Chapter Thirteen ~ Trust and Obey

After their session in the playroom, Edward removed the leather collar and prepared Bella a relaxing bubble bath. Aftercare was necessary and essential, giving the Dominant and submissive the opportunity to talk about the scene and voice any concerns. He carefully towel dried her delicate skin, gently applying arnica gel to her butt cheeks to soothe the punished skin.  After dressing, they went downstairs for a late lunch. Emmett and Rose had already eaten and had gone into town for the afternoon. Maggie said they kept looking upstairs and whispering to each other. 

When they had finished eating, they went into the theater room and put on a movie. Edward had pull with the movie industry. Many of his clients in the LA club were well-known actors, actresses, and directors. In the public eye, they may be seen as clean-cut and pure, but they were very naughty behind the doors. They were thankful for having a place where they could be who they were meant to be, so they often supplied Edward with all the new releases in a show of appreciation. After looking through the options, they decided to watch the movie based on a book. It was a heartbreaking story of love and loss. 

Cuddled up together, they watched the movie. Bella cried several times, but envied how much the couple loved each other. She also fell in love with Elizabeth, the daughter of the father who lost his wife. The way the author wrote the child made Bella’s ovaries quiver. Suddenly, an image of a little boy with brownish-red hair and green eyes was sleeping between her and Edward and she couldn’t help but get a forlorn look on her face. Shit, what was she thinking? 

“Are you okay?” Edward asked, seeing the odd expression on her face.

“Yeah, the movie is just really sad,” she lied, hoping he wouldn’t press the subject.

Edward studied her face and could tell there was something else, yet he didn’t press the issue. Instead, he pulled her closer and placed a kiss on her lips. “It is, but I bet there will be a happy ending.”

Bella couldn’t help but break out into giggles.

“What are you laughing about?” Edward quizzed.

“The big bad Dominant believes in happy endings,” she laughed.

Edward growled and pushed Bella back against the cushion. Looming over her, he gave her a look he used when his submissive had done something wrong. He hoped she caught on to what he was going to say. “Bella, you have been a naughty little girl. I believe you need a punishment.”

Bella’s breath hitched as she thought of the statement her Dominant had said. He was going to give her a punishment. Hmm, she wondered what it would be? Lost in her thoughts of the different types of punishments, until she remembered what he called her. It wasn’t Isabella, but Bella. It wasn’t her Dominant saying he was going to punish her, but her boyfriend, Edward. Focusing on his face, she saw him smirking. Deciding to play along with him, she placed her finger to lips and bit down on the tip. “I am sorry I was a naughty girl,” she muttered, batting her eyes. 

“Well, you were and I have decided what your punishment shall be,” Edward advised, as he tried to keep from smiling, even though he was losing the battle. 

“Will it hurt?” she asked in a childlike voice. 

“It all depends,” Edward answers.

“On what?”

“On how ticklish you are,” he replied, then attacked her sides. She broke out in laughter, kicking her legs, twisting her torso, and shaking her head from side to side.

“Edward, please stop,” she gasped in between her laughter. 

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Hmm, I don’t think I believe you,” Edward chuckled and continued his assault on her sides.

Bella laughed and screamed stop over and over again. At one point, she could hardly catch her breath from laughing so hard. She hadn’t felt this carefree in such a long time, and it felt so good. “STOP, EDWARD! STOP!” Bella screamed. 

Edward loved hearing her laughter. It was like a warm breeze off the ocean, filling his soul with overwhelming joy. He could spend the rest of his days on this earth listening to Bella laughing. Stopping his tickling, he leaned down to capture her luscious lips, yet just as his lips were about to touch hers, he was jerked away and flew across the room.

“I warned you,” Emmett growled, pushing Edward up against the wall. “You might be my brother, but I will mess you up for forcing yourself on her.”

Emmett and Rose had just gotten back to the house after spending the afternoon in town. When Bella had announced they were spending time in the playroom, they both felt uneasy about staying in the house. It wasn’t the fact they weren’t curious about the whole thing. They were, and had talked about taking Edward and Bella up on their offering to take them to one of Edward’s clubs to see firsthand. It was just a surprise how normal Bella made it sound this morning over breakfast. Emmett even lost his appetite, which was something that never happened. At first, they thought they would hang out downstairs until Edward and Bella emerged from the playroom. However, as time passed, their uneasiness increased until they knew they had to get out of the house.

After spending hours in town, they thought it was safe to return to the house. Emmett had his hands full of his soon-to-be wife’s purchases and walked into the foyer when he heard a woman scream. Dropping the bags, he listened intently to see if it was real or if it was a tv up too loud. Then he heard the cry again and ran toward the sound. As he neared the theater room, he heard Bella’s voice screaming for someone to stop. Busting through the door, and once inside, he found Edward pinning her to the seat. Her screams to stop echoing throughout the room. Emmett ran over, grasping his brother and throwing him to the wall. Placing his massive forearm against Edward’s chest, he yelled at him.

“Emmett, what the fuck are you doing? I am not hurting Bella,” Edward barked, confused why his brother was manhandling him. Did he really think he would attack Bella? Hurting Bella was something he could never do. Even today, when they were in the playroom, he had gotten an uneasy feeling when he had to punish her for breaking his command. Never in all the years of being a Dominant had he had this feeling when he came to punishing his submissives. He didn’t understand why he was feeling this way. Maybe he needed to call his mentor and talk to him. Garrett grew up with parents who were in the community. At seventeen, he knew he had Dominant traits and yearnings, but wasn’t allowed to start his training until he turned eighteen. His father set him up with the best Dominant in the community and the rest was history. If anyone had the answer to why he was feeling the way he was, it was Garrett. He was married to his submissive Kate for twelve years and they had four children. Something that Edward had never even thought he wanted until a brown eyed beauty came into his life.

“I fucking heard her screaming for you to stop. You told me when a submissive says stop your fucking stop,” Emmett seethed, his jaw clinched while trying not to beat the shit out of his brother. How could he do something like this to Bella? He promised him he wouldn’t and the moment his back was turned, he broke his promise.

“Emmett, stop,” Bella yelled out. She was shocked to see Emmett hold Edward against the wall, yelling at him about attacking her. 

“Bella, it is going to be okay. We’ll pack you up and take you to Mom’s house to stay,” Emmett advised, not letting go of Edward.

“He wasn’t attacking me,” Bella said.

“I heard you screaming for him to stop,” Emmett remarked, sneering at Edward.

“Yes, to stop tickling me,” Bella replied.

“See you asshole, she just agreed she wanted to stop,” Emmett fumed.

“Tickle, Emmett,” Bella urged, hoping she could get through to him. Emmett had always been protective of her, even though he didn’t know the entire story about what had happened to her.

“Tickle?” he muttered, turning his head towards Bella. “Did you say tickle?”

“Yes,” Bella giggled.

Emmett turned back to his brother, giving him an apologetic look. Removing his forearm from Edward’s chest, he stepped back. 

” WHAT THE FUCK GOING ON IN HERE?” Rose yelled, looking around the room. She had taken a phone call when they arrived. Emmett had taken her purchases inside and when she finished talking to the jeweler who was engraving her wedding gift for Emmett, she went inside, finding her bags on the floor. It was then she heard the yelling down the hall. When she walked into the room and saw the chaos. 

Emmett dropped his head. “Just a misunderstanding, sorry Edward and Bella for interrupting.”

Rose looked between each of them, trying to figure out what was going on. Bella looked pissed, Edward looked upset, and Emmett looked ashamed. “Emmett, what have you done this time?”

Emmett rubbed the back of his neck and shifted from one foot to the other. “I misunderstood what was going on and I may have thrown Edward into the wall.”

“What?” Rose gasped. 

Edward moved forward, slapping his brother on the shoulder. “As he said, it was a misunderstanding and we are good.”

Emmett looked over at his brother, giving him a smile. “Thanks.”

“I know you are only looking out for Bella and I do appreciate it,” Edward said. “Why don’t we go have a snack and relax before we have to get ready.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the deck with the two couples joking and laughing. Rose was curious about what had happened, but the incident wasn’t mentioned. 

It was finally time to get ready and go to the party. Edward was informed that everything was in readiness by security. There had been a few attempts by the press to get into the compound, but they were turned away. The caters employee list came back clear, along with the band.

Bella was just putting on the finishing touches to her outfit for the party. Unlike the Welcoming Party, tonight was Emmett and Rose’s Engagement Party. Rose planned a grand extravaganza, with the decorations in pink and black. The invitation had specified that every guest was to wear formal black attire. Yesterday, when she had heard just who was coming, she had picked up an extra dress when she selected the dress she wore the previous evening. She had a black gown she had brought, but once she saw this one, she knew it was the one she needed to wear. 

The top of the gown was black satin, with a plunging neckline, yet it had a piece of sheer material along it to hide her scars. Crystal beading covered the bottom of the gown from the waist to the floor in an art deco pattern. After slipping on a pair of Manolo Blahnik Black Lace/Satin Sicariata Ankle-strap Pumps, she picked up her clutch, placing her phone and lipstick in it. 

It had been decided Edward would wait at the bottom of the stairs. They would travel to the party alone, because Rose wanted to make a grand entrance. Taking a deep breath, she exited her room and slowly descended the stairs. As she neared the bottom, she looked down and saw Edward. He was dressed in a fitted black tux, black shirt, and black tie. “Fuck,” she muttered, as she clinched her pussy. 

Edward was nervously waiting for Bella, pacing back and forth. It didn’t take a lot of time to get ready and he loved the idea of Bella revealing herself as she came down the stairs. He didn’t know what her gown looked like, but she would look fantastic in a paper bag. She was a classic beauty. Not only was she physically lovely, her soul was stunning. Lost in his thoughts of her, he missed her decent until he heard her groan the word fuck. Looking up, he was dumbfounded and lost all speech.

Bella stepped on the last step and took the last few steps to Edward, who had a stunned look on his face. Opening and closing his mouth several times, though no words came out. Reaching up she rubbed her hand across his strong jaw and smiled. “What happened to my boyfriend? I don’t want to go to the party with a ventriloquist dummy,” she joked.

Edward finally came out of his shock and wrapped his arms around her and rubbed his cock against her. “Well I do have a woody.”

They both busted out into laughter. After a few moments wrapped in each other’s arms, they broke away and headed out to the car. The drive was short and soon they were walking in with other guests. As soon as they went through the pink floral entrance, they stepped into a pink and black elegant fantasy. There were large pink chandeliers hanging from the top of the tent, with greenery covering every inch of the ceiling. The tables were covered in pink table cloths, gold chargers, white china plates, and crystal glasses. The inside walls of the tent were draped in black tulle and the dance floor was black and pink checkerboard. 

  “Oh my, this is stunning,” Bella gasped, as she took in the tent. Once inside, you would never guess you were in a tent. Looking around she saw the guests had followed the request on the invitation and everyone was dressed in black. She spotted Leah and Tia standing off to the side. They were dressed in long black gowns with a demure neckline and Bella knew Esme must have had her hand in picking out the gowns.

“Come, I see Mom and Dad,” Edward said, pointing across the tent. They were standing next to the head table draped in pink and white roses, with black tulle weaved in between them. Making their way to the table, they were stopped several times with people wanting to speak to Edward. He was gracious and each time he introduced Bella to them. After what seemed like forever, they finally made it to where Esme and Carlisle were standing. 

Esme wrapped her arms around Bella giving her a tight hug. “You are stunning in this gown.”

“Thank you,” Bella whispered, her face breaking out in a pink hue. 

“She is stunning without the dress,” Edward declared.

Twenty minutes later, Emmett and Rose made their entrance. Rose was dressed in a pink gown with a beaded top and sheer drape bottom. With everyone else dressed in black, she stood out just like the bride-to-be should.


Standing in the shadows, he was able to keep his eye on Bella. How dare she keep touching and kissing that Cullen fucker? It had been so easy to slip in with the serving crew. He had hacked into the caterers and found the names, photos, and addresses of each of the employees who would be working. Finding the one who was similar in appearance, he broke into the employee’s house and cut his throat as he slept. Stealing the uniform and ID, he was able to blend in with the other workers. No one even questioned him and as soon as he could, he snuck away, finding the perfect place to watch his bad submissive, whore herself to Edward Fucking Cullen. In front of him were two girls who were grumbling about another girl. Listening more closely he figured out they were talking about Bella. Careful not to get too far away from his hiding place he came up beside the two girls.

“Hello, lovely ladies. Are you enjoying the party?” he asked, giving them a million dollar smile and ensuring they saw his ​​Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Watch. As soon as they laid eyes on it, they knew he had money and lots of it. 

“Well, hello,” Tia purred. 

“We would have a better time if Smella would stop throwing herself on Edward,” Leah growled.

“Oh, who is Smella?” He questioned, even though he knew they were talking about Bella.

“Over there with Edward Cullen and his parents. She has weasled herself into their good graces and bad mouthed us. We are Rose’s bridesmaids and Smella doesn’t want us in the wedding,” Tia explained.

“I’m sorry. Well maybe you can make Edward see what he is missing at some other event. I understand everyday is something different,” he said, hoping they would tell him the events.

“Oh, Tia, tomorrow is Yacht Day, which means we can wear skimpy bikinis and he will see we have better bodies than she does,” Leah gushed.

“That sounds like a great idea. If you ladies need any help, I would love to be at your aid,” he offered. After thanking him over and over again, they gave him their phones so he could put his number in. While he had their phones, he quickly downloaded a tracking app and activated it. Once finished, he handed them back to them. “Here you go.”

“Thank you. Oh, by the way I am Leah and this is my sister Tia.”

“My name is Jason,” he said, with a straight face and looked around, seeing the bitch Rose and her meathead boyfriend had arrived. He needed to go back into the shadows before someone saw him. “Ladies, I must be going. Try to have a good time.”

“Thank you Jason,” Tia and Leah said together.

Stepping away, he hid himself once again in the shadows and stared at Bella. She was going to pay and Cullen would be dead. Soon, very soon he would have her back. 

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  1. Josie Beckmann says:

    Gah! I love how protective Emmett was for Bella. I also need to know who ‘Jason’ is? Great chapter!


  2. pattsy1994 says:

    Bella’s dress is a killer, l love it. Whenever James rears his head, fear grips me, he is so evil. He killed the poor bloke for a badge, so sad.


  3. Debbie Hannon says:

    Emmett is not one to be messed with. I am sure that James will never get close enough. But I’d love to see Emmett toss him across room into a wall!!
    I loved Bella and Rose’s dresses.
    Jame has met his match I am sure!
    Looking forward to more 😀


  4. yankeegirlnj says:

    Loved it!
    Emmett is everybody’s dream big brother.
    You would think Rosalie would have “uninvited “ Leah and Tia to not be in the wedding.
    Some security……doesn’t matter how close to someone you may look, if security is checking IDs they should have been able to tell the difference.


  5. 💕 I’m happy Rose & Emmett are getting married yay & love it 💕


  6. dpennell007 says:

    Dang. I see the fly in the ointment has arrived. 😦


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