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Defiance Chapter 23 – Deleting the Past, Planning the Future

Edward led the way to the basement, preparing himself for the task at hand.  As much as he wanted to just to walk in the room and put a bullet between Carlisle’s eyes so he could get back to Bella so they could start… Continue Reading “Defiance Chapter 23 – Deleting the Past, Planning the Future”

Defiance Chapter 22 Blood Payment

Edward’s loyal men were prepared to start their siege on Carlisle’s estate.  They were waiting for the final go-ahead from their inside man that he was close to Bella and could protect her during their advancement.  Edward had called JB, but he didn’t answer,… Continue Reading “Defiance Chapter 22 Blood Payment”

Chapter 21 – All Hell is Breaking Loose

Bella was wide awake and mad as hell.  She had tried for hours to get out of the ropes around her wrists.  Every time she heard someone turning the doorknob, she would close her eyes and pretended to be asleep.  Each time, she thought… Continue Reading “Chapter 21 – All Hell is Breaking Loose”

Blood is Not Always Thicker

Charlie couldn’t believe the man before him was the same young man that he considered his own flesh and blood.  When he thought Tony had died in the house fire, it affected him profoundly.   He never let Bella see how much he grieved over… Continue Reading “Blood is Not Always Thicker”

Chapter 19 – Past Collides with the Future

Edward was in his car, pushing it to its mechanical limits to get to Jasper’s as soon as possible.  All the plans have been thrown out the window when Carlisle kidnapped Bella.  They needed to move up every timeline, and it had to be… Continue Reading “Chapter 19 – Past Collides with the Future”

Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream

  Carlisle was pacing his office.  He had a funny feeling that something was up with Edward.  There was something about the conversation about Isabella that didn’t seem right.  Everyone he talked to said that she was terrific in bed, so why was Edward… Continue Reading “Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream”

Chapter 17 – Preparing for Battle

Edward hated leaving Bella, but this had to be done.  He called Jasper, who had set up a meeting with Benjamin at a diner on the outskirts of town.  They needed Benjamin to get Esme out of the house, which was going to be… Continue Reading “Chapter 17 – Preparing for Battle”

Defiance Chapter 16 – Shakedown, Breakdown, Takedown

Warmth, security, love, was bombarding Bella senses.  She had not felt anything like this in a very long time.  When she moved her hand, she felt a hard chest, with a patch of hair.  At first she was shocked, because she never spent the… Continue Reading “Defiance Chapter 16 – Shakedown, Breakdown, Takedown”

Chapter 15 Finding Their Way Back to Each Other

Taking her finger she outlined the tattoo over his heart.  He had not forgotten her; he was here and alive.   “When did you get this?” “As soon as I could do it without Carlisle’s knowing about it.  He kept a very close eye on… Continue Reading “Chapter 15 Finding Their Way Back to Each Other”

Chapter 14 Ripping off the Bandaid

Edward laid on the cold, asphalt road, trying to catch his breath.  He never expected her to be able to hit so hard.  Looking up at her with tear-filled eyes, because her hit to his nose may not have broken it, but it did… Continue Reading “Chapter 14 Ripping off the Bandaid”