Category: From the Heart Recommendation

04/11/2020 Recommendation

I just started reading this story and wanted to share. As much as I love a Edward and Bella together, I also love to see her with our characters. Perfect For Me by mama4dukes Sunday morning… erm, Sunday afternoon… Jasper’s eyes popped open as a sharp,… Continue Reading “04/11/2020 Recommendation”

04/04/2020 Recommendation

Today’s recommendation is Man of Omerta. I love mafia stories, no I adore mafia stories. This one has a wonderful twist of being set in the 1960’s. Go check it out. Man of Omerta by AgoodWITCH Silence. Honor. Humility.  This was the world as I knew… Continue Reading “04/04/2020 Recommendation”

4/2/2020 Recommendation

From my Heart Recommendation is Caledonia by WeeKittyAndTAT. Damn these girls and write a great story. I am loving every word and can’t wait to see where they take us on this wonderful ride. Edward moves back to Seattle after working under his father’s… Continue Reading “4/2/2020 Recommendation”

Story Recommendation 3/31/2020

My new addition to my website is story, possible stories recommendations. If this is something that you would like to see to continue, post me a comment. Now to the recommendation. A Single Step by Tufano79 Summary: Isabella Biers had it all. A loving… Continue Reading “Story Recommendation 3/31/2020”