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Words to Die By ~ Epilogue

Bishop Bertazzoni was sitting on the sofa in his office, waiting for his new assistant to arrive. His prior assistant, Gina De Luca, quit suddenly, leaving him without someone to handle both his administrative duties and satisfy his carnal needs. He couldn’t wait to… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Epilogue”

Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Justice Finally Served

Edward straightened his tie, then tugged on the cuffs of his starched white shirt before opening the door to the warehouse, where all the families were meeting. Each leader of the family was allowed to bring with them their consigliere and one guard. As… Continue Reading “Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Justice Finally Served”

Words to Die By – Chapter Twenty Two

Ben walked into the villa where Edward and Bella were staying. They had returned after the short honeymoon at Cullenello. The building wasn’t ready for someone to stay long term, so it had been decided when Edward returned to Chicago that he and Angela… Continue Reading “Words to Die By – Chapter Twenty Two”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty One

Oh What a Night Edward had his arm wrapped over Bella’s shoulder as they listened to Charlie tell of the antics that Bella did as a child. Even as a small child, she had been independent and stubborn. With each passing story, Bella would… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty One”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty

Time For a Wedding Who is this woman? Bella thought as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Aurora had brought the dress back to its glory.  Unless someone knew that it had been designed years ago, they would think it had just… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Nineteen

Father of the Bride Edward didn’t say anything. He had thought that it would be safer for Bella to stay in Italy, though he hadn’t made a decision yet.  Bella came beside him with rage pulsating through her body. “When you go back to… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Nineteen”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Eighteen

Who is Renee Dwyer? The first rays of the morning were seeping through the bedroom room. Edward covered his eyes against the piercing light. Moaning softly, he turned to check on Bella. She was sleeping soundly, her mouth opened slightly and her hair in… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Eighteen”

WTDB ~ Chapter Seventeen

Not so hidden Edward and Bella were sitting out on the deck enjoying the evening. They had enjoyed a quiet dinner alone, knowing that the next couple of days would be hectic and they wouldn’t have much time alone, just the two of them. … Continue Reading “WTDB ~ Chapter Seventeen”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Sixteen

After Edward left the church, he couldn’t help but smile. He and Bella were going to get married on Saturday in the church. It did leave a bad taste in his mouth the Bishop was the one marrying them, but it was worth it.… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Sixteen”

Words to Die By ~ Chapter Fifteen

July 19, 2017 – Reveling the Past Edward had been awake for hours. Bella was lying on her side, her naked body calling to him, though he knew she needed to rest. It had been one hell of a night.  After Bella had gotten… Continue Reading “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Fifteen”