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Epilogue 65 Years Later Infinity Claims

Edward was standing by the piano looking at the framed photos of their family.  The years after Bella had been found were with reconnecting with her family and renewal of life as a Cullen.  There was not one day that went by that he… Continue Reading “Epilogue 65 Years Later Infinity Claims”

Chapter 25 Infinity Claims

Everything had been planned out and the warehouse had been equipped with everything they needed to make Aro and Caius suffer for their crimes against the family.  Carlisle had been at awe of his daughter and how she seemed to fall into the role… Continue Reading “Chapter 25 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 24 Infinity Claims

Edward and Bella landed and a bulletproof car, with six family members armed heavily met them.  Carlisle was taking nothing for granted now that he got his little girl back.  Garrett and he went through the list of names of the guards and when… Continue Reading “Chapter 24 Infinity Claims”

Special Surprise

A little thank you for those who read my stories from the blog.  On Wednesday at 8am EST, Chapter 24 of Infinity Claims will be posted here only.  On Thursday at 8am EST, Chapter 25 of Infinity Claims will be posted here only.  And… Continue Reading “Special Surprise”

Chapter 23 Infinity Claims

“Caius, where the hell is Carlisle?”  Aro bellowed. “I don’t know.  I tracked his phone and it is at his house.  He took the only car that wasn’t Lojacked.  I tried Esme’s phone and hers is also at the house.” “I don’t like this… Continue Reading “Chapter 23 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 22 Infinity Claims

After Bella’s declaration, the entire room exploded.  Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett were adamant that there was no way in hell that she was going back to New York until Aro was taken out.  Bella argued there was no way in hell she was going… Continue Reading “Chapter 22 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 21 Infinity Claims

Esme wrapped her arms around Edward and hugged him tight.  She hadn’t seen him in over a month and when she does, it was under the security password.  All wives of family members knew the security password.  Each level of family had a different… Continue Reading “Chapter 21 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 20 Infinity Claims

Edward and Emmett talked for a while after Edward hung up with Carlisle.  They talked about whether it would be best to tell Bella now about her past or to wait until Carlisle arrived.  She had seen him on Skype, and didn’t remember him,… Continue Reading “Chapter 20 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 19 Infinity Claims

Emma Rose was on the private jet flying back to Boston.  Not wanting their time to end, Edward was sitting beside her, watching a movie on his iPad as she was working on her book.  She had completed the outline and, with Edward’s help,… Continue Reading “Chapter 19 Infinity Claims”

Chapter 18 Infinity Claims

Edward and Emma Rose spent every waking moment together over the next month.  The first evening Edward carefully asked questions about her family and about why she was in Italy.  She told Edward about her parents and how they instilled in her to live… Continue Reading “Chapter 18 Infinity Claims”