Chapter Seven ~ Trust and obey

The next morning, Bella woke up with an arm draped over her and a large hand cupped around her breast. She couldn’t help but smile over the fact. Edward Cullen was most definitely a boob man and God, he knew how to handle them. She never climaxed with someone playing with her breasts or nipples before. However, she had orgasmed so hard last night that she saw stars. Even now, she was getting aroused just by having his long fingers wrapped around her throbbing full globes. 

“Fuck,” she moaned, shifting her legs to gain some friction.

Edward had been awake for a while. He was enjoying cuddling up against Bella’s hot, smooth body, his hand cupping her full breast. This was a first for him, a virgin, so to speak. None of his other submissives ever slept in his bed, and he never slept in theirs. The contract that he had with each of his submissives clearly stated that fact. Sleeping together was a very intimate act and up to this point, he had just had a part-time contractual Dominant/submissive relationship. He respected and cared for them, but he never felt the emotional connection he had for Bella. She started wiggling her ass, causing his morning wood to become even harder. Hell, he didn’t think that was even possible. Yet around her, he was always in a state of arousal. 

Taking the hand that was cupping her breast, he brought it up and with two fingers; he rolled and pinched her nipples, causing them to form stiff peaks.

“Yesss,” Bella groaned, shifting her ass once again against Edward’s cock. Fuck, she wanted him inside of her, filling up as no one else ever had. 

“Tell me, what do you want?” he whispered against her neck as he nibbled the soft skin there and on her shoulder.

“Your cock,” she mewled.

Edward rolled her over, spread her legs, and positioned himself at her hot, slick entrance. He needed to see her face as he entered her tight pussy. He guided himself slowly, inch by incredible inch, inside her, never once taking his eyes from her deep, soulful pools. His heart was bursting with emotions he could not comprehend. “You feel so fucking fantastic.”

“Please, Edward, I need you to move,” Bella muttered, relishing how he filled her so completely.

Pulling back at a painfully slow pace until he had almost completely withdrawn, he left the tip of his massive head just inside her quivering lips. Painstakingly slow, he moved forward until Bella arched her hips in unspeakable ecstasy, causing him to surge forward. The sensations were too much, and he knew he couldn’t go slow anymore. Taking his hand, he grasped underneath her knee, pulling it up, causing him to be able to sink even deeper. Her pussy wrapped so perfectly around his cock. “Play with your nipples,” he commanded, as he began pounding into her in a fierce paroxysm. 

As Bella did what was told to her, she pulled on her sensitive nubs, causing a wave of pleasure to flow right into her aching pussy. She could no longer hold back the sensations. She was on the cusp of her climax. “I am about to come,” she announced, her voice husky with want.

Edward was about to come as well. He slammed into her over and over again, until Bella’s orgasm exploded around his cock. As her muscles clenched around his dick, her pussy sent him over the edge, shattering his release. Stream after stream of hot cum spilled deep into her womb. 

“EDWARD!” Bella screamed, as the tidal wave of enormous power rocked through her body. She would never tire of this feeling, craving it like an addict to drugs, and Edward Cullen was her drug. 

As the last shudder of his release faded, he leaned down and captured her lips in an all-consuming kiss, pouring into it the overwhelming, yet foreign emotions. m. He only pulled back when his lungs demanded air. “Damn, I think you’re trying to kill this old man,” he said with a smirk.

Bella gave him a wicked grin. “Hmm, maybe, but what a fucking way to go.”

Breaking out into laughter, he pulled out of her and rolled to the side, holding tight on her body to him and bringing her on top of his chest. “I think I have found a new way to wake up every morning. I can throw the fucking clock out the window.”

“I would have to agree with you on that,” Bella chirped. 

“Did you sleep well?” Edward asked, running his finger up and down her spine. He loved the feel of her skin. 

“Oh my God, yes,” she admitted. This was the first night in a very long time that she hadn’t woken up because she was having a nightmare about that night. 

“Good,” Edward murmured, placing a feather-light kiss on her forehead. “As much as I would love to keep you in bed all day long, we have to eat.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bella agreed, lifting her head and looking into his alluring green eyes. Edward didn’t look like he was nearing thirty-eight years old. His body was muscular, and there were only a few small wrinkles on the sides of his eyes. “I also need to sign my contract.”

“You really want to be mine?” he asked, as the thrill of the acknowledgment coursed through his body. 

“I want nothing more than to be your submissive. I can’t wait to give you complete control over me,” Bella declared, raising her hand and stroking his face. 

“Do you also want to be my girlfriend? Fuck, that sounds like we are in high school and I sent you a note. Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no?” he remarked.

“No, it doesn’t and yes, I want to be your girlfriend.”

“You don’t know how happy this makes me. Now, let’s get up, take a shower to wash off the sex smell that we both have, and eat some breakfast,” he announced.

They got out of the bed and as soon as Bella took a step, she gasped from the pain from their lovemaking. He had been right when he told her she would feel him tomorrow. 

Edward saw her grimace. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, just feeling the sweet ache of overuse,” she giggled.

“Hmm, well, at least I know I am doing my job correctly,” Edward noted, his green eyes sparkling.

Deciding the temptation was too great for them to shower together, they went their separate ways to get ready for the day. Unlike last night, Edward finished getting ready before Bella. The Wedding Welcome Party wasn’t until seven o’clock tonight, so they had the entire day together. He hadn’t planned on leaving the compound except for the scheduled events. However, the submissive collar he usually had his submissives wear wasn’t good enough to be around Bella’s delicate neck. Their Dominant/submissive relationship was from Friday at 6 p.m. to Sunday at 3 p.m. All the other times, they were boyfriend/girlfriend, which Edward had no clue how to do, but he was excited to learn. Wanting something comfortable for today, he dressed in jeans, a white button-down shirt, and a pair of Italian leather boots. Splashing on some cologne, he opened up a drawer and eyed the different watches he had to select from. Today was unique, it was the first full day as a boyfriend. Pulling out his Patek Philippe 5004T, he strapped it onto his wrist and headed out of the room to find his girlfriend.

Walking out of his room, he turned towards The Pearl, finding the door to the room open. Edward couldn’t help but smile. His little submissive liked to be watched. Something that he would file away for later use. As he stepped into the room, he saw that the bed had been made and he could hear humming coming from the ensuite bathroom. Quietly moving towards the door, he looked in and found Bella standing in front of the mirror, pulling her long hair back into a low ponytail. 

Bella saw Edward at the door as she finished pulling back her hair. He looked so fucking sexy in jeans, and she wanted him again. However, she was still sore from last night and this morning. 

Because the Welcome Party wasn’t scheduled until later this evening, she didn’t know what was planned for today. After looking at all the events that Rose had planned for the next two weeks, she needed to do some shopping to find the appropriate attire for each of the events. Although the clothes she packed were okay, she wanted to look fantastic. She was Edward Cullen’s girlfriend and he deserved the very best. Wow, she was Edward Fucking Cullen’s girlfriend. While he was bathing her last night, he intended not to hide their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship from his family and friends. However, Edward was also one the most eligible bachelors in the country and everyone would be looking at her, wondering who she was and how she had snagged him. 

After much thought, she decided to dress in a pair of white linen pants, a sheer off-the-shoulder top, and Manolo Blahnik shoes. Attaching a clip to hold the ponytail, she turned towards Edward. “What are you looking at?”

Edward closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her. “Oh, my sexy girlfriend,” he replied, then placed a kiss on her bare shoulder. 

Bella turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around him. She wondered if he would be able to tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. A strapless bra was the most uncomfortable contraption ever designed. Whenever she wore something which a regular bra couldn’t be worn, she would go without a bra and wore nipple petals instead. 

Edward loved the feel of Bella in his arms. Wanting to feel her perfect body against his, he placed his hand on her back to pull her closer. When he did, he realized that something was missing. Fuck, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Taking a step back, placing a finger under her chin and he raised it so he could look into her eyes. “Are you forgetting something?”

“No,” Bella said with a smile.

Bringing up his hand, he cupped her breast and gave it a squeeze. “It seems that you are missing a bra for these beauties.”

“I hate strapless bras,” Bella admitted. “I always wear petals, so my nipples don’t show.”

“Petals? Hmm, I need to see,” he insisted, grasping hold of the bottom of her blouse and pulling it up so he could see her perfectly full breast with her perky nipples covered by silicone petals. Leaning down, he placed a kiss on the top of each breast before covering them back up. As hard as it was not to strip her naked and sink his cock deep into her hot pussy, again, he knew she was sore and needed time to heal. Once she was covered back up, he placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Fuck, do you know how hard it is going to be not to have you knowing those beauties are naked beneath your top?”

Bella reached down and rubbed her hand down his already semi-hard cock. “No, but you are getting there,” she giggled.

“Minx,” Edward growled, grabbing her hand. “We need to eat.”

“Okay,” she replied, then remembered the contract. “Wait a minute.” Going over to the nightstand, she picked up the contract and handed it to Edward.

Edward took the contract and smiled. “I am excited to start this relationship with you, Isabella.”

“I am as well, Sir,” Bella answered, making sure to use Sir and not Master. She would only be able to use that term of endearment once he placed his collar on her. 

“Let’s go place this in my office, and then we will go find Emmett and Rose. We need to see what their plans are for today,” Edward said.

After taking the contract to Edward’s office and locking it in a safe, they went to the first floor. When they arrived, they looked out the back and found Emmett and Rose sitting at a table on the deck, having their breakfast. Walking hand in hand, they walked out onto the deck. “Good morning,” Edward called out.

“Good morning,” Rose answered, smiling brightly at her friend. She was so excited to see how happy Bella was. Over the last two years, she had been so worried about her friend. The agreement bound Bella not to tell her everything that had happened. However, the little bits of information she had accidentally gathered, made her sick to her stomach. 

Edward pulled out the chair for Bella to sit down, being blessed with one of her beautiful smiles. Taking the seat next to her, he looked over to where Richard was standing. “We will have the same, please.”

“Certainly, Sir,” Richard replied. Ten minutes later, he carried two plates of pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit, placing them in front of Bella and Edward. “What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll have coffee and water, please,” Bella answered.

“I’ll have the same,” Edward replied.

“Did you sleep well,” Emmett asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Why yes, we did,” Bella chirped.

“No midnight kinky times in the playroom?” Emmett quizzed, trying to push his brother’s buttons.

“Nope, just sleep,” Edward replied with a straight face. He knew what Emmett was trying to do.

Rose slapped Emmett’s arm. “Stop being an asshole,” she growled. 

They ate their breakfast, allowing Rose to go on and on about the party tonight; from the decorations, the food, to the music. The guest list was more extensive than Bella thought it would be. She thought this was a party just for the wedding party and family, but that wasn’t the case. Everyone who was anyone wanted to attend what was being called the party of the year. After hearing about who was coming, Bella knew she needed a better gown for this evening.

“Rose, everything sounds just lovely,” Bella said, giving her a reassuring smile, even though she was getting more nervous by the minute. She didn’t realize her foot was bouncing until she felt a hand on her knee.

As Rose continued talking about the party and who was coming, Edward noticed how fidgety Bella was and how her breathing changed significantly. Placing his hand on her knee, he leaned closer, giving her his strength. “It seems that everything is in order, and since it is, you wouldn’t mind if I took Isabella away. I have a few things I need to do in the city and I wanted to show her around.” 

“Oh, ah, sure,” Rose stammered.

Bella reached out and placed her hand on Rose’s and moved closer. “I don’t think the gown I brought will not work tonight and this way, I can find something different,” she whispered.

“Do you want me to come and help you pick it out?” Rose asked.

“You should relax as much as possible,” Bella said. “This is only the beginning of your wedding celebrations and the bride doesn’t need to wear herself out before the big day.”

Rose nodded and patted Bella’s hand. “I hope you find something that will knock his socks off.”

Bella leaned even closer and whispered. “I was hoping to knock his pants off.”

Rose burst out in laughter, which caused Bella to follow suit. The old Bella was coming back to life. For the last two years, Bella had been a shell of the person she once was. Rose had missed her friend, so full of life and joy. That bastard better hope that she never finds out his name, because she will track him down and cut off his dick. Looking up at Edward with unshed tears in her eyes, she mouthed, thank you. 

Edward hadn’t really spent a lot of time with Rose, though he could see how much she loved and cared about Bella. “Well, we better get going so we can get back and be available to help if needed.”

Twenty minutes later they were in the back of Edward’s Maybach Landaulet and on their way to Boston. “Do you know where you want to look for a dress?” Edward asked.

“Not really,” Bella answered, taking out her phone to begin researching dress shops in the area. She had only lived in Boston a few weeks and hadn’t had a chance to investigate the town. After a few minutes, she found several dresses she liked. “Neiman Marcus has several I would like to see.”

Pushing the button, he let his driver know they were going to Neiman Marcus. This worked out perfectly since his jeweler was just down the street. He already had a design in mind for what he wanted for her collar to represent their Dominant/submissive relationship. It was an eternity chain necklace with a two-carat diamond and special locking clasp. 

However, that wasn’t the only piece of jewelry he would be purchasing today. He also had in mind a 15-carat diamond necklace, which he hoped Bella would wear when they were in their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. He wanted every fucker who looked at her to know that she was taken. She was his and his alone. He was lost in thoughts of ways to let the world know she belonged to him, just like he was hers. 

Bella was hoping she would find the perfect gown for tonight and maybe find a few more for the other planned events scheduled over the next two weeks. If the Welcome Party was going to be the event of the year, she couldn’t imagine the grandeur of the Engagement party. 

“Are you excited about tonight?” Edward asked, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“Big parties are really not my thing?” Bella admitted.

“Isabella,” Edward began.

“Why do you call me Isabella?” 

“I think it is a beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” he answered.

“I like to be called Bella. Isabella makes me feel like I have done something wrong,” she acknowledged.

“Hmm, I like it when you do something wrong. It gives me a reason to spank your little ass red,” Edward smirked, before placing a kiss behind her ear.

“Edward,” Bella moaned.

“Baby, you taste so good. I can’t get enough of you,” Edward stressed as he continued kissing and nibbling down her neck. He was about ten seconds away from stripping her naked and filling her with his hard, thick cock. However, the car pulled over and stopped. Looking up he saw they had arrived at the store. Placing one more kiss on her neck, he leaned back giving her a smile. “We are here.”

Bella’s heart was racing and she didn’t think her legs would work. His kisses turned her into jelly. “Damn.”

“I know,” he groaned, almost forgetting what they were discussing, then he remembered. He loved how her name rolled off his lips and if she was just his submissive he wouldn’t have even considered the subject. As he tried to explain to Emmett, a Dominant/submissive relationship wasn’t just about kinky sex. It was the control the submissive gave to their Dominant. As her Dominant, he would call her whatever he pleased, but as her boyfriend, he needed to take her feelings into account. “Actually, I think it would be better if I only used Isabella when we are in our Dominant/submissive relationship. When we are like this, we will be Edward and Bella.”

Bella threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with all the passion she had for him, ending the kiss, she looked into his eyes smiling. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I would do anything to make you happy,” Edward revealed. “You have a gown to purchase and I have a quick errand to run.”

“You do?” 

“Yes. I won’t be long,” Edward promised.

Edward rushed off down the sidewalk, while Bella walked in the store and towards the women’s fine apparel section. Once she arrived she looked around hoping to find the gown which would make Edward cream his pants. 

“Hello, my name is Linda. May I help you,” she asked.

“I am looking for a gown for a party,” Bella answered.

“Do you know the style or color you want?”

Bella didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t really thought about either the style or color. Looking around to make sure no one else was near, she looked at Linda. “I need a dress that would make a billionaire drop to his knees and worship my feet.”

“I think I have just what you need,” Linda said with a smirk.

Twenty minutes later Bella was standing in front of the mirror in the dress. It was blood red, body-hugging, with a court train. Edward won’t know what hit him when he sees her. 

“I think we have a winner,” Linda gushed.

“We do,” Bella beamed. “Help me out of it, before he finds me.”

Taking Bella’s hand, Linda led her to the dressing room to change and took the gown, placing it in a black gown bag. She placed several other gowns on the rack in the room for Bella to pick from for the Engagement party. 

Bella selected three more gowns, wanting to have choices after she heard the guestlist for the Engagement party. She was about to pick up her pants when the door to the dressing room opened. “I don’t need any more gowns, Linda.”

Edward pulled the door shut behind him and turned the lock. He picked up the necklace and collar, leaving them with his driver as he went to find Bella. A sweet grey-haired lady showed him to the dressing room and informed him she would make sure no one disturbs them. Moving closer just as she turned, he wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her close. “Have you ever had sex in a dressing room?”

“No,” she whispered. “But I would love to have the experience.”

“Are you still sore?” Edward asked, concerned it would be too painful for her.

“A little, but not enough for me to pass up this opportunity,” she groaned. 

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  1. Girl … you’ve done it again! Loved the chapter. I truly love the building relationship with Edward and Bella!


  2. Wow another great chapter I cannot wait for more I can’t wait for next Friday I still have questions waiting to see if they all get answered you are doing an amazing job writing


  3. Love the relationship that is building between them. I love Rose and Emmett in this too. You are amazing at character building. Now another week to wait. I have so many questions…


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  5. Love the collar and necklace and the dress. Can’t wait to see Edward’s reaction to that red one. And, yeah, I don’t blame Bella at all; I wouldn’t miss that opportunity either, wink. thanx ;o)


  6. I googled the watch. 3.9 million dollars! I think my favorite part of this chapter was the decision to keep ‘Isabella’ for the D/s relationship and ‘Bella’ for everyday use. Bella seems quite comfortable spending Edward’s money for things that will please him.


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