Chapter Sixteen ~ Trust and Obey

Chapter Sixteen

Edward slipped out of the bed several hours before the sun rose. He knew Bella usually got up at five to go for her run, but he needed a few minutes to himself to think. With soft steps, he left the room, closing the door and headed downstairs to make himself a cup of coffee. Maggie and Richard wouldn’t be getting up for another two hours. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t make coffee. It was the fact that Maggie fussed at him for dirtying up “her” kitchen. He clicked on the light which was over the island, instead of the harsh overhead light. As he looked around the space, he spotted the single cup coffee maker sitting next to the fancy, almost impossible to understand coffee maker. Today he needed a dark roast espresso pod from the carousel, popping it into the holder and pushed start. Moments later, he had a steaming cup of coffee and strolled toward the den. Once seated in the oversized leather chair, he turned on the lamp. He took a drink and allowed the hot liquid to seep through his tired body. His mind was trying to figure out what was wrong with Bella. 

Yesterday’s adventure had shaken Edward and as restless as Bella slept last night, it had shaken her as well. Once they were on shore, EMTs met them and gave them a check over. Unbelievably, the only injury was their cousin Bree, who sprained her wrist as they were tossed about. 

After everyone had checked out, the guests staying on the compound went to their rooms, where Esme arranged for dinner to be delivered to each of them. Billy, Edward’s attorney, was the only guest not staying on the compound. While he had an early meeting, he advised Edward he would join the group for the picnic in the Esplanade Park. When they made it back to the house, Maggie had thought ahead and had made homemade pizzas. Emmett and Rose were reserved during dinner, the weight of the day on their minds. A search would begin tomorrow to see if PrimaRose survived the storm, even though it was very unlikely.

When dinner was over, Emmett and Rose said goodnight and went off to their room, hand in hand. Edward took Bella by the hand and they ascended the stairs to their bedroom. Once inside the room, Bella gave Edward a smile, even though it didn’t reach her eyes.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” she announced. 

“Okay,” Edward replied. “Do you want some company?”

Breathing deep she gave his hand a squeeze. “I need a few minutes alone.”

“Oh. Is there something wrong?” he asked, worry painted on his face. 

She shook her head, giving him another half-hearted smile before releasing his hand. Once she walked into the bathroom, Edward sat down on the bed and replayed the day to figure out what had made Bella sink into a shell. However, he couldn’t think of anything which would make her change so much. Deep in his thoughts, he didn’t hear her come out of the bathroom until he felt the bed move. As he looked back towards her, he saw she was dressed in a pale pink nightgown and her hair was braided down her back. She was a vision, yet when he glanced at her eyes, the light which was one there was gone.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” he informed her and once again she gave him that half-hearted smile. Crawling up the bed, he places a soft kiss on her lips. “I won’t be long.”

Moving off the bed, he headed into the bathroom, removed all his clothes, and stepped into the shower. Standing under the showerhead, he was surrounded by her lingering scent. There was something wrong, but he would have to wait until she was ready to talk. After a quick wash, he got out, dried off, and pulled on a pair of sleep pants. Turning off the lights, he went back into the bedroom and found Bella lying on her side facing away from him with her lamp off. Well shit, he had hoped they could cuddle for a while and maybe talk. Climbing in on his side, he cut his lamp off. He would not allow her completely to close herself off to him. Turning so he was facing her back, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest. “Goodnight, my heart,” he muttered in her hair.

The tears flowed down her face when she heard Edward call her his heart. With her hands shaking, Bella wondered what he was going to say when she told him about Billy. Why did he have to be Edward’s lifelong attorney? This meant Billy had drawn up the legal documents for all of Edward’s submissives and from what he said today, he had seen their contract. She wouldn’t have minded him knowing about their contract, but he knew about her attack. At first, she didn’t know how he would know about it until she remembered Edward owned the club in which “he” had been a member. Edward had told her he had flown out to Seattle to cast his vote to remove “him” from the club’s membership. Billy had been with Edward for a long time, advising him on his legal matters, which meant Edward had trust in him. And this was what was worrying her. She was going to tell him about the altercation and hoped Edward would believe her. God, she couldn’t lose him now. He was the only one she had to allow herself to trust, and as crazy as it might sound, she had fallen in love with him. 

She fell asleep in the warm cocoon of Edward’s arm. The nightmares reappeared again, yet this time not only was “he” in her dreams, but Billy was there as well, helping “him” torture her. Startled awake when “he” had cut her breast off, she reached out for Edward but found the bed cold. Sitting up, she glanced towards the bathroom and listened, hoping to hear him in there. However, it was quiet, and the lights were off. Looking at the clock, she saw it was only four fifteen, too early for her to get up for a run. The nightmare shook her too much to go back to sleep. Instead, she g0t up and went to look for Edward. 

After using the bathroom and brushing her teeth, she slipped on the matching robe to her nightgown and headed out of the room. Her first thought was he might have tired of her attitude and went to The Pearl to sleep. Opening the door and peering in, she saw the bed was made and not slept in. The next stop was his office and, once again, he was not there. Thinking he might be downstairs, she descended the stairs and headed to the kitchen, where she found the island light on. Bella didn’t know if Maggie had left it on or if it had been Edward. Not knowing where to search next, she headed towards the den. In the darkened hallway, she saw ahead the warm glow of light beneath a door. 

As she moved in front of the entryway of the den, she saw him. He was sitting in a leather chair, staring out the window at the darkness. Bella sucked in a deep breath. Edward Cullen was the sexiest man alive, and she was going to fight to keep him. So, she steadied her nerves and moved into the room.

The reflection of her in the window caught his attention before he heard her. Perhaps she was ready to talk to him. He watched her tentative steps as she made her way to him. When she stopped a few feet away he turned his head. In the dim light, he could still see the horrible dark circles under her eyes and her ashy skin tone. 

“Hey,” Bella whispered, closing the last few steps between them.

Without a second thought, Edward stood, reached out and cupped the side of her face. “Why are you out of bed? You are exhausted and I know you didn’t sleep well last night.”

“I awoke, and you weren’t there.”

“Couldn’t sleep, so I got up, I didn’t want to disturb you,” Edward explained, never taking his eyes off her. “Come and sit down with me.” 

Once they were seated side by side on the couch, their hands intertwined, Bella began. “Yesterday, something happened which scared me and it wasn’t the storm.”

“Baby, what happened?”

“When Seth called you away, your attorney came up to me, saying things like he knew all about me and about us,” she said, motioning between them.

“What do you mean? What did he say?” Edward asked, his temper building.

“He called me by my full name, and when I asked who he was, he told me Billy Black, your lifelong attorney,” she replied, before down casting her eyes. “Then he told me he knew what we did on the third floor.”

“Bella, look at me,” he urged, placing his finger under her chin. “He only knows because he is the one who wrote up the contracts. I would never tell him what we do. It is none is his fucking business. What else did he say to scare you?”

“He told me he knew about the incident in Seattle,” she said, her voice breaking on a sob. “And then he told me he wanted to fuck me. When I told him he was out of line and I was going to tell you, he threatened me.”

Edward jumped to his feet “Then what happened?”

“He said he had pictures of me in a playroom in Seattle and pictures of me after the attack. And if I told you, he was going to release them to the press.”

Not saying a word, Edward paced back and forth. He was going to destroy Billy Black. No one was going to hurt Bella, either physically or emotionally. 

“I’m sorry,” Bella whimpered, tears running down her face. “Even though he is important to you and your business, I can’t be with him. I love you too much to allow myself to cause you damage, so I will go pack and you won’t see me again.”

Edward whipped around and stared at her. How could she think he would choose that piece of shit over her? Then it hit him. She said she loved him. Dropping to his knees in front of her, he reached out and took her face in his hands. “You love me?”

Tears still rolled down her face and she couldn’t understand why he was on his knees before her. Then he asked if she meant it when she said she loved him. She didn’t remember saying it, even though it was true. When she looked into his eyes, she saw the overpowering emotion of love in them. “Yes.”

That three-letter word sent his heart into overdrive. This beautiful, intelligent, witty woman loved him. Pulling her face towards him, he captured her mouth into a kiss. Unlike previous kisses, this one was different. This one contained the depths of  his whole heart, even the part reserved for something he never thought he would find. Bella Swan was the love of his life and he was ready to admit it to the world. He wanted to continue the amazing kiss, but his lungs were about to burst. After several small kisses, he pulled back and stared into her eyes. “Bella Swan, I love you and I will choose you over anyone else in this world.”

“But he is your attorney, Edward. He knows not only about your business dealings but also your relationships inside of the BDSM community.” 

“I love you,” he declared again, his lips curling up into a grin.

“Edward, he could do so much damage to your professional image,” Bella pushed, trying to make him see just how much trouble Billy Black could do to him.

“I love you,” Edward said once more, stroking the side of her face.

“Why do you keep saying that? You need to let me go,” Bella urged, even through hearing him declare his love for her.

A groan escaped his lips, “I love you.”

“Edward, you need to let me go,” Bella strangled out.

As he pushed the robe off her shoulders, he whispered. “I love you.”

“Please, you have got to stop this. I won’t be the reason for any problems for you,” Bella said.

The next thing he did was push the tiny straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, falling into a silken pool at her delicate feet. “I love you.”

With a deep, intact breath, Bella covered her breast, looking around to make sure no one else was in the room. “What are you doing? Maggie, Richard, or Emmett could walk in here at any moment.”

His tongue licked his lips as he drank in the sight of her beautiful body. He loved her so fucking much and he needed to make love to her right now. Grasping her around the waist, he lifted her up and over his shoulder, her ass just mere inches from his mouth. “I love you.”

“Edward, put me down,” Bella demanded, smacking him on his back. 

With a single smack on her ass, he took off out of the den, up the stairs two at a time. As they landed on the third floor, Edward rushed to his, no, their room, and as soon as he entered, threw Bella onto the bed. Within seconds of taking off his sleep pants, he was crawling over her lush body, placing an open-mouth kiss on her neck. “I love you.”

Bella gave in to the sensation of his lips and his confessions. He loved her. He believed her over Billy. She needed him inside her, filling her, stretching her with his massive cock. “Please, fuck me.”

Edward pulled back and gave her a wicked smile. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

Crying out in frustration, the tip of his hard cock was brushing her wet folds, yet he wouldn’t slip into her heat. “FUCK ME!”

“No,” he said, brushing his fingertips along the side of her breast up to her taunt pink nipple. She arched her back, trying to get closer to him, and he knew how she felt. “I am not going to fuck you,” he said as he slowly pushed the head of cock through her tight, wet opening. “I am going to make love to you.”

The overwhelming, intoxicating feeling surged through every cell in her body. He was going painfully slow, pushing himself deep into her pussy and even slower pulling out, all the while never taking his eyes off hers. If there had been any doubt about his feelings, they were demolished. He loved her, and she loved him. She needed him deeper, so she pulled her knees up. With the next stroke, his length went further into her hot channel until his entire cock was buried. 

“Fuck, baby, I am getting close. I need you to come,” he moaned, thick beads of perspiration dripping off his forehead.

“I’m close,” Bella mewled, as she reached down between them finding her engorged clit and pinching it. The pain was all it took to push her over the edge, as her orgasm exploded clenching his cock.

“SHIT!” he yelled, shooting hot cum deep inside of her pussy. It took him several minutes to regain his strength. When he did, he pulled his semi-soft cock from her pussy and rolled off her, yet he pulled her close. He had to touch, feel her, love her with all his being.

After a little while, Bella opened her eyes. “What are you going to do about Billy?”

A growl escaped his lips. “I have made him a very rich man.”

“You?” Bella questioned.

“I am his only client,” Edward answered, brushing a stray hair away from her face.

“What? He is not your parents or Emmett’s attorney?”

“No. My parents and Emmett have separate attorneys. It was something we talked about when I first started my first business. We decided we didn’t want one law firm to have access to all the family’s assets.”

“I don’t want him to ruin your business,” Bella confessed.

Edward gave her a loving smile, as he brushed his hand over soft cheek. “Love, I will ruin him. He would be disbarred if he released any information and I will get my security team to investigate how he got those pictures of you.”

The knowledge he had those pictures nearly crippled her. Then a rogue thought appeared in her mind. “Edward, do you think he has been talking to “him”?”

Despite not having considered it, it was a genuine possibility. “God, I hope not.” he said, feeling her shake. The monster who had cut her was still out there. His family had brushed her attack under the rug. Because of the intricacies of his attack, there was no doubt this wasn’t a one-time occurrence. How many other women had he harmed? “Baby, I promised you I will protect you and I will.”

“He said he was going to be at the picnic today. What are you going to do or say when you see him?”

A low growl escaped Edward’s chest. He had forgotten Billy was coming today. There was no way he would have the ammunition he needed to destroy Billy. “Damn it, I forgot about him coming. Stay with me or one of our guards at all times and try to avoid him at all costs. It is going to take a little time to gather the information to take him out unless he has covered his tracks.”

“I promise,” Bella whispered. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was five-thirty. “Shit, I need to get up.”

“Where are you going?” 

“It is my run day and I am late,” she answered as she started to climb out of bed. But before she even had one leg over the edge of the bed, Edward grasped her and pulled her back on top of him. “Hey, I’ve got to run today, because my Master would punish me for breaking one of his rules.”

“I think your Master has another activity you can do to meet his requirement,” Edward said, lifting her hips and pulling down his hard cock. 

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  1. blue21eyes says:

    Love this story so much, but it sucks to have to wait a week for the next chapter, I will re-read it over and over.


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    I was SO afraid she wasn’t going to spill the beans. YAY Bella!!


  6. I’ve had to miss a couple of weeks due to person reasons. I was delighted to read TWO amazing chapters in a row. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait a week to find out about the yacht and the storm. This one was great I’m so so glad she told Edward about Billy. And they said I love yous. Awww


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    This side of Edward……. 💓. And the way he kept saying “I love you” 🔥. Now Billy, Billy Billy. I think you confused Edward’s power for your own 🤨. A reckoning is coming!


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