Chapter Fifteen ~ Trust and Obey

Cloudless skies and warm breeze welcomed the guests to the Yacht Party when they arrived at the dock. Emmet took Rose’s hand and led her to the back of one yacht. She gasped when she saw the name. He had named it after her. Today’s trip was the maiden voyage of the PrimaRose and before they boarded, Rose had the privilege of christening the vessel with a bottle of champagne. 

After the christening, Rose broke out her list and explained who was riding on which yacht. There were forty-five guests who were coming out for the trip. On PrimaRose, Rose had Leah and Tia, so she could monitor them. Carlisle and Esme, the cousins from Florida, and high school friends of Emmett’s. The rest of the guests were on Tied-Up. Bella couldn’t help but giggle when she heard Leah and Tia complain because they were not on Edward’s boat. However, Bella didn’t hear what Rose whispered to them. Because once she stepped away, Leah and Tia looked like someone had taken their favorite toy away. 

After brooding, Emmett and Edward gave their guests a tour of the vessel, while the captains set them off. The plan was to travel fifty miles from shore, stop, allow the guests to swim and enjoy time on the ocean. A late lunch would be served and the yachts would return to shore by seven. Several hours later, they arrived at the spot they were going to stop and the deckhands served the lunch on both yachts. After lunch, Edward took Bella to the second-level deck, where they made themselves comfortable. 

“How much is a yacht?” Bella asked, laying on one of the deck chairs beside Edward with a fruity mixed drink in her hand. She had never been on a boat and was apprehensive when they first arrived. However, it all changed once they were away from the dock. The cool salt breeze brushed across her skin as the yacht cut through the water. As the shore faded out of sight, the blue ocean calmed Bella’s soul.

Reaching out, Edward took her hand. “It all depends on how big and how many bells and whistles you want.”

Breaking out into an evil smirk, Bella winked at Edward. “I noticed yours is bigger than Emmett’s.”

Bounding to his feet before he launched himself on top of her, causing her to break out into laughter. “You better believe I’m bigger than my brother,” he said, grinding his hard cock against her cloth-covered pussy. “In all things. I spent nine figures for this yacht.”

“Nine?” Bella gasped. She could tell Edward was rich, but she had no clue he was that rich.

“Yeah. Emmett’s only cost him eight figures,” he advised. “So you see, mine is bigger.”

Snaking her hand down between them, she rubbed his swollen cock, causing him to moan. “Well, since I have never seen or felt Emmett’s cock, I will just have to take your word for it.”

Closing his eyes, Edward tried to calm down from the euphoric feeling of having Bella’s hand rubbing his cock. No other woman had made him feel this way. With each passing minute, he knew there was no way he could let her leave him at the end of the two weeks. Nuzzling his nose up her neck until he reached her ear. “You better stop or I am going to come in my pants, which I haven’t done since I was a thirteen-year-old boy.”

Bella wondered what a thirteen-year-old Edward looked like and who he had imagined making him come. “So, who was the one you dreamed of, a next-door neighbor, a babysitter, your teacher by chance?”

“Fuck, I can’t remember. However, it doesn’t matter now, because for the moment I laid eyes on you, I only dream of you. As soon as I drift off to sleep, you are the only one I see.” He needed to taste her, so he leaned in, and just their lips were just about to meet, a voice stopped them.

“Mr. Cullen, Sir,” Seth said.

Edward climbed off Bella and stood. “Yes, Seth.”

“I hate to disturb you, but there is an issue I need to discuss with you that can’t wait.”

The look in Seth’s eye told Edward that whatever the issue was, it was not good news. Has someone been hurt? Turning back to Bella, he gave her a reassuring smile. “I’ll be back soon.”

Her voice breathy and full of desire, she answered him. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Damn, he wanted to pull her into his arms and take her back to his bedroom, where he would fuck her until they both passed out. Turning quickly, he followed Seth to the Bridge. Once inside, Seth directed Edward over to the radar. “We need to head back to port as soon as possible.”

“What is wrong?” Edward asked.

“I have never seen it before. A massive storm just formed and is on a path straight for us,” Seth explained, pointing out the storm on the radar. 

“Shit. Will we make it back before the storm reaches us?”

“I don’t know,” Seth admitted. “But I am sure that PrimaRose will not make it back before the storm overtakes them.”

“Fuck, I forgot about them. Does Paul know about the storm?”

“Yes. We have talked, and he agrees with my summation. Tied-Up is a heavier vessel, yet her engine horsepower is three times the amount than PrimaRose. I am not saying we can outrun the storm, but we have a better chance.”

Staring down at the radar screen, Edward couldn’t believe this was happening. Emmett had just gotten PrimaRose, and this was the first time she had been out at sea. Then his thoughts went to the guests who were on board not only PrimaRose but also on Tied-Up. A day planned for a relaxing day on the ocean was turning into a nightmare. 

“Tell Paul to round up everyone and get them on board Tied-Up. Tell him to have Emmett call me. Have them bring all their life vests, life rafts, first aid kits, food, and bottled water. I’ll go secure the deck furniture and announce what is happening. I am sure you have already contacted the authorities?”

“Yes, I have. They are aware of our ship’s capability and the number of passengers on each craft. I will contact them again and let them know we are moving everyone on Tied-Up.”

Looking out the window towards where the storm was coming, he could see the crystal blue skies disappear as the impending monster swallowed them up. Pulling out his phone, Edward made the call to his brother to break the bad news.


After Edward left, Bella got up, went over to the rail, and looked out over the water. She wondered if after the wedding Edward would take some time off and they could take an extended vacation on the yacht. Lost in her thoughts of them alone on the boat, she didn’t hear someone come up beside her.

“Well, well, well. Isn’t it Isabella Marie Swan?”

Bella turned to find a dark, skinned older man standing beside her. She felt uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her, like he was undressing her with his eyes. “Excuse me, do I know you?”

“No, but I know all about you. I am Billy Black, Edward’s lifelong attorney.”

“Oh, Edward has said nothing about you to me. But how do you know my name?” Bella asked.

“As I said, I’m Edward’s attorney and I know everything he does in and out of that special room on the third floor. I have to say, you are a pretty little thing. You must be a hot little pussy for him to have an open-ended contract,” Billy said, licking his lips. Reaching out, he ran his hand down her arm, brushing the side of her breast. “Maybe we can go somewhere and I can get a sample.”

“Excuse me!” Bella gasped, taking a step back to put some distance between. “You are out of line and I will tell Edward what you said and did.”

Billy closed the distance between them, grabbing her arm and squeezing it hard. “No, you won’t, because if you do, I will release the pictures of you in the playroom in Seattle, along with the photos of you after the so-called attack. You know and I know you like it rough. I have read the list of things you like to do and can you imagine what people would say if it was published with photos of you tied to a bed. So you will keep your mouth shut.”

Her whole body was shaking. She couldn’t believe this was Edward’s lawyer. She was never ashamed of what she did in the playroom, yet most of society wouldn’t understand. 

“Bella,” Edward called out and as soon as he did, Billy dropped his hand, gave Bella a look to keep her mouth shut, then turned towards him.

“Edward, so good to see you. I was getting to know Bella, here,” Billy said, patting Bella on the arm.

“That is nice, but we have a situation. Go round up everyone on board and have them meet on the upper deck asap,” Edward told Billy.

“What is it?” Billy asked.

“I’ll explain it to everyone at once. Just have them hurry.”

Billy turned back to Bella and gave her a look to not to say anything before he left to do as Edward had told him. He knew she feared him and she didn’t want people to know about her past. He couldn’t wait until he got her alone again and took a sample of her sweet cunt. 

“Bella, sweetheart, we have a problem,” Edward said as he pulled her into a tight hug. 

“What is it?”

“There is a storm, and it is on course to hit us.”

Pulling out of the hug, Bella looked out at the sky and saw the black clouds, which weren’t there just a few minutes ago. “Can’t we outrun it?”

“Maybe, but Emmett’s yacht can’t.”

Sucking in a breath, Bella gasped. “What?”

“PrimaRose’s engine is not powerful enough to outrun the storm. We are going to have everyone brought over and we are going to hightail it back to shore. However, we may not make it. The storm is massive and is barrelling towards us,” Edward explained as he tried to read her eyes. Her fearful eyes darted left and right and he hated he couldn’t make her feel any better. He had promised her he would keep her safe, and he was letting her down. “No matter what, stay close to me.”

“Do you think we are in danger?”

Wrapping his arm around her once again. “Baby, this is a massive storm and I wish I could tell you everything will be okay, but I don’t know. I just can’t lose you now that I found you. You mean more to me than any possession I own.”

“Edward, I feel the same way,” she whispered into his chest, calming as she listened to his steady heartbeat.

They stood together for several more minutes until Edward’s phone rang. Pulling it out of his pocket, he brought it up to his ear. 

“Edward, we are about ten minutes from being ready to come aboard,” Emmett advised, still shaken over the fact that he was going to have to leave his brand new yacht at the mercy of the ocean. Oh well, good thing he has insurance. 

“Alright, we are getting ready to let everyone know what is happening. How did everyone take it when you told them?”

“Good, except for the dingbats. They haven’t stopped crying and complaining. They are getting on my nerves so bad, I might just forget to bring them,” Emmett confessed. 

“Well, I don’t think we can do that,” Edward said, laughing at the comment. It was the needed levity at the moment. “I’ll meet you on the port side in ten minutes.”

“Okay, brother.”

Slipping his phone into his pocket, Edward took Bella’s hand and headed up the stairs to the upper deck. When they arrived, he saw all their guests standing around, wondering why they had been summoned. Walking over to landing, they walked up the two steps, giving Edward a view of the guests. 

“Everyone, I am sure you’re wondering why I asked you to come. Before we set out for today’s excursion, we checked the weather forecast and it showed no storms on the horizon. However, a rogue storm has formed and it is coming towards us. I feel sure we can outrun the storm, but Emmett’s yacht will not. They will be joining us in a few minutes and we will be on our way back to shore,” Edward explained.

“Are we in danger?” someone called out from the group.

“I am not going to lie and say no because I don’t know for sure. The crew and myself will do everything possible to get us back unharmed. Just remember if we ask you to do something or go somewhere, do so without question. Collin and Brady, I need your help to get the others on board.”

“Of course,” they called out.

Several male guests stepped forward, offering their help, and followed Edward and Bella to the port side of the yacht. When they arrived, PrimaRose had moved closer, and the plank had been put across. Edward traveled across and helped his mother and Rose across. Emmett had not been joking when he said Leah and Tia were making a scene. They were screaming and crying, demanding that they were to be taken first. 

When Edward got back on Tied Up with Rose, he asked Collin and Brady to go over to help Leah and Tia over. They owned a chain of fitness clubs throughout the world. They weren’t as rich as he was, but they were well off. Thankfully, they could get them across without too much difficulty. 

Once all the guests were aboard Tied Up, Edward, Emmett, Paul, Collin, and Brady brought over all the supplies. When everything was on board, the plank was pushed back on the deck of PrimaRose. Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, and Paul went to the bridge, where Seth was talking to Coast Guard, notifying them what their course would be and the approximate speed. He also told them that PrimaRose was abandoned. When he was finished, he put down the phone.

“Seth, is the storm still on course?” Edward asked, stepping over to the radar.

“Unfortunately, yes, and it has grown in size,” Seth answered.

“Damn. Get us out of here and push the engine,” Edward commanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Paul, please stay and assist Seth,” Edward asked.

“Of course,” Paul replied. 

When they were on course back to the shore, Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle went back to their guests. They were in good spirits, even though the danger was on their heels.

Two hours later, the good spirits were nowhere to be found. The storm was upon them. The once clear blue skies were now black as night. Tied Up rocked violently as the wind howled against the hull. 

Everyone was in their life vests and were hunkered down in the cabins. In the master cabin, Edward and Bella were joined by his parents, their cousins, and Billy Black. There were five other smaller cabins, yet they were spacious enough to hold the rest of the guests. 

As the thunder cracked close to them, several people screamed with fear. Bella was nestled tight against Edward’s side, just like his parents were. Several times she looked up and caught Billy staring at her, and it made her skin crawl. She feared what he would do to her if she told Edward what he had done and said. Yet, Edward wasn’t just her boyfriend, he was her Dominant, and keeping secrets from him was something she couldn’t do. Looking up at him once more and seeing the evil in his eyes, she knew that when they reached shore, she would tell Edward. He would keep her safe. 

Suddenly, the yacht pitched hard to the starboard, causing everyone to crash against the wall. Screams echoed in between cracks of lightning and thunderous booms of thunder. 

“Edward,” Bella cried, tightening her hold on him. 

“Shh, love, I have you,” he reassured her.

Was this the end? Would this be the last time they would hold each other? They had just found each other and now they were going to be torn apart. How was that fair? 

The roar of the engine quieted and the roll of waves softened. Edward stood and looked out the small window and breathed a sigh of relief. Reaching down, he pulled Bella to her feet and pointed out the window.

“We made it through the storm, baby,” he cooed. 

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  1. Sassy Mami says:

    I hope she does the right thing and tells him. And tells him soon. Thanks for the update.


  2. yankeegirlnj says:

    Oh how I love this story! Somehow I think Edward would ruin Billy before he could even try to hurt bella. Hopefully she gets a chance to tell Edward what he threatened and did before he gets her alone again. Edward should see hand print bruises on her atm??!


  3. Debbie Hannon says:

    You made it through one storm. Wonder how Edward will feel with the next storm on the horizon? I hope Bella doesn’t take to long to tell him. He’ll skin Billy, as he should!


  4. 💕🥰Love it💋💕🥰


  5. dpennell007 says:

    Oh no, an evil Billy! I’m glad Bella is going to spill the beans. He needs to go DOWN.


  6. pattsy1994 says:

    I really do hope Bella tells Edward of Billy’s action’s, thereby taking the power away from him.


  7. Janet Garrett says:

    She really has no choice but to tell Edward, Billy is a complete Knucklehead trying to bully her into submission not Edwards Sub he won’t. Can’t wait until he finds out.


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