Epi for Bound and United

Edward and Bella were in the back of the limo on their way to church.  Today was the day that Trey was not only marrying his best friend, but would be taking over the family business.


The last twenty-five years had been filled with lots of love and happiness, but they did have its share of sadness.  Five years ago, Edward Sr. and Clara were killed in an automobile accident in Italy.  A drunk driver crossed over, and struck their vehicle head on.


The officials assured them they didn’t feel anything.  They had also lost five of the family members during an attack of the Russian Mafia ten years ago.  Thankfully, Seth was on duty, and quickly hid Bella and the children in the secret, secure room until the threat was over.   Edward was shoulder to shoulder with his men killing every one of the motherfuckers.


But, most of the twenty-five years were filled with happiness and love.   After Trey was born,  Sean called to say that baby Aine had been born as well.   She had a head full of red hair and a massive set of lungs.   Edward lost his bet with Sean;  little Aine’s first word was “fuck” while Trey’s was “shit”.

A year after Trey’s  birth, Bella was expecting again, but, this time, with twins.   Jackson and Sean were born just like their brother, in a hurry to see the world.


Edward and Bella enjoyed every moment with their boys.   Each day brought something new and exciting.   Trey was a natural leader and his brothers followed and mimicked his every action.   They were not always little angels, and the damage to Grandma Esme’s golf cart was evidence enough.

Edward and Bella weren’t the only ones with babies,  Jasper and Alice had two boys, while Emmett and Rose had triplets, all girls.


Alec and Maggie tried for years to have a child,  but it never happened.   Maggie felt she was such a disappointment for not being able to get pregnant, and fell into a deep depression.   Alec assured her over and over that it didn’t matter, as long as they were together.   He had been asked to go out on a Coven Inc. mission in South America, and, while there, he found a little boy living in an actual pig pen.   He asked the locals about the boy, who couldn’t be any more than two years old. They told him that his parents had placed him with the pigs because he’d have some type of shaking fit.   They also said that his name was Manuel. Alec knew he couldn’t let Manuel to suffer,  so he took him in, cleaned him up, and, when the mission was over, he brought him back home with him.   When he walked in the house,  Maggie rushed to the door to greet him home,  but, when she saw Manuel on his hip, she stopped dead still.


Manuel looked up at Maggie, and smiled a big smile, then reached out towards Maggie, and said. “Mama.”

In that second, Manuel became Alec and Maggie’s little boy.   He was diagnosed with a small benign tumor, and, with only an operation, he was a perfect little boy, surrounded with a large family who showered him with love.

“Mom,  Dad we’re almost there.”  Trey said in a shaky voice.

“Baby, are you okay?”  Bella asked.

“What if she decides not to show up?”

Edward chuckled, and patted him on the knee.   “I felt the same way the day I married your mom.   Your mother and I know how much you both love each other.   Fuck, we knew that you two were in love long before you admitted it to each other.   She will be there. Today will something you never forget.”

Trey nodded, and thought about what his father had said.   He knew that he loved his bride to be with everything he had inside of him.   She was not only his soon to be wife,  but his soon to be submissive, too.   Yes he had followed in his father’s, grandfather’s,  and great grandfather’s footsteps, and, when he was old enough, he studied to be a Dominant.  He had a few submissives, but he couldn’t fight the feeling that he was missing something special. Soon, he found out what that was in his best friend.   He had no clue that she had submissive qualities until he happened to go to the club one evening. That night, there was a submissive class being held, and, when he walked by the window, he saw her sitting in perfect form, waiting for a Dominant to take control.

After the class, they went back to his apartment, and, that evening,  finally admitted to each other that had fallen in love with each other.

Which brought them to today, their wedding. Tomorrow would be their first time in his playroom.   They had decided they wanted to wait until after their wedding to start their journey as a Dominant/submissive.

As the limo pulled up at the church,  the press was everywhere snapping pictures, and, as soon as Trey, Edward, and Bella stepped out of the car, they went nuts, taking photos, and yelling out questions.   They quickly made their way through the crowd and into the church.   Trey went to the small room off from the front of the church, where his best man was waiting for him.   Jeff was Jasper and Alice’s oldest son. He and Trey had grown up together, and formed a close friendship.   This evening, at the turnover of the family ceremony, Jeff would be Trey’s capo.

“Trey, it is time.”  Father Augusta said.

“Come on, man;  go get your woman.”  Jeff joked.

Trey walked out, and looked out of the church to see there wasn’t a seat to be had.    The music started, and the procession started walking down the aisle.   Once his parents,  her mother, the bridesmaids, and groomsmen were in place,  the doors were closed, and the music changed into the Wedding March, everyone stood. Then, the door opened, and there she was, a vision in white, with her delicate arm wrapped around her father’s arm.

It seemed like an eternity,  but she was finally beside him.   Her father handed her hand to him, and, when Father Augusta asked who gave this woman,  his voice cracked as he said he did.

The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, and, now was the moment they had been waiting for for months.

“Ladies and gentlemen,  it is my great pleasure to introduce Carlisle Masen and Aine Marie Cullen Volturi.”


The Cullen Volturi and O’Leary  crime families were now Bound and United.




The  End


Chapter 22 Bound and United

The family arrived back home safe and sound.   The next week was filled with work,  the girls’ day out to take care of Maggie needs,  and the meeting with Alice with her plans for the nursery.

She had come up with a magical wonderland theme with woodland animals,  elves,  and fairies.   The only thing that was needed now to finalize the plans was to find out the sex of the precious next ruler of the family.   A little Don would have warrior elf defending the magical world, while a little Donna would have a warrior fairy   The centerpiece of the room was the gorgeous round cherry crib.   Alice had found a supplier who custom made the bed with a hand-carved C and V on the bottom of the spindles.

Bella and Edward loved every detail, and couldn’t wait to see it when it was completed.   The construction team had begun the minimal actual construction needs, which included sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors, painting the base on the walls, and constructing the gorgeous matching bookshelves.   The team of artists would come in, and paint the room mural, which would be a three hundred and sixty degree mystical world.   Bella and Edward had spent two nights at Carlisle and Esme’s because Edward didn’t want Bella around the dust and the paint fumes.

Today was THE day.   The day that they would learn the sex of the baby.    Sean had called Edward a few days before. and told him that they were expecting a little girl.

“Fuck, Edward, I am going to have to get more guns,  because no mother fucking boy is going to come within fifty feet of her.”

“Sean. you do know that one day she will get married, right?”

“Nope.   She is going to stay little forever.”

“Sean, you know that is not going to happen.  The best thing you can do is just raise her to be smart, and send her to her Godmother Bella for knife training.” Edward chuckled.

“Fine.   Call me when you find out, and we will be flying out the day after Christmas for the wedding.”  Sean said.

“I will call you when I see the dick.”  Edward joked.

“Asshole.”  Sean murmured and hug up.

As Edward and Bella came down the stairs, they were excited to see Seth waiting for them.

“Seth, so good to see you.”  Edward greeted.

“Thank you.  I am so happy to be back protecting Bella once again.   I have been going stir crazy.”

“Damn, I know that feeling.  Let’s get going; it is a special day.”  Edward said, offering his arm to Bella.

“Seth, I have missed having you around, and am so happy to see you are healthy and back to my protection.   I’m so relieved.”  Bella said.   From the first day that Seth had taken over her protection, she’d had a sense of calm over her. Even though she had been kidnapped, she knew that it wasn’t Seth’s fault.

“Thank you.   I have the car ready to go.”  Seth admitted, blushing.

Edward and Bella were quickly in the car, and off to the doctor’s office.   Once they arrived, they were taken to the examination room, and Bella was lying on the table, ready for the ultrasound to begin.

Marybeth came in carrying Bella’s chart.   She was happy to see that all her vitals were where they were supposed to be.   After her horrible morning sickness had subsided, Bella had been gaining weight at a normal rate.

“Bella, Edward, are we excited about today?”  She asked.

“FUCK YEAH!”  Edward exclaimed.

Marybeth giggled.  Edward Cullen’s colorful language was something she had come to expect.

She started the machine, and prepped the wand.   She started the exam by taking the measurements of the baby.   It was healthy, and growing right on schedule.   When she focused on the face,  Bella began to cry, and reached toward the screen.

“Oh, look at that sweet face.   Edward, it’s beautiful.”


“Looks just like their mother.”  Edward said, kissing Bella on the temple.

“All right let us see if we can find out the sex.”  Marybeth said, as she moved the wand into position.   After a few moments, what she was looking for was plain as day on the screen.

“HOLY SHIT! MY BOY IS PACKING ALREADY!”  Edward yelled,  smiling from ear to ear.   They were having a boy.


“Congratulations.   You are right; you are having a little boy.   He is very healthy, and is right on schedule for an April 20th birth.   Keep up with your diet and exercise.   I will come over closer to the time to teach you some breathing and focusing techniques for the birth.  I want to see you back in a month.”

Marybeth printed off the images, especially the one that show that, in fact, they were having a boy.   They thanked her, and left the office with huge smiles.

A sex reveal party had been planned for tonight.  As soon as Bella left the office, she called Angela with the sex.   She was responsible for filling the massive decorative box with helium balloons.  They would open the box, and the blue balloons would escape, revealing the sex.   Bella and Edward wanted it to be a surprise to their immediate family and the other family members who were invited.  Edward also ordered a humidor filled with Cuban cigars with blue ribbons to be sent to Sean, via courier.

After making the call, they went upstairs, and locked the door.  Edward pushed Bella against the door, and captured her mouth in a all consuming kiss.   When neither had a ounce of oxygen left in their lungs, they broke apart, but Edward began kissing up her jawline and to her ear.  Taking her earlobe into his mouth, he sucked and nipped, causing Bella to moan in pleasure.  Raising her leg, she wrapped it around Edward’s hip, and began to rub against his pants covered cock, which was hard as a rock.

“Baby, I need you.”  Edward groaned.

“Then take me,  I am yours and yours alone.”

Edward placed his hands under her ass, and carried her over to the couch.  Falling to his knees, he pushed her skirt up, and was pleased to find that she was wearing his favorite garters and lace panties.  Placing kisses up her leg, he unsnapped each garter, and slowly removed her panties.  He quickly stood, and unbuckled his pants, then left them and his underwear on the floor.  Crawling up her body, he ran his finger over her soaking wet opening, brought it up to his mouth, and licked off the nectar.   Lining up his cock, he slowly entered her and moaned with the indescribable feeling of pleasure that happened every time they were joined like this.

“Baby, you feel so fucking good wrapped tightly around my cock.”

“Oh, Edward, I love the feeling of you inside me.  Harder, please; I want to cum all over your cock.”


Edward lift her leg, and began to thrust harder, deeper, and faster.  “Is this what you want?”

“OH, GOD YES!”  Bella screamed.  “I am so close.”

Edward smirked, and continued, and, a few moments later, he felt the walls of her pussy grip his cock over and over again.  The events of the day, and feeling her orgasm, sent him over the edge and he shot long, hot streams of cum deep inside of her.

Edward slowly pulled out of Bella, and, as soon as he did, he missed her heat.  Every time they were together was as special as the first time.  Edward stood, and offered his hand to Bella.  As she stood, he pulled her close, and placed a kiss on her lips.  “I love you.”

“I love you.”  Bella said.

“As much as I would love to be buried in you the rest of the day, we have the Coven Commission coming in soon.”  Edward explained.

“I know.  I need to go get cleaned up, and I will be ready.”

Bella and Edward went in the bathroom, and cleaned up.   Bella had begun wearing her early maternity clothes, due to her ever increasing belly.  She had felt the fluttering of kicks of the little one, and hoped that soon they would be strong enough for Edward to feel.  He still continued his daily talks to her belly.

Once they were cleaned up and dressed, Edward stepped in behind her, and wrapped his arms around her, and laid his hands on her stomach.  Looking into the mirror, he smirked.  “I told you it was a boy.”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Bella joked.

Edward turned her, and looked deeply into her eyes.  “You do know that I only care that our little one is healthy, right?  He or she would be loved no matter what.”

“I feel the same way.  But, we are having a little boy, and I know that you are excited.”

“I am, but we will try again for a cute little girl who looks just like her mother.”  Edward said.

“And what will happen if that one is a boy as well?”

“We will keep trying until we do.  Even it takes a dozen tries.”  Edward smirked.

“Oh, no, I am not having a dozen children.”

“We will see about that.”

The Coven Commission arrived on time, and began with their report on how Coven Inc was doing.  The told Edward and Bella about the number of hits that the team had performed, and how much money they had collected.  As they suspected when they started the team, they were in great demand.  The word had gotten out about how professional and deadly the team was, and the orders kept flowing in from around the country.  The setup of making sure that the hit was a good one, had, in fact, found several requests that were not, which were quickly denied.  They had also been asked to do some cyber hits on targets, which they did, once Alec helped the Commission to understand what was required, and what to look for, when either approving or rejecting.   Each of the Commission members spoke highly of Alec, and explained that he was a key member of the team.  Bella was so proud of her brother.

After the Coven Commission left, Carmine came in to give his report from Eclipse.   The club had exceed the expectations in every area.  Carmine had begun research branching the club out into towns across the country.  From the research, he found that Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. were prime locations.  New York City and Atlantic City were also on the list, but they would be extremely expensive to start or build in either of those cities.  Edward and Bella gave him the okay to go next phase, and to report back once he got some pricing and projected revenue.  They would also have to make sure there were no other rival families in the towns that they were looking into.  A turf war would cost a lot of money, and, possibly, lives.

When the meetings were over, Edward and Bella headed home to get ready for the party tonight.  They couldn’t wait to see everyone’s face when they made the announcement.  Angela had placed the balloons in the box, then, she had made copies of the ultrasound picture, placed them in sterling silver frames, and placed them white boxes.  They would be gifts to their guests.  Edward had been getting phone call after phone call from his grandfather wanting to know the sex of the child.  When Edward explained that he would have to wait, Edward, Sr. said that his heart couldn’t take the waiting, wanted to know if Edward really wanted the death of his Grandfather on his hands.  But Edward’s grandmother took the phone away from Edward, Sr., and told Edward not to listen to the old fool, and that they would be at the party tonight.

Bella was wearing her new Ingrid & Isabel lace maternity dress.  It was black with gold lace, and showed off her small but noticeable baby bump.   Edward was wearing one of his favorite Armani suits, along with a crisp white shirt.  He originally wanted to wear a blue tie, but Bella explained that she didn’t want people to guess the sex before the reveal.


“But, baby, you alway loved me in this tie.”  Edward said.

“I do, but no.  Wear the black one or…”  Bella said, as she rubbed her finger down his adam’s apple toward the patch of hair on his chest.  Looking up at him, and licking her lips, she continued.  “Nothing at all.”

“Fuck, babe, you can’t say shit like that, and expect me not to want to be buried balls deep in that hot, wet pussy.”  Edward groaned.

“Payback’s a bitch.”  Bella chuckled.   “I am going to check on everything; hurry up, the guests will be arriving soon.”

Bella left the room while Edward had to adjust himself.  Little minx.

Soon, Edward and Bella’s home was filled with family and friends.  The excitement of the impending announcement was bouncing off the walls.

“Thank you for coming this evening for this special occasion.  I am one lucky fucking asshole.  This beautiful woman puts up with my ass daily, and is now giving me the greatest gift.  Bella, my love, thank you. Know that my love for you will last until my last breath here on earth, and beyond.”  Edward declared.

Tears formed in Bella’s eyes as she listened to Edward’s wonderful words, and, as much as she would have loved to say something back, she couldn’t.  Edward brought her hand up to his lips, and placed a kiss upon it.

“Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for,”  Edward said, as he and Bella each grabbed one end of the white ribbon around the box.  When they pulled it loose, the lid popped open, and the baby blue balloons flew out.


“IT’S A BOY!”  Screamed the crowd.

All the guests came up and hugged and congratulated Bella and Edward.  The grandparents and great-grandparents were beaming with joy.  Everyone went into the dinner room where Angela and the extra staff had moved out the regular dining room table, and set up round tables with white tablecloths.  On each table was a lovely arrangement of white roses and baby’s breath.  On top of each place setting was the box with the picture inside.


Once everyone was seated, Edward and Bella instructed everyone to open their gift.



Clara slapped Edward, Sr. hard on the arm.

“Damn, woman, why did you do that?”  He said, holding his arm like it had been permanently damaged.

“Because you, old fool, have no fucking filter.”


The rest of the dinner was filled with love and laughter.


The weeks the that followed were extremely busy around the Cullens homes.  This was the first Christmas Bella had had a loving family, and she purchased a special gift for each family member, as well as several gifts for each child in the Cullen Volturi family.  Esme, Clara, Claudia, and Bella also purchased gifts for each child that was in Randall Children’s hospital.  They had hired a Santa and a staff of elves to deliver each of the presents.


Edward had purchased Bella several new pieces of jewelry, which she loved, but he also purchased her a new vacation home in Boston, so that when they visited Sean and Elizabeth they had their own home to stay in.  Sean had called Edward when the house down the road had come up for sale, and Edward quickly purchased it.


Bella had, with Jasper’s help, purchased Edward a new gun.  It was a Holland and Holland “Royal” Deluxe Duty Rifle.  Jasper said she got it for a steal at $220,000.


After Christmas, the houses were, once again, in wedding mode.  Alec and Maggie’s wedding was being held on New Year’s Eve.  A large white tent was set up between Edward and Bella’s and Carlisle and Esme’s home for the reception, while the ceremony was being held at the family church.  Sean and Elizabeth arrived right after Christmas, and were currently staying with Edward and Bella.

Even though it was busy with last minute wedding plans, Bella and Elizabeth enjoyed their time together.  They talked about their pregnancies and their husbands.  Elizabeth told her how excited Sean was that they were having a little girl.  He had come home almost everyday with a new dress and doll.

New Year’s Eve arrived, and Maggie O’Leary was a vision in white as she walked down the aisle to the nervously waiting Alec.  They had written their owns vows to each other, and, by the time they were finished, there was not a dry eye in the church.  The reception was lovely, with lots of food, drinks, and dancing.


Maggie and Alec had been practicing for weeks for their first dance.  They wowed the crowd with their beautifully choreographed waltz.  At midnight, a large fireworks display rang in the new year and the start of Alec and Maggie’s life together.

Edward and Bella stood and watched as the fireworks light up the night sky.  So much had happened this year, but they were looking toward their bright future.


Chapter 20 of Bound and United

A meeting had been called between Edward, Bella, Jasper, and Emmett.  However, before everyone had gotten to the house, Edward wanted to have a conversation with Bella concerning Charlie and Paul.

“Baby, I know you are very proficient with a gun and your knives, but it is not just about you anymore.”  Edward explained.

“What do you mean?”

Edward placed his hand on her tiny bump.  “Our little sweet pea.  We must do everything in our power to keep him or her safe.   As careful as we might be, there are too many things that can go wrong.”

Bella knew he was right, but she also felt that it was her responsibility to take care of the person who was giving her true family so grief.  Over the years she had blamed herself  for why her parents had treated her like they did.  She thought if she had better grades, or was able to fix a tasty meal, that she would get the love she had badly wanted. Yet it didn’t matter what she did, it wasn’t good enough; she wasn’t good enough.  Then she met Edward and his parents who accepted her with open arms.  The love that they showered on her was so pure and selfless. She realized that it was never about her, but about Renee and Charlie.  She never got the opportunity to speak her mind to Renee, but she needed to tell Charlie how she felt about him, and then she would stand back, and watch as her true family took care of him.  She just wished that he hadn’t stirred up problems for the family.

“I know you are feeling responsible, but don’t.   This is not your fault, and I promise you that we will make sure that you never have to hear from him again.”  Edward said.

“Thank you.  I love you and I love this family so much.”


“Baby,  the entire family loves you.   You have shown them what a wonderful leader you are.   Both the Cullen and Volturi businesses are profitable, and all the members feel that they are important and needed.   You were made to be a leader.”

“I love each and every one of them.   If you had told me last year that I would be a Donna of a crime family,  I would have said you were crazy.   But, because you have given me so much, and not just material things,  but confidence,  knowledge,  and your undying support, I feel like I could do anything.   But I need to face Charlie, and speak my mind.”

“But,”  Edward interrupted.

Bella held her finger up to Edward’s lips.  “I will not be close enough for him to get to me. and I really would like Carlisle and Esme to be there as well.   I want Charlie to see that this is what a true family is.  Do you think they would agree to be there?”

Edward reached out, and pulled her close.  “Oh baby, I am sure they would be more than happy to be there.  As much as I hate the idea of you being in the same room as that asshole, I understand, but I am doubling the guard.”

“Thank you, my love.”  Bella sighed.

Later on, Jasper and Emmett arrived, and they began to talk about how they were going to take care of Paul Jacobs and Charlie. A few minutes later, Carlisle and Esme arrived.  Jasper and Emmett had been informed that Carlisle and Esme would be at the punishment and deaths of Paul and Charlie.   Edward and Bella had called them asked if they would come to the meeting, and also be with them when Bella confronted Charlie.  Carlisle and Esme both said they would be proud to be with her.

Jasper had finally gotten a call back from the Commissioner, who said that Paul refused to quit, so he fired him.  He said that Paul went nuts, trashing his office, and yelling that he didn’t need a fucking badge to get the Cullen family.  The Commissioner had to have two officers to drag him out of the building.

The surveillance team tracked Paul back to his apartment, and watched on surveillance camera as he started complaining to Charlie about what had happened to him.  Charlie tried to calm him down, but Paul kept on yelling and screaming.  The team had never seen a grown man act like this.  At one point, they thought he might fall on the floor, and throw a temper tantrum.  Even Charlie looked shocked at his display.  After Paul had gone into his room, Charlie called Jessica to check in.  She had said everything was fine, but she was missing her ‘Charlie Poo’ and that her honey pot was lonely.  When the surveillance team heard that, they became sick to their stomach at the thought.

“Edward, Bella, what are your thoughts on how we handle the situation?”  Jasper asked.

“They have to die, that is for sure.  But we need to make sure that,when we take their asses, we are careful.  Both need to suffer for wanting to hurt the family and your Donna.”  Edward barked.

“Did you have all the pictures and tapes of her activities with the judge delivered to the wife?”  Bella asked.

Emmett chuckled.  “Yup.  The team we have on Jessica said that they delivered the package to the Judge’s home. His wife opened the package; the rage that came across her face was something to see.  She stormed into the house, and the next time they saw her she was carrying one of her rifle cases to her car.  They watched as she caught Jessica outside of the gym, and convinced her to get in the car.  She took her a secluded spot in the trees, and shot her.”

“What did she do with the body?”  Edward asked.

“Left it there.  It seems that the area is known to have wild animals, and there will be nothing left of Jessica Stanley.”  Emmett answered.

“Good riddance.” Esme caviled.

Carlisle snickered at his lovely wife.  He knew how protective she was of Bella.  They both considered Bella as their own daughter, and would do everything to make sure she was safe and happy.

After a long discussion,  it was planned that, to help cover the disappearances that electronic evidence would be placed that showed that Paul had been offered a very lucrative job in Fairbanks, Alaska.   They would have where he checked in at the airport and his landing.   In a few months,  he would have a deadly accident on a snowy night.   The vehicle will be completely destroyed by fire, and his skeleton and dental records would verify that it was him.

Charlie would be in an accident on the ferry on the way back to Forks.   He would be seen falling overboard when the railing gave way.   After a thorough search, his body would never be found.    The family would be making an anonymous donation to the Washington State Search and Rescue team for their time and effort.


With the plan ready,  Emmett called the Coven team, and informed them of the plan.   A few hours later, both Paul and Charlie had been picked up, and taken to the secure torture room at Coven headquarters.  The team were given strict instructions on the amount of pain that each one would have before their leaders would arrive.  They were to be careful with Paul to ensure no bones were broken, but Charlie, on the other hand, could have as many as they saw fit,  just as long as he was awake and aware of his surroundings.

After Jasper and Emmett left, Esme convinced Bella to have a cup of tea and some of her ginger snap cookies.  She knew that Bella’s emotions would be all over the place, and she hoped that the tea and cookies would calm Bella’s tummy.  Carlisle and Edward were drinking a glass of Jameson.  The tension in the house was so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife.

“Edward, it is going to be fine.   Bella is strong and is a natural born leader.   You have witnessed that she can turn off her emotions, and do what needs to be done.”  Carlisle said.

“I  know, but I am still worried.   I know Charlie can’t physically hurt her, but his words could.”

“Yes,  but she needs to get rid of all the pain and frustration that she has been carrying all these years.   She has been weighted down with the feelings that it was her fault that Charlie and Renee didn’t love her like normal parents would.   She didn’t get her chance with Renee,  but she does now with Charlie.   Edward, you need to let her say her piece,  then make that motherfucker suffer.”

Edward downed the rest of the glass, and then nodded his head.   If Bella was strong enough to do this,  then he would be strong enough to be with her every step of the way, giving her his complete support.

Bella and Esme walked back in the room after enjoying their cup of tea.   Bella felt more relaxed,  but now she needed to put on her game face.   When she faced Charlie, she wanted to not only act the part of a leader,  but she wanted to look the part.  Edward stood as soon as she walked in the room, and smiled at her.  She walked over, reached up, and gave him a sweet little kiss.  She loved the taste that was Edward mixed with his favorite liquor.

“I am going to change, and I will be ready to go in about twenty minutes.”  Bella announced.

“Baby, you look fine.”

“Actually, baby, I need to look the part.  I am Isabella Marie Volturi Cullen, Donna of the Cullen/Volturi Crime family, and Charlie Swan needs to meet the new me.”

“Fuck.”  Edward groaned.  He loved when badass Bella came out.  Leaning down, he whispered into her ear.  “You know what that does to me.  When this is over, we are going to fuck all night long.”

Bella turned, and looked him dead in the eye.  “I hope you can keep up.”  She smirked, then turned to Esme.  “Mom, can you help me pick out the right outfit?”

“Of course, my dear.”  Esme giggled.

They went upstairs and into Bella’s closet.  They began looking through the vast amount of clothes, and, after a little while, Esme found the perfect outfit.  It was a black Armani Collezioni pantsuit and a red high neck, keyhole ruffle sleeveless top.

They finished off the outfit with a pair of  Jimmy Choo red, perforated suede heels.


She wore the diamond earrings that Edward had given her on their first date, her Cullen bracelet, and her Donna ring.  On her left hand there were only two pieces of jewelry: her engagement ring and wedding band.  Esme helped her brush her hair, they decided to leave it down, and Bella applied her makeup, making sure she looked as badass as she felt.   When they finished, they went down stairs. When they walked in the room, Edward’s mouth fell open.

“HOLY FUCK!”  He yelled.


Carlisle smirked, and slapped him on the arm.  “We have one hell of a Donna.”

“You’re damn right.”  Edward groaned.

“Let’s get this shit over with.”  Carlisle said.

They quickly entered the limo, and were speeding their way to Coven Headquarters.  As soon as they arrived, they walked in, and then took the elevator down to the holding cells.  The construction team had done a fantastic job with the design.  It was soundproof, and the floor had a drainage system that flowed into an incinerator where the evidence was burned away.  The clothes that the team wore, as well as whoever did the deed, would be also sent to the incinerator.

When they walked in the room, they were meet with the smell of human shit.

“Holy hell, who shit?”  Edward groaned.

“That would be Paul.  He shit himself when he saw how we were, ah, getting Charlie acquainted with everyone.”  Jack smirked.  He had enjoyed getting a few good hits on the motherfucker.

Bella walked in and saw Charlie.  He was only in a pair of boxers, and was tied to a pole in the middle of the room.  Around his neck was a piece of barbed wire that was then attached to the pole.  If he jerked his neck too far forward, it would cut deeper into his skin.  Closing her eyes for a moment, she centered herself, much like she did when she was preparing to go into the playroom with her Master.  She had thought about what she wanted to tell Charlie, and now was the time to do it.

“Let me the fuck go!”  Charlie yelled.  “You don’t know who the fuck you are messing with.  Who the fuck is in charge of this shit?”

Bella took in a deep breath.  “That would be me.”

Charlie looked toward where the voice had come from, but he only saw darkness.  “Fucking bitch, tell these motherfuckers to let me go.”

Bella took a step, but was still in the darkness.  “No, Charlie, I am not letting you go.  You are here to hear what I have to say.”

“Who the fuck are you?  Come out and let me see you bitch!”  Charlie bellowed.

“But you know who I am.”  Bella said, and then walked from the darkness.   “My name is Isabella Marie Cullen Volturi,  but you know me as Bella.”

Charlie squinted, and tried to focus on the woman’s face; she couldn’t be Bella.   Bella was a weakling, and could never pull something like this off.   The men that took him were highly trained, and the weaponry that he had seen was state of the art.   But, when the woman had come close enough, he saw, in fact, that it was Bella.   “Release me, bitch!”

“Not happening.   I want you to listen to me, and, in the end,  my family will end your sorry life.”

“I am your fucking father, and I command you to let me loose.”

“You are not my father;  Carlisle Cullen is my father. “ Bella quipped.

“Was that the bastard that raped my precious Renee?”

Carlisle stepped forward, and stood beside Bella.   He had removed his jacket, and put a pair of brass knuckles on.   He had his knuckled hand behind his back.   “I never had the displeasure of meeting Renee.”  Carlisle growled.

“Then you must be her fuck daddy.   Bella, what are you doing, fucking all of Seattle?   Fucking whore.”

Carlisle reared back, and hit Charlie in stomach with his brass covered knuckles,  causing Charlie to fall forward, and digging the barbed wire deep into his neck.   Charlie coughed up blood, and spit it toward Carlisle, covering his crisp white shirt with blood.   Carlisle looked down, and chuckled.   “Well, shit, Bella your Momma is going to be mad;  this was one of her favorite shirts.”

Charlie looked toward the man.  “My Renee is here?  Where is she?”

“Renee is dead.”  Bella said, without any feeling in her voice.  Her grandfather had told her about how her mother died; what she had said about her, and even her dying words.

“But he said your mother.”

“That would be me.”  Esme spat as she walked on the other side of Bella.

“But you are not Renee.”

“No, she isn’t, but she has shown me more love in a few short months that I have known her than Renee did my entire life.”  Bella replied.

“This whore is no Renee.  Renee was perfect.”  Charlie grumbled.

Carlisle didn’t like hearing Charlie call Esme a whore, so he gave Charlie a punch in the sternum, and one in the family jewels.  Coughing and spitting, Charlie gasped for a breath, while he tried to not move his neck.

Hearing Charlie talk badly about Carlisle and Esme, made Bella wish she had her knives, so she could carve Charlie up in little pieces.  Gritting her teeth, she continued,  “Charlie, shut the fuck up.  Renee didn’t love you; she loved Aro Volturi.  Her dying words declared her love for him.”

“No, she loved me.  She married me.”  Charlie cried.  “If it hadn’t been for you, she would have never left me.  You are nothing but a whore, and I have prayed for years that you would die.  I hate you.”

Suddenly, there was a loud bang; Charlie’s head flew back as the bullet landed square between his eyes.

Carlisle and Bella looked over as Esme lowered her gun, and smirked.  “I was getting sick of listening to the fucker.  No one talks about my daughter that way, and lives.”


Bella couldn’t believe that Esme had shot Charlie.

“Bella, dear, let’s go home, and have a cup of tea.  My work here is done.”  Esme said nonchalantly.

Edward had stayed back to allow Bella to say what she needed to; as much as he wanted to take a few good licks when Charlie called her those vile names, he had allowed his father to take care of Charlie.  His father had told him earlier that he was prepared to make Charlie regret anything that he might say or do.  And, when his mother shot Charlie, it really didn’t surprise him either.  No one messes with the family and lives when Esme is around, and has her gun.

“Edward, your mother killed Charlie.”  Jasper gasped.

“Yup.”  Edward laughed.  “Go move the body, I want Paul to suffer, and then I want to go home, and fuck my wife.”

Esme and Bella walked arm in arm back to Edward.  Edward leaned over, and kissed Esme on the cheek.  “Good shot, mom.”

“Fucker had it coming.  I am going to take my daughter home now.  We will see you later, when you finish up with the other asshole.”  Esme said.

“Yes, mom.  My love, you did great; I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you.  I will be waiting.”  Bella smirked, and licked her lips.

Edward watched as they left.  Damn, his wife was a little minx, and he couldn’t wait to get home, and be buried balls deep in her hot, tight pussy.

Jack and a few of the other team members had removed Charlie’s body, and had brought Paul over, and tied him to the same pole.  Edward removed his jacket, and Jasper handed him his favorite friend.

Paul couldn’t believe that he was in this mess.  He thought when Charlie had come to him with the plan to bring down the Cullen crime family, he would be getting a huge promotion and recognition, too.  He dreamed of the mayor shaking his hand, and thanking him for ridding the town of the criminal family, but, instead, he was fired.  Then he was kidnapped,  tied up,  and then watched in horror as Charlie was beaten and shot.

Edward walked up to Paul, grabbed his hair, and pulled his head back.   Taking his favorite knife, he ran it across Paul’s cheek, slicing his face open from the corner of his eye down to his jawline.


“I am going to cut you up like you tried to cut into my profits.”  Edward snarled.

“Please don’t, I promise I will never do that again.”  Paul begged.

Edward raised the bloody knife up in front of Paul’s face.  “Paul, I am not a stupid man.  I don’t believe you.”

Paul began to scream at the top of his lungs.

Edward looked over at Jack.  “Put a damn rag in the pussy’s mouth.”

Jack picked up the rag that they had used to clean up Paul’s shit, and stuffed it in Paul’s mouth.

Edward couldn’t help but chuckle.  Over the next thirty minutes, Edward methodically continued slicing Paul’s skin.  At one point, Paul passed out, but they gave him a shot of adrenaline to wake him back up.  He was losing lots of blood, but Edward didn’t want him to die from blood loss.  He wanted him to die by the little friends he had in the box.


“Jack, put the fucker in the box.”  Edward said, as he wiped his knife off with the towel.

Jack and the other team members untied Paul’s limp body, and drugged it over to the wooden box.  One of the members unlatched the lock, and, as they began to dump Paul’s body over the side, Paul saw what was in the box, and began to kick and scream into the rag.  The box was full of rats.


Once Paul body was thrown in, and the rats smelled the fresh blood, they began to attack.  Their razor sharp teeth began tearing into Paul’s flesh.

Edward looked down into the box.  “A rat for a rat.  Burn in the hell, fucker.”  He then turned back toward Jack.  “When the asshole is dead, clean this mess up.”

“Of course, Boss.”  Jack replied.

Edward walked into the sterilization room.  He removed his clothes and stepped into the custom-made shower.  After allowing it to go through the various cycles, he stepped out the opposite direction, into a dressing room, where he had a fresh set of clothes.  The team would throw his blood clothes in the incinerator, and Jasper would make sure his favorite knife was thoroughly cleaned.

Edward walked out to find his father waiting for him.  He noticed that his father had also changed his clothes, and his hair was wet.

“Great job, son.  You handled it better than I could have.”  Carlisle said.  “I love the setup you have for cleaning up.  The fucking pigs won’t be able to find any evidence this way.”

“Thanks, Dad.  Let’s get out of this stinch and to our loves.”

“Fuck yeah.”  Carlisle said, slapping Edward on the shoulder.

Bound and United Chapter 19

“Charlie?”  Edward questioned.

“Charlie Swan.”  Bella whimpered.  Why the fuck was Charlie here, now?

“Fuck.”  Edward said.

They watched and listened to Jasper try to get as much information out of Charlie, while he kept filling him with Jack Daniels.

“So, Jack, haha, that is funny.”  Charlie laughed.  “When is my whore of a daughter going to get here?”

“Oh, shit, I forgot to send a text, hold on, man.”  Jasper said, pulling out his phone to send a message to Edward.

Do you want me take him out?-J

No; find out how he knew Bella was with me.  Then drug his ass.  I will get Alec here to bug his phone.-E


Charlie was swaying back and forth.  Damn, that was the best damn Jack Daniels he had ever had.  When the bottle was empty, the Jack went over, and grabbed another bottle.  Fuck, he was good guy.


“Charlie, I texted her, and I am waiting for a response.  Fuck, as loud as it is out there, it might take a bit.”  Jasper chuckled.  “Good damn thing we have plenty of Jack.”

“Damn right.”

After pouring another glass, Jasper leaned back, and looked at Charlie.  “Where are you from?”

“Haha, I am the Police Chief in a bumfuck town about three hours from here.”

“Chief? That is great. Got yourself a woman?”  Jasper asked.

“Love of my life left me years ago, because of that whore of a daughter of mine.”  Charlie grumbled.  “But, lately, I’ve had the pleasure to hit some sweet young pussy.  She is all over my dick, got this one addicted to it.”


“Yeah, fuck, she is the reason I knew where my whore daughter was, and who she is with right now.”  Charlie chuckled.

“Wow.  What is her name?  Does she have a sister?”


“Jessica Stanley; I don’t think she has a sister.”  Charlie slurred.  The massive amount of Jack Daniels was taking its effect.  “I will have to go home soon; got to feed the pussy.”

Edward and Bella heard the entire conversation, and when Charlie said he had found out about Bella from Jessica, it made complete sense.  Fuck.  Bella had called Alec, and told him what was going on; they needed a phone tapped with all the bells and whistles.

“I can’t believe Charlie blames me for Renee leaving.”  Bella said.

Edward wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her close.  “Baby, I hate to say this, but both of them were not right in the head.  Charlie thought Renee was the love of his life, while Renee only used him to hide her pregnancy.  You heard your grandfather tell you that Renee’s dying words were her professing her love for Aro.”

“I know.”  Bella whispered.

Carlisle came to the other side, and wrapped his arm around her.  “Fuck him.  You are my little girl, and always will be.”


Bella pulled from their embrace, and wrapped her arms around Carlisle.  “Thank you, Daddy.”  She cried.

Placing a kiss to the top of her head, he squeezed her tight.  “I love you, sweetie.”

They released their hold on each other, and turned back to screen.

“So, Charlie, what do you know about Bella’s friend?”

“The fucker is good.  Jessica said he was part of the Cullen crime family, but I have spent hundreds of hours, and couldn’t find one thing illegal they do.  Fuck, take this building for example.”  Charlie said, pointing around the room.  “Every fucking permit was legit.”

“Where are you staying while in town?”  Jasper asked.

“Oh, I’m with the son of one of my buddies from back home.  Good kid, but dumb as a fucking box of rocks.  He tried to intercept a shipment of guns last night, but the only thing they intercepted was a container of shit.  Stunk up the whole apartment.”

Jasper laughed, and, as Charlie was leaning back with his eyes closed, he slipped the drugs into his glass.  This shit would knock him out, but would not show up on any drug test.

“Charlie, don’t leave good Jack undrunk.”  Jasper urged.

Charlie sat up, his eyes barely open, and began swaying even more.  “FUCK YEAH!”  He yelled, picking up the glass and downing the drink.  A few minutes later, he was out like a light.

Then, Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, and Alec came into the room.

Esme walked over to where Charlie was passed out, and slapped him hard across the face.  “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  She yelled.  “HOW DARE YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!”  She reached for her purse, but remembered she had left it at home.


Edward chuckled at his mother; it was a good damn thing she didn’t have her gun, because she would have shot him.

“Alec, get his phone, and do your magic.”  Edward said.

Alec walked over to Charlie, and Jasper handed him the phone.  He quickly took off the back, and installed the specialized chip that would not only track his every move, but could access the microphone, so they could listen to any conversation around him.  Fucker was wired up.  He handed back to Jasper, who slipped it back into Charlie’s pocket.

“He is all set up.”  Alec said.   “The Coven team will monitor his every move.”

“Thanks, little brother.  I will see you next weekend in Boston.”

“Jasper, get some guys and put him up at the hotel down on 6th avenue.  Make sure you set the room up as though he had a bunch of girls in there with him.  Tell Carson to make Charlie believe when he wakes up, that he came in with two women.  Fuck, see if he has cash on him.” Edward ordered.

Jasper found Charlie’s wallet, and he had three hundred dollars cash in it.  “He has three hundred.”

“Take it all, and tell Carson to tell him he paid for the room.  If he asks about the girls, have him to tell him the girls looked happy when they left.”  Edward smirked.

“What do you want me to do with the money?”  Jasper asked.

“Donate it to the local homeless shelter.”  Edward answered.  He knew that both he and Bella did not want any part of the cash.

“Got it, boss.”  Jasper said with a large smile.  He took out his phone, and called a couple of the guard to help him.  Charlie Swan would wake up tomorrow morning with a terrible headache, naked, girl panties laying on the bed, and empty condom wrappers in a hotel room.


“Edward, Bella, what are going to do about him?”  Carlisle asked.

“We are going to listen, and find out just how much he knows, and where he is staying.  As bad as this could have turned out, we lucked out that Jasper was quick thinking, and got him talking.”  Edward bragged.  Jasper had really stepped up, and become the Capo that they needed.

“Good plan.”  Carlisle confirmed.  “Let’s go make a few rounds, and then get out of here.”

“Sounds good.”  Edward said, then leaned down to Bella’s ear, and whispered.  “I need to get you out of this dress, and fuck you hard.”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

They made their rounds, and soon they were back in the limo, and on their way home.  Each couple was worked up, not only by the night, but also by the adrenaline from the Charlie situation.  There was only one good way to work off adrenaline, and that was a night filled with hot steamy sex.

The next morning, Edward and Bella were up, eating breakfast, and smirking at each other, remembering the past night’s activities.  Edward couldn’t believe how many times he fucking came.  When he thought Bella was ready for sleep, she was crawling up his body, and taking control.  The sight of her new enlarged breasts bouncing up and down, along with the rest of her body bouncing hard on his cock was something he would remember for a long, long time.

After breakfast, they went into their home office, and contacted the Coven team to get an update on Charlie.  They had installed a camera in Charlie’s room when they had dropped off his drugged up body, and set up the scene.  Carson was more than happy to play along, and appreciated the envelope that Jasper handed to him.

“Any news about the suspect?”  Edward asked.

“No, sir.  He is still asleep.  We will contact you immediately when he wakes up.”

“Thank you.”

Bella called, and talked to Alice.  She told her how much she loved the uniforms and decor of the club.  They talked about Thanksgiving, and Alice agreed that she and Jasper would be coming to Esme’s home.  She invited Alice and Jasper over for dinner, and thought that Alice could possibly take a look at the potential nursery.

After her call to Alice, she contacted Rose and Emmett, and also invited them to dinner.  It had been too long since they had been together, enjoying a night of good food and laughter.  Bella spoke to Angela, and informed her of the guests for dinner, but also asked if she and Ben could also join in the fun.  Angela thanked Bella for the invite, and said it would be fun.

A few hours later, Edward got a call, stating that Charlie was awake. Once he yelled at Carson, he called for a taxi to take him to an apartment building downtown.

“Edward, it is the Harbor Steps Apartments.”  Jason said.

“Harbor Steps?  You are fucking joking me.  This just got a whole lot easier.  Have surveillance team pull up the tenants in the building, then cross reference those against the police department.  I want to know what damn pig is stinking up my wife’s family building.”


Bella had to laugh.  The Volturi did own and operate several apartment buildings in Seattle as the legal fronts.  The Harbor Steps just happened to be one of them.  It was one of the nicest apartment buildings in Seattle, with lovely views of the harbor, full gym, restaurants, and a variety of shops.  It was a great money maker, and had a long waiting list for possible spaces.  Now, there would be at least one opening coming up, soon, and they wouldn’t have to return the deposit.

“Hold on, Edward, they are doing their magic with the cross referencing.”  Jason explained.

A moment later, he returned,

“Fuck, really? Thanks.  Edward, Bella you will never guess who it is.”

“Who?”  Both asked.

“Fucking Paul Jacobs.”

“No fucking way.  The damn pig, causing us all these problems, is renting his apartment from us.  I guess the fucker didn’t research who owned the building.”  Edward laughed.  “Keep an eye and ear on their conversations.  Charlie said last night that he had to go back to Forks; make sure you keep a constant surveillance on him.  Also, get a team in Forks, find out what Jessica Stanley is doing.  I don’t think she is a one man woman, find out who else she is fucking.”

“Will do, Boss.”

After they hung up, Edward turned to Bella.  “Can you believe that shit?”

“No. What are we going to do?  It is not like we can just take out Paul without raising some eyebrows.”

“We are going to have to be very creative.  I can’t believe that fucking Commissioner hasn’t returned my fucking phone calls.  He gets a hefty cash bonus each year to look the other way.”  Edward grumbled.

“Do we have anything on him we could use a leverage?”

Edward grabbed Bella, and laid a hot passionate kiss on her pouty lips.  “Damn, baby, you are so fucking smart.  How did I forget the fucking photos of him and the mayor in a very compromising position?”

“Mayor Peterson?”  Bella asked.

“Yup.”  Edward chuckled.

“Oh my God.  Isn’t he the one who speaks out against the LGBT community?”

“Yup.  It seems that the Commissioner and the Mayor like to debate on who is the bottom in the relationship.  We have a whole series of images of the two of them.  Let me have Jasper shoot off an email with a few of the images, and see if he changes his mind.”  Edward said.

He called Jasper, who was more than happy to find the perfect images to send to the Commissioner.  The fucker had it coming to him.

Dinner was a blast, and it was nice to have an evening to kick back, and enjoy the company of people their own age.  Emmett, of course, was the life party. Rose had to, more than once, put him in his place.


Jasper and Alice told them they were trying to have a baby, and hoped that their little one would grow up playing with Edward and Bella’s baby.  Edward laughed, and said he hoped they wouldn’t get in trouble as much as Jasper and he did.


Bella took Alice and Rose upstairs, and showed them the room that would be the nursery.  Alice quickly took some measurements, and said she would get her plans back to them in a few weeks.  Rose told them she had decided to sell shop and to become a stay at home wife.

Emmett’s job took him away at all hours of the day and night, and this way she could be around whenever he needed her.  Bella recommend not selling, but hiring someone to run the shop.  It was a great business, and something that was needed in the community.  She offered Rose assistance in getting it set up.  Rose hugged her, and thanked her for her willingness to help.  Bella and Edward were happy to see everyone enjoying being married and in love.  After everyone left, Edward and Bella retired for the evening, enjoying their alone time wrapped up in each other.  Their love was displayed in every touch, kiss, and caress.

When the sun rose the next morning, the young couple got up to start their new day.  Bella’s morning sickness had disappeared, and, in its place was the ever longing need for Edward’s cock to be deep inside of her.  Edward never thought he would admit this, but she was wearing him out, and his poor cock was sore.


He was going to have to ask his dad for advice on this subject, because he was unsure how to address it with Bella without her biting off his head.  Her mood swings were still in full force, and he had begun making sure her gun and knives were locked away, before having a conversation that might turn ugly.

After a delicious breakfast, Jasper arrived at their house.  He walked in he had a smile that looked like he had swallowed a canary, and he was carrying a folder full of pictures.

“Jasper, by the look on your face, I assume you have some news for us?” Bella asked.

“Oh, yeah.”  Jasper laughed.

They all went into Edward and Bella’s office, and sat down.  “Okay, what do you have?”  Edward inquired.

“Well, the Commissioner got back to me, with the long ass excuse about being tied up with a very pressing matter, but was soon quick to ensure that we would not be bothered again by Paul Jacobs.  Actually, he’s going to recommend he either leave on his own, or be fired for mishandling the investigation.  It seems there wasn’t a search warrant for the docks.”

“Fucking great.”  Edward said.  “When is this supposed to go down?”

“Today.  He said he would call me with the decision that Paul makes.”

“That is fucking great.  I hate having pigs sniffing around.”  Edward groaned.

“Next, Charlie is still in Seattle, but will be leaving tomorrow.  He is trying to find a way to get to you again, but is running into brick walls.  But, the best thing is the news we have on Jessica.  It seems that Ms. Stanley has been sleeping her way through the entire male population of Forks.


What she doesn’t know is that one of the wives is very protective of her man, but, more than that, she is a crack shot.  Seems that she is a silver medalist in rifle three positions, and has been known to take care of her cheating husband’s mistresses.”


“But, don’t the police get involved?”  Bella wondered.

“Nope.  Won’t touch it.  She is the wife of the judge in the town.  No one wants to be on his bad side, so they sweep it under the table.”  Jasper answered.

“Do you mean she has killed his mistresses?”  Bella asked.

“There is no direct evidence to say that, but they are gone, and there is no evidence that they went anywhere else.”

“Fuck, we need to put her on the team.”  Edward joked.

“So, what is the plan?”  Bella questioned.

“We are going to send an envelope with pictures to the Judge’s wife; that will take care of Jessica.  Once Paul Jacobs is let go, we collect his ass up, and show him he can’t mess with the family.”  Jasper said.

“What about Charlie?”  Bella asked.

“Bella, love, that is up to you.  What do you think we should do?”  Edward said, wanting her to make the final decision on the man who, up until a few months ago, was her father.

Bella sat back, and began to think about what was best for not only for herself, but for the family.  Charlie and Renee had never truly been parents.  She has felt more love and support since she had met Edward and his family, than she did her entire life.  Did Charlie deserve to live and continue to make trouble for the family?  Or did he need to pay for all the cruel things he did to her, and tried to do the family?  There was only one right decision; she must protect the family at all costs.  Charlie Swan must die.



Chapter 17 Bound and United

The next week was busy for Edward and Bella.  They returned to work, and dug into business.  Jasper had brought them up to speed with the house cleaning that had been done.  Edward was happy how Jasper had stepped up and taken control.


“Jasper, it sounds like you handled the situation wonderfully.”  Edward said.

“Thank you, Edward.  I would do anything to protect the family.”  Jasper replied.

“We know, Jasper.  Do you have any more information on Paul Jacob’s plans?  What has Lawrence said?  Fuck, we paid him a half million dollars last year.”  Edward complained.

“I called him, but he is not picking up his phone.”  Jasper said.

“Do you think we have a problem with him?”

“I don’t know until I talk to him.  But, until then, we need to be prepared for the pigs to visit at any moment.”  Jasper explained.

Jackson Rathbone - Portraits

“What about the shipment that is due in tonight?”  Bella asked.

“I have put extra security into place, and we have moved in an excessive amount of empty containers.  It is going to be almost impossible to know which ones that are holding the guns, and which ones aren’t.”

“Like a big shell game?”  Bella asked.

“Yes.”  Jasper answered.

“Who do we have on the crane?”  Edward asked.

“His name is Dakota Mills.  He has worked on the docks since he was eighteen.   He is a single father of two little girls.”  Jasper explained.


“What happened to his wife?”  Bella asked.

“She died of cancer last year.”

“How sad?  Can we trust him?”  Bella wondered.

“He has always been very trustworthy.  Actually, it was his idea to put in the extra containers.  He has the containers marked on the top, so a man standing on the ground wouldn’t be able to see it.”

“What is in the containers?”  Edward asked.

Jasper chuckled.  “Barrels of pig shit.”

“Pig shit?”  Edward laughed.

“Yup.  He said that if that fucking pigs wanted to sniff around, he would give them want they fucking deserved.”

“That is perfect.  Is the surveillance camera set, and ready to record?”  Bella asked.

“Yes, they are all set, and ready to go.”  Jasper answered.   “Are you excited about the grand opening tomorrow night?”

“We are.  Carmine is coming by after lunch to go over the final details.  Maggie has a meeting with us at three.  Fuck, she did such a fantastic job on the building after the fuck up she was giving after Jacob *cough* resigned.”  Edward smirked.

Jasper laughed at the comment.  “Yeah, you gave him such a wonderful going away party, Edward.”

Edward chuckled as he thought back to the fun that had with Jacob Black.  Fucking asshole thought Bella was his.  It was a shame, because the Black family had been architects for the family for many years.  He threw away a cushy life; he and his demented thoughts.

After the meeting, Edward and Bella ordered in their lunch, and enjoyed a few quiet moments together.  Bella had a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, and was excited to hear updates on their little bundle of joy.  They had called Alice, and asked if she would like to design the nursery.  Their eardrums rang for hours afterwards from her screaming.  She was going to come over on Monday to take measurements, and get an idea of what they wanted, and what they didn’t, in the room.

They had also talked about Thanksgiving dinner.  Esme had called and said she would love to host the dinner.  She had invited a lot of the family; most everyone was coming.  The only ones who weren’t going to be at Thanksgiving dinner were Alec and Maggie.  They were going to be spending Thanksgiving in Boston with Sean and Elizabeth.  They would be staying in Boston until after the wedding.  Bella had been disappointed that she would be spending her first Thanksgiving without her brother.  She understood, but was still disappointed about it.  Alec had come by the office, and told her their plans, but promised her that they would be spending Christmas with her.  After a tearful long hug, Bella told him that they would have the best Christmas ever together as a family.

Once they finished eating, they went into the en suite bathroom to freshen up for their meetings.  Edward watched as she made sure her stockings were straight.  She had placed one leg on the bench, twisting and pulling the stocking. Her ass stuck out toward Edward’s face.  The more he watched, the harder he became, and, when he couldn’t take anymore, he stood from the chair, and walked toward her.  He grasped her around the waist, and pulled her ass tight against his cock.

“Do you feel what you do to me?”  Edward murmured.

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

“I bet if I put my hand up that fucking skirt of yours that I will find my pussy wet.  Does my pussy need something?”  Edward taunted.

Bella knew he was right.  She turned, faced him, and pulled him down so she could kiss the living fuck out of him.  Their tongues battled each other for dominance, and, when they had no air left, they broke, gasping for air.


Edward lifted her up, and sat her on the edge of the vanity.  Running his hand up her legs, he finally reached her satin covered pussy, and, sure enough, it was soaking wet with need.  Taking a hold of the sides of the panties, he ripped them off her.  Taking a step back, he unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper, and pushed his pants and underwear to the ground.  Taking his thick cock in one hand, he pushed it into her pussy, the hot wet hole encasing his cock so perfectly.  Bella wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to repeatedly pound into her.

“Fuck, Edward, that feel so fucking amazing.”  Bella cried.

“Fuck yeah.  Baby, I am not going to last, you need to cum and cum now.”  Edward demanded.

Bella reached down between them, and began to pinch her clit; suddenly the wave of pure euphoria washed over her. Her orgasm came in waves, gripping Edward’s cock, causing his own orgasm to start.  Finally, they calmed down enough, and Edward pulled out of his hot, wet home.

“Fuck, baby, that was intense.”  He moaned.

“Fuck yeah it was.”

They finally cleaned up, and Bella was happy that she kept extra underwear here at the office, just in case.  They returned to their desk with huge smiles on their faces.

There was a knock on the door, and Carmen popped her head in.

“Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, Carmine is here for his appointment.”  She announced.

“Thank you, Carmen.”  Bella said, as Edward and her stood.

Carmine was at awe at the sight before him.  He could see and feel the energy coming off the pair.  “Edward, Bella, it is so good to see you back.”

“Carmine, thank you.  We love being back.  Please, have a set.”  Edward answered.

“Thank you.”  Carmine said, and sat down in the chair in front of the dual desk.

“So, are we ready to open tomorrow night?”  Bella asked.

“We are very ready.  I have never worked with a staff so polished and professional as this staff.  Maria’s girls are top notch and an extreme asset to the club.”

“It is wonderful to hear that.  We wanted to help these women, who were abused so badly.  It was my promise when we took over the family to help these women to find jobs that they would be proud to work at, and to be financially stable.”  Bella said.

“That is so admirable of you.”  Carmine declared.  “I have to say this club is out of this world.  I am not talking just the design, but the whole concept of it.”

Edward wrapped his arms around Bella, and kissed her temple.  “She has a fucking awesome brain to go with her hot body.”

Bella slapped his arm.  “Stop that.”  She growled.

“Bella, this was your concept?”  Carmine asked.

Bella couldn’t help but blush a bright shade of red.  “Yes, it is mine.”

“It is wonderful.  I would seriously think about taking this concept into cities across the country.”  Carmine proposed.  “I know for a fact this would be huge in the D.C. area.”

“Washington, D.C.?”  Edward questioned.

“Yes, sir.  Those fuckers are kinky as fuck.  They are always looking for a club, and one with discretion is top priority.”

“That is something we believe in.  Do you happen to know any of the Dominants?”  Edward asked.

“Actually, yes.  He is a rising star in the political arena.  It is rumored that he will be running for the Presidency in eight years.”

“Why is he waiting so long?”  Bella questioned.

“Because he is only twenty-eight.”  Carmine chuckled.

“Fuck, that is young.”  Edward exclaimed.

“He is, but is already a state senator.  I met him at the club in Los Angeles and we began to talk.  He graduated from Harvard at the age of twenty, went into the Marines, and pulled two tours in Afghanistan, received both a purple heart and silver star.  When he came back home to Virginia, his father was a sitting Senator, and wanting to retire.  He ran, and fucking won.  Damn, he has this charisma that make anyone wants to listen to his every word.  He allowed me to view one of his sessions with a submissive, and, fuck, he was pure joy to watch.  I spoke to the submissive after the session, and she said that she had never had a Dominant command her like he had.”

“What is his name?”  Edward questioned.

“Davison McKinsey.”


“Fuck, he sounds like he is doing everything right. But, isn’t he afraid that his sexual preference will get out?”  Edward asked.

“Edward, you know as I do that you can’t stop being a Dominant.  He is very careful, and that is why I think we should seriously think about looking into building a club in the D.C. area.”  Carmine urged.

“Why don’t we wait until after the holidays are over with, and sit down again, and have this discussion.”  Bella requested.

“That sounds like a good plan.”  Edward said.  “How are the memberships going?”

“Silver membership is at 70%, Gold membership is at 80%, and Black membership is at 95%, with all but two of the private rooms rented.”

“HOLY FUCK!”  Edward exclaimed.

“I know, right?  As soon as the memberships came available for sale, the phone was ringing off the hook.  Alec and his workers have been extremely busy with the background checks.  He found several applicants unsuitable.”  Carmine explained.

“We are glad that we are being so thorough.  I don’t want another James incident to happen again.”  Bella said.

Edward shivered at the thought about how James was a member of Diamond Knotts, and how close he came to harming Bella.  They brought Alec in before memberships went up for sale, and explained they wanted a top level security sweep on all applicants.  Alec assured them that no one would get through.  So, to hear that he had found possible problems, eased  Edward’s mind.

“Did anyone have a problem with the pricing?”  Edward questioned.

“Only the ones who were rejected.”  Carmine joked.  “The Dominants that passed the background checks, were taken on private tours of the building and each one of the private rooms.  They were thoroughly impressed by the decor and security of the building.  Many of them have already started setting the rooms up to meet their needs.”

Edward and Bella finished up the meeting with Carmine, and went back to their paperwork, as well as went over the books for all their businesses.  Diamond Knotts membership numbers were okay, but nowhere near Eclipse’s.

“Do you think we might need to do an upgrade at Diamond Knotts?”  Bella asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I am not sure, but why don’t we have Maggie look at the floor plans, and see what she thinks?”  Bella answered.

“Sounds good.  But we are running out of time this year.  Maggie and Alec will be gone all next week, and then we both know she will be running around trying to get her wedding plans finalized when they return.”  Edward explained.

“I know, we might have to wait after the first of the year for this as well.”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Maggie arrived on time, and they discussed the end cost figures for Eclipse, and were pleased to hear that it had come in under budget and on time.  Maggie had done a hell of job after the mess she had inherited from Jacob Black.  Edward and Bella told her they had a few projects they wanted her to look at, but they could wait until after the holidays.  Maggie asked what they were.  Once she heard,  she agreed that a project in DC would take some time to plan, but she wanted to look at the plans for Diamond Knotts when she returned from Boston.  She felt confident that she could come up with a solution to make Diamond Knotts more profitable.

Bella asked her how the wedding plans were coming along, and Maggie excitedly told her everything that Esme and she had done.  She also told them about her shopping trips with Alec for their new house.  She hoped to go to some antique shops when they were in Boston next week, and have everything shipped back.  The plan was to have all the house complete soon so they could move in right after their wedding.

After Maggie left, Edward and Bella finished up some paperwork, and headed home.  Jasper was going to watch over the shipment coming in, and would keep them abreast of any problems that would arise.  They enjoyed a relaxing evening by the fire, looking over their baby book, and talking about Bella’s appointment.

They were going to talk to Meribeth tomorrow about them being in the community, and the fact that Bella was a submissive.  They hoped she wasn’t narrow minded about it, and would listen to them explain what that all entailed.  Edward explained that, over the years, so many Dominants and submissives had had a hard time trying to convince people who were not in the community, that it wasn’t a man getting his jollys off by hitting a woman.  Edward had lots of documentation on BDSM and submissives who were expecting to show Meribeth that they could safely continue their Master/submissive relationship for the duration of Bella’s pregnancy.

There were two rooms that would be perfect for the nursery, but they selected the room that had larger windows, and allowed lots of natural light into the room.  It was larger than most nurseries, but they wanted only the best for next Don or Donna of the family.  Bella was getting excited to see what Alice came up with for the room.

Later in the evening, Edward’s phone rang. When he picked it up, and saw it was Jasper.  Fuck, had something gone wrong with the shipment.

“Jasper.”  Edward answered, as he put the phone on speaker so Bella could hear. “What is wrong?”

Jasper was trying to gain control, but what he had just witnessed was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his entire life.

“Nothing is wrong.”  Jasper laughed.


“Jasper, why are you crying?”  Bella asked.

“I am not crying, I am laughing.”  He chuckled.  “Pull up the surveillance tape, and watch it.  The shipment is fine, and on it’s way to the buyer, but the pigs are rooting around, and have made a mess.”

“All right; we will call you back after review the tape.”  Edward said.  He got up, and retrieved his laptop.  Logging in to the secure server, he pulled up the surveillance tape, and hit play.

They saw Dakota and his team lifting the containers from one location to the next in the pouring rain. Then, all of a sudden, they saw a large group of men dressed in black with the word POLICE written across their chests and guns drawn.  As Dakota placed one the locked containers down, the cops move in, and, with bolt cutters, cut the lock off.  They then saw several of the cops rush in, and then watched as they came out, ready to enter one of the red containers.  Then, from the side, they saw Paul Jacobs walking up to the container. Edward and Bella could see a smirk on his face.  He placed his hand on the lid, and, as he began to remove it, the gas pack that had been placed in the containers, under the shit, exploded, throwing shit all over Paul and every cop standing near it.  Edward and Bella could see the shit, mixed with the rain running down the cops’ bodies.  They could hear them coughing and cursing.  Paul was trying to whip the shit off of himself, but, with each swipe, he made it worse. Then, as they began to move away from the container, they began to slip and fall.

Edward and Bella both laughed until tears rolled down their eyes.  The fucking cops looked like a bunch of pigs wallowing around in the mud.


They had to crawl away from the container to the side parking lot where they were parked.  The camera panned back to the crane, where Edward and Bella saw Dakota look directly at the camera and hold his thumb up, indicating that all was fine with the true shipment.  Served the fucking pigs right for trying to fuck with the family

Bound and United Chapter 16


Edward opened his eyes, and looked at the clock.  Damn, it was eleven twenty.  Rolling over, he saw his lovely wife still sleeping peacefully.


After their conversation with Jasper, they both needed to forget Paul Jacobs, Charlie Swan, and anyone else who was trying to tear them apart, so they made love and fucked like animals until they both passed out from pure exhaustion.  He had felt Bella getting up a few hours earlier, and was worried she was sick, but she soon came back to bed, and collapsed once more.

Reaching over, he moved a piece of her mahogany hair from her face, and then leaned in, and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Hmm.”  She hummed.

“Wake up, my love.”  Edward encouraged.

“Can’t.  So tired.”

“It is after eleven, and I want to talk to you about maybe going into the playroom this evening, if you are feeling up to it.”  Edward said.

Bella eyes popped open and a large smile formed on her face.  “Playroom?”  She asked excitedly.   Her mind began thinking about being back in her Master’s playroom, and serving him.


“Yes, I have spoken to Peter, and he gave me some guidance on how to play safely with you while you are carrying our child.  I want to make an addendum to our contract.”

Bella didn’t understand why he wanted to change their contact, but she didn’t question her Master’s decision.   After last night’s slip,  she needed to try to think about their commitment before questioning or spouting off again.   She lowered her head.   “Whatever you think is best, Master.”

Edward was pleased to see that his perfect little submissive was back.   But he needed to give her the punishment she’d earned for her disrespect from last night.  “I see my submissive wants to serve me.   But, before we go to my playroom, you must pay for the rules you broke last night.”

Bella didn’t answer, but, with her head still lowered, she nodded.

“After lunch, I want you to go to your room and write a 500 word essay on respect for your Master.   Do you understand?   You may answer.”

“Yes, Master.”  Bella answered.

“Great.   Now let’s start playing at three; does that give you enough time?”  Edward asked.

“Yes, Master.”

Edward pulled her close, and captured her mouth with his in a kiss full of want and need.   When their lungs finally ran out of air,  they pulled apart.   “I fucking love you.   Come, let’s get dressed and get some,  well, I guess, lunch.   You are going to need your energy tonight, my pet.”

“I look forward to it.”  Bella giggled.

“How is your stomach?”

“Actually, I feel wonderful,  but I think I will have Esme’s special tea with lunch.”  She admitted, hoping that she wouldn’t want to have to cancel their play time because of her upset stomach.

They got up, showered together,  bathing each other.   However,  Edward refrained from sinking his cock deep inside her pussy,  because he wanted to wait until they were in playroom to give her orgasms.

They got dressed, and decided to go to a little Greek restaurant down the street.  It was owned by a couple who had been friends of the family since Edward was knee high to a grasshopper.   Edward called for the car and security, and when it arrived, they were placed in the back of the vehicle and were off to the restaurant.

Jasper had called the security team the night before after finding out about Paul Jacobs and Charlie Swan, and had beefed up the security detail on Edward and Bella.  He also contacted security teams at both Carlisle’s and Michael’s homes, and warned them to make sure all evidence of illegal activity was secured, and that all weapons that were not legal to hidden in the bunkers.  Jasper had then gone to Cullen Towers, and began to do a swept of any information that would link the family to anything illegal.  Alec had been called, and he was currently wiping the hard drives of every computer and server for the family.  Even the best computer expert would never find one bit of data or the evidence of a wiped computer.  Jasper knew it was only a matter of time, before the police would show up, and tear through each one of the properties, but he was ready for them.

Next, the family had to bring out their secondary phones.  They would still use their primary phones for everyday communication, but anything dealing with family business would be done with the special designed phones; they were hack-proof.


Jasper would be contacting all the family members to make sure they were up to date with the emergency coding.  They had to use the most serious of emergency code when Edward had gotten shot on the property.   Not knowing the extent of the threat, they had ushered the women and children into the secure bunker.

Edward and Bella arrived at the restaurant, and were meet by the owners, Barak and Hera Angelis.


“Edward, Bella, it is wonderful to see you up and about.  Esme has been keeping us up to date.”  Barak said.

“Thank you, we are happy to be back to normal.  We were in the mood for some good Greek food, do you think you can hook us up?”  Edward joked.

“Edward, I will let that pass; come, let us get you fed.”  Hera announced, smiling brightly.

Edward and Bella were ushered to a private table, with their guard stationed around the room.  They ordered the house speciality of baked lamb with potatoes and water to drink.  Edward needed Bella to hydrate, because play in the playroom took a toll on the submissive.  He had planned a section that they had not done before, but one that was not stressful for Bella and the baby.  The lunch was great, and Barak and Hera came over and checked on them.  Edward couldn’t help but announce that they were going to be parents.  After a round of congratulations and hugs, Edward and Bella came back to their home.

When they walked into their home, Edward took Bella’s hand, and led her to his office.  He offered her the chair in front of his desk.   Bella sat down with her hands laying down on her lap, feet flat on the floor, back straight, and head bowed.  She had been thinking every second since Edward said they were going to his playroom, mentally preparing to be the submissive that she knew she could be.

“Raise your head, and answer my questions, my pet.”  Edward said, in the smooth powerful tone.

Bella rose her head and looked into his piercing green eyes.

“Your Master is extremely proud to be the father of your child, and I want to assure you that I will take every precaution for your safety and the safety of our child.   I have written this addendum to our contract to convey this.  Here is your copy, please read over it, and ask any questions you might have.”  Edward explained, as he handed the addendum to Bella.

Bella took the addendum and began to read.

I, as the Owner of property Bella, understand her condition of pregnancy. With this in mind, I take full responsibility for checking in with her frequently, and will be careful as to not overload her, or overuse her services in an effort to maintain her health and emotional well-being. Property Bella, has the responsibility to tell Me should she be experiencing any difficulty, no matter the cause (physical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise) as she is still under the terms of full disclosure. All measures will be taken to ensure the health and comfort of this property and its unborn child, who is of My seed and spirit, and whom I will cherish and help raise.”

When Bella finished reading the addendum, she had to wipe the tears from her eyes.  Just when she thought she knew all about her loving Master, he went and did something like this.  Taking some deep cleansing breaths, she tried to regain control so she could form the words to let him know how much this meant to her.  “Master, this girl is so honored by your continued thoughtfulness toward her.  This girl promises to express immediately if she is experiencing any difficulty.”

“Excellent.  Now, as for your punishment for mouthing off yesterday, I want you to go to your room, where I want you to take your submissive journal and write a five hundred word essay on respect for your Master.  As you are writing, I want you to drink another cup of tea, and eat some of the ginger snaps.  When you are finished, I want you dress in the outfit that is behind your bathroom door.  I want you to follow the directions on the way I want your hair and makeup.  You must be in your waiting position outside of my playroom at five o’clock on the dot.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”  Bella answered.

“Go, my pet, and don’t be late, because I wouldn’t want to have to give you another punishment today.”  Edward said.

Bella stood, and walked out of the room and up the stairs to her submissive bedroom.  She only used this room when she was getting ready for her playtime with her Master, but she loved the fact she had a room to get her mind in the correct mindset for play.  She sat down at her desk, where an electric teapot was sitting, and began to make her cup of tea.  Uncovering a bowl, she found it contained Esme’s homemade ginger snaps.  Pulling out her submissive journal, she began to write out her punishment.


She thought seriously about what it meant to be a submissive, and what she, as Master Edward’s submissive, needed to do.  Respect was vital to their relationship as a Dominant and submissive.  The words just flowed out of her, and she conveyed her heartfelt views on respect for her Master.  She finished, and looked at the clock, and noticed she only had thirty minutes to get dress, and be in position.

Walking in the bathroom, she closed the door to find a garment bag, she unzipped it to find a plaid short shirt, white button up blouse, white knee socks, and a pair of black MaryJane shoes.  Giggling to herself, she wondered if they were going to be doing a role play scene.  Picking up the note, she admired Edward’s wonderful handwriting as he spelled out how he wanted her hair and makeup.  “I want you to pull your hair into two low pigtails and tie the red ribbons around each one.  For your makeup, I want only the pink, bubble gum flavored lip gloss.”   Bella quickly removed her clothes, and placed on the outfit, which she noticed didn’t contain any underwear or bra.   When she put on the blouse, she could barely button it, her breasts were so large.  So, she took the bottom of it and tied it under her breasts.

Turning back to the mirror, she took one last look, and was pleased on how she looked.  She picked up her journal, and headed to the playroom.  When she arrived, she noticed that Edward had left her a pillow by the door for her to assume her waiting position.  She got down on her knees, and positioned her legs and hands, making sure she was in the correct waiting position.  When she was sure, she cleared her mind, and began to recite her pledge of submission to her Master.

Edward walked out of the playroom, and was pleased to find his pet waiting in perfect form.  He had changed his clothes to match the scene that he had planned out.  They had not done any role playing, and he thought it would be a great way to get back into the playroom.

“I am so happy to see my pet was on time.  Did you finish your punishment?”

Bella picked up her journal.  Without lifting her head, she offered it to Edward.  Edward took the journal, and turned to the page that Bella had marked with one of her bookmarks.  He read through what she had written, and was touched by how much she truly respected not just him, but their relationship as well.

Edward bent down in front of Bella, and lifted her face.  “That was beautiful, thank you.  Come, let’s go have some fun.”

Edward helped her up, and they walked into his playroom.  He had set up a desk, with large high back chair behind it. In front of the desk was a straight back wooden chair.

“Miss Swan, please, have a seat.”  Edward said.

Bella was shocked at first, but realized this was part of the scene.  She went over, and sat down.

Edward went to the desk, and sat down.  Opening up a folder, he looked up at her.  “Miss Swan, it has come to my attention that you have been daydreaming in your Biology class.  What do you have to say about this?”


“Mr. Cullen, I wasn’t daydreaming.”  Bella whined, as she batted her eyes, and twirled one of her ponytails around her finger.

“Miss Swan, Mr. Jones said you were looking off in the distance, and drawing little hearts around your worksheet.  Now, tell me what you were thinking about?”

“Mr. Cullen, I was thinking about a guy.”  Bella said, licking her lips.

“A guy.  Do you have a boyfriend, Miss Swan?”  Edward asked, loving the fact that she had fallen into the role playing so well.

Bella crossed her legs slowly, making sure that Edward saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her wet glistening pussy was his to see.  “No, Mr. Cullen.  But I do like this one guy very much, but he doesn’t know it.  He’s older than me.”

Edward’s cock was so fucking hard.  The little vixen had flashed him her wet pussy, and he nearly jumped over the desk to attack her.  “How much older?”

“How old are you Mr. Cullen?”

“I am thirty.”

“Then he is twelve years older than me.”  Bella moaned.  She uncrossed her legs and sat with her legs slightly apart.

“Miss Swan, come here.”  Edward said, pointing to the side of the desk.  Bella stood up, and walked to the spot.  “Are you a virgin?”

Looking down at her shoes, then back up at Edward, she began batting her eyes.  “Yes.”

“An older man likes when the woman has some experience.  Maybe I could help you with that.”

“Would you?”  Bella whimpered.

“Yes, come over here, and sit on the edge of the desk.”  Edward commanded.  Bella walked over, lift the back of her skirt, and sat down.  Edward placed his hands on her knees, and pulled her legs apart.  He then took in a deep breath, and took in the fucking sexy aroma coming from Bella’s pussy.  “Miss Swan, do you always go to school without underwear on?”

“Yes, Mr. Cullen.  I would wear them, and, as soon as I would see him, they would get soaking wet.”


“Are you wet now?”  He asked, not waiting for the answer because he could see the wetness glistening on her bare mound.  Bella reached down, and ran her fingers over her slick folds.  She gathered up some of it, and then pulled her finger out to show it to Edward.  Edward licked his lips, then took her finger in his mouth, and sucked the goodness off.

“Miss Swan, I need to see if your pussy is ready for a grown man’s cock.”

He took one finger and began rubbing her slick folds.  Bella’s head fell back, and she moaned loudly.  Smirking at the sound, he inserted the finger, pumping it in and out, then he added a second finger, and once again, began pumping them in and out, but also opening his fingers in a scissor motion to stretch her pussy.

“Fuck, Miss Swan, you are so tight.”  Edward groaned, stood up, and unzipped his pants.  Taking his hard thick cock into his hand, he pumped it a few times.  “This, Miss Swan, is a man’s cock.  I am going to put this monster into that tight hot hole of yours.”

Edward aligned his cock, and pushed in.  “HOLY FUCK!”  He yelled.

“Mr. Cullen, that feels so good!”  Bella cried.

“Hold on to the edge of the desk, because I am going to show you how a man fucks a woman.”

Bella grasped the edge of the desk, then Edward began to pound his cock deep inside of her over and over again.  With each thrust, Bella was getting closer and closer to cumming, but she knew that she would have to have permission.  “Mr. Cullen, I feel this tightening feeling, what is it?”  Bella asked as she tried to stay in role.

“That, my sweet, is an orgasm.  Do you feel it tightening the muscles in your legs and up to this hot little pussy.”

“Yes.  So tight.  Please, may I cum?”  Bella begged.

“No, you must learn to hold off until your lover tells you it is okay.”

“Please, please, please I have to cum.”

Edward grasped her leg, lifted it up, and pushed in even deeper.  He knew that she was at her breaking point.  “Let go, cum all over my cock.”


“MASTER!”  Bella screamed at the top of her lungs as she came hard.  Edward followed behind, cumming just as hard.  After a few minutes, he had finally calmed down enough to pull out.

“The scene is over.”  Edward said.  “You did such a good fucking job.”

“Thank you.  I enjoyed it so much.”  Bella said.

“Come, let me give you a bath, and we will get something to eat.  I have worked up an appetite.”

Edward picked her up, and gave her a sensual bath, massaging her shoulders, and telling her over and over again how much he loved her, and how much he adored her submission.  He was one lucky son of a bitch.


Chapter 12 of Bound and United

After toasting the wonderful news, Angela came in, and announced that dinner was served.  During dinner, everyone was so excited about the baby.

“I hope you are going to follow tradition and name the baby after his grandfather.”  Edward Sr. announced.

“We haven’t discussed that yet.”  Edward answered.

Bella grasped Edward’s hand, and gave it a squeeze.   “We would never break tradition.   Family means too much to us for us not to continue on with such a wonderful tradition.”

“That is great, Carlisle Masen Cullen, III.”

“But what if it is a girl?” Bella asked.

They looked at each other with a curious expression on their faces.   It had been several generations of just male offspring on both sides of the family, other than Bella, and it was an only blessing that Renee had named her after Aro’s grandmother.

“Bella, you were named after your great-grandmother, Isabella Volturi.”  Michael explained.

“I had forgotten that.” Bella replied, and then looked at Edward.   “We could use my grandmother’s first name, and, possibly, Esme’s mother’s name for the middle name.”

“That sounds wonderful my love.  Claudia Elizabeth Volturi Cullen.”

“Elizabeth?”  Bella giggled.   “Sean and Elizabeth are going to get a kick out of that one.”

“How the fuck is Sean?” Edward Sr. asked.

“Doing fucking great, now that he has his Elizabeth back.”  Edward exclaimed.

“Elizabeth who?”  Edward Sr. asked.

Edward Sr

“Oh, dear, don’t you listen to a thing I say.  Sean O’Leary has fallen for our Elizabeth Santos.”  Clara explained.

“Well, doesn’t he have to marry an Irish lass?”

“Dad, have you forgotten everything.  Elizabeth was married to Antonio Santos before his premature death.   His parents took her in because her father disowned her when she married Antonio.”  Carlisle explained.

“Well, fuck, we are losing a good member of the family.”  Edward Sr grumbled.

“Grandfather, we don’t see at losing a member, but gaining another connection with the Irish family on the East Coast.”  Edward inserted.

“Ed, she is happy and very much in love with Sean.”  Clara said.

“It even gets better; they are also expecting.”  Esme gushed.  “They are getting married on the first of December, and I was honored to be asked to help with the event.”

“Have we started taking bets on which child says fuck first?”  Edward Sr. asked.  “Because I want in on that action.”

Everyone at the table laughed, but, in the back of everyone’s mind, they, too, wondered which one would.  After a delicious dinner, and lots of laughter, the grandparents gave them hugs and more well wishes before leaving.  Carlisle and Michael told them that they were taking care of everything, and not to worry.  They were to take as much time as they needed to heal.

Edward and Bella walked back upstairs, removed their clothes, and got into bed, both exhausted from the dinner.  But, unlike the previous night, Bella slept soundly, wrapped closely to the man who would protect her and their unborn child with his life.

The next day, Dr. Mallos once again came over, and was excited to see the great progress that Edward was making.  However, he also had the wonderful news that he had spoken to Meribeth at length, and she had decided to come on board as a gynecologist and obstetrician for the family.  The family was so large, and had many women and wives as part of it that it made sense to have an OB/GYN on staff.  Edward had given Dr. Mallos an amount that the family would be willing to pay Meribeth; she was excited about it.  The family would also be paying for all malpractice insurance, and would have her office set up.  The plan was to have an office set up in Cullen Towers, which would house both Dr. Mallos and, now, Dr. Meribeth Muir.  It would be state of the art with everything they would need to treat the family, even a surgery suite.  Dr. Mallos had names of the nurses that he wanted to hire, as well as the receptionist staff, who would be two girls from those who had been part of the prostitution ring that Volturi family had run.  He had spoken with Maria, who was excited to have this opportunity for “her” girls.

Meribeth would be coming over on Monday to check Bella over.  She would also be bringing an ultrasound machine, so they would be able to see their little bundle of joy.  Bella was going to talk with Elizabeth, and see if she would want to come over Monday to get checked out as well.  Sean and Elizabeth were staying in Seattle until they got most of the wedding plans worked out, and then they would be going back to Boston.

The physical therapist came after Dr. Mallos’ visit. After an hour of therapy, Edward was exhausted and grumpy.  He was upset because he didn’t have the strength in his arm that he once had before the shooting.  The therapist explained that it would take some time to regain the movement and strength, but he felt Edward would make a full recovery.  Edward demanded to know how long that would be, and, when the therapist couldn’t tell him an exact day, he began to yell and scream about what type of incompetent asshole Dr. Mallos had sent.

Jonathan - Cashel Barnett

“Edward, darling.”  Bella cooed.  “Jonathan here is a top notch therapist, and he said that you would get back to normal.  So calm down, and tell him you are sorry.”

Edward didn’t like it, but he knew she was right.  “Fine.  Sorry about that, Jonathan.  I am just frustrated.”

“I understand, Mr. Cullen.  It happens all the time.”  Jonathan admitted.

“Please call me Edward, and I promise I will try not to be an asshole all the time.”

“Deal.  I will see you tomorrow; do those exercises that I showed you.”

After Jonathan left, Edward and Bella lay down, and took a long nap.  When they got up, it was about time for Sean and Elizabeth to come over and meet with Esme to start the wedding plans.  Esme arrived with a large book filled with books for every stage of the wedding.  By the time she left, the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception was well on its way to be planned.


“We need to discuss the dress.”  Esme said.  “Do you have any idea who you want to design it?”

“Actually, Sean’s cousin in Ireland is a wedding dress designer. She is coming over, and designing my dress.”  Elizabeth beamed.

“Oh, dear, that is wonderful.  Now, here is the book that you can take with you. I will start calling suppliers and caterers in Boston.  Sean, have you called your Priest?”  Esme asked.

“Yes; he is available, and so is the church.”

“That is good to hear.  I need you both select your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then make contact with them.  I will be coming out to Boston the week of the wedding, and make sure everything is lined up.”  Esme said.  “I need to go home, and start making calls.”

Esme got up, and placed everything back in the box, other than the book she gave Elizabeth.  She picked up the box, and turned to leave, but stopped mid-stride, and turned back around with a mischievous smile.  “Oh, and I will be needing that credit card of yours, Mr. O’Leary.  I hope it has no limit.”

Sean chuckled as he reached into his wallet, pulled out his black Amex card, and handed it to Esme.  “Already paid the annual fee; it has no limit.”

Seans Credit Card

Esme took the card, and slipped it into the pocket of her dress.  “You might want to give them a warning, just to be sure, because this baby is going to get a workout.”

“Will do.”  Sean laughed.

“Oh, Edward, Bella, are you feeling up to coming to church tomorrow?”  Esme asked.

They hadn’t been to service in several weeks, due to the family being in Vegas, then the shooting and kidnapping.  Father Ryan had called Carlisle when he heard about the shooting.  He told him he would be keeping the family in his prayers.  Bella’s kidnapping had not been known, and they wanted it to keep it that way.  The plan was that Bella would have been in a car accident in Vegas, which would explain the bruising that was still evident on her face.         “If Bella is feeling up to it, I would love to go.  We do have a lot to be thankful for,”  Edward explained.  He might be a deadly motherfucker Don, but he knew that God had to be watching out for his family, and he needed to give thanks.

“I am sure I will be fine.”  Bella answered.   “I have a lot to be thankful for, too.”

“Wonderful, we will hopefully see you tomorrow.”  Esme said, as she walked out the back to her golf cart to drive home.

Bella asked Elizabeth about coming over to get checked out by Meribeth on Monday, and she jumped at the chance to do so.

“Can I come?”  Sean asked.

“Of course, I want you to experience every step of this glorious event with me.”  Elizabeth said.

“My love, I will be here, wherever you need me.”  Sean cooed.

**********************B & U************************************

The next morning, Edward woke to find Bella’s side of the bed empty.   Rubbing his hand over the sheets, he found that it was cold, meaning she had been gone for a while.  He got up slowly; his shoulder and side were stiff from lying still for so long.  He began to swing the arm slowly in circles, like Jonathan had instructed him, and, as much as he hated to admit it, it helped him to loosen it up.

After he felt a little better, he went off to find his love.  Walking toward the bathroom, he heard Bella gagging and moaning.  Carefully opening the door, he found her sitting on the floor with her head hung over the toilet, throwing up.  Rushing over, he picked up a washcloth, wet it with cold water, and brought it over.  Gingerly getting down on his knees next to her, he pleaded.


“Baby, why didn’t you wake me?”

Bella finally stopped, and sat back.  She had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and, as soon as her feet hit the floor, the nausea hit.  Once she threw up, she thought it would be over, but she had been so wrong.  Wave after wave came every time she tried to get up, so she decided to stay put until it was over.  She was thankful that they had a mini fridge in the bathroom, where they kept bottles of water.  Pulling down several fluffy towels, she made herself a little bed.  She had fallen asleep, but, when she tried to roll over, the nausea hit again.

“I didn’t think I would be in here long, and I couldn’t move too much without it starting up again.”  Bella said weakly.

“Oh, baby.  Is there anything I can get you to help?”  Edward asked; he was so worried about her.

“I don’t know.”

“Hold on, let me call Mom, and see if she knows anything.”  Edward said, as he slowly got up, and made it back to the bedroom to get his phone.  Finding his phone, he quickly found his mom’s cell number.

“Edward, what is wrong?”  Esme asked groggily.  She knew her son wouldn’t be calling at five thirty in the morning unless it was an emergency.

“Mom, Bella is throwing up.”  He explained.

“Edward, that is going to happen.”

“No, Mom, she has been throwing up for hours.  Is there anything I can give her to help her?”

“Oh my.  Give me a few minutes, and I will come over with some tea and crackers.” Esme replied.  She jumped out of bed, and turned on the lamp, causing Carlisle to wake up.

“What is wrong?”

“Bella is sick.  I am going over to help.”

“Shit.  Hold on, I will go with you.  I am sure Edward is be fit to be tied.”

Carlisle and Esme quickly dressed, and collected the peppermint tea bags, the ginger snaps, and lemon drops.  Like Esme, Carlisle had also purchased a golf cart to drive between the properties.  Carlisle had a custom 1932 Ford California golf cart built.  It was cherry red and hot as hell.


He helped Esme in the passenger seat and climbed into the driver’s seat and took off, impressed that he could go twenty-five miles per hour.  They quickly arrived at the house, happy to see the guards were taking their responsibilities seriously.  An elite set of guards had been selected from the family to perform protective detail on the Don and Donna of the family.

The guard recognized Carlisle immediately and allowed him to pass without delay.  Carlisle disarmed the alarm and they went inside.  Esme quickly went to the kitchen, turned on the stove, and started making the tea.  After finishing, she placed it on a tray, along with ginger snaps, and lemon drops and they climbed the stairs to master suite.  Before going in, Carlisle called out Edward’s name. He knew that, even though Edward was injured, he was always on alert, and wouldn’t think a second thought of shooting whoever came into their bedroom unannounced.

“Dad, we are in the bathroom.”  Edward called out.

Carlisle and Esme walked into the bedroom, where Esme placed the tray on the bedside table.  They then proceeded to the bathroom, where they found both Edward and Bella on the floor.

“Oh, my poor baby.”  Esme exclaimed, rushing over to Bella.  “You have been having a horrible time.  I brought over some things to help.  But, first, let’s get you back in bed.”

Bella raised her head slowly.  “I don’t think I can walk.”

Edward went to pick her up, and Esme slapped his arm.  “Have you lost your fucking mind?  You cannot lift her with your arm.  Carlisle will do it.”

“But, Mom, she is my wife.”

Carlisle laid his hand on his shoulder.  “Son, we know that, but, right now, you need a little help.”

“Fine.”  Edward grumbled.  He slowly got up, and got out of the way so Carlisle could get Bella more easily.

Carlisle squatted down.  “Hey there, little one.  Let daddy take care of you.” He volunteered.

Bella lifted her head slowly.  “I may throw up on you.”

“Oh, sweetheart, it’s nothing that I haven’t had happen to me before.  Edward would always come into our bedroom at night when he was sick, wake us up, and say, “Daddy, I am going to throw up,” and then proceeded to do so.”

Carlisle slowly placed an arm under her legs, one around her body, and slowly pulled her close, and stood up.  Bella laid her head on his shoulder, and he walked into the bedroom to find that Esme had prepared the bed for her.  She had placed extra pillows for her to sit up, with and a waste basket beside the bed, just in case.  The covers had been turned down, and were ready for Bella to be placed in them.  He walked to her side of the bed, laid her down softly, and then placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Esme stepped in, and went to work.  Tucking Bella into the blankets, and then picking up the teacup full of peppermint tea, she brought it up to her lips.  “Take slow sips.”  She implored.

Tea cup with lemon and cookies on rustic wooden background

Bella sipped on the perfectly warm tea, letting it slide down her throat, which was sore from throwing up so much.  After several sips, Esme handed her a ginger snap cracker.

“Some would say to nibble on saltine crackers, but, when I was pregnant with Edward, my mother gave me ginger snaps, and I was able to keep them down much better.”

Bella took the ginger snap, and slowly bit off a piece, chewed it, and swallowed.  She allowed for the tea and snaps to settle, and hoped it would do the trick.

Meanwhile, Carlisle walked back into the bathroom to find Edward sitting on the bench that was in the room with his head down with his hands in his hair.

Illustrated silhouette of a man sitting with his head in his hand


“Edward, son, are you okay?”

Edward shook his head no.  He was so upset with himself.  He had promised Bella he would take care of her, and he couldn’t give carry her into the bedroom.  What kind of husband was he?

Carlisle came over, and sat down beside Edward.  “Son, I know you are having a hard time; hell, I was in your shoes once.”  Carlisle explained.

Edward looked up, and wondered what his father was talking about; he didn’t remember his father ever being shot.  “What do you mean?”

“It was right after you were born.  The Russians were trying to take over our turf, so I had gone out to the docks to check on things.  I was still headstrong, and thought I needed to be hands on all situations.  Marcus was with me, and, as we went around a shipping container, ten Russian hitmen ambushed us.  The firefight was furious, and we were able to kill all the motherfuckers, but not without taking some hits ourselves.  I was hit in the shoulder, hell, much like where you were shot.  Marcus was hit in the leg, but was able to hobble around on his good leg.   He wrapped up my shoulder, and rushed me to the hospital.  The doctors got me into surgery, and were able to stop the bleeding, and remove the bullet.  After a few days in the hospital, I was finally able to go home.  Your mother had not been able to spend a lot of time at the hospital, because you were only a few months old.  When I got home, she was taking care of both you and me, but she overworked herself, and ended up sick.  Edward, it was bad.  Dr. Mallos told her she needed to stay in bed for a week; if she didn’t, he would be forced to admit her.  So, here I was with a bummed up shoulder, an infant, and sick wife.  She had to have help going to and from the bathroom, and I couldn’t help her.  She had to call her mother to come over, and stay to help take care of you and her.   I felt like I was letting her down, but now that I look back on it, there was nothing wrong with asking for help from family.  Family helps family.  So, get up, go in there, and give your support to your wife and allow your mother and me to pick up the rest.”

“Thanks, Dad.  I am still learning from your wisdom.”  Edward acknowledged.

They got up, went back in the bedroom, and were shocked by what they saw.  Bella was sitting on the bed, drinking tea, munching on some type of cookie, and laughing at something the Esme had said.  All the color had returned to her cheeks, and her eyes, which had been dulled, were sparkling brightly.

Bella drinking tea

“Hey, sweetheart.”  Bella chirped happily.

“Fuck, Mom, what did you feed her?”  Edward questioned.

“Just something to make her little stomach happy.”  Esme beamed.

“Thank you so much, Mom.”  Bella said.

“You are very welcome, sweetie.  Now, keep those lemon drops on you at all times.”

“I will.”  Bella confirmed.

“When I get home, I will have a shipment of peppermint tea ordered and shipped immediately to you.  This afternoon, after church, I will make a huge batch of ginger snaps.”  Esme explained.  “Carlisle, dear, we need to get home and get ready for church.”

“Yes, dear.”  Carlisle answered, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“We will see you there.”  Bella said.

“Bella, honey, I don’t think that is a good idea.”  Edward urged.

“What do you mean?  We said last night we were going.”

“But I don’t think you should go, since you are sick.”

Bella couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  How dare he tell her that she was too sick to do something.

“Look here, Edward.  I am not dying, I am just pregnant, so do not tell me that I am too sick.  I am going to church, with or without you.”  Bella growled.

“But, sweetie…”

“DON’T ‘SWEETIE’ ME!”  Bella yelled.  Turning back to Carlisle and Esme, she noticed that they were trying their best not to laugh.  “I will see you at church.”  Bella sweetly proclaimed.

“Okay, sweetie.”  Carlisle said, and then walked out of the room, and down the stairs.  They waited until they were outside before they busted out in laughter.

“Hormones are raging.  I hope Edward has all the guns and knives locked up.”  Carlisle jested.


Chapter 10 of Bound and United

The early morning light began to stream through the windows of Edward and Bella’s bedroom.


Edward slowly opened his eyes, and smiled, knowing that his life was safely wrapped in his arms.  It had been a long night; Bella had woken him up several times with her nightmares.  He didn’t know what it was all about, but he knew it had to do with Roberto.  The first time she screamed out, he had reached for his gun, but when he looked around, he saw that she was screaming in her sleep.  He gathered her body closer to his and whispered.  “You are safe, you are with me, my love.”  He continued to say that over and over until she finally calmed down.  Once she was back to sleep, he drifted off to sleep, just to be woken again and again.  He hated that she was going through this, damn that fucker, Roberto, and damn Aro.


“Hmm…Edward, can you let go of me?”  Bella requested.


“Never.”  He smirked.


“Well, you are going to have to, or our bed is going to be wet.”


“Fine.  But hurry back.”  Edward replied as he kissed her cheek.


Bella got up, and hurried to the bathroom.  She quickly emptied her bladder, washed her hands, and brushed her teeth.  As she looked in the mirror, she saw the horrible black circles under her eyes.


She knew they were caused by the horrible nightmares that plagued her all night long; the only thing that helped her get any rest was Edward.  Taking one more look in the mirror, and running a brush through her hair, she returned to the bedroom, and back to Edward’s waiting arms.


“Good morning, love.”  Edward said, pulling back the covers, and inviting her back in.  She climbed back in, and gently laid her head on his good shoulder.

“Good morning.”  She murmured.  “I am sorry I kept waking you.”

Edward turned so he was looking into her beautiful eyes.  “No, sweetheart.  I am sorry you have been having such bad dreams.  Do you want to talk about it?  It might help.”  He implored.

Taking a deep breath, Bella began.  “It starts with us at the hospital, where I have just given birth to our baby, when Roberto bursts in, shooting and killing the doctor, then you, and, then he takes our baby.”

Edward hugged her tight.  “Baby, he is dead and gone.”

“But it was so real.”

“I am sure it was.  Dad and Sean took care of him.  I watched the entire torture, and his last breath.  There is no way in hell he’s still alive.”

“But it was so real.”  Bella cried.

“Baby, you have been through hell, but I promise you that I won’t leave your side again.  Remember what you said last night about fighting for us?”

Bella nodded.

“Then you need to keep fighting, and not let the memories of Roberto take control.  You are stronger than this; we are stronger than this, and I promise you that I will fight for us.”

“I love you.”  Bella whispered, so overcome by Edward’s words.

“As I love you.  Now, let’s get up, and have Angela fix us some breakfast.  Dr. Mallos will be coming by soon to check me out.  Shit, we need to find you a doctor.”

“I really like Meribeth.”  Bella said.

“Who?”  Edward questioned.

“The doctor that came with Carlisle and Sean.  She was nice, but I could tell she had a reason for being there.”

“When Dr. Mallos gets here, we will talk to him about her.  But, baby, you and our little cygnet require the best.”

“I want that as well.”  Bella said, placing her hand on her stomach.

“Oh, fuck, I need to tell Mom and Dad.”

“Your dad already knows.”  Bella announced.

“What? You mean he knew you were pregnant before I did?”  Edward whined.

Bella smiled, and kissed Edward sweetly on his pouty lips.  “He found out by accident from Elizabeth.  But, I did tell him he could tell your mom, but not your grandparents, or mine.  I want to have them over, and do that together.”

“All right.  Let’s see what Dr. Mallos says about me, and maybe we can have them over for a quiet dinner.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”  Bella said.  “How are you feeling this morning?”

Edward knew he couldn’t lie to her; she had a way of seeing through him.  “Stiff and sore, but I feel like I have more energy than yesterday.  I think having you around has improved my health greatly.”

“Oh, baby, I am so happy to be home.  Now, let’s get dressed; I am so hungry.” Bella replied.

“Then, we must feed the little mama.”  Edward smirked.

They got up and got dressed: Bella in a pair of jeans and a flowy top, while Edward opted for a pair of track pants and a T-shirt.   Hand in hand, they went downstairs, taking it easy with each step.  Edward still felt weak, but it was better than when he was in the hospital.  They walked into the kitchen to find Angela and Ben at the breakfast bar.

“Edward, Bella, so good to see you up and around.  Please have a seat, and I will fix you breakfast.”  Angela remarked as she pulled out two coffee cups, and began pouring them each a cup.

“Actually, Angela can I have a glass of milk?.”  Bella asked.  She had heard that pregnant women were supposed to watch their caffeine intake, and increase their milk intake.

Angela looked at Bella, then at Edward, who was sitting there with the largest smile she had ever seen, then he wrapped his arms around Bella, and kissed her temple.  As she looked back at Bella, she wondered, was she pregnant?  “Okay, is there anything else you might like to change in your diet?”

Bella smiled.  Angela was a very smart woman; she could tell from her question that she had figured it out.  “Not at the moment, but I will let you know.”  Bella answered.

Angela giggled, and continued fixing Edward and Bella their breakfast.

“Oh, shit, I forgot to ask; how is Seth?”  Bella asked.

“He is doing fine.  He is actually here on the compound receiving his treatments.  The bullet nicked an artery in his leg, but the surgeons were able to repair it, and he will regain full use of his leg.”  Edward explained.  “We are bring in PT techs here, instead having to leave the house.  Ben, the doc is coming this morning, and the techs will start coming tomorrow if everything checks out with the doc.  I want the new guard in place and I want you to make sure they understand what they are doing.”

“Will do, Boss, and the fence has been completed; we put on an extra crew to get it done.  Alec left instructions on where he wanted the cameras and a laser detention fence to be placed.”


“Fuck, I forgot about that.  The house is gone already?”

“Yes, we got it all done while you were away.”

“Oh, I had forgotten about that.”  Bella said.

“It is now one large compound with Carlisle and Esme’s house on one end, and yours on the other.  The now empty space in the middle is ready for the house that will be for the guard and the underground meeting hall.”  Ben said with a smirk.  It was not really a meeting hall, but a new place that would be used any time they needed to take care of people who messed with the family.  It was going to state of the art, with a specialized flooring that would cut clean up time in half.  It would also have sterilizating showers and an incinerator to burn clothes and other materials.

“Great.  When is the construction supposed to start?”  Edward asked.

“Next week.  Our regular construction guys couldn’t get here until after they finished Eclipse, which is now completely done, and they are training the staff now.  We are holding off on the open date until you two got back.  I’ve heard that the list of people wanting to join is huge, and that Carmine and his father have been working overtime doing background checks on all potential members.”

“Ben, I can’t thank you enough for looking out of things here.  My father and Michael have said you have been going above and beyond the call of duty, man.  After everything finally settles down, I want you and Angela to take a nice long vacation on us.”  Edward declared.

“Not necessary, Boss.”

“Yes, it is.”  Bella inserted.

Angela placed breakfast in front of them, and they began eating.  Bella ate everything on her plate, and looked up at Angela, who had a sly grin.  Walking over to the stove, she uncovered the skillet, and placed another helping of the cheesy eggs on Bella’s plate, along with another piece of wheat toast.  Bella dug in once more, enjoying the cheesy goodness.

Edward couldn’t help but smile as Bella took a second helping of breakfast.  He was going to make sure that her every desire was met during this pregnancy; hell, he would make sure it always happen.  After finishing their breakfast, they went into the living room, and sat down to wait for Dr. Mallos.

They enjoyed their time, talking about the baby, and how happy they were.  Bella said they would need to design a nursery; Edward surprised her by wanting to be part of the design.


He said he was sure that his mom and dad would have to have a nursery in their home as well.  They heard the doorbell; they thought it was Dr. Mallos, but was surprised to see Sean and Elizabeth.  Both were beaming with joy and happiness.

“Hello, Fucker.”  Edward smirked.

“Well, hello to you, too, asshole.  You are looking better, but, then again, you had only one way to go, or you would be dead.”  Sean joked.

Elizabeth came over, and gave Bella a big hug.  “How are you feeling?”

“Good, having a little trouble sleeping, but otherwise great.  How about you?”

Elizabeth laid her left hand on her stomach, her engagement ring catching the sunlight that was beaming into the room.  “We are really good.”

“OH MY GOD!”  Bella yelled, reaching for Elizabeth’s hand.  “Is that what I think it is?”

Sean stepped over, placing his arm around Elizabeth, and kissing her.  “It sure the fuck is.  We’re getting hitched.”

“Congrats, fucker, Elizabeth.”  Edward said.  “You are getting yourself one hell of a girl.”

“I know.”  Sean beamed.

“Sit down, and tell us all about it.”  Bella gushed, wanting to know all the details.

Sean and Elizabeth each took a seat on the loveseat, and proceeded to tell them about how he proposed.  Bella oohed and aahed all the details.  Sean, like Edward, was a big, bad mafia boss, but also had a soft heart for the woman he loved.

“Bella, do you think Esme would help me plan the wedding?  We want to get married in a month.  I know it will be the first of December, but we wanted to get married several weeks before Alec and Maggie’s wedding.”  Elizabeth asked.

“I am sure she will, but why don’t I call her, and have her come over?”  Bella asked as she pulled out her phone, and dialed Esme’s cell phone.  She answered on the first ring.

“Bella, sweet, how are you?”

“I am great, but I was wondering if you come over?”  Bella asked.

“Certainly.  I will be right over. Oh, I can take the golf cart, and use the new connector road between the houses.  Oh, Bella, you have to see my cart, it is so cool.  I had it specially made; it is Tiffany blue.  I will be there in a few.”  Esme said, hanging up before Bella could get a word in.

Bella giggled as she put away her phone.  “What did she say?”  Elizabeth asked.

“Oh, honey, she is on her way.”  Bella chucked.  “Edward, did you know that your mom had a golf cart custom made for her to drive between our houses?”

“Fuck, no, please tell me she didn’t.”  Edward groaned.

Then they heard it; it definitely sounded like no other a golf cart.  They got up, and looked out the window in the back, facing the road, and saw Esme pull in a Tiffany blue golf cart.  It looked like it was a ‘57 Chevy, with large chrome wheels and huge chrome dual tailpipes. The seats were white and Tiffany blue leather.


Carlisle was sitting in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life.  All the color was gone from his face.  Esme slammed on the brakes, causing Carlisle’s head to whip back.

“Ouch.”  He cried.

“Quit being a damn baby.”  Esme announced as she walked up the steps and through the door.  “Damn fool can’t take it that I drive better than him.”

They all tried not to laugh as Esme made her rounds, hugging each one of them.  When she hugged Bella, tears were flowing down her cheeks.  “Oh, baby girl, I am so happy.”  She cried.


“Me, too.”  Bella said, wiping away her tear.

Carlisle walked in, his hair was windblown, and he was white as a sheet.  “Esme, what the fuck?  You could have killed us.”

“Oh, quit being such a big baby, I thought you were a bad ass, but you are nothing but damn, whiny ass pussy.”  Esme huffed.

“ESME!”  Carlisle barked.  “You and I will discuss this later.”

Esme looked into his eyes and knew she had overstepped her bounds.  Fuck, this was not her loving husband before her, but her Dominant.  Lowering her head a little, she looked up with a sad eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

Carlisle walked over, and wrapped his arms around her, then leaned in, and whispered into her ear.  “We will take care of the punishment later on.”

Esme nodded, and whispered back.  “Yes, Sir.”

Fuck, Carlisle loved hearing her say that, he leaned in, and kissed her soundly, pulling her up against his denim covered hardened cock.

“Mom, Dad, we have company.”  Edward whined.

“What?”  Carlisle smirked.

They finally broke loose, and everyone sat down.

“Mom, I wanted you to come over to ask if you would be willing to help plan another wedding?”  Bella asked.

Esme wondered who was getting married.  She was already helping Maggie and Alec’s wedding.  She had been making lists all morning for the baby shower that she would be having for her grandbaby.  “Who is getting married?”

“That would be us, Esme.”  Elizabeth answered, beaming with joy.

“Oh, how wonderful!”  Esme rejoiced.

“Congratulations!”  Carlisle boomed, shaking Sean’s hand, and giving Elizabeth a hug.  “We will miss having you on the team, but I can’t think of a better man for you.  You both deserve to be happy.  Let’s get some champagne, and have a toast.”

“Actually, Dad, I can’t have any and you know Bella can’t.”  Edward said.

“And, Carlisle, Elizabeth can’t either.”  Sean smirked.

Esme looked over at Elizabeth, and she smiled, and nodded.  “Are you pregnant, too?”  Esme asked.

“Yes, we are.”  Elizabeth answered with pride.

“Oh, my, two babies.  You girls are having babies who will be the same age.  That is so wonderful.”  Esme gushed.

“Mom, you didn’t give us an answer.  Will you help?”  Bella asked again.

“Of course!  We will get together tomorrow, and write down what you see in the wedding, and I will take it from there.  Oh, and Sean, I will need something from you.”

“What, Esme?”

“Your credit card.”

Everyone laughed.  Sean reached into his wallet, and pulled out his black Amex card, and handed it over to Esme.  “Spare no expense.”

“Just the words I like to hear.”  Esme beamed.

The group laughed and talked, not bringing up any business or kidnapping, somehow knowing that both Bella and Elizabeth needed to have some normal interaction.  This is how Dr. Mallos found them.  He couldn’t help but smile, because he could see a huge difference in Edward from yesterday’s check up to today’s, and knew it was all because of the young woman sitting beside him, who was lovingly caressing his leg.

“Good day!”  Dr. Mallos announced.

“Dr. Mallos, come in.  It is so nice to see you.”  Esme said.

“Hello Mrs. Cullens, Mr. Cullens, Mr. O’Leary, and Ms. Servillo.”  Dr. Mallos acknowledged.  “Mr. Cullen, it is good to see you up.  How do you feel?”

“I feel so much fucking better than I did.”

“Edward.”  Esme scolded.  “Watch your language.”

“But, Mom, I can’t help it.”  Edward protested.

“Fuck yeah, Ms. Esme.  His child’s first word is going to be ‘fuck’.”  Sean jibed.

Esme stood up, and left the room.  Moments later, she walked back with a bar of soap.  “Now listen here, the both of you, you are about to become fathers, and you need to start watching what you say.  So, the next time I hear either one of you say ‘fuck’, I will wash your mouth out with this.”  Esme hissed.  “Do you both understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Sean and Edward said together, while everyone else in the room tried their best not to bust out laughing.

“Dr. Mallos, I am sorry about these two.  I am sure you are here to check Edward over.”  Esme stated.

“Yes, I am.”  Dr. Mallos answered, hoping that he would remember to never get on Esme Cullen’s bad side.

“Actually, before you start Dr. Mallos, we are going to be needing an obstetrician for Bella. She has said how much Meribeth made her feel at ease.  Do you know anyone or is Meribeth qualified?”  Edward asked.

“Meribeth is a very dear friend of mine from medical school; she was top in her field in Chicago in Obstetrics, but she fell to pieces after the death of her husband by a drive by a drug dealer, who just happened to be affiliated with Roberto Cortez.  She came on the trip to get some closure, and see that the man who took the love of her life got what he deserved.  She has moved to Seattle, but has not decided if she wants to join a medical group, or maybe take on specialized patients.”

“Wow, I had no idea.  What a shame about her husband.”  Carlisle stated.

“Do you think she might be willing to take me on as a patient?  As Edward said, I feel very comfortable with her for some reason; of course, it helps that she knows about the family.”  Bella said.

“I can ask her to come over, and we could talk about it.”  Dr. Mallos said.


“I liked her as well, but Sean and I will be in Boston.  You don’t happen to know anyone in the Boston area?”

“Not right off the top of my head, but let me make some inquiries, and I will let you know.  Now, if everyone doesn’t mind, I need to check over my patient.”

“Certainly.  Edward, Bella, we will see you soon.”  Esme said, as she and Carlisle stood up.

“Actually, Mom, could you call my grandparents, and invite them over for a small casual dinner?  We want to tell them the news before it gets out.”  Bella asked.

“I would love to; Edward’s grandparents are also in town, so, if it is okay, I will invite them as well.”

“Oh my goodness, yes.”

“Great.   I’ll call you later to get the time.”  Esme said, giving each of them a kiss before she and Carlisle left out the back door.  Everyone could hear Carlisle saying.  “I am driving us home, and that is that.”

After Carlisle and Esme left, Sean and Elizabeth said their goodbyes as well, because they were on their way to Maggie’s to tell her about the engagement and the baby.  They would be back tomorrow to start the wedding plans.

Once everyone was gone, Dr. Mallos began his exam of Edward’s wounds.  He removed the bandages; it was the first time that Bella had seen the damage that the bullets had caused.  Each of the wounds were still red, and the stitches were still in, but there were no signs of infection.

“Edward, they are looking really good.  If they stay this way, I will be removing the stitches on Friday.”  Dr. Mallos said, as he rebandaged each wound.  “I am going to start you on PT tomorrow.  It will start out slow and work up until you are back to normal.”

“Doctor is there anything he shouldn’t be doing?”  Bella asked.

“No heavy lifting or anything that causes him to stretch his stitches.  They are healing wonderfully, but I don’t want anything to cause a tear.”

“But what about sex?”  Edward asked; it had been too damn long since his dick had been in its warm, wet home.

“Again, no stretching of your stitches.”

“Well, fuck.”  Edward cursed; it was going to be a long night.


Chapter 9 of Bound and United

Edward was so happy to get a glimpse of her when Sean had come into Roberto’s house as the priest.  Just hearing her sweet voice seemed to put him at ease.  But he was worried that Roberto had forced himself on her.  The way he had her dress and the way he acted around reminded him of a man who was obsessed with the 1950s, and how they treated women.  During his time of studying to become a Dominant, he had read about such a group.  If Roberto had forced Bella to have sex, he would be as patient and understanding as he could, making sure that she understood that it wasn’t her fault.  He had never been so proud of his father as he was when he saw him kill Roberto by splitting him in half.  He only wished he had been able to do it himself, but, as much as he hated it, he knew he needed to rest.  He wanted to get better as soon as possible.  Carlisle and Michael were going to continue the day to day operations of the family until he was well enough to come back.  Bella had gone through hell, and they were going to heal together, and not rush back too soon.

Sean looked so happy to have Elizabeth back, and Edward couldn’t help but be a little jealous by the fact that they were expecting.  Oh, well, during this time he would take every opportunity to try to get Bella pregnant.

The nurse came in the room after Roberto’s death, and gave him his pain pill along with all his other meds.  Starting tomorrow, he would be starting his rehab, which, according to his healthcare professionals, would help him heal quicker.  Drifting off to sleep, he fell into a beautiful dream of a little bundle of joy of his own.

Hours later, still in his drug induced sleep, he felt the warm energy that he only felt when his beloved was near.  Opening his eyes, he saw her, and his heart nearly leapt out of his chest.

“Bella.”  He whimpered.

“Edward.”  She cried, as she crawled into the bed, and cuddled up as close as possible.

He turned toward her; as soon as he did, the rage he felt for Roberto pulsed through him as he saw the bruises up close.  Centering himself, he knew that he needed not to let Roberto to still be disrupting his time with Bella.  Roberto was dead and gone.  Carefully, he leaned in, and  began kissing each bruise and cut, whispering “I love you” with each kiss.

Bella’s heart lightened with each kiss.  The love he had for her could be felt with each brush of his lips.  Pulling back, and looking into his glossy, green piercing eyes, she knew that her heart was finally home and safe.


“Baby, I missed you so fucking much.  Even as I lay on the operating table, I fought my way through hell to get to see you again.”  Edward declared.

“I was so scared.  The last thing I heard was that your heart had stopped, but I could still feel you, so I knew you were still alive.  Then, I dreamt that you had fought the devil to come see me to tell me to fight, and I did.  I fought for you, I fought for me, I fought for us, but, Edward, I also fought for this.”  Bella said, as she took his hand and laid it on her stomach.  “I fought for our baby.  Edward, you are going to be a father.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He was going to be a father.  They were going to have a baby.  “Really?”

“Yes, my love.”

Edward slowly sat up.  He was going to a father.  Lifting Bella’s top, which showed her still flat belly, he leaned up, and began talking to the little cygnet.  “Hi there.  I am your father.  I am so fucking happy that you are coming.  Well, shit, I shouldn’t have said fuck.  Fuck it.”

Bella laughed at Edward trying to control his foul mouth.

“I am going to teach you how to play ball, ride a bike, shoot a gun, take out the motherfuckers who try to hurt the family.   Aw, shit, I shouldn’t have said motherfucker, Fuck.  I will teach you about girls, and what they like.  Fuck, you will have be one handsome guy with a mother as beautiful as she is.”

“Ah, Edward, you do realize that it might be a little girl.”  Bella teased, because, somewhere deep inside, she knew it was a little boy with bronze hair and piercing green eyes.

Edward stopped, and thought about what Bella had said.  It could be a little girl.  She would be the apple of his eye.  “Well, little cygnet, if you happen to be a cute little girl, I will still teach you to ride a bike, shoot a gun, but you are not dating until you are thirty, and if I see any little fucking penises trying to get up your skirt, I will chop that motherfucker off, and burn it.”

“EDWARD!”  Bella yelled.


“You can’t do that.  Remember love finds you, and you don’t know when it is going to happen.  Much like when you saw me at Jasper’s feet.”

Edward knew she was right, but he was going to do everything in his power not to let it happen too soon.  And then he thought of Bella deep in her submissive mindset.  Fuck, it had been too long since they had been able to play.  Damn, could she even play now that she was pregnant?  He would have to make a call to his mentor, and ask.   Then, it hit him.

“So, Elizabeth is not pregnant?”  He asked, knowing how excited Sean was that Elizabeth was pregnant.   This would be a tough pill for Sean to take.

Bella smiled.  “Actually, she is.  It is a total surprise.”

“Oh, that is fucking great.  It would have been hard for Sean if she wasn’t.  He was so fucking happy when he found the test.”

“I’ll bet; I am sure we are losing Elizabeth from the Coven.  She is going to be very difficult to replace.”  Bella admitted.  She would miss her.

“I know you are right.  Sean will not let her out of his sight from now on.”  He knew now was the time to ask her about if Roberto had done anything.  “Sweetheart, I hate to ask, but did Roberto do anything to you?”

Bella shook her head.  “No.  The main thing that Jasper taught me in my self defensive training was to use my head, and that is what I did.  After I made the mistake of mouthing off, I took a step back to analyze him and his behavior.”  Placing her hand on her stomach.  “And this little one helped.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I seemed to have a sensitive stomach to Roberto’s cologne; every time he would come near me, I would throw up on him.  I don’t think I would have had such an aversion if it hadn’t been for our little cygnet.”

“So, he or she is already protecting the family.  Definitely a Cullen.”  Edward gushed.

Leaning back on the pillow, he took in her beauty.  He had missed being around her, and, now that she was expecting, she was even more beautiful.   He had heard people say that expecting mothers glowed. He could never see that, but, here, today he saw what they were talking about.  The soft, warm, glowing light of motherhood shone all around her, and it was breathtaking.   “Damn, I am so fucking happy.”  He grabbed her, and pulled her toward him, his lips pulling hers into a hot, toe curling kiss.  It had been too long without tasting or feeling them, and he planned on making up for each second they had lost.  Her mouth opened, and his tongue began to stroke hers in a sexual tango.  All too soon, he was out of breath, so, instead of losing the momentum, he continued with soft, feathery kisses down her jawline and down her throat until he reached the back of her ear, where he didn’t cease his kisses, but began to hum.

The vibration of his lips was driving her crazy with need.  Edward knew every inch of her body, and he also knew how to play it like a fine well tune instrument.  “Oh, Edward.”  She moaned.

He knew what he was doing, and smiled in-between the kisses.  Then, he began whispering in her ear with his hot breath.  “Take off your top and bra.”

Bella wasted no time in pulling off her top, and unzipping the front of the sports bra, which allowed her breasts to be released from their confines.  Edward admired  her beautifully formed breasts.  He didn’t know it was possible, but they actually looked larger.  Reaching up, he cupped her bare breasts in his large hands, and gently squeezed them.  Her head fell back, and a loud emotional moan escaped her lips.

“Damn, baby, you are so fucking sexy.  I have got to have a taste.”  Bella leaned over his mouth, making sure she did hit any of his wounds, and he captured a quivering, tingling nipple between his lips, and sucked the tortured peak.


As he enjoyed the one breast, he pinched the other hard nipple.  Alternating from tugging gently to flicking the nipple, caused the sexy sounds from Bella to increase.  “Take off your pants and panties, I need to taste my pussy.”

“Edward, you need to take it easy.  You are still healing.”  Bella said, as she tried to be strong, and not give into the overwhelming need to feel his talented tongue on her pussy.

“Oh, I will only be using my tongue; baby, you will be doing all the work.  Now take off those pants, and climb up to my face.”  Edward growled.

Bella stood up beside the bed, and started to slowly remove her pants and panties, never breaking eye contact with Edward.  Once she was completely naked, she climbed back onto the bed, and carefully maneuvered over his face.  Taking hold of the headboard, she lowered herself so her dripping wet pussy was over his mouth.

Edward took in a deep breath through his nose, taking the sweet aroma that was just her.  Grasping her hips, he pulled her closer, and he began lapping her soft folds.  There was nothing on this earth that tasted any better than his wife’s pussy.  Pulling her even closer, he took her swollen clit in between his teeth, and began to pull and suck.


“Yes, oh, yes.  That feels so fucking good.”  Bella moaned.

Edward smirked after hearing that; he knew what to do to push her over the edge.  He wanted, no, needed, her to cum.  So, as he still pulled on her clit, he began to hum against her folds.

“HOLY FUCK!!  I AM CUMMING!!”  Bella yelled as the orgasm hit her, sending her into a frenzied explosion of exquisite ecstasy.  Finally, her orgasm stopped; her whole body had broken out into a sweat, and her legs were weak.

Edward took one more lick, and placed a kiss on her glistening mound.  She carefully climbed off his face, and sat beside him, rubbing her hand over his shoulder and down the chest.  “Are you okay?  That didn’t hurt you, did it?”  Bella asked.

“Fuck no.   That was the best medicine I have had since this mess started.  And, damn girl, I have never you have seen you cum so fucking fast.”  Edward smirked.

“It was so intense, and it happened before I could even stop it.”

“Well, it is a good thing we are not in my playroom, or you would be getting your little ass spanked.”

“Playroom?”  Bella gasped; her heart started pounding even harder than it had during her orgasm.

“Yes, my little pet.  I am going to talk to my mentor, Peter, and find out exactly how we can play while you’re carrying our little cygnet.  I know that it can be done, but I want to make sure that you and our little one is safe at all time.  Speaking of which, the number of guards that are with you will triple.  I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but, baby, I need to protect you.”

Yes, Bella didn’t like the fact that she was going to have extra guards, but she knew that it was needed.  They lived in a dangerous world, and, once it became known that she was pregnant, she would be centered as a target.  “I might not like it, but it is for the best.  Whatever it takes to keep our baby safe is fine with me.”  She offered, then leaned in, and gave his full lips a kiss.

“Hmm.  I love you.”  He sighed.

“I love you.”

Edward had used up all the energy he had; as much as he hated to admit it, he needed a pain pill.  “Love, why don’t you go take a shower, put on some pajamas, then let us snuggle together, and take a nice long nap.”

“That sounds good.  I just wish you could join me.”  She said, looking down his body, noticing that his dick was sticking up under the covers, but she knew he didn’t need to overexert himself.  Having an orgasm would do just that.  Kissing up his neck, and reaching his ear, she whispered,  “You need to think of something to get rid of that, like oh, I’ve got it, your grandfather and grandmother having kinky sex in his playroom.”

Edward slapped her naked ass.  “That was just wrong.  Go get that shower, woman.”

Bella got up, and went to get her shower, washing away the grime of Belize.  While she was in the shower, Edward had the nurse bring in his pain meds, but also had Angel prepare a light meal of eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit.  He requested no coffee, but only milk and orange juice.  By the time Bella emerged from the bathroom, the food was there, and Edward was finally getting some relief from the pain.  They quickly ate, placing the tray on the table by the bed when they had finished, and snuggled in for a long relaxing sleep, safe and secure, wrapped in each other’s arms.  Heaven on earth.


Next door, Carlisle quickly went into the house to find his lovely wife waiting for him.  “Carlisle, you are home.”  She cooed.

Carlisle pulled her into his arms, and just held her, drinking in the of the love that they shared.  Over the years, their love had not diminished, but grown.  “My love.”

Esme was so happy to see that Carlisle had returned safe and sound.  “How did it go?  Is our girl okay?”

“Bumped and bruised, but okay.”

“Oh, my baby.  How is Elizabeth?  The baby okay?”

“Elizabeth is fine, and Meribeth checked her out before we left Belize, and everything seem to be great.  But I also found out a little bit  of information that you must swear not to tell anyone, until it is announced.”  Carlisle explained.

“I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!  OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS!!”  Esme screamed at the top of her lungs as she jumped up and down.

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Carlisle couldn’t help but laugh at his wife.  She had never said anything about never being able to have more children, but he could see it in her face every time she saw a new little baby.  Now, they were going to grandparents, and he knew that this baby would be spoiled rotten, and every cell in its body would be loved unconditionally.  “Calm down, Esme.  Yes, Bella is pregnant, and she is telling Edward as we speak, but she wants to tell everyone else at the same time.  So, you must remain quiet about this until she does.”

“I will, I will.  I am just so excited.  Carlisle, a little baby.”  She cried.

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  Now take me upstairs, and give me a bath, so I can wash away all the evil that I just witnessed.”

“With pleasure, my love.”  Esme said as she took his hand, and led him up the stairs.


After arriving in Seattle, Sean and Elizabeth went back to her apartment.  Sean was constantly holding her hand, or wrapping his arm around her.  He needed to be in constant contact with her.  Several of Sean’s guards were surrounding the building, and were on high alert.  Sean used his key to open her door, and they went inside.  He turned to the guard.  “Keep on high alert until I tell you otherwise.  No one gets in this building without my permission.”

“Yes, sir.”

Elizabeth was so happy to be home.  Sitting down on the sofa, she began taking off her shoes and socks, tucking her legs under her, and began to decompress.  She had never been so proud to be a part of the Cullen family with a leader as strong as Bella.  During the entire time, she used her head, and made sure they came out safe and sound.  At one point, Bella was more the protector than she was, and that was just wrong.

“How are you doing, love?”  Sean said, sitting down next to her.


“Just trying to decompress.  Sean, he was one sick bastard, and I am so thankful that we had him under surveillance, because I really am scared to think what would have happened.”

“I know.  But it is over now, and that fucker is burning in hell for what he did.”

“Yes, he is.  Thank you for coming after us.”  Elizabeth said.

“Honey, I would do anything for you; don’t you know that?  I didn’t know I could love you any more than I already did, but, now that you are giving me this precious gift, my love just doubled.”

“I feel the same, Sean.  I have never loved anyone like I love you, and, even though this was not planned, I am so happy.”  Elizabeth declared.

Sean pulled the ring that he had carried around in his pocket for the last two weeks.  He had gone to Elizabeth’s surrogate parents, and asked permission, but he also had gone to Elizabeth’s real father, and asked permission.  Getting down on one knee, and taking Elizabeth by the hand, he began,

“You came into my life like a wildfire.  The moment I saw you, my heart burned to know more about you, and, the more I did, the flames burned higher.  I want to spend every day for the rest of our lives in the burning love.  Marry me, lass.”


“Yes, oh, yes.”  She cried.

He slipped on the beautiful, emerald cut, 3 carat diamond that was surrounded by emeralds.  It looked perfect on her finger.  After the ring was in place, he pulled her into a long, passionate kiss, sealing their promise.

Elizabeth ring

“Elizabeth, I don’t want a long engagement.”  Sean said.

“Me either.”

“But, we have to have a large wedding.  It is almost a requirement because I am the leader of the family.”

“I know someone who can put together in a hurry.”  Elizabeth said.  She had seen what Esme had done when Edward and Bella got married, and she felt sure that if she could throw together a wedding like that in a short span of time, then she could do theirs, too.  “But I know it is going to cost a lot.”

“Money is no object.  Does the person happen to know anything about the family?”  Sean asked.  It wasn’t really an issue, but it would easier if they were.

Elizabeth giggled.  “Yes, she does know about the family.  Sean, it’s Esme Cullen.”

“Fuck, I forgot about that.  Do you think she would help?”

“If I know anything about Esme Cullen, she loves a good party, and loves to spend money.”  Elizabeth jested.

Sean was excited that he was getting married, and doing it soon, but, as he thought about it, this was one more thing that united the Cullen family and the O’Leary family.





Chapter 8 of Bound and United


AN:     WARNING:  Roberto will be getting what he deserves in this chapter, so if you don’t want to read about his justified torture, please don’t read.  A big thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


Carlisle and the team took out the five guards so quickly they didn’t even have a chance to even get off a round.


Stupid fuckers.  Carlisle walked up to the front door, but, before he opened it, he called out using their security code,  “WHITE SWAN!”

Elizabeth heard the codeword, and went to the door to open it up.  “Carlisle! So good to see you.”

“How are you?”  Carlisle asked, seeing the bruise on her face.

“I am good, but you might want to get into the living room before Bella gets another piece of Roberto.”  She smirked.

“Oh, my daughter is getting her revenge, is she?”

“Yes, she is, but she needs to take it easy; it is not good for the…”  Elizabeth started, but stopped suddenly.  Fuck, she almost let it slip about the baby.

Carlisle looked at Elizabeth.  “Elizabeth, what do you mean?”  Then, leaning in closer, he continued.  “We know about your little secret, and we have a specialized doctor here to check you out.”

“I don’t need a specialized doctor, Bella does.”

“But you are the one that is pregnant.”  Carlisle replied.

“I don’t know that for sure, but Bella is.”

Carlisle was stunned by what Elizabeth had told him.  Bella was pregnant.  Bella was pregnant, which meant he was going to be a grandfather.  But, wait, Sean found the test in Elizabeth’s suitcase.  “Elizabeth, Sean found a pregnancy test in your suitcase.”

“I was holding it for Bella.”  Then, looking over at her love, she knew with everything that had happened, she also needed to get checked out, just in case.  “However, Carlisle, I may also be pregnant, so let’s pretend that this conversation never happened, and we both get checked out.”

“Sounds like a good plan.  I know Bella probably wants to tell Edward herself.”

“She does.”

“Then your secret is safe with me.”  Carlisle smirked, and gave Elizabeth a wink.


As he turned toward the living room, where Roberto was, he put on his bad ass face, and walked in.  “Well, well, well, looks like someone had some fun in here.”

Bella turned; she was so happy to see Carlisle.  “Daddy!”  She yelled as she ran over and threw her arms around his neck.

“Oh, hi, sweetie.  Did you get some good hits in?”

Roberto looked over; he didn’t understand what the fuck was happening.  His Isabella was Aro’s daughter, not Carlisle fucking Cullen’s.  “What the fuck are you talking about?  She is not your daughter!  She’s Aro’s, and when he finds out what you have done, you will be dead.”  Roberto slurred, spitting out blood with every word.

Bella let go of Carlisle before walking back toward Roberto, where she picked up a large glass picture frame, which had a picture of Roberto in it, and smashed it over his head, causing a large gash.  Roberto screamed out in pain.

“Aro was nothing but a damn sperm donor, and, unless the devil decides to let his rotting corpse loose from hell, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.  My father is Carlisle Cullen, but I must let you in on a little secret.”  Bella whispered.  “He is going to make you fucking suffer for touching his little girl.”


Roberto eyes grew large at the thought of Carlisle Cullen.  He had heard over the years how fucking tough he was, but he had also heard what a cold and calculated Don he was; how he didn’t hold anything back when it came to punishing those who hurt his family.  Fuck, why had he allowed Aro to talk him into this mess?

“He is all yours, Daddy.”  Bella chirped in a sweet voice, that was laced with a bit of mischief.

“Go with Elizabeth, and get checked out, my darling girl.”  Carlisle implored, kissing the top of her head.

Bella left with Elizabeth; as soon as they stepped out of the front door, they were surrounded by the Coven guard.  They were quickly taken to Meribeth.  She had set up what she thought was needed for a woman who was expecting, and had been in a stressful, possible physical situation.  “Mrs. Cullen, it is a pleasure to meet you.  Elizabeth, let’s get you checked out.”

Elizabeth knew what was going on, and why Meribeth wasn’t checking Bella out first.  “Hello, there has been a huge misunderstanding.  Bella is the one pregnant.”

Meribeth couldn’t believe her ears.  “But, Mr. O’Leary said it was you.”

“Look, Doc, Bella is definitely pregnant; during the time we have been here, I have been having some symptoms.  But, Bella needs to go first, she has been through a lot.”

“Okay, but as I check out Bella, why don’t we do a quick pregnancy test?”  Meribeth stated, reaching in her case and pulling out a test.  “I am going to do a hCG blood test.  Please give me your arm.”

After taking Elizabeth’s blood, and starting the test, Meribeth began checking Bella over.  She was happy that the men had set up a privacy screen, because she had Bella to unzip her dress to look at the bruise and bumps.

“Actually, I would love to get out of this thing; do you have anything I can wear?”  Bella asked.

Elizabeth was standing outside the screen and heard Bella’s request; she, too, wanted to get out of that damn dress.  Looking around, she saw one of the Coven members.  “Mark!”

Mark turned, and walked over to Elizabeth.  “Damn, girl, it is good to see you.”

“Same here.  I need a favor.  Did you guys bring any extra clothes for me or Bella?

Mark smiled, and raked his hand through his hair.  “Actually, yeah.  It was a demand from both Edward and Sean, that, as soon as you were rescued, you were to change out of every stitch of clothes that motherfucker had you wear, and we were to burn them.  So we have everything you need.”

Mark opened the door to another SUV that had come up the mountain as a part of the second wave.  Carlisle and Jack led the first wave, taking out the five guards, and Mark had led the second wave, bringing up the doctor, the evac vehicles, and the device that Carlisle wanted to use to torture Roberto.

Elizabeth had to giggle, thinking that Sean didn’t want another man’s clothes on her body.  She couldn’t wait until they could be together, and reconnect.  Collecting the clothes, she walked back over to where the doctor was, and cleared her throat.

“I have a set of clothes for you, Bella.”

“Fuck yeah.”  Bella gushed.  Elizabeth came behind the curtain, and handed her the clothes.  Edward and Sean had made sure they had something comfortable, yet stylish.  Bella outfit was a pair of soft cotton boy shorts underwear with a matching white sports bra with a zipper front, a pair of yoga pants, and top and a pair of Keds.  There was also a long sleeve flowy top that could be worn if she got cold.  Elizabeth’s outfit was similar, but her top was green, while Bella’s was blue.

“Elizabeth, did you notice the terrible smell these clothes had?  I can’t wait to take a shower, and scrub off his grime.”

“Bella, Elizabeth, I need to ask if either of you were sexually abused?”  Meribeth asked, needing to know if she needed to test them for any STDs.

Elizabeth laughed.  “No, Doc.  Miss ‘I will throw up on you if you get near me’, prevented that.”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?”  Bella huffed.

“Yeah, it did.”

Meribeth’s timer went off, and she smiled as she picked up Elizabeth test.  She was happy that she didn’t have to burst Sean bubble of being a daddy.  “Elizabeth, I got your results back.”

Elizabeth began to shake, her nerves getting the best of her.  “Okay.”

“You’re pregnant, and, by the level of hCG, I would figure around six to seven weeks.”

“HOLY FUCK!”  She yelled.

Bella wrapped her arms around her.  “We are going to have babies the same age.”  Then a thought came to her that made her laugh.  “Hey, you want to bet which baby says fuck first?”

Elizabeth began to laugh, and then her thoughts went back to reality; oh shit, she was pregnant with Sean O’Leary’s baby.

“Would you ladies like to hear your babies’ heartbeats?”  Meribeth asked.


“Oh, god, yes.”  Bella and Elizabeth cried.



As Bella and Elizabeth were getting checked out, Carlisle and Sean were about to begin making Roberto pay for what he had done.   Jack had come into the house, and had zip tied his hands together.  Sean had taken off the priest robes and had rolled his sleeves up in preparation for what was about to come.

Roberto finally got why Carlisle Cullen was here, but, why the fuck was Sean O’Leary here?  Looking up at Sean, he spat,  “Why the fuck are you here, asshole?”

“Because you took something that was mine.”

“Just because you can’t protect your own territory isn’t my fault.”

With a fiendish grin, Sean hurled his fist into Roberto’s jaw, causing several teeth to fly out.  “Damn territory is not what you took; you took the woman who is going to be my wife, and is the mother of my child, asshole.”  Sean growled, then turned to Carlisle.  “I can’t take much more of this asshole; let’s get this going.”


“My feelings exactly.  Jack, Marco, take him out back to the device.”

Jack and Marco grabbed underneath each of Roberto’s arms, and began dragging him outside.  As the crossed the room, a bloody piece of flesh fell from his pant leg.  Carlisle went over, and pushed it around with his shoe, taking a good look.  “What is that?”  Sean asked.

Carlisle chuckled.  “Well, it seems my little girl is damn good with a knife to be able to cut off a dick this small.”

“Edward better never piss her off.”  Sean jested.  “Come, let’s get this over with so we can get our loved ones home.”


They walked out to the back of the house, and were happy to see Roberto straddled and tied to a v-cut beam.  Carlisle had never used this form of torture, but had always wanted to do so.  They had set up a camera, so Edward could watch from his bed back in Seattle.  Carlisle wanted him to know that Roberto suffered for what he had done.


Walking over to where Roberto was, he nodded to the guard, who began to raise him off the ground with his legs dangling.  Sean joined Carlisle, and picked up his weight, as did Carlisle.

“This is for you taking taking our women.”  Carlisle barked.  They attached their weights on each of his legs, pulling them downward.

Roberto howled out in pain.  With his dick cut off, his balls were now being pulled down over the beam.  “Stop, please stop.”

Carlisle looked, and with a smirk, stated,  “Nope.”

Picking up the next weight, they proceeded to attach it to his legs.  “This is for laying a hand on their delicate skin.”  Carlisle sneered.

Roberto cried out.  He felt like he was being torn in two as the weights pulled his legs even further down.  “I AM SORRY, PLEASE!”  He yelled.

This time, when they picked up a weight, it was three times the weight as the original two.  He hoped this would cause the end result that he wanted.

“This is for every bump, every bruise, and every tear that you caused them.  I hope you rot in hell.”  They attached the weights and let go.   Roberto’s screams were so loud that it scared the birds from the trees.  The weight was so much that it literally pulled him in half, his dead body in two bloody halves on the ground.

“Put him and his guards in the house and light it up.  Sean, let’s get our girls and get the hell out of here.”


They quickly went around the house and found Bella and Elizabeth sitting in one of SUVs in the air conditioning, enjoying ice cold water and some fruit.  Elizabeth saw Sean, and jumped out the vehicle and ran into his arms.  “Oh, lass, I have missed this so fucking much.  I love you.”

“Oh, I love you, Sean.”

“Let’s go home; you and I have a lot to talk about.”  Sean smirked as he lay a hand on her flat stomach.

Tears welled into her eyes; the only thing she could do was nod.  She was so overcome with emotion.

They made it down the mountain, and were quickly placed the on the plane home.  Meribeth wanted both Bella and Elizabeth to lie down and rest.  Their bodies had been through a lot, and they need as much rest as they could get.

The plane arrived in Seattle, and they were met by a large number of guards, who ushered Bella and Carlisle into one limo, while Sean and Elizabeth went in another.  Bella was so anxious to see and feel Edward once more that her leg bounced up and down much like a bunny rabbit hopping across a field.

“Bella, sweetie, calm down.”  Carlisle said.

“Are you telling me the truth about Edward?  He is okay?”  Bella asked once again.

“Yes, he is weak, but will make a full recovery.”

“Thank you.  I am sorry to be such a pest about it, but I have some news, and I want to make sure that he can take it.”  Bella said, thinking about their baby.  She couldn’t wait to let him know that he was going to be a father.

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  “Bella, dear, I know your secret.”

“What?  How?”

“I just do, and I think this will be the best medicine for Edward.  And I must say, I am so happy about it, and I promise not to tell Esme until you give me the go ahead.”

“No, go ahead and tell her, but no one else.  I want to tell Grandfather and Grandmother face to face.”

“We will keep your secret, my sweetie.”  Carlisle said, and, as he looked up, he saw they were pulling into the driveway.  “Look, you are home.”

Goosebumps broke out all over her body.  She was going to see her love.  The car came to a stop, and one of the guards opened the door for her.  She climbed out, and rushed through the door.  Carlisle had told her that Edward was in their bedroom on strict orders not to get out.  She ran up the stairs, and flung open the door; there, sitting up in the bed, was her heart and soul.  He looked a little pale, but, more than that, he was alive.  “Oh, Edward.”  She cried, rushing over to the bed and, crawling in beside him, being careful not to touch any of his wounds.

Edward was so overcome with emotion having Bella back by his side that he could not speak.  She looked okay, other than the bruises on her face, but he had some tough questions he needed to ask, but those could wait until later.  Now was time to just hold her tight, and finally feel alive again.

Edward and Bella in bed copy_zps9fqfbfcx


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