Chapter Twenty ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Twenty

Blood Will Flow

Edward had been on pins and needles waiting for Jasper to notify him that Royce had received a call from Irina. The fucker thought he had gotten away with killing his fellow family members and kidnapping Bella. Yet when Edward started digging into Royce, the fake walls that he had built started to crumble down. Jasper had found the virus that he had added to the security system to turn the lights off on the floor, making it easier for him to slip into the apartment. Emmett had paid off the fire investigator to receive the report of the cause for the fire at Alice’s boutique and change it to an accident. As suspected, it had been a bomb that caused the explosion and fire. It was now being ruled as a gas leak. Edward was paying Alice for the shop replacement out of the family funds. He didn’t need some noisy insurance company sniffing around. 

Jasper and Emmett had also been working on the connection between the ambush at the docks and Ortiz family. The vast amount of weapons that had been left on the scene had been sanitized of all serial numbers and fingerprints. However, they would continue to look. From the conversation that Esme had overheard, they knew they were involved. However, they needed evidence to prove it. Edward was going to take out the head of the family and, to do so, must have proof of their wrongdoings. He didn’t need to get in a pissing match with other families.

Even with all the new information, Edward still did not know where Bella was; even though he knew from Carmen’s comments she was alive. Thank God. Yet time was running out as her pregnancy drew near the time for their sons to be born. He was so upset that he was missing this precious time with her. Fuck, he had missed all the firsts of the pregnancy because of his stupidity of not leaving his number. Now because of who he was, he was once again missing out.

“Edward,” Jasper rushed out as he and Emmett came into the office. “We have them.”

“Royce?” Edward asked.

“Yes and Eleazar,” Emmett grinned, his eyes full of excitement.


“The asshole thought he was smart by removing all the serial numbers and fingerprints, yet he shipped the weaponry in a container. He forgot to remove the container number from the side,” Emmett explained. “We have him.”

For the first time since Bella was taken, Edward smiled. “Fucking great. Now when is that fucking snake Royce meeting up with Irina?”

“In an hour, at the Waldorf,” Jasper answered.

“Alright. Get the extraction team together and collect the assholes, both of them. Take them to the warehouse,” Edward commanded. “Separate them and put Royce on the table. He will tell me where Bella is and I will make him suffer for his deception.”

“What are you thinking about doing to him?” Jasper wondered.

Edward placed his hands on his desk, leaned forward, and with eyes ablaze growled, “I am going to take back my family’s crest.”

Jasper gasped and turned to Emmett to see that his expression was the same as his. Everyone in the family had a tattoo of the Cullen family crest on them. Esme even had a small one, even though she didn’t have to. Jasper and Emmett had heard of taking the family crest back, yet they had never witnessed it being done. Only five people in the organization throughout the generations had done anything to warrant removing the family crest from their bodies. 

“Skipper, what tools do you need to accomplish this?” Jasper asked. 

“Flaying knives as sharp as you can make them. I want him to suffer as much as Bella is suffering,” Edward disclosed. He would remove all Royce’s fucking skin after he told him where Bella was being held.


Irina had arrived first to the suite at the Waldorf. She couldn’t wait to work off some sexual frustration out on Royce. He wasn’t Edward, but he would do. She was slipping off her Versace one-shoulder Baroque-print twill midi dress, leaving her in a La Perla black lace bra and matching thong. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was pleased how fucking sexy she looked.

“Damn, I look good,” Irina said out loud. As she was checking out her breast implants, there was a knock on the door. Fluffing her hair, she picked up her see-through coverup and walked to the door. Opening the door, she smiled as she saw Royce standing there in black dress pants and a white button-down shirt. 

“Hmm, you looking fucking tasty,” Royce groaned, then stepped into the room, pushing the door shut with his foot. In one swift motion, he had Irina picked up and was headed toward the bedroom. He would love to be able to spend all day and night with her, but he couldn’t. 

The damn Warlord was on his ass about covering the docks tonight. He was supposed to be on the Skipper’s private security detail, yet he was staying at the office once again. After Bella’s kidnapping, he had been questioned if he had seen anything. Lying his ass off, he explained that he was on the dock at the time of the kidnapping and didn’t see anything. There had been so many men on the docks and the snowstorm made it impossible to know if someone had been there or not.

“Royce, you have on too many clothes,” Irina purred, running her long red manicured nail down the front of his shirt.

Royce pushed Irina onto the bed. Taking his shirt off, throwing it onto a nearby chair, he reached for the button on his pants, never taking his eyes off Irina.  Just as he was about to unzip his pants is when he felt the cold hard steel of a gun pressed against his temple.

Irina had been so transfixed on Royce as he began to undress, that she hadn’t seen the four men come into the room. As soon as she saw the gun being pointed at Royce’s head, she opened her mouth to scream. However, one of the men pointed his gun towards her.

“Don’t even think about it, bitch,” the man snarled, his eyes blank of all emotions.

Royce had not moved his head, though he recognized the man who called out to Irina. It was one of his family members, Peter.

“Peter?” Royce asked, yet he didn’t hear an answer, he only felt the impact of the butt of the gun knocking him into darkness. 

Irina’s mind was racing, trying to think of a way out of this situation. It seemed to her that Royce knew at least one of these guys, yet why were they knocking him out and now tying him up. Figuring the best way was to use the wonderful assets that her daddy paid good money for, she brought one of her legs up, and skimmed her finger slowly toward her core.

“Do you guys want to have a little fun?” Irina purred, licking her lips.

Peter, Ben, Sam, and Randall didn’t change the deadly expression that they were wearing. This was what they were trained for and why they were known as The Reapers. Without saying a word, Sam pulled a rope from his bag and moved toward the bed. 

“Oh, aren’t you a big guy,” Irina hummed, her eyes fixed on his crotch. 

Sam grasped her leg, flipped her over and began tying them together. Once he was finished he did the same for her arms.

“Ohh, you like it kinky,” she egged on, even though she was frightened. 

Ben stepped forward and stabbed a syringe into her thigh, pushing the propofol into her system. She screamed at the invasion, but she was out in a matter of seconds. 

Once Royce was tied up and both were ready to be transported out of the hotel, Randall made a call.

“Skipper, it is done,” Randall said with a smirk.

“You know what to do,” Edward advised.



Edward walked into the warehouse, each step with confidence and authority. At this moment he was just The Skipper, the leader of the Cullen family. He couldn’t show any weakness when he walked into the room and carried out extracting the information from the traitor. No mercy would be given, only pain. Once he got the whereabouts of his beloved Bella, his new orders would be executed.

Opening the door to the integration room, he saw that his father and brothers were already there. Stepping into the room, Edward saw Royce handcuffed by his hands and feet to the steel table completely naked. Moving closer to the table, Royce turned his head and looked at him.

“Edward, there has been a huge mistake,” Royce cried.

Not taking his eyes off him, Edward removed his coat and held it out. Jasper stepped forward, took it, and hung it over the chair next to Carlisle’s wheelchair. Edward then unwrapped his tie and once again held it out. Then he unbuttoned his shirt several buttons so that his crest tattoo could be seen. 

Rubbing his hand over the tattoo, Edward looked down at Royce. “I wear this with pride, knowing that those who also have it will always watch my back. It is a permanent reminder that whoever has one is part of the Cullen family.”

“I have one,” Royce muttered, not knowing what was going on. There was no way he had found out about him kidnapping the bitch.

“And that is the problem,” Edward growled. “Only members of the family can have one and you Royce are no longer family.”

“What do you mean?”

Edward leaned closer to his face, then wrapped his hand around Royce’s windpipe cutting off the air. “Did you really think we wouldn’t figure out who took Bella?”

“,” Royce choked out.

Edward applied a little more pressure before he let go. When he did, Royce coughed and gasped for air. Turning towards Jasper, he held out his hand. Jasper removed the towel from the table beside him and picked up a flaying knife, then placed it on Edward’s open palm.

Wrapping his hand around the handle, Edward brought the knife up to his face and turned to look at the sharpness of the blade. “Do you know what kind of knife this is?”

Royce shook his head. 

“It is a flaying knife,” Edward smirked. “The beauty of this knife is that it can cut very thin layers of skin. I will be using this to remove my crest from your traitorous body and then you are going to tell me where my Bella is, or I will remove every inch of skin until you do.”

“I didn’t betray the family,” Royce cried.

“Oh, but you did. We have all the evidence we need to put you in bed with the Ortiz family. And because of your disloyalty, several of the men and women of the family, your brothers and sisters, were killed,” Edward snarled. God, he wanted to just cut the fuckers heart out, yet he needed to make him pay and to find out where Bella was being held. 

Taking the knife, he slid it along the tattoo’s edge and began to flay the tattoo from his body. Royce’s screams echoed throughout the room, as soon as the first cut was made; he was wiggling and fighting to get loose from the cuffs. 

“Chief, Warlord, hold him down,” Edward demanded.

Once Royce was being held down, Edward began flaying off the tattoo. Royce yelled and cried the entire time. As the last piece of the tattoo lifted off his body, Edward picked it up. 

“This was given to as clear indication that you were a loyal and trusted part of the family,” Edward exclaimed, then turned to see that his father had rolled beside him with a metal bowl. Dropping the skin into the bowl, he picked up the alcohol bottle and poured it over the bloody flesh. Next, he grabbed the box of matches and struck one, throwing the fiery stick into the metal bowl. Flames jumped to life and the stench of burning flesh filled the room.

Edward looked back at Royce, who looked like he was going to pass out from the pain. “Give him a shot of adrenaline.”

Jasper picked up one of the many syringes and pushed the adrenaline in Royce’s leg. A few moments later, Royce awoke screaming at the top of his lungs and trying once again to get out of cuffs, but Jasper and Emmett had a tight hold on him. 

“Now that you are no longer part of this family, I can now inflict real pain,” Edward chucked holding up the bloody knife.

“NO, NO, please stop,” Royce bellowed.

“Where is Bella?” Edward asked, his voice cold and without emotion.

“I don’t know,” Royce replied, sobbing. He knew if he told the truth, he would die. Time, he needed  time to figure out how to get out of this situation. 

“Yes you do,” Edward declared. He slid the knife under the skin at his neck, slipping it from one side to the other, only cutting the first layer of skin. Even though it wasn’t a deep cut, it still bleed profusely. “TELL ME WHERE!”

“I don’t,” Royce began, but before he could finish Edward grasped hold of the skin and ripped it down his chest. The prior pain was nothing compared to this. He couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t think, the world was becoming fuzzy. 

“Give him another dose,” Edward barked. He knew that Royce was close to giving up the information.

After the next dose was pushed in, Royce once again awoke screaming and bellowing in extreme pain. He just wanted to die.

“Please, I beg you, stop,” Royce muttered.

“I will stop only when I know where Bella is being held and by whom,” Edward said through gritted teeth.

Royce knew that he was never going to get out of here alive and he had two options. The first would be not to tell Edward the location of Bella and die a slow painful death. The second would be to tell Edward everything he knew and pray for a quick death. Either way he wasn’t going to get out of here alive. Fuck, why had he listened to Eleazar. Pulling from what little energy he had left he opened his eyes and looked up at Edward. “Washington.”

“What?” Edward asked, unsure of what he heard.

“Washington. She is with her father in Washington,” Royce choked out.

Edward’s heart dropped. Bella was with her monster of a father. God no telling what he had put her through already. 

“Do you know where her father is keeping her?” Edward questioned, he needed to know everything Royce knew.

“Eleazar told me that her father was keeping her close to God,” Royce answered.

“So Eleazar was behind his kidnapping?”

“Yes. He is kicking himself for not making the alliance between the families before he tried to take out Carlisle.”


“Yes,” Royce answered. “Edward please let me die.”

“I should make you suffer as long as my Bella has been held captive,” Edward began, then took the knife and cut the carotid artery. The dark red blood flowed out and down on the floor. “Enjoy your time with the devil.”

Laying the knife down on the table, Edward looked up at his brothers. “Get the team together, we are going to Forks.”

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  1. Robin Cercone says:

    Go get her Edward and make them suffer


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    Charlie, the hypocrite, will suffer for hurting Bella. Hurry, Edward!


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    Thank you for this good chapter and especially for writing so quickly because the wait for the continuation is terrible! Thanks again. Kisses.


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    What a great chapter! I hope Edward gets to Forks before the babies are born and he and his men are able to give Charlie his due. Hoping Elena is looking for Irina and wondering what Royce did with her.
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