Chapter Twelve ~ Trust and Obey

Chapter Twelve

“I don’t believe I ever saw Emmett speechless before,” Edward said, as he and Bella walked down the beach hand in hand. After Bella had dropped the bomb with what they had planned for the day, they waited for Emmett or Rose to say something, but they didn’t. Standing up, he offered his hand to Bella and led her out the back doors and down the stairs to the beach. Slipping off their shoes, they stepped out onto the sand and began walking along the shoreline. 

“Yeah, and Rose looked like she was imitating a ventriloquist dummy with laryngitis,” she giggled. “You are not mad that I told them, are you?”

He stopped and turned towards her. “No. I was just surprised.”

“I am not ashamed of our relationship,” Bella said.

“Relationships,” Edward corrected.

“Yes, relationships,” Bella corrected. “And they need to realize we are going to spend time in your playroom.”

“Yes, but I want us to attend my clubs as well. My mouth is watering at the thought of showing you off to the other Dominants,” he confessed. “Those fuckers will be green with envy, but they will never be with you.”

“Oh, really? I don’t remember a forever clause in our contract,” Bella sassed.

Edward took her face in his hands, looked deep into her mesmerizing brown eyes, and absorbed the energy which flowed between them. “Do you feel that?”

“Yes,” she sighed.

“Do you ever want to stop feeling this?” he asked.

“No,” Bella answered, even though she was nervous about how fast they were moving, she couldn’t deny she wanted to be with him, always.

“Me either,” he confessed. “Do you want to walk some more?”

“Yes, please,” Bella replied. “You have a beautiful place to live.”

“Thanks. I built this house when I made my first million. They gave me this parcel of land when I was born. My great-great-great-grandfather purchased this land about two hundred years ago. Our parents built their home when they got married,” Edward explained, as they continued down the coastline. 

“Oh, I see another home. Whose home is that?” Bella asked, pointing to the home up the coast.

“It’s Emmett’s. Our grandparents willed it to him,” Edward answered. “He hasn’t told Rose yet, but he has been picking your brain on what she would like in a home. With your suggestions, he has had the home totally renovated. It is his wedding gift to Rose.”

“Oh my God, she is going to be so excited,” Bella exclaimed.

“I hope so. Emmett might appear to be an oversized toddler, but he has a heart of gold,” Edward praised. “He loves her so much and would do anything to make her happy. We Cullen men are all the same.”

“What do you mean?” Bella asked.

Edward looked around for a place they could sit because of what he was about to reveal. He thought he never would have the chance to do so for himself. Seeing the boulder where he and Emmett would play King of the Mountain, Edward leads Bella over to it. Grasping Bella by the waist, he sat her on the stepping ledge of the rock, which put her at eye level with him. 

“I have been told as long as I can remember that we are born with part of our soul missing. We wander through life, not realizing our soul is actually searching for its missing part. My father found his missing part in my mom. Emmett found his in Rose,” Edward explained, then ran his hand through his hair. He turned around and paced back and forth. “I’m almost forty years old and in all those years, I’ve never found what my father described. Don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt, I’m a Dominant. I love being a Dominant.”

“I know you are Edward, just like I am a submissive,” Bella said, wondering what Edward was trying to get at as she watched him continue to pace. “But what does that have to do about Cullen men?”

Edward turns suddenly, walks back over to Bella, and takes her face in his hands. “It means that Cullen men fall hard, fast, and forever.” 

“Edward,” Bella whispered, her heart racing at his words. Could he be saying what she thought? No, it was too soon.

“Fall hard, fast, and forever,” he declared, leaning in and capturing her mouth. He poured all the feelings he was feeling, which at this time he didn’t have words to describe. His lungs screamed for air and it was only then he pulled away, breaking the connection. Panting for breath, he stepped back and opened his eyes. The sun was directly behind her head, casting a bright halo over her. She was an angel and by some blessing, she was his. “Are you ready to go to the playroom?”

Bella had to take a few deep breaths to regain her emotions before answering him. When she had centered her mind, she looked into his piercing green eyes. “Yes, Sir.”

“When we get back to the house, you are to go to the kitchen and get a bottle of water and a bowl of fruit. Sit down at the breakfast bar, eat the fruit and drink all the water. Try not to talk to anyone, prepare yourself mentally. When finished, go to The Pearl and put on the outfit I have left for you. Once you have changed, go to the playroom and wait on the pillow,” Edward instructed. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What color are you?” he asked, making sure she was okay. 

“Green, Sir. Very, very green,” she answered, a smile on her lips. 

“Excellent,” Edward said, as he helped Bella from the rock. They walked back to the house and when they reached the kitchen, he let go of her hand and walked away. He went upstairs to his bedroom and into the closet, which would be Bella’s. Currently, there were several new outfits for the playroom and many for his bedroom. Taking the bondage outfit from the drawer, he took it over to her room and laid it on the bed. Fuck, the thought of her in this in his playroom had him so fucking hard. “Damn,” he growled. He needed to get himself into the mindset of the playroom. Going into his room, he removed his shirt and changed into a pair of worn jeans, which he usually wore in the playroom. The fabric was soft with tears and they hung on his hips, making his “v” cut show. He was pushing forty, but it was evident that he took care of himself, exercising five days a week.

Bella did as she was told and when she finished with her food and drink, she headed up to The Pearl. When she walked in, she knew Edward had been in the room because a faint aroma of his cologne lingered in the air. Looking down on the bed, she found what Edward had wanted her to wear. It was a bondage outfit. It had a leather bikini top and bottoms, with a wide leather belt which fastened in the back with a ring in the front. The ring could be used to secure the submissive to tables, crosses, beds, hell a lot of things. Stripping off her clothes, she put on the outfit, fighting with the straps, but finally getting them buckled. He had not told her how he wanted her hair, so she left it down. One of the first things she learned as a submissive was never to assume what your Dominant would want. They were in charge and would tell the submissive everything they needed to know. 

Before leaving the room, she dropped to her knees and began reciting her submissive prayer. She didn’t just say the words, but took them to heart. Each time she recited the prayer, one section would be more poignant than others and today it was the sentence, Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely. She had been in Edward’s playroom, but that was before they had committed to each other with a contract. This time, when she stepped into the playroom, she was going in as Edward Cullen’s submissive and he was going to be her Dominant. Giving herself completely without reservation, knowing he would take her to great heights. 

Rising to her feet, she headed towards the playroom and found the door ajar. Following her Dominant’s command, she stepped in and looked for the pillow. As she scanned the room, she discovered the pillow on the floor in front of the large four-poster bed. The bed was dressed in snow-white sheets and there were sheer curtains hanging along the posts, instead of the red satin sheets they had when they were here a few days ago. Lowering herself onto the pillow, her hands on top of her thighs, her back straight, and her breast pushed out. Finding a spot in the wood grain on the floor, she bowed her head, keeping the spot within her sight. Taking several deep breaths, she fell into a submissive mindset, shutting out random thoughts and only thinking about pleasing Edward.

Edward had come into the room and watched as Bella settled on the pillow. He waited for several minutes to pass and when he felt she was ready; he closed the door behind him and locked it. Moving around the room, he went to the different cabinets and pulled out the toys and tools he would use today. When he had placed everything within reach, he came over and stood in front of Bella. She was in a perfect waiting position and the bondage outfit looked sinful on her body. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out the leather collar. “Isabella, are you willing to give me your submission?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, her voice clear and passionate.

Edward put his finger under her chin and lifted her face. The look of complete and utter trust almost brought him to his knees. Steadying himself, he slipped the collar around her neck and locked it into place. “For the rest of the time we are in this playroom, you will address me as Master. Do you understand, Isabella?”

As a smile broke across her lips, she replied. “Yes, Master.”

“Thank me for allowing you to call me Master. Take out my cock and suck me until I come,” he commanded, unsnapping and unzipping his jeans.

Bella took hold of the waist of his jeans and pulled them down over his firm ass, toned thighs, and down to his sexy feet. Once he stepped out of them, she rose on her knees, so her face lined up with his thick, long cock. A small bead of cum glistened on the tip. She licked the shiny pearl, enjoying the tangy goodness. Bella began bringing her Master to the highest of his pleasure. She knew he was close as she sucked, pulling him deeper into her throat. 

“HOLY FUCK!” he groaned loudly, shooting his cum into her mouth. 

When he finished coming, Bella savored every drop and when she finished swallowing, she pulled her lips from his softened cock and sat back on her heels. 

Edward took a few moments to recover from his orgasm. Damn, he loved her lips wrapped around his cock, but he loved more, the feel of her pussy as it wrapped around him. “Stand,” he said, as Bella smiled hastening to her feet. “What color are you?”

“Green, Master,” Bella responded. 

Turning, Edward picked up the thigh straps and attached them on each leg just above the knee. When he finished, he began kissing up her leg, over the leather covered mound, up her breastbone, and finally at the base of her neck. As his lips touched the jugular vein running along her neck, he could feel the hummingbird fluttering of her pulse. Continuing to place kisses up to her ear, and whispered. “Get on the bed and lay on your back.”

Bella turned, stumbling the short distance to the bed on shaky legs. Her Master’s lips had caused her legs to turn to rubber. She heard him chuckle behind her as she climbed onto the bed. Laying flat on her back in the middle of the bed, Bella sighed, her body shaking with anticipation.

Edward picked up the spreader bar with attached cuffs. Placing the cuffs on her delicate wrist, he looked down at her face. “You look so fucking sexy. You may not speak except for one word. At any time you want or need for the scene to stop, use your safe word. What is your safe word?”

“Red to stop, yellow to slow down, and green to go,” she answered. 

“Good. Use your safe word if you want to stop, because you are not allowed to say no,” Edward instructed, his eyes sparkling with the thoughts of what he is about to do to her. Moving to the end of the bed, he pushed her one leg up and then the other. Taking the bar, which was already cuffed to the wrist, and latched it to the leather straps above her knees. When he was finished, she spread open and ready for him to do whatever he wished. 

Reaching up, he untied the strings that were holding up the thin leather strip covering her smooth mound and ripped it from her body. He had a perfect view of her glistening lips, proof she wanted this as bad as he did. Opening the insulted bag, he took out the glass dildo, which had been laying on ice packs. Testing the temperature on his wrist to ensure it wasn’t too cold. Satisfied it wouldn’t be too cold, he ran it down the lips of her pussy, causing her to arch her ass off the bed.

“HOLY SHIT!” Bella screamed, unprepared for the cold against her overheated lips.

“My little pet likes the cold,” he muttered, as he continued his manipulations. Pushing the cold hard dildo deep into her hot opening, as she moaned for her Master to make her come. Thrusting it in once again, twisting it back and forth, the vine of extra glass rubbing her walls, she moaned even louder.

She had never felt anything like this before. The ice-cold dildo sent her body into sensory overload and the rippled edges rubbed in all the right stops. Her orgasm builds and builds until it explodes, sending an electric shock to every cell.

Pulling the dildo out, he placed it back in the bag. “That is one.”

Over the next hour, Edward brought Bella to three more orgasms. Placing his mouth over her swollen clit, he sucked until he heard Bella call out.

“NO. I can’t take it anymore,” she cried. She had just had four mind-blowing orgasms, and she didn’t think she could come anymore. 

Pulling back, he crossed his hands on the spreader bar and in one fluid motion flipped her was on her knees, her ass in the air. “I am going to take off your cuffs, put your weight on your forearms,” he ordered as he took the cuffs off her wrists.

 Walking over the wall, he picked up the fourteen inches long leather paddle.

“You will receive five warm-up slaps and then ten with the paddle for breaking my command. Do you know what command you broke, pet?

“No, Master.  This girl is not sure.”  Bella gasped.

“What was the first command I issued to you this evening?”  Edward demanded.

Bella was trying hard to remember through the cloudiness of her over stimulated mind, when it dawned on her.  “This girl was not to speak except for one word.”

“That is correct.  And did you obey?”  Edward was waiting, poised to dish out his punishment.

“No, Master.  This girl has failed you.  I am sorry, Master,”  Bella responded, tears filling her eyes.

“What color are you?” Edward asked, his voice rough yet comforting all at the same time.

Taking several deep breaths, she answered. “Green, Master.” She knew she had screwed up and he wouldn’t be the Master she needed if he didn’t punish her for breaking his command.

“Good. You will count each stroke and thank me for your punishment,” he instructed. With no delay, he smacked her left cheek. The sound was worse than the pain it caused. 

“One, thank you, Master,” she called out.

Edward was pleased she had remembered and with the next four smacks, he made sure to hit a different section of her ass. Warm ups are done to get the flesh ready for the paddle. Picking up the smooth leather paddle, he swung hard at the surface connecting with her right butt cheek, causing her to jump. 

“Six, thank you, Master,” Bella choked out. Damn it, that hurt, yet she loved the pain, as it sent shock waves straight into her pussy.

Edward continued and he had only two strikes left. Her ass was red and she was crying as she strangled out her count. He didn’t delay the last two.

“Fifteen, thank you, Master,” she cried, her voice cracking. 

Edward threw the paddle on the floor and quickly unclamped the spreader bar and finished removing the rest of the bondage outfit. Picking up the bottle of soothing cream, he rubbed it in on the reddened flesh of both ass cheeks, checking for any welts or broken skin. Satisfied that there was no damage, he removed his pants and crawled onto the bed with her, pulling her into his arms. “Shhh, my pet. You did so well.”

“I’m sorry I messed up, Master,” she whimpered.

“You did, but you took your punishment and I’m pretty damn sure you won’t repeat the offense,” he advised, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“N,” she began, yet caught herself. “You better believe it, Master.”

“How does your ass feel, pet?” he asked.

“Sore in both a bad way and a good way, Master,” she whispered.

“Hmm, what does my little pet need?”

“She needs your cock buried deep inside her, Master,” Bella replied.

“I think that is something I can help you with. Climb on top and take what you need,” he directed, laying on his back. 

Bella climbed over his waist and slowly lowered herself onto his thick, hard cock. “Yesss, Master,” she cried, relishing the fullness.

“Fuck yes,” Edward groaned, as he ran his hands up and down her back.

She rolled her hips and pushed down on his cock over and over again until she felt herself at the cusp of her orgasm. Reaching down, she played with her clit, causing her orgasm to overtake her, squeezing his cock.

Edward was so close to his own orgasm. He flipped them over and thrust deep into her hot, wet pussy. He would never get enough of her. Her pussy was made for his cock and with one last powerful thrust, he emptied himself deep inside of her. After catching his breath, he pulled his softened cock from its hot home and rolled off her. Placing his head on her chest, he held her tight, listening to her soothing, beating heart. His prior comment to her played in his head. Fall hard, Fast, and Forever.

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