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Epi for Bound and United

Edward and Bella were in the back of the limo on their way to church.  Today was the day that Trey was not only marrying his best friend, but would be taking over the family business. The last twenty-five years had been filled with… Continue Reading “Epi for Bound and United”

Chapter 22 Bound and United

The family arrived back home safe and sound.   The next week was filled with work,  the girls’ day out to take care of Maggie needs,  and the meeting with Alice with her plans for the nursery. She had come up with a magical wonderland… Continue Reading “Chapter 22 Bound and United”

Chapter 20 of Bound and United

A meeting had been called between Edward, Bella, Jasper, and Emmett.  However, before everyone had gotten to the house, Edward wanted to have a conversation with Bella concerning Charlie and Paul. “Baby, I know you are very proficient with a gun and your knives,… Continue Reading “Chapter 20 of Bound and United”

Bound and United Chapter 19

“Charlie?”  Edward questioned. “Charlie Swan.”  Bella whimpered.  Why the fuck was Charlie here, now? “Fuck.”  Edward said. They watched and listened to Jasper try to get as much information out of Charlie, while he kept filling him with Jack Daniels. “So, Jack, haha, that… Continue Reading “Bound and United Chapter 19”

Chapter 17 Bound and United

The next week was busy for Edward and Bella.  They returned to work, and dug into business.  Jasper had brought them up to speed with the house cleaning that had been done.  Edward was happy how Jasper had stepped up and taken control. “Jasper,… Continue Reading “Chapter 17 Bound and United”

Bound and United Chapter 16

  Edward opened his eyes, and looked at the clock.  Damn, it was eleven twenty.  Rolling over, he saw his lovely wife still sleeping peacefully. After their conversation with Jasper, they both needed to forget Paul Jacobs, Charlie Swan, and anyone else who was… Continue Reading “Bound and United Chapter 16”

Chapter 12 of Bound and United

After toasting the wonderful news, Angela came in, and announced that dinner was served.  During dinner, everyone was so excited about the baby. “I hope you are going to follow tradition and name the baby after his grandfather.”  Edward Sr. announced. “We haven’t discussed… Continue Reading “Chapter 12 of Bound and United”

Chapter 10 of Bound and United

The early morning light began to stream through the windows of Edward and Bella’s bedroom. Edward slowly opened his eyes, and smiled, knowing that his life was safely wrapped in his arms.  It had been a long night; Bella had woken him up several… Continue Reading “Chapter 10 of Bound and United”

Chapter 9 of Bound and United

Edward was so happy to get a glimpse of her when Sean had come into Roberto’s house as the priest.  Just hearing her sweet voice seemed to put him at ease.  But he was worried that Roberto had forced himself on her.  The way… Continue Reading “Chapter 9 of Bound and United”

Chapter 8 of Bound and United

  AN:     WARNING:  Roberto will be getting what he deserves in this chapter, so if you don’t want to read about his justified torture, please don’t read.  A big thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me once… Continue Reading “Chapter 8 of Bound and United”