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Final Chapter of Bound and Dangerous

Vegas was like nothing Bella had ever expected, or seen in her entire life. They had arrived in the dark of night, so as not to draw attention to their arrival. As the limos entered the city limits en route to their hotel, the… Continue Reading “Final Chapter of Bound and Dangerous”

Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous

Sean entered the conference room that held the six members of the Coven’s Commission. After introductions were made, Sean submitted his case for the execution of the crime boss, Roberto Cortez, of Colombia. After hearing Sean’s statement, he was dismissed to allow the Commission… Continue Reading “Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous”

Chapter 21 Bound and Dangerous

The weeks that followed the funeral were extremely busy. Edward and Bella had their hands full with finishing up the plans for the Coven Commission allegiance ceremony.   The Commission members would swear their allegiance to the family, receive their tattoos, and begin designing the… Continue Reading “Chapter 21 Bound and Dangerous”

Bound and Dangerous Chapter 20

After ridding the world of the demented Aro and the delusional Michael, everyone who attended, or been in contact with the bodies in anyway, were required to remove all clothing, to include shoes, and take a sterilizing shower. The Coven’s cleanup team had been… Continue Reading “Bound and Dangerous Chapter 20”

Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous

  NOTE: This chapter is about the capture, torture, and death of Aro. If this effects you in any way, I would avoid reading this chapter.   Daniella Canalis dressed for her part as the enticing doctor making a house call in a black… Continue Reading “Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous”

Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous

Bound and Dangerous By Heartfortwilight   AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688. I own the storyline for Bound and Dangerous, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringements are… Continue Reading “Chapter 18 of Bound and Dangerous”