Teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous

Here is a teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous.  Please note that is it not beta’d.  Enjoy.

Daniella helped the team getting Aro prepared for transport.  First thing that had to be done, was his mouth was taped shut.  Daniella inserted a ball gag before applying the duct tape over it. They all were getting sick and tired of hearing his moaning and groaning.  Fucker was an annoying shit.  The specially constructed five foot by five foot wooden box was brought into the room.  If he moved in any direction he would be impaled by the metal stakes, which just gave the team a warm happy feeling.  After Aro was placed in the box and the lid was nailed shut, they loaded him on a cart and wheeled out the to van.  Jack was driving the van and made sure to hit every bump and pothole between the hotel and the airport.  Yes he was one evil sucker and he loved it.  He was still full of rage for Aro, he had been the unfortunate one to locate the suitcase and Lisa’s body, so any pain that he knew that Aro was feeling made it just a little sweeter.

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Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous

Bound and Dangerous




AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.

I own the storyline for Bound and Dangerous, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringements are implied.


Jack stood in the entrance to the room, covered in mud and green slime, with a heavy heart. This was not an enviable position. He felt relieved that he could bring closure to Elizabeth, by finding her sister’s body, yet still wished he was able to provide her with better news. Elizabeth’s face looked so broken; he could tell she was barely holding it together.

Elizabeth cleared her throat, trying to find some semblance of the professional demeanor she aspired to maintain. “Jack, what do you have to report?” The question came in a whisper, her voice breaking with every syllable.

“Elizabeth, I found the suitcase. It is the one Aro purchased. I’m sorry, Elizabeth, our suspicions were confirmed; the body of your sister, Lisa, was within the suitcase.”

All hope, even the smallest shred, was lost as Elizabeth heard the words Jack delivered to her. Her knees began buckle and her breathing was becoming labored. She had anticipated this, she knew just the kind of monster Aro Volturi was, so it was no surprise that this was the result. But, God help her, it was her baby sister. She did not know if it was true if, at the moment of your death, you saw your life flash before your eyes, but she knew that her sister’s life was flashing before hers.


Memory upon memory assaulted her. When her parents first brought her home, helping her mother take care of her, assuming the role of her mother when theirs had died. Everything that she tried to store as far back in her mind as she could, had escaped and now crippled her completely. She wasn’t going to survive this; she wanted Lisa back. She was so lost in her memories she didn’t hear Sean enter the room. He had come to the townhouse for an update on their operations.

The night before, after Elizabeth had left, he planned to go to his home office and try to get some work done. The family was expecting a shipment of guns next week, and he needed to ensure that everything organized and as secure as possible. The family had received intelligence that the Cortez family from Colombia were putting out feelers to weasel their way into his territory. They were known for their distribution of drugs, but it seemed they wanted to branch out into guns. Sean knew that shit wasn’t going to happen on his watch. After reading over the same paragraph three times, he decided to give up and go for a long walk.   He needed to clear his mind. Grabbing his jacket and his nine mil, he placed the gun into his back holster, and took the elevator down to the first floor. The guards on duty tonight were Colin and Seamus. Seamus jumped up from the desk when he saw the Don step off the elevator. Colin was Sean’s personal bodyguard, and was already in step with his boss and best friend as he stepped off the elevator.

“I don’t need you guys tonight. I’m going for a walk, clear the cobwebs, alone.”

“But, sir, that is not advisable.” Seamus responded. Colin remained silent, with a slight smirk on his face. He knew when Sean was in this type of mood; it was better not to push.

“I don’t give a fuck. I am going for a walk and I am going alone.” Sean barked in a tone that would make a grown man piss his pants.

“Yes, sir.” Seamus returned. Colin stationed himself outside the front entrance to the building, but not before instructing Seamus to keep an eye on the monitors.

Sean walked out the door and down the street towards the park. With every step he reviewed every word they had shared, every look, and every touch; fuck, why couldn’t he get Elizabeth out of his head? Why the fuck was that? All the other women he had ever dealt with had never been a problem. As he fucked them, he didn’t think of them again. Even though he and Elizabeth had never had sex, he couldn’t seem to stop thinking of her and longing spending more time with her. But she shut him out. Did she not share the same feelings that he had? Better yet, what the fuck were these feelings? And why the fuck did hurt so much when she left and why was it that he wanted nothing more than rush over to the Cullen townhome, rush in, take her into his arms, and kiss the fuck out of her before he kidnapped her and rushed off to Vegas for a quick wedding. WAIT!!! Marriage? Was that what he was feeling? Was he in love with Elizabeth?

Suddenly, he was faced with a punk ass kid dressed in all black, holding a knife.


“Give me your fucking money or I will cut you, motherfucker.” The kid snarled, shaking the knife in Sean’s face.

Shit, this was not this kid’s lucky day. Sean looked at the kid, his shaking hands, his hold on the knife, and knew he had nothing to worry about. “Really, you want my money?”

“Yeah, motherfucker.” The question made the kid nervous.

Sean reached into his jacket and pulled out his gold plated, pearl handled desert eagle and pointed it in between the kid’s eyes. When the kid saw the gun, his hands shook so badly that he dropped the knife. “You don’t know who the fuck you are messing with. Who do you work for?”


“Jose Lopez.” The kid responded. He wanted to either run, or piss his pants, and not necessarily in that order.

“And that fucking name should mean something to me? Who is the Boss, ese?” Sean barked, knowing that, if the kid was part of a family, he would know what he was asking.

“Roberto Cortez.” He responded with just a little more bravado. He knew that name meant something in this town.

Fuck, this punk ass kid was working for the fucker who was trying to cut into his turf. He needed to send a message to Roberto and this kid was going to do it. “Listen to me very carefully. You listening? I want you to take this message back to the Boss, not Jose, but to Roberto. You tell him to stay the fuck out of the O’Leary turf or there is going to be a lot of fucking bloodshed, and it isn’t going to be Irish blood. Do you have that, ese?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, now get the fuck out of my face!” Sean said, shoving the kid hard to the ground. The kid jumped up and took off down the street, leaving his knife on the ground.   Sean returned his weapon and continued his walk. After hours of walking around the city, he headed back to his apartment with a plan to go to Cullen’s townhome tomorrow and lay his feelings on the line. If they didn’t straighten out where they stood, Elizabeth was going to drive him batshit crazy.

Sean arrived about mid-morning at the townhouse. Maggie was there and told him about the dress she had picked out yesterday. During their conversation, he saw Jack enter through the back door. From all appearances, he had been searching for the suitcase. Jack’s expression said it all; the suitcase was found, and so was Lisa. Sean wrapped up his conversation with Maggie, and went to the command post to find out what was going on. When he entered the room, he noticed all the color had drained from Elizabeth’s face, and her knees were buckling, and she was gasping for air. Her eyes were empty. There was no emotion, no tears, just that blank stare. He had seen this look before, it was not a good sign. As soon as he neared her, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began to fall backwards toward the table. Running the last few steps, Sean quickly caught her before she hit the floor, cradling her limp body close to his. “Get a damn doctor in here!” Sean screamed.

Edward grabbed his phone and called the Dr. Mallos, who had come with the team on the trip. It had been determined early on that they would have a doctor on all extensive jobs, just in case something went wrong. It was almost impossible for them to go to a regular hospital and it was more cost effective to pay the good doctor a hefty sum to keep the team alive and healthy.

“Let me take her, Sean.” Edward said as he began to kneel beside them.

“No. Get the goddamn doctor in here and don’t even fucking attempt to take her from me.” Sean seethed between his tightly clenched teeth. “She is mine and mine alone and I will kill any motherfucker who tries to take her away from me.”

Edward slowly rose and took a step back. He could relate to the way Sean was feeling; he felt the exact same way every time someone came too close Bella, the rage for his need to protect the woman who was his everything.

Dr. Mallos walked into the room carrying his bag and went straight to where Sean was kneeling on the floor holding onto Elizabeth. He knelt beside them. Sean instantly tightened his hold of Elizabeth and gave Dr. Mallos a look of warning that would kill. “Sir, I am Dr. Mallos, and I need to check Elizabeth out. Do you think you can possibly take her to her room and lay her on her bed? She will more comfortable there.” He said calmly.

Man Carrying Unconscious Woman
Man Carrying Unconscious Woman — Image by © Vincent Besnault/Corbis

Sean rose up and gently carried Elizabeth to her room, with Dr. Mallos following closely behind. He laid her down on the bed with care and willed himself to remove his arms from her. He knew he needed to allow the doctor to do his job, but he didn’t want to lose the connection. Finally, he let go and stepped back allow the doctor to begin his examination.

Edward walked up to Sean and placed his hand on his shoulder. “She is going to be okay. She just found out that they found Lisa’s body.”

“Fuck. I knew they were holding out hope, even if it was clear that she was dead.” Sean groaned. “Where is Aro?”

“We have him under surveillance and they have already begun implementing the plan.”

“Edward, you need to make sure that fucker suffers ten times the pain he has caused.”

“I promise you that he will. I need you to get a hold of Peter; we are flying out tonight for Seattle with Aro.”

Sean turned and looked Edward dead in the eye. “I’m coming, too.”

Edward knew this was more about Sean being there for Elizabeth than it was about getting a shot at Aro. “That’s fine, Sean; I already assumed you would want to be there.”

Bella walked into the room and wrapped her arms around Edward’s waist, needing the connection that they shared, to help ground her during the chaos and tragedy of the news. “How is she?”

Edward and Bella 700_zpshfxyntpt

“The doctor hasn’t said yet.” Edward said, kissing the top of her head. He loved how she fit so perfectly against his body. Well, fuck, she fit perfectly everywhere.

“We’ve got a situation back in Seattle.” Bella said. “It seems that someone tried to hack into our personal bank account.”

“Fuck, did they get in?” Edward groaned.

“No, Alec’s system was able to keep the person online long enough to back track their web address and turn on their camera of their computer. He got the picture of the person, along with the address where the computer was housed.”

“Great. Damn, Alec is a worth his weight in gold with these programs.”

“Here is the thing though Edward, we know the person.” Bella stated. Edward was slightly surprised that someone that knew them would be so fucking stupid.

“Who was it?” Edward asked.

“Michael Newton and he was doing it from Jessica Stanley’s apartment.”

“That Goddamn motherfucker is dead! Dead, I tell you!” Edward yelled. “I want his ass picked up immediately and taken to the warehouse along with that Jessica bitch.”

“I already sent out the command and they got Michael, but Jessica was nowhere to be found.”

“Fuck!” Edward groaned.

“I have extra guys looking, but the stupid blonde was smart enough to leave everything in the apartment and her car is still in the garage.” Bella grumbled.

At this point, the doctor walked back over to the group. “I have checked Elizabeth over and she is just in shock. She has held in the grief so long that this bit of news pushed her over the edge.”

“When will she wake up?” Sean asked as he looked over to where she was lying and wanted nothing more than to lay beside her and wrap her up in his arms and make all the sadness to go away.

“I don’t know for sure. This is brain’s defense mechanism; when she is ready, she will wake up.”

“Thanks, Doc. We will be leaving in a few hours, so you need to pack and be ready to leave.” Edward said.

“Certainly. She is going to need a lot of support when she wakes.”

“We are her family and we will be here for anything that she needs.” Bella whispered. She didn’t have a sister, but she could imagine what it would be like if something like this happened to Alice. She looked up at Sean; his face said it all. He was in love with Elizabeth. “Sean, why don’t you sit with her until she wakes up? Edward and I have to attend to some business.”

“Thank you, Bella. I promise to take care of her and protect her with my life.”

Edward and Bella walked out the door and Sean took his place beside Elizabeth. He watched her chest rise with each breath that she took. He may be the head of the family, but he believed in God and silently prayed that she would awake soon and allow him to console her through this time of grief. But, he didn’t know if she would. Why was she this way? Women.

As he sat patiently waiting, he made some phone calls. First, he phoned Colin and filled him on what was happening. He told him to contact Peter immediately, and to get with Mackenzie, the family Consigliere, to make the funeral arrangements for the family. With them returning to Seattle with Aro, the arrangements were going to need to be made as soon as possible. They could hold the funeral when they returned. Since he would be traveling with the Cullens, and wouldn’t need additional security, he appointed Colin as acting Don until his return. He brought him up to speed on the different shipments that were scheduled, and told him to get with Mackenzie for any questions. He could call Sean whenever necessary.


When he ended his conversation with Colin, he noticed Elizabeth’s breathing change and eyes began to flutter. A small moan escaped her pouty lips and then her red rimmed eyes opened and stared into his. “What happened?”

“You fainted, lass. I caught you and brought you to your room. The doctor has been in and you are physically fine. He just left the room with Edward and Bella.”

“What are you doing here?” Elizabeth asked. Her heart was shattering into a million pieces; she didn’t have the energy to put up with a man who would in the end break it more.

“I came to talk to you, lass.” Sean said in calm voice. “I thought I would tell you what it is I feel and want.”

Raising up and getting off the bed, she still felt a little shaky, but she needed to put distance between herself and Sean. “What you want? Let me tell you right now, Sean O’Leary, what I want. I want you to leave me alone. I will not be one of your come Saturday night girls and I am sure you don’t want anything else, because I have heard all about your sexual exploits. News flash, Mr. O’Leary, I am not a whore.”

“I don’t want that.” Sean implored.

Laughing a nervous laugh, she continued, “Yeah, right. Mr. O’Leary, leave me alone.”

“But, Elizabeth, I have these feelings for you.”

“Take a damn laxative, then, because you are so full of shit right now. I’m leaving; I have a job to do. See you around.”


Elizabeth said, and then marched out of the room. She walked quickly down the hall and into the nearest empty room. Shutting the door behind her and leaning up against it, she willed herself to calm down. This man always had a way of getting to her. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep him at arm’s length. Finally, she had calmed down enough and continued to the command center. She didn’t need this added onto what she was already dealing with because of Aro.

“Give me an update.” Elizabeth barked.

“Daniella is en route as we speak. The extraction team is already set up and the containment box has been readied and waiting for the target. But we have a situation we need to inform you about. Our tracers indicate that Aro placed a phone call and set up a meeting with someone. He was followed to a club which we traced back as being owned by one Roberto Cortez. Mr. Cortez is currently under contract with Hugo Boss as one of their models, however, he is also known as the head of a Colombian family who is notorious for their drug imports.”

“All right, I want a detailed workup on this Roberto Cortez. Be ready to move to Seattle as soon as the target is in the box.”

Elizabeth was in control again. That is how she would survive for the coming weeks, focusing on the task at hand. She had no time for Sean, nor would she direct her efforts on anything other than the pain and suffering that would soon be inflicted on Aro Volturi. She would avenge her baby sister if it was the last thing she did.

Teaser for Chapter 18

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Teaser for Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous

Here is a teaser for Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous.  Please be aware that it has not been Beta’ed yet.

All hope, even the smallest shred, was lost as Elizabeth heard the words Jack delivered to her.  Her knees began buckle and her breathing was becoming labored.  She had anticipated this, she knew just the kind of monster Aro Volturi was, so it was no surprise that this was the result.  But God help her, it was her baby sister.  She did not know if it was true that at the moment of your death you saw your life flash before your eyes, but she knew that her sister’s life was flashing before hers.  Memory upon memory assaulted her.  When her parents first brought her home, helping her mother take care of her, assuming the role of her mother when theirs had died.  Everything that she tried to store as far back in her mind as she could, had escaped and now crippled her completely.  She wasn’t going to survive this, she wanted Lisa back.  She was so lost in her memories she didn’t hear Sean enter the room.  He had come to the townhouse for an update on their operations.

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