Teaser for Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous

Who would like a little teaser for Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous? Yes/No? Oh I heard it a HELL YES! So here it is…. (note not Beta’d)

“Maria, I have a wonderful idea, would you mind allowing Esme to come in and do a beginners submissive class for those women who have expressed an interest? That way they will be familiar with the rules and what is expected of them.”
“Do you think she would consider it, caro?”
“I am positive she would. She actually conducts classes at Diamond Knotts once a month.”
“I forget that she is a submissive.” Maria confessed. “Carlisle is such a wonderful man and I can see how much he adores and loves Esme, I guess I don’t think of them that way.”
Bella knew what Maria was alluding too. “Maria, Aro was not a dominant, he was an evil controlling bastard. In a true Dominant/submissive relationship it is not the man who holds the power, but the woman.”
“Yes. I am assuming that you were not aware that I am submissive.” Bella questioned.
Maria eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. She had no idea that the Donna of the family was a submissive. How could that be? “How?” Maria asked.
“I have known I was a submissive for years and actually self-taught myself the rules and mannerisms. Edward was my first and only Dominant.”

Teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous

Here is a teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous.  Please note that is it not beta’d.  Enjoy.

Daniella helped the team getting Aro prepared for transport.  First thing that had to be done, was his mouth was taped shut.  Daniella inserted a ball gag before applying the duct tape over it. They all were getting sick and tired of hearing his moaning and groaning.  Fucker was an annoying shit.  The specially constructed five foot by five foot wooden box was brought into the room.  If he moved in any direction he would be impaled by the metal stakes, which just gave the team a warm happy feeling.  After Aro was placed in the box and the lid was nailed shut, they loaded him on a cart and wheeled out the to van.  Jack was driving the van and made sure to hit every bump and pothole between the hotel and the airport.  Yes he was one evil sucker and he loved it.  He was still full of rage for Aro, he had been the unfortunate one to locate the suitcase and Lisa’s body, so any pain that he knew that Aro was feeling made it just a little sweeter.

Teaser for Chapter 18

I am only posting this here on the blog, because I wanted to thank you for following me.

Let me introduce you to a new person who will be Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous.

Daniella Canalis is on the Coven Team and she is going to be pretending to be a doctor who goes to see Aro, since his dick won’t get hard any more.  She will be introducing the next phase of torture to Aro.  Give me some suggestions of tortures you would like to see Aro get.Daniella

Teaser for Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous

Here is a teaser for Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous.  Please be aware that it has not been Beta’ed yet.

All hope, even the smallest shred, was lost as Elizabeth heard the words Jack delivered to her.  Her knees began buckle and her breathing was becoming labored.  She had anticipated this, she knew just the kind of monster Aro Volturi was, so it was no surprise that this was the result.  But God help her, it was her baby sister.  She did not know if it was true that at the moment of your death you saw your life flash before your eyes, but she knew that her sister’s life was flashing before hers.  Memory upon memory assaulted her.  When her parents first brought her home, helping her mother take care of her, assuming the role of her mother when theirs had died.  Everything that she tried to store as far back in her mind as she could, had escaped and now crippled her completely.  She wasn’t going to survive this, she wanted Lisa back.  She was so lost in her memories she didn’t hear Sean enter the room.  He had come to the townhouse for an update on their operations.