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Wish Upon a Snowflake ~ Epilogue

One Year Later The tree was even more glorious than the one from last year with twice as many presents but also special envelopes for the parents of the children. Noelle’s selflessness in giving had spurred a wave of kindness from others as well. … Continue Reading “Wish Upon a Snowflake ~ Epilogue”

Wishing Upon A Snowflake ~ Chapter Four

Wish Granted Bella woke the next morning with a smile. Yesterday had solidified why she had felt compelled to move Noelle to New York.  Yesterday, she had read over Bree’s file and did an assessment. During the assessment, she noticed that Bree wasn’t having… Continue Reading “Wishing Upon A Snowflake ~ Chapter Four”

Wishing Upon a Snowflake ~ Chapter Three

Possibilities and Realizations Edward couldn’t take his eyes off the little girl. He had heard every word of her wish and the word that stuck in his head was lost. He had been so lost for so long, ever since that morning in St.… Continue Reading “Wishing Upon a Snowflake ~ Chapter Three”

Wishing Upon A Snowflake ~ Chapter Two

Snowflake Wishes Noelle jumped out of bed and ran to the window. “It is not snowing,” she cried. How was she going to be able to make her wish if it didn’t snow? After getting dressed, she went to the kitchen to find her… Continue Reading “Wishing Upon A Snowflake ~ Chapter Two”

Wishing Upon a Snowflake

Waiting for Snow When the taxi pulled up in front of the high rise apartment building, Bella paid the driver and opened the door. As she stepped out, taking a look around,she noticed that it was so much different than their home in California.… Continue Reading “Wishing Upon a Snowflake”