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Chapter Four ~ Trust and Obey

Bella and Edward lay entangled in Edward’s playroom bed as time stood still. As a way of getting to know each other, they played a game of twenty questions. It surprised Edward at how many interests the two of them had in common. Damn,… Continue Reading “Chapter Four ~ Trust and Obey”

Chapter Three – Trust and Obey

Chapter Three “Seattle?” she asked in a shaky voice.  “Yes. You know that there is a governing body over both Dominants and submissives included in the club membership. I am the head of that body and was there when we revoked his membership from… Continue Reading “Chapter Three – Trust and Obey”

Chapter two ~ Trust and obey

Emmett had just left to pick up Rose at the airport, while Edward finished the last of his paperwork. He attempted to remain focused on the plans for the new club, while still contemplating his plans to make his brother happy. Pulling up the… Continue Reading “Chapter two ~ Trust and obey”

Trust & Obey

Bella is a twenty-two-year-old college graduate and submissive whose trust in the community has been broken by a cruel Dominant. Her best friend Rose is getting married and she is coerced into attending the two weeks of pre-wedding activities.  Edward is a thirty-eight-year-old billionaire… Continue Reading “Trust & Obey”