Chapter 5 Mother of Blood Dragons

The travelers continued their journey; over the next two days, they had made their way to a wide open valley between two mountain ranges.  Angelica kept them amused with stories that Harry had told her.  On the second evening, as they as  sat around the fire, they were blessed with the appearance of Harry.  He flew in and sat beside Angelica on the log.  Bella couldn’t help but laugh because the bird did, indeed, look hairy.

Harry chirped loudly, flapping his wings, and bobbing his head.  Angelica listened intently to Harry, and, when he finally stopped, she turned to the group.

“It seems that we will run into two new friends soon.  They are close, and we should meet them tomorrow.”

“You don’t know them?”  Jasper asked, concerned about Bella’s safety.

“No, but Harry says they are fine.  They are a brother and sister, and they seemed to have a power that allows them to shift into animals.”

“What do they shift into?”  Rose asked.

Angelica turned to Harry and chirped.  Harry flapped his wings, and began to sing.  Once he stopped, Angelica stroked his feathered head.

“He doesn’t know, but all the other birds that hang out around the caves say that they are nice and very protective of all animals.”

“Bella, I am not sure if this is a good idea.  I have read in the ancient scrolls that shape shifters are sometimes very dangerous.”  Rose exclaimed.  “I know we have Alice, Alec, and Angelica, but what if they shift into something from which we can’t defend you?”

Bella understood what Rose was saying, but she also knew that they might run into dangers on the quest.  After all, they were traveling into a world they knew very little about; however, as much as the unknown dangers lurked out there, she knew she must go on and fulfill the prophecy.  “Rose, Jasper, we must go on.  I have faith in your abilities to watch out for me.”

“We will protect you with our very lives.”  Jasper proclaimed.

“This I know.  Please, let us get some rest; I have a feeling tomorrow is going to bring some great surprises.”  Bella proposed.

The party bedded down for the night, with Jasper taking the first watch.  As Bella fell asleep, her dreams were filled with the vision of a tall man with flaming red eyes, but a kind heart.  His every thought, every action were filled with ways to make her happy and to know she was loved.  All too soon, it was morning, and, after doing their morning routines, they were back on the trail.

The trail went through a lush green forest, and, as they started their ascent, Bella was amazed by how the trees seemed to be untouched from the destruction they had seen in other parts of the world they had seen.  Looking up toward their tops, she could only imagine how old they might be.

“Lovely, aren’t they?”  Angelica asked.

“Oh my, yes.  I couldn’t even guess that the world had been torn apart by looking at these beautiful trees.”  Bella exclaimed, as she touched the bark on each one of them.

Angelica walked over to Bella and placed her hand on top of Bella’s.  “Do you feel the life force pulsing through them?”

“Not that I can tell.”

“Open your mind, and let your hand be the only thought in your head.”  She explained.

Bella stopped, cleared her mind, and only thought about her hand; a few moments later, she felt the swoosh of the life of the tree.  “I feel it!”  Bella exclaimed.

“Every living thing in this world has a life force, and, if you truly try to listen, you can feel the force.”

Bella smiled as she thought about what Angelica said.  She had been worried that the world was only filled with death and merciless beings, but she had been so wrong.  If everything worked out like the prophecy had predicted, she would love ruling over this world.

Toward midday, they had crossed over the mountain, and they were, once again, in a great valley.  Unlike the structures that they had run across before, which had been badly damaged by the destructive force of what the humans had caused, this area seemed untouched.  Ahead, there was a tall stone structure with a few small windows on the side, but, on the top there were three tall arched windows.  Jasper looked around the structure and found a door.  He pushed it open. Taking a torch from his pack, he lit it, and found that there was a staircase that led to the top of the building.  Feeling sure there was no danger, he walked out to the group.

“It is safe to come inside.”  He announced.

Rose pulled out a torch of her own, and lit it. The group walked in and began to look around.  Over in the far corner was a glass box.  Inside was a book opened to a page about woman named Belle Brown Northcott, whom the structure honored.

“Who do you think she was?”  Alice asked, as she read the page.

Unfortunately, over time, the page, even though it had been encased in the glass box for protection, had deteriorated to the point where only a few words remained visible.

In the other corner was a large box made of wood, with black and white slender and smooth tiles laying across the front of it.  Curious about what it was, Bella placed her finger on one of the tiles, and pressed down. When she did, she heard a bell ring above her head.

Jasper looked up, and wanted to investigate how that happened, so, he began his ascent up the stairs, with the rest of the group following behind him.  When they got to the top of the stairs, they were amazed to find that the room was full of metal bells, in all different sizes.  There were cables attached to them, which went all the way down to the lower floor.

“What do you make of this?”  Jasper asked, pointing to the cables.

“I don’t know, but they seemed to be attached to the box on the lower floor, and they seem to assist with the ringing of the bells.”  Angelica answered.

“Wow, look at the view from here!”  Bella exclaimed.

As the group looked out the windows, they were amazed at, not only how far they could see, but also how beautiful the mountains and valleys were.  The sun was getting low in the sky, and it cast an orange glow against the mountain range.  After a few moments of enjoying the view, Bella moved to the window in the back, and looked out.  It was a view of an old building, with a stone sign.  It was too far to read, but movement to right caught her eye.  Looking toward the movement, she saw a large, brown bear walking on all fours. Beside him was a large, white horse, with a long white mane and long powerful legs.

Rose came over beside Bella. As she looked to where Bella was looking, she saw the strikingly beautiful creature.  It was nothing like anything she had ever seen, and, for some reason, she wanted to get closer.

“Rose, are you okay?”  Bella questioned.

“It’s breathtaking beautiful.”  Rose marvelled.  Something was pulling her toward the striking white horse.

“What is, Rose?”

“The white horse.  It is marvelous.”

Bella wondered what was going on with Rose, because, as long as she had known her, she had never acted this way.  The rest of the group came over to see what was going on, and, as Angelica looked out, she saw the bear and horse.

“Those must be who Harry was talking about.  Come, let us go say hello.”  Angelica proclaimed, then turned and started walking down the stairs.

“Bella, I want you to stand behind Rose and me.  Alice, dear, please stay beside Bella and, Alec, flank the other side of the Bella.”  Jasper instructed.  “If something dangerous happens, Bella, you need to stay as far away from the fighting as possible.”

“Jasper, I can fight.  I have been trained.”  Bella said.

“I know, but we don’t know how strong they are, or if they have any types of magic.  Until we know for sure, I must insist that you stay back.”

“Fine.”  Bella huffed.  She understood what Jasper was saying, but she wasn’t some fragile vase that would break easily.  She had been very diligent with her instructions on hand to hand combat as well as how to use her bow and arrows.

The group proceeded down the stairs, and out of the building where Angelica was waiting for them.  “Don’t be afraid, I have a feeling that great things are about to happen.”  She said.

Jasper, Rose, and Angelica took their position in front, while Alice, Bella, and Alec were in the back.

The large brown bear and the tall white horse made their way toward the group.  They had heard one of the bells ring. When they went outside of the cave, and changed into their animal form, they could smell and sense other beings in the area.

Emmett and his twin sister, Evelyn, were the last survivors of their race.   When mankind destroyed the earth,  they also caused a small insect to mutate.  This newly mutated insect attacked their race, which caused their skin to fall off, and their blood to thicken.   Emmett and Evelyn’s parents parents had sent them deep into the cavern, and made them promise not to come out until the end of the winter.   They felt that the bitter cold would kill off the insects.   The insects did die, but not until they had killed off the entire race, save for Emmett and Evelyn.

Emmett and Evelyn had been careful about who they interacted with,  always siding on the side of caution, but, today, they both felt something special was about to happen.

As Rose walked toward the two animals,  she couldn’t take her eyes off of the white horse.   Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure that it would soon jump from her chest and run across the field.

Emmett and Evelyn came near the group and stopped,  hoping that they were friendly.

When they were only a few feet away from each other,  Jasper spoke for the group.

“Greetings,  we have come in peace.   We are on a journey, and just so happened upon your land.  I am Jasper,  this my sister Rose, and our friend, Angelica.   Behind us is my mate, Alice, and our friend, Isabella.”

Emmett looked at Evelyn and nodded,  letting her know that he was going to change into human form.   He closed his eyes, and willed himself to change.   Soon, he was no longer covered in brown fur and walking on all fours,  but standing tall with large, muscular arms and chest.  Once he had changed, he once again looked at the group. When his eyes meet Angelica, he knew that she was the one that was made by the gods just for him.  Never taking his eyes off her, he moved slowly toward her, and, when he was directly in front of her, he brought a hand up, and touched the side of her jaw.

Angelica couldn’t believed that she had found her mate.  All this time she was only a few days away from him, yet she lived alone, hoping for a mate.  When he placed his hand on her face, she felt a warmth pulse through every cell in the body.  She closed her eyes, tilted her face into his hand, and, suddenly, she felt a burst of energy. Her dress tore in the back as a pair of majestic wings sprang forth from her body.

“Oh my!”  Bella exclaimed.  She was so shocked to see a pair of wings appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Angelica stretched the wings out as far as they could go, and moved them up and down.  As she did, she began to lift off the ground.  She quit moving the wings, and floated back down back in front of Emmett, then wrapped her wings around herself and Emmett, making a cocoon of feathers.  Once they were enclosed, Emmett leaned in, and brushed his lips across hers.

“My angel.”  He whispered.

“My protector.”  She replied.

Chapter 4 of Mother of the Blood Dragons

Alice took them to her private chamber high above the village.  It had large stone columns, and overlooked the village.  A soft purple/pink fog wrapped around the village, giving it a mystical feel.  She had several trays of fruits and vegetables as well as several bottles of water brought to the room.  Each of the villagers were flanked by some form of cat, which had been matched with them when they were young, and they loved and cared for it until its maturity.  Their bond was unbreakable, and, if by some chance, one or the other should pass away, they would never find another, and would live out the rest of their lives alone.

Warrior Alice 2

Bella and Rose sat down.  Rose picked up the first piece of food; it was hard, round, and red.

“That is an apple.”  Alice explained.  “Bite into it.”

Rose took a small bite, and was happily surprised by the taste.  “This is good.”  She handed one over to Bella, who also enjoyed the apple.  Other pieces of food were explained.  Soon, Rose, Bella, and Jasper found that they enjoyed the new food.

“I am really surprised that this the first time you have been out of your home world.”  Alice commented.

“We have always been watchers, using the magic stones to see past our world’s walls.  Seeing what man did to the earth was very disheartening; we were not surprised when his demise happened.  But, we were not able to see other beings like ourselves.  Are there many?”  Bella asked.

“Yes.  We have come across several over the years. Most are only trying to rebuild the planet, now that men are no longer the rulers of it.  But, unfortunately, there is a race of beings who think they should be the ones who should governing all the races.  They are a cruel race, worse than man when it comes to preserving life.”  Alice explained.

“What are they?”  Bella asked.

“They are called Vampires.  They survive on the blood of humans.  From what I have heard, they can live off animal blood, but they don’t like to drink it.”

Bella’s heart dropped.  Her mate was part of the cruelest race on the planet.

“Bella, are you okay?”  Alice asked, when she saw all the color disappear from her face.

“Everyone, please excuse me.”  Bella said, as she stood and walked away.  Finding some stairs, she walked down to the bottom, which was near the water, and looked out across the rippling tides.  The sun was casting an orange and yellow glow across the tides.  The sky was crystal blue, with white puffy clouds that seemed to be dancing across the horizon.

Premade Columns Background

Her mate was considered to be part of the cruelest species on the planet.  How could she give her whole self to someone like this?  She had dreamed that her mate was kind and loving, and they could spend the rest of eternity together, but now she knew that was not going to be the case.  She would find him, and bring him back to her home, where she would fulfill the prophecy.  Once she was able to get the dragon egg to hatch, she would tell her mate he could go back to his kind, and not have to suffer with the likes of her.  She would hatch her dragon, love it, care for it, and raise it herself.  When it came time to for her to take her position over the world, she would do so alone.  Wiping a lone tear, she whispered goodbye to her dream. As she walked back up the stairs, she was met by Rose.

“Are you okay?”  Rose asked.

“Yeah, it’s just hard learning about my mate.”

“I am sure it is.  But, Bella, you are such a wonderful person; don’t you think your mate would be like you?  Maybe he will surprise you, and be everything you hoped for; don’t dwell on the negative.”

Bella threw her arms around Rose, and gave her a tight hug.  “Thanks for always being my friend, first, and my protector, second.” Bella looked up toward where Alice and Jasper were sitting.  “What do you make of Alice?”

“She is as she seems.  I think you can trust her.”

“All right, I need to tell her about our quest, and, hopefully, she will have some more insight on the Vampires.”

Bella and Rose walked back to where Alice and Jasper was sitting.  “I am sorry about that,”  Bella said.  “I need to tell you about the reason why we are out in the world.”

“Bella, only tell me what you feel comfortable in telling.”  Alice implored.

Bella began at the beginning, and, by the time she reached the part where she was mated with a vampire, Alice’s expression was that of shock and awe.  “Oh, Bella I really don’t know what to say.  I have only seen such vile things from the Vampire race, but, somewhere deep inside, I feel that your mate will be the exception.  I would love to be able to come with you on your quest.”

“Thank you, Alice, for you kind words. I would be honored to have you come with us.  I think I understand how hard it would be for Jasper not for you to be close.”

“That is true, but I also have a deep need to help.” Alice said, then turned her head toward her panther, and, after a moment, stroked his head lovingly.  “Strike that, we would like to help.”

Bella looked at the large cat; as she did, he nodded his head.  “Thank you, Alex, I will be honored to have you as a companion on my quest.  But, I don’t want to put you in danger, since I am looking for a Vampire.”

Alice giggled.  “Oh, Bella, Vampires don’t like our blood.  A few hundred years ago a vampire happened upon one of our kind and his cat.  He attacked and began to drink, but quickly stopped, spitting out the blood.  Actually, the story goes that the vampire had to lick a tree to get the taste off his tongue.”

“Oh my!”  Bella said, trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, so we would not be in danger; I am sure that the vampires remember not to attack us.”

“Then, I would love having you.”  Bella admitted.

They spent the rest of the day talking, and getting to know each other.  Alice offered her bed to sleep in, as well as an extra guard for her protection.  Bella accepted her kindness, and appreciated a soft bed for the night.  She took off her cloak and her clothes, leaving just her sheth to sleep in.  Laying down on the bed, she closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.  She began to dream of a grove of flowers that blanketed every inch of the ground; the sky was a lovely shade of blue with puff clouds, and the rays of the sun reached through the trees, and cast a shimmering glow on the petals of the flowers.

“Believe in the good of your mate.”  A voice said across the grove in the trees.  “All will not be as it seems.”

“What do you mean?”  Bella asked, wondering who was talking to her.

“Just keep an open heart.”  The voice said again.  Then, suddenly, the grove of bright colored flowers turned black, and an eerie fog surrounded the grove.  “This is what happens when you don’t.”

Bella woke up, and shook her head.  Had it been just a dream, or had it been a premonition of events to come?

Rose had been watching over her as she slept, and she saw that Bella had been having some type of dream, because she was mumbling in her sleep.  After hearing that Bella’s mate was part of the most feared race on the earth, Rose’s heart broke for Bella.  Bella’s soul was the purest in all of the world, and she was filled with love and compassion and how could the gods be so cruel to make her mate so full of evil.  She had never had the pull of the mating before, and hoped that, one day soon, she would find her mate.

“Rose, are you okay?”  Bella asked, as she sat up, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“Yes.  How are you?”

“I am still tired.”  Bella groaned.  “I feel like I haven’t even sleep any at all.”

Rose walked over, and sat down at the edge of Bella’s bed.  “Bad dreams?”

“Not really, just confusing ones.”

“Do you want to talk about them?”  Rose asked.

“Not now.  I am trying to make sense of them, and then I will talk about them.”

“I am here when you want to talk.”

“I know.  Now, let’s get up and get on our way.  I need to go outside, and see what direction we need to head.”  Bella said before getting up, and gathering her clothes.

“Once you are ready, we will go find Jasper and Alice, and get on our way.”

Bella quickly dressed, and made sure she had all her possessions, then, she walked over to where Rose was standing.  They walked out of the door, and were met by two guards, who had been on duty all night.  They directed them down to where Alice was sitting on a bench, while Jasper was sitting beside her with his arm wrapped around her.  The smile of their faces shined brightly; their love for each other was very evident.

Jasper looked up, and saw his goddess, and his sister. Standing up, he bowed his head in a sign of respect.  “Bella,  I hope you slept well.”

Bella didn’t want to bring everyone down with the fact she hadn’t slept well; her secret would be safe with Rose.  “I slept fine.  We really need to get going.”

“Certainly.  We are ready.”  Jasper said, reaching out, and offering his hand to Alice.  Once helping her to her feet, they collected their bags and weapons, and headed out.

Once Bella was outside, she stopped, and checked the compass.  It pointed south, which would take them across the mountains.  Jasper and Alice took the lead, with Bella in the middle, and then Rose and Alec in the rear.  The terrain was easier than the city they came across, this was mostly lush, green grass, tall trees, and rolling hills.

They were able to travel several miles with the trees cleared and the sun’s rays beaming down onto the large, grassy meadow before them.   Across the field, a figure stepped from the distant tree line. The closer it came, they realized that it was a woman.  She was dressed in a golden, flowy gown and on her head was a gold crown with blue feathers attached to it.  As she made her way across the field, she was flanked with two large pink birds, who had long, spindle-like legs, and, there were many different types of birds flying around her, fluttering around her in an almost protective manner.  As she drew near, the birds dissipated, yet remained in close proximity.

“Greetings travelers.”  She said in a voice, not unlike the birds’ chirps.

“Greetings.”  Bella answered back.  She was in awe of how the birds seemed so in sync with her every moment.

“My name is Angelica, Guardian of all Winged Animals on the earth.  It is my great pleasure to meet you, Isabella, Goddess and Mother of the Blood Dragons, and, of course, your guards, Jasper and Rosalie.  Alice and Alec, I have heard so much about you; it such a pleasure to finally meet you face to face.”

Mother Angel copy 2

Bella looked around at her party, and was so totally confused how this woman knew each of their names, and how she knew that she was the Mother of the Blood Dragon.

“Oh, I am so sorry.”  Angelica giggled.  “I can see by your faces you are confused as to how I know each of you.”

“Yes.”  Bella admitted.

“Oh, that is easy, a little bird total me all about each one of you. I am so excited to meet you, and can’t wait to join and help you on your quest.”

“A bird?”  Alice asked.

“Yes, he is a very nosey sort.  Loves to gossip about everything and everyone on the earth.”  She snorted.

“Does your bird have a name?”  Jasper asked.

“Harry.  I know it is strange to have a bird named Harry, but, once you see him you will understand; he has so many feathers that he looks hairy.”

Bella giggled, thinking about a hairy bird.  This world had lots of surprises, and she couldn’t wait to see what else was out there.


Several miles away, on top of a hill, stood a lone traveler.  His clothes covered all his body, and most of his face, only allowing his bright red eyes uncovered.  He had been watching the party of three as they left the great fallen city, and had made friends along the way.  He didn’t know why, but, deep inside, he felt a pull toward someone in the party, but he was not ready to make his presence known.  So, he would watch from a distance.

Covered Edward copy

Chapter 3 of The Mother of the Blood Dragons

AN:     Now we know what happen to mankind.  Let’s just see who Bella, Rose, and Jasper run into along their journey.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.



Before leaving the library, each one of them selected a book to take along on the journey.  Jasper found a book on the history of ancient Greece, when man believed in gods and goddess.  He was intrigued, and wanted to spend more time reading about it.  Bella took a book on the supernatural and fantasy world.  She was curious about what man considered to be fact, or pure fiction in their minds.  Rose found a book on potions and spells.  She had always dabbled with special plants and herbs.

Filling their containers with water, they headed back on their journey.  They were fascinated by the structures and statues that were throughout the town.  There was a statue of a man sitting in a chair.  Above him was some writing, but part of it must have been damaged during the bombing.   The only part was still readable read “IN THIS TEMPLE, AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED,”, then, there was a big chunk of stone missing, and then these last few words, “IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.”  Bella wondered “what has this man done to receive such an honor?”. From what she could tell, he had a face of someone who would have had a caring heart.  Maybe there was some good in man.

They continued walking, then they came up a field of statues of men.  All of them were wearing a dome type cap and a cloak, all made of metal.  They were carrying some type of weapon.  Were they the men who were sent to kill the virus?

The next thing they saw was a long, black stone wall with many names written on it.  Was this a list of the survivors of the virus, or did it have another meaning?

Bella took out her compass, and checked to make sure they were going in the right direction, before they began their hike through the stone city, and toward the green mountains.

“How did they grow their food when there is so little dirt?”  Rose asked.

“I was wondering the same thing.”  Jasper said.

As they walked, Jasper and Rose both kept a close eye out for any dangers, but they had not seen any living creature, except for a four legged animal with small pink eyes, a long nose, and a long, hairless tail.  It was one of the ugliest animals they had ever seen.  This creature was carrying its young on its back.   Finally, they got out of the the stone city and onto grass and dirt, where they made camp for the night.  Finding some wood, they built a fire and cooked a pan of grain and water, making musch, a simple meal of their people.  Rose was going to take first watch, so Jasper laid down on the soft, green grass, and drifted off to sleep.  He dreamed of a woman with jet black hair and bright golden eyes, who came walking out of a mist calling his name.  He walked toward her; however, when he got close to touching her, she disappeared, and, in her place, was a very large black cat.

As Jasper slept, Bella took a few minutes to look through the book she brought by the fire.  It spoke of man’s quest to find out if supernatural world did, in fact, exist, or was it merely only a fantasy cooked up by someone called the movie industry.  The first chapter was on people who read other people’s minds or the minds of other creatures.  It spoke of an ancient group of people who were direct descendants of large mammals, and said that their thoughts were connected.  They were called the Protectors of the Forest.

The person who had written the book had taken the stance that the supernatural world did exist, and that it hid in plain sight; supernatural creatures walked along man, but they were disguised to man’s narrow-minded eyes.  Bella knew that many of the supernatural creatures did exist, but was sure that she had no idea of the different kinds, and hoped, on their journey, to run into more, and get to know more about them.  Closing the book, and putting it back into her bag, she laid down, and closed her eyes.  Her dreams were filled of blood red eyes, but, within the dark red irises, was a shimmer of hope.

Rose watched out for any potential dangers, but was blessed with relative silence, with only a large bird in a nearby tree, calling out with what sounded like “hoo, hoo”.  In-between surveying the area, she watch the bird, and she could have sworn that it could turn its head all the way around.  She wished now that she had taken a book about birds, because she really wanted to know more about them.  Soon, she woke Jasper, who took her place as guard.

“Did you see or hear anything?”  He asked.

“Nothing to cause alarm.  There is a strange bird up in the tree, but it is not dangerous, just different.  I will see you at first light.”  Rose said, then made her way back to camp to sleep near Bella.

The next morning, after eating their meal, they continued the journey.  Several hours later, they crossed a small stream; as they began to ascend up a hill, a large black cat jumped from a tree into their path.

Rose pulled her sword as Jasper raised his spear, but, a few moments later, he lowered it.

“JASPER!”  Rose yelled.  “What are you doing?”

“He is not going to hurt us.”  Jasper stated.  “He wants us to follow him.”

“What do you mean?”  Bella asked.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “I know this is going to sound strange, but I can hear him talking in my head.”

“Are you sure it is safe?”  Rose questioned, wanting to protect Bella at all cost.

Jasper turned back to the cat.  “We promise no harm will come to you as long as we are safe.”

What the cat did next surprised both Rose and Bella.  It nodded its head.  “See, I told you.”  Jasper gushed.

“All right, let’s follow it.”  Bella said, curious as to what they might find.

The large cat took the lead up the hill, his long, strong legs having no trouble up the steep incline.  When it reached the top of the hill, it stopped and waited for Bella, Rose, and Jasper to join him.

“Jasper, this is strange.”  Rose said as they walked up the hill.

“I know, but I also dreamt of this cat.  I am getting this weird feeling that, wherever it takes us, I will be changed forever.”

They continued to follow the cat, which lead them through a dense grove of trees, whose branches hung down like lifeless arms, which swayed in the breeze.  Once through the trees, they were transported to a beautiful world.  There were tall, magical looking stone buildings, with large arched windows, lush green trees and bushes, and, in the distance, there was a crystal blue waterfall.  And, unlike the foul air that they had been smelling, the air was like sweet blossoms.

Looking ahead, the black cat was meet by other cats, some black, white, stripped and golden brown.  Each cat had a person beside them stroking their fur.  Then, a woman stepped forward; she had jet black hair and golden eyes.  She looked intently at Jasper, and then, she flared her nostrils, smelling the air.

Jasper was shocked to see the woman he had seen in his dreams, but, more than that, he could hear her talking, even though she hadn’t moved her lips.

“I have been waiting for you for so long.”  She said. Jasper went to open his mouth, but she shook her head.  “Just use your mind.”

“How are you doing this?”

“I can only talk like this to two beings: one is my faithful partner, Alex.” She said as she stroked the cat that had led them here’s head.  “And, the other is my mate.  Jasper, do you feel the pull?”


“That is the pull of mates.  You are the other half of my soul, and the only one that can make me finally complete.”

“Jasper, what is going on?” Bella implored, worried by the fact that he had not said a word, but looked as if he was communicating with the woman.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “This is my mate.”


“Hello.  My name is Alice, and I am the leader of the Guardians.  We are the protectors of the forest and all those who live in it.”

“Hello.  My name is Bella, and this is my guard Rose; I believe you have already met Jasper.”  Bella explained.

“Welcome.  What brings you on this journey?”  Alice asked.

Bella looked at Jasper, and he gave her a small nod.  He knew that his mate wouldn’t do anything bad to them.

“I am on a quest to find my mate.”  Bella answered.  It was the truth, but it didn’t divulge all the information about herself, or her mate.

Alice could see there was something more, but knew that she would have gain Bella’s trust before she would find out.  She knew that her mate would only guard someone who was a good person.  “Why don’t we have something to eat, and I will tell you more about my people.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.”  Jasper declared, walking closer to Alice, and then reached up, and stroked her cheek tenderly.  She laid her face in his large, firm hand, and then did something very unique to the Guardian people.  It was something that was only done in the presence of one’s mate…she purred.

Chapter 2 of The Mother of the Blood Dragons

Bella left the Great Hall with Jasper and Rosalie watching out for any dangers.  Before they left their home, she needed to dress in something that would allow her to traverse through whatever they came upon.  She would also be wearing a hooded cloak, because her crown could never leave her head and she didn’t want to draw too much attention.  Once in her traveling clothes, which consisted of leg coverings, a leather and suede dress, which had been made to protect her from the weather, and knee high boots, she picked up her bag, and ensured she had what she thought would be needed.

She had a small provision of food and water, but, most important, was her blood compass.  It was a magical compass that used a drop of her blood to point the way to her mate.  She couldn’t place her blood into the compass until they were out of the secret barrier of their home.  The special field that surrounded their home allowed them to look out, but others couldn’t see in.  If anyone, or thing, got close, it would appear to be a stone mountain, nothing more.  It had kept them protected since the beginning of time.

Looking around her room one last time, she let one lone tear flow down her cheek.  She was scared that she would fail, and the future of their race would be in jeopardy.  Only a handful of the Blegans knew of the secret clause in the ancient scrolls.  If the chosen one didn’t find their mate, and didn’t cause the dragon egg to hatch, their world would become known to the outside, and they would be attacked and destroyed.  Their race would be completely wiped off the face of the earth.  So, the weight of their continued existence rested on her shoulders.

Rosalie and Jasper were waiting for Bella outside her bedroom door.  They had already said their goodbyes to their father.  They had been raised by their father after their mother had died giving birth to them.  He had been a loving and supportive father. He was in the protective guard of the Blegans; when they reached the age to begin training, he began doing so in earnest.  He trained them to be the best guards the Blegans had ever seen.  Rosalie and Bella became friends at a young age when Bella was picked on by a group of girls.  Bella had always been a quiet, shy girl who would rather be reading about the history of their race, than playing.  Rosalie had always been bigger than other girls her age, so, when she stood up against the girls, they went running.  Since that day, they were close, more like sisters than friends.  They were the same age, they went to the crowning ceremony together on their sixteenth birthday, and, when Bella had been selected as the chosen one, Rosalie stepped in immediately as her protective guard.

Jasper had been honored that Bella had selected him to also go out on the quest.  He had been close to his sister, and had gotten to know Bella over the years, and found that she was the most compassionate person he had ever met.  Her love for their race could be seen in everything she did.  But he also felt something outside their home calling to him.  In his dreams, he saw a large black cat and a woman with piercing blue eyes; he could see their lives intertwined.  He checked to make sure he had all his weapons, but also a bottle of special potion that could bring someone back to life.  There was only enough for one.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to use it, but he had it just in case something terrible happened.

Rosalie was also wearing a special magical ring that would glow an eerie shade of green when the wearer was in the presence of an evil heart.   It had been her mother’s and her mother’s before her.  It had been handed down from one generation to the next, since the first of the their line.  She prayed that it would come of use on their journey out into the unknown.  She wondered why she had felt this powerful pull coming from the unknown.  What was it?  Maybe, just maybe it was something that would be life altering.

“Jasper, Rose I am ready to get started.”  Bella announced.

“Then let’s get this adventure started.”  Jasper smirked.

They walked to the entrance of their home, and, with a deep breath, stepped out of the safety of their home.  The first thing that they noticed was that it didn’t smell as sweet as the air of their land did.  This land was also extremely different; instead of the lush green grass and sparkling clear streams, it was dry and rocky, void of any water.  Bella wondered how anyone could live here.

She placed her pack on the ground, and took out the compass.  Taking her dagger from its sheath, she pricked the tip of her finger, and a single drop of red blood formed. She carefully placed it on the compass’ eye.  The golden arrow swirled around and around, before coming to stop as it pointed southeast.   Looking up through the leafless tree to the icy blue moon, she wondered what her mate was doing at this moment.  Did he even think about that out in the vast world there was someone who had been made just for him?  Could he be looking for her as well?

“Bella, which way are we heading?”  Jasper asked.

“Toward the southeast.”

“Let’s get started then.”  Jasper boomed, taking the lead.

As they traveled, they were in awe of how much destruction there was in this new land.  They walked through what had been a town, however, every building was now in ruin, and they did not see any signs of life.  What had happened?

“I wonder what happened?”  Rose asked.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can find some clues.  I have this feeling that we need to learn what occurred to possible prevent it from happening again.” Bella said.

“Where do you think we should look?” Jasper asked.

“Maybe they had a library.  Look for any signs of books, documents, anything that might explain all of this.”

They began searching through the fallen buildings and rubble, and finally found what they were searching for… a library.  The large stone pillars that had once been in front, now had broken into large pieces in front of the door.  They quickly began removing pieces of stone from the door, and then were able to open it.  As they did, they were surprised to find that the interior of the building was in better shape than the exterior.  After walking through the front area of the building, they came upon a room that was circular in design, with high arches with alcoves that contained shelves upon shelves of books.

“Where do we start looking?”  Rose asked, awed by the amount of books.

“Let us look around to see what we find.  Be careful; we don’t know if anything could be in here could be dangerous.”  Jasper warned.

They began looking through the books, wiping away the years of dust and dirt.  The first few books were full of laws and rules for man.  The more laws that Bella read, the more she wondered why they needed so many.  Rose found a book about the anatomy of man.  The Blegans and man had many of the same characteristics, but the Blegans had pointy ears, and had no diseases, unlike man, who seemed to suffer from a long list of them.  Most Blegans lived for more than three hundred years.  Jasper found several books on the history of man, and the many wars and conflicts that were a part of their history.  Then, finally, after hours of reading, Bella found a stack of papers which answered the question they had been searching for all of this time.

“I think I have found the reason why the town looks the way it does.”  Bella said.  “The human race had been warned over and over again about using fossil fuels, and how they were causing greenhouse gasses, which caused the polar ice caps to melt.”

“What are fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses?”  Rose asked.

“I found this book to help with terms I didn’t know.  This Webster Dictionary was a very intelligent man.  However, unbeknownst to man, there was a virus that lay dormant under the ice. When the ice melted, the virus was released.  It spread quickly through the world.  After trying everything possible, the world leaders decided they need to use atomic bombs to kill the viruses.  But the only thing the bombs did was kill off more humans.  The virus killed everyone except for those who found a special root to protect themselves.”

“What was the root?”  Jasper asked.

“Something called ginsing.”

“The people who survived are in settlements all over the world, but it says they were imprisoned in camps by a race of blood drinkers.”

“Blood drinkers?  Isn’t that who we are looking for?”  Rose asked.

“Yes.”  Bella whispered.  She read more about how the blood drinkers were not known until man had destroyed most of the world.  The blood drinkers came out of hiding, and proclaimed themselves rulers of the land.  They rounded up almost all of the humans, and used them as their own personal food source.  A few human still were free, hiding out in secluded areas.   Was her mate evil like the blood drinkers she had read about?  How could she give herself to someone with such a black heart?


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The Mother of the Blood Dragons

Mother of the Blood Dragons




AN:     I have decided to go outside of my comfort zone and write a mystical story.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre reader Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.

 Chapter 1

 Bella looked out the opening that hid their world from the outside.  For twenty centuries their kind had been secure in their secret, but the time had come for the prophecy to begin.  They had watched the time when mystical creatures had roamed the earth, but man became powerful and the creature hid from man’s cruel, selfless acts.  So they waited for man to seal his own fate, and he certainly did.  He used all of the earth’s resources for his own selfless needs, and did not heed the warnings, and allowed disease to almost wipe themselves out completely.  The mystical creatures watched as mankind killed themselves, to time when they knew they could come out of hiding, and set the earth right once more.  The small groups of men that were scattered all around the earth; they were no longer the leaders of the planet, but slaves.  The most evil of the mystical creatures were the cold skinned, blood drinking vampires.  They rounded up the humans into camps, and used them as nothing more than stock animals to feed off of.

Bella and her family had never left their home, only watching the magic stones that the ancient ones had left for them.  So, what she was about to do, scared her.  Not only  what she had to do, but knowing that the unknown of the outside world and evil that were waiting.

“Bella, it is time.  Are you ready for the ceremony to begin?”  Rosalie asked.  Rosalie had been by her side since the day it had been known that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold.  In their world, Blagan people were born into certain roles that they used to keep them in harmony and happiness.   Rosalie’s family had, for centuries, been protectors of the family.   Bella and Rosalie had been close; Bella knew that, whatever the outside world held for her, Rosalie would protect her.

“As ready as I ever will be.”  Bella said.  She smoothed out the gown, and adjusted the crown on her head with the glowing red stone.  She had worn the crown since the day of her sixteen birthday.  It was a rule that every girl of the Blagan people, on her sixteen birthday, would place the sacred crown upon their head.  The crown was pure gold, which wrapped around the head of the wearer; it looked like a dragon head. In the center of it were two blood stones.   Once the crown was placed on the wearer’s head, if one of the stones began to glow, it meant that the wearer would become the mother of the blood dragons.  There had never been a one that had been blessed with the gift until Bella tried it on on her sixteenth birthday.

The Blegan had been the keepers of dragon eggs, and the eggs were waiting for the Goddess to be born to fulfill the prophecy.  It had been written in the beginning of times that a child would be born who would go out into the world to find the one who drank the blood from men, had cold skin, was extremely fast, and had glowing red eyes.   When they met, she would know that he was the one because the second stone on her crown would begin to glow, and her skin would be hot to the touch.  They would be joined in a ceremony held in the hall of the blood dragons under a full blue moon in a pool of fire and blood.  During the ceremony, the markings of the Goddess would come to light, and the dragon will be seen by all.

After the ceremony, the Goddess and the blood drinker would mate; just as he spilled his cold seed into her, he would bite her over her heart, pumping his venom into her system.  But, unlike mankind, she would not change into a blood drinker, but would become an immortal.  With her touch, a dragon egg would fertilize,  and, in one year’s time, would hatch.  Once the dragon hatched, the Goddess would protect the dragon with all her strength; on the day of the dragon’s fifth birthday, it would become full grown.  Once that happened, she would mount the dragon’s back, and fly into the world, taking control of every creature that roamed the earth, becoming their queen.  Ruling not by cruelty, but with love and respect for each creature.

Bella walked toward the great hall with Rosalie watching out for anything that might want to harm the Goddess.   The Volgan family did not believe that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold, and they thought somehow Bella’s family had somehow rigged the stone to glow.  They also thought that it was one of their own was the Goddess, even though when they had the crown placed upon their choice’s head, the stone did not glow.  They were waiting for the perfect time to put their own Goddess in control, and had made threats against Bella and her family.

Stepping into the great hall, the once loud crowd fell silent, taking in the beauty and grace of their Goddess.  She walked through the crowd toward the front of the great hall.  Once at the foot of the steps, she stopped, waiting for permission to walk up the steps.

The keeper of the ancient scrolls stepped forward, wearing her blood red gown with a dragon embroidered on the front.  “Come forward, Isabella.”  She commanded.

Bella walked up the stairs and stood in front of the Keeper.

“We are here today to send our Goddess out into the world, outside of our safety of our home to find the one who make the prophecy come forth.  Isabella, you may take two guards with you to protect you in the wild, unknown land.  Who do you want to serve you?”

It would be the greatest of honor for whomever was selected, and their families would be blessed for the rest of their lives.

Bella had known for a long time who she was going to take with her into the unknown.  She trusted them; not only that, she considered them family.  “I select Rosalie and Jasper.”  Bella said.

“Rosalie, Jasper, come forth.”  The Keeper said.

Rosalie and her brother Jasper walked up the steps and stood before the Keeper.  “Kneel.”  She commanded.  They fell onto their knees with their heads bowed.  The Keeper turned, and retrieved the two necklaces, and placed each around their necks.  “Do you swear to protect our Goddess with your life?”

“I do.”  They both exclaimed with pride.

“Then rise, and start your duty.”

Rosalie and Jasper rose, and took their places on either side of Bella.  “Isabella, you have your protectors; go out, and find your mate.  We will be waiting for your return.”

“I will not let you down.”  Bella said with all the confidence she could.  As she turned, she looked out over her people, and said a small prayer that she wouldn’t break her word.