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Madam President – Chapter Five

Football Anyone? The phone beside the bed began its precise ring. Bella rolled over and answered in a rough sleepy voice. “Yes.” “Madam President, it is 5:30,” Victoria advised. “Thank you,” Bella murmured. Opening her eyes, she looked around to see where she was… Continue Reading “Madam President – Chapter Five”

Madam President ~ Chapter Four

Off to the Ball Hours after the meeting between Bella and Edward, she was in her new bedroom. She had been in here many times before, while her father had been President, but this time it was her room, her presidency. It wasn’t just… Continue Reading “Madam President ~ Chapter Four”

Madam President

One plus One Equal Death Bella couldn’t help but stare at Edward. She vividly remembered the day that he had broken her heart,  causing her to seal away her affections, never permitting any other man access to her heart. The memory strengthened her resolve… Continue Reading “Madam President”

Madam President ~ Chapter Two

Chapter Two Protecting His Heart Years of training and the fact he had weeks to prepare mentally for this assignment, this moment, had made it possible for him to look so reserved to see her, even though on the inside, he was a wreck.… Continue Reading “Madam President ~ Chapter Two”

Madam President ~ Chapter One

Hail to the Chief The bitter January winds were howling, as the snow began to come down in earnest. Bella looked out the window from the hotel that she had stayed at last night and wondered who had thought it was a good idea… Continue Reading “Madam President ~ Chapter One”