Chapter Twenty-One ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Twenty One

Blood Flowing Like a River

Edward stepped out of the interrogation room, wanting nothing more than to bring Royce back to life so he could make him suffer even more for what he had done to his Bella. He couldn’t believe that Bella was in the hands of her crazy fanatic father. When Edward was looking for Bella after the wondrous night which changed his world for the better, he had gotten a detailed report on Charles Robert Swan. Fuck, he was in the mafia and nothing really affected him, yet reading what Charlie had done made Edward shiver. Charlie was one sick bastard whose views on women were medieval and barbaric. 

“Edward, are you alright, son?” Carlisle asked as he wheeled himself out of the room.

Looking towards his father, he saw his brothers as well. He had to imagine that she was okay and get his ass to Forks. “Emmett, call the team and get them ready to leave in two hours. Make sure the guys who broke into the Swan’s home to get Bella’s grandmother’s things are part of the team.”

“Will do,” Emmett replied as he pulled his phone out and began barking out orders.

“Jasper, you will be in charge until I get back,” Edward stated in a cold, no-nonsense tone, turning toward his father. “You will get your revenge. I want Eleazar and Carmen picked up and brought here.”

“Yes, Skipper,” Jasper said.

“Hold them until I get back,” Edward commanded. “Dad, do you feel up to making Eleazar pay?”

Carlisle looked up at his son. He had been working hard with his physical therapy, with hopes of getting out of this fucking wheelchair. Locking the wheels, he pulled his feet from the footplates, placing them on the floor. Grasping the arms of the chair, he pushed with all his might until he was standing on his own two feet. This was the first time his sons had seen him stand on his own since the shooting. By some miracle, over the last few months, he had begun to regain some feeling in his feet and legs. At first, it started as a strange tingling sensation in his feet, and then it traveled up his legs. Then yesterday morning, he woke up with something he hadn’t had since the shooting, a fucking hard-on. He couldn’t believe it and he couldn’t wait to make love to his sexy wife, finally. She had been his rock throughout all the hardships since the shooting, and even stood by him after the loss of their sex life. He had made sure that she had received a release from his tongue or by using the toys he had purchased. Yet, he knew she missed the physical intimacy they had once shared. Carlisle hadn’t told Esme of the new development, wanting to surprise her after Bella had been found and returned home.

“Dad,” Jasper gasped, shocked that his father was standing. He never thought it would be possible.

“Bring me the fucker,” Carlisle growled, his face full of determination. 

Edward couldn’t help but smile. His father was the strongest, most deadly man, he knew and he couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind to make Eleazar pay. “Alright. I will leave the two of you in charge then.”

“Skipper, wheels up in seventy-five minutes. The team is gearing up and will be loading the equipment they will need within the hour. I called Garrett and he is coming. He is also bringing Dr. O’Neill, just in case Bella needs her doctor.”

Edward had not thought of that, yet it was a brilliant idea. He had no clue to what kind of conditions Bella had been exposed to. Damn, he couldn’t think about her needing her doctor, though he was glad that Garrett had planned for all scenarios. “Jasper, I want Eleazar and Carmen picked up as quietly as possible. There is no need to alert his family if we can help it.”

“What about his daughters?” Emmett asked.

“Fuck, I forgot about Kate and Tanya. Pick them up also and bring them here,” Edward commanded.

“Sure thing, Skipper,” Jasper replied.

“Skipper, you need to get cleaned up. The cleaning crew will be here soon to take out the trash,” Emmett instructed. “I left your clothes in the bath and have your vest and guns being taken to the plane.”

Edward nodded and took off to the bathroom, where he stripped all his clothes and shoes off, placing them in a special container, where the cleaning crew would take care of destroying them. Stepping into the specially manufactured shower system, he allowed the hot water to wash away all of Royce’s blood. Edward couldn’t believe that one of his family members had been the one who planned and kidnapped Bella and murdered his fellow family members. How had he missed it? Shaking his head, Edward finished his shower and stepped out. Wrapping the towel, he dried off and threw the towel in the container with his suit. He closed the shower door, engaging the locking system and started the sterilization process. Bleach cascaded down the walls and floors, removing every trace of blood and other fluids which the fucking cops could use against him or his family. After the sterilization cycle was over, the cleaning crew would come in with a black light and check for any evidence that might remain.

He dressed quickly in his black suit, white tailored shirt, blood-red tie, and a pair of Italian leather loafers. He could have dressed in combat fatigues, but when he was dressed in his suit, he looked like the deadly son of bitch that he was. Charlie Swan was going to know just what happened when you messed with Edward Cullen and his family. Picking up his gun, he placed it in its holster and walked out of the room. Emmett was on the phone arranging transportation from the airport in Port Angeles to Forks. How fucking small was this town? No damn wonder his love escaped it as soon as she could and never looked back.

“Where are Dad and Jasper?” Edward asked.

“They have gone back to the office to plan out the extraction,” Emmett answered. 

“Good. Let’s get to the plane,” Edward commanded. He was getting anxious to get on their way. “How long is the flight?”

“Almost five and half hours,” Emmett replied. “I have our SUVs waiting for us at the hanger in Port Angeles. We will have another hour from there to Forks.”

“Fuck. Isn’t there any way we can get there quicker?” Edward inquired.

“Sorry, Skipper, but no.”

“Alright, then we should arrive in Forks right after sunset, which is good. We will work on the strike plan on the plane,” Edward advised. 

Seven hours later, they were landing in Port Angeles with what they hoped was a fail-proof plan. Garrett and Dr. O’Neill had their plan ready to deploy if needed. They weren’t happy with the limited medical center in Forks, so a helicopter was on standby if Bella’s babies were in distress. It would only take them forty minutes to get to Seattle and a health center, at level one. Bella was at thirty-four weeks and was at risk with multiples to go into labor any day now. The babies would be smaller, depending on the conditions that she had to endure for the last thirty-four days.

As soon as their private jet landed, the team began unloading the equipment and placing it in the SUVs. Everyone put on their communication devices and checked that they were working correctly. Emmett made Edward put on a bulletproof vest. He grumbled about it but did it anyway. He needed to take whatever precautions to come out of this healthy so that he could take care of Bella. With Phil behind the wheel, Edward climbed into the SUV with Emmett and Alec. Jared, who had been at the tent meeting when Edward was looking for Bella, and the remaining guard climb in two of the other SUVs, leaving the fourth one for Garrett and Dr. O’Neill, along with Riley and Randell. 

Speeding towards Forks, Edward couldn’t help but get nervous about what he might find. Bella was the strongest person he knew and he had to be positive that she was okay. Taking a deep breath, he immersed himself in the floor plans of both the Swan’s house and church. 

“Five minutes out,” Emmett called out. They were going to the house first and using FLIR thermal cameras to see how many people and their locations within the house. They parked across the street from the white two-story house and saw no cars in the driveway and the only light was the one on the porch. The team surveyed the area and exited the vehicle. Sneaking closer to the house, they pointed the FLIR to the house, scanning room by room and finding nothing. When they had been here to retrieve Bella’s grandmother’s chest, they had found that the house had a root cellar. The only way to gain access was through a door on the west side of the house. It didn’t have a lock, so they quickly and quietly opened the door and went down the concrete steps. Using the FLIR once again, they scanned the area and found no heat signature. 

“No one is here, Skipper,” Mark called out over the mic.

“Alright, let’s get to the church,” Edward replied. For some inexplicable reason, he knew that she was there. The team got back into their vehicle and headed towards Charlie Swan’s church. It was on a dirt road off of highway 101. There were no other buildings or houses within a five-mile radius. Twenty minutes later, they were slowly driving up the muddy road with the lights off, hoping for the element of surprise.

It was exactly like the pictures that the team had taken when they were out here before. The tiny one-story church looked run down and in need of a good paint job. The sanctuary lights were on and in the far back left corner of the building, a small dim light was also on. 

Randal got out of the vehicle and made his way to the building’s left side with the FLIR while Jared checked the front. 

“I have two heat signatures in the chapel area,” Randal whispered into his microphone.

“I have one in the back room, and I believe it is Mrs. Cullen,” Jared advised. The person he saw was lying down and he could see that they had a large protruding stomach, like someone who was pregnant. 

Edward’s heart began to race. “Randall, you and your team keep an eye on those in the chapel area. Emmett, Phil, you are with me. Garrett, Dr. O’Neill, you stay put for now.”

Slipping out of their vehicle, everyone had their guns locked and loaded and proceeded to the side of the church where Jared was stationed. As they neared the door, Edward nodded his head towards Emmett, who quickly picked the lock. Taking out a small bottle from his pants pocket, he squirted oil on the hinges before pushing the door open. The narrow hallway was dark, with a faint glow of a light coming underneath the door to their left. 

Edward put his ear to the door and heard soft moanings. He couldn’t tell if it was Bella. “Pick it,” he murmured.

Emmett once again did short work on the lock and oiling the hinges. Turning the knob, it pushed open the door and took a quick look around before allowing Edward entrance. It was a small room that was no bigger than seven foot by seven foot, with no windows or any other doors. A quick glance to the bed, he saw a figure with dark hair covering their face. 

Edward couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Emmett to the side. Stepping into the small space, he saw the body on the small bed covered by a thin blanket that couldn’t keep anything warm. Taking the few feet to the bed, he knelt and brushed the hair away from the person’s face. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as he saw the face of his heart, his soul, his very reason for living, his Bella.

“Bella, my love,” he whispered, lightly stroking the side of her face.

Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped. “I must be dreaming again.”

Edward leaned down and placed a feather-light kiss on her lips. “You are not dreaming. Fuck baby it is me.”

“Edward,” she cried, reaching out and putting her arms around his neck. “I knew you would find me, I just knew it, no matter what Charlie said.”

“Did he hurt you?” Edward asked, even though he was scared to hear what she might disclose.

“Charlie has lost his mind. He thinks that I am carrying his sons, that God himself impregnated me,” Bella explained.

“Fuck,” Edward groaned. He knew that Charlie was a little out there, but this put him on a whole different plane of crazy. 

“Ahh,” Bella groaned, grasping her belly.

“Bella, what is it?” Edward asked.

“I think I am in labor,” she replied. 

“Shit. Alright, let’s get you out of here. Garrett and Dr. O’Neill are outside and they will take care of you,” Edward explained.

“But what about Charlie and Renee?” she questioned, worry and concern was in her voice.

“Was Renee part of this?” Edward quizzed, hoping that at least one of her parents had been concerned about her well-being.

“Yes. She assisted him with my imprisonment and even convinced him into cutting my food supply, stating that the babies didn’t need that much to grow.”

“How long have you been in pain?” he asked.

“About two hours,” she answered.

“Dr. O’Neill,” Edward called out through his microphone.

“Yes, Edward.”

“We found Bella. She believes she is in labor, and has been for about two hours,” Edward instructed. 

“Get her to us as soon as possible,” Dr. O’Neill said. Her mind began to formulate a plan on what they needed to do once they found out for sure if in fact Bella was in active labor. 

“Randall is everything still secure?” Edward checked.

“Yes, Skipper.”

“Baby, we are going to get you out of here. Stay as quiet as you can,” Edward advised, as he stood.

She sat up, throwing the thin blanket from her body. This was the first time he had seen how much her belly had grown since he had last seen her. Reaching out he wrapped his hands around her belly and leaned down. “Hey little guys. Daddy is here,” he murmured, his voice cracking over the emotions that were flowing through him. 

Tears began to flow down Bella’s cheeks as she watched Edward talk to their sons. There was no doubt of his love for her and their baby boys. The swift kicks came as their little guys gave their response to their father. Edward looked up and gave her a smile.

Sliding his arms under her, Edward pulled her to his chest and headed towards the door. “We will have you safe in just a few seconds.”

Emmett was waiting for them and couldn’t be happier for his brother and sister. “Ready to move?” he asked.

“Yes,” Edward replied.

They headed out of the room, into the hallway, and then out the outside door. Randall said that the two people in the chapel were still in there and no one else was around. Once they were outside they headed to the SUV where Garrett and Dr. O’Neill were waiting. The door was opened and Edward carefully sat her on the leather seat. 

“Baby, I won’t be long,” he said, then looked up at the two doctors. “If you need to go, then you know what to do.”

“I’m not leaving without you,” Bella cried, trying to leave the vehicle.

“Bella, we will only go if the babies are in distress and need medical assistance,” Garrett advised, hoping he would calm her down. 

“I promise that if you have to go, I will be right behind you,” Edward urged, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Just hurry and be safe,” she cried.

“Always, my love,” he vowed, then closed the door. Turning towards his men, he unbuttoned his jacket and walked towards the steps of the church. It was time for Charlie Swan to meet ‘Devil’. 

Grasping the handle to the door, Edward pulled it open and walked inside with his team behind him. They were here only if he needed assistance. 

Charlie looked up when he heard the door open and saw a man he had never seen before walking down the aisle towards him. “May I help you. Are you here to find Jesus?” 

“No, I am here to find the devil,” Edward smirked. “My name is Edward Cullen.”

“I am not sure what you mean,” Charlie said.

“I have come to make you pay for taking my wife and unborn sons from me.”

“I don’t have your wife,” Charlie replied.

“Well, you don’t now,” Edward smiled.

Charlie looked back towards the door that led to the back of the church where Bella was being held. “Go, check on her,” he commanded towards Renee.

Jumping to her feet she began towards the door, but was stopped by Mark. He grasped her arm and twisted it behind her back causing her to cry out in pain. 

“Let her go,” Charlie growled.

“Not going to happen,” Edward advised, closing the distance between them, and without hesitation, landed a right hook to the side of Charlie’s face. His head whipped around and two teeth flew out of this mouth. Not waiting for him to recover, Edward began delivering punch after punch to Charlie’s face and body. When he fell to the floor, Edward then began kicking and relishing in the sound of the ribs breaking.

Charlie tried to catch a breath, yet every time he sucked in a breath and he could have screamed out in pain. 

Looking down at the bloody, broken man, made Edward smile. Reaching up he took off his blood-red tie and wrapped it around his bloody hands. Stepping behind Charlie he placed the tie around his neck and pulled. 

“You are going to suffer for every moment you took away from Bella and I. This was supposed to be a special time and you ruined it. I wanted to watch my sons grow in the belly of my wife,” Edward snarled, pulling the tie tighter before releasing it to allow Charlie to take a breath. He knew that it would hurt like the devil when Charlie took a deep breath.

Charlie coughed and tried to breathe in between the pain. “They are my sons, not yours.”

“Oh, you are wrong about that you asshole. Those are mine and Bella’s little boys and you will never get close to them ever again,” Edward disclosed. He looked towards his brother and men, “help me send him to hell.”

Emmett and Randall reached down and picked Charlie up, dragging him up the two steps and behind the podium. They wondered what Edward’s plan was, yet they knew that it would fit the crime.

As soon as Edward had walked into the church, he had spotted exactly where Charlie Swan’s last breath would be. The man preached that he was a man of God, but in reality he was a man of the devil. “Strap him to cross,” he barked. His men didn’t even flinch at the command. Quickly taking plastic ties, they tied his hands and legs to the wooden cross. 

“What are you doing to my husband?” Renee screamed. She had already been secured by zip ties and was currently being watched by Mark.

“Sending him to his maker,” Edward replied, his voice was that of ice. There was no hint of warmth or feeling. Looking at Mark, he just nodded his head once and without hesitation, Mark pulled his knife from its sleeve and slit her throat. A look of shock spread across her face for a split second, then her lifeless body slumped to the floor, with a pool of blood around her.

Charlie had watched the entire scene from his vantage point strapped to the cross. Renee may have been his wife, yet she had let him down by not giving him the sons that he needed. She was dead and that was okay with him. Looking away from Renee he saw Edward step closer to him. He wondered what he was going to do now and hoped he might be able to talk his way out of whatever he was planning. 

“As much as I would love to stay here and make you suffer before I end your sorry excuse of a life, I have been away from my wife too long to waste any more time on the likes of you,” Edward advised. Motioning for Emmett, who stepped to him and handed him a trencher knife. Slipping his fingers through the grip holder, Edward brought the blade up, stabbing it into Charlie’s mid-section then in one fluid motion laid him open. His guts and internal organs tumbled out and down onto the floor. Edward heard Charlie gasp at the first contact and made a grunting sound.

“God, help me,” Charlie muttered, his voice weak and shaky, before his heart gave out.

“Sorry Charlie, God is not listening today,” Edward replied, stepping back and watching the blood flow like a river from his body. Handing the knife back to Emmett, he picked up the white linen tablecloth and wiped the blood off his hands. “Burn it to the ground.”

Emmett nodded and the team rushed out to get the gasoline cans to dowse the building. Edward followed them out and was happy to see that the SUV that held Bella and her doctors was still here. Walking over to it, he opened the door and climbed in. “Are we okay here?” he asked.

“Yes, but it looks like we’ll need that helicopter after all,” Dr. O’Neill advised with a smile. “Your boys seem to want to be born before the night is over.”

“Is it over?” Bella asked, just finishing a strong contraction. She had been worried about Edward ever since he walked in the church, though she knew that he could take care of himself. She had seen him walk out of the church. His suit jacket was torn at the shoulder, his tie was missing, and there was blood on his shirt and hands.

“Yes. You will never have to worry about them again,” Edward declared, placing a kiss on her lips.

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  1. Robin Cercone says:

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