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In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Fourteen

It was just before twelve o’clock when Edward finally arrived at the family’s Cape Charles home. He had only stopped to get something to eat and get gas. The weather in Cape Charles was warm and humid, being located so close to the water.… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Fourteen”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Thirteen

Edward’s mind was racing as he got in the car. Bella received her heart the same day that Maggie donated hers. What were the odds? Slight for sure, but somewhere deep inside, there was something about her that was familiar. Looking at the time,… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Thirteen”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Twelve

Edward spread a blanket on the ground under a large oak tree. Sitting down they looked over the park and just soaked in the ambiance of the view. Since it was a beautiful day, the park was full of families and friends enjoying the… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Twelve”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Eleven

The remainder of the date was beyond perfect. After watching the spectacular sunset, Peter had a small table brought out and their dinner was served. During the meal, their eyes never strayed from each other, and they found every opportunity to physically make contact… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Eleven”

In a Heartbeat – chapter Ten

Bella woke the next morning and touched her lips, as she remembered Edward’s kiss. Never had she felt or tasted anything like it and she wanted to do again. Getting up, she looked at her phone and noticed she had a text from a… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat – chapter Ten”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Nine

Bella snapped out of her trance when she heard Esme’s voice. Opening her eyes, she saw that Edward had moved back, leaving her to feel that the almost kiss could have been a huge mistake. She was not worldly when it came to men.… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Nine”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Eight

Esme was shocked to see Edward kissing Bella’s hand, but was also extremely excited. She had been so worried about him over the years. The death of Maggie had been rough on him, taking away all the light from his eyes, except when he… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Eight”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Seven

Edward continued to stare at the dark-haired beauty, but, as she began to turn his way, he ducked behind the wall. What was happening that caused him to become entranced by a total stranger? He was here to see if his daughter was still… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Seven”

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Six

“Kate, remember the pique at the end of the routine,” Bella instructed. “Okay, Mademoiselle Swan,” Kate said, and as she came up on her toe, she turned slowly and awkwardly on her five-year-old little leg. Bella smiled and clapped. “That was wonderful, Kate; great… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Six”

In a Heartbeat – Chapter Five

Edward and Carlisle came in from their reunion in the backyard. They had talked and allowed all the pain that Edward had carried over the years out. Carlisle knew he had failed as a father, but he hoped that this was the beginning of… Continue Reading “In a Heartbeat – Chapter Five”