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Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Three

Faith For The Future Charlie took cautious steps towards his daughter who had a bewildered look on her face. He could understand why, because she thought they were killed in the fire. They would have been if he hadn’t seen Aro’s plan.  For years… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Three”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Two

When The Nightmare Come True Edward had been awake for a while, just watching Bella sleep. The memories of last night’s activities caused him to smile. All his past sexual encounters were pale in comparison to their lovemaking. His worst nightmare was that no… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Two”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-One

Passion Edward and Bella were excited to continue their evening alone, away from the eyes of the patrons of the restaurant. Seth pulled up to Bella’s house and opened the door once more for the couple. After they emerged from the vehicle, Edward turned… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-One”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty

Texas Sizzle After they both had calmed down, Edward offered her his arm, and they walked towards the car, where Seth was waiting and opened the back door. “Seth,” Bella said. “I thought you only drove things with wings.” “I normally do, but this… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter 19

Edward loved being back home. It had taken him a while to maneuver the stairs, but slow and steady wins the race in the end. He had been texting and calling Bella all day and couldn’t wait till tomorrow to take her out on… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter 19”

Testing Faith – Chapter 18

As the sun began to rise the next morning, Edward awoke a new man. After Bella had left, he had to will his hard dick to calm down. After thinking about everything from baseball to having to tattoo Max’s dick, it finally softens up.… Continue Reading “Testing Faith – Chapter 18”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter 17

Bella and Angela were preparing for their plane landing back in Plano. The last two weeks had been filled with one interview after another with Detective Johnson and her staff. Bella told them everything she remembered about the community, down to the littlest detail. … Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter 17”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter 16

Edward was sick and tired of being in the rehab center. Every day was the same thing, pushing him to accept that he could be the same as before the accident. Yeah, right. He was missing a fucking leg, that was a huge difference.… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter 16”

Testing Faith ~ Chapter 15

Not as it Seems As the sun rose the next morning, Bella stood on the balcony of their hotel room and watched as the massive red ball of fire crested the horizon. This brought back happy memories of when she didn’t know that she… Continue Reading “Testing Faith ~ Chapter 15”

Chapter 14 ~ Testing Faith

“EDWARD!!! HELP ME!!” Jessica cried out, trapped underneath the flaming vehicle. “YOU PROMISED ME!!” Edward tried to move to help Jessica before she got burned, but he couldn’t move. It was like he had a heavyweight was on his legs preventing him from getting… Continue Reading “Chapter 14 ~ Testing Faith”