Chapter Ten ~ Trust and Obey

Chapter Ten

Esme waited until Edward had Bella out of earshot before returning to the odious girls. How could either of them think Edward would leave Bella? She was firm in her belief in soul mates. Carlisle was hers, Rose was Emmett’s, and Bella was Edward’s. 

“Mrs. Cullen, we must work together to prevent Bella from sinking her claws into Edward. She is nothing, has nothing, and will do everything possible to get to his money,” Leah urged, plastering on a sympathetic smile. 

“Yes, Mrs. Cullen, that is what she is doing. She has been munching off of Rose for years,” Tia added. 

“Really?” Esme asked, knowing Bella wasn’t munching off anybody. Rose had gone on and on about how Bella was more like a sister than a friend. When the conversation turned to Bella deciding to move to Boston, Esme asked if she could help with finding a place for her to rent. However, Rose explained Bella wanted to purchase a condo and when Carlisle asked where she had been looking, Rose said the Seaport District. Esme had been shocked and asked if Bella had received a life insurance policy when her parents died. Rose said yes, but not an overly large one. She then explained Bella had been in an accident and received a settlement. Esme knew it must have been an extremely large settlement to afford a condo in the Seaport District. 

“Bella has always been a dead weight around Rose’s neck and it looks like she has moved on to Edward,” Tia said.

Esme had heard enough. She needed to put them where they belong, which was to the curb. “All my life I have run into girls like you. Rich little daddy’s girls who have been told all their life they are better than everyone else. You feel you are entitled to everything or everyone just because you are you. Well, let me tell you now you are not nearly good enough for my son.”

“But Bella,” Leah began, but Esme stopped her.

“Unlike you, Bella is real. There is nothing fake about her. Now let me tell you two how it is going to be. From now on, you will dress appropriately. If I catch either of you dressing like this,” Esme said, pointing to their dresses. “I will have security to escort you from the property.”

“But we are Rose’s bridesmaids,” Tia declared. She knew her sorority sister would stand by them. 

“So what. Once I tell Rose what you two have been up to, she will kick you to the curb herself,” Esme explained. “For once in your petty life, think of someone other than yourself. This is Rose’s wedding, not yours.”

“You can’t do this,” Leah snapped.

“Yes, I can. Now leave the party and go back to your cottage. I don’t want to see you anywhere near the tent. Tomorrow I will come by and see the dresses you are going to wear to the engagement party. And if I find them unacceptable, you have two options.”

“What would those be?” Tia growled. She was getting sick and tired of listening to this old woman. Edward Cullen was a grown man, and he was going to be hers.

“Option one is if the dress is unacceptable, we will take you to the city to select new dresses,” Esme delineated.

“And option two?” Leah questioned.

Esme grinned. “You will pack up your sleazy clothes and go back to daddy.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Leah gasped.

“Have you forgotten who you are talking to? I am Esme Cullen and this is my home.”

“Do you know who we are?” Tia snarled.

“Yes. You are the daughters of William Greene who is currently under indictment for insider trading and a ponzi scheme. The money you are wasting away on these hookers’ dresses was from hard-working people who thought they were investing for the future. Instead, your father pocketed the money.”

“THAT IS A LIE!” Tia screamed. There was no way her daddy had done something like this.

Esme reached in her purse and pulled out her phone. She pulled the report up on her phone. This was something neither Emmett nor Rose knew about. The security company had run a background check on everyone who was staying at the compound. Everyone else came back clean, but not theirs. Their father’s pending court case was a red flag for the security. Handing her phone to Tia, who grabbed it and looked down at the screen. A few moments later, Tia let out a feral scream, turned, and threw Esme’s phone in the water. 

“LIES!” Tia yelled, as tears threatened to escape her eyes. “Our daddy is a powerful man and he will destroy you. Leah, let’s get out of here.”

Esme watched as they stomped away. She didn’t know if they would be here tomorrow, but she was going to make sure they didn’t embarrass Rose. She was going to be her daughter in two weeks and no one hurt her family. Well, one thing was for sure, for tomorrow she was going to have to replace her phone.


Edward and Bella walked hand-in-hand back to the party, allowing their connection to flow between them. Edward looked down at Bella before entering the tent. His awe for her was overwhelming. “Would it always be like this?” he thought.

“Bella,” he muttered, skimming his finger over her smooth cheek. “I just wanted to tell you how happy you have agreed to be with me. I never thought I would want anything more than a Dominant/submissive relationship.”

“Me too,” Bella sighed, as thoughts of them in his playroom danced in her mind.

“I know it is not the weekend, but I was wondering if you would like to spend a few hours in the playroom tomorrow. We both need something to blow off steam before the Engagement Party and nothing would calm me more than having you give me control of your body, your soul, and your heart,” he murmured, running his hand from her cheek, down her neck, and placing it overtop her beating heart.

“Hmm, I couldn’t agree with you more,” Bella purred, her eyes dancing with excitement, with thoughts of Edward working, tying her up and doing as he sees fit to her willing body. 

“But tonight, I want you in my bed, where I plan to make sweet love to you,” he announced.

A smile broke out across her face. “Is the party over yet?” she asked, giggling softly. 

“I wish, but we don’t want to miss hearing what mom said to Leah and Tia,” Edward laughed. Walking back into the tent, they headed over to the bar to get a couple of drinks. Standing at the end, looking out over the crowd, was his father. Carlisle had the most serene look on his face. “Let’s go hang out with my dad.”

“That sounds perfect because I could really use a drink,” Bella admitted. After getting their glasses of wine, they made their way to Carlisle. Once beside him, Edward wrapped his arm around Bella, resting his hand on her hip. 

“Edward, Bella, this turned out nice,” Carlisle said, looking back out. “Esme outdid herself.”

“Dad, you know she has been planning for this for years,” Edward remarked.

While Carlisle turned to see his son, he also saw the young woman pressed protectively against Edward. “She never lost hope her sons would find the person who would be their entire world, and tonight, her hopes came true.”

“Dad,” Edward gasped.

Holding up his hands, Carlisle smiled. “Oh, look, here comes your mom.”

Esme had spotted Carlisle, Edward, and Bella at the bar. She needed a drink. 

“Not a hair out of place and all your nails are intact, so they must have gotten off lightly,” Edward joked.

“Who?” Carlisle asked, concern written on his face. 

“The bridesmaids from the corner of Evelyn and Norfolk,” Edward grumbled. 

“Oh,” Carlisle gasped, keeping his eye on his wife. As she drew close, he reached and grasped her, giving it a squeeze of support. She gave him a half-hearted smile and walked up to the bar.

Esme growled. “Give me a double Jameson on the rocks.” The bartender quickly poured the drink and placed it in front of Esme. Picking it up, she downed the drink without stopping and slammed the glass back on the bar. “Those girls are the biggest bitches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve met some doozies. I can’t believe Rose is friends with those two.”

“They are sorority sisters of Rose and they never liked me. I saw how happy Rose was with them, so I kept my mouth shut about my feelings,” Bella explained as she looked around the tent to find Rose dancing with Emmett. They were staring into each other’s eyes with the all-powerful love they shared. 

“Well, you should have,” Esme declared.

“Where are they?” Edward asked, glancing around the tent for them.

“I told them to leave the party, and I didn’t want to see them until tomorrow,” Esme explained. “I also told them I didn’t want to see them looking like streetwalkers around our guests and if they did, we would escort them off the property.”

“What are we going to say to Rose if she notices they have left?” Bella wondered. She wanted nothing to ruin this time for Rose.

“We will tell her they were not feeling well,” Esme explained. “Hopefully, she will be so busy meeting her other guests she won’t pay attention to their absence.”

As the evening came to a close, no one missed Leah or Tia. The limo took the couples back to the house. Once inside the door, Rose and Bella both removed their heels, while Emmett and Edward loosened their ties.

“Damn, I am so fucking exhausted,” Emmett groaned. “Even my dimples hurt from all the smiling.”

“I don’t think I will remember half their names,” Rose disclosed.

“Don’t feel bad. I don’t know half of them myself,” Edward chuckled, glancing down at Bella. She looked as tired as he felt. “I will leave a message for Maggie about us having a late breakfast.”

“Sounds great,” Rose murmured, her body leaning against Emmett for support. “Come on baby, you promised me a foot rub.”

Edward and Bella made it to the third floor and as they neared The Pearl’s door, Bella slowed, causing Edward to do so as well. Standing at the door to the room, Bella looked up at Edward. “I guess this is where we say goodnight.”

“Did you forget about our conversation?” Edward whispered, brushing his thumb over her lips. 

Bella’s breath hitched. “Which part?”

Leaning down, he began placing kisses up her jaw until he reached his ear. “The part where I want to make sweet love to you in my bed.”

“Edward,” Bella moaned.

“Slow, sweet, love,” he sighed, licking the rim of her ear. 

“Yes,” she mewled, her heart racing.

Edward pulled away and reached for her hand. “Come with me.”

Bella’s every thought was of Edward thrusting deep inside of her, but she needed a few minutes. “Can you give me a few minutes?”

“Sure, sweetheart. Come to my room when you are ready,” Edward urged, placing a sweet kiss on Bella’s lips, then walked towards his room.

Bella watched as Edward walked in his bedroom door before opening her door. Rushing in the room, she ran into the bathroom, removing her shoes and gown. Leaving her hair up, she stepped into the shower and washed off the night’s activities. Shutting off the water, she wrapped herself in one of the fluffy towels and headed to the closet and pulled out the long satin nightgown they had picked up today at La Perla. Slipping it over her head, she sighed as the silky material danced against her bare body. 

Fuck, it felt heavenly and she couldn’t help but smile, thinking about what Edward will say and do when he sees her. Pulling the hairpins from her hair, she brushed until it was silky smooth. After a last glance in the mirror, she headed toward the man who made her want more. 

Edward took a quick shower and changed out of his tuxedo while Bella was doing whatever it was she was doing. He knew he stank of sweat and cigar smoke. After stripping off his clothes, he placed them in the hamper for the cleaners. Overall, the night had been a tremendous success. He had been told by so many people what a wonderful match Emmett and Rose were. Then came the compliments about how beautiful and intelligent Bella was and what a perfect power couple we were. Her charisma had people hanging on every word. She was perfect, and he was going to do everything possible to keep her in his life. Finishing up with his shower, he dried off and slipped on a pair of red satin sleep pants. After finishing brushing his teeth, he walked into the bedroom and looked around. As he looked at the bed, he realized he could fuck a woman a hundred different ways, but he had never made love to a woman. Yes, he cared for his submissives, but Bella was more than a submissive to him. As he breathed in deeply, he made the room as romantic as he could in the little time that remained. When there was nothing else he could think of doing, he laid down on the bed and waited.

“Edward,” Bella called out, standing in the doorway. She was so nervous and hoped he couldn’t see her hands shaking.

He looked up and gasped. Bella was a vision, and he was one lucky bastard to be the one she wanted to be with. Standing up, he held out his hand and waited for her. Slowly, she took the remaining steps and grasped his hand, sending the electric current up his arm and straight to his heart. “You look like an angel.”

“Thank you,” Bella purred, as she eyed him from his face, down to his chest, and finally to his delicious “v” which was pointing towards his glorious cock. Licking her lips, she looked back up at his face. “And you look like sin.”

Pulling her closer, he wrapped his arm around her waist. “I love this gown, though I know of one thing which would make it perfect.”

“And what is that?” she asked, rubbing her hand up his chiseled chest. Damn, no one would ever know that it was almost thirty-nine years old. He had the body of a twenty-five-year-old.

Slipping his thumbs under each strap, he slowly pushed them off her shoulders, causing the gown to slide down her body and onto the floor. “To see it on the floor,” he replied as he leaned down and began placing light kisses from her shoulder, across her collarbones to the other shoulder. Finishing with the last kiss, Edward swept her up in his arms and gently placed her on the bed. He took a moment to enjoy the enchantress laying naked in his bed. Her dark hair fanned across the pillow like a heavenly halo. A wayward thought flashed through his brain. He could see her here every night, in his bed, no, their bed wrapped around each other as they slept. 

“Edward, please,” Bella pleaded, wanting him inside of her, filling her, stretching her. 

Once had pushed off his sleep pants, he crawled onto the bed, and covered her body and kissed her with all the emotions he had inside of him. He didn’t know the words to describe it, but he had never felt them before. Pulling back from her lips, he looked deep into her molten chocolate eyes. “What do you need?”

“You, only you,” Bella answered.

“I only want you,” he admitted as he began kissing down her body. Reaching her full breast, he took the nipple between his lips and suckled. 

“Edward,” Bella moaned, arching her back to push her breast closer to his mouth. 

He couldn’t help but smile around her nipple. As he sucked, he reached down her body to her pussy and ran his finger along her already wet folds. He stroked her clit, causing her to moan even louder as she lifted her hips. Looking up at her face, he continued stroking her until he felt her tense and let out a whimper. God, she was stunning when she came. Lining his cock up to her entrance, he slowly entered her slick, hot pussy.

“Yess…” Bella moaned, lifting her hips to pull him deeper.

“Fuck, so fucking good,” he groaned as he thrust in long, slow strokes into her sex.  

“Oh my God,” she cried, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him closer with each thrust. She needed him to consume her, make her his. This was not sex, this was something so much more. 

“Damn, baby,” he called out as he picked up speed, driving deeper into her. Every time they were together, it got better and better. Feeling his own orgasm building, he wanted her to come once more.

“So close,” she mewled.

“Come for me,” he adjured. “Come for me, love.”

Hearing him call her love sent her over the edge again. This orgasm exploded, causing wave after wave of ecstasy to wash over her, her inner walls clamping down around his cock.

Feeling her squeezing his cock as she came, caused him to thrust forward in one powerful thrust, shooting his hot cum deep inside her womb. When the last of his orgasm spasms stopped, he collapsed on top of her. He finally caught his breath and pulled back slightly so he could look at her. Bella was the most beautiful woman he had ever known, yet now she was even more stunning. The afterglow of the love making glistened against her alabaster skin. 

“That was stupendous,” Bella whispered, bringing her hand up to his face and cupping his cheek, feeling the prickly hairs of his jaw. Humming with the thoughts of what they would feel like on her inner thighs as he licked and suckled her clit. 

As he placed his hand on top of hers, he replied, “That was better than stupendous.” 

They stayed that way for a while, looking into each other’s eyes, with them still joined. Finally, he rolled to the side, breaking their connection, yet bringing her on top of him. Placing her hand into his, they lay in each other’s arms, not saying a word as they soaked in the unspoken feelings that were coming to light. 

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  1. Josie Beckmann says:

    Ugh, Tia and Leah are such hoebags. I loved Esme! She’s such a Mama-bear!


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    Bella and Edward are perfect together. I love Esme. Thank you


  3. 💕🥰 Love it & Love Bella & Edward together 💕🥰


  4. Debbie Hannon says:

    Esme take no prisoners! Especially money grubbing ho bags!! LOL… I really love her.
    Wonder what Rose is gonna say when this (Leah and Tia) all comes to light? How horrible they have been to Bella all of these years.

    Can’t wait for more! Is it Friday yet??


  5. dpennell007 says:

    Go Esme. I like how amazed Edward is to have found everything he is looking for in one package. Good decision to hold out for love, man!


  6. Judy Leavell says:

    Leah and Tia are such slots. I hope Rose gets rid of them. Esme took charge. How dare they throw her phone in the water! Edward and Bella are perfect for each other.


  7. Tammy Clark says:

    Love it loved how Esme handled that cannot wait until next Friday great job


  8. yankeegirlnj says:

    Absolutely loved it! Esme threw out the trash and Edward and Bella connected on a higher level. Can’t wait to see if Leah and Tia show up to the engagement party and how they’ll be dressed.


  9. Cheryl Anius says:

    Dem biatches need to be bitched slap. I can’t wait for Rose to do it.


  10. Bernadette Aquino says:

    Love how Esme handled the two bitches! Wonder when will Rose discover what happened…


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    Esme expertly took out the trash. But Edward and Bella, phew.


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