Chapter Eleven ~ Trust and Obey

Chapter Eleven

Bella opened her eyes and focused on the clock, which was on her side of the bed. She broke out a smile over the thought of having her side of the bed in Edward’s bed. Seeing her internal clock was still spot on, the numbers on the clock read five o’clock. She had been getting up at this time for years. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she went for her five-mile run, while on Tuesday and Thursday, she worked on her upper body strength. She was also thinking about how she was going to get out of Edward’s embrace without waking him up. She never figured he would be a cuddler, but oh boy, he was. His arm was wrapped around her body, cupping her breast, and his legs intertwined with hers. He was like an octopus. Carefully, she removed herself and slipped out of the bed. Before leaving the room to go next door to put on running clothes, she took one last look at Edward. God, he was so fucking handsome and she was counting her lucky stars that he had selected her to be not only his submissive, but also his very first girlfriend. She felt like dancing, like an excited three-year-old who got a new doll. Quietly, she tiptoed out of the room, naked, and dashed into her bedroom. Eyeing the shower, thinking she really would love one, however, why shower when she was just going to get all hot and sweaty during her run. Using the bathroom to wash her face, and brush her teeth, she was ready to get dressed. Pulling out a pair of running shorts, a supportive sports bra, socks, and running shoes, she got dressed. As she was about to walk out, she made sure she had her phone, earphones, and something she always carried when out of the house alone, her can of mace. 

Making her way down the steps to the ground floor, she walked out the doors leading out to the deck. She had seen the steps off the deck, which led down to the beach. She had run on the sand a few times over the years and loved the way the sand gave way as her feet hit with each step. Stretching her legs, she made sure to warm up her muscles before she started out. Placing her earphones in her ears, she pushed the button to begin her warm up music. It was a playlist that took her from the first steps of her run all the way through her last stretches. 

The sun was just breaking the horizon. The bright oranges, yellows, and reds danced across the waves. “This is so beautiful,” Bella mused out loud. Edward was so lucky to have nature’s splendor right outside of his home’s windows. Over the next forty-five minutes, she soaked in the beauty with every step. Making her way back to the steps, she looked up to find Edward standing on the bottom step.

She caught her breath and called out, “Hey.”

“Hey. I woke up alone and didn’t know where you had gone,” Edward said, running his hand through his messy hair. He had been dreaming of making love to Bella. He had reached out his hand to pull her close, but felt only cold sheets. He opened his eyes to find her gone. When had she gotten up? Had she thought she was meant to go to her room after their loving making? Fuck, he hadn’t told her he wanted to wake up beside her. After searching his bathroom, he pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, then headed to her room. He began to worry when he found it empty as well. He hastened into his office and started looking for Bella on the surveillance screens around the house and property. Still, she was nowhere to be found. As Edward rewinded the recording, he kept an eye out for Bella. He saw her and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. She was dressed in running clothes and carrying her phone. Edward watched as she headed out onto the deck and down the stairs. Watching as she stretched, placing her earphones in her ears, then she took off down the beach. Fuck, he had forgotten to inform his security staff to keep her under constant surveillance. Looking at the time stamp on the video, he realized Bella had been gone almost an hour. Taking off to stairs, he ran them, through the house, out the doors to the deck, and finally down the steps leading to the beach. Just as he was debating in which direction she might have gone and thoughts of every crazy scenario in his head, he saw her running towards him. The thunderous beat of his heart could now calm down, she was fine. 

Bella could see the worry on his face, and it made her feel wanted. Something she had been missing in the last two years, no more than that. “He” never wanted her like Edward does. “Sorry to worry you, running is part of my fitness regiment, which was spelled out in our contract,” she replied.

“I just didn’t realize you would be starting your fitness part this week,” Edward said, reaching out and brushing his hand along her jaw. He needed to feel the electric connection that they had for each other. 

Sighing deeply, Bella closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth from Edward’s hand. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and gazed into his crystal green eyes. Eyes filled with so much emotion, her knees almost gave way. The intensity of dominance was so powerful, and she couldn’t wait to give herself over to him completely. There was no greater peace than being naked at the feet of your Master giving yourself freely to him with the knowledge he would never break your trust. Needing to show him she was ready for their time in the playroom, she clasped her hands behind her back and moved her legs so they were aligned with her shoulders. “Sir, this girl wanted to ensure that she followed her Master’s rules. This girl understands the reason for being physically and mentally fit when she is in her Master’s playroom.”

Edward couldn’t help but smile. God, she was the perfect submissive and if they hadn’t been outside where anyone could walk upon them, he would have her on her knees and his cock between those full lips. Instead, he grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back. Skimming his nose up the pulsating vein of her neck until he reached her ear. “Does my little girl still want to play today?”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered.

“Good. After we find out Emmett and Rose’s plans, we will set up a time,” Edward advised, as he nibbled on her earlobe. “I can’t wait to see you beg to come.”

“Sir,” Bella mewled as her interior muscle clinched with thoughts of what he might have in mind. 

At that moment, Edward noticed Bella shifting her legs and noticed her eyes were dilated. Damn, she was really turned on. Looking around, he realized they were alone. As he reached down the front of her tight running shorts, he discovered she was commando. “Tisk, tisk, tisk. We are your panties, little girl,” he asked, rubbing his fingers along her slick, wet lips.

“This girl never wears underwear when she runs, Sir,” Bella answered, as the euphoric sensation pulsated through her pussy. 

He stroked, squeezed, and pinched her clit until he felt the flutters of her impending orgasm. Her surrender to him was a thing of beauty. “Do you want to come?”

“Yes, Sir, please, so badly,” Bella moaned, closing her eyes as she gripped his arm for support. Edward’s fingers were magic and he played her body like a concert pianist. She could feel her orgasm so close, just a few more strokes and it would crash over her. Suddenly, his fingers were gone. Opening her eyes, she was met by a smirk. “What? I was about to come.”

Edward brought his fingers up to his lips, glistening with her sweet juices, and licked them clean. “Hmm, I bet you would have loved the orgasm, however, since you agreed we would play today, your orgasms are mine to give or deny.”

“EDWARD,” she cried.

Raising one of his eyebrows, he let his Dominant side come out. “Have you forgotten who is in charge in this relationship?”

“Shit, shit, shit,” she thought to herself. “You are, Sir,” she answered, lowering her eyes.

“That is right. Come, we have a few things to talk about and hopefully we can have a few moments alone to do so,” Edward advised.

Raising her face, which was so full of disappointment. They hadn’t even been in the playroom together in their new relationship and she had already messed up. “I’m sorry.”

Pulling her into his arms, he hugged her tight. “Thank you. Now let’s get this sexy butt up the stairs. We have a busy day ahead,” he said, as he slapped her ass. Taking her hand, they started up the stairs to the deck. “Do you run every day?”

“No. I run three days a week,” Bella replied. “On my off days, I do yoga and strength training.”

They reached the deck and headed into the house. Making their way to the kitchen, where the aroma of coffee filled the air and Maggie was cooking away.

“Edward, Bella, good morning. I hope you slept well,” she said, flipping pancakes on the griddle. 

“Good morning, Maggie, we did, thank you,” Edward confirmed with a cheeky smile, as images of their love making flashed through his mind. He had never experienced anything like it before and he couldn’t wait to do it again. He reached in the fridge grabbing Bella a bottle of water.  Wrapping his arm around Bella’s waist, he pulled her close, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

Maggie couldn’t help but smile. She had waited for this day for so many years. She and Esme had had many conversations concerning Edward. They knew that out in the world was a woman who carried a piece of his soul within her, just like he carried a piece of hers. “Breakfast is going to be ready in about forty minutes.”

“Well, in that case, Bella and I are going to take a quick shower,” Edward disclosed, grasping her hand. Once they made it to the third floor, Edward led her to his room, he shut the door and locked it. He knew Emmett wouldn’t think twice about just barging into the room, even if the door was closed. Turning back to Bella, he looked her up and down. “I have decided to start our playtime now. Do you remember your safe words?”

“Yes, Sir. Green to continue, yellow to slow down, and red means all play will stop,” Bella answered.

“Good, my pet. Now, strip and get on your knees.”

Bella didn’t pause, kicking off her runners, tearing the sports bar over her head, and stripping out of shorts. Once she was naked, she fell to her knees. Her heart was beating fast and her skin broke out in excited goosebumps. Not knowing which pose he wanted, she remained still on her knees with her head down.

God, she was sexy as fuck. He wanted to tie her up and bring her to the brink of orgasm over and over again until her voice was raw from begging. Her submission was something he would never take advantage of, and he needed her to know he was all in this relationship as well. He wanted to place his collar around her neck, declaring to everyone that she belonged to him. However, he wanted to do something special and have a collaring ceremony. He had never done one before, yet Bella made him want to do it right, because he couldn’t see himself ever letting her go.

Stripping off his t-shirt and shorts, he stepped in front of Bella. “Use your mouth to make me come, but make it quick, we don’t have a lot of time.”

Bella lifted her head, opened her mouth, and leaned in, taking the tip of his cock in her mouth. Twirling her tongue around the tip and slipping it into the opening. When she felt it twitch, she knew it was time to turn it up. Loosening her jaw, she began to bob her mouth, taking him deeper each time until his cock was fully in her mouth and down her throat. He had his hands in her hair, pulling it as she hummed around his thick cock. She was so aroused; her nipples hard, aching to be pulled, pinched and she was dripping wet, her clit swollen and her pussy clenched. 

“I am about to come. Swallow all my cum, don’t waste a drop of the gift I am giving you,” Edward groaned, fisting his hands in her hair. “FUCK!”

Bella heard him yell, then her mouth was filled with stream and stream of his delicious hot cum. Slurping and swallowing as quickly as possible, so she obeyed his command. When he had finally finished, she licked his soft cock clean and sat back on her heels, with a satisfying smile on her face.

It took several minutes for him to recover from the powerful orgasm. His breaths ragged as if he had run a marathon. When he finally was able to breathe, he looked down at his perfect submissive and smiled. “You look like a cat who ate all the cream, my little pet. Are you okay?”

“Yes. Sir.”

Holding out his hand to her, he helped her to her feet. “You did so good.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she muttered. 

“We need to hurry. Would you like to shower with me or in The Pearl?” he asked, knowing he had pushed hard this morning and she hadn’t had a chance to get in the right mindset for play.

Bella thought for a moment before deciding she was too worked up to be in a hot, steamy shower with Edward. She prided herself on the ability to hold back her orgasms, though with Edward, it was extremely difficult. “The Pearl,” she answered. 

“You have fifteen minutes to shower and dress,” Edward instructed. “I want you in a blouse and skirt only. When we are with the others today, you are not to call Edward or Sir. I want you to be vocal and interact with everyone, just as you did yesterday. You will stay within five feet of me at all times. Do you understand my commands?”

A bright blush bloomed over Bella’s cheeks and down her neck with the mere thought of not wearing underwear around others. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Now off and don’t be late, because there will be consequences for each minute you are,” Edward said, slapping her bare ass.

Bella giggled as she gathered her clothes and went over to the door, opened it and peaked down the hall. When she didn’t see anyone, she ran out and into her room. Rushing into the shower, she turned on the water and hopped in, quickly washing off her body and hair. Rinsing off the soap, she stepped out, drying off, before running into the closet to find a blouse and skirt. She had to be careful not to wear something see through since she wouldn’t be wearing a bra or panties. Picking out the high-low boho skirt and dropped sleeve blouse, which matched it. It was comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

After dressing, she looked at the clock and saw she had four minutes to dry her hair.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, pulling out the hairdryer and turning it onto the highest setting. As she blasted her hair with one hand, she tried to apply some makeup with the other. Looking over her shoulder, she groaned. Damn it, she only had a minute left. Turning off the dryer, she ran a brush through her hair. Running out of the room, she headed next door. When she arrived, she saw Edward dressed in a pair of khakis and a dark blue polo shirt, looking sexy as fuck. However, what she noticed most was the aura of dominance which surrounded him. Quickly spreading her legs, clasping her hands behind her back, and lowering her head to the floor, she waited for Edward to give her his next command.

As Edward glanced at his watch, he smiled. She had made it with just twenty seconds to spare. With an appraising look, he couldn’t help but smile. Her outfit was fucking sexy and showed off her long, tawny legs and delicate shoulders. Seeing and feeling her smooth skin appealed to him. Circling her several times, before he stopped in front of her, he nodded his head in approval.

“Hmm, did my little pet follow my command?” he quizzed, placing his hand beneath her skirt. He cupped her sex, sliding his long fingers along her folds, making her shiver. “Very good, my pet. We need to go downstairs and eat breakfast. But first I need a kiss.”

Bella looked up and gifted him with a smile. His mouth came down on hers, capturing her in a searing kiss full of passion. When he finally pulled away, she had to hold on to his arm for support, her knees weak from the kiss. “Wow,” she said.

“Every damn time, it is the best kiss I have ever had,” he admitted. Taking her hand, they walked out of the room and towards the bottom level. When they neared the kitchen, they heard Emmett’s boisterous laughter. 

“But Maggie, I am a growing boy,” Emmett whined, as he tried to get her to give him some bacon from the tray.

“You quit growing years ago. Now go sit down and wait for your brother,” Maggie instructed, waving a wooden spoon at him. 

“Calm down, brother, we’re here,” Edward called out as they walked into the kitchen. 

“Finally,” Emmett grumbled, shuffling his feet back to the breakfast nook and sat down beside Rose.

“Behave,” Rose growled, then looked up at Bella. “Oh, I love your outfit.”

“Thank you,” Bella answered, as Edward pulled out a chair for her and once she was seated, he sat beside her.

Richard brought over the trays of food, placing them on the table, while Maggie asked what everyone wanted to drink. 

“I think the party went over well last night,” Emmett said in between bites. 

“Yeah it did. Did you have a good time, Rose?” Edward asked, as he placed his hand on Bella’s leg and drew circles with his fingers. With each pass, he moved closer and closer to her sex, until he made contact with her slick folds. Damn, she was soaking wet and he couldn’t wait to have his cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. He had already decided on the scene he wanted to do when they got to the playroom. It would involve handcuffs and her screaming with the multiple orgasms he was going to allow her to have. 

“Oh yes. Everyone was so nice,” Rose gushed. “Bella, did you have a good time?”

“I did. I don’t think I will remember half their names,” Bella laughed. 

“Me either,” Rose agreed, as she thought of the people she was introduced to. Then she remembered she didn’t talk to Leah and Tia other than saying hello. “Did you talk to Leah and Tia? I didn’t have time to talk to them.”

“Ah. Not really,” Bella hedged, not wanting to tell Rose about what had happened.

“How do you know them?” Edward asked, even though he knew, but wanted to get the feel of Rose’s relationship with them.

“They are my sorority sisters,” Rose replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I just couldn’t picture them being your friends,” Edward answered.

“Well, we are not as close as Bella and I are, but when they heard I was getting married, they offered to be bridesmaids,” Rose explained.

“So you didn’t ask them right away?” Edward quizzed, hoping she hadn’t and it would be the opening he needed to let her know what had happened last night.

“No. I had thought of only having Bella, since Emmett wasn’t going to have anyone else other than you. However, they were disappointed they were not part of the wedding,” Rose said, as she looked at Edward and then at Bella. The look on Bella’s face told her something had happened, which involved Leah and Tia. She knew they could be a little overbearing, and for some reason, Bella never wanted to hang out with them. “Did something happen last night that I don’t know about?”

“Edward, did something happen?” Emmett questioned.

Bella looked up at Edward, giving him a nod. “Rose, did you happen to notice what they were wearing last night?”

Rose thought for a moment before answering. “No. As soon as we hit the tent, people were coming from all directions. Why?”

“Let’s just say their outfits were quite revealing and inappropriate,” Edward said, hedging on telling her everything.

“What else?” Rose asked, knowing there was something else.

Taking a deep breath, then letting it out, Edward began. “They tried to make a pass at me and said some very cruel things to Bella.” 

“WHAT?” Rose gasped. “Bella, what did they say?”

Edward gave Bella’s leg a squeeze, showing her he was here and supporting her. Bella reached down and placed her hand on top of his as she looked over at Rose. She told her about the first time she had met them and all the horrible things they accused her of. Edward then told Rose of what they said when they were trying to seduce him. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Rose whispered, ashamed that she had allowed them to treat Bella that way. 

“Because I didn’t want you to have to choose,” Bella answered.

“Bella, I wouldn’t have to choose, because you are and will always be the best friend I will ever have. Hell, you are not just a friend, you are my sister, not them,” Rose declared, reaching out and taking Bella’s hand. 

“You are my best friend as well,” Bella confessed, as tears began to form in her eyes.

After a few minutes, Rose let go of Bella’s hand and wiped tears from her eyes. “What am I going to do with them?”

“Well, Mom had a conversation with them last night and she is going to make sure they toe the line and if they don’t she is going to have them removed,” Edward explained.

“Esme? Really?” Rose asked, shocked because Esme seemed to be such a proper woman who wouldn’t get her hands dirty.

“Rose, darling, Mom is the epitome of a momma bear when her young are in danger,” Emmett joked. “You are her new daughter and no one will mess with you.”

For the rest of breakfast, Edward filled them in on what Esme had said to Leah and Tia, along with the background check she had completed on them. Rose was shocked to hear about the legal problems their father was facing.

“What are you two going to be up to today?” Edward asked, changing the subject.

“We need to check with Esme and then we are going to the beach to relax. What about you?” Emmett quizzed.

Edward wanted to be truthful and tell them their plans were to spend time in the playroom, though he didn’t want to make Bella feel uncomfortable. Just as he was able to make up something, Bella spoke.

Remembering not to call him Sir or Edward, she grinned, knowing she wasn’t breaking the rules. “My Dominant and I are going to spend some much needed time together in the playroom.”

Rose and Emmett’s eyes grew large as their mouths fell open. 

Edward laughed out loud. “Yeah, what she said.”

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