Chapter eight ~ Trust and obey

Chapter Eight

After a satisfying round of dressing room sex, Bella hobbled to the counter to pay for her gowns. The sex was worth the pain she was in at the moment. Pulling out her wallet, she was about to take out her credit card when a black card appeared over her shoulder. 

“Edward, what are you doing?” Bella asked, looking at him over her shoulder.

“Paying for your gowns,” he answered matter of factly.

“I can pay for them,” Bella replied.

“I am aware,” Edward said.

Bella looked up at him. “These are my dresses and I am going to pay for them.”

“Isabella,” Edward said, his voice now with a stronger edge.

Bella’s mouth fell open. This wasn’t her boyfriend Edward, this was her Dominant Edward. Lowering her eyes, she nodded her head. Edward put his hand on the lower back and stepped forward to give the cashier his credit card. The cashier handed back his card and he signed the slip without batting an eye at the $12,000 total amount. 

“Mr. Cullen, please allow our runner to take your purchases to your car,” Linda offers as she comes up behind the cashier. When she was helping the young lady find a dress that would bring a billionaire to his knees, she had no clue it was Edward Cullen, until he walked into the area and she recognized him. 

“Thank you, Linda,” Edward said, giving the older woman a genuine smile. He would make sure that management knew what a gem of an employee she was. 

Turning his attention back to Bella, he knew he would have to remind her of their agreement. From the moment she signed the contract, he had taken over all her financial responsibilities. He didn’t care that she had millions in the bank from her suffering at the hands of that asshole, she was now under his care. However, this wasn’t the time nor the place. 

Bringing his hand up to the side of her face, he cupped it tenderly. “Was there something else you would like to look for while we are here?”

“Not really, Sir,” she whispered, sighing deeply.

“Well, I have a few things I would like to look at for you,” Edward announced. She had slipped into her submissive mindset and he needed to assure her he wasn’t upset at her. 

“What?” Bella asked.

Moving closer, so his lips were at her ear, he muttered. “Bella, I was thinking about some sexy lingerie for the bedroom.”

“Oh, I believe they have some nice things here,” Bella replied.

“Actually, I was thinking about La Perla.”

“La Perla?” Bella whispered, her heart racing over the thought of showing off each item Edward would pick out.

“Yes,” he smiled, taking her hand and walking out of the store. 

As they exited the store, a group of paparazzi met them shouting out question after question, all the while flashing the cameras. “Mr. Cullen, who is the young woman on your arm. Mr. Cullen, is this your girlfriend? Miss, Miss, what is your name?”

Edward was shocked the vultures had found him so soon. When they had arrived earlier, there wasn’t one in sight. Hell, he had even walked the two blocks to the jewelers and back, without running into anyone. Draping his arm protectively over Bella’s shoulder, he started pushing his way through the crowd. Damn it, why hadn’t he thought to bring his bodyguard with him. Because for once he wanted to be a normal guy out with his girlfriend, spoiling her with gifts.

“Mr. Cullen,” Sam called out, fighting his way towards his boss and Miss Swan. God, he hated these assholes. So many people have been hurt or killed over these bastards who did just about anything for a damn photo.

“Sam, protect her,” Edward yelled. He didn’t care about his own wellbeing, Bella was more important.

“Sir?” Sam questioned. Edward was his boss and he was hired to protect him. Despite that, the look on Edward’s face told him he was to protect Bella. Wrapping his arm around her shoulder on the other side, they pushed the rest of the way to the car. Edward opened the door, helping Bella inside and he slid in beside her and shut the door. 

“I am sorry about that,” Edward said, stroking Bella’s face. 

“Don’t be sorry. It is not your fault,” Bella muttered, her heart still racing from the attack. She had seen things like this on tv, though it was nothing like this.  And experiencing it first hand was terrifying, and nothing like it appeared.  

“I should have brought more security. Fuck, I am supposed to take care of you and the first time we go out, I failed,” Edward groaned, running his hand through his hair.

Bella saw how much pain and distress he was in, and she needed to ensure him that they were fine and safe. Taking her hand, she pushed him back and climbed on top of his lap. Placing her hands on either side of his face, she looked in her emerald green eyes, which were hypnotizing. She began kissing his face, starting with his forehead to his temple, over his eye, onto his cheek, and finally to his lips. “You have taken care of me. Please don’t let those assholes ruin our day. I really would like to see what you pick out for me at La Perla.”

“Fuck me,” Edward moaned, pushing his cock against her core. 

“Hmm, Edward,” Bella mewled. Once again she was turned on, wet and needy. He pushed harder against her pussy and when he did, she grimaced. 

He quickly pulled back, his brain overriding the desire from his growing cock. “As much as I would love to take you here and now, we both know that you are too sore.”

“It is not too bad,” Bella urged, even though she was hurting. 

“Don’t lie. I need to know the truth at all times if this is going to work between us,” Edward voiced. “Now climb back onto the seat, and park that cute little butt and put on your seatbelt. We are going to finish our shopping.”

Bella did as she was told, while Edward informed Sam where their next stop was. Thankfully, there were no paparazzi around when they arrived. Two hours later, after a mini fashion show with Bella trying on dozens of sexy bras, panties, garters, nightgowns, and bikinis, they were on the way back to the Cullen Compound.

When they pulled up in front of Edward’s home, Richard was waiting, along with Michael. Edward exited the car and assisted Bella out. “Take Miss Swan’s packages to her room, please” he instructed. 

Richard walked around to the back of the car and began removing the garment bags and other store bags, handing several to Michael. Looking in the trunk to ensure that all the packages were removed when he noticed two black jewelry boxes. Looking up, he was able to catch Edward’s attention, and he held up one box. 

Edward had forgotten about the boxes, which was kind of funny considering they contained over 250,000 dollars of diamonds. “Bella, why don’t you go see if Maggie can fix us a light lunch?”

“Okay,” she replied, reaching up and placing a kiss on his cheek, and headed into the house. Edward had introduced her to Maggie yesterday, and she made her feel so welcoming.

Once Bella was in the house, Edward walked over to the car where Richard handed him the two black boxes. “Thank you. I can’t believe I forgot about them.”

“Maybe because they are not as beautiful as the woman on your arm,” Richard proposed.

“You are right, and she is worth more to me than all the diamonds in the world,” Edward confessed.

“Should I tell Maggie to start planning the nursery?” Richard joked.

“Richard! We have only known each other a day and a half,” Edward gasped. 

“The heart knows before the mind can comprehend it,” Richard advised. “You are a  good man, Edward, and there is something special about Miss Bella. Don’t let your lifestyle choices impede a possibly different future.”

“Thank you, Richard. We are taking it slow, but I promise I will keep my mind open. She is the first woman I have ever wanted to try a normal relationship with and I worry I am going to fuck it up,” Edward disclosed. 

Richard broke out in laughter. “You will fuck it up, we all do, yet these wonderful women forgive our sorry asses.”

“I don’t think I have ever heard you cuss as much as you did in that one sentence,” Edward laughed, slapping his hand on Richard’s back. “I’ve got to get these to my office before Bella sees them.”

Edward took off for the house, where he could hear Bella laughing from the kitchen. Taking off to the stairs, two at a time, he was able to place both Isabella’s collar and Bella’s necklace in his office. Shutting his door, he headed towards the stairs, only to meet Bella as she reached the landing. “Hey, did you find Maggie?”

“Yes, she is fixing us lunch and said she would have it served on the deck,” Bella advised. 

“Great,” Edward said, grabbing her hand and heading down the stairs. They went out to the deck to find Maggie placing their grilled chicken salad in a taco shell bowl with homemade ranch dressing. 

“Maggie must love you. This is her signature salad,” Edward gushed, pulling out the chair for Bella. 

“Be careful or I will replace you as my favorite,” Maggie giggled, giving Bella a wink. “Richard is bringing your ice teas.”

Edward sat down beside Bella and they began eating their salads. The conversation never wavered. Questions were asked and answered, both finding out more about the other. Just as they were about to finish with their lunch, Emmett and Rose came out on the deck. As soon as Rose saw Bella, she rushed over. 

“OH MY GOD, Bella. Esme has the tent decorated so beautifully. I actually cried. Me, crying, and you know that shit doesn’t happen, ever,” Rose gushed, sitting down beside Bella. “There is the aisle leading up to the entrance of the tent with white columns and overhead are sheer fabric with strings of lights draped among them. Then once inside the tables will be covered in lace with purple and pink floral arrangements. There are white china plates with crystal wine goblets and purple cloth napkins with pink roses tucked into the ring.”

“It sounds beautiful,” Bella said, pulling her friend into a hug. 

“Has everyone who is staying in the compound arrived?” Edward asked. 

“Yes, and they’ve already settled into their rooms or cottages,” Emmett answered.

“Good. I am doubling the security at the gate and they will need the completed guest list for each and every event,” Edward pronounced. 

“Has there been a security threat?” Emmett inquired, worried for the safety of Rose and his family. 

“The paparazzi were outside the store today and they were very aggressive,” Edward divulged, placing his hand on Bella’s leg. He needed to touch her to make sure she was okay. She grounded his emotions like no one had before. “I made the mistake of not taking more security when we left today.”

“Wow,” Rose gasped

“I’ll make sure they get the lists,” Emmett promised. He felt sure some of the guests were going to buck at the extra security measures, but he didn’t care about their feelings. Rose’s safety was all that mattered.

“Alright, enough security talk. Have you two talked about the offer to introduce you to a Dominant/submissive relationship?” Edward asked.

“Well,” Emmett sputtered, rubbing the back of his neck. “Rose and I talked a little bit. And..”

“We would like to start with an introduction to the basics, however, neither of us want to see either of you two naked or having sex,” Rose revealed. After she had talked to Bella last night, she had gone back to Emmett and told him what they had discussed. He in turn said that Edward had also offered to explain in detail about their type of relationship. 

“I agree. Starting with the basics is the best way to get the correct information. We will be here to answer your questions and if afterwards you still want to learn more, I will take you to one of my clubs,” Edward offered.

“You have a club in Boston?” Rose asked.

“I currently have one open and one in the last stages of construction and design,” Edward answered.

“If we did go to the club, what would that be like?” Emmett quizzed. His mind was racing with thoughts of them walking into the club, and everyone was having sex for all to see. 

“The main floor of the club is just like any other club in the city. There are tables, chairs, benches, and a bar. I will take you on a night where non-members are welcome to get the feel of the community. No nudity will be allowed in the main area, only in the private rooms. On these nights, we set demonstrations up to perform certain activities in which Dominants/submissives might take part. You will get to see the handling and usage of toys and equipment, as well as the interaction and relationship between the Dominant and the submissive,” Edward said.

“What do you think?” Emmett questioned Rose. 

“I would like to know more, but what do you think?” 

“Me too,” Emmett replied. 

“Great. Let me go get a couple copies of a Dominant/submissive relationship handbook and copies of limits list for you both,” Edward said, standing to get them from his office. A few minutes later, he was back with the handbooks and limits list. Handing a copy to Emmett and Rose, Edward returned to his seat beside Bella. “There are hundreds of books on the subject, but this is the one that I recommend the most. In this book, you will take a personality test which helps to distinguish if you have a Dominant trait or a submissive trait. The other papers are limit lists which is a guideline for the Dominate and submissive to specify things you would like to explore during playtime. It is not everything, but it is a good start.”

“Do you have one of these?” Rose wondered, looking between Edward and Bella.

“Yes,” both of them answered together, then chuckled. 

“And they change over time,” Bella advised. “In the beginning, I couldn’t see myself ever liking specific things on the list. This was mainly from preconceived notions and fear. Now I can’t imagine not performing them. Experiences allow you to recognize things about yourself that you aren’t even aware of, this list is a tool to self-discovery.”

“What if you take the personality test and there is no obvious answer to where a person’s inclinations lean, either Dom or Sub?” Emmett asked.

“Can people have a desire to be both a Dominant and a submissive?” Rose quizzed. 

“There are people who don’t have a strong inclination towards either a Dominant mindset or submissive mindset. They are called Switches. I have only met two during my years as a Dominant. If a person is a Dominant, they may at times take on a submissive role. Before this happens there will be a discussion with their submissive concerning boundaries and training with the correct use of tools,” Edward explained.

“Tools?” Emmett inquired. 

“Whips, paddles, floggers, ropes,” Bella answered. “I have been on the receiving end of each of those tools, but I have never used one. A Dominant trains on the correct usage of tools, and interpreting the responses of the submissive, because if you don’t know exactly how to use them, you could hurt your submissive.”

“Wow, I didn’t know there was so much to learn to be in this type of lifestyle,” Rose admitted. She knew Bella was in the lifestyle, though she never took the time to find out more about it.  She had allowed movies and the internet to feed her knowledge on the subject. 

“Those who want to live the lifestyle put in the work because the end result is so rewarding.” As I have explained to Emmett, it is not a simple matter of sex. The idea is to provide a person who is a submissive a safe, secure environment where they can give over complete control of their mind and body to a Dominant who will not abuse the trust they place in them,” Edward instructed, then took Bella’s hand and brought it up for a kiss. “Sometimes someone will claim to be a Dominant and for a time, they are able to hide behind a facade they have built, but an amateur or fake Dominant’s true nature will eventually come out and unfortunately the submissive will suffer for it. I own BDSM clubs across the country, each one has stringent rules and regulations. If a Dominant or a submissive breaks one of the rules, he or she is brought to the Dominant manager of the club. If it is a minor infraction, they may be put on suspension for a period of time. However, some rules are never to be broken. The most grievous one being refusal to stop play if a submissive uses their safe word and they are injured. The Dominant will be brought in front of the ruling Dominant committee, which I am a member of in every club I own, and we will vote to remove them from the club.” 

Emmett and Rose looked at each other. As this conversation started, they had no clue just how much structure, oversight, and organization were involved in the community. Now they looked at Edward and Bella with newfound respect. They may never commit to the type of relationship Edward and Bella have, but they wanted to explore and investigate to discover what the community was about and what it had to offer them.  They were interested in seeing if there was any appeal to possibly participating.


Tonight on ET, the hottest ticket in Boston is the Rosalie King and Emmett Cullen Wedding Extravaganza. For the next two weeks, the Cullen Family is hosting a wide range of events to celebrate the joining of the two families. Tonight is a formal Welcome Party at the home of Carlisle and Esme Cullen on Plum Island, where the cream of society will be in attendance. Security will be extremely tight and somehow Edward Cullen has been able to implement a no-fly zone over the Cullen Compound.

The tv in the penthouse apartment blared, as the man sat on his Turin Power Sectional with a glass of whiskey. This place wasn’t as nice as his house in Seattle, but his parents insisted he move across the country. Fuck, he didn’t know Edward Fucking Cullen lived in Boston. Edward Cullen was the reason he was kicked out of the club, well between him and that bitch Bella. She fucking lied about not wanting to be cut. She fucking loved every minute as the knife sliced through her buttery skin. His parents paid her off and a month ago she disappeared. He had been watching her every move ever since she left him. She had been a good bitch and not signing with another Dominant. She was saving herself for him. He needed to find her. He needed her back in his dungeon. He needed to finish carving his name on her delicate, flawless flesh. 

Looking back up at the tv, his lips went up in a smirk.

Turning to Edward Cullen, he was spotted today outside of Neiman Marcus with a young dark-haired woman. No one seems to know who the beauty is, but Edward Cullen seems very protective of her. Could she be the one who will make Edward turn in his bachelor card? 

He had found her. 

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