Infinity Claims

Epilogue (text posted on Friday 8am EST)

IC 26

Edward was standing by the piano looking at the framed photos of their family. The years after Bella had been found were with reconnecting with her family and renewal of life as a Cullen. There was not one day that went by that he didn’t fall even more in love with her. After she took over the family, they finally were able to get the government to recognize that she was in fact Isabella Marie Cullen. Once she had her original birth certificate, they had a small ceremony to make their marriage legal. They spent their honeymoon in Italy and while there attended Felix’s marriage. They had no idea that twenty-five years later that they would see their son marry Felix’s daughter. Their life was blessed with four children, ten grandchildren, and just last month one great-grandchild.

“Grandfather are you ready to go?” Alice asked.

“No, but I can’t make the family wait any more for me.” Edward answered, as he took Alice’s arm, and she helped him out of the house and into the car. Alice was his youngest granddaughter, and she looked just like Bella, even down to the Infinity birthmark which was on her shoulder. Bella had felt a special bond to Alice and had even started allowing her to write her memoirs. Bella had finished her book that she had started when they first met in Italy and ten others over the years. She never promoted them as Isabella Cullen, but used a pen name of Emma Rose. Many of them made it to the New York Times bestseller list, but she refused any interviews.

All too quickly, they had arrived to their destination and Alice once again helped him out of car and up the hill to the large white tent. Not one more person could fit into the tent, but that didn’t stop a large group from rounding the tent. They wanted to be here today for the family and to pay their respects.

Edward and Alice walked to the front of the tent where a white coffin sat with a large blanket of black magic roses with a silver ribbon in the shape of an infinity symbol. Placing his hand on the cold hard coffin that held his heart and soul, he began his final goodbye. Bella had lived a full healthy life, but three days ago he awoke and as he went to take her hand and place a kiss on it, he was met with a cold lifeless hand instead. The doctors said that her heart just gave out and he knew what he meant because his was breaking every second she was gone.

Clearing his throat, he began his goodbye. “My darling, this is the second time you have died, but I know this time you won’t be coming back. You had a magical quality about you and I think it had to do with your infinity birthmark. An infinity symbol goes on and on, much like your legacy. You were a loved leader of family, a marvelous mother, a kiss ass grandmother, and a loving wife.” Edward said, with tears rolling down his cheek. Looking down at the coffin and rubbing his wrinkled hand over the smooth surface. “You had and will have an infinity claim on my heart, my love. I hope to see you on the other side.”

Edward stepped away from the coffin and walked through the crowd of family and friends. Once outside the tent, he felt a warm breeze coming from a grove of trees and as he looked he saw a warm glowing light that was beckoning him to come towards it. As he began to walk towards it he felt himself falling, but he didn’t feel the impact. Suddenly he felt like the Edward of old and when he looked up, he saw his beautiful wife in what looked like his car that he had in Italy all those years ago.

“Did you think I was going to let you drive? You are a horrible driver.” She laughed, then gave him one of her sexy smirks, that he loved so well. “Come on my love we have eternity to enjoy together.”

Infinity Claims

Chapter 25  (Text posted Thursday 8am EST)

IC 25

Everything had been planned out and the warehouse had been equipped with everything they needed to make Aro and Caius suffer for their crimes against the family. Carlisle had been at awe of his daughter and how she seemed to fall into the role so effortlessly. He had to chuckle when Edward told him that he had been afraid in the beginning she was some type of spy, because she was wanting information on Mafia families for her book. Carlisle then began to believe that she truly did have mafia blood flowing through her veins and even embedded in her DNA. They ate a small dinner before Aro and Caius arrived, because the dinner table setting was only a prop. Dressing in their formal clothes for the beginning of the party, they also laid out their outfits for when Aro and Caius had been bound up and taken to the warehouse. Carlisle gave a few gifts to Lizzy Bell for tonight, one begin a set of silver brass knuckles that were made for a woman’s hand and other was a pearl handled ladies 9mm. She hugged and thanked him for such wonderful gifts.

Right before Aro and Caius were to arrive, Carlisle made sure that Garrett had all the guard ready to go. Garrett was still shocked to see Bella alive. Like Carlisle, he was at first leery, but once he spent some time with her, all doubts fell away.

Garrett got a text that Aro’s car was coming up the driveway. “They’re here.”

“Good. I am wanting this shit over, so we can finally have some peace.” Carlisle said.

Carlisle and Esme went to the front door and welcomed their guests. “Aro, Caius welcome.” Carlisle smiled, even though he wanted to begin Aro’s punishment immediately.

Aro shook Carlisle hand and then proceeded to bring Esme’s hand up to his mouth and kiss it. She forced a smile on her face as the bile in her stomach tried its best to escape. “Come, we know you want to meet the young lady who has captured Edward’s heart.” She said.

They walked into the dining room, where Edward and Bella was standing arm in arm.

As soon as Aro walked into the room he was taken by the beauty that was standing beside of Edward. Where hell did he find such as fucking sexy woman? Hell that boy does not know how to take care of a woman like this needs. Oh, he will just wait until she grows tired of the pussy boy and he will make his move.

Edward noticed the look in Aro’s eyes as he seemed to be undressing her and when he did he tighten his hold on Bella. “Aro, Caius I would like you to meet Mrs Cullen.”

“Mrs Cullen, why so formal? We are all family here.” Aro exclaimed. “You my dear can call me Aro.”

“Hello Aro. It is nice to meet you.”

“And what is your.” Aro began to ask, but was interrupted by Carlisle

“Aro, Caius please take a glass so we can toast the couple.”

Aro stepped back beside Caius where he was handed a glass of what he thought was champagne.

Raising his glass toward Edward and Bella. Carlisle said. “May your life be filled will love and laughter. May you always find comfort in each other and may you always stand up for your family at all times when others are trying to tear them apart.”

Everyone raised their glasses, then drank the champagne.

Bella let go of Edward’s arm and took a step closer to Carlisle, then sits her glass down and looks up at Caius and Aro.

“Thank you Dada for that lovely toast.” She said with an evil grin.

“Dada? He is not your father.” Aro sneered.

Bella laughed out loud. “In my short life I have had several names, Bree Tanner, Emma Rose McCarty, and Emma Rose Cullen. But today I am taking back my life and my family and that starts with my Dada. Uncle Aro I don’t remember you being such a funny guy.” She said, then turned back toward Aro with all the rage she had in her. “But I do remember you, as the man who sent Caius to kill my mother and kidnap me. He took me to the Masters and dropped me off, but not before scaring me to think that if I let anyone know my true name, the bad people would harm my father and Edward.”

Aro and Caius gasped. There was no way this was Bella. She was dead. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on here, but you better shut your fucking mouth bitch.” Aro growled.

At the point, two guards who were standing behind them grabbed their arms and bound their hands.


“First of all, this lovely young lady is Isabella Marie Cullen, my daughter.” Carlisle said, wrapping his arm around Bella’s shoulder.

“That fucking kid is dead and buried. My James will take over the family in two weeks, when you time as Don is over.” He bellowed.

“See that is where you are wrong. Isabella survived, as you well know from the car explosion and when Caius went back to kill her on Christmas Eve she escaped again. In two weeks, she will take her rightful place as head of the family.” He explained. “And second, I am still the fucking boss and you will never be able tell me what to again.”

Aro and Caius both fought against the bindings, but the more they did the more they became disoriented, they could by keep their eyes open. They both knew at the moment that they had been caught and the look in Carlisle eyes that their time to live was coming to a quick end. Their last hope was that it would be quick and painless.

Once Aro and Caius were dragged from the house and taken to the warehouse, Carlisle, Edward, and the Bella changed clothes, then made their way to them. The atmosphere in the car was a kaleidoscope of emotions, from fear, excitement, rage, and satisfaction. Edward held onto Bella’s hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it.

When they pulled up to the warehouse, Carlisle took her other hand. “Lizzy Bell, you don’t have do this. Edward and I can handle this, while you wait here.”

“Dada, I know you want to protect me; however what type of future leader would I be if I didn’t take care of those who wronged the family?”

Carlisle smiled with a heart filled with pride for his daughter. “Well alright then, let’s get this party started.”

Carlisle walked in first with Bella and Edward behind. They were met by Garrett and Jasper.

“We have them as you instructed Boss.” Garrett said.

“Good. Are they still out?”

“No, they awoke about ten minutes ago. I was glad that you wanted them gagged, because I don’t know if I could stand hearing whine anymore.”

“My brother has always been the whiner in the family.” Carlisle said, taking off his jacket and his sleeves.

Edward and Bella followed Carlisle over to the table, where the tools of torture were laid out. Bella ran her fingers over the blades, hooks, pliers, steel bars, and wooden bats. She grasped the handle of the bat and picked it up, then looked over to where they had the two bastards tied up. Thankfully they had left their underwear on, because she didn’t want to their dicks. She walked over and looked at the men, who had taken so many years away from her family. Carlisle walked over and stood beside her.

“Aro, you of all people know the penalty for harming a fellow family member. You have caused pain not just to me but to the future leader of the family.” Carlisle growled.

Bella’s rage had come to a boil; the time for talking was over. As she stared at Aro, she allowed herself to allow the anger she had inside to take control and with a powerful swing of the bat she hit Aro in the shin and when she did she heard the snap of the bone. Stopping for a moment she thought about what she had just done and instead of being disgusted, she felt warmth of satisfaction.

Edward stood back and kept a close eye on her. If at any time he saw that she couldn’t handle it, he would step in; however the look of her face showed that she was fine.

Carlisle had started working over Caius using a steel pipe to his bones. Both were screaming in their gages and wished to pass out or better yet death. When Aro passed out, Garrett quickly stepped in and gave him a shot of adrenaline, which caused him to awake. Bella got tired of the bat and went over to the table for her brass knuckles.

“Let me tape your hands my love.” Edward said.

Bella held out her hands and allowed him to tape them up and then place her brass knuckles on. She returned in front of Aro and proceeded to use his face and body as a punching bag. She was thankful for all the years of work outs that Emmett had forced to do. She continued the assault until her arms were weak. Breathing hard she took a step back and finally looked at what she had done to Aro. At first she was shocked that she couldn’t recognize him, due to the torn bloody skin. When she looked over she saw that Caius was much the same way. Her father had carved Caius skin down to the bone in some places.

Carlisle was shocked but also proud of how Bella handled the situation. He looked at Garrett who handed him two towels. He handed one to Bella, but she really couldn’t use it, however before he began to help Edward was by her side attending to her. Damn he was proud of Edward. After he wiped his hands he looked at the both of them.

“You may have been my brother, but you are now no longer family. I pray that you burn in hell for what you have done.” Carlisle said, then formed an evil smirk. “But I can’t let the devil have all the fun. Garrett, Jasper pulls them up and moves them over.”

They pulled Aro and Caius broken, bloody bodies and pulled them on the trolley system to the large vat that they had prepared. They had never seen this used before, but this was the first time a family member had done something this horrible before and when the word got out they were sure that no one would ever do it again.

Aro begged and prayed for death, knowing that he had never experienced anything as painful before, but when he got close to the vat he was shocked. Trying his best to free himself, to no avail, he was above a vat of boiling oil.

“Bella do you have anything you want to say?” Carlisle asked, wanting to give her a chance to speak her mind if she wanted to.

“There is nothing that we could do here today that would the amount of torment that I went through most my life because of you. I hope you suffer as you burn, knowing that you failed and I survived.”

Bella proclaimed proudly and with a nod of her head, Aro and Caius were slowly dropped in the boiling hot oil.

Carlisle, Bella, and Edward turned and walked away with the sounds of sizzling, burning flesh behind them.


After the night of Aro and Caius death, Carlisle made sure to round up anyone who had been part of the deed and they were put to death. Victoria and James came home from Paris and they were told what Aro had done. Both were shocked and surprised, they proclaimed that if they had known they would have told Carlisle about it. James stated that he had never wanted to take over the family, but was only doing it because of the pressure his father had been applying. Carlisle told them that he was still leery of them and they would have to prove their loyalty to the family.

Bella handled the emotional aftermath of the torture surprisingly well. The next two weeks were busy telling the family that their rightful heir was in fact alive and would be taking over. The tales of how she had handled Aro and Caius spread like wildfire and they were excited to have her as their Donna.

The day that she was going to take over, she was bombarded with emotions. Edward had been a constant supporter and lover. She had been showered with gifts and letters, but the gift that she received from her father was more than she could ever ask for. He had offered and he had accepted, Emmett would be the legal counsel for the family legal side. Emmett and Rose would be moving from Boston to New York.

“Love it is time.” Edward said.

She took one more look in the mirror and stood. Her blood red gown hugged her every curve, stunning diamond drop earrings and on her fingers was only her wedding rings. After the ceremony she would be wearing her Donna family pinky ring.

They walked arm and arm to the meeting room where all the high ranking family members were waiting for her. She dropped her arm from Edward when they walked in and walked head held high to the front of the room, where her father was standing.

“Do you accept the responsibilities of keeping the family safe, be loyal to them, and to protect them with your life?” Carlisle asked.

“I, Isabella Marie Cullen swear with my life to keep the family safe, will remain loyal to them, and will die for them as long as I am the Donna of the Cullen family.”

Carlisle picked up the gold, jeweled handle knife and when Bella offered her hand to him, he made a small cut onto her finger. As the blood appeared, she took her finger and pressed onto the Book of the Leaders. Every leader of the Cullen family had placed their blood mark in the book.

“Family, it is my great pleasure to give to you Donna Isabella Marie Cullen.”

Chapter 24 (Text post Wednesday at 8am EST)

IC 24

Edward and Bella landed and a bulletproof car, with six family members armed heavily met them.  Carlisle was taking nothing for granted now that he got his little girl back.  Garrett and he went through the list of names of the guards and when they felt confident that these were loyal family members, they sent them to get Edward and Bella.  Carlisle hated the fact that he was questioning members of his family, but if his own brother would do such a horrendous act, he couldn’t trust anyone except a select few.  Garrett promised Carlisle that he would make sure that every family member who had broken their vow to the family would be dealt with pain and blood.

Edward was a little surprised by the number of guards who had come to pick them up, but he knew that Carlisle was just being careful.  After all of Bella’s luggage and his two bags were packed in the car, they were off to Edward’s house.  The security team had gone through and removed even more bugs and cameras.  They also installed their own cameras and several panic alarms, just in case.  Carlisle was very specific about how he wanted Edward’s home secured.  The guard wondered if there had been a hit taken out on him.  They had been shocked to learn that he had gotten married to a girl that none of them knew anything about.   However when she stepped off the plane, they could understand why.  Damn she was gorgeous.

When they pulled up in front of his house, Edward helped Bella out and took her hand.  He opened the front door, but instead of walking in, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold.

“Welcome home, Mrs Cullen.”

Looking around the house, she had a slight memory of them having play dates here.  She could almost smell the home baked cookies that Esme would make them.  “Is the big tree still in the back?”

“Yes.  You remembered that?”

“A little bit.  I remember us sitting on a blanket having fresh cookies and milk.”

“I will give you the grand tour later.”  Edward said, then wrapped his arms around Bella.  “But right now I need you in my bed and my cock buried in your tight wet pussy.”

Bella smirked.  “Then take me to our bed and make me yours.”

“Fuck, you are right you are mine.”

Bella rubbed her hand up his chest, around his neck, and grasped a handful of hair, then pulled.  “And you are mine.”

“Oh yeah I am.”  He growled, then bent over grabbed her knees and threw her over his shoulder.  He took off up the steps, with Bella giggling and slapping his ass.  Finally getting to his room he kicked open the door and threw Bella onto his king size bed.

“HEY!!”  She yelled.

“Little girl I have you where I want you.  Are you ready wife?”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

They were quickly naked and wrapped into each other arms.  Of all the times, they had sex before, this time it was different.  With each touch, each kiss, each time they were joined together, it felt as if their love grew.   While lying in the bed, after another round of lovemaking, Edward was rubbing his thumb over her lamb tattoo.

“I can’t believe I didn’t ask you about this.”  He said.

“I guess we were too wrapped up in each other to talk about.”

“Yeah we were.  Shit, just wait until we tell Felix that we got married.”

“Oh, I forgot about him.  I do have a question about Felix.  Does he know about the family?”  She asked.

“Yes.  He accidently walked into a situation that Carlisle was taking care of.”

“Really?  And Dada allowed him to live?”

“Carlisle knew Felix since was a small boy and after a long talk with him, he knew that he could trust him.”

“So Felix is in the family?”

“No, but is a close friend.”

Bella thought about her time with Felix and remembered the first night of them together talking and she told him about how she was writing about the mafia.  It now makes sense, why he looked the way he did.  The rest of day and into the early morning hours, they consummated their marriage many times.


Aro was sitting at his desk, when Caius rushed in.  “They are back.  However, we have a big problem.  All the bugs and cameras have been taken out of the house and Edward’s house as well.”

“Fuck.  Do you think he suspects something?”  Aro growled.

“I don’t know.  He called Garrett who has been at the house the entire day.”

“What about the sissy Edward?  Is he back from Italy?”  Aro asked.

“I called our guy at the hanger and his plane has come back, but I was told he had a woman with him.”

“He brought back a whore from Italy?  Damn she must be a great lay from him to do that.”

“The weird part was that they were met by a large group of armed guard and was taken straight to his house.”  Caius explained.

“Fuck.  I need to know what is going on.”  Aro said.  He had not planned for this, but he couldn’t let Carlisle get away now.  “I am going to go find out what it going on.”

“Are you sure that is a smart idea?”

“After all this time, he never figured out that I was behind his wife and daughter’s death, so I don’t think he figured it out miraculously.  My brother is dumb as fuck, another damn reason why I should have been the leader.”  Aro sneered.

“Do you want me to come with you?”  Caius asked.

“No, I will be fine.  The fucker knows better that try something with me.  He might think he is badass Don, but he is not.”

Aro made sure he had his gun, rushed out to his car, and drove over to Carlisle’s home.  He pulled through the gate, nodding at the guard who were stationed there.  As he drove up the lane, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary to him.  However, what he didn’t see was the extra security cameras and guards.

Carlisle was notified that his brother was on his way up to the house.  Looking out the window, he began his internal chant.  “I will not kill him today.  I will not kill him today.”  He had promised Lizzy Bell he wouldn’t do anything without her being there.  But damn he really wanted to kill the fucker.  He sat down at his desk and couldn’t help but check to make sure the safety was off his gun and it was loaded.  One fucking wrong move was all it was going to take.

Aro barged into the house, stomped up to Carlisle’s office, and opened the door hard, which caused it to bang against the wall behind it.  “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!!”  He screamed.

“I will not kill him today.  I will not kill him today.”  Carlisle thought to himself, but he wouldn’t have Aro talking to him that way either.  Standing up quickly and pushing his chair hard, which caused it to fly back and hit the bookcase behind him with a loud bang.  “Have you forgotten who the hell is in charge?”  He growled, his face full of rage.

“Fuck brother, what is your problem?  Isn’t your wife putting out enough for you?  You know I could hook you up with some woman, who will allow you do anything you want with them.”  Aro smirked.

The rage boiled up and over, Carlisle walked around the desk, came toe to toe with Aro, and in one swift motion hit him in the gut.  Aro grunted loudly, bent over, and began coughing and spitting.

When he finally regained control, he looked up at his brother.  “What the hell Carlisle?”

“No one and I mean no one speaks that way of my wife.”

Aro was shocked.  Ever since the death of Elizabeth and Bella, Carlisle was not the same.  Nevertheless, this man was the Carlisle of the old days, fuck what had changed.  He needed to keep a level head and get the information Carlisle.

“Brother, I am sorry.  I was just so worried.  You didn’t have your phone and you left without telling anyone where you going.  You are not only my brother, but the leader of the family and I was afraid something terrible had happened to you as well.”

Carlisle forced a small smile, all the while continuing his inner monologue of chanting.  “Alright, just don’t do it again.  To answer your question about where I was, it is simple Esme and I was at a wedding.”


“Yes.  Edward got married this morning to a lovely girl he met in Italy.  We drove down to attend.”

Aro couldn’t believe that pussy boy Edward would find a woman to marry him.  Oh, well just someone else that would be put on the list.  “Congratulations.  Is he off to a honeymoon?”  He stated knowing very well that Edward was at his house.

“Actually they came back to New York.  We are have a dinner tomorrow evening to celebrate.  Esme and I hoped that your family and Caius would attend.  We expect a wonderful celebration of love and life.”  Carlisle advised.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, however Victoria and James was called away.  It seems her favorite designer has heard of her beauty and asked for to come for a visit.  She is designing her spring line and wants Victoria to be part of it.  She is over the moon.  I sent James to protect his mom.  They left a few hours ago for Paris.”

“Oh, how sad for them to miss the party.”  Carlisle said, thinking that their plan was already in action.  Esme had called in a favor with the designer, so they could get Victoria out of town; however, they had no clue that James would accompany her.  They would have to deal with James when he got back.

“It is, but Caius and I will be there.  I am very curious who has captured the eye of young Edward.”  Aro said.

“Oh she has not just captured his eye, but his heart as well.  She is going to be a great addition to the family.”

“If you say so.”  Aro murmured.  “Well now that I know you are safe I must be running.  I will see you tomorrow evening.”

“Goodbye brother, enjoy the rest of your life, I mean day.”  Carlisle coughed.  Damn he almost let it slip.

Aro shook his head and left.  There was something different about Carlisle, but he didn’t know what.  Oh well, there was not much time left for the asshole to live.


The next day Edward and Bella came to the house early to help plan how they were going to take care of Aro and Caius.  Garrett had been very helpful after he knew the direction to look for evidence against them both.  He had also figured out that it was Aro who had killed Edward’s father at the docks.  This piece of information upset Edward greatly.  His father had been a good man, who loved the family and was killed because of Aro’s greed.  He now wanted a piece of the fucker.  The next piece of news was a relief to Carlisle heart, which the evil stopped with Aro and Caius.  He even had evidence of how bad Aro had even treated both Victoria and James.

The next part was where Bella had never been part of, which is how they would make them suffer.  Carlisle and Edward kept an eye on her to see if any of the conversation was disturbing to her.  However, to their surprise she offered several suggestions on what would be the most painful.

When she finished her description of the torture, she looked at Edward and Dada, who had a stunned look on their faces.  “What?”

Carlisle reached out and took her hand.  “I am just surprised.”

Giving his hand a squeeze, she gave him one of her mischievous smirks.  “Well hell Dada, I am your daughter and Mafia blood runs in my veins.”

Chapter 23


“Caius, where the hell is Carlisle?”  Aro bellowed.

“I don’t know.  I tracked his phone and it is at his house.  He took the only car that wasn’t Lojacked.  I tried Esme’s phone and hers is also at the house.”

“I don’t like this at all.  This is so unlike my brother.”  Aro said.  “Where is Edward?”

“Fucking around Italy.”

“Good.  I hate that pussy.  Ask around, carefully, and see if anyone has heard from Carlisle.   We are so close to taking over control and I don’t want a stupid mistake to take it away from my son.  The family deserves to have a man in control, not some split tail bitch.”

Aro had secretly planned every detail so his son, James, would be the next boss and he would be his trust advisor.  James was his own flesh and blood, however, he wasn’t as ruthless at he had hoped for.  Hell, he had to even toughen him up on several occasions, and, when he wanted to be friends with Edward, he made sure he knew that if he didn’t treat Edward like the piece of trash he was, he would regret it.  On Carlisle’s birthday in two months, he would turn over control to James and the next day Carlisle, Esme, and Edward would be in horrible accident.  He couldn’t wait to get rid of them and the family would console him for his horrible loss.


Everyone was on the plane early to get to Winchester and get the wedding underway.  Bella’s dress and accessories were safely packed away, along with Esme and Rosalie’s gowns, they had purchased the previous night.   Edward and Emmett’s tuxedos were also packed; however, they would be picking up Carlisle’s tuxedo in Winchester.  The only snag they ran into was Bella’s birth certificate, or, rather, her death certificate.  In the government’s eyes, she was dead, Emmett had her birth certificate made by one of the best forgers he could find and even had a social security card with her name, Emma Rose McCarty.  After debating back and forth, they decided they would use the name Emma Rose McCarty for the wedding, however, when everything was settled with Aro and Caius, they would have her death overturned and they would get married again, this time legally and for the rest of their lives.  This wedding was real to all them, other than the government.  They would also have a perfect alibi as to why they left town so quickly.

Carlisle had a hard time finding a car service in Winchester, but they recommended a service out of Washington DC that was an hour away.  When they landed at the small airfield, two town cars were waiting on them.  The drivers helped them with their luggage and they were quickly on their way to downtown Winchester and the courthouse.  The town cars parked along the lovely tree lined street a few steps from the courthouse.  The plan was to get their marriage license, go get ready at the bed and breakfast, which was also where the Justice of the Peace was located.

Mrs Gregory was excited to meet the family that had rented the entire house for the day.  Mrs Cullen called first thing this morning, wondering if she had any availability for a group of six to use her rooms for a wedding.  At first she said no, because she had made plans for the day, but when Mrs Cullen offered twenty times the normal rate, she couldn’t say no.  During the off-season, it was hard to find guests and this would tide them over to the busy season.

Edward and Bella got their license and pulled up to the old timey, picturesque yellow and white Victorian two-story home on a hill.  The white wooden steps led up a spacious front porch that overlooked the city of Winchester, in all its glory.  Once they were inside, Mrs Gregory checked them in and led them to the rooms that they would be in during their brief visit.

Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle would get ready in one room, while Bella, Esme, and Rosalie got ready in the grand master bedroom, with a magnificent four-poster iron canopy bed.  Bella knew she wanted to come back here when it calmed down and have Edward to fuck her into next week on it.  The thoughts of his talented hands, tongue, and pierced cock flooded every inch of her body, causing her to turn into a bright shade of pink.

“Bella, dear, are you okay?  You look a little flushed.”  Rosalie asked, putting her hand on her forehead to see it was hot.  She didn’t want her to be coming down with something with everything going on.

“No, I am fine.  Just excited about the day.”  Bella stuttered.

Rosalie studied her face and knew she was hiding something, but she didn’t want to embarrass her in front of Esme.

They quickly got back at the task at hand, and, before long, Bella was standing in front of the mirror in her wedding gown.  She felt like she was in a dream.  Today, she was getting married to a man she loved with all her heart.

Esme and Rosalie were also dressed and ready to for the service to begin.  Mrs. Gregory had arranged for a student from Shenandoah University to play the piano while another student took photographs.  She didn’t know that both students wouldn’t have to worry about their tuition because the Cullen Foundation would be supporting both of their educations.  Things like this were what they loved to do on the legal side of the family businesses.

They had decided to let both Carlisle and Emmett walk her down the aisle to Edward.  Emmett, the man who raised her to be strong independent woman, and Carlisle, the man who loved her even when he thought she was gone forever.

The music began and Bella took their arms and walked toward the parlor and down the small aisle toward a smiling Edward.  He looked so handsome in his tuxedo and he had even tried to tame his unruly hair.  When she drew near, she saw his eyes, which were full of love and passion.

“Today is a very special day, a day of transformation.  You walked in the as a man and woman, but you will leave as husband and wife.  The promises and vows you make to each other are not to be taken lightly, but must be embedded in every thought and action you make.  Marriage is not a walk in the park, there is going to be times that, you wished that you never met the other person.  However you must remember the love you feel at this moment and hold tight to it.”  Mr Gregory said.

Edward listened to every word, but he never took his eyes off Bella.  She looked so beautiful and there was no doubt that he would remember every detail of how she looked forever. They repeated their vows to each other and exchanged rings.

“I am blessed to announce that you are husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Edward swept her into his arms, dipping her backwards, and kissed her with all the love he had for her.   This was their first kiss as husband and wife and he couldn’t wait to begin their life joined together.  Carlisle thanked Mr Gregory and handed each of the students an envelope full of cash.  After taking many pictures, they went back to their rooms and changed back into their regular clothes.  Bella was careful not to damage her dress, because she had decided that, when they remarried, she wanted to wear it.  They were soon back in the town cars, and on their way to the plane, with Edward and Bella in one and the rest in the other one.  As they drove through the streets, Edward and Bella couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“Fuck, baby, I want you so bad.”   Edward moaned, nipping Bella’s neck as she rubbed her hand over his hardened, pierced cock.

“Oh, Edward, I need you, too.”

Edward looked up and noticed that there was no privacy screen between them and the driver.  Fuck.  There was no way he was going to allow a stranger the opportunity to get even a glimpse of his lovely wife.  So, he whispered into her ear, “As much as I would like to spread you out on this backseat and bury myself balls deep in your hot, wet pussy, we need to wait until we are alone.”

“Well, fuck.  I forgot where we were.”  She giggled.

“I know.  However, just wait until we get to New York and to my house.  We can be as loud as we want and anywhere we want.”

They arrived at the airfield and boarded the plane to Boston.  Carlisle and Esme would be driving back while Edward and Bella would fly back.   They would have some time while Carlisle drove back, so Bella would be able to do some quick packing.  Emmett and Rosalie would pack the rest and ship it to her.

Before Carlisle got in the car, he walked over to Emmett.  “I want to tell you again how much I appreciate how you saved, protected, and loved my Lizzy Bell and I hope you will seriously consider the offer.”

“Rosalie and I will talk it over and will let you know.”

Carlisle nodded and shook his hand.  He got in the car and began his drive back home, contemplating the entire time how he was going to make his brother suffer.

Bella packed what she thought she might need; making sure that Eddie Lamb was in one of her cases.   Emmett and Rosalie drove the couple to the plane, and, as the last of Bella’s cases were loaded, she turned to the people who she would always consider as family.  With tears in her eyes, she hugged each one of them and told them she loved them.  Once she pulled away, Edward wrapped his arm around her and led her to the plane.  As the plane taxied down the runway, Emmett held tight to Rosalie, their hearts breaking into a million pieces.

Carlisle and Esme arrived back home.  As soon as they walked in, Carlisle picked up his regular phone and noticed that he had many missed calls from Aro.  Fucker was checking up on him and he was glad that Edward had warned him about being tracked.  Esme fixed them something to eat, and they sat at the table talking about the wedding.  They had decided that they could not be sure that their home wasn’t bugged, and until they could be sure, Bella’s name must not be said out loud.  Even though he couldn’t say her name, Carlisle couldn’t help but have a large smile on his face as he spoke about her.  He couldn’t wait until they took out Aro, Caius, and whoever else that were involved.  Only Carlisle’s closest and loyal family members had ever seen the evil side of him.  The enemies who were on the wrong end of his wrath suffered pain that was unimaginable and would beg to die.

After dinner, Carlisle called Garrett and asked him to come to the house.  He needed to tell him what was going on and to get him to help find out who else might be involved in the heinous acts.  He trusted Garrett and knew that once he knew where to focus his investigation, he would find out every little detail.   Garrett arrived before they began their conversation, Carlisle handed him a note.

Got a bug problem.  The note said.  Garrett’s eyes grew large and nodded his head.  He went to the armory and picked up a bug detector and a special lined bag to place them in until Techie could look at them.  That fucker would be able to get the smallest information from them.  Going from room to room, he was shocked to see just how many there were.  He also located numerous hidden cameras, who the hell was behind this?  Once he went over Carlisle’s office four times, and he felt sure he had gotten them all, Carlisle asked him to sit down.

“As you have figured by now, we have a huge security problem.  However, I know who is behind it.”

Garrett gasped.  “Who?”

“Aro and he is going to pay for it with his life.”

Chapter 22

textile wedding background

After Bella’s declaration, the entire room exploded.  Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett were adamant that there was no way in hell that she was going back to New York until Aro was taken out.  Bella argued there was no way in hell she was going to be left behind in Boston.

Bella had had enough of this shit.  Putting her fingers in blowing out a high pitch whistle, causing the room to come fall into silence.  “Now that I have your attention.  I want a good reason why I can’t go back to New York.”

“Because it is too dangerous.”  Carlisle said.

“And you don’t think I know that it is dangerous, but I have one question for you.”

“What?”  Carlisle asked.

“Who is taking over the family when you turn fifty this year?”

“Well, you see.”  Carlisle stuttered.

“Well, you see what?  I am the only child of Don Carlisle Cullen, which means that I will be taking control in just a few short months.  Do I know how to run the family?  Fuck no.  But I know that I will have you and others who are loyal to you to help me until I can do it up to the standard that you have set.”

“But.”  Edward started, but was quickly cut off by Bella.

“Look here Edward.  I get it.  Aro is a sick motherfucker.  But what kind of leader would I be if I hid while others took care of the man who tried to kill me and killed my mother?”

“But he still thinks you are dead.  If you go back now, who knows what he will do or try and I can’t lose you now.”  Carlisle pleaded.

“Baby, please stay here.”  Edward urged.

Bella thought about it.   She knew how dangerous it was for her to go back.  Looking around the room she saw each person who she loved and tried to take in their feelings, however she wanted the family to know that she wasn’t afraid.  When she got to Edward, she saw the love and concern on his face.  Damn how she loved this man and she didn’t want to lose him either.  Then I thought hit her.

“What if I go back to New York as Emma Rose?”  She asked.

“Emma Rose?”  Carlisle asked.  “You mean Emma Rose, Edward’s girlfriend that he met in Italy?”

“Actually.”  She said, walking over to Edward and taking his hand.  “I was thinking about Emma Rose Cullen, Edward’s wife.”

Edward eyes grew large and he gasped.  Had Bella proposed to him?  Pulling up her hand and holding it against his heart.  “Do you mean it?”

“Yes.  If you will have me.”

Sweeping her up into a hug and twirling her around and around.  “Of course.  Yes.”  Edward boomed.  Holy fuck, he was getting married.

Everyone in the room was shocked by what just happened.  Rosalie and Esme both had smiles and tears while Emmett and Carlisle were speechless.  How the hell did that just happen?

Edward stopped twirling, leaned down and attacked his now fiancé’s lips, she opened her lips to allow his tongue to begin its dance with hers.  Finally pulling away, because both had run out of air, he smiled.  “You do know I was supposed to ask.”

“Yeah, but what fun is that.  I can’t wait when we are old and our grandkids ask how we become engaged and we tell them the story.”

“I can’t wait to grow old with you.  But I have one question?”  Edward asked.


“Do I still have to buy you a ring?”

“Actually, I want two rings.  One large one for my finger.”  She said, then rose up to his ear, so he would be the only one to hear it.  “And one for my pussy.”

“HOLY SHIT.”  He yelled.

“What is it Edward?”  Esme asked.

“Umm nothing mom.”

Bella couldn’t help but laugh.  Lower her voice.  “It will be our little secret.”

“Hell yeah.”

“Oh my, we need to get these two married and quick.  What is the wait time, if any here in Boston?”  Carlisle asked.

“It is a twenty-four-hour waiting period.”  Emmett replied.

“Well shit.  Where can we get married tomorrow?”  Bella asked.

“Let me look it up.”  Rosalie said, pulling out her phone.  “Well of course, Vegas.”

“I really don’t want that.  I think it is cheap and cheesy.”  Bella murmured.  As most little girls, she dreamed of a big wedding with a beautiful wedding gown, but that wasn’t going to happen so she needed to make the best she could.

“Oh look.  It is a town in Virginia, called Winchester.  It is about hour and half by plane.  It is beautiful with old pre civil war homes.  There is a gorgeous Victorian home that you can get married in tomorrow.”  Rosalie said, as she showed Bella and Edward the picture.

“It is beautiful.  What do you think?”  Bella asked Edward.  He looked at the picture and thought the same.

“I think it is great, but as long as we are married we could be married in a barn by a pig farmer for all I care.  At the end of the day, we will be joined forever, and that is what matters more than anything else.”

“I love it and I think it is perfect.  Of course, they are closed at this time of night, but first thing in the morning we need to be on the plane to Winchester.”  Bella said.

“But you don’t have a dress or rings.”  Esme interjected.

Bella looked up at the clock and saw that it was already eight o’clock.  There was no way any of the shops would be open at this hour.  Her heart fell a little bit.

Rosalie saw the look of disappointment on Bella’s face and she hated it.  Then she remembered that one of Emmett client’s wives owned a shop.  “Emmett call Harold Graham.  His wife owns Flair Boston.”

“Shit.  I forgot about that.”  Emmett got his phone out and called Harold.  He explained what he needed and Harold said his wife would love to meet them at the shop and help them out.  Harold would do anything for Emmett.  He had gotten him out of several legal issues that would have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Everyone got into Emmett large SUV and headed to the shop.  Mary Sue met them and Bella was able to find a beautiful gown, as did Rosalie and Esme.  Edward had his tuxedo that he took to Italy, but Carlisle didn’t have one.  Surely tomorrow, they would be able to find a tuxedo shop for Carlisle to purchase one.

Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett went next door to a jewelry store that happened to be owned by a friend of Harold.  He called him when he got off the phone with Emmett and told him he had an opportunity to make a large sale tonight.  Edward looked through the cases and half way through he spotted the perfect ring and wedding band.  The ring was a large four carat round diamond, surrounded by diamonds and the band on either side came down with diamonds making an infinity symbol on each side.  The matching wedding band had the same diamond infinity symbols around the entire band.

“Oh fine choice Mr. Cullen.  I have had several people look at it but unfortunately the price tag ran them away.”

“I don’t care for the cost, it is perfect.  You wouldn’t happen to have a matching wedding band for me?”

Gary thought for a moment and then remembers the platinum band that he had just gotten in.  Rushing to the back, he got it out and brought it up for Mr. Cullen.  “Is this something you were thinking about?”

Edward took the band and it was a perfect match to the set that he was going to buy Bella.  “I’ll take it.”

“Wonderful.  Let me grab the boxes and work up the bill.”

As Edward was purchasing the rings, Bella was trying on dresses.  Mary Sue’s boutique had a wide arrange of styles.  Bella knew she wanted something airy with a flowy skirt and a beaded bodice.  She didn’t want a train, because they were not getting married in a large church.

Mary Sue brought up a dress that seemed to meet all the requirements.  It had a sheer flowy tulle bottom with satin bodice with a sweetheart neckline and sheer overlay over the shoulders down to half sleeve.  She remembers how much Emma Rose loved infinity symbols and she brought up a rhinestone belt that was infinity symbols, which gave the top the bling that Emma Rose had wanted.

Bella tried it on and it fit as if it had made for her.  Tear welled up in her eyes as she looked at herself in the mirror.  The dress was everything she could have wanted in a wedding dress.  Opting for not wearing a veil, Mary Sue showed her a rhinestone hair band that was also had infinity symbols and that was not all.  She happened to have a pair of white shoes, where the buckle was an infinity symbol and the icing of the cake was the rhinestone infinity symbol garter.

When Bella walked out of the dressing room, Esme and Rosalie gasped.  She was a vision.  “Oh darling you look wonderful.”  Rosalie cooed.

Bella stared at the woman in the mirror.  She couldn’t believe her dreams were coming true.  It was not about the dress.  It was about the fact that she was marrying a man who took her as she was.  Edward never once tried to change her, always accepting her positive traits and her many negative traits.  She loved Emmett and Rosalie, but she never knew why she had a feeling that something was missing and today she found out what.  Her Dada.  Every since her memories had returned, she savored each one of them.

Bella thanked Mary Sue for opening the shop for her.  Mary Sue said she was a sucker for love stories and was proud to be part of this one.  She packaged up Bella’s dress and all the accessories.  Bella opened her purse to get her credit card when Esme stopped her.

“Your Dad wants to pay for all this.”  She said.

“He doesn’t have to.”

“No Bella, he does.  He has missed so much and it is going to take a while for him to let you out of his sight.  He won’t say it, but he still doesn’t believe this is real.”

“Oh Dada.”  Bella cried.  She hated the fact that he was in pain for so long.

Esme wrapped her arm around her and pulled her close.  “It will take a while, but having you back is going to be so good for him.”

Esme paid for everything and walked out of the shop where they saw the men sitting on the bench talking and laughing.  Bella was happy to see Emmett fitting in so well with them, then it hit her she wouldn’t be seeing them much anymore.  They had been such wonderful parents and role models that the thought of not having them close hurt.

Edward looked at Bella’s face and instead of being happy, she was sad.  Rushing over he pulled her into a tight hug.  “Baby what is wrong?”

“Just thinking about how that after tomorrow I won’t be seeing Emmett and Rosalie.”

Edward hadn’t thought of this.  They had been her parents for so long and now she would be torn away from them.  Looking at them, he could see the concern on their faces, but also their love.  “We will talk to them when we get home.”

They carefully put Bella’s dress in the back of the SUV and they headed home.  Carlisle had called the pilot of his private jet that Edward had flown to Italy to have him make the plans for them to fly to Winchester, back to Boston, then take Edward and Bella to New York.  They were going to spend their first night together in Edward’s home, while Carlisle and Esme drove back.  He knew that as soon as they got home that people would be calling and he was sure one would be Aro.  He hoped that the drive back he would be able to rein in his anger, so not to let Aro know that he had been found out.  Planning needed to be done to put an end to Aro and Caius.  However, he wondered if his children were involved as well.  If not, they Aro’s and Caius’s death would have to be staged as a terrible accident.  This would be something he would have to talk over with Bella and Edward.

They arrived back at the house and Rosalie showed Carlisle and Esme to the guest bedroom while Edward asked Bella to take a walk with him down next to the dock.  Hand in hand, they walked enjoying the full moon as the light danced across the lapping waters.  When they arrived at the water’s edge, Edward let go of Bella’s hand and sank to one knee.

“I am not asking you to marry me, because you have already have.  I am here on my knee to proclaim that with this ring I promise to give you my heart and soul for as long as we both shall live.  The ring has infinity symbols on it and it is so fitting that only that amount of time would contain my love for you.”  He said, holding up the diamond ring.

Bella couldn’t help but cry as she looked down at the ring.  It was perfect, just like their love.

Chapter 21

IC 21 1

Esme wrapped her arms around Edward and hugged him tight.  She hadn’t seen him in over a month and when she does, it was under the security password.  All wives of family members knew the security password.  Each level of family had a different type of password and each person knew what was expected of them when it was implemented.  She pulled from him and looked him up and down.  He was uninjured, but why had he called them here under such secrecy.

“Mom, Dad this is Emmett McCarty.”  Edward said.

“Mr. McCarty it is a pleasure to meet you.  You have a lovely home.”  Carlisle said, but wanting to get Edward alone so he asks him what the hell was going on.  “Edward is there somewhere we can talk?”

“Actually, Dad, Emmett knows the reason why I called you here.”

“What?”  Carlisle exclaimed.

“Dad, please trust me.  Come, I have someone who I want you to meet.”

Emmett and Edward showed them to the den where Rosalie and Bella were waiting.  As soon as Carlisle walked in the room, Bella wanted to run across the room and jump into her father’s arm.  However, he wouldn’t understand and she felt sure it was going to take some convincing that she was in fact his daughter.  Edward came over and took Bella’s hand into his.  He wanted to be by her side during this difficult, yet exciting time.

“Mr and Mrs Cullen this lovely woman is my wife Rosalie.   Please set down and make yourself comfortable.”  Emmett said, then went over and pours drinks for everyone.  Alcohol was going to be needed for this conversation.

“Please, just Carlisle and Esme.”  Esme said.  “Rosalie I am in love with your home.”

“Thank you.  We have enjoyed living here.”

Edward knew the niceties where over and they needed to get down to why they were here.  Squeezing Bella’s hand, he straightens up to begin.  “Dad, this is going to shock to you, but when you hear me out you will know why I asked you here under the strict privacy rules.  I have received information on who murdered Elizabeth and kidnapped Bella.”

“What how?  Who?”  Carlisle rattled off.  This was information he had been wanting for so long, but how had Edward gotten it.

“Caius.  He was the one who arranged the murder and kidnapping.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle took a big drink of the Jameson and thought about Edward had said.   One of family members was behind this heinous act.  Then suddenly something that Edward said wasn’t correct.  “Edward, no one was kidnapped.  Elizabeth and my darling Lizzy Bell were blown up in the car.”

“Dad, there was a kidnapping.  She was taken by Caius and placed with the Master’s family in a small town in Pennsylvania, who were told that you were an evil man who had killed his wife.  She lived with them until the night you got married to mom and Caius went back to tie up loose ends.  He killed the Masters and put a round into the bed of the person he wanted to make sure he took out.  However, he didn’t realize that Brad Masters had taught her to escape at the sign of trouble.  She made her way out a window and ran out into the snowstorm to the barn where she took a horse to the nearest house for help.  By the time she got there, she was in bad shape and the owner of the house found her at the feet of the horse unconscious.  He took her to hospital and when she awoke, she couldn’t remember anything.  Before the attack on Brad Master and his wife made sure that someone knew where they kept the information on what had happen.  The neighbor who found her was that person.  Once he read the material, he and his wife left the small town with her and raised her as their own.  They would have tried to get a hold of you, but knew if the wrong person heard that she was still alive they would come after again.  She was raised happy and to live each day to the fullest.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  “My lovely Lizzy Bell is not dead.  You mean she has been alive all this time.  My precious little girl had to go through so much at the hand of one of the family members.  Where is she?  I want no need to see her.”  Carlisle cried, with tears in his eyes.

“The memories of her past life never returned, until today.  Today she was no longer Bree Tanner or even Emma Rose McCarty.”  Edward said, then squeezed Bella’s hand to tell her it was her turn.  She stood up and with a voice that was clear and strong.  “I am Isabella Marie Cullen, daughter of Carlisle Cullen.”

Carlisle looked up at the young woman whom it thought was Emma Rose McCarty, the young lady whom he knew had captured Edward’s heart.  He wanted to believe so badly, but he was afraid this was all a trick.  “I am sorry, but I need proof.  I don’t think my heart could take another lie.”

Bella was hurt, but she knew that he had to be cautious.  “Certainly.  First is this.”  She said holding up the necklace, then unclasped it and handed it to Carlisle.  “You gave it to me on my birthday.  The engraving on the front is an infinity symbol.”

Carlisle looked at the necklace and it was the one he gave his Lizzy Bell, but this could still part of the rouse.

Bella turned picked up the stuffed animal from the chair.  “Edward gave me this.  I called him Eddie Lamb, and I carried it everywhere I went.  Actually, this was the only thing I remembered all these years.”  The look on Carlisle face said that he still how doubts.  She walked over and sat down beside him.  “And Dada, I also have this.”  She said showing him her birthmark.

Carlisle started at the birthmark and took her hand into his.  He couldn’t believe his little girl was sitting beside him alive.  His heart almost exploded when he heard her call him Dada.  “It is you.  You are alive.  Oh my heart, I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you.  Can you ever forgive me?”  He cried.

“Dada, it wasn’t your fault.”  Then the thought of the person who had caused this and it caused her temper to flare.  “But when I get my hands of Caius, I am going to kill that motherfucker.”

Carlisle laughed loudly.  “If I had any doubts, they went away with that statement.  You are definitely my daughter.”

“That she is.”  Edward interjected.

“Emmett, Rosalie thank you so much for protecting her.  I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t been the one to find her.  You have a place in our family for life.  You only have to ask and I will make it happen.”  Carlisle said.

“She has been a dream come true for us.  We will love her as long as we live and our hopes have always been she one day could be reunited with you.”  Rosalie stated, her voice cracking several times.

Bella got up and wrapped her arms around Rosalie.  “You will always be my mother.  You have helped mold me into the woman that I am and you have showered me with love.  I only hope that one day when I become a mother that I can be as half as wonderful as you.”

“Oh my little girl.”  Rosalie cried.

Bella walked back over to where Carlisle was sitting, she needed to be close to him.  Looking up she saw Edward sitting across the way and she held out her hand for him.  “Please come over here.”

Edward couldn’t help be break out in a huge smile.  He had wanted to step back and allow Bella to have her time with Carlisle.  They had missed so much time together and they needed to reconnect.  Bella and he had their whole lives to be together.  Yes, he was thinking about sharing second of the rest of his life with her.  He could see his children in her eyes and that was something that he hadn’t ever thought about before.  He sat down next to Bella he took her hand and gave it a kiss.

“Oh how wonderful.”  Esme cried.  “You two look so great together.”

“Damn I forgot about that.”  Carlisle groaned.  He just got his little girl back and now she had another man in her life.  However, he couldn’t think of a better man for his little girl.

“Dad, what are we going to do about Caius?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t think Caius is the mastermind behind all of this.  I have known this man for years and I just can’t see it.  So that means we have someone else who is pulling the strings, but who could want to take the life of a child?”

“Who would be the one that gain the most by my death?”  Bella asked.

Carlisle began to think and the only one who gained anything with the death was someone who wouldn’t do anything that cruel.  They were blood and blood would never do that.  He had seen how much he was hurt when she was supposedly killed in the car, so there was no way he could or would have done that to his own brother.

“Dada what is it?”

“The only one I can’t think that would gain is someone that I know that wouldn’t do it.”  He said.

“Why?”  Bella asked

“Because he is my brother.”

Bella thought for a moment.  Her memories had returned, but some were still foggy.  As she tried to remember her father’s brother, something was nagging her.  Suddenly it hit her.  “Edward where is the pictures of my funeral?”

“Lizzy Bell, you don’t need to look at those.”  Carlisle urged.  The pain that he felt that day was something he never wanted his little girl to feel.

“Dada, it is fine.”  Bella said, laying her head lovingly on his shoulder.   Edward found the pictures and handed them to her.  As she looked at the ones of her Dada mourning her death, tears formed in her eyes.  The look of sheer despair. Oh, what her father had gone through.  Coming out of her thoughts, she continued looking through the photos, until she found the one she was looking for.  “Look at Aro in this photo.”

Carlisle took the picture and looked at his brother.  Why had he not seen it before?

“Dad, he looks like he is enjoying the fact that you were suffering.  With Bella out of the picture, then James will be the one to take over the family.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle was having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that his own brother was behind it.  However, the more he looked at the picture, thought about what Aro had to gain, and then all the times he made snide remarks about Bella.  Closing his eyes and taking some deep cleansing breaths, he tried to regain his composure before he did something rash.

Esme could feel how tense Carlisle was becoming, and she knew that he was fighting everything he had in him with the horrible information.  She had never liked Aro and it really didn’t surprise her that he was the one behind it.  Remembering a few comments, he had made right after Carlisle and she got married about what a shame it was that she couldn’t give Carlisle a child, all the while smirking.  Then there was the way his sons treated Edward.

“I will make the motherfucker suffer, blood or no blood.”  Carlisle growled. “I need to get back to New York and take care of this.”

“Dad, let’s not run in without a plan.”  Edward urged.

Carlisle got up and began to pace back and forth.  Damn he hated that Edward was correct when he wanted nothing more than to tear Aro limb to limb.  Bella got up, walked to her father, and wrapped her arm around his waist.  “Dada, we will make him suffer, but Edward is right we need a plan and find out whom else is with him.”

Carlisle wrapped his arm around her.  “You are right, but you are not going back to New York until I know it is safe.”

“No Dada that is where you are wrong.  I am going back and helping to get my revenge on that motherfucking asshole and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Chapter 20


Edward and Emmett talked for a while after Edward hung up with Carlisle.  They talked about whether it would be best to tell Bella now about her past or to wait until Carlisle arrived.  She had seen him on Skype, and didn’t remember him, but, after she had talked, she had started having dreams of her past life, even though she didn’t know it.

“I don’t know what to do?”  Edward stated.

“Emma Rose, no, I mean, Bella is the strongest person I know.  We raised her to live each day as if it was her last.  We never knew if someone would try again to take her life, and we wanted her to be happy.”  Emmett explained.

Edward chuckled.  “You have done a great job at that.  It was her attitude to life that drew me to her.  Our first few meetings were, well let’s just say she spoke her mind, and told me, under no certain terms, that I was an asshole.  Of course, at first, I didn’t like hearing it, but, let’s just say, she showed me the error of my ways.”

“You love her.”  Emmett declared.  There was no denying it; this young man loved his daughter.

Edward rubbed the back of his neck and groaned.  “Well, you see.”

“You love her.  Admit it.”

“I don’t know if it is love.”  He stuttered.

Emmett went over to where he was standing, “I have only one question to ask.”


“Can you walk out that front door and never see her again?”

However before he could even think he blurted out. “No.”

“Then we have our answer.  You love her, and, I know from the way she looks at you, she loves you.”

Edward turned back to window and thought about what Emmett had said.  He loved Bella.  He was in love with Bella.  Holy shit.  “Wow.”

“It hits you in the gut, doesn’t it?  I remember the day that I realized I was in love with my lovely Rosalie.  I knew that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with that day.  I had been in the pros for a few years, and, after we got married, I noticed that I wasn’t spending any time with her.  Between training, spring camp, games, and other activities, she wasn’t number one like she should have been.  So, I decided I needed to put her first, and I retired from the game.  Best damn decision in my life.”

Suddenly they heard footsteps coming down the hall.  Emmett rushed over, and put all the images in the envelope and back into the safe, while Edward slipped the necklace in his pocket.

Bella skipped into the room and over to Edward, slipping her arm around his waist.  She had missed him.  Damn, she had it bad.  She looked at him and saw that he was okay.  “I see that you and daddy have been getting along.”

“Yes.  We were talking about football.”  He said.

“Darling, why don’t you show Edward to your room.  I am sure that you both are tired after that long flight.”  Emmett coaxed.

“Yeah, we are a little tired.”  She smirked, knowing that she was going to have Edward in her bed and have her way with him.  They hadn’t had sex in over twenty hours and she was craving his body badly.  Taking his hand, she led him out of the room and upstairs to her bedroom suite.  Once in the room, she shut the door and locked it.

“Take off your clothes and get on my bed.”

“What?”  Edward asked.

“I want your clothes off, your ass on my bed, and that sexy, thick cock ready for my wet pussy.”  She said as she began to undress.

“Sweetheart, your parents are just downstairs.”

“So?  They know we have had sex.”

“But they might not like us having sex under their roof.”  He insisted.

She took a step closer and palmed his cock.  There was no doubt he wanted her, because his cock was straining the fabric of his pants, and, when she placed her hand over it, it twitched.  “Are you telling me that you don’t want to be buried in my hot, wet pussy?”

He gulped down his excess saliva.  Of course, he wanted her, however, what would Carlisle think?  Shit, he had been having sex with Carlisle’s daughter.  Double shit: without his permission and his blessing.  Then, it hit him, she wasn’t just Carlisle’s daughter, she was the next boss of the family.

Bella saw the look on Edward’s face.  There was something wrong.  “Baby, what is it?”


“Edward, I know you, and there is something wrong.  Is it because we were going to have sex in my parents’ house?  You can’t tell me that you haven’t had sex in your parents’ house before.”

“Actually, no, I haven’t.  My mom kept our old home when she married Carlisle, and I moved in there a few years back.  Before that, I either had sex at the girl’s place or a hotel.  Have you had sex here?”

“A few times, but it wasn’t like this.”  She said, placing her hands on either side of his face.  There was no way she could keep it inside any longer.  “As you know, I live each day as if it was my last.  Edward, I love you.”

Edward’s heart began to beat so loud, he was sure that she could hear it.  She loved him, she loved him.  He picked her up and twirled around.  “You love me?”

“Yes, you crazy man.”

“Good damn thing, because I fucking love you.”

“Really?”  She asked.

“More than you can even guess.”

She attacked his lips in a kiss full of love and passion.  He walked them over to the bed and they quickly ripped off each other’s clothes and ended up wrapped in each other’s arms.  Each touch, each kiss was full of love for each other.  When they finally came together, the explosion seemed to seal their hearts together as one.  They laid together in the center of the bed, holding onto each other tightly, as if one of them might disappear.

He looked over and saw the glass case.  Inside was Eddie Lamb.  “What is that?”  He asked, pointing to the case.

“Oh that is my Eddie Lamb.  He has been my cohort in crime as long as I can remember.”  She declared.

“Where did you get him?”  Edward asked, hoping to bring some of her memories to come out.

“I can’t remember.  As you know I don’t remember anything before I was eight, because of the accident.”

“What happened in the accident?”

“I don’t know.”

“Think about it.”  He insisted.

Bella closed her eyes and thought back.  She remembered the hospital and her mother reading to her.  As she tried to think back even further, she remembered being cold, so cold.

“It was cold.”  She uttered and continued to think about that night.  “I was on a horse in the snow.”

“What else?”  Edward urged.

“I was riding away from the house.”  She said, then, like a dam breaking into a thousand pieces, the dark wall of her memories came apart.  “The bad man had come back.  Brad told me to run.  I stuffed Eddie Lamb in my bag and went out the window into the snow.  I heard gunshots, I ran, but the snow was so deep.”

Edward pulled her tighter against him.  “Keep on.  You are doing so well.”

She suddenly realized she wasn’t Emma Rose McCarty, or even Bree Tanner, she was Isabella Marie Cullen.  Cullen….Carlisle Cullen.  “Dada!”  She exclaimed.  Then she looked at Edward, what would he say when she told him who she was?

“What is it, my love?”  He asked.

She pulled from his embrace, and sat up.  “Edward, I remember, but I don’t know if you will understand.”  She cried.

Edward got up from the bed, went over to his jacket, and got her necklace out.  Climbing back onto the bed, he sat in front of her.  “I want you to know that I just found out today, and, when I said I loved you, I meant it with everything that I am.”  He proclaimed.  “Emmett has kept this for you until you regained your memory.  Both he and Rosalie have kept you safe and I know that your Dada will be delighted to know that.”  He opened his hand and revealed her necklace.

She picked it up, opened it, and saw the picture of her mother and Dada.  Tears ran down her face as she remembered all the happy times she shared with them.  “Oh, Edward.  What will he say?”

“Bella.”  He said, as her eyes widened from hearing her true name from his lips.  “He has never stopped thinking about you, and neither have I.  There are no words to describe what I am feeling right now.  Emmett has documents that show that Caius is the one who brought you to the Masters, but, just like Emmett, Carlisle and I feel for sure that he was not the one behind any of it and we must make sure who it is.  I don’t think Carlisle would survive if he lost you again.”

“But, he doesn’t know I am alive.”

“No, but he is on his way here now.”

“WHAT?”  She yelled.

“Baby, I called him.  However, I didn’t tell him about you.  I needed to do that face to face, but, we also need a plan to keep you safe.  Remember me telling you that Aro’s son would be taking over the family when Carlisle reached fifty?”


“He won’t now.”

Bella thought about their conversations on the subject, then it hit her.  “HOLY SHIT!!”

Edward laughed.  “I see you figured it out.”

“But I don’t know anything about running a mafia family.”

“You don’t now, but Carlisle will teach you everything you need to know, and even though he won’t be in charge, he isn’t just going to leave you high and dry at the time.  I have a feeling it will take a long time for him to let you out of his sight.”

“I’m nervous.”  She stammered.

Edward knew that this had to be extremely hard, but he also knew that she was strong enough to get through it.  She had handed him his balls on several occasions and he couldn’t wait to see her do it to someone who wronged the family.  “I will be right by your side every step of the way.”

“Will you put it on me?”  She asked as she held up necklace.

“I would be honored.”

After he put her necklace on, they got dressed, and spent the rest of the afternoon talking.  At one point, she got her Eddie Lamb from its box, and told Edward how it kept her always close to her real family.  Bella called Emmett and Rosalie and asked them to come up.  They hugged and cried, Bella thanked them for all that they had done for her, and that she would always consider them family.  Emmett and Rosalie were torn between the sadness of losing the young woman, whom they had consider their own for years, and being happy that she was finally going to be reunited with her father.

It was getting close to seven o’clock, and Bella was more and more nervous by the moment.  Edward had watched her try on her entire closet to select the perfect outfit to be reunited with her father.  With each one, Edward would tell her she looked beautiful, because she did, however she found something wrong with each one.  At one point, Edward said she could go in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, because it wouldn’t matter to her father.  This brought out the feisty Bella that he loved so much, who told him he had no fucking idea about fashion and he could kiss her ass, which he did happily.  He ended up on his ass as she stomped off back into her closet.  Finally, she found a lovely Victoria Beckham Matte Crepe black dress with criss cross back.  She paired it with a pair of Jimmy Choo polka dot mesh shoes.

They were waiting downstairs for Carlisle and Esme to arrive.  Edward had poured Bella a glass of Jameson to calm her nerves.  A few minutes before seven, the doorbell rang.  Edward and Emmett went to door to meet Carlisle while Rosalie and Bella waited in the other room.

Edward opened the door to see his dad and mom with concerned looks on their face, but, as soon as they saw he was in one piece, they seem to be relieved.

“Dad, mom come in, I have something to show and tell you that is going to be life changing.”  Edward declared.



Back in New York, Aro was pacing in his office.  Carlisle and Esme had taken off without any guard and only a note that they were going on vacation.  This was highly unusual and he couldn’t help but feeling that he was up to something, but what?

Chapter 19

IC 19

Emma Rose was on the private jet flying back to Boston.  Not wanting their time to end, Edward was sitting beside her, watching a movie on his iPad as she was working on her book.  She had completed the outline and, with Edward’s help, was able to get the characteristics of the mafia men correct.  The story wouldn’t have anything to do about the Cullen family; it would have totally fictitious family.  She had let Edward read the first few chapters that she had written, and he was very relieved.  He knew, after spending time with her, that he could trust her and that was something he only did with family members.  But there was something else that had happened:  with every moment he spent with her, he had fallen head over heels for her.  He wouldn’t say it was love, because he had never been in love before, but he knew he didn’t want to her to leave Italy without him.  Every time she smiled, his heart would skip a beat, every time she laughed his soul would come alive, and every time she screamed his name as she came, he didn’t want any other man to ever heard it again.  Her orgasms were his, and he was a selfish bastard.  He wouldn’t think twice about killing any motherfucker who tried to take her away.  Was this love?  Was he in love with Emma Rose?  Could she ever love him?  He leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

Emma Rose turned, looked into his soulful green eyes, and her heart began to beat faster.  She imagined, in that moment, that he felt as strongly as she did for him.  There was no doubt in her mind that she was in love with Edward Cullen with every cell in her body.  However, could he ever love her as much or would it even be allowed in the family?

“Edward, I have a question?”

“What is it?”

“In my book, I have Rebecca falling in love with the Mafia prince.  Could he ever return that love or is it frowned upon?”  She asked, holding her breath for the answer.

“In some mafia families it is not allowed, the next one in line to take over has their spouse usually selected for them.”  He explained.

“You mean an arranged marriage?  In this day and age?”  She squeaked.

“Yes.”  He answered, then took her hand and rubbed his thumb across her silky smooth skin.  When he looked upon her face, for the first time since he had met her, she looked sad and her eyes were full of pain.  Could she be upset with the idea of an arranged marriage?

“However, Emma Rose, in the Cullen family, we can choose whoever we want; my father would never stand in their way.  His first marriage was arranged, and, even though she was a wonderful woman, he didn’t love her.  After she was killed, he was able to marry my mom, and he loves her with all his heart.  As I told you before, he still, to this day, loves and misses his daughter, but has always has made me feel love and like I was his son.”

“So, when you find the person you love, you could marry them if you wanted to do so?”

“Yes, and I would love this person with all that I have.”  Edward declared.  In that moment, he knew that what he had been feeling was love, love for the woman whom he could say anything to, who didn’t take any shit from him, and who was his perfect mate in every way.  Fuck, he could be in love.

“I am happy for you.  Whoever the young woman might happen to be, she will be one lucky woman.”

“And whoever gets to grow old with you will be the luckiest son of bitch of all time.”  He declared, hoping that he would have that chance.

“Mr. Cullen, we are about to land.  Please store away everything and put on your seatbelts.”  The private flight attendant said.

They stored away their belongs and fastened their seatbelts.  Once they were secure, Edward took Emma Rose’s hand once again into his.  He felt complete when they held hands, and he hoped that this feeling would never fade.

They landed and Edward had hired a car to take them to Emma Rose’s home.  She had not told her parents that she was coming home today, and that she was bringing Edward with her.  Soon, they were pulling into the circular driveway of her home.  He was not only impressed by the design, but also how large of a home it was.  Damn.

Emma Rose got out and took Edward’s hand as she went to the front door and opened it up.

“MOM, DAD I’M HOME!”  She yelled

A few seconds later, Emmett and Rosalie came rushing into the foyer.

“OH MY GOD!”  Rosalie cried, rushing forward and wrapping her into a hug.  “I have missed you so much.”

“I missed you too mom and dad.”

Rosalie let her go, so Emmett could hug his little girl.  He wrapped his large arms around her, and lifted her up.  “So glad you are home.”  He said.

“Me too.”  She replied, as Emmett let her down.  She turned and held out her hand to Edward.  “You have met him over Skype, but we felt a face-to-face meeting was in order.  Mom, Dad this is Edward Cullen.  Edward, this is Emmett and Rosalie McCarty.”

As soon as Emmett heard the name Cullen, he gasped.  Had Caius found out that she was alive?  But, if he had, why didn’t he do something in Italy?  Then he looked at his little girl holding hands with the young man; the look on her face was something he had never seen before… it was a look of a woman in love.

“Edward is good to meet you in person.”  Emmett said, shaking his hand.

“It is my pleasure as well.  You have a lovely home.”  Edward praised.

“Thank you.  Emma Rose, I know you want to catch up with your mom.  Edward and I will go into the den and have a drink while you do.  I want to get to know more about the young man.”

“Edward, is that okay with you?”  She asked.

“Of course.  You go show your mom the gifts you brought back for her.”  He said, kissing her on the forehead.

Emma Rose walked over to Emmett and looked him straight in the eye.  “Be nice, he is special to me.”

“Scout’s honor.”  He joked, holding up the three finger salute.

Rosalie hit Emmett on the arm.  “You were not a damn scout, but you know better than get on Emma Rose’s, or worse, my bad side.”

The ladies went off to catch up while the men went to the den.  Emmett poured them each a glass of Jameson and handed one over to Edward.  He was nervous about what he was about to say, but, for some reason, he knew this young man would rather die than hurt Emma Rose.  Taking a big drink of the Jameson, Emmett hoped it gave him the courage he needed to say what he was about to say.

Emmett sat his glass down on the table and leaned forward.  “Edward, is your family from New York?”

“Yes.  My whole family is.”

“Your father, well, stepfather, is Carlisle Cullen, Don of the Cullen crime family of New York?”

Edward didn’t show any emotion.  This was something that had happened, but the family had learn not to let it show that it affected them, even though he was shocked as hell to hear Emmett say it.  He took a drink and leaned back onto the couch where he was sitting.  To look at him, he didn’t have a care in the world, but, inside, Edward was calculating what to say and how to handle this situation.  “Why do you say that?”

“Because we have been hiding from the Cullen family for the last sixteen years.”

“Why is that?”  Edward asked.

Emmett stood up, walked over the wall, and opened up his safe.  Taking out the envelope with all the information about Emma Rose, or Bella, and also the box that held her necklace.  They had never given it back to her after she lost her memory.  If she had regained it, they would have given it back.  Emmett didn’t want to draw too much attention to them, so he never checked on Carlisle or any of the family members over the years.  Taking the articles back to the couch where Edward was seated, he sat down.  Handing the box to Edward, he looked him dead in the eye.  “Open it.”

Edward took the box, opened it, and noted that there was a locket-like necklace with an infinity symbol on it inside.  It looked so familiar.

“Take it out and open it up.”  Emmett told him.

He took it out, opened it up, and saw that, inside, there was a picture of Carlisle, Elizabeth, and Bella.  On the opposite side of the picture was engraved: Isabella Marie Cullen.  This was the necklace that Carlisle had given to Bella on her birthday and was the same one that had been thought to have been lost in the explosion.  Carlisle had men comb the land around the car, looking for the necklace, but it was never was found.

“How did you find this?”

“Let me tell you a story.”  Emmett proposed.  He told Edward what had happened from the time that Bella had come to live with Brad and Louise, to how she lost her memory.  He didn’t leave out any details, and explained why he never tried to get a hold of Carlisle.

“Edward, I so much wanted to tell Carlisle about Bella, but I never I just couldn’t just call up and get Carlisle immediately.  I would have to talk to someone else and I was afraid that they were in on the kidnapping and Bella’s attempted death.”  He explained, then pulled out the picture of Caius from the stack of photos.  “This is the man that brought Bella to Brad and paid him to keep her.  I looked at the photos of the funeral and I saw him there, so I knew he was close to family.  Do you know who he is?”

Edward took the photo, and, when he looked down, he saw Caius.  What the fuck?  He was a close family member and protector of Aro and his family.  He got up and walked to the window that overlooked the water.  Caius had kidnapped Bella and staged her death, but why?  He looked at the photo once more and saw Aro. Instead of having an expression of sadness at the funeral, he actually looked happy.  Why hadn’t anyone noticed this?  Then he remembered Bella’s dreams that she was having while in Italy.  The white blond man that kept pulling the little girl away: she was remembering the kidnapping.

Pulling out his phone, he called Carlisle.

“Edward, son, so good of you to call!”  Carlisle exclaimed.

“White Rabbit.”  Edward said, and then hung up.

“White Rabbit?”  Emmett questioned.

“It is the alarm password.  He will call me back on his private, secure phone, from his secure, private room.  No one, and I repeat no one, is allowed in the room except him.”  Edward explained.

A few minutes later, Edward’s phone rang, but he needed to answer it with the second part of the password.  “Eddie Lamb.”

“Edward, what is wrong?”  Carlisle asked.  He knew that Edward wouldn’t have sounded the security alarm unless it was a dire emergency.

“Dad, I need you to get mom, and come to Boston immediately.  You can’t tell or bring anyone in the family with you.”

“Son, that is not easily done.”

“I know.  Maybe make some excuse about a surprise vacation since your birthday is coming up.  Take the Aston Martin because it has not been lojacked.”

“Okay.”  He said, looking at his watch.  “We should be there by seven tonight.”

“Good, and, dad, make sure you are not followed.  Don’t trust anyone, and I mean the entire family.”

“Please tell me you are not hurt.”  Carlisle implored.

“I am fine, but get here fast, because what you are about to see is going to change everything.”

Chapter 18

IC 18

Edward and Emma Rose spent every waking moment together over the next month.  The first evening Edward carefully asked questions about her family and about why she was in Italy.  She told Edward about her parents and how they instilled in her to live each day to the fullest.  They wanted her to not to be afraid to experience new things.  When the conversation turned to the mafia, she explained that she had always been fascinated by the mafia and the workings of the family.  She went on to say that she found that even though mafia families were part of both legal and illegal enterprises, she couldn’t hold anything against most of them.  The information on the families came from the internet and most families listed didn’t really state that they were actually in the mafia.  After Edward heard everything she had to say, he was relieved that she was not a threat on the family.  However, he didn’t know what she would say when she found out his last name.  The Cullens had been rumored to be part of mafia for nearly a hundred years.

They were back at the villa, naked in his bed when the conversation began about his last name.  He had considered tell her his first father’s name, but he knew that if they would be seen out in the community that everyone knew him as Edward Cullen and someone would call him Mr. Cullen, due to the respect that his father had in the community.

Emma Rose was rubbing her hand against the coarse hairs on his chest as she lay on his arm.  “I was just thinking that I have had sex with you for hours and I don’t even know your last name.”

“Cullen.”  Edward stated with bated breathe.  He wondered if she had read anything about his family and if she had would she see the connection.

Emma Rose stopped moving her hand when she heard Edward say his last name.  Cullen.  Cullen.  Holy shit, he couldn’t be the Cullen’s that she had read about.  Leaning up on her elbow she looked into Edward’s eyes.  “Cullen?”


“I have heard of the Cullen family.”  She said.


Edward knew that there was good possibility that she would recognize the name and he had decided that he would tell her that yes his father was part of the mafia, but that was all.  Even though he thought he could trust her, the complete truth about his family was for those who were part of the family or those who were married to family members.  “I thought you may have.  Look Emma Rose I can’t tell you a lot, but I can tell you that my father is Carlisle Cullen, and he is the Boss of the family.”

Emma Rose covered her mouth with her hand and gasped.  “Does that mean that you are in the mafia?”


Emma Rose thought for a moment.  “Will you be taking over someday?”

“No.  I am not Carlisle’s blood child.  In the Cullen family only the blood child of the Boss can take over.”  He explained.

“Oh.”   Then she remembers about Lizzy Bell.  “Would Lizzy Bell have taken over, if she was still alive?”

“Yes.  But since she is not, Carlisle’s brother, Aro’s oldest child will take over when Carlisle reaches the age of fifty.”  Edward explained.

“Aro.  What a strange name?  What is his son like?”  Emma Rose asked.

Edward shut his eyes and thought about James.  Over the years, he had been the subject of the abuse from James and his brothers.   James had goaded him into fights, which Edward won by beating the crap out of James, however Aro cried to Carlisle saying that Edward cheating and took advantage of James.  As bad as Carlisle hated it, he had Edward apologize and then when Carlisle would leave the room, they would gang up on Edward and beat him up.  Come out of his thoughts, he kissed Emma Rose and pulled her into chest and hugged her.  “James is just like his father and to tell you the truth, I am worried about the family once he takes control.”

Wow.  She could tell by the tone of Edward’s voice that he truly was upset about it.  Damn, why had Lizzy Bell died?  After that night, they spent almost every waking moment with each other.  They toured through Italy, Edward showing her all the popular sites, but also the hidden gems that only locals knew about.  Felix had come with them on several trips and on one trip; he fell for a local girl.  Maria was a tour guide for a local tour company and once they met they hit it off.  Edward and Emma Rose was happy to see Felix happy and possibly in love.

Edward eased his way out of bed, hoping he would disturb Emma Rose’s sleep.  After the first week, he convinced her to give up her hotel room and stay with him at the villa, since they always together and he couldn’t remember the last time he slept this well.  Once he left the room, he walked downstairs and out onto the veranda.  He pulled out his cell phone and called his parents.


“Hey Dad.  How are you?”
“Doing good.  How are you?  We haven’t heard much from you.”

“I am really good.  I had forgotten how great Italy can be.  How is mom?”

“Okay.  Missing you.  I caught her many times with her phone about to call you, but I told her you needed this time.”  He chuckled.  “She even had a box ready to ship to you, but I intercepted it.”

“What was in it dad?”


“Fuck.  Thanks.”  Edward said.  “So how is business?”

“Okay.  We had a little trouble with the Russians, but Jasper and Peter took care of it.”

“Edward sweetie, why are you out here?”  Emma Rose said wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Talking to my dad.”  Edward whispered, then kissed her head.

Carlisle heard the voice of a woman.  So his son had a girl with him.  “Edward, who is that?”

Edward had decided he wanted to tell his parents about Emma Rose.  He knew that she was becoming something very special to him and he didn’t want to hide her.  “It is Emma Rose.  I thought I didn’t wake her, but I was mistaken.  Do you want to say hello?”  He asked her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.”  Edward answered and put the phone on speaker.  “Dad, you are on speaker.”

“Hello Mr. Cullen.”  She said.

“None of that.  I am just Carlisle.”

“Dad, this is Emma Rose McCarty.”

“Emma Rose, what a lovely name.  I can tell you are American by your accent.  Where are you from sweetie?”

“Boston.  My parents own a home there.”

“McCarty.  I heard of a McCarty, but he was a football player.”

“Oh that is my father.”

“Great running back.  So has my son been behaving himself?”

“No.”  She joked.

“What?”  Edward gasped.

“Just joking sweetie.”  Emma Rose said as she leaned up and kissed him.

“Edward, it sounds like you have a real spitfire.”

“Oh dad you have no idea.”

“Emma Rose, keep him on his toes.  Edward, call again soon.  Your mom will be upset that she missed your call.”

“I will.  Maybe we will Skype you guys later in the week.”  Edward said.

“Esme would love that.  Be careful and have fun.”

“Oh dad we will.”  Edward laughed.

Once Carlisle was off the line, Edward placed the phone back in his pocket and then swept Emma Rose up in his arms.  “You little girl are in trouble.  Now what should I do for a punishment.”

She smirked.  “Well you could always spank me.”

“Fuck me.”  He groaned.

“I plan on it.”

Edward and Emma Rose both found enjoyment in the punishment.  Later in the week they Skyped his parents and his mother was over the moon in love with Emma Rose.  Emma Rose asked Edward if he would be willing to be with her as she Skyped her parents.  Edward was nervous, but was happy that she wanted him to be part of the call.  Her father was cautious at first and even tried to intimidate Edward, but when Edward didn’t seem to afraid of him, he knew that this was the type of man that Emma Rose needed.  Rose loved him and told Emma Rose to bring him home for a visit.

It was stormy summer night, the wind was whipping around the villa and the rain was pouring down on the roof tiles.  Edward spooning Emma Rose as they slept in his bed, she was pulled into another dream.  She had started having them a few weeks back, but none of them made sense.  By the time she awoke, she couldn’t remember anything about them, just that some were happy while other was scary.

A little girl dressed in a ruffled pink dress was dancing around in circle holding up a stuffed white lamb.  The little girl had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and on her upper arm was a mark, a birthmark in the shape of an infinity symbol.

            “Eddie Lamb, you dance so good.  Maybe you can teach Edward how to dance, so when we grow up he can take me dancing.” 

            As the continued to dance, an eerie fog began to circle her and suddenly from the mist out stepped a man with hair so blond that it was almost white.  He gasps her arm and began pull her toward the dark, but as she looked down, she was in the arms of a man who smelled like morning after a good rain. 

            “You can’t take her, she is my life.”  The man told the white haired man.

            “She will be as if she never existed.”  The white haired man laughed, pulling one last time and removing her from the other man’s arms. 

            As they disappeared into the darkness, she heard the man call out.  “Lizzy Bell, don’t take my Lizzy Bell.”

            The little girl began to fight to get back to the man, but the white haired guy was too strong, then there was a large flash of light and thunderous boom and the man disappeared in a ball of fire.

Emma Rose screamed and sat up in the bed, her heart beating wildly.  Edward was awoken and looked over to see why Emma Rose was screaming.

“Baby, what is wrong?”  He asked, wrapping his arm around her.

“Oh Edward it was horrible.”  She cried.

“Oh baby.  Are you okay?”

“Yes.”  Then she began to think and this dream, she remembers each part of it fine detail.  “I remember it like I was living it myself.”

“What has you so scared about it?  I can feel you shaking.”

Emma Rose told Edward her dream and when she got to the end, she remembers the mark on the little girl’s arm and she turned over her arm and looked at her own mark and they were exactly the same.  Rubbing her finger over it she couldn’t get over the feeling that dream meant something important.

Edward watched as she turned over her arm and he didn’t know why he hadn’t noticed, but on the inside of her arm was a birthmark in the shape of an infinity symbol.  As he watched her rub her finger over it, he couldn’t help but think how much that it looked like the one that Lizzy Bell had.

Chapter 17

IC 17

Edward looked deep into Emma Rose’s eyes.  “We need to leave now or I am going to take you right here on this table.”  He growled.

“Then let’s get out of here.”  She said, but as she looked toward the house, she remembers Felix.  “Edward, what about Felix?”

Edward thrust his hard cock onto Emma Rose’s lace covered pussy.  “Fuck him, I don’t share.”

Emma Rose smirked.  “So you never had more than one person in your bed at a time?  You don’t know what you are missing.”  She had only done it once when she was drunk at a college party.  That night her bed was filled by not only a fucking hot man who knew how to treat a woman, but also a tall redhead whose lush lips and tongue was nothing but pure magic.  She never did it again, but held that night in her mind as one of most memorable nights of her adult life.

Edward’s mouth fell open.  Emma Rose was one surprise after another and he couldn’t wait to find out more about her.  “Come, let’s get out of here.”

Edward and Emma Rose crossed the yard and entered into the house.  Felix was sitting in an armchair reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.  When he heard them come, he looked up and grinned.  “Well it is nice to see that there is no blood on either of you.”

“Fuck you asshole.”  Edward barked.  “Something has come up and we have to leave.”

“Come up?”  Felix chuckled.

“Yes, something very large and hard.”  Edward divulged.

“Felix, can we take a rain check on lunch?”  Emma Rose asked, hoping her new friend wouldn’t be offended by their hasty departure.  However, there would be no way she could enjoy lunch, knowing the fact that Edward was pierced.  Just standing here she could almost feel him inside of her.

Felix stood up and walked over to Emma Rose.  He leaned down and places a kiss on each cheek, which called Edward to let out a throaty growl.  He looked up at Edward and smirked.  “Don’t worry man, she is all yours.  But if you do anything to hurt her, there will be hell to pay.”

“I will protect her with my life.”  Edward proclaimed, meaning it more than he had about anything else in his life.  He couldn’t understand why he felt this way, but there was something special about Emma Rose.

They rushed out of the house, into Edward’s car and were speeding toward Edward’s villa.  As soon as the car slid to a stop, he was around the car tearing open the door and scooping Emma Rose up into his arms.  He quickly made his way up the steps and opened the door, pushing it hard that it banged against the wall behind it.  Running up the stairs, he finally arrived at his destination, his bedroom.  Placing her to her feet, they attacked each other kissing, clawing, and ripping of clothes, until they were both naked.

Emma Rose stepped back and looked at Edward from head to toe.  Her mouth went dry as she stared at his cock.  “Oh my God that is heavenly.”  She moaned then dropped to her knees and placed her hand around as much as she could of his thick cock.  “Hmm, looks so yummy.”  And before Edward to response, she wrapped her lips around his tip and began her signature dance with her tongue.  Several men in the past have told her that she that it should be bronzed and placed on a mantle.

Edward had to reach out and grasp the bedpost.  He had never had a woman who brought him so much enjoyment in such a small amount of time.  When she took his piercing in between her teeth and tugged, he almost came.  It would give him untold joy to shoot his cum down her throat, but he wanted to come buried balls deep in her hot wet pussy.  “Emma Rose, please stop.”

Emma removed her mouth from his cock and looked worriedly up at Edward.  Had she done something that he didn’t like?  As she twisted her face into worry, Edward dropped down to his knees and placed both hands upon her face.  “Fuck baby don’t make that face.  You fucking tongue is magic, but I want to be that hot pussy of yours when I come.”

Emma Rose smiled, so relieved that she hadn’t done anything wrong.  They stood and Edward helped her up onto the bed.  He opened his bedside table and took out the large box of condoms that his father had given him before he left.  “Wow that is a huge box.  Were you expecting to fuck your way through Italy?”  Emma Rose jested.

“A gift from my Dad.”  He chuckled.  Ripping the wrapper off with his teeth, he rolled the condom over the head, being careful not to rip it at the piercing.  Once it was on, he crawled up Emma Rose’s body, kissing and nibbling along the way.  Pausing at her pierced belly button, he placed the piercing in between his teeth, much like she had done and gave it a tug, causing her to moan loudly and arching her body off the bed.

“Fuck Edward.  I need you inside of me now before I explode.”  She cried.

Edward continued his kissing and worshipping every inch of her delicious body.  Emma Rose was so excited that she knew as soon as that wonderful cock entered her, she would come and come hard.  Finally, he lined up his thick cock to her opening and slowly entered her, inch by inch and in that moment, he had never felt anything like this before.  She arched into him, tipping her hips so that his piercing hit the spot that would bring her utter bliss.

“Edward I am about to come.”  She cried.

“No.  Not yet.”  He commanded.

“Please.”  She begged.

“Hold off.  I want us to come together.”  He said, as he changed position slightly to a position he knew that use his piercing to a greater pleasure for both.

“HOLY FUCK!!!”  She screamed, never experiencing this type of pleasure.

Edward was so close as well, he thrust once, twice, then a third time.  “COME, COME NOW!!”  He demanded and as soon as he said the words, Emma Rose exploded into a thousand pieces, with Edward had his own shattering release.  He didn’t want to move, he enjoyed the connect, but he knew that they couldn’t stay like this forever.  Slowly he pulled from her and they both groaned.

“Did I hurt you?”  Edward asked.

Emma Rose shook her head.  “No, it just that I miss the connection.”

He leaned down and kissed her soundly.  “So do I.”

For the rest of the afternoon, they spent wrapped up in each other with either wild abandoned sex or slow sensual lovemaking.  Finally, they both needed food to keep up the strength.

“I think I have something in the kitchen.”  Edward said, playing absent-mindedly on her nipple piercing.

Emma Rose grabbed his hand and placed it on his chest.  “You need to stop that or we are not going anywhere.”  She giggled.  “Now let us get up and go out to eat.  I need a little bit of time to recoup from the afternoon’s activities.”

Edward smirked.  “Sore?”

“A little, but that doesn’t mean I am not up for more.  But we need to eat.”  She climbed out of the bed and as she picked up her underwear, she remembered that he torn them off her.  “Well shit.  Looks like we need to go by my hotel first, so I can get something to underwear.”

Edward stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and with a husky voice said.  “Or you could go without.”

Emma Rose turned, ran her delicate hand up his muscular chest and batted her eyes.  “I never go without my panties on the first date, but they are up discussion after that.”

His mouth fell open and gasped.  He couldn’t form any words, no matter how hard he tried.   Who was this woman?

They finished getting dressed after Edward came out of his trance and before walking out the room, he took her hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a soft, sweet kiss on her knuckles.  “I can’t wait to learn more about you.”

Emma Rose grasped his hand, brought it up to her mouth, and places a kiss on his palm.   “The feeling is mutual.”

Offering his arm, Emma Rose wrapped her delicate arm through and they walked out the room.  She began to look around at the villa because coming in she overcome with desire.  “Oh Edward this is a lovely home.”

“Thanks.  My dad’s family has owned it for years.”

When they got to the bottom of the steps, there was a table with a collection of photographs in antique silver frames.  Emma Rose recognized Edward in several, some when he younger and in some she was sure he was a small child.  As she looked at another picture, she was looking at a man with intriguing blue eyes and dark brown hair.  His arm was loving wrapped around a stunning woman with auburn hair and brown eyes.  Looking at Edward, she could tell that this had to be his mother, but he looked nothing like the man.  “Is this your parents?”

“Yeah.  My mom Esme and my dad Carlisle.”

“Wow unusual names.  You look just like your mom.”

“I get that a lot.  Carlisle is my step-dad; my real dad was killed when I was very little.”  Edward said, then rubbed his finger over the picture.  “But Carlisle never treated like a stepson; he has always treated me like I was his own flesh and blood.  He is a very lovely caring father, who has also had a very horrible tragedy in his life.  His first wife and his daughter were killed.”

“Oh my.  How horrible.  How old was she?”  Emma Rose asked.

“Five.  Lizzy Bell was very special.”  Edward said as he reached back and picked up a frame.  It was a picture of Lizzy Bell with Carlisle and some of his men at a tea party.  They were all wearing tiaras and pink boas.  He handed to Emma Rose who starred at the photo.  The little girl was cute, but there was something familiar about her.  Emma Rose closed her eyes and tried to figure out why, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t place her.   She handed the picture back to Edward and then took one last at the photo with Carlisle in it and as much as something was familiar about Lizzy Bell, Carlisle was becoming even more familiar, but why?

Chapter 16

IC 16

Edward followed Felix inside his house.  It had been Felix parents’ home, but, when a couple of robbers at their shop in town killed them unexpectedly, Felix moved out of his apartment and back into his childhood home.  It had taken some time to change the furniture and decorations, but, after a while, he finally did it.  Edward had been in the house several times, and made himself comfortable on the sofa.  Felix came back from the kitchen with two bottles of beer.

Felix looked down at his phone, and saw that Emma Rose had sent him a text, thanking him for a great time.  He couldn’t help but smile.

“So, are you going to see her again?”  Edward asked, even though he didn’t want to really know.

“Sure.  We are going out to lunch tomorrow.”

“Lunch?  I didn’t think you went to lunch, well, not in public that is.”  Edward grimaced.  “I can’t imagine that she is good enough for round two.”

Felix sat down in the chair across from Edward, and took a big swig of beer.

Sitting the bottle down on the table, he looked at Edward dead on.  “Cry me a fucking river Edward.  You are worse than an old woman moaning and groaning.  Yes, I took Emma Rose out, after you fucked up.  Come on, man, you know you drive like a maniac, and the only thing you had to do was say you were sorry, but, nooooo, you had be badass Mafia Edward.  I showed her around Florence, and we talked; that’s it.  She is an extraordinary woman, but there is something you need to know about her.”

“What?”  Edward barked, not liking how Felix was talking to him.  The problem was that Felix was right, and he hated to admit it.

“She is not only here on vacation, but also to research for her book that she is writing.  It is a romance fiction, but she wanted to make sure she got that background information as close as possible to reality as possible.”

“So, what is she writing about, Italian lovers?”

“No, the mob.”  Felix said quickly.

Edward’s eyes grew large.  “The mob?”

“Yup.  It seems she has been fascinated with them most of her life, and now she wants to write a love story about them.”

Edward raked his fingers through his hair and tugged.  What the fuck was a woman like Emma Rose doing researching the mob?  Damn, didn’t she know that sticking her nose in the wrong place, could get her hurt, or, worse, killed?  Fuck.  “Did you say anything about me?”

“Fuck Edward, do you really think I would say ‘hey, you know that guy that almost ran you over? Well, here is the thing; he is the son of one of the largest crime bosses in the world?’  Damn, I know better than that shit.”

Edward stood up and began pacing back and forth; trying to figure out what the hell, he was going to do.  He knew nothing about her, other than her name was Emma Rose; she had her nipples pierced, drank hard liquor, and knew some self-defense.  Fuck, what if she was from a rival family trying to infiltrate.  Even worse, she could be a damn pig.  Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.  Edward walked back over and sat down.  “Tell me everything you know about her.”

“She is from Boston.  Her father is Emmett McCarty; he played in the NFL as a linebacker, retired, and now owns his own law firm.  Her mother is Rosalie McCarty, who was a teacher, but quit after she was born.”

“What else?”  Edward asked, knowing by the expression on Felix’s face that he was holding something back.

“She doesn’t remember anything before the age of eight.”

“Well, most kids don’t.”  Edward answered.

“Come on, Edward, you have to remember some things from your earlier childhood.”

Edward thought for a moment, and the memories of his childhood came flooding back. As he kept thinking, the image of little Lizzy Bell dancing around him,  hugging her little lamb that he had gotten her for her birthday flooded his brain.  Then, he remembered the day that Carlisle had to bury her; it was the day after his own father was buried.  “Fine, I do remember.  Did she have the reason why?”

“She was ill, and, when she got better, all her memories were gone.”  Felix explained.

Edward didn’t like that at all; it just didn’t add up.  Pulling out his phone, he called his good friend, Jasper, who was also part of family.  “Jasper, I need you to do me a favor.  Run a background check on an Emma Rose McCarty and her family.  Make sure it is a lifetime background check.”

“Who is this person?”  Jasper asked.  “Should I get Carlisle involved?”

“No, don’t tell Dad.  Just get me the information.”  Edward barked.  He needed to talk to Emma Rose and see if he could get any more information out of her.  “Felix, I need to talk to her.”

“I don’t think she likes you very much right now.”  Felix chuckled.

“I fucking don’t care.  Felix, she might be trying to get in good with the family for some reason.  Damn, maybe that is why she came onto me at the bar?”

“Fuck, Edward, she didn’t come onto you.  Maria told me how you were on her as soon as you laid eyes on her.”  Felix knew why Edward wanted to talk to Emma Rose, but, for some reason, he felt very protective of her.  “Fine, but I am going to be there the whole fucking time.”

“Fine.  But don’t get in my way.”  Edward barked.

“Fine” Felix pulled out his phone and texted Emma Rose.  He argued that, instead of lunch out, he would wow her with his cooking abilities.

Edward was too nervous about seeing Emma Rose and that he hardly slept that night.

Jasper finally called him back, and told him basically the same things that Felix had.  He went even further to say that he found no connection to other families or the cops; actually, the complete opposite.  The McCarty has led a quiet life outside of the limelight.  Jasper did make a comment on how fucking hot she was, and he wanted all the details when Edward nailed her.  Edward told him to fuck off and hung up on him.

He arrived at Felix’s early, because he wanted to be there when Emma Rose arrived.  Felix was in the kitchen whipping up his favorite summer pasta dish with fresh vegetables.   A few minutes before noon, there was a knock on the door.  Felix went to answer it while Edward remained in the living room.

Felix opened the door to find Emma Rose wearing a striking orange halter sundress that showed off her firm legs.  “Emma Rose.”  Felix said, kissing each cheek.

“Thanks for having me.  Here is a bottle of wine.  I figured it was never too early to enjoy the fruit of life.”  She chuckled.

“Oh, you are so right.”  Felix said, taking the bottle and offering her to come in.

He was nervous; he didn’t know how she was going to react when she saw Edward, but it had to be done.  As she followed him into the living room, he stepped to the side, and, when he did, she saw Edward.


“I can be any fucking where I want.”  He argued back to her.

Emma Rose walked over, and stood in front of him toe to toe.  Looking him right in the eye, she began poking her finger into his chest.  “Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I only know you as an asshole who doesn’t know how to drive.  I came here today to have lunch with a gentleman, not an asshole.”

Edward had never had anyone, man or woman, ever talk to him the way she did, and, as much as he hated to admit it, it was turning him on.

“Edward sit down.  Emma Rose, please, just listen to him.”  Felix implored.

“Fine.”  She said, sitting on the chair furthest away from him.  As she looked at him, she remembered how fucking hot he was; damn, his chest was rock hard when she poked it.  Damn.

Edward took a few cleansing breaths to hopefully bring down his temper and arousal.  He was here on a mission, and he need to get the information from Emma Rose.

“First, I am sorry for today.  I shouldn’t have said that, but I also want to say I am sorry for almost hitting you.  I didn’t even see you, but, as Felix reminded me, I do drive rather fast.”

“Rather fast?”  Emma Rose grunted.  “You drive like you are on a NASCAR track, except they know how to drive.”

“WHAT?!  I know how to drive.  You have no…”  Edward argued back, but was interrupted by Felix.

“Edward, Emma Rose, this is going nowhere.  How about you two go out in the garden and I will fix us some drinks?  I think you both need some fresh air.”

Edward huffed and walked to the French doors that led to the outside with Emma Rose following.  Once they were outside, Emma Rose walked away from Edward and began to look at the countryside in front of her.  The pictures in books and on the internet didn’t do it justice.  She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.   Turning back to Edward, she could see he was frowning and raking his fingers through his rusty brown hair.

Edward looked at her. “I can’t believe how bitchy you are.”

“What?”  She steamed, stomping over to where he was standing, and came within a few inches of him.  “I am no bitch.”

“I didn’t call you a bitch, I said you are bitchy.”

“I might be bitchy, but at least I am not a fucking asshole.”  She declared, once again poking his rock hard chest.

“Stop poking me.”  He whined, rubbing where her finger had been.

“What a fucking baby are you?  I thought last night you might be a man, but I see now I was badly mistaken.  There is no way you could have taken care of my needs.”

Hearing her say he couldn’t take care of her needs made something snap inside of him.  He grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss.  His tongue demanded entrance into her mouth, and, when she allowed it, he was overcome by the tantalizing taste of Emma Rose McCarty.  Her tongue quickly began its dominance of his tongue.  Edward’s hands slid down her body and over a swollen breast, where he felt her piercing.  Grabbing a hold of it, he gently pulled it, causing Emma Rose to moan loudly in his mouth.  Her head fell back, and he attacked her neck with kisses while he continues to tug and pull at her piercing.

“More.”  Emma Rose cried, needing him to give her a release that she so needed.

“What do you want?”  Edward asked, placing kisses up her neck and nipping on her earlobe.

“I need a man to make me scream in ecstasy.”  She said, then looked into his blazing green eyes.  “Are you that man?”

Edward removed his hand from her breast, placed both hands on her ass, and lifted.  As he did, she rubbed over his hard cock, which caused him to moan.  “I am man enough and more.”  He walked over to the table and sat her at the edge.  Running his hands up her smooth silky legs, he finally reached her lacy covered pussy, so wet and needy.  “Oh, does your little kitty need to be petted?”

Emma Rose smirked.  She reached forward, and began rubbing his huge, thick cock. When she reached the tip, she gasped, her eyes grew large, and she caught herself tightening up her pussy.  He had a Prince Albert piercing, and she needed it so badly to be inside her.

Felix had gotten the drinks, but, before he came out, he looked outside.  He knew it could be one of two possibilities:  One, there would be blood everywhere or, two, the sexual tension would break, and all control thrown out the window.  As he looked out, he knew that lunch was over.

Chapter 15

Edward laid his hand on the small of her back, and directed her over to the section that he normally sat in.  Once they were sitting on a small loveseat, he waived Maria over.

IC 15 Club

“Maria, I would like my usual; get this lovely young woman one of the house specialty cosmopolitans.”  Edward said.

Emma Rose smiled.  Did he really think she would drink that shit?

Maria chuckled softly, looked at the woman, and gave her a mischievous wink.  She was supposed to take a break, but she wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Whoever this woman was, was going to give Edward Cullen a run for his money.  She went to bar and placed Edward’s order, one special Cosmo, and one Jameson and Ginger.  The bartender quickly got the drinks ready, and she placed them on her serving tray and started back to the section.

When she returned, she placed the tumbler and Cosmo glass on the table in front of the couple.  “I will put it on your tab, Edward.”

IC 15 Jameson

“Thank you.”  Edward replied, then, he reached down to hand the beauty her glass, but, before he could, she had the tumbler in her dainty hand, and was taking a large drink.

“Damn, that is good Jamison.  Thanks, sweetie.”  Emma Rose said.

“But your drink is the Cosmo.”  Edward implored.

“I don’t or won’t drink that shit.  Jameson or nothing at all.”

Edward was in awe of this woman.  Where the hell had she been all his life?  She was smoking hot, cussed like a sailor, could defend herself, and only drank Jameson.

“Maria, please take back this shit, and bring us two more Jameson and Gingers please.”

Maria smirked and walked away to get the drinks.

Edward turned toward the beauty.  “I am sorry about that; my name is Edward.”

“I am Emma Rose.”

“Oh you are from America?”  He asked.

“Yes.  I am from Boston, and you?”

“New York.  Are you here on business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure, plus I hope to get some research for my book.”  She announced.

“Oh, you are writer.  Cool.”

“You must be a regular around here, since everyone seems to know you.”

“Yeah, my family comes here a lot.  We have a home nearby.  Where are you staying?

“The Brunelleschi.”

“Nice.  Are you here alone?”  He asked.

“Yes.  Are you?”  She asked, and hoped that he was.  She really hoped he was alone because she really wanted to get to know that bulge in his pants better.

“Yup, here alone.”

“How about we go back to my room, order a bottle of Jameson, and get to know each other better?”  Emma Rose requested.

“Holy fuck.”  Edward groaned.  “I like the way you think.”

Edward stood, and offered her his hand.  She put her hand in his, and they walked out of the club.  As they walked past Felix, they heard him say, “Holy fuck, Edward.”

They walked down the cobble sidewalk around the corner to the parking lot.  As the neared Edward’s car, Emma Rose realized where she had seen him.  This was the asshole who almost hit her earlier.  Well, fuck.

“So, Edward, where did you learn to drive?”  She said gritting her teeth.

“What do you mean?”

Emma Rose pulled her hand from his.  “Well, asshole, you drive like an idiot and almost hit me earlier.”

“I did no such thing.”

“Typical.  Look here, asshole, I don’t have the time or energy to fight your lying ass.  Goodnight.”  She spat.

She left him standing by the car with a confused look on his face.  Damn, she really wanted to know what he was packing better.  Now she would have to go back to her room alone.  She turned the corner to hopefully flag down a cab, and, when she did, she ran into a hard chest.

IC 15 Felix

“Oops, sorry.”  She said, as she looked up to see Felix.  “Felix?”

“Emma Rose, what happened?”  He asked looking around for Edward.

“Oh, you mean the asshole I left with?  I just found out that he is the asshole that almost hit me earlier with his car; fucker doesn’t even remember it.”

“I am so sorry about that.  I just got off, and I would love to show you around Florence.  It is quite beautiful at night.”  Felix said, hoping to get a chance with Emma Rose.

She thought for a moment; why not?  “That sounds great, but do you mind coming back to the hotel with me while I change into something more comfortable for walking?”

“Not at all.  My car is just across the street.”  Felix said, offering his arm to Bella.

She took it; together, they walked across the street.  Felix walked around and opened the door; as she began to get in, Edward passed in his car.  He stared at Felix, who smirked and flipped him off. Felix closed the door and got in behind the wheel.

Emma Rose told him where she was staying, and he quickly maneuvered through the small Florence streets.   Soon, he was pulling up to the hotel.

“Do you mind waiting here for me?”  She asked.

“Sure.”  He said.  He really didn’t mind, but he would have loved to gone up to her room.

A short time later, she was bounding out the door in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and carrying a hoodie.  She had taken off her earrings and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  Felix was taken with her when she had walked up at the steps of the club, but seeing her like this made his heart skip a beat.  She jumped in the car with a smile that could light up the darkest sky.

“So, local boy, show me what Florence is like at night.”  She beamed.

The rest of the night was spent with Felix showing Emma Rose all the out of the way places that a typical tourist would never be able to see.  They were sitting on an overlook seeing the morning sun as it began to break.   They had laughed and joked the entire time, and, as much as Felix hated to admit, he didn’t see her as a potential quick lay, but more like a sister.

“Hell, I forgot to ask, but, are you here on vacation or what?”  He asked.

“A little of both.  I just graduated, and I wanted to come and enjoy Italy, but also research for a book I am hoping to write.”

“A book?  Fiction or Nonfiction?”

“Fiction, but I want to pull from real life information to make the book more realistic.”

“I can understand that.  What is it about?”  He asked.

“It is a mafia romance story.”  She said.

Felix heart skipped.  What was a nice woman like this researching the mob?  Didn’t she know that she was putting herself in harm’s way?  Fuck.  Then he thought, holy shit, Edward had seen her.  He had found out about Edward’s father when they were fifteen years old.  He and Edward were out back of the barn smoking cigarettes and drinking some of his father’s good whiskey when they heard a ruckus in the barn.

Suddenly he heard a man cry out in pain, so, he turned and looked through a hole in the boards.  Inside was Edward’s father and another guy; they had Leon, the bookie, tied to a chair.

“Leon, did you really think I wouldn’t recognize that you have been skimming from my share?”  Carlisle said as he landed another hard slap right on Leon’s cheek.

“Please, I am sorry, Boss.”  Leon cried.

“Sorry?  Sorry for taking money that was not yours.  Garrett, show him what happens when you steal from the family.”

Garrett stepped up, and in one quick motion, pulled his gun and shot him between the eyes.  Felix screamed when he saw that, and jumped to his feet and began to run.  He was quickly was tackled by Edward.

“Felix, you need to stop.”  Edward said.

“Edward, they just killed Leon.”  He cried.

“Yes, they did.  Felix, come inside the house and let Dad talk to you.”  Edward implored, because, if he didn’t, Leon wouldn’t be the only body buried today.

“Edward, they just shot him without blinking an eye.”

“Felix, it is going to be okay.  Come and listen to what he has to say.”

Felix did go with Edward and the afternoon was spent with Carlisle explaining about the family and what it meant to keep the family a secret.  He was still frightened, but when he looked at how Carlisle and Edward were with each other, he decided that he could keep the secret.

“Emma Rose, please be careful about asking questions about the mafia in these parts.  The Family wouldn’t take kindly of strangers sticking their nose in their business.”  Felix begged.

Emma Rose could see the concern in Felix’s eyes.  He knew something, but she was sure she would never get whatever it was out of him.  In her years of research, she had run into several roadblocks along the way, but she had hoped she might get some information here in Italy, but it seemed she might have been mistaken.

IC 15 Daybreak


Edward didn’t know what had happened; one second he was holding the hand of a intriguing young woman, and the next she was storming off.  He had to admit he did like to speed, but he didn’t recall coming close to hitting anyone on the street.  Then, as he was leaving to go to another club to maybe find some action, he passed Emma Rose with Felix.  FUCK!  Felix was going to have the pleasure of Emma Rose; the thought of them together made him lose his desire for female companionship.  Instead, he spent the rest of the night driving around, trying to get the images of them together out of his mind.  He finally went back to the villa, and, after drinking a half of a bottle of Jameson, he passed out and even in the state he was plagued with images of dark brown eyes and nipple piercings.

The sun was beating down on his face when he finally awoke.

IC 15 Edward

Groaning loudly at his pounding head, he tried to focus on the clock and found it was three-fifteen in the afternoon.  He rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. After taking care of his full bladder and taking a nice long shower, he got dressed and went out.  Driving down his driveway, he turned on the road and a few houses down saw Felix out in the yard.  He didn’t want to hear about his conquest with Bella; however, Felix was still one of his best friends.  As he pulled into Felix’s driveway, he saw Felix looking up and smiling.

“Edward, damn, you look like shit.  A late night of partying?”  He asked, chuckling at his friend.

“You could say that.  Do you want to go get a coffee and catch up?”  Edward asked.

“Sure.  Let me get my phone, don’t want to miss a call from a hot woman.”  He joked, and, when he looked at Edward, he could see the hurt look.  What was it about Emma Rose that made Edward look like he had lost his best friend?  They had only been together for a short time, but then Felix thought of Emma Rose and he knew that there was something special about her.  Knowing this, he knew that Edward had become enraptured by the dark hair beauty, but what would he think when he found out that she was researching the mafia.

Chapter 14

The line outside of Tenax wrapped around the building.   Emma Rose could hear the beating of the music as it vibrated off the window and doors.  After her nap, she got up, took a relaxing shower, and then began to get ready.  She selected a sexy black, tight fitting short dress with lace that only covered the important parts; the rest of the dress was see through sheer material.

Her belly button piercing was in plain view with her new diamond and silver infinity symbol jewelry.  She loved the birthmark on her arm, and she embraced it with most of her jewelry, those one could clearly see and those one couldn’t.  Her favorite place was her nipple piercings; those were bars with an infinity symbol on either end.  However, her parents didn’t know that she had her nipples pierced, nor did they know about the tattoos…one of an infinity symbol on her always-bare mound and one of a little lamb on her right butt cheek.  She had carried around the little white lamb for as long as she could remember, even up to when it was unacceptable.  It had since been professionally cleaned and preserved in a crystal and gold box that sat on her bedside table.  She didn’t know why, but it held a special spot in her heart.

“Perdere?  Is this okay?”  The taxi driver asked as he parked across the street from the club.

“Si, grazie.”  Emma Rose said, paying him and getting out.  Looking both ways on the narrow street, she stepped off the curb to cross, when, suddenly, a red sports car blew past her, almost hitting her.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!”  She screamed at the taillights of the speeding car.  She could only catch a glimpse of reddish brown hair.  How could someone be driving so fucking fast on this small street?  Idiot.

As she neared the bouncer for the club, she hoped that she wouldn’t have to wait in the extremely long line.  Looking up at the large, burly man, she had to smile because he kind of reminded her of her father.  Even though her dad had been retired all these years, he still worked out every morning and could go on the field today and keep up with the younger players.

The bouncer looked down the steps and noted that the woman walking towards him was the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen.  He had to shuffle his position so his ever-growing cock wouldn’t be so noticeable.  He only hoped she was single, and that, by the time he got his break, he could buy her a drink, take her back to his apartment, and show her what a real man was like.

“Buona Serata, Bellissima.”  He said, removing the velvet gate and allowing her to enter.  “May I ask for your name?”

“You may.”  Emma Rose grinned.  “But it doesn’t mean I will tell you.”

Placing his hand over his heart, he moaned.  “Oh, you wound me, Bellissima.  Please put me out of my misery.”

“Oh, you big softy.”  She said before she leaned in and whispered into his ear.  “Emma Rose, and are you rock hard all over?”

He gasped, and, as he turned toward her, she laughed and walked into the club.  Damn, what a woman.

Emma Rose walked and smiled.  Damn, this was her type of club.  The dance floor was crowded, the bar was hopping, music was blaring, and lights were strobing.  Looking around, she saw a sitting area a little way from the dance floor; as she found a seat and sat down; she looked around for a waitress.  Soon, a dark haired beauty leaned down at her.

“Ciao, Welcome to Tenax.  What can I get you?”  Maria asked the stunning woman.  She was sure she would order some girly drink.

“Jameson and Ginger on stone rocks, if you have them.  If not, then no ice.”


A little time later, Maria returned with the drink; as Emma Rose began to pay her, she stopped her.

“Your drink was paid by Felix.”

“Felix?”  Emma Rose asked.

“The bouncer as you walked in.  You must have made an impression, he never does this.”  She laughed.

“Oh.  Well tell him thanks.”

Emma Rose sat back, crossing her long legs, and then she took a drink of the Jameson, allowing the smooth, whiskey liquid to spread its warm down her throat.  She had not gotten her love for fine whiskey from her father, who loved beer, or her mother, who loved wine.  However, she couldn’t stand the taste of beer, or, in her words, “piss in a bottle” or even wine, which reminded her of rotten fruit.

“Buona serata.”  The tall, extremely handsome man said.

Emma Rose looked up.  Damn, what a fine looking man.  “Hello.”

“Oh, you are American?”  He asked, taking in the beauty.


“Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to.”  Emma Rose said, taking the hand that he had offered.


Edward arrived at the club and parked his car in one of the secured parking spaces.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen had it perks; one of them was being able to get into almost every club in Florence without waiting in line.  Over the years, Edward had befriended several of the local owners and staff members of the clubs.  Walking around the building, he saw that his childhood friend, Felix, was working the door.  Damn that man got in a whole lot of trouble when they were children and even more trouble as young men.  But, the women, oh the women they enjoyed.


“Edward.  When did you get in?”  Felix boomed, shaking Edward’s hand.

“Earlier today.  Got settled and took a nap.  You know me; I wanted to be prepared for anything that might arise.”

“Still thinking with your cock, I see.  Well man there are a several hot bodies in there, one in particular.”

“Really?  Tell me.”

“Why?  I saw her first.”  Felix boasted.

“Oh, so that is how it is?  Fine, but if I happen to find her without knowing which one it is, it will be your loss.”  Edward gloated.

Edward slapped Felix on the arm and walked in.  Damn, he loved this club, the music was always great, the liquor was top notch, and there was always a tremendous amount of hot women to choose from.

He quickly made over to the section that always gave him the best view of the dance floor and the club.  Fuck, Felix was right; there were some hot women here tonight.  What a way to start his vacation.  He felt a hand on his arm and looked over to see Maria.  She was one of the waitresses at the club and a good friend.  Maria was smoking hot, but he wasn’t her type.  She was gay and proud of it.  Edward had been jealous of her on several occasions with the women she took into her bed.

“Edward, it is so good to see you.  How long are you here?”  Maria asked.

“A few months.  I just finished up college and wanted to spend a few months away and enjoy life before diving into the family business.”

Maria looked around the club and smirked up at Edward.  “Anyone catch your eye yet?”

Edward looked around once more, and, on the dance floor, there was a goddess draped in black.  She had long, chestnut brown hair and a body that made his dick weep.  She was currently dancing with Michael, a local known for use them and leave tactics.  He could tell Michael was using all his moves as he had her with her back to him as she moved that rocking body up and down him.  Edward glared intently at her breasts and he noticed something that made him even more intrigued.  She had her nipples pierced; holy fuck.  Did she have other piercings or even tattoos?  He had a few tattoos and one piercing.   The piercing was not by choice.  He had lost a bet with his friend Jasper, but after enduring the pain of getting it and the weeks of healing, he fucking loved it.  Yes, he had his dick pierced on the tip, or a Prince Albert as it is called.  Damn, just thinking about the first woman he fucked after it healed had him hard.  She fucking came and came, screaming his name and worshipping his dick.

“Do you know the woman with Michael?”  Edward asked Maria.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh.  “Damn, that girl has everyone creaming for her.”


“Felix is buying her drinks, Michael is doing his best moves, and I had to go clean up after talking to her.  Damn, I was hoping she swung my way.”  Maria disclosed.

Edward turned back to the dance floor and continued to watch the beauty dance.  With each move of her body, he could only imagine what it would be like to have her naked, dancing with him on his sheets all fucking night long and into the next day.  He watched as Michael leaned down, whispered something in her ear, and then reached around and shoved his hand up her dress.  What the fucking hell?  Edward took off to stop Michael for assaulting her anymore, but, before he could reach her, she had already turned, grabbed Michael’s arm, somehow had flipped him on the dance floor, and had her stiletto heel dug into his dick.  He was crying out in pain.  Edward stopped when he got beside her and listened and watched in amazement.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  She screamed.  “You never, and I mean never, grab a woman like that.  I should dig my heel deeper in your pencil dick, but I don’t want to ruin my good shoes.”

Edward leaned down and grabbed Michael by the collar.  “I recommend you get leave and not come back, or you won’t like what I do to you.”

Michael didn’t know Edward was in town and he knew that he didn’t want to go against him. If Edward said he would do something, he would do it.  Who the fuck was this woman?  One second, he thought he might be able to take advantage of the situation and next he was on the floor with a heel pressing into his dick.  Rolling over, he crawled away from the woman and Edward, then quickly stood and ran from the club.

“Did he hurt you?”  Edward asked the beauty.

“Fuck no.  Just pissed me off.”  Emma Rose replied.

“Haha.  Can I buy you a drink?”  Edward asked.

“Sure, but if I was you, I wouldn’t try any of his moves I will do the same or worse to you.”

“Fuck, baby.”

Emma Rose smirked.  He was a fucking hot guy, and, as she looked him up and down, she could see the outline of his thick, long cock.  Damn, would it be too much to ask if it was pierced?  But, wait, he was American for sure, but he knew the asshole on the floor.  Looking at his face, she was drawn to his emerald green eyes and reddish brown hair, but there was something familiar about him.  Giving him one of her best smiles, she asked.  “Are you coming or not?”

Edward gasped, but quickly regained his head, then leaned into her, and whispered into her ear.  “Not yet, but I hope to have the honor later.”

Chapter 13

The years seemed to crawl by for Carlisle.  He was extremely happy to have Esme and Edward in his life, but the hole caused by Lizzy Bell’s death was forever in his heart.  There wasn’t a day that went by that something didn’t remind him of her.  It could be the scent of freshly baked cookies, which reminded him of the tea parties that he had with her.  Or, it could be a butterfly flying around the garden that reminded him of the many times she would chase them, and carefully allowed them to crawl up her finger.


“Hey, Dad.”  Edward announced, walking into Carlisle’s office.  He wasn’t surprised to see him staring at Bella’s picture.   He knew that he still missed her and so did he.


“Edward are you all packed?” Carlisle asked.


“Yes, but mother keeps sneaking more underwear in.   I swear my suitcase is going to weigh a hundred pounds.”


Carlisle chuckled.   Esme had been fussing ever since Edward had told them his plans.   He had graduated with a degree in business and would be helping the family with both their legal and illegal businesses.  At first, Esme had wanted to keep Edward as far away from the illegal part of the family business as possible, but, over time, she knew that it was impossible.  Edward loved Carlisle and wanted to be just like him when he grew up.  At the age of ten, Carlisle had taught him the safe way to hold a gun, and began training him on how to shoot.  Over time, Edward became a very accomplished marksman and actually had his first kill during a rival family raid.


Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were at the mansion when a lone gunman had gained access to the compound.  Edward was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich late at night when the intruder opened the back door.  As soon as he heard it, Edward opened the drawer that kept Esme’s prize gun (yes as much as she fussed about Edward learning to shoot, she was a crack shot herself).  The intruder slowly walked around the corner with his gun in his hand; as he turned, he saw Edward standing behind the counter.  He knew who he was, and thought that he was lucky to find him alone.  He raised his gun to take the shot, but he wasn’t quick enough.  The flash of light coming from the barrel of the gun was the last thing he saw.  Edward’s bullet hit him dead on between the eyes.  Carlisle rushed down the stairs with his gun drawn when he heard the shot, and, when he turned on the light, Edward was standing over the guy in a pool of blood.  His hand was shaking, but he had a look of pure control.  Edward had protected the family, and he was so proud of him.


After the killing, Edward gained the respect of the other members of the family, well, except for Aro and his sons.  He had tried several times over the years to befriend Aro’s sons, Jamie and Theo, but they acted like he was beneath them.   It wasn’t until Carlisle explained that if he didn’t have a blood heir by the time he turned fifty, Aro’s oldest would take over the family.  So, if Bella had not been killed, she would have taken over.  One evening, he watched Aro as he interacted with Carlisle, when, suddenly, he had a crazy thought.   What if it Aro had something to do with Bella’s death?  However, after thinking on it some more, he knew that Aro wouldn’t have done that because he was family, after all.


“Edward, she is just worried about you being so far away from home.”  Carlisle replied.  “I know you can handle yourself.”


“You have taught me well, Dad.”


Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  Edward was his son, even though there was not one drop of Cullen blood in him.  After Esme and he got married, he formally adopted Edward and made him a Cullen.  He didn’t replace Bella, but helped ease the pain of not having her still in his life.  Edward was a natural born leader, and would have made a fine Don, but there was no way he could go against traditions and family rules.  The family lived and died by the rules.   “The plane is ready whenever you get there and I have made sure you have a supply of guns.  Can’t have my boy go out in Italy without a few friends by his side.”


Edward smirked.  That was one of things that they had in common; their love of guns.  Once he had learned how to shoot, they began collecting all different types and calibers.  They would take one day a month to go and have some fun with their guns and then spend the night cleaning and storing them away.  He didn’t know which ones Carlisle had placed in the specially made storage area on the jet, but he knew that there would be one that would be a surprise.


A few hours later, Edward was on his way to Italy.  He couldn’t wait to for the next two months.  He had studied hard and needed this break before he became a more active member in the family.  He didn’t know what the future held for him once Jamie took over, but he hoped he could still be an asset.  His plan was to spend the next two months enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy.  The popular sites were on his list, but so were some hidden gems that Carlisle mentioned.


It was early afternoon when he finally arrived in Florence.  One of Carlisle’s prized cars was waiting for him in the private hanger.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen did have its perks, and being able to fly in your own private jet, and have it wait for you in your own private hangar in Florence, Italy was fucking great.  Getting behind the wheel of the red Jaguar XKe convertible, he headed towards one of the many homes that Carlisle owned.  This would be his base, a safe haven if need be or just a place to relax.


The villa sat at top of a hill overlooking the lush green countryside.  They had come here several times over the years for family vacations.  Edward had run through the vineyard and climbed almost every tree.  He had befriended several of the neighboring boys, getting into trouble as boys do.  It was the summer when he had turned sixteen that he wasn’t getting trouble with the boys, but with the girls.  That was the summer when the male hormones took control, and, in the hay barn, he lost his virginity to a cute Italian girl with piercing blue eyes.  It was an awkward, messy first experience, but, more than that, embarrassing.   As he was getting ready to finish, in mid-thrust, his mother walked in.  Edward pulled out, and, as he did, he came all over the girl’s legs.  Esme screamed for Carlisle to come quickly.  Carlisle rushed to the barn, with his gun in hand, thinking she was being attacked, and walked in to find a naked Edward, a naked girl, and a mad as a wet hen Esme.  After the young girl was cleaned up and dressed, she was sent home.  Edward, on the other hand, spent the rest of the afternoon listening to both his mother and Carlisle.  Later that evening, once Esme was asleep, Carlisle slipped into Edward’s room with a box of condoms and told him to always wrap it up.


He listened to Carlisle and always kept it wrapped up tight.  Women were never a problem for him, and he enjoyed the act of sex, but that was just it, it was just an act.  He never felt any feeling toward them.  Many of them wanted something more, but he just couldn’t pretend; none of them were the one that made his heart feel full.  He had seen true love in the eyes of his parents, and what he hoped one day he would be able to find.


After unloading his luggage, he hung up his clothes and put away the twenty pairs of underwear, chuckling as he did so.  It wasn’t like he didn’t have access to a washing machine, actually the staff would be coming in twice a week to clean and do his laundry.  The chef would be on call if Edward needed him.  He called his mom and dad to tell them he had arrived and was fine.  When he finally got his mom off the phone, he decided to take a nap before hitting up some clubs.  It was time to start his vacation.


***********I C*********


“Emma Rose hurry up or you are going to miss your plane.”  Emmett boomed up the stairs.

She had thought she had everything, but remembered that she had not packed her birth control pills.  Damn, that would have spoiled her trip.  She had graduated with her Master’s degree in journalism and had dreams of writing an award winning book.  Her earliest memories were of her mother reading to her.  She had been so blessed to have parents who were so loving and supportive.


They lived by the water in Boston in a gorgeous brick home.  Her father had retired from football and worked as a lawyer for the rich in Boston.  He had built his clientele with having the reputation of being a loyal and fair attorney, which was something missing from the large law firms.  His customers loved the fact they knew their lawyer personally.  Her mom was a stay at home mom, and Emma Rose thought she was the coolest mom in the world.  She was home-schooled, due to the fact that her IQ was higher than most children her age.  Missing out on the whole high school experience wasn’t as bad as it sounded.  Not having to put up with the peer pressure and the hormone driving teenagers was a huge plus.


She attended Emerson College, and graduated with honors, and then, a short while later, graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism.  Money was not an issue, so she decided she would take a few years and see if she could write the book that she had been researching for years.  From as early as she could remember, she had a fascination for all thing mafia.  She didn’t know why she enjoyed reading about mafia families, but it was her one true love.  Maybe that was why she liked the bad boys in college.  She dated a few guys that her parents would have died if they knew.


Marus was her last boyfriend and boy could he meet her needs.  He was six foot two, weight 180 and was all muscle.  Not an inch of his body was not covered by some type of ink and he had just as many piercings.  Her favorite was his Apadravya.  Man did it feel so fucking good when he pounded his monster cock into her.  Yeah she loved sex, but always required her men to wear condoms and she had been on the pill since sixteen.  Double protection was the only way to go, and that is why she was mad at herself for almost forgetting them.


“I am ready to go, Daddy.”  She said, rushing down the stairs.


“Are you sure you don’t want us to go with you?”  Emmett asked.  He still didn’t understand why she wanted to spend three months in Italy.  She didn’t know anyone in Italy.


“Dad, I am twenty-two years old, and I want to spread my wings.  I promise to be safe; I still know all the self defense moves that you taught me.”


“Fine, I just worry.”  He grumbled.


“I know and I love you for it.”


“I love you, too.”  He said, pulling her into a huge hug.  “Come, let’s go and catch that plane.”


She arrived in Florence and was bouncing from excitement at all the sights and sounds.  Her parents had made her promise to stay at the top notch hotels during her trip.  The taxi driver dropped her off at the first hotel which was the Brunelleschi Hotel.  She had booked the pool suite that had a four poster bed and a private hot tub because she wanted her privacy if she found a hot Italian man to share her bed.


After unpacking, she decided to take a nap before she would go and experience the nightlife that Florence had to offer.

Chapter 12

Emmett and Rosalie stepped out of the room to allow the doctor to run his tests.  They were still in shock that the poor child couldn’t remember anything.

“Rose, I think there is something very fishy with the home invasion and how Bree ended up outside our house.  Brad was very worried about something when he came in about his will.”  Emmett whispered, looking back toward Bree’s room.  “Do you think you will be okay for a few hours?”

“I think so.  Where are you going?”

“Back to Youngstown.  I want to open up that lockbox and see what was so important for Brad to ensure that I knew about it.”  Emmett explained.

Rose took Emmett’s hand and looked deep into her husband’s eyes.  “Please be careful.  I don’t think I could go on without you.”

“I will. I will go by the house and get us some clean clothes, as well as our toiletries.”  Emmett announced, giving her a kiss before he headed out of the hospital to rent an SUV to make the trek back home.

The drive back to Youngstown was treacherous.  The radio announcers were saying it was one of the worst storms in the last fifty years.  Many localities had been buried under at least two feet of snow.  Emmett hoped that, once he made it home, the bank would be open.  He really didn’t want to spend any more time away from his family than he had to.  The gut feeling that something terrible wrong was nagging at Emmett, and he wouldn’t stop worrying about Rose and Bree until he got back to them with the information.  Hours later, he was pulling up to his house.  He quickly went in, packed a bag, and picked up the key that Brad had given him for the box.  After placing the suitcases in the vehicle, he started toward the bank, however he slowed down when he got to Brad and Louise’s house.  One lone cruiser was at the driveway that led up to the house. As Emmett looked closer, he could see the police tape over the front door.  Brad and Louise were good people, and they didn’t deserve to die in such a violent way.

When he pulled up at the bank, he breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was open.  Cleaning the snow off his boots, he walked into the lobby, and was quickly met by the bank’s president, Tyler Reedy.

“Mr. McCarty, what brings you out this horrible day?”

“I need to get into a lock box.”  Emmett told him without blinking an eye.  He knew that Brad had put him on the signature card, as well as giving him a key.

“Certainly, Mr. McCarty.  Please come this way.”  Tyler gushed.  Emmett McCarty was the largest depositor at the bank; whatever he wanted or needed, he was going to make sure he got it.  “Which box number?

“One thirty-three.”

Tyler looked up the box, and saw that it was a box that Brad Matters had rented.  He had heard on the radio that Brad and Louise had been found dead in their home, and now Emmett was asking for a security box he had rented.  That was strange, but he wouldn’t say anything to piss off his biggest depositor.  He looked at the signature card and saw that Emmett was on the card.  Unlocking the vault, he took out the box, and laid it on the table.

“Please come find me when you are finished.”

Emmett took his key, unlocked the box, and looked inside.  It was full of papers, newspaper clippings, and a large manila envelope.  Sitting down at the table, he began to read.  At first, it didn’t make any sense that Brad had articles about Carlisle Cullen and the death of his only child.  Flipping over to see the next one he gasped.  There was a picture of a child who looked like Bree; he read the caption underneath.  “Isabella Marie Cullen, the only child of Carlisle Cullen, the rumored Don of the Cullen Crime Family of New York.”  Holy shit.

After seeing that, he knew that this was serious, and he needed to take the contents of the box with him.  Opening the manila envelope, he stuffed all the papers inside.  In doing so, he was, once again, hit with a surprise.  Inside were stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills.  What the fuck was Brad doing with all this money?  Damn.  Quickly gathering everything up, he locked up the box.  Walking out the room, he ran into Tyler again.  Damn, he was always so clingy.

“Mr. McCarty are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes, Mr. Reedy.  I need to get home to my lovely wife.”  Emmett lied, because he needed to keep the information about Bree, no, Isabella’s whereabouts secret.  God, no wonder the child was having memory issues.

“Certainly.  Be careful driving home.”  Tyler said.

Emmett rushed out of the bank and into the vehicle.  Taking out his phone, he called Rose to check in and to make sure she was safe.

“Emmett, sweetheart, did you make it okay?”

“Yes, my love.  I have been by the house, and, am just now leaving the bank.  Rose, it is really bad.  I need for you to not leave the hospital until I get back. Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone that Bree is not our daughter.”

“You are worrying me.”  Rosalie cried.

“I am sorry, but we must be careful if we want to keep that little angel alive.”

“Oh no.  I won’t move, I promise.  Just get back as soon as you safely can.”  Rosalie answered.

“I will.   Love you.”. Emmett said and began driving back to the hospital.   As he drove, he thought about the information that he had read.   He couldn’t stop thinking about the look he saw on Carlisle Cullen’s face at the funeral.   Angst and pain were all over it.   There was no way he was faking it, but why hadn’t Brad made contact with him? Better yet, why was Isabella with the Matters?   There had to be something evil going on.   Then, he thought about the money.   He hadn’t taken the time to count it, but there had to be at least hundred thousand dollars in that box.  There was no way that Brad would ever make that type of money, especially cash.  Soon, he was pulling up at the hospital.  He now knew that he needed to go through the papers before he made a decision that would be the best for all of them.  Emmett knew how much Rosalie loved Isabella, and he had to take that in consideration.

He walked in and quickly went up to Isabella’s room.  Rosalie was sitting by her bed, reading her a book.  Isabella was smiling as Rosalie was making funny voices to each of the characters.  “Well, it looks like someone is feeling better.”

Rosalie turned toward her loving husband.  “Why yes I think this little bug is feeling much better.”

Bella giggled at the lady calling her a bug and then yawned.  She was sleepy again.

“Sweetie, why don’t I finish this after you take a little nap?”  Rosalie asked.

“Okay.  But you won’t be far, will you?”  Bella asked, worried that she would be alone.

“No, sweetie.  I will be just outside.  I promise.”  She said, placing a sweet kiss on Bella’s forehead.  “Sleep well.”

Bella rolled over and quickly went off to sleep while Rosalie and Emmett stepped outside.  Emmett looked around for a place where they could look over the materials and to talk privately.   He saw a nurse walking by, and he stopped her.

“Excuse me, is there somewhere close that my wife and I can sit down and talk privately?  We don’t want to disturb the little one with talking in her room since she is asleep.”

Sarah had been told to accommodate any requests made by Mr. and Mrs. McCarty.  “Of course, why don’t you the doctors’ consult room?  If she wakes up before you finish, I will come get you immediately.”

“Thank you.”  Emmett said.  He never liked using his fame, but, in this case he was more than happy to, because a lot was counting on what they would find out in the documentation.

Sarah opened the door; just as she was leaving, she remembered that the nurse from the trauma unit had found their daughter’s necklace in the room.  It had been taken off while they worked on getting her body temp back up.  “Oh, I forgot, we found her necklace, and wanted to give it back to you.”  Sarah placed it on the table and walked out.

Emmett and Rosalie sat downside by side. He removed all the documents out of the envelope, leaving the cash inside.  He didn’t need to have all that money lying on the table if someone happened to walk in the room.

Rosalie began to read through the documents and newspaper clippings; with each passing moment, she became more and more afraid: not only for Isabella, but for their own safety.  “Emmett, what do you think?”

Emmett had been reading a letter that Brad had written and addressed to him.  He had explained how Isabella had come to live with them, and who had paid them to keep her.  The letter went on to how he decided to do some investigating and found out the truth about Isabella’s father.  Carlisle Cullen might be a powerful Don of a crime family, but he loved his daughter with everything he had.  Brad explained he was afraid that if he contacted Carlisle that whoever had orchestrated what happened to Bella would get their hands on her again, but this time would kill her immediately.  Emmett knew that if Isabella was in extreme danger, and he had to do everything in his power to keep her safe.  He also knew that he and Rosalie were also in danger because, if whoever was behind this was evil enough to try to kill a child, they wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

“Darling, I think there is only one thing we can do.  We need to leave Youngstown and go far away.”

Rosalie was shocked.  “I won’t leave her.”  She exclaimed.  Isabella was the child that she couldn’t have; she loved her with all her heart.

Emmett wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.  “We’re not.  I have a friend from college who can help us.  He has a special business on the side.  Isabella will become our daughter, and we will move away.  We have lived out of the limelight long enough that, if someone from our past sees us, they wouldn’t know.  I feel horrible that she has lost her memory, but maybe it is for the best right now.  She can’t go by Bree anymore, or even Isabella, but we need a name.”

Rosalie thought for a moment.  Then, it came to her: she had always wanted to name her daughter a special name.  “Emma Rose.”  She whispered.

Emmett leaned down and kissed her.  “I think that is perfect.  But we have to be prepared if, one day, she regains her memories.  We will keep all of these papers and explain the reason why we kept her from her father.  I will hire security for us and a private investigator to see if they can find out who did this.  However, darling, if we find out whom, we have to contact her father.  We can’t keep her away from him once we can make sure she is safe.”

“I know, but, until that time, she is ours.”

“Yes.”  Emmett confirmed, and then he saw her necklace lying on the table.  Picking it up, he turned it over and saw the infinity symbol on the front.  Then, he discovered it opened; when he did, he saw a happy family, unaware that their lives who be torn apart in just a few short years.  “We will need to keep this safe until the day we can unite her with her father.”

“We will.”  Rosalie said with conviction.

Chapter 11

Caius was sitting in his motel room watching TV, waiting for the text come in from Aro.   It had been planned that Caius would travel to Youngstown and wait for the notification to execute the attack on both the Matters and Isabella.  He could hardly wait to have this business over with, because he wanted out of the fucking town and back to his wife and son.  Because of this fucking mess, he had missed the birth of his first born.  When his wife had called last night to say she was in labor, he wanted nothing more than to leave, but, after he called Aro, and explained, he was commanded that under no certain terms was he to leave until the job was done.  Caius was taken aback by Aro’s uncaring attitude to such a special time in a man’s life.  He hoped that he would receive the text soon, because he really wanted to spend Christmas with his wife and son.


He was brought out of his thoughts by a chime on his phone.  Opening up the text, he knew it was finally fucking time.  Everything was ready for the deed.  He was going to make it look like a home robbery gone bad.  He would take any valuables he could find and shoot everyone in the house.  He knew that neither Brad or Louise had cell phones, so it was easy enough to cut the phone line to the house to prevent them from calling for help.  Looking at the time, he knew he just might catch a break and they would all be in bed, asleep.  Stepping out the door of the motel, he was hit in the face with powerful wind and blistering snow.  FUCK FUCK FUCK.  Of all nights to have a snow storm, why tonight?  Making his way to his vehicle, he cleared his windshield and slowly proceeded to the Matter’s home.  The main roads were covered in at least eight inches of snow and ice, and, as soon as he turned on the dirt road that led up to the house, he encountered even worse condition.  The wind had blown the snow sideways, and it drifted onto the roadway.  At one point during the drive, Caius was pushing snow up to the headlights of his SUV, and, several times, he thought for sure he was going to get stuck.


As he neared the house, he shut off his headlights and proceeded as quietly as he could to the house.  Parking the vehicle, and before he stepped out and he made sure that both of his guns were loaded and the safety was off.  The blinding snow and wind made it extremely difficult to get to the side of the house, but he finally made it and cut the phone line.  Testing the side door, he found it was unlocked.  He slowly opened it, and walked in.  It was some type of mud room with a door leading to the kitchen.  As he walked through that door, he heard someone talking in the room to the right.  Fuck, they were still up.  Walking into the room, he found Brad and Louise sitting on the couch looking at the Christmas tree.


Brad was enjoying the quiet time with his loving wife.  Christmas had always been a sad time for them, because they had no children of their own.  But this year had been different and it was all because of that special girl sleeping in her room.  The joy that she brought to their lives was worth so much more than money.  Her smile could light up a room and her giggle could soften the hardest of hearts.


Suddenly, Brad felt like as if someone was watching him, and, as he turned, he saw Caius standing in his living room.  He knew this was it.


“I know why you are here.”  Brad said, taking Louise’s hand into his.


“Where is the girl?”  Caius asked.


“Asleep.  I couldn’t talk you out of doing this, could I?”


“It’s not my decision.”  Caius replied and pointed his gun.  Both Brad and Louise shut their eyes and waited.


The sight of Brad and Louise sitting calmly waiting for death was something that Caius had not expected or seen before.  Pointing the gun, he quickly fired a bullet, first in Louise’s forehead, and then in Brad’s.  Stepping over closer, he looked down and saw that they were still holding hands; this shook him to his very core.  This husband and wife died; their last thoughts were holding each other’s hand.  FUCK!


Bella was lying in her bed looking out at the snow falling.  She wondered what her dada was doing, and if he still thought about her.  The loud booming sound coming from the living room caused her to jump.  This was it.  The bad people had come back.  Quickly jumping from her bed, she placed her pillows in a line and covered them up.  Next, she slipped on her boots and grabbed Eddie lamb, and stuffed him in the backpack.  Quietly, she opened her door and looked out. Not seeing anyone, she went to the back room, stepped up on the box, and opened the window.  The cold wind blew in, but she knew she needed to get out of here now.  Once she climbed out, she shut the window behind her, and looked toward the barn.  The snow was coming down so hard she couldn’t even see it, but she knew it was there.  She pushed her way through the snow, her little legs struggling to step over each pile of snow.  By the time she reached the barn, there wasn’t a dry piece of clothing on her body.  She was shivering, her teeth were chattering, and her tiny fingers were like ice cubes.


Inside the barn she quickly got Lilly’s bridle, stepped up on the milk crate, and slipped it into her mouth and over her ears.  Bella knew there was no way she could saddle Lilly, so she threw over the blanket on her back.  Brad had taught her to ride bareback, and Bella had found she was quite comfortable with it.   She opened the stall and led Lilly out and over to another milk crate.  As she went to place her backpack on her back, she saw Brad’s red work jacket on the hook.   Slipping it on, she knew it was way too big, but it was better than her wet one.  Climbing onto Lilly’s back, she maneuvered her toward door and Lilly pushed her way out.  The weather hadn’t gotten in better, in fact, it was worse.   Bella knew that Mrs. Rosalie and Mr. Emmett lived just a little ways up the road.


“Lilly, getty up.”  Bella said, digging her little heels into the side of the horse.


Lilly began to trudge through the snow, but, all too soon, Bella didn’t know which way to go and she couldn’t see through the snow.   She was so cold and scared.  Why couldn’t she find their house?


The snow continued to beat down on her and with each passing minute,  Bella became sleepy and tired.   Closing her eyes she began to sway back and forth, then a huge gust of wind blew by, knocking her off Lilly’s back.  She landed in a pile of snow.  Curling up in a ball, she let the darkness overtake her.


**********I C********

Emmett and Rosalie had just finished a glass of wine, toasting another wonderful Christmas together.   They didn’t exchange gifts and used the money they would have spent on gifts for the children at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.   They had wanted to spend Christmas handing out the gifts, but they didn’t want to chance the drive in this weather.


Emmett walked over to the large window in the living room and looked out at the storm.


“Boy, it is really coming down out there.”  He exclaimed.


Rosalie walked over to him, placed her arm, around his waist and looked out.


“Wow, I have never seen it this bad before.”  She continued to look out at the snow, but something caught her eye in the driveway.   “Sweetheart, what is that?”  She asked, pointing toward what she saw.


Emmett looked carefully in the direction; for a brief moment, he could tell it was a horse.   “It is a horse.  But why is it out in this storm?”


He quickly put on his boots, coat, gloves, and hat, and headed out to capture the horse.   He wondered if it might be one of Brad’s.  Turning back to Rosalie, who was standing at the door, he said,   “Call Brad and see if he is missing a horse.”


Rosalie called Brad but the line was disconnected.   “Well, that is strange.”

Rosalie said out loud.


Emmett pushed through the snow toward the horse, who was just standing still.  He was able to walk right up to the horse; as he did, he noticed that it had a bridle.  That was very strange.  He grasped the reins, and pulled on them for the horse to follow him, but it would not move.


“Come on, girl, let’s get you out of this weather.”  Emmett implored.  Tugging once again, the horse still refused to comply.  Instead, she pulled her head back and to the left, causing Emmett to lose his balance, and he fell into the snow.  Shaking his head, he began to get up when he saw a red coat in the snow, and, when he went to pick it up, he was shocked to see that, nestled inside, was Bella.  He quickly picked her up and ran back toward the house, yelling for Rosalie.




Rosalie didn’t know what was happening, but collected the blankets from the hall closet and met Emmett at the door.  He was carrying something in a red coat.  He walked over to couch, laid it down, and, as soon as he pulled opened the coat, her heart stopped.  Lying lifeless on the couch, was Bella.   Emmett grabbed the blanket and began to cover her up.


“Emmett, is she alive?”  Rosalie cried.


Emmett lifted up her tiny wrist, and began to search for a pulse.  It was there, but very faint.  “She is alive, but just barely.  We need to warm her up and call for an ambulance.”


“We have to get those wet clothes off her.  I will grab one of my t-shirts; it will be too big, but at least it will dry.”  Rosalie said, then took off to get the shirt.  She picked up the first shirt she could get her hands on, along with a pair of socks.   Running back to Bella, she carefully removed all her wet clothing and placed the shirt and socks on her.


Emmett had called for an ambulance and they were en route.  They told him to keep her warm and dry.  “Rose, did you get in touch with Brad?”


“No.  The phone is disconnected for some reason.”


“That is strange.  Once we get Bree in the hospital, and she is stable, I will check on them.”  Emmett said, worried about his friend.


They kept close watch over Bella, warming blankets by the fire and placing them over her, but her pulse was still very weak, and she had not woken up.  After a half hour, the ambulance finally pulled up with a snow plow in front of it.  The crew climbed out the vehicle and rushed into the house and quickly evaluated Bella.  After barking out different numbers, she was quickly put on oxygen and place on the stretcher.


“We have to get her to the hospital as soon as we can.”  The EMT said.


“Can I ride along with her?” Rosalie begged.


“Of course.  Sir, you can ride with the snow plow if you like?”


“Thank you.”  Emmett said.


Emmett and Rosalie followed them out and got into the vehicles.  Rosalie held Bella’s hand the entire ride to the hospital.  Once inside, Bella was rushed back to a room and they were told that they had to wait in the small waiting room.  A nurse asked their names and the name of the child.


“She has to be all right.”  Rosalie cried.


“She will be.”  Emmett promised, even though he was unsure about it.


After what seemed like eternity, the doors of the E.R. opened, and two police officers walked in.  They walked over to the counter and asked the nurse if the coroner had arrived.


“No, Officers.  What is going on?”  She asked.


“A home invasion gone wrong.  Someone broke into the Matter’s home off of route 713; they must have surprised them, because whomever it was shot them dead.”


Rosalie and Emmett was shocked.  Brad and Louise were dead and Bella was out in the snow storm.  They knew that this was really bad.


“Mr. & Mrs. McCarty?”  A tall young Doctor called out.


“That’s us.”  Emmett replied.


“There is no really good way to say this, but we must get her to the Children’s hospital in Pittsburg.  I have called for a medevac and they are en route as we speak.”


“Can we ride with her?”  Rosalie asked.


“Yes.  We have one sick little girl, but I have every confidence in the doctors in Pittsburg.  How did she get outside in the storm?”  He asked.


Emmett knew that he needed to make up a story, because he felt for sure that it was not a home invasion gone bad; this was what had Brad so scared.  “She slipped out when her horse broke out of its stall.  She must have decided that she was going to go find it.  We didn’t know she was gone until we found the horse who was standing by where she had fallen.”


“It is too early to tell, but I think you have found her in time.”  The doctor said.


A short time later they were in the medevac, and on their way to Pittsburgh.   As they touched down, team of doctors and nurses met them, and rushed Bella into the hospital.


A nurse came over and motioned for them to follow.  Once inside, and away from the roaring sound of the helicopter, she welcomed them.  “Mr. and Mrs. McCarty, Bree is in wonderful hands.  Come, let me get you set up in one of our family suites.”


They followed her through the hospital, and they finally arrived at the entrance to the Pediatric ward.  Emmett and Rosalie looked up and saw that it was the ward that bared their name.   They had donated the money for the construction of the state of the art Pediatric ward.  The nurse stopped and looked up at what they were looking at, and, in that moment, she recognized Emmett McCarty.


“You are Emmett McCarty.  I am so sorry I had no idea!”


“Right now, we are just parents of a sick child.  Please don’t treat us any differently than other parents in our situation.”  Emmett implored.


The nurse nodded and took them to their waiting room.  The hours ticked by slowly, and, with each passing minute, Emmett and Rosalie became more worried about Bella.  As the sun broke on Christmas day, a doctor walked into the room.


“Mr. and Mrs. McCarty , Bree is stable, breathing on her own and her body temperature is back to normal.  She has some signs of frostbite on her toes, but we are keeping a close eye on it.”


“Is she awake?  I want to see her.”  Rosalie asked with tears in her eyes.


“No, she is not.   Her little body has gone through a traumatic ordeal.  She needs time to rest and heal.   She is being taken to a level one private room where we can keep a close eye on her.  As soon as she gets settled, I will get you in the room.”  Doctor Johnson explained.  He had been advised who Bree’s parents were.  Because of the generosity of the McCartys, hundreds of children had been saved.


After hearing about the news that Bella was going to be okay, Rosalie broke down.  The night’s events finally caught up with her, and Emmett wrapped his large arms around her and comforted her.  A short time later, they were sitting in Bella’s room, holding her hand, and talking to her.  Rosalie was telling her the story of Sleeping Beauty and her fairy Godmothers.  As she got to the point where Sleeping Beauty was about to prick her finger on the needle on the spinning wheel, Bella’s eyes began to flicker.


Rosalie gasped.  “That’s it, sweetheart, let me see those beautiful brown eyes of yours.”


The swirls of snow and ice danced around in her dreams.  In the distance was a tall man with red brown hair and piercing green eyes, reaching his hand out toward her, beckoning her to him.  He was her warmth; her sun.


Opening her eyes she looked at the angel’s face with crystal blue eyes and a sweet smile.


“Hi.  Are you an angel?”


Rosalie giggled.  “No, sweetheart.”


“Then, who are you?”


Emmett and Rosalie were shocked by the question.  “Bree, don’t you remember us?”  Rosalie asked.


She looked at them both and said.  “Who is Bree?”

Chapter 10

Brad and Louise had talked at length about setting up an escape plan for Bree.  They knew that it was only a matter of time before Caius came back to kill them and Bree, and they wanted to do everything possible to ensure that they got her away safely.  They had planned that, at the first sign of trouble, Bree would grab her backpack, which was filled with some food, a bottle of water, and her Eddie lamb, and would sneak out the back room’s window and make her way to the barn.  Bree would take her horse and head toward Mr. Emmett and Miss Rosalie’s house.

“Bree, we know who you really are.”  Brad said.

Bella didn’t say anything.  How did they know?  Caius had told her not to ever say anything about her real parents or family.

“Don’t be afraid, Bella.  Yes, Bella.  I know your name, and I know about your father, Carlisle, and your mother, Elizabeth.”

“But how?”  Bella asked.

“I haven’t lived all this time to take things as they seem.  Growing up, I was always getting into trouble by sticking my nose into things that I shouldn’t have.  So, when you came, clearly distraught over the loss of your parents, I knew there was no way that you had been abused, I started to look around.  I got really good at that Googling thing.”  Brad bragged.

“My Dada was never mean to me.  He loved me.”  Bella confirmed.  “I miss him and Mama so much.”

“I am so sorry about your Mama, but Bella your Dada is alive.”  Brad said.

“No, Caius said that he was dead.”  Bella whimpered.

“No, sweetie, he is alive.”

“Please take me to him.”  Bella begged.

“Bella, listen to me, I am afraid that if I try to take you back, whoever was behind this will try to hurt you.”

“But, Dada can protect me.  He has lots of guns.”

“I know, but I don’t think we would get that close.  I have made plans with Mr. Emmett and Miss Rosalie; if something bad should happen to me and Louise, they will take care of you. When they think it is safe, they will take you back to your Dada as soon as possible.”

“But I miss him.”  Bella cried.

Brad picked up Bella, and hugged her close, allowing her to cry.  After a little while, Bella stopped crying, and looked up at Brad.  “I will wait.”

“Good girl.  How about a bowl of ice cream and a chocolate cookie?”  Brad asked.

“YES!”  Bella yelled, climbing off his lap and running to the kitchen.

“You did well.”  Louise said, wrapping her arms around Brad.

“My hope and prayer is that one day that little girl will get back to her Dada, safe and sound.”  Brad said.

“Me, too.”  Bella said softly.  Her Dada was alive, but she believed Brad; it would be dangerous to go home right now.


****************I C ****************


Esme couldn’t believe how busy she was over the last month.  After she and Edward had gone home the night of proposal, as she lay in her bed in the quiet of the night, she began to think about Carlisle and his position within the family.  He was the Don of the family and some day would need to pass the family to his blood heir.  With poor little Isabella gone, he would need to have his wife to give him a son or daughter.  However, this was something she could not do.  Tossing and turning all night long, she knew that she couldn’t take away Carlisle’s right and duty to pass the family along.

As the sun broke, she called her neighbor and asked if she could watch Edward for an hour or so.  As soon as she came over, Esme was in her car and soon was pulling up to the front of the estate.  Standing outside the door were two guards, who nodded to her as she stepped up the steps and rang the doorbell.  Carlisle had been drinking his coffee and reading the paper when he heard the doorbell.  He wondered who would be calling this early in the morning.  As soon as he opened the door, he saw that it was his lovely Esme, but she looked pale, with large dark circles under her eyes and her beautiful green eyes were swollen and bloodshot.

“My love, what is wrong?”  Carlisle asked, pulling her into his bare chest.

Esme was shocked to see that Carlisle had answered the door with just a pair of sleep pants hanging low on his hips.  However, to hear the concern in this voice, and to be immediately pulled into a loving embrace, made her question if she had made the right decision.

“Carlisle, I need to talk to you.” Esme explained.

Carlisle led them to the den, and they sat down together on one of the sofas.  Esme couldn’t look at Carlisle; she slowly turned the stunning diamond ring around her finger.  Enjoying the last few moments that it would be on her finger.  Pulling all the strength she had, she took a deep breath, and began  “Carlisle, I can’t marry you.”  She whispered.

Carlisle was shocked by her declaration.  “What do you mean?”

“I love you with everything that I have, but I can give you the one thing you need.”  Esme said.

“But your love is all that I need.”  Carlisle argued.

“Carlisle, I never told you this, but I can’t have any more children, and you need to have an heir to have the family continue.”

Carlisle was shocked to hear that she couldn’t have children.  It was actually something he hadn’t even thought about.  His heart was still in pain over losing Lizzy Bell and the thought of having another child was too painful to even consider.  He knew that if he didn’t have an heir by the time he reached fifty,  his brother’s heir would take over the family.

“Esme, darling, I love you so much, and I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you are willing to give up our love for the family, but I can’t let you do it.  I love you so much and I need you in my life.  The family will be passed onto my brother’s heir when I reach fifty, and I feel sure that it will be in good hands.  Please don’t give up on us.  I want to be your husband and a father to Edward.”

Tears rolled down her face as she took every word to heart.  This man couldn’t be more perfect.  “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely!”  Carlisle exclaimed and leaned in and kissed her soft lips.  Esme wrapped her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss.  Their tongues fought for dominance and Carlisle let out a low grimacing growl and pulled Esme so she was straddling his lap.  Taking his hands he began to kneed her tight ass and swivel his hips rubbing his stone hard cock over her silk covered pussy.  He was so fucking glad she was wearing a skirt.  She moaned as he began to kiss down her jawline and her neck.

“Carlisle.”  She groaned in pure pleasure.

“Oh, Esme, your pussy is hot; I’ll bet that if I run my finger down these sexy panties, you will be wet for me.”

“Yes, oh yes.”

Carlisle took his finger, placed it down her panties, and was welcomed by a smooth mound that was dripping wet and a swollen clit.  Rubbing his finger back and forward across her pussy, he was blessed by Esme’s moaning and panting with desire.

“More, Carlisle.”

Rubbing a few more times, he then placed two of his long, nimble fingers deep inside of her tight, hot pussy.  Thrusting his fingers, he curled them and began hitting the spongy spot, causing her to moan even louder.

“Are you ready to come for me?”  Carlisle said in a voice that was filled with lust and desire.

“Yes, so close.”  Esme moaned as the pressure built even tighter.

Then Carlisle pulled his fingers and pinched her clit hard.

“Come now!”  He yelled.

Her eyes rolled back and the snap, much like a rubber band breaking she came.  Never, in all the years she had been married to Angelo, had she felt anything like this.  She was in pure heaven.  She fell forward against Carlisle chest.  “Holy shit, that was intense.”  She stammered.

“It was.  I can’t wait until it is my cock in that hot pussy.”  Carlisle teased.

Esme turned a bright shade of pink.  She hated to compare Angelo to Carlisle, but he never talked like that to her and she loved it.  It was such a turn on.  Moving back, she noticed that Carlisle was still hard.  She began to reach down to see if she could help relieve his pressure, but, before she could put her hand on that magnificent cock, Carlisle stopped her.

“Darling, please don’t.”  Carlisle begged.

“But you must be in pain.”

“I will be okay.  I really want the first time I come to be inside your pussy.”  Carlisle said with a wicked smile.  He noticed every time he said something dirty, Esme seemed to be turned on.  “Does my little girl like it when I talk dirty to her?”

Esme nodded.  This man was going to be the death of her, but damn what a way to go.

“Good to know.  Now that this conversation is over, how about some breakfast?”  Carlisle said.

After a long enjoyable breakfast, Esme left and went back to her house, feeling better than when she had arrived.

After the early morning revelation, Esme and Edward started packing up their personal belongings, and had them shipped to Carlisle’s estate.  At first, she talked about putting up the home that she had shared with Angelo on the market, but Carlisle convinced her to keep it. When Edward grew up, he could use it instead as a first home.  Esme didn’t think she could love Carlisle anymore, but, in that moment, it made her fall even harder for him.

After settling in at the estate, she began to plan their wedding.  Carlisle handed her a black credit card with her married name on it, and told her to purchase everything that her heart desired for the wedding, and not to worry about the cost.  Carlisle’s right-hand man, or Capo, Garrett, introduced her to his wife, Kate, and they instantly became close friends.  Kate knew a wonderful wedding boutique called Wedding Atelier.  She made a call to the owner, who arranged a private fitting for Esme.

Esme had thought she would get just a short, simple dress for the wedding.

“Esme, you can’t just get something simple.  The wedding might be small, but it will be still being viewed as a major deal for the family.  You are marrying the leader of the family and you must be an example.”  Kate explained.

“But I didn’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a dress that I will only wear once.”

“I get that, but don’t let price rule over your heart.”  Kate said.

They walked in and were met by a stunning tall woman, with long, jet-black hair.  “Kate, darling, so good to see you again.  How is that fine piece of man, Garrett?”

“He is great.  Margaret, this is Esme and she is Carlisle Cullen’s fiancé.”

Margaret knew who Carlisle Cullen was, and knew that Esme would be treated like the royalty that she was.  The sales off this dress would be very profitable for her.

“Esme, please come with me and tell what you would like to see for your big day.”

Over the next half hour, Esme allowed herself to describe the wedding of her dreams.  Margaret took notes as they spoke, and, when they were finished, she took Esme to a spacious dressing room and handed her one of the special robes, only giving out to the best clients.  Margaret select several gowns that matched what she had heard in Esme’s dream.

Esme tried on the selections that Margaret brought back for her and it try on, but, when she tried on the Alvinia Valenta gown, she knew she had found her gown.  It was an ivory charmeuse bridal sheath with a beaded illusion V neckline at front and back and jeweled appliques at the back shoulder.  Not only was it the perfect design, but also fit her as if it had been made for her.

The wedding planning fell into place after Esme had selected her gown.  Finally, it was Christmas Eve, and she was standing beside Carlisle vowing to love, honor, and obey him as long as they both shall live.  As soon as Father Christopher announced them husband and wife, Aro sent Caius the text.



Finish it.

Chapter 9

After Brad had given all the information about the security box and gave the extra key to Emmett, he also informed him that he had added him to the signature card for the box.

“Emmett, even if Rosalie and you decide not to be put in the will as legal guardians, I trust you will be able to get the contents of what is in the box to Bree, when she reaches the age of eighteen.”

“Of course. Just let me talk over your proposal with Rose, and I will let you know very soon.”

Brad looked out the window at the cold bleak day, and knew that it was only a matter of time before Caius would be back to cover his tracks and those who were actually behind this whole situation. Brad was smart enough to know that Caius wasn’t the man behind this whole thing. He had thought about trying to contact Carlisle Cullen, but was not sure who to trust and who he shouldn’t. This was more than evident when he happened to look up the funerals of Elizabeth and Isabella Marie Cullen. In one of the photographs of the crowd, there, in the background, was Caius. This proved to Brad that this was orchestrated by someone close to the Cullen family.

“Thank you, Emmett, for considering this. Louise and I will sleep better knowing that little Bree will be taken care of should something happen to us.” Brad said, then walked out of the office.

Emmett got up, locked the door, and walked out the back door and down the walkway that connected his office to the main house. Once inside the mudroom, he removed his boots and went out to find his darling wife. He found her in the den. She was sitting on the couch, wearing a tight pair of yoga pants, fluffy socks, and one of Emmett’s sweatshirts that was ten times too large for her, but, in his eyes, it made her even sexier.

“Hello, good lookin.” Emmett smirked.

Rosalie looked up from her book, and smiled at her husband. She counted her blessings daily to have someone like Emmett love her. “Hey, sweetie, did you get some work done?”

Emmett picked up her legs and slipped underneath them. “I did, Brad Mathers came in to have his will updated.”

Rosalie looked at her husband’s face, and, instantly, could tell there was something more he was saying. “That is nice. I really like Brad and Louise, and, of course, Bree. She is such a little angel.”

“Rose, I need to talk to you about something that Brad requested.”

“What?” She questioned.

“If something would happen that both Brad and Louise were killed, or died at the same time, he has asked if we would consider becoming Bree’s guardians?”

Rose couldn’t believe what she heard. She knew that Brad and Louise had no other relatives, as well as how much they seemed to care for Bree, but why would they want them as guardians? She instantly lost herself in the thought of being Bree’s mother. She could see them doing everything that a mother and daughter would do: she saw them walking down the mall together with shopping bags in their hands, baking cookies in the kitchen, and talking about boys.

“Rose, what do you think about it?” Emmett asked, wondering what Rose was thinking about.

“Emmett, of course, I would love to be a guardian to Bree.” Rose declared.

“Rose, dear, this is just in case something happens to both Brad and Louise, which could happen or never happen. I know you care for her, but remember that Brad and Louise are still her guardians.” Emmett explained.

“I know, but I want us to be there just in case something horrible happens. I need, no, we need to be there for Bree.” Rose implored.

“We will be if we are needed. I will call Brad and let him know our decision, but Rose I must also tell you that I have a funny feeling that something is wrong. Please be aware of your surroundings when you are with Bree.”

“Do you think she is in danger?”

“I don’t know, but Brad was definitely scared today. I couldn’t live if something happened to you.” Emmett begged.

“I promise.”

Emmett called Brad and let him know their decision; Brad was relieved. That night, when Bree was all tucked away in her bed, Brad told Louise that Emmett and Rose had agreed to their request. He had kept nothing from Louise and she agreed with him that they had been lied to about Bree’s father. She had broke down when she saw the photograph of Carlisle saying his goodbyes to his daughter. Brad had told her that he was sorry for pulling them into this mess and putting her in danger, but he wasn’t sorry for helping Bree. The months with Bree had been some of the happiest of his life.

**************I C ****************

Aro had been keeping a close eye on Carlisle, and, several months after the funeral, he was sure that Carlisle didn’t suspect that his daughter was still alive. When Esme and Edward had started coming over, he was worried that Carlisle would marry Esme and have another possible heir, but, after doing some investigating, he was happy to find out that Esme couldn’t have anymore children. She had had some complications after Edward’s birth, and the doctors had to do a complete hysterectomy. After learning that piece of information, he began leaving hints to Carlisle about moving on with his life, and how wonderful Esme seemed to be.

Carlisle knew how wonderful Esme was and how precious Edward was, but he thought it was too early to try to move on. Even though he never truly loved Elizabeth, he did care for her. Could he really allow himself to give over to the feelings that he had for Esme?

One day, Aro was in Carlisle’s office going over some business dealings. “Carlisle, brother, I think you should really consider taking the next step with Esme Masen. She is already in the family and she seems to have some very serious feelings for you.”

“Aro, it is too soon.”

“Carlisle, Elizabeth would want you to move on and be happy. I am not telling you to forget them, but to start living again.” Aro pushed.

“I will think about it.” Carlisle answered, as he looked at Aro. Never had his brother had concerns about his feelings, and he wondered why now. Maybe his prayers had been answered and Aro had finally come around to be the brother he had always prayed for.

After Aro left, Carlisle mind was flooded with memories of the conversation. He thought of Esme and how she had allowed his heart to open and allow the love that he had locked away inside for her out. The warm, peaceful feeling poured over him into every cell of his body, and, for the first time since Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell’s murder, he felt lighter. Aro was right, Elizabeth would have wanted him to move on, and he knew his little Lizzy Bell would be cheering him on from heaven.

Picking up his phone, he called Esme. “Hello, Esme, how are you today?”

Esme was excited to hear from Carlisle. “I am well, and yourself?”

“Good, busy as always. How is Edward?”

“He is currently cleaning his room. I can’t believe how dirty it can get in such a short period of time.”

“Yeah, we are just that way. Must be in our DNA. The reason I was calling was I was hoping that you and Edward could come over dinner tonight.”

“Oh that sounds nice. What time?”

“How about six-thirty?” Carlisle asked, knowing that he would have enough time to get everything he needed to ask Esme to marry him. They could spent months in dating before he asked, but why wait? Life was too short.

“That sounds wonderful.” Esme cooed.

“I will pick you up.”

“Oh, you will? We will be ready. I am looking forward to it.”

“See you then.” Carlisle confirmed as he hung up.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with Carlisle going to his jeweler and picking out a ring for Esme and arranging the special dinner for them. He even went out and purchased a new suit for the occasion. After a long drawn out argument with Garrett, where he decided to take his favorite Bentley to pick up Esme himself. Carlisle finally convinced him that he would keep an watchful eye out of danger. Garrett wasn’t happy about it, but agreed. He had been unable to find out who had murdered Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell. Whoever had done it had covered their tracks very well. But he continued with his investigation, because he would find out who had done it and make them pay.

Carlisle arrived at Esme’s house and rang her doorbell. The door was answer by a smiling Edward. “Mr. Carlisle, we are going to your house?”

“Yes, you are.” Carlisle chuckled, then he saw her. Esme walked toward them wearing the most beautiful navy blue form fitting dress, with her long brunette hair swept to the side. As she got close, he reached out for her hand, and brought it to his lips, and began kissing the back of her hand with several light kisses. Then, he looked up at her. “You look lovely.”

Esme blushed a bright shade of rose on her cheeks. “Thank you and you look very handsome as well.”

“Can we go already? I am hungry.” Edward insisted.

“Okay Edward. Let’s go feed this hungry monster.” Carlisle joked, then offered his arm to Esme, took Edward’s hand, and took them to his car. Once inside, Carlisle began driving back to the mansion.

“One day I am going to have a car like this.” Edward exclaimed, excitedly.

“Yes, you will.” Carlisle confirmed, because if Esme said yes, Edward would his son and he would have all the privileges and wealth that Carlisle had. After dinner, Edward wanted to go out to the garden and play. After putting on his jacket, hat, and gloves he was out the doors and began playing in the new snow that had fallen overnight. It had been a cold and snowy November and a cold December had been forcasted, as well. Carlisle and Esme bundled up as well and went out to watch as he ran around and played in the snow.

“He loves it here.” Esme stated.

“I love having him here, as well as you.”

“You do?”

“Yes, very much so; actually, I was hoping that you would agree to marry me and come live here forever. What do you say Esme, will you marry me?”

Esme was shocked by Carlisle’s question. She couldn’t believe he wanted to marry her. She loved him with all her heart and soul, but never imagined that he would ever return her feelings, because he was Carlisle Cullen, the head of the Cullen crime family. “Are you sure?”

“Esme, you have done something that I never thought I would ever be able to do again and that is to finally find love. I want to share all that I have with you, I want to love you with everything that I am, and.” He said, then stopped and looked up towards Edward. “I would love to be a father to Edward. So, what do you say? Will you marry me?”

“Yes, oh yes, I will marry you.”

Carlisle pulled out the ring and slipped it onto her finger, then pulled her close, leaned in, and began to kiss her. The feeling of their lips together ignited a fire in him that he had never felt before, and the love that he had for her poured into the kiss.

“Eww.” Edward boomed.

Carlisle pulled from Esme’s lips, and smiled at her before turning toward Edward. “What is eww about that, little man?”

“Girls have cooties, and if you kiss them you get double cooties.” Edward explained.

Carlisle chuckled at Edward. “All right, but I will remind you of this one day. Come over here, your Mom and I want to tell you something.”

Edward came over, and climbed up onto Carlisle’s lap. “Edward, Carlisle has asked for me to marry him.” Esme said.

“What does that mean?” Edward asked.

“It means that Carlisle will become my husband, and, if you’d like, he can become your father. Now I know you still miss your dad, but he would want us to be happy, and I am happy with Carlisle. So what do you think?” Esme proposed.

Edward thought for a moment, and then looked up at Carlisle. “Does this mean I can come over whenever I want?”

“Edward, you will be living here all the time.”

“Cool. Let’s do this. Come on, Mom, I need to go home and pack my toys.” Edward demanded as he jumped down from Carlisle’s lap, and grabbed his mother’s hand.

“Hold on there. We won’t be moving in until after the wedding.” Esme explained.

“Well, when is that?” Edward asked.

Esme looked at Carlisle. She never expected to get married again. Her first wedding was a formal event, and she really didn’t want that again, but she wondered if Carlisle needed to invite all the family. “What type of wedding do you want?” She questioned.

“Anything you want, my love. It can be the grandest of affairs or a simple wedding between just us and the priest.” Carlisle answered.

“I would really like something small, just a few friends and immediate family.”

“Then that is what you shall have. Edward, do you think you can wait a few weeks?” Carlisle asked.

“Do I have to? Come on, Mom, this place is huge I am sure Carlisle has room for us now.” Edward pleaded.

“He is right, you know. You can stay in the guest suites in the west wing until after the wedding.” Carlisle said, hoping she would consider it. He didn’t want to pressure her, but the thought of seeing her daily gave him great joy.

Esme thought of the offered and knew she wanted to be here with him as soon as possible. “I like that idea, a lot.”

“Wonderful, Edward, you need to help your Mother pack, because it looks like you are going to start living here very soon.”

They all went inside and Carlisle showed them where their rooms would be. Then, they talked about the move and the wedding. After calling Father Christopher, Carlisle called Garrett, and told him the great news, then called Aro to thank him for pushing him.

After Aro hung up with Carlisle, he quickly called Caius, and told him to start planning tying up the loose ends; he wanted it to happen right after Carlisle said I do.

Chapter 8

The dark grey clouds hovered over the cemetery, as the two black hearse lead the procession of cars up the hill to the Cullen family plots.  Carlisle sat in the back of the limo, alone, preparing himself for his final goodbyes.  The days that followed after his men had found Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell’s limo burnt up with three bodies inside were met with disbelief, sadness, anger, and, finally, acceptance.  The days and nights alone in the mansion were spent with Carlisle grieving his loss.  Never did his men see him shed one tear, but, in the solitude of Lizzy Bell’s room, the tears never stopped.  He didn’t know how he would survive without her smiling face.


He had made the arrangements for their funeral and didn’t leave the mansion other than to go to Angelo’s funeral.  He stood beside Esme and Edward as they said their final goodbyes.  Edward would miss his father, and was sad over that fact he was gone, but when he learned that Bella had also been taken up to heaven, he couldn’t stop crying.  She was his best friend, and he never got the chance to say goodbye.


The limo stopped and Garrett opened the door for Carlisle.   Stepping out, he began walking up the path to the black tent and sat down on chair beside the two coffins, Elizabeth’s was black and Lizzy Bell’s was white.  There was a stark difference, not only in color, but in size.


There was not enough room in the tent for all the members of the family, so they stood outside in the light falling rain, fighting back their own tears for their leader’s wife and young child, killed for no apparent reason.  This was a rule that was not to be broken by rival families, because wives and especially small children were never to be touched.  So the investigation went on; who had done this horrendous deed.  Everyone in the family wanted a piece of whomever had done it.  This person would die a slow, painful death.


“We are gathered here today, to lay to rest Elizabeth Catherine Cullen and Isabella Marie Cullen.  Their bodies are here today, but their souls are with our Heavenly Father.  Elizabeth and Isabella were the bright lights of joy to the Cullen family and will be missed by so many.   May God grant us grace, that in pain we may find comfort, in sorrow hope, in death resurrection.

Let us pray:


God, our creator and redeemer, by your power Christ conquered death and returned to you in glory.  May all your people who have gone before us in faith share his victory and enjoy the vision of your glory

Forever, where Christ lives and reigns with you, and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Eternal rest grant unto Elizabeth and Isabella, O Lord.  And let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Amen.”  Father Christopher prayed.


Carlisle stood, walked over to Elizabeth’s casket, and laid a single white rose on top before he whispered his goodbye.  “You deserved a better life than you had with me.  I thank you for always accepting everyone in the family and accepting my many faults.  Take care of our Lizzy Bell, and know I will never forget you.”


As he turned, he laid a single pink rose on top of Lizzy Bell’s casket and bent over and kissed it.  “Oh my darling Lizzy Bell, what joy you have brought to my hardened heart.  I never knew that I could love anything, but the moment you were born you filled me with so much love that it overflowed my heart and soul.  I will never forget you and no one else will take your place in my heart.  Goodbye, my darling.  I love you with all my heart.”  Standing up, he regained his composure, walked over, and shook Father Christopher’s hand, thanking him for the service.  As he began to walk out the tent, Edward step out from the crowd, and looked up at him with tears rolling down his cheek.


“Mr. Carlisle.  I am going to miss Bella.  Do you think she is okay up in heaven?”  Edward asked, wiping away his tears on the sleeve of his jacket.


Even though Carlisle wanted nothing more than to get to his limo and let his emotions flow, he knelt down and handed Edward his handkerchief.  “I think she is happy and looking down on us, hoping we will remember her.”


“I will never forget her.”  Edward proclaimed.  “Mr. Carlisle, is it okay if I give you a hug?”


“Yes, Edward, I would love a hug.”


Edward wrapped his little arms around Carlisle’s neck and began to cry again.  Carlisle wrapped his strong arms around Edward and, for a moment, enjoyed the warmth of the child’s hug.


Esme walked up and laid her hand on Edward’s back.  “Edward, it is time for you to let Mr. Carlisle go.”


Edward loosed his hold, and looked up at Mr. Carlisle’s big blue eyes.  “Would it be okay if, from time to time, I came by to see you?”


“I would like that very much.”  Carlisle answered.  Standing up, he looked at Esme and gave her a sad smile.  “Bring him by soon.  I think it would be good for the both of us.”


“I will.  Take care, Carlisle.”  Esme said, wanting nothing more than to give Carlisle a hug as well, but that was something that she couldn’t do.


Not saying a word to anyone else, he walked back to his limo and climbed inside.  As the limo pulled away, he wiped away the tears and felt his heart break into two.


Aro sat on the second row with his wife and children. It took all that he had not to smile.  He had gotten rid of the kid, but he needed to make sure that Carlisle didn’t have anymore children.  He was buying his time for his son to take over, and lead the family the way he thought it should be run.  Carlisle was too soft, and that needed to stop.  The Cullen name should shake fear in everyone who heard it.  He would allow the child to stay alive a little while longer, just incase something came up and he needed a bargaining chip.


The months that followed was some of the hardest for Carlisle.  Each night he would dream of Lizzy Bell calling out to him to come find her.  She would beg and plead and even asked if he still loved her.  He would run toward her and, just as he got near, she would disappear in a puff of smoke.  Waking up in a cold sweat and a racing heart, he would give up on going back to sleep and go to his office and throw himself into work.


His housekeeper was worried about her Boss.  He wasn’t eating and had heard him in all hours of the night walking around the mansion.  He refused to allow her into Miss Bella’s room to clean or dust.  She hoped that someday soon he would begin to live once more, but, until that time, she would continue to watch over him the best she could.


Esme and Edward had come over several times to the mansion and Carlisle had taken Edward to the garden and played catch with him.  The joy in his eyes and sweet sound of his laughter, helped lessen Carlisle’s grief for a short time.  He enjoyed Edward, but also enjoyed Esme’s sweet calming spirit.


Esme sat on the bench and watched as they played; with each passing visit, she fell even more for Carlisle Cullen.  Several times Carlisle had looked her way, and, for a brief moment, their eyes locked. She almost thought she saw a glimmer of love in his eyes.


They were in the garden playing catch when Edward missed catching the ball, and it hit him directly in the nose, cause it to bleed.  He screamed out and Esme and Carlisle rushed to his side.


“Edward, I am sorry.”  Carlisle cried, hating the fact that he had injured the child.


“Let me take a look at it.”  Esme pleaded, hoping that the nose was not broken.


Edward removed his hand and allowed his mother to look at it.  It hurt so bad, and he wanted his momma to make the pain go away.  Esme looked at the nose, and felt for sure that it was not broken, but it would need some ice to relieve the swelling that was sure to happen.


“Carlisle, can we get an ice pack for his nose?”  Esme asked.


“Oh my God, yes.  Come on, let me carry him inside and make him comfortable first.”


Carlisle carefully picked up Edward, carried him inside, and gently laid him down on the couch.  When he stood up, Esme noticed that Edward had bleed all over his white shirt.


“Carlisle, I am so sorry about that.”  She said.


Carlisle looked down, and saw the blood.  It didn’t bother him; in fact, this was nothing compared to the times he had taken care of men who had tried to hurt the family.  “Don’t worry about it, Esme.”


“Maybe I could get it out?”


Carlisle didn’t like to see Esme so stressed over a little blood on a shirt, so he unbuttoned it and took it off.  He then handed the shirt to Esme, who stood, gaping at him.


Esme watched as Carlisle removed his shirt, and, when he stood before her, naked from the waist up, she was amazed on how fit he was.  His chest was covered in what looked like soft blond hair; he didn’t have a six pack abs, fuck, they were eight pack.  However, what got her the most was the sharp lines that made her eyes flow down to his crotch area. She could have sworn she could see the outline of his cock.


“Esme, are you okay?  Do you feel faint with the sight of blood?”  Carlisle asked, worried by how she looked.


“No, no I am fine.  Where are the ice packs kept, and where can I try to get the blood stain out?”


“You can go in the laundry room, which in down the hall, second door on the right, and I will get the ice pack.”  Carlisle instructed.


“Okay.  Edward, sweetie, we will be right back.”  Esme said.


“Okay Momma.  After this can we go get ice cream?”


In that moment, Esme knew he was okay, but she didn’t know about herself.

Chapter 7

Over the next several months, Bella slowly began to accept her life without her Mama and her Dada.  Louise and Brad were kind and very patient with her.  The worst time was at night, when she was lying in her little bed, clinging onto her Eddie Lamb and thinking about not only her parents, but Edward.  She wondered if the bad people had hurt him or his parents.  Louise had asked if her lamb had a name and Bella said no.  She had to protect Edward, like her father said many times.


“Lizzy Bell, you are part of a very large family, and, as a member, you have to protect the family and respect them with everything you have.”


Bella didn’t know what was happening with her extended family, but she remembered what Caius had told her, and would pretend to be Bree as long as she needed to do so.


Louise and Brad showed her how to take care of the many animals on the farm.  Bella especially enjoyed the horses.  Brad began teaching her how to ride on a small spotted pony named Lilly.  At first, she just sat in the saddle while Brad lead them around the corral, then, over time, she became comfortable riding without his help.  After showing Brad she could control Lilly with ease, he moved her up to a filly named Grace.  She was a much bigger horse, but was a gentle, well trained animal, and seemed to form a special bond with Bella.


All summer, Bella rode Grace, and helped take care of the other animals on the farm.  Louise and Brad introduced her to people as their grand-niece, whose parents who had passed away in a car accident.


When September rolled around, it was time for Bella to begin school.  They used the fake documents that Caius had giving them and enrolled her.  She was old enough to be in first grade, and was placed in Ms. Thomas’ class.


There were only ten students in the class, and Ms. Thomas was able to get a feel of each student’s academic level and was quick to notice how extremely bright Bella was.  After talking with Louise and Brad, it was determined that Bella be giving an aptitude test to see if she needed to be placed in a class that would challenge her.  When test results returned, it was just as Ms. Thomas suspected.  Bella was reading at a fourth grade level, and her math skills were at the sixth grade level.  After talking to Louise and Brad, they planned for her to remain in Ms. Thomas’ class, but would also have some one on one instruction from Mrs. McCarty.


Mrs. McCarty was only a part-time teacher, who specialized in children that were gifted.  She was married to Emmett McCarty, an ex-NFL player who retired after eight seasons.  He wanted to enjoy life with his lovely wife, while he was still injury-free.  They purchased a home in the small town of Youngstown, and planned on starting a family.   After several years of not becoming pregnant, they went to the top OB/GYNs in the country.   They determined that Emmett, not Rosalie was the reason they were struggling with fertility.  They had a one in a million shot of ever becoming pregnant naturally.  Heartbroken over the news, they decided to take some time and let fate take its course.  Rosalie began teaching the gifted students at the local school, and Emmett opened a small law office, using the degree that he had earned before joining the NFL.


Bella was taken to Mrs McCarty’s classroom.  “Bree, this is Mrs. McCarty, she is going to be your special teacher every day.”  Ms. Thomas said.


Rosalie came over to them, and bent down to Bella’s level.  “Hello, Bree.  I think we are going to be good friends.”


Bella smiled and nodded her head.


“Ms. Thomas, I think we are okay here.  Thanks for bringing her; when we are finished, I will take her lunch to meet back up with the rest of the class.”


Rosalie offered Bella her hand. Bella looked up into the crystal blue eyes of Mrs. McCarty, and, for a moment, she thought she could see a little bit of her father.   Placing her tiny hand into Rosalie’s, they walked over to the desk, and began to work.


Bella loved going to work with Mrs. Rosalie, as she had told her to call her.  She enjoyed the work, but also enjoyed spending time with her.  Some days they would go outside and have class under one of the large shade trees by the school.  Their time together was about learning, but also they talked about themselves.  Rosalie noticed that Bree was very guarded with her emotions and about talking about her family.  Before Bree came to her for the first time, she had read her file about how her family had died and was living with relatives that she didn’t know well.  But Rosalie felt there was something more.


Several times, Bree had been asked to put her name on a piece of work and she had written Isabella instead of Bree.   Rosalie questioned if that was her middle name; she quickly erased it and wrote Bree.  The other thing was the necklace that Bree wore all the time; it had an infinity symbol on it.  Rosalie could tell that it was not a cheap necklace; it was either made of white gold or platinum.  She had known the Mathers since moving into Youngstown, and could tell that they did not have the money to buy such an expensive necklace.


Rosalie told Emmett all about the curious things about young Bree, and he was also sure that there something else that wasn’t being said about her.  He had gotten to know Brad from purchasing vegetables that they grew on the farm.  Brad and Louise both worked hard on the farm, and he had seen them out working in the wee hours of the morning and until the twilight end of the day.  Hearing that their great niece was wearing such an expensive necklace, he wondered why, then, would Bree’s family not leave an inheritance to Brad and Louise to take care of her.


As fall became winter, the area was hit with one snowstorm after another, but the people of Youngstown were used to it.  A foot of snow was dealt with, and the everyday work went on as usual.  One cold snowy afternoon, Emmett was sitting in his office, which was a small building that was on his property.  The chiming of the bells that Rosalie had attached to the door to make him aware when someone walked in.  He hadn’t been expecting anyone, and so, he was dressed in jeans and a turtleneck with a bulky red checked flannel shirt over it.  Walking out of his office into the small front reception area, he was surprised to see Brad Masters standing there.


“Brad, what a surprise to see you.  What are you doing out in this cold snowy day?”


“I was wondering if you could write up my will?”  Brad explained.


“I sure can.  Come in and let’s see what we can come up with.”


As they sat down, Brad explained what he wanted.  “If anything should happen to me, I want everything to go to Louise, but, if by some chance that both Louise and I both die at the same time, I want everything to go to Bree.”


Emmett wasn’t shocked by Brad’s request.  From what he had seen and heard from Rosalie, he knew that he loved Bree.


“Make sure you put all my property.”  Brad incited.


“I have the house and property.”  Emmett assured him.


Brad had thought long and hard on what he should do with the money that Caius gave to him, to take care of Bree.  After watching her for several weeks, he went against his wishes and did some looking around, and, after awhile, he found the information that shook his very soul.  It was an obituary for Elizabeth and Isabella Cullen, the wife and daughter of the head of the Cullen crime family.  He was convinced it was Bree’s family, when he saw a photograph of Carlisle Cullen standing by the coffins at the graveyard. In the background was Caius. After that, he knew that something was wrong and knew it was only time before someone would come and try to take Bree, or Isabella, and would get rid of all those who knew her.


He had not stopped there, he continued to look into Carlisle Cullen; every picture of him with his family showed a devoted husband and a loving father.  He might be the head of a crime family, but there was no doubt that he was also a good man.  Brad had thought about trying to contact him, but he was unsure who to trust.


“Emmett, I have a security box at the bank.  Make sure you list that.”


Emmett was shocked to hear that he had a security box.  The more he thought about it, he wondered why it was so important to him.


The next thing Brad wanted to talk to Emmett about was something he thought and prayed about.  He was not naive to the fact that both Louise and himself were getting up in age.  He wanted to make sure that someone that Bree knew would take care of her if something happened to them.  She talked all the time about Rosalie and Brad knew that Emmett and Rosalie were on a list for adoption.  There was no one else he could think of that would love and take care of Bree.


“I have one more request that I want to put out there.”  Brad said, hoping that Emmett would agree.


“What is it?”


“If, by chance, something would happen to Louise and me before Bree is eighteen, we were hoping that Rosalie and you would take care of her.”


Emmett couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but the look on Brad’s face showed that he was serious.  There was something more that Brad wasn’t telling him, and, before he agreed to the arrangement, he would have to know all the secrets that Brad was keeping.

Chapter 6

Carlisle was barking out orders to all guard and family members around.  Everyone in the family was either on the phone or on the road, trying to find Elizabeth and Isabella.   As his men did everything they could, Carlisle paced around the docks and continued to call Elizabeth’s phone.  He rounded the building and came back upon Angelo’s body. In that moment, he thought of poor Esme and Edward.   This was a duty as Leader of the family that he had always done.  He felt that if a member of his family gave up their life for the family, then he should be the one to be one to notify their loved ones of the tragedy.   Calling Elizabeth’s phone one last time, and still getting no answer, he called Garrett to meet him where Angelo’s body was.  Ben didn’t have any immediate family.  His father and mother had been killed in a horrible house fire a few years back.   Ben had been a low man on the street with no ambition, but, after their death, Carlisle had a long conversation with him, and convinced Ben that he needed to strive harder, and to become someone that his parents would have been proud of.


Garrett quickly found Carlisle, because he wanted to do anything possible to help him find his family.  However, as the time ticked by, he had a horrible gut feeling that something bad had happened to them.


“Garrett, any news?”  Carlisle asked.


“No, Boss.  We are tracking every lead that we find.”


“Fuck.  Keep on it.  I want them safe and home.”  Carlisle said,  then looked down at Angelo’s body.  “I am going to go break the bad news to Esme.”


“Carlisle, let me do it.  We need to keep you safe, in case this is a rival family trying to make a move on us.”


“I will fucking kill every one of the motherfuckers.  This is my job, and I am going to do it.”


“Boss, at least take some extra guards with you.”  Garrett pleaded.


“No.  Everyone needs to be looking for my family.  I will be vigilant, but I need to do this.  You know how much Lizzy Bell likes Edward.”


“I do.  Call if you see anything out of the ordinary.”


Carlisle nodded, and started walking toward his car.  As he began to get in behind the wheel, he looked up and saw his brother standing by the building and the look on his face was not of concern for Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell, but that of enjoyment.  Fuck.  Surely he wasn’t part of this.


During the drive to Angelo and Esme’s home, Carlisle couldn’t get the look on Aro’s face out of his mind.  He knew that his brother had resented him, because he was older and was the leader of the family, but he never had one thought that he would do something to Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell.  Surely, this was just the stress of the day.  Before he knew it, he was pulling into Angelo’s driveway. Before getting out of the car, he tried Elizabeth’s phone once again, but still just rang and rang.


He exited the car and walked up to the door.  Taking a deep cleansing breath, he rang the bell.  He heard the running of little feet, and Edward yelling out that he would get it.


Edward opened the door to find Mr. Carlisle standing there.  “Mr. Carlisle.”


“Edward.  How are you?”


“Great.  Mommy found this old video game, and I am beating it.”


“That is wonderful.”  Carlisle praised Edward, and Esme walked around the corner, drying her hands on the edge of her apron.


“Edward, what have I told you about opening the door?”


“But it is Mr. Carlisle.  Oh, wait, is Bella with you?”  Edward asked, looking around him.


“No, Edward, she is out with her mommy today.”


“Well, truck.”  Edward grumbled.


“EDWARD!!!”  Esme yelled.   She had been telling Angelo to watch his language around Edward, but he continued to say “fuck” all the time.  Looking up, she was once again mesmerized by Carlisle Cullen, but, as she looked deeper into his eyes, she could tell there was something wrong.


“Mr. Cullen please come in.”


“Thank you.”


Esme lead them into the living room, and offered Carlisle a seat.  “Edward, why don’t you go play your game some more before dinner.  Don’t you think I am forgetting your colorful language, mister.  We will have a discussion about it.”


“Ah, Mom.”


After Edward had left the room, Esme turned to Carlisle.  “Something has happened?”  She asked, knowing that Carlisle wouldn’t be at their house like this.


“Esme, there is no good way to say this, but Angelo has been shot down at the docks. I am sorry to say that he has died.”


Esme just looked at Carlisle in shock.  Her husband was dead.  Time ticked by; with each passing second, she couldn’t bring herself to tears.  She cared for Angelo, but she didn’t love him.  The visions of another man was what got her through her wifely duties, and even find some enjoyment.  Looking up at Carlisle, her cheeks bloomed. She was never so glad that he couldn’t read her mind.


“Are you okay?  You look really flushed.”  Carlisle asked.


“I am fine.”


“The family will, of course, pay for any arrangements you make for Angelo.”


Esme nodded and then began to think what she and Edward was going to do for money.  She had a degree in art, but never used it, and she’d never worked.  They, of course, had a life insurance policy, but that would only go so far.


“I am sorry; I was just thinking about what we are going to do for money.  This house is paid for, but I don’t have a job.”  Esme declared.


Carlisle reached forward, and took Esme’s hand into his.  The moment they touched, he was shocked by the warm, comforting feeling that washed through his body.  “Esme, you both are family, and we take care of own.  An account will be set up and there will be deposits made each month.  Edward’s education will be paid for by the family, and that includes college.”


“Really?  I had no clue.  Are you sure that the family can afford to do that?  I mean I could get a job somewhere.”


Carlisle chuckled by her statement.  Angelo must have kept secret the amount of money that he only brought into the family, which didn’t include all of their other lucrative businesses.  “I can assure you that we have more than enough.”


“Oh, okay, thank you.”  Esme said, then the doorbell rang.  “I wonder who that can be?  Please excuse me.”  She got up and went to the door; when she opened it, she found Garrett standing there.  She had met him a few times, but really didn’t know him.


“Hello, I am here to talk to Carlisle.”  Garrett declared.


“He is in the living room, please come in.”


Esme walked ahead of Garrett to the living room. As soon as Carlisle heard footsteps, he glanced up and immediately stood when he saw Garrett.


“Garrett, what has happened?”


Garrett walked over to Carlisle. With tears in his eyes, he placed a hand on Carlisle’s arm.  “We found them.”  He choked.


Carlisle looked at his friend, confidant that something was wrong.  “Please tell me they are unharmed?” More like a question than a statement.


Not being able to get the words out, Garrett shook his head no.


Carlisle’s world went black, because his wife, and, the joy of his life, his Lizzy Bell, were gone forever.

Chapter 5

Caius drove toward the home of Brad and Louise Mathers.  They were the couple he had paid to keep Isabella.  She was still asleep in the back of the van, and he hoped she would stay that way until they got close to the Mathers’ home.  He had the story all planned out; he knew exactly what he was going to tell Isabella.  From what he knew about the child, he knew she was highly intelligent for a child her age. He was going to use that to his advantage.  Carlisle had already began teaching her what to do in case of an emergency.  He had a special room setup for his family just in case a rival family attacked.  She was taught about family and how she could always be safe with them, as well as the bad people who would try to hurt her.

“Where am I?”  Isabella called out groggily.

Caius pulled over, went around, and opened the door.  She was sitting up, rubbing her eyes.  “Hey, sleepy head.”  Caius said, with a fake smile on his face.

“Caius?  Where is my mommy?”

Caius climbed into the van, and sat down beside her.  “Isabella, remember when you father told you about the bad people?”


“The bad people came today. Sweetie, I have some really bad news.  Your mommy and daddy are dead.”  Caius said.

Izzy Bell just looked at Caius.  Her Momma and Dada were dead.  Were they dead like her new pet fish that she had forgotten to feed?  Did that mean they weren’t around to play with her, and to tuck her in at night?

“Do you understand that they are never going to around anymore?”  Caius asked.

“But Dada said he would never leave me.”

“He really fought hard, but there were too many of them.  But his last words were for me to take you somewhere safe.”

Izzy Bell’s little heart broke in half.  Her Dada was gone.  Burying her face into her little hands, she began to cry.  What was she going to do now?  Who was going to take care of her?

“I know you are sad, but you must be strong right now.  Your father had this plan set up just in case.  You are going to live with an older couple in a small town in Pennsylvania.  They don’t know your parents, but know that you need a safe place to stay.  Isabella, these bad people are still looking for you, and we need to make sure they don’t find you.  When we get to the house, you will no longer be Isabella Marie Cullen, but, instead, your name will be Bree Tanner.”

“But I am Izzy Bell.”  She exclaimed.

“No, sweetie, you are now Bree Tanner.  However, I promise you that, when it is safe again, I will come back and get you, but you need to be careful.  Can you do that?”

“I want to see my Mamma and Dada.”

“Isabella you can’t.  They wouldn’t want you to put yourself in danger; your Dada would want you safe.”

“Okay.  Are they nice people?  Will they read me a bedtime story?”  Izzy Bell asked.

“Yes, they are nice, and you are going to be on a farm with all kinds of animals.  Now, we have got to get going so we can get there.  Why don’t you lay back down, and I will tell you when we get there, okay?”  Caius asked, hoping she would.

She laid down, so Caius closed the door, got in the driver’s side, and started driving again.  He could hear her in the back crying softly.   About an hour later, he pulled up to the white, two story farmhouse with black shutters.  An older couple walked out onto the porch as they pulled up.

Brad and Louise had been watching for them to arrive.  When they had first been contacted about keeping a child, they were not interested, even though they were offered an astronomical amount of money.  However, when they learned what the poor child was going through, they agreed.

Caius got out of the vehicle, and walked around to get Isabella.  Helping her down, he looked deep into her little eyes.  “Remember, you are now Bree Tanner.”

Nodding her little head, she knew that she needed to be strong.  Caius took her hand, and they walked up to the porch.

“Hello, you must be the Mathers.”  Caius said.  “This is Bree.”

Louise leaned down, and held out her hand.  “Hi, sweetie, I am Louise, and this is Brad.  Would you like a cookie and a glass of milk?”

Bree looked up at Caius, who shook his head yes.  “Yes, please.”  She whispered.

Taking Louise’s hand, they walked into the house.  It was much different than her home.  The furniture looked old and worn. Unlike the shining floors at her house, these were a dull wood.  Louise took her into the kitchen, and, instead of the shining stove and refrigerator, both were a yucky green color, like the sweater that Aro had giving her for Christmas.  Louise pulled out the chair for her, and she sat down.

“I hope you like chocolate chip.”  Louise said.

“I do.”

Louise placed a small plate in front of her with three cookies and a glass of milk.

“Bree, we will try to make you happy.”  Louise promised.

Lizzy Bell looked at the cookies, and tried not to cry.  “Thank you.  I hope we can be friends.”

“I am sure of it.  After you eat, would you like to go take a look around the farm?  We have a new colt this morning.”

“Colt?”  Lizzy Bell asked.

“A baby horse.”  Louise answered.

Lizzy Bell eyes grew large with excitement.  “I love horsies.”

While Louise and Lizzy Bell were in the house.  Caius handed Brad the envelope with the money inside.  “That is 1.5 million dollars.  You agree to never search for any information concerning her family?”

“Yes, but what if she starts asking questions later on?”  Brad asked.

“She knows that her mother is dead, and I just told her that her father was killed.  She has no sisters or brothers.”

“I feel sorry for the child.”  Brad sighed.

“I do, too, but this is the best for her safety.  I must be off; just remember, don’t come looking.”  Caius warned.  He shook Brad’s hand, and walked to the van.  He had purchased two suitcases full of clothes for Isabella. He removed them, and left them at the end of the path.  Getting into the van, he pulled away in a cloud of dust, leaving Isabella behind.  He was now one step closer in getting the rightful heir to the lead the Cullen family.

Chapter 4

“Isabella Marie, I said you can’t take that with you to the dentist.”  Elizabeth exclaimed,  as she tried to get themselves ready to go.

“But, mama, Eddie has a loose tooth.”  Lizzy Bell explained.

“No, it doesn’t.”

“But, mama, I love my Eddie;  he keeps me safe.”  Lizzy Bell cried, clutching the toy lamb that Edward had given her on her first birthday close to her chest.   As soon as she opened it, no other gift, other than her necklace, mattered.   She carried it everywhere, and slept with it every night.   She named it Eddie after Edward.

Elizabeth knew this was a battle she wasn’t going to win.   “Fine,  but we must rush,  we are going to be late.”

“YEAH!”  Lizzy Bell exclaimed, and rushed through the house hugging her Eddie lamb.   When she got outside, it wasn’t the normal guy who went with them,  but Caius.   She didn’t like him because he hung out with Uncle Aro, and she was afraid of him.

“Lizzy Bell, stop running.”  Elizabeth exclaimed as she walked out the door.  She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Caius.  There had to be something wrong if her regular guard wasn’t here.

“What is wrong?”  She asked.

“We have an issue at the docks that required some extra hands.”  Caius explained, hoping he could convince her and she wouldn’t call Carlisle.

“Is Carlisle okay?”

“Yes, he is perfectly fine; just needed to be on site.  I stepped in to assist.”

“Fine.  Lizzy Bell get in the car please.”

“Okay, mama.”  She chirped, opening the door and climbing into the seat,  clutching Eddie Lamb.

Elizabeth got in, and Caius went around, and got in the passenger seat.  He had killed their bodyguard and their driver, replacing him with one of his and Aro’s loyal followers.  Aro had found out that Carlisle was having him followed, and was able to ditch the guy before coming to the docks.

They pulled away from the estate, and headed down the road.   Caius had rigged the locks to engage and the privacy glass to remain up.   Pushing the trigger to the sleeping gas, the back of the limo filled up.

Elizabeth was listening to Lizzy Bell sing to her lamb.  Suddenly a thick, smoke-like fog began to fill the cabin.   She tried to lower the privacy screen,  with no avail.

“Cover.. (cough)… Your… (cough,  cough)… Mouth.”  She told Lizzy Bell.

Lizzy Bell covered her mouth with her lamb, and watched as her mama tried to get the window down.   Her little eyes began to close, and the last thing she saw was her mama reaching out for her.

Caius directed the driver to a turnoff, and they followed the dirt road into a grove of trees.  About a mile later, they pulled up beside a white van that didn’t have any windows.  Caius opened the door, and turned with his gun pulled, and then tapped the driver twice in the head.   Opening the back door, he looked in, and found that both Elizabeth and Isabella were sound asleep.  Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a syringe filled with Methohexital.  He injected it into Isabella’s leg, picked her up, and took her over to the van.  Then, he placed her on the mattress that he had placed inside.

He walked back over to the car, opened the trunk, and took out the body of the child he had stole from the morgue, and placed it on the backseat.  He had already placed the explosive charges under the car. They were just waiting for him to hit the button.  Just as he was getting ready to shut the door, Elizabeth woke up.

Blinking her eyes, she tried to focus on what was happening. When she reached over, her hand landed on the cold, lifeless hand of the child’s body.  Taking her hand back quickly, she took a better look, and knew right away it wasn’t her Lizzy Bell.  Looking up, she saw Caius at the door.

“What have you done with Lizzy Bell?”  Elizabeth said groggily.

“She is no longer going to be a problem for the rightful heir to the family.”  Caius sneered.

“Carlisle will search to the end of the earth for her, and, when he catches you, you will wish for death.”

“That is where you are wrong.  He will think that both of you will be dead.”  Caius said, and slammed the door.

Elizabeth began trying to open the door, or break the glass, but neither was happening.  Searching for her purse, she realized it was gone.  What was going to happen now?  What was happening to Lizzy Bell?

Caius got into the driver’s seat of the van, and took off down the road. When he was clear, he took out the detonator, and set off the bomb.  The limo blew up, and the car was quickly engulfed with flames.

Carlisle and Garrett arrived at the docks and were met by Aro.

“Aro, what the fuck is going on?”  Carlisle barked.

“I came out to check on things, and, as I was walking around, I heard a gunshot.  I rushed to where the sound was, and I found this body on the ground.  I called you right away.”  Aro said, trying to hide his internal happiness.

“Fuck.  Take me to him.”  Carlisle demanded.

Aro took Carlisle, Garrett, and several of the guards to where Angelo’s body was.  What he hadn’t told them that Ben, Elizabeth and Isabella private guard’s body was behind a warehouse two buildings down.  They had killed him, so Caius could get in place to take Isabella and kill Elizabeth.

Carlisle arrived to where Angelo’s body was, and, once again he thought of Esme and little Edward.  As Carlisle’s men continued to look around, his phone began to ring.  Pulling it, he noticed it was the office of Dr. Malloy, Isabella’s dentist.

“Hello.”  Carlisle answered.

“Mr. Cullen, this is Melanie from Dr. Malloy’s office. I was wondering if Mrs. Cullen or you forgot about Isabella’s appointment today.”

“What do you mean?  They left the house to go to the appointment.”  Carlisle stressed.

“They didn’t come in.  Maybe they had car trouble or something.  Just have Mrs. Cullen to reschedule at her earliest convenience.”

“I will.  Thank you for your call.”

Once Melanie hung up, Carlisle immediately dialed Elizabeth’s phone, but didn’t receive an answer.  Next, he called the house; Mrs. Gentry said that they left several hours ago to go to the appointment.  Where were they?

“Garrett, Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell didn’t make it to the dentist, and Elizabeth isn’t answering her phone.”  Carlisle exclaimed.

Garrett could tell his Boss was upset.  Taking out his phone, he began to call Ben to find out what the hell was happening.  Ben was serious about the job he had, but he had a sick sense of humor, and had a ring tone that annoyed Garrett.  Instead of a regular ring tone, he had a farting minion, while other minions laughed.  Garrett had told him several times to remove it, but Ben would only remove it for a day or so, and then put it back on.  As Garrett waited for Ben to pick up, he heard, in the distance, Ben’s phone ringing.  Taking off running, he kept listening the tone. He followed it to the back of a warehouse.

“HOLY MOTHERFUCKING FUCK!!”  Garrett exclaimed, as he looked down at Ben’s dead body.

Carlisle followed Garrett when he took off running, and as he was about to catch up, he heard Garrett yell.  When he rounded the building, his heart stopped.  Ben’s dead body was on the ground, which meant he wasn’t with Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell.  They hadn’t made it to their appointment, their bodyguard was dead, and he couldn’t reach them.  This was not good, he needed to find them, and find them now.

Chapter 3

IC 3

The next two years flew by, and Lizzy Bell grew more beautiful everyday.  She was a precocious child, and acted like someone twice her age.  Carlisle and Elizabeth were both amazed at how intelligent she was, because, at a tender age of three, she had already started reading and her vocabulary grew each day.  However, it wasn’t just the proper words of a young girl she was saying.  No, it was also evident that she had been hanging out with her foul-mouthed father and his friends.

Elizabeth had left her with Carlisle one afternoon while she went to the doctor, and ran some errands.  A few hours later, she returned to find a sight that made her laugh.   Sitting on the floor in the den was Carlisle, Garrett, who was his second in command, and Alistair, the most deadliest hitman in the country, with pink boas around their necks, and tiaras on top of their head.   However, what she saw next shocked her even more, they were watching Lizzy Bell put a gun together.

“Damn, that was even faster than before.”  Garrett said.

“Fuck yeah it was.”  Carlisle agreed.

“Fuck, dad, this is fun.”  Lizzy chimed in.

“CARLISLE!”  Elizabeth yelled.  “What the hell are you doing?”

“Watching Lizzy Bell put a gun together.  Fuck, she is a better than half my men.”  Carlisle boasted.

“You can’t let her play with a gun.”  Elizabeth argued.

“Why not, I made sure it wasn’t loaded.”  Alistair said, and held up a pink and rhinestone purse.   “I’ve got the bullets in here.”

“Mommy, this is fun.”  Lizzy Bell chimed in.

Elizabeth threw up her hands, and walked out of the room,  knowing that she was never going to win this battle.   She had thought about what the future held for her daughter.   Lizzy Bell would be trained to take over the family, and that included learning how to hand a gun,  hand to hand combat,  and, the most disturbing thing,  how to kill.   Deep inside, she wished that Lizzy Bell could have a normal life,  but she knew that was impossible.

Aro and Caius were on the docks behind on the warehouse going over their plans.

“I found a couple in the country who would be willing to the take the girl.  I paid them handsomely. They will keep her as long as we need them to, or not.”  Caius said.

“Why do they think she is being placed with them?”  Aro asked.

“I said that her father is an evil man, who has killed his wife, and wanted to cause harm to the child.”

“But the child is going to be crying for her father.”

“I told them that she has never seen that side of him, but I showed them some pictures of him beating one of the guys who stole that shipment a few months back.  They were shocked by the damage he had caused.  But, when I take her I will tell Isabella that her mother and father were killed by the bad men, and I am taking her to somewhere safe,  but she can never tell anyone her true name, or they will find her.   I have all the documents for her new identity as Bree Tanner.”

“So we are all set?”  Aro questioned.

“Yes.  Elizabeth is taking Isabella to the dentist this afternoon.  I was able to get a body from the morgue that is the same size and age as her.  There will be nothing left but bones after the fire, and there will be enough witness to say they saw both of them in the car right before it went up.”  Caius explained.

Angelo had just finished his paperwork, and was doing his finally check of the docks when he heard voices behind the warehouse.  Quietly, he came closer to hear what they were saying.  When he heard what they were talking about, he became mad as hell, but he needed to see who was planning such a horrendous act.  He moved in closer, but accidentally stepped on a piece of glass, cause a cracking noise.  Stopping his movement, he listened intently to see if they had heard him.

Caius motioned for Aro to remain quiet while he pulled out his gun, and put on the silencer.   Slipping around the back side of the building,  he saw Angelo close to where they had been talking.   Damn,  the fucker had to die.   He took aim, pulled the trigger, sending the bullet speeding through the air and straight through Angelo’s temple.  He immediately fell to the ground.

Aro rushed around the corner, and saw Angelo’s bleeding body on the ground.

“Fuck.  This was something I hadn’t planned.”  Aro groaned.

“Actually, this is perfect.”  Caius said.  “While I am off taking care of Elizabeth and Isabella, you call Carlisle and tell him we have problems on the docks.  He will be here trying to figure out what happen, unaware his entire world is about to change.”

“Damn, that is perfect.”  Aro said, then looked at his watch.  “You better go. Remember, don’t call me unless there is a problem.  I don’t trust my brother; he may be monitoring my phone.”

“Sure thing.” Caius smirked.

Aro pulled out his phone, and dialed Carlisle number.

“Carlisle…we have a serious problem down here!”  Aro screamed.

“What is going on, Aro?”

“I came to the docks to check things out, and I found one of guys gunned down.”  Aro explained, trying to sound worried.

“FUCK!  Have you seen Angelo?”  Carlisle asked, as he was putting on his jacket, and heading out of his office.

“No, but, wait.  Oh fuck, it is Angelo.  Carlisle, Angelo is the guy who is down.”

“Holy hell.  I am on the way.  Keep an eye out, brother, and be careful.”

“Garrett, we got problem down at the docks.  Call in some backup, and tell them to be armed to the teeth.”  Carlisle barked.  Whoever did this was going to suffer and suffer painfully by his hand.  Then, it hit him, Esme and Edward.  He had had to do this just a few times over the years, but never to a family member who had a child.  The family would financially take care of Esme and Edward. He couldn’t help but wonder who was going to be there to be a role model for Edward?

Chapter 2


The next few months were filled with joy and laughter.  Carlisle and Elizabeth were loving and doting parents, however, Carlisle seemed to have some type of special bond with his daughter.  Whenever Carlisle would come home, no matter what time, day or night, Lizzy Bell would immediately wake up, and look around for him.  Carlisle had decided to call Isabella “Lizzy Bell”, because, each time he would say it, she would giggle, which sounded like a bell chiming.  If he had blood on his clothes, he would rush to change clothes, so he could get to her.  As dark and gory the day or night might have been, it took just one smile from Lizzy Bell to erase it all.

One day, he came home early. Elizabeth had Lizzy Bell in her highchair, feeding her some fruit.

“Hello, my girls.”  Carlisle said, laying his case on the counter, and walking over to Lizzy Bell.

“Hi, you are home early?”  Elizabeth questioned.

“Yeah, I just felt like I needed to be here for some reason.”  Carlisle answered, then turned his attention to Lizzy Bell.  “Hello, little one.  Are you enjoying your fruit?”

Lizzy Bell blew bubbles, which were colored like the fruit she was eating, and giggled.  Elizabeth wiped her mouth, and, when she was clean, Carlisle picked her up.  Lizzy Bell placed her chubby little hands on either side of Carlisle’s face, and looked him deep into his eyes.  “Dada.”

Carlisle Cullen might have been the badass Don, and men quaked at his voice, but, once he heard Lizzy Bell say “Dada”, he was overcome with emotions.  “What did you say Lizzy Bell?”

She smiled one of her sweet, adorable smiles, and then placed a sloppy kiss on Carlisle’s cheek.  When she was finished she giggled.  “Dada Dada Dada.”

“Elizabeth has she said this, or anything else before?”  Carlisle questioned.

“No, but it doesn’t surprise me.  She is definitely a daddy’s girl.”  Elizabeth and Carlisle’s relationship was still the same.  He was a caring and supportive husband, but he didn’t love her like a husband loved his wife.  But, Carlisle loved Lizzy Bell with all he had. So many women might be a little jealous of their relationship, but, not Elizabeth, she thought it was beautiful.

A grand first birthday party was held for Lizzy Bell, with all the family invited, along with the wives and children.  Carlisle and Elizabeth meet each family member as they filed into the tent that they had set up to hold all the family.

“Carlisle.”  Angelo Masen said, shaking his Boss’s hand.

“Angelo, so happy see you.  Is this your wife?”  Carlisle asked.   Angelo was the lead man on the docks, where the gun shipments came in.  Carlisle had only heard good things about his work, but, when he took a better look at the woman standing beside him with a little boy holding her hand, his heart stopped.  She had to be the most beautiful woman in the world.  But as much as he was intrigued by her,  he would never break his wedding vows to Elizabeth.

“Yes.  This is Esme, and this is our son, Edward.”  Angelo bragged.

“Welcome to our home.”  Elizabeth said.  “How old is Edward?”

“He is eighteen months.”  Esme said, trying not to look at Carlisle anymore.  She had heard about him, but she was not prepared for how handsome he was, nor how captivating, either.   Her marriage to Angelo had been arranged by her parents.  He was a wonderful man and good provider, but there was no attraction between them.  They had discussed it at length, and they decided to make the best of it for Edward.

“We will have to plan a playdate.”  Elizabeth said.

“Oh, I would love that!”  Esme replied.

Angelo, Esme, and Edward went into the tent, and placed their gift on the table with all the others.  They had gone to Build-a-Bear, where Edward had picked out a white lamb, and then had a yellow ribbon tied around it’s neck.

The party was in full swing, the kids were playing, and the family were enjoying watching Lizzy Bell as all the others seem to follow her wherever she toddled.  It was as if they already knew she was their leader.

Carlisle walked over, and took her little hand.  “Thank you for coming today to celebrate the first birthday of our little girl.”  Carlisle knelt down on one knee, and reached into his pocket.  “Lizzy Bell, you have an infinity birthmark on your arm, but you have an infinite hold on my heart.”  He then took the necklace that he had specially made for her.  On the front was a infinity symbol, but, inside, was a picture of the three of them together, with Isabella Marie Cullen engraved on the other side.   After Carlisle placed it around her little neck, she pulled it out, and looked at the picture.  “Dada, Mama, Lizzie.”  She said, pointing to each.


She closed the front, securing the picture inside, and held it tight in her hand.  “Luv Dada.”

Carlisle swept her up in his arms, and hugged her tight.  “Oh dada loves you Lizzy Bell.”

Aro stood in the back of the tent with a close friend and ally,  Caius Martell.   Over the years, Aro had filled his head with lies concerning Carlisle, and had convinced him to be part of taking over control of the family.

“Have you found someone to take the problem off our hands?”  Aro asked.

“No.   Are you sure you want to keep her alive?   I mean wouldn’t it be simpler just to kill her?”  Caius questioned.

“It might be simpler, but I need her alive, just in case something goes wrong.   Keep looking, and let me know when you have found someone.”

Carlisle looked around the tent, and was extremely proud to be the leader of a such loving, caring group of people.   They might be crooks,  gun runners,  loan sharks, and hitmen,  however, they were loyal to the family.   Then, he saw Aro and Caius in the back; the look on their faces was one of evil.   He couldn’t help but wonder what had he done to his brother to make him hate him like he did.   Glancing away, he saw Victoria sitting with a group of wives,  rubbing her rather prominent belly bump.   Aro had called and gloated that he and Victoria were expecting twin boys.   Then, he proceeded to say that men always made better leaders of the family than women.   He then questioned Carlisle about when he and Elizabeth were going to have more children.

“Aro, it is none of your business when we are going to have more children.   The next leader has been born, and the family will be Isabella’s to rule when she reaches twenty-five.”  Carlisle snapped.   “Brother, you need to remember your place and watch your tone.”

“We will see.”  Aro quipped softly.

Carlisle had a very uneasy feeling about Aro,  so he added a extra guard on Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell, and had Ben to start following Aro and gathering intel on his movements.   He may be his brother, but  that wouldn’t stop him from killing the motherfucker if he tried to harm his family.

Chapter 1

IC 1

Marcus stood by his beautiful wife’s bed, and looked down at the two bundles of joy in her arms.  The love of his life had just blessed him with two healthy boys.  Carlisle Michael and Aromis Charles Cullen came into this world five minutes apart.  Each one was healthy, and had a huge set of lungs.  Carlisle, being the firstborn, would take over the family business at the age of twenty-five, and would have to meet the one condition that had been passed down from Don to Don.  Before the Don of the family reached the age of fifty, he must have an heir to take over the family. If he could not then his sibling’s family would take over.  Yes, Marcus Cullen was, in fact, the Don of the Cullen Crime family of New York.  They had ruled the city for decades, and had fought tooth and nail with every motherfucker who tried to destroy them and take over their turf.

Marcus’s father arranged his marriage to his wife, Renee. He didn’t even see her until he lifted her veil during their wedding ceremony.  However, as soon as he gazed upon her alabaster, smooth skin, dark soulful eyes, and pouty lips, he was head over heels in love.  They honeymooned in Italy, and spent their days getting to know each other, but, at night, they came acquainted with every inch of each other’s body.  When they returned to New York, Marcus took control of the family.  The first few weeks, he spent almost every waking hour fighting some asshole who thought that they could get the best of him.  His father had taught him well, and he was able to show all his enemies that Marcus Cullen was one man you didn’t want to mess with…at all.

Renee didn’t see much of Marcus those first few weeks, but Marcus’s mother had come over, and helped her to understand what was expected of the wife of a Don.

“Momma Cullen, it is a pleasure to see you.”  Renee said, as she met her in the foyer the home she and Marcus shared.   When Marcus and she had returned from their honeymoon, he brought her to this home, and carried her over the threshold.  Then, he handed her a wad of money, and told her to decorate it to her heart’s desire.

“Oh, dear, call me either Momma or Grace, but never Momma Cullen, because that is what I had to call my witch of a mother-in-law.”  Grace giggled.

Renee had to laugh at her comment.  Marcus’s grandmother had come up to her on her wedding day, and told her that her ass looked big in the dress.   “Thank you, Momma.”

“Better.  Let us go have a pot of tea, and talk.”  Grace said, wrapping her arm through Renee’s.

A little while later, and after several cups of tea, Renee had a better understanding of  what was expected of her as the wife of a Mafia Don.  Her number one goal was, always, protect Marcus and their children from outside forces and the cops.  Family First.

Grace also reassured Renee that the Cullen men had a rule that, unlike other men in their position, they held their vows of marriage sacred.  If Marcus was ever found breaking his vows of marriage, he would have to face the elders of the family, and take whatever punishment they put out.

After the birth of their twin boys, Marcus and Renee raised them to be good men, honoring their parents and the family.  Both boys were trained in hand to hand combat, how to shoot a gun, and how to wield a knife, but they knew that Carlisle would be the one that would be taking over for his father.  Carlisle and Aromis, or Aro, as he liked to be called, had a troubled relationship.  Carlisle was a natural born leader, while Aro felt he should be the leader.  Unlike Carlisle, who would take in account the entire situation before acting, Aro was quick tempered, and often leaped before thinking.

The boys grew up, and Carlisle was married to Elizabeth Milini, a girl who was a friend of the family in Italy.  Unlike his father and mother,  Carlisle was able to spent about a month getting to know Elizabeth. Even though he thought she was lovely and sweet, he didn’t love her.  Maybe over time the love would grow, or so he hoped.   Carlisle and Elizabeth’s wedding was lavish, fit for the Don of the Cullen crime family.  After a quick honeymoon, Carlisle was back to work, showing that he was Don Carlisle, and he would take care of the family and their interests at all costs.

Renee had done what her mother-in-law had done, and helped Elizabeth with her responsibilities.  She had lost count how many suits, shirts, and shoes she had to burn during the beginning weeks.  Every time he came home, he had blood somewhere on him.  Elizabeth had fallen for her husband, but she was not naïve enough to know that he didn’t return the feelings.  It was wasn’t cruel, but the look in his eyes told the truth.

Elizabeth became pregnant, and, on a lovely April morning, gave birth to the next leader of the Cullen crime family, Isabella Marie Cullen.  She was perfect in every way and she also had an infinity symbol birthmark on the underside of her left arm.  The look of undying love and devotion shined in Carlisle’s eyes for his daughter.   Once little Isabella was brought home, the whole family was invited to meet her.  Each member came forward, and welcomed her. She smiled and cooed at each one, until her Uncle Aro came forward with his wife, Victoria.  As soon as he looked down on her, she let out a scream that caused a shiver to run down Elizabeth and Carlisle’s body.

“Is it ill?”  Aro sneered.

Carlisle normally overlooked his brother, but he wasn’t going to let him talk about his child like that.  Taking a step forward, and standing tall, he looked at his brother and with a tone that sharp and deadly.  “Aro, she is perfect, and I expect you to remember that she is the next leader of the family. I will not let you disrespect her.  Do I make myself clear?”

Aro smirked.  “Sure.  Victoria let us get out of here, the stink is getting to me.”  Aro grabbed Victoria’s arm, and hurried out of the room and house.  There was no way in hell that Isabella was going to be the next leader; he needed a plan.

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  1. Sher Cullen says:

    awesome chapter. very heart wrenching.


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