Chapter Nine ~ Trust and Obey

Chapter Nine

Bella had finished putting the last pin in her hair. Edward had requested she wear her hair up tonight. She had no clue why, but she was excited to find out. 

After their conversation with Rose and Emmett, Edward suggested they all needed some downtime and relaxation until the party tonight. He led Bella into his bathroom, where he had filled the jetted tub. Once they were naked, they climbed in and allowed the hot water to soak into their overworked muscles. Edward knew that she still had to be slightly sore and had been good at keeping his hands and other anatomy away from her sensitive flesh. He enjoyed just holding her against his chest as the hot, bubbling water splashed around them. They talked about tonight and who was expected to be in attendance. 

“I am a little nervous about meeting so many people,” Bella divulged.

“My parents will be there this evening and they are going to love you,” he admitted. He had not told them about Bella and he hoped to surprise them when they walked in together arm in arm.


“Baby, you are the only woman I have ever introduced them to, who wasn’t just a submissive. You are my first girlfriend,” he explained. He was a thirty-eight-year-old man and this was his first genuine relationship. 

“Just promise me you won’t leave my side,” Bella asked. There were only going to be very few people she knew at the party. Besides Edward, Emmett, and Rose, she knew Rose’s parents, Victoria and James. They had been her surrogate parents after her parents’ death and she loved them dearly. The only other two people she knew were the bridesmaids, Leah and Tia. Their attendance was the one thing she and Rose disagreed on. 

Rose had joined a sorority in college, but that was not something Bella could see herself enjoying. While Rose was participating in sorority events, Bella found her way into the BDSM community. It was in the sorority where Rose had met Leah and Tia. The first time Bella met them was a few months after the attack. She was still healing physically and she was holding on by a thread emotionally. 

One typical Seattle rainy afternoon, Bella was having a bad day. She hadn’t slept for the last two days, nightmares happening whenever she closed her eyes. Curling up on the couch in her old, stained yet comfortable yoga pants and oversized UW sweatshirt, she pulled out her tablet and began to read a new fanfiction story by her favorite author. Bella had read every story she had written and the author admitted that she was a “wordie bitch”. She was just getting caught up in the story when the doorbell rang. Getting up, Bella went to the door and looked out the peephole to find two dark haired girls. As soon as she opened the door, the girls looked her up and down with disdain.

“Who are you?” the first girl asked, her nose wrinkled up.

“I’m Bella. Who are you?”

“We are Rose’s best friends, Leah and Tia,” Leah answered. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here,” Bella replied.

“Oh, Leah, she must be Rose’s charity case,” Tia sneered. “Homeless people are part of the sorority philanthropy project.”

“Excuse me?” Bella gasped. 

“Tia, I think we have some donated clothes we could bring her,” Leah said sweetly. 

Bella was just about to tell them off when Rose burst through the door.

“Leah, Tia, sorry I am late,” Rose exclaimed. “I got stuck in traffic.”

“Oh, Rose, it is perfectly fine. We were getting to know Bella,” Tia bragged.

“That is wonderful. My sorority sisters are making friends with my best friend. I knew you all would get along wonderfully together,” Rose beamed, her blue eyes sparkling.

After the horrible day, Bella avoided the hateful two-faced bitches. Now they are going to be bridesmaids and she would have to act like she liked them. 

Looking at the time, Bella needed to get her ass in gear. Slipping the robe off her shoulders, she slipped on a white lace thong and covered her nipples with the petals. Removing the gorgeous gown from the hangar, she stepped into it and pulled it up her body. Stepping back, she took in her appearance in the mirror. The gown really was beautiful. Turning to see how it looked from behind, she noticed the thong was visible. Taking a deep breath, there were two things she could do. One, leave on the thong or two, take it off and attend the party without panties. Turning once again, she knew what she needed to do.

She was just finishing putting on her lipstick when Edward stepped into the bathroom. 

“HOLY FUCK!” he groaned. The woman was sin on legs. 

“Do you like it?” Bella said, turning around in a circle so he could see every inch of her. She felt confident and assured of her sexuality because of him.

He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her flush to him. “Do you know how hard my cock is going to be this entire night?” Nuzzling her neck, he kissed along the bare shoulder while his hands moved from her waist to her ass. Damn, she had the best ass he had ever seen. Then he noticed he didn’t feel anything but her. Pulling back, he looked into Bella’s eyes, which were sparkling with a mischievous glint. “Did forget something?”

“Hmm, maybe?” she smiled.

Dropping to his knees, he pushed up the gown until he got to her pussy to prove that sure enough, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Taking several deep breaths, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her smooth mound. Sitting back on his heels, he looked up at her. “Where are your panties?”

“I could see the line through the dress,” Bella explained.

“Woman, are you trying to kill me,” Edward groaned.

Bella smiled at him. “We need to send Linda a thank you gift.”


“Because I asked her to help me find a dress that would drop you to your knees and there you are,” Bella giggled, taking in how sexy he looked in his tuxedo. Damn, she could feel herself getting wet. It was going to be one long night.

Edward broke out into laughter. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this happy and carefree. He worked hard building an empire, which included many days and nights eating alone, sleeping alone, just being alone. It wasn’t until this moment that he realized just how lonely his life was without her. Placing one more kiss on her pussy, he lowered her dress and got to his feet. His eyes roamed, from the top of her head to the bottom of the gown. “It seems you are missing a few things.”

“My shoes are in the bedroom,” Bella advised.

Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom, where two boxes were sitting on the bed. 

Bella saw the boxes and gasped. She knew what the black velvet box meant. He had purchased her jewelry, and knowing Edward, it was going to be over the top. The other box looked like a shoebox. “What have you done?”

Bringing her hand up to his lips, he placed soft kisses across her knuckles, across the back of her hand, and then onto her wrist. Dropping her hand, he bent and opened the one box. Reaching inside, he pulled out a shoe. It wasn’t just any shoe, but Stuart Weitman diamond and silver strappy stilettos. He had called in a favor when he found them online earlier today when they had gotten back. She needed to feel like the princess she was and these shoes would definitely do the trick He only hoped she wouldn’t ask how much they were because he knew she would have a fit. There were 464 finely cut pear-shaped Kuwait diamonds decorating the strappy sandals. 

“Edward,” Bella gasped, looking at the stunning shoe he was holding.

Once again, he was down on his knees, putting on the shoes on her delicate feet. As he buckled the last one, he leaned down and kissed the tops of each foot. “Your feet actually enhance their beauty.”

“Oh, Edward, they are stunning,” Bella gushed, twisting her ankle from one side to the other to get a better look at them.

“You are stunning, the shoes are just shoes,” Edward said, standing up and picking up the black box and bringing it in front of them. “Bella, this is not a collar. This is me, wanting to shower his girlfriend with gifts. I hope you will accept this and allow everyone who sees it to know you are worshipped for the goddess that you are.”

Edward opened the lid and Bella looked inside. “OH MY GOD!” Bella exclaimed.

“Will you wear this for me?” Edward asked, his hand trembling a little. 

“I’m afraid I’ll lose it,” Bella muttered as she ran her finger along the stones.

“So, I will replace it with a bigger one,” he joked, as he lifted the necklace from the box. He tossed the box on the bed before draping the necklace around her neck. He kissed her neck once he had closed the clasp. It was impossible to resist kissing her, tasting her skin, and feeling her tight pussy wrapped around his cock.

Bella’s hand rested on the necklace. She couldn’t believe he had purchased this for her. “Thank you.”

Placing a kiss on her nose. “It is only the beginning.”

“You don’t have to buy me expensive gifts,” Bella insisted.

“I know, but I want to spoil my girlfriend,” Edward declared. “Well, we are both dressed to the nines and I can’t wait to introduce you to the cream of Boston society as my girlfriend.”

Bella took Edward’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Let’s go have some fun.” They descended the stairs to the ground floor, where they saw Emmett and Rose. 

“Wow, Bella that is a dress,” Rose gushed.

“Damn, Rose, your dress is a killer. Only the bride to be should be in white,” Bella said.

“Emmett, we are going to have our hands full trying to keep the assholes away from our women,” Edward joked, punching him in the arm.

“I tried to get her to change,” Emmett grumbled. He had been shocked when she stepped out of the bathroom in this dress, which the front plunged all the way to her waist and was backless. A small argument ensued, but Rose told him under no uncertain terms that she was wearing this dress.

“I bet that went well,” Bella giggled. 

“Yeah, I thought she was going to find Edward for a whip or something,” Emmett muttered.

Edward and Bella both began laughing. They had talked about who was going to be the Dominant in that relationship should they decide to try. 

“Mr. Cullen, the car is ready when you are,” Sam announced from the door.

“Alright everyone, let’s go have some fun,” Edward said.

Everyone got in the car and a few short minutes later, they were pulling up to Edward and Emmett’s parents’ home. A few moments later, Carlisle and Esme stepped out the door. Emmett exited the car and assisted Rose. They were quickly embraced in adoring hugs by both Esme and Carlisle.

Edward slid out of the car and offered his hand to Bella, much like he did yesterday, and just like yesterday, as soon as they touched, the electrical current flowed between them. Bella stepped out and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Relax, they are going to love you,” Edward whispered into her ear.

“Edward,” Esme called out, pulling away from Emmett.

Taking a few steps towards his parents, he stopped and pulled Bella tighter. “Mom, Dad I would like to introduce my girlfriend, Bella Swan.”

“Girlfriend?” Esme choked out. She never thought she would ever hear Edward introduce a woman as his girlfriend. She and Carlisle knew he was a Dominant and he only had relationships with submissives. As long as her boys were happy, she didn’t mind whatever type of relationship they were in, yet she could tell Edward was not happy. Looking into his eyes, she finally saw what she had been hoping for all of Edward’s adult life. The same look Carlisle had when they first met. Her little boy was in love, even though he probably won’t admit it to himself.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,” Bella said, reaching out to shake their hands.

“None of that, it is Carlisle and Esme,” Carlisle insisted, taking hold of her hand and placing a kiss on the back.

“Dad, quit trying to steal my girlfriend,” Edward chuckled, giving his father a wink.

Esme stepped forward, pulled Bella into a hug, and whispered in Bella’s ear. “Thank you.”

Bella didn’t know what she was thanking her for, but she did make her feel very welcomed. When Esme had finally let go of the hug, Bella watched as she pulled Edward into the same type of hug. After they parted, she saw Esme wipe a stray tear from her eyes. 

“Everyone has arrived, so let’s get the guests of honor to the tent,” Carlisle instructed. 

The couples walked through the house and out the back to where the massive tents were set up. Just as Rose had described, with the columns, lights and sheer material. It was magical. 

Carlisle and Esme entered the main tent first and a minute later, the DJ’s voice came across the speakers. “The guests of the honor have arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, the best man and maid of honor, Mr. Edward Cullen and Miss Bella Swan.”

Edward and Bella walked arm and arm into the tent. The tent was packed, yet Edward didn’t care about anyone else who was here. He had everything he ever wanted on his arm. 

The DJ continued the introductions with the guests of honor, Emmett and Rose as the bride and groom. It took forever to get through the crowd, Esme introduced both Rose and Bella to everyone. Esme gushed about what a beautiful young woman Rose was and she couldn’t be happier to be gaining a daughter. Then she introduced Bella, boasting that she was Edward’s girlfriend and how happy she was that he had chosen such a doll. Just as he had promised Edward never left her side, even though several men tried to get him to join them for a drink. 

They finally made it to their table and Bella felt a knot form in her stomach. Leah and Tia were already there and as soon as they saw her she could see the look of hatred on their faces. Rose was busy talking with a lady from the art council and didn’t notice what they were wearing. Leah’s dress black, with small strips of fabric covering her nipples, with no back or sides. It looked like she had gotten it from the clearance table at a dollar store, but Bella knew she paid a shit load of money on it. 

Bella didn’t think she had ever seen a more horrible dress than this one, until she took a look at what Tia was wearing. Her dress was white with the entire sides completely nude. Everyone who saw it knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Bella wasn’t wearing underwear either, but the only person who knew that was Edward.  The two of them looked like cheap whores.

“Della, it is so great to see you,” Leah said, rushing over and kissing her on the cheek. 

“Hello Leah, Tia, I hope you had a pleasant trip in,” Bella choked out, wanting to find some disinfectant to wipe her face. 

“We did. Daddy flew us out on one of his Gulfstreams,” Tia replied, not taking her eyes off Edward. She and Leah had been doing their research ever since they found out that the wedding was going to be on the Cullen Compound. With his wealth and looks, he was the type of man that one of them would undoubtedly snag into marriage. 

“Did you have a nice bus ride?” Leah giggled. “Oh, and I am happy you were able to find a dress at the Goodwill, but dear, that fake diamond necklace is a bit gaudy.”

“Excuse me,” Edward interrupted. He had been watching and listening to these two bitches cut Bella down and he had had enough. “Her name is Bella, not Della and she is my girlfriend. Oh, and the gaudy necklace is real.”

“Girlfriend,” Tia stuttered. There was no way Bella could snag a man like Edward fucking Cullen.

Edward wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer and placed a kiss on her neck. He hoped this would give her the strength to speak up for herself. He felt her take a deep breath.

“Yes, girlfriend,” Bella replied, then leaned forward, not wanting to disturb the party. “I have held my tongue, but no more. You are here to support Rose on her big day, just as I am. You will keep your snide remarks to yourself and for God’s sake, stop shopping at the Dollar Tree Clearance rack for your dresses.”

Edward couldn’t help but laugh at what Bella had said to the two bitches. “Come, I want to introduce you to the Mayor and his wife.” As Edward suspected, Bella,  impressed the Mayor and his wife. They invited them for dinner after the wedding to talk more about her thoughts on marketing the city. She was the complete package, brains, beauty, and sexiness. 

The announcement was made that dinner was served, so the wedding party sat down at the table. By the time Rose and Emmett got to the table, everyone was already seated and she didn’t get to see the full effect of Leah and Tia’s gowns. She gushed about how happy she was that they were here to enjoy the festivities. 

After a wonderful meal, the DJ began to play music for dancing. Leah and Tia had been semi-quiet during dinner and as soon as it was over, they left the table. Bella was happy they were sitting on the opposite end of the table, so she wouldn’t have to listen to their high-pitch voices. 

“Did you enjoy dinner?” Edward asked, rubbing his finger up and down her arm. 

“I did. The caterer was fantastic.”

“Yes, he is a family friend who does all our events,” Edward advised.

“Is he catering the rest of the events?” Bella inquired.

“Yes, and mom has a design team who will transform this tent into the Engagement Party,” Edward explained.

“I really don’t want to know how many people are coming to the Engagement Party,” Bella groaned.

“Don’t think about it,” Edward said, placing a kiss on her lips. He was so addicted to her taste. He needed her in the playroom again, and soon. Maybe they could have a quick session tomorrow to help her with the tension of the Engagement Party. He needed a few minutes of fresh air to get his cock back into control and he could use the bathroom. “Mom, can you keep Bella company for a few minutes while I use the restroom?”

“Sure, sweetheart,” Esme smiled, moving over to the chair next to Bella.

Edward headed out of the tent and down the boathouse to the bathrooms. The cool ocean breeze helped him calm down. Walking into the boathouse, he noticed the signs on which bathroom was for men or women. After finishing his business, he washed his hands and went out the back door to the deck which overlooked the water. Smiling over the success of the night, he basked in the fact that Bella had the cream of Boston society eating out of her hand. He felt horrible he hadn’t asked Bella what or where she was looking for a career. Shaking his head, he kept forgetting how little time they had known each other. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t hear the pit vipers come up behind.

Leah and Tia had followed Edward to the boathouse and were waiting for the opportunity to show him they were better than that mousey Bella. They still couldn’t believe Rose had made her the maid of honor. Well, they will just take Edward from her. Quietly Leah walked up behind him wrapped her hands around his waist.

Edward smiled and took in a breath. Bella had found him. Closing his eyes, he drank in the feeling, but there was something missing. Where was the electricity that always followed between them? Opening his eyes, he turned around to find it wasn’t Bella, but the hideous bridesmaids.

“So you had enough of Bella, she is very stifling and pitiful. You need a woman who can handle all you have to give,” Tia purred, running her hand down his chest, as Leah ran her hand up his arm.

Edward brought his hand up and pushed Tia’s hands away, then stepped away from Leah. He was pissed. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“Showing you what a real woman can do for you,” Leah said, running her finger down the valley of her breast. 

“I am only going to say this once. I don’t want either of you. You are nothing more than a pair of gold-digging whores, who only want to be trophy wives or trophy sluts, take your pick. I wouldn’t touch your diseased pussy with someone else’s dick. So let me put this into terms that you will understand.  I respect myself and Bella too much to even contemplate a relationship or liaison with either of the two of you. Stay away from Bella and me, or I can promise you with everything you hold dear, I will ruin you. I don’t care who your daddies are. I can guarantee you that I am more powerful and will crush them as well as you. Now, I am going back to the woman who will always have my heart,” Edward growled. 

He turned to leave to find Bella and his mother standing at the end of the deck. “Bella?”

Bella and Esme had decided to go to the bathroom as well and as they walked out, they heard Edward’s raised voice. Coming around the corner, they saw him giving Leah and Tia a piece of his mind. Then she listened to his final statement and her heart began to skip a beat. She held his heart and she needed to tell him he had hers.

“Edward, dear, please take Bella back to the party while I have a little talk with these two,” Esme said, all the while wearing a fake smile. 

Edward quickly closed the distance between them, taking Bella into his arms. Leaning down, he captured her mouth pushing all the desire he had for her into the kiss. He didn’t care who was around. Right now, it was just the two of them.

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