips, he thrust in, dominating her tongue. Small moans of pleasure escaped her mouth as her hips began rubbing against his. As his lungs threatened to burst, he pulled away from her lips and kissed her along her jaw until he reached her ear. Taking her ear lobe between his teeth, he bit down, causing her to cry out. “Fuck, Isabella. Can you feel my desire for you?” he groaned, rubbing his cock on her thigh.

“Yes,” she moaned, throwing her head back. The fire of desire that had been dormant for over two years was rekindled by his touches.

“Look at me,” he commanded. Bella raised her head again and looked into his fiery green eyes. “After our talk, if you still want it, I promise you many hours of pleasure. Come, let me show you to your room before I take you right here in broad daylight for all to see.” 

“Is that a possibility for later?” Bella asked, giving him a flirtatious wink. Before the incident, she had been courageous and flirty, she knew who she was, she didn’t overthink everything and she was truly happy at the feet of her Master. The role of a submissive didn’t mean they were meek, far from it. A submissive accepts herself or himself for who they are. They have the ability to talk openly and honestly about what is in their heart, and mind. A submissive continues to grow and sharpen their abilities. With their Dominant, they discover new ways to please and serve them. A successful submissive has the intelligence to think for themselves.

As soon as she turned, Edward smacked her on the ass. “Minx.”

Edward took her hand and began leading her towards the steps. They climbed to the second floor, where he explained the five bedrooms along with a large sitting room. Leading her up the next flight of stairs to the third floor, he pointed out his office, another sitting area, and finally, to the room, she would be staying in. “I named all the rooms so they would be easier to distinguish. This one is “The Pearl,” Edward advised, opening the door wide and directing her to enter.

Bella stepped through and gasped. The room was stunning. The white-painted shiplap boards covered the walls and the ceiling. In the middle was a large pale blue and white ceiling fan. The far wall had an arched opening with french doors that led out to a balcony overlooking the ocean. The oversized king bed was situated in the middle of the sidewall, covered in a duvet of crystal white with pale blue piping. In front of the bed, the wall had two white armchairs with a large ottoman big enough for two to share. 

“The ensuite bath is through those doors, with a large walk-in closet,” Edward explained. “Make yourself at home and if there is something you would like to change or need, please let me know.”

“Edward, the room is beyond perfect. I can’t think of one thing I would change. I have never stayed in a room quite like this before, it’s exquisite,” Bella declared.

“Well, enjoy it and if you need anything, I am next door,” Edward advised.

“Next door?” she squeaked. How was she ever going to sleep knowing that he was so close to her? Damn, she hadn’t packed her vibrator. 

“Yes,” he answered, giving her a crooked grin. “Why not take the opportunity to relax before Rose gets back.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. I didn’t sleep much last night,” she admitted. 

“May I ask why?” Edward inquired, concern obvious all over his face.

“I was nervous about meeting everyone, and I never really sleep well, to begin with.”

“Is there a particular reason?” Edward questioned.

“I suffer from nightmares,” she whispered, ducking her head down, ashamed that she was allowing “him” to have control over her still, causing her to admit a weakness.

Edward stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his body. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest as she listened to his calming heartbeat. 

“Isabella, don’t allow the past to dictate your future,” he said, placing a kiss on the top of her head. “Now be a good girl and take a nap.”

Stepping back from his embrace, she felt lighter than she had since the incident. She felt like her old self again, allowing herself to be confident in what she wanted and not afraid of the what-ifs. Looking up at Edward, she smirked. “Are you going to tuck me in, Daddy?”

Edward’s heart skipped a beat. Fuck does this woman know what she does to my poor cock when she says something like that? Age play was one of the areas that he liked to explore with the right submissive. He didn’t want a twenty-four-seven little girl, though it was a huge turn-on to hear Daddy fall from their lips. “Have you been a good girl or a bad girl?” he asked, his voice husky with want.

Biting her bottom lip, she said. “Bad girl.  A very bad girl.”

“Bad girls get their asses smacked,” he warned. God, he could imagine her across his lap, her bare ass waiting to be spanked until it was red. 

“Fuck,” Bella groaned. This man knew what to say to make her squirm.

“You are a bad girl with that potty mouth,” Edward cautioned. “Now, get to bed.”

“Yes, Sir,” Bella whimpered, her eyes hooded with want and need. There was something about him that screamed domination. Damn, he would be one fine Dominant.

Before the last of his resolve disappeared, Edward turned on his heel and left the room. Walking down the hallway to his office, he closed the door and leaned up against it, his chest heaving as he tried to calm his need to march back to that bedroom and show her just what a bad little girl she was. Striding over to his Italian leather desk chair, he sat down and began to take deep cleansing breaths. He turned his chair and gazed out the large window at Plum Island’s forest. 

His great-great-great-grandfather purchased the six acres of land two hundred years ago. He built the first home, which was destroyed in a major storm in December 1839. The next home was built and able to withstand the storm of 1851. His grandparents lived in the home until their death five years ago. His parents had built their home on the property when they got married forty-one years ago, matching the style and architecture of the other home. When he was born, he had been given the piece of land nearest to the point of the island. After he made his first million dollars, he began building his home, which had a view of the water on three sides. His estate was the largest of the three. He never second-guessed himself on why he needed such a large home. His company was on the fast track to being a fortune 500 company and appearance was everything. He enjoyed his solitude and the freedom to enjoy his dominant lifestyle, but he would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about his future since Emmett had decided to get married. The love that was evident between Emmett and Rose was a thing of beauty. Edward had never been in love. He cared for his submissives during their time spent together, however, he never wanted anything more from the relationship other than the playroom. His mother always told him that love would come around when he was least expected. Edward was lost in his thoughts until he heard his phone begin to ring. Looking down at the screen, he saw that it was Emmett.

“Hey,” Edward answered.

“Edward. Did Bella get there okay?” he asked.

“Yes. She is settled in the room and is currently taking a nap,” Edward answered.

“That’s good. The girl doesn’t get enough sleep,” Emmett said. “The reason I’m calling is that Rose and I ran into a college friend of ours. Jasper Hale and his wife Alice are in town for a holiday and want us to go to dinner with them. Do you think you and Bella would be okay for a while longer?”

“Sure. I’ll make sure she is entertained,” Edward replied, as his mind began to race with how he could entertain Bella.

“Great. Tell her that Rose sends her love and will see her later tonight.”

Edward placed his phone back on the desk and began to think how he would broach the subject of his awareness of who she was and what had happened to her. Damn, he wished he could turn back time and had stopped the motherfucker from hurting her. 

“RED! RED MASTER!” Bella screamed.

Edward jumped from his chair and ran toward her bedroom. Pushing open her door, he found her thrashing back and forth in the bed, screaming red over and over again. Rushing to her side, he placed his hand on her bare shoulder and urged her to awake. “Bella, sweetheart, wake up.”

Bella was trapped once again in her nightmare of that night. She was tied up to the St. Andrew’s cross and Master had a knife. He made cut after cut, all the while she continued to scream her safeword. His sinister laugh echoed through the playroom. All at once, a voice pierced through his laughter, blanketing her in warmth and security. Shooting up from the bed, she opened her eyes to find Edward by her side. 

“Edward,” she whimpered.

“Isabella,” he whispered, reaching out and pulling her into his arms. She molded herself into his embrace and her warmth seeped into every pore of his body. He ran his hand up and down her back and it was at that moment he realized she was naked. When she finally stopped shaking, he leaned back, giving her a smirk. “Sleep in the nude often?” he questioned, with a lightness in his voice.

Bella had forgotten that she was naked, well, almost naked. She hated sleeping in clothes because they made her feel trapped. Grasping the sheet, she pulled it up over her breast, not wanting to show Edward the scars she carried because of that night. “Sorry to have screamed,” she muttered, looking down at the silky soft sheet.

“Isabella, look at me,” he insisted, and when she didn’t, he placed his hand under her chin and raised it so he could look into her eyes. “You don’t need to hide from me.”

“You don’t need to see my scars.”

“I do and I will if you agree to what I have in mind. But first I need to tell you about myself. You know that my name is Edward Cullen, and you should know that I am a Dominant. I have been since I was twenty, so, nearly eighteen years. I also own multiple BDSM clubs throughout the country, one of them being The Twilight Hours, located in Seattle,” he explained, watching her face for the second that she realized that he knew.

Chapter Four

Bella and Edward lay entangled in Edward’s playroom bed as time stood still. As a way of getting to know each other, they played a game of twenty questions. It surprised Edward at how many interests the two of them had in common. Damn, why didn’t they meet sooner? Yeah, they lived on the other side of the country from each other until recently. Then he had a thought that upset him. Had he already failed her?

The change in Edward’s face caused Bella to become concerned. “What’s wrong?” she asked, rubbing the frown lines that had to appear across his forehead.

Knowing that this relationship wouldn’t work without his complete honesty, he sighed deeply. “I should have sought you out when I came to Seattle to revoke his membership. You were also a member of my club, and I should have ensured that you were okay. I am so sorry.”

“Edward, what he did wasn’t your fault. The membership process was one of the most stringent in the area. Some clubs I checked into before coming to The Twilight Hours, didn’t even have a simple physical requirement. God knows what goes on in those establishments. You flew all the way across the country to give your vote in person. That means you take responsibility, as the owner, to ensure that they adhered to the rules that were set forth to by all the members.”

“But I should have personally sought you out to see if I could do anything for you,” he muttered.

Bella slowly began her feather-soft caresses over his face, storing to memory every inch. He wasn’t just good-looking on the outside, he was good on the inside. He was being truthful and had been trustworthy during their time in the playroom. She needed to be the same because she wanted this relationship to last. “I wouldn’t have seen you. By the time I got to the hospital, I had lost a significant amount of blood. Some cuts were deeper than the others, which is why some scars are so grotesque.”

“They are not grotesque,” Edward said, looking down at them. Yes, they were scars, but they didn’t take away from her beauty.

“We will agree to disagree on that issue,” she shrugged. “After the surgeons finished stitching me up and a blood transfusion, I was in my room trying to come to terms with what had happened when his parent’s attorney showed up. He advised me that the police would do nothing about the attack and that I needed to keep my mouth shut or certain pictures would be released to the media.”

“WHAT!” Edward growled, not believing what she had to endure after the vicious attack. “Where was your family?”

“My parents died when I was a senior in high school,” she choked out. “And I don’t have any other living relatives.”

“Oh, baby,” Edward cooed, pulling her closer to him. “Who took care of you after they passed?”

“I was eighteen and since I was legally an adult, I was able to remain in our home,” she explained. 

“But who was there to comfort you when they passed?” Edward asked.

“Rose and her family,” Bella answered with a smile. “They tried to get me to move in with them. However, I wanted to stay in my home. So when his attorney threatened me, I knew I couldn’t face people seeing pictures of me in the playroom. Not that I am ashamed of it, but because people would take them out of context.”

It is unfathomable that someone would do such a thing to you. “It was you who were injured,” he growled. His mind devised a plan to bring him and his family down. He knew who they were and they may think they are an elite echelon, yet they were nowhere near as rich or powerful as he was.  

“He comes from a very powerful family and prestige and reputation mean everything to them. I knew I didn’t have the resources to fight them, so when they offered the agreement, I accepted,” she shared, feeling lighter to have told him her secret.

“What was the agreement?” Edward inquired.

“If I kept my mouth shut, I would receive a large lump sum payment,” Bella murmured. “I know I can trust you not to repeat this conversation. Rose knows a small portion of it, but she doesn’t even know the extent of my injuries. She was on holiday with Emmett at the time of the attack. By the time she returned, I was already out of the hospital and the agreement had been signed.”

I did not shock Edward that they had used that tactic to shut her up. “So you were all by yourself in the hospital?”

“Yes, and his attorney was very aggressive,” she answered, moving even closer to him. She could feel his body shaking and his heart was beating faster. He was clearly upset. “Are you upset with me?”

Kissing the top of her head. “Of course not, but that motherfucker and his family are a completely different story.”

Bella couldn’t help but smile at his outburst. They had only known each other for a few short hours, yet she could see herself falling hard for him. She could feel his protectiveness for her each time he touched her. This was what Rose didn’t understand. The connection between a Dominant and submissive. This is what she had been missing all these years. Suddenly, her stomach growled loudly.

“Wow, I didn’t know I had a wild animal in my playroom,” Edward joked.

“Sorry about that. I was nervous about meeting everyone, so I skipped breakfast,” Bella confessed.

Pulling away so he could look at her face. “It is after five in the evening and you haven’t eaten all day?” 

“Yes,” Bella replied, lowering her eyes.

“Eyes up, little girl,” Edward commanded. Damn, he just put her through a strenuous scene, which entitled her to burn lots of calories. When she looked up, he could see she already knew her mistake. “I will not punish you because we have not formally gone over our limits and signed a contract. However, this will be your one and only warning. You are to consume three healthy meals per day. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes,” she mumbled, tears threatening to escape her eyes.

“Yes, what?” 

“Yes, Sir.”

“Better. Now let’s get up and get out of here. We need to shower before Rose and Emmett get back because, baby, we smell like sex,” he chuckled. “Then you need food. Do you want to go out or stay in?”

Bella thought for a few moments. “Stay in, but can we eat on the deck?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. I will have Mrs. Cope prepare us something, and maybe we can go over some paperwork while we wait,” he said. He could hardly wait to get his collar around her gorgeous neck. He needed to call his jeweler and see if he had something that would be good enough for her. She deserved only the best. 

“And we need to talk about what we are going to tell Rose and Emmett, if anything,” she muttered. This was so new and she didn’t want to hear the third degree from Rose. 

Edward reached out and stroked her arm. “Hey. We are doing this together and if you want to keep it between the two of us, I will go along with that.”

“Fuck!” Bella groaned as her pussy quivered at the thoughts of how he could satisfy her. 

“Later, I promise,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. We should leave before I decide to keep us here all night.”

Walking naked, hand in hand, they left the playroom. Edward knew if they showered together, it would lead to another round of sex and time was getting away from them. “As much as I would love to shower with you, I think we need a few minutes alone to center ourselves.”

“I think that is a great idea,” Bella confessed.

Edward leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Damn, so fucking sweet. God, please go.” His resolve was melting by the second.

Bella gave him a wink before turning to walk toward her room, making sure she wiggled her hips. God, it felt so good finally to feel like her old self again. 

Edward had to grab a hold of the doorjamb to keep himself from following her down the hall. He felt like an addict, and she was his fix. When she had finally disappeared into her room, he finally was able to let go and head to the shower. God, he loved his shower and he couldn’t wait to share it with Isabella. It was large enough for three people, with frameless glass partitions and doors. Large slabs of marble were used all over the floors and walls, even the built-in benches. It had two wall shower heads and one rain shower head centered in the ceiling. Standing under the rain head he allowed the water to flow over his body. With one hand on the wall, he reflected on the fantastic afternoon he’d had with one of the best submissives he’d ever met.

Damn, it shocked him when she admitted she hadn’t had an orgasm since her last Dominant/Submissive relationship. After the attack, she had not been in a relationship with anyone, but she still adhered to the rules that were standard in her community. Isabella Swan was born to be a submissive. Then a thought hit him that made sense of the confusing feelings he had been feeling since the moment he touched her hand. They were destined for each other. The realization of this fact made him weak in the knees. He had already told her he wanted to try a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and then it hit him. He didn’t just want to try; he wanted that type of relationship. In society’s eyes, their age difference would raise a few eyebrows. He was thirty-eight, almost thirty-nine next week. Something he hoped his family would forget about with all the pre-wedding activities. Bella, no, he couldn’t call her that; she was his Isabella, was twenty-two, a sixteen nearly seventeen-year difference. 

As a multi-billionaire, he had been named one of the city’s most eligible bachelors for five years running. Since he only had submissives, it was rare to see him with the same woman more than a few times. When he needed a date for an event, he would have his submissive go with him. The paparazzi would go crazy yelling out how long they had been dating, if they were going to get married and if they were living together. News coverage of the vultures was tame to what they were in real life.

Over the next two weeks, the paparazzi would be everywhere, except here on the Cullen Compound. Edward had the best security company in the world G4S. They were a UK-based ex-military security company that protected the wealthiest families globally, as well as providing other security needs. He had electronic and physical security guards stationed at the gate, at his parent’s home, at his home, and his office. Isabella had already said that she didn’t know if she wanted Rose to know about them. How long did she want that? He didn’t want to avoid her. Damn it. He wanted the fucking world to see that she was his and his alone. 

“Edward,” Bella called out. She had finished her shower, dried her hair, and dressed in a short white lace baby doll dress. When she slipped her feet into her favorite pair of Louboutin Rosapetra jeweled sandals, she felt sexy. She couldn’t wait to see Edward’s expression when he saw them—deciding on not wearing any makeup other than a thin application of mascara and lip gloss. Spraying herself with her favorite perfume, she headed out to find Edward. 

Walking next door to his bedroom, she sighed at the sight of his massive bed and the room’s overall decor. Unlike her room, which was light and airy, Edward’s was in a dark color palette. Deep shades of the blinds and wooden ceilings give it a mystical charm. Damn, it was so fucking sexy, just like the man who slept here every night. She couldn’t help it when her pelvic muscle clinched at the thought of him naked on the massive bed.

“Well, shit. I just ruined my panties,” she muttered. Wandering towards the sound of a shower, she walked into the gigantic bathroom. Her new condo had a fabulous master bath, yet this one made it look like a bathroom at a Motel 6. She loved everything about it, from the double marble top vanity, enormous sunken tub situated in front of a large window overlooking the water, and the shower. Oh my, what a shower. It was large enough for at least a half-dozen people, though it had just one right now. Edward. The man was a god, no, he was something better. He was a Dominant, a Dominant who could be trusted. This was what she had been looking for and hoping for, for such a long time. She knew Rose would question the quickness of what was happening between the two of them. However, Bella’s heart and soul knew that Edward would never harm her. He had told her he was a strict Dom, something that she needed and craved. 

Edward had been so lost in his thoughts, so much so that he didn’t hear Bella call out his name. Turning off the water, he turned to see her standing in the bathroom dressed in a short white lace dress. A thought hit him like a wrecking ball, Bella walking towards him dressed in a long, white lace dress carrying a bouquet of flowers. Her eyes glistening with unshed tears and a smile full of love. “HOLY FUCK!” he thought. Where did that come from? He had never wanted to be married. His life was full of work, family, and his lifestyle. There was no room for a wife. Shaking his head, he reached for the towel and began wrapping it around him, never taking his eyes off Bella. 

Bella gave him a mischievous smile as she raked her eyes over his entire body, spending more time on his thick, hard cock. Fuck food. She wanted to feel him inside of her again. She was so wet. She could feel it dripping down her legs.

He stepped in front of her, grasping her hips and pulling her up against his towel-covered cock. “Do you think it is polite to watch someone as they shower, little girl?”

“No, Sir,” Bella answered, biting her lip.

Damn, did she know what biting her lip did to him? Leaning down, he captured her mouth in an all-consuming kiss, his tongue delving deep into her hot mouth, mating with hers. She hiked her leg up over his hip, aligning her pussy to his dick. Breaking from her lips, he kissed and nibbled along her jaw to her ear. “If I rub my finger along your heat, will I find it wet for me?”

“Yes, so wet,” Bella moaned. 

“Hmm, I need to make sure,” he advised. As he continued to kiss, nibble, and suck the sensitive skin of her neck, he reached down and flipped up her dress. When he got to her lace-covered pussy, he found it was in fact wet. It was dripping. “Oh, little girl. Are you dripping your hot cum on my floor?”

“Sorry, Sir,” she groaned, as she clenched her pussy muscles.

Edward slipped his finger under the lace and stroked her swollen clit. He could feel the heat of her tight hole and his cock twitched at the thought of being buried balls deep. “Do you want to come?”

“Yes,” she cried, her orgasm on its apex, ready to explode to a million pieces.

“Whose orgasms are they?” he asked, his voice husky and hot against her skin.

“Yours, only yours. Please, Sir,” she begged.

Suddenly, his finger left her pussy and his lips left her neck. Taking a step back, he brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked them clean. “Yummy,” he said. “But I want you hot and needy when we go over our limits.”

“But,” she began, so aroused that she knew it would take just a pinch to send her over the edge.

Edward raised his eyebrow at her. “Do we have an issue?”

Bella lowered her eyes. She was hot and bothered, but he was right. Her orgasms were his to give. He was her Dominant and he had shown her in the short amount of time together that he wouldn’t take advantage of her. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Better,” he said, taking her hand. “Come watch me dress, and then we will work on our limits until dinner is ready.” They walked hand in hand into the bedroom and into his large walk-in closet. It was made from dark rich wood and had enough hangers, drawers, and shelves for every article of clothing. 

Directing her to a large cream ottoman, he helped her sit. As soon as her ass was on the plush stool, Edward took off his towel, giving Bella a full view of his enormous, erect cock. She couldn’t help but smile, knowing that he had been as affected as she had by that kiss. He turned and picked out a pair of grey slacks, slipping them on, scant any underwear. 

“Commando?” Bella explored.

Edward looked over his shoulder and gave her a crooked grin. “Well, you could lose those wet panties and we would be even.” After making that comment, he went back to getting dressed. When he had finished buttoning up his shirt and slipping on a pair of his favorite Italian loafers, he looked in the mirror and tried to tame his hair. He got his unruly locks from his grandfather. He once told him it was what made his grandmother fall in love with him. Chuckling over the memory, he ran the brush through his hair one last time before giving up. Turning back to where Bella was sitting, he found her standing with a naughty smile on her beautiful face. He watched as she closed the distance between her lace panties dangling from her right index finger.


“I would say we are even, Sir,” she said, then turned to walk out of the closet, leaving a stunned Edward.