Chapter Nineteen ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Nineteen

Broken and Bloody

“Thirty-three days, thirty-three days. DAMN IT, THIRTY-THREE FUCKING DAYS,” Edward yelled, slamming his hand down on his desk. Standing up, he went over to the window and looked out over the city. His men had combed every inch of the city and found not one piece of evidence to his beloved. They had the police scanners monitored for any word on young pregnant women being found. Though at this point, there had been nothing. Garrett had searched every hospital in the city and even searched the morgues. Thankfully he didn’t see her there. Edward had also had other families offering their assistance. It was unbelievable that she had been the joining force between rival families. Thinking back at that frightful night, he could tell the exact moment she had been taken. 

He had arrived at the dock and it was worse than he expected. His men were trapped and the enemy was using military-grade weaponry. The echoes of a fifty caliber semi-automatic rifle bounced off the metal containers. As soon as he neared the fight, Phil slowed down the SUV and Edward jumped from the vehicle with his gun pulled. He took protection behind the first container he came to and began to survey the area to see if he could find his brothers. Putting his communication device in his ear, he waited to hear any chatter.

“Yee-haw, the fucking cavalry has arrived,” Emmett boomed.

“Location?” Edward asked.

“Southside east corner,” Emmett answered. They had been pinned down for over an hour. Whoever was shooting at them was loaded for bear and was never-ending on the barrage of bullets and grenades. 

“Anyone hurt?” Edward questioned.

“Don’t know,” Jasper piped in. “We have been pinned down since the very beginning.”

Suddenly, a large explosion occurred. The blast wave swept through the area, knocking everyone down and the air out of their lungs. When they were finally about to get air back into their bodies, they sat up, shaking their heads. Their ears were ringing from the blast. 

Once Edward’s hearing returned, he noticed that the gunfire had stopped and it was eerily quiet. Peering around the container, he saw no one around other than his men. “What the fuck?”

“Skipper, what is it?” Jasper asked.

“They are gone,” Edward replied, stepping out and towards where the enemy had been just a few minutes before. “Why would they just leave? They had us at a disadvantage, even with the extra support.”

Jasper and Emmett, along with many of the others, came up to where Edward was standing. They all were just as confused as to why the enemy had just up and left. Slowly they fanned out and began searching for evidence to whom had been attacking them. The only thing they found was the weaponry and shell casings. No bodies, no blood, nothing to point to who had orchestrated the ambush. 

“Emmett, what do you make of this?” Edward said, motioning to the equipment left behind.

“It makes no sense whatsoever,” Emmett muttered, then his phone began to ring. Taking it out, he saw that it was his sweet Rose. “Hey, honey.”

“Emmett, is Jasper around?” Rose questioned. “Alice has been trying to get him.”

“Yeah, hold on. Jasper, Alice wants to talk to you,” Emmett announced, holding out his cell for him.

Jasper took the phone. “Alice.”

“Jasper,” Alice cried. “My shop is destroyed.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I got a call from Alistair stating that my shop was on fire. Rose and I came to see how bad it was. When we got there, the entire shop was engulfed in flames,” she explained, as her voice cracked. All her hard work was gone.

“You went to the shop, alone?” Jasper growled.

“Yeah. Bella wanted to come, but we wouldn’t let her.”

“Bella is alone?” Jasper gasped, turning to see Edward’s expression. 

Edward heard the words and his heart stopped. He had left her and for some reason, he knew something was horribly wrong. Taking out his phone, he called Bella’s cell and it just rang. Hanging up, he called Cora and her phone just rang as well. 

“WE NEED TO GET BACK TO APARTMENT, NOW!!!” Edward yelled, taking off running towards the SUVs. His feet were slipping in the snow and he thought at any moment he would fall. However, nothing was going to stop him from getting to her. Finally getting to the vehicle, he opened the driver’s side door, jumped in and took off, not waiting for anyone else. Every second counted and he had to get through the city. 

Jasper and Emmett took off after Edward and just as they neared the vehicles, they saw the taillights speed off. 

“Fuck,” Phil groaned, coming up beside Jasper.

“Phil, if you are here, then who is driving the Skipper?” Jasper asked, confused by what was happening.

“No one. The Skipper is driving and he is alone,” Phil answered, kicking himself for not getting to the SUVs quick enough. His job was to drive and protect The Skipper and he had let him down. He had let the family down. 

“FUCK!” Jasper growled. “Let’s get rolling.”


Edward’s mind wouldn’t stop the barrage of horrible thoughts t as he raced through the city. He had given the order to cut her detail and it had put her in danger. It was his fault. He had brought her into this dangerous life and he didn’t know if he would survive if something had happened to her or their children. He pulled into the parking deck, flung the door open and headed off for the elevators in a sprint but stopped dead. Lying on the floor was Embry. Reaching down, Edward checked for a pulse and found none. 

“NOOO,” Edward yelled, standing up and pushing the elevator button. His heart was racing so hard that he could hear the blood pumping in his ears. What seemed like a lifetime, the elevator finally arrived and he was on his way to the floor where his love was supposed to be. He hadn’t realized that he was holding his breath as he watched the numbers tick one by one. When the door opened,  he stepped out. He looked in the direction where Bella’s guard was supposed to be stationed. The guard who was supposed to be at the stairs entrance was gone and the guard at the apartment door was on the ground. Running towards that guard, he saw that it was Cora and like Embry, she was also dead. Looking up to the door to the apartment, he noticed it was open and the feeling of dread washed over him. Taking out his gun, he pushed the door further open with his foot and surveyed the area. Not seeing or hearing anything, he flipped on the lights. Stepping towards the living room, he saw one of the side lamps on the floor and a side chair overturned. 

“BELLA,” Edward called, hoping that this was all a mistake and she was okay. Yet, she did not answer his calling. Moving closer until he felt something under his foot. Reaching down, he found that it was her cellphone. She was obsessive when it came to her phone, making sure she had it with her at all times. All of a sudden, he heard movement in the hall. Swiftly turning his gun pointed at the doorway, he saw that it was his brothers.

“Edward, did you find her?” Jasper asked though he knew from the bodies that they found that there was a slim chance of that.

“No. But I will and when I find out who did this, their blood will flow like a fucking river,” Edward growled, his face full of rage.


Looking out at the city once more, he was determined that he would find them. 


Esme was on her way to Edward’s office to take him some food. She knew that he had been looking for Bella and their babies day and night since her kidnapping. When she had come to see him yesterday, he was pale and his suit was hanging off his much smaller frame. If she had to guess, she would say he had lost at least twenty-five pounds. 

Walking into her favorite restaurant, she was greeted by the owner. 

“Mrs. E, what a pleasure it is to see you,” Patrick gushed as he took her hand and placed a kiss on the back of it.

“Patrick, it is a pleasure. I wondered if I might impose on you to fix up one of your special steak dinners to go. My son is in a bit of a crisis and refuses to leave his office to eat,” Esme explained. 

“Not an imposition for you. Please have a seat and I will send over a cup of tea and your favorite cookies while you wait,” Patrick said, motioning to the booth that was near the middle of the restaurant.

Esme removed her coat and sat down on the bench facing the entrance. It was something that she had always been taught, to be aware of her surroundings. Her guards were outside the building keeping watch, but since Bella’s kidnapping, she had been on high alert for any dangers. The waitress brought over a pot of tea and a plate of cookies. After thanking the waitress, Esme poured a cup of tea and picked up one of the cookies. Then she heard voices from the guests who were sitting behind her.

“How much longer must I wait?” A woman said, the voice was very familiar to Esme.

“A few more weeks. The bitch will be taken care of once she gives birth to the babies,” another woman answered in hushed tones, yet it was her accent that Esme recognized immediately, Carmen Ortiz and Irina. Could they be the ones behind Bella’s kidnapping? As much as she wanted to get up and demand them to tell her where Bella was, she needed to use her head and get as much information as possible.

“I still can’t believe that daddy is allowing the bitch to have those babies,” Irina huffed.

“Your father is not deciding on that. The man who is holding her has his reasons for wanting the babies,” Carmen informed her daughter. “As soon as the babies are born, she will be killed and her body will be placed where it can be found. After a few weeks of mourning, you can make your move to the heartbroken Edward.”

“I don’t like it. He is mine,” Irina grumbled. “And a girl has needs.”

“Well, do what I do, fuck one of your guards. Hell, the guy who took her works for Edward. Fuck him for a thank you. He is a hot piece of ass,” Carmen murmured. She knew that Eleazar fucked around, though he would be mad as hell if he knew she did. However, he was never around and she had needs.

“He is hunky,” Irinia giggled. “I’ll just have to give him a call.”

At that moment, Esme saw Patrick walking towards her carrying a brown handled bag. She quickly got up, grabbed her coat, and made sure Carmen or Irina didn’t see her and intercepted Patrick. “Thank you. How much do I owe?” She asked quietly.

“Nothing, Mrs. E.,” Patrick said. “I hope this will help your son through his crisis. He is a fine boy and I understand he recently was married.”

“He was and she is the light of his life,” Esme confirmed with a smile. “Thank you.”

Taking the bag, she quickly left the restaurant and climbed into the back of the waiting Towncar. “Tony, get me to The Skipper as fast as you can.”

“Of course, Mrs. Cullen,” he answered, placing the vehicle in drive and speeding through the city. As the city sped past the car windows, she saw the brightly colored lights and Christmas decorations, which were only five days away. None of the family felt like celebrating the holidays this year. They would do it when Bella had been returned to them. Ten minutes later, they were pulling up outside of Edward’s office building. The door was opened by one of her guards and she grabbed the bag carrying Edward’s lunch. Walking past security, not slowing down to say hello, she boarded the private elevator and headed to the floor where Edward’s office was located. It was the same one that his father had used before turning over the family business to him.

Getting off the elevator, she headed to Edward’s office door. Opening the door, she found him standing in front of the windows, his shoulders slumped over. 

Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t hear his mother walk into the room.

Mac (son),” Esme murmured, her heart heavy for the pain that her son was having to endure.

Máthair (mother),” Edward muttered.

“I have some information and food,” Esme declared, placing the bag on his desk.

“I’m not hungry. What information do you have?” He asked, his heart racing over the possibility that his Bella would be found.

“Listen here. You need to eat to keep your strength up to make these fuckers pay for taking Bella,” Esme commanded.

Edward came over and began taking the containers from the bag. He didn’t want to admit it, but the smell was delicious. Sitting down in his chair, he began cutting into the steak and shoveling it into his mouth.

Once he began eating, Esme started to tell him what she overheard at the restaurant. 

Rage tore through him, knowing that the Ortiz  family were the ones who had orchestrated this. He wanted to rush over to where they were and make them tell him where she was, yet he knew that he had to use his head.

“Edward, I know it is difficult, but can you tell me what commands and who you told them to?” Esme questioned.

“I got a call from Jasper that he was under attack at the docks. In the background, I could hear the massive amount of gunfire. Knowing I needed to get to him fast with as many men as I could, I called the command center and Royce answered the phone,” Edward explained, as his mind played every second of that day. Shaking his head as he remembered the next part, which caused him to slam his fists hard on the desk. “It was my fucking fault for pulling men off her security detail.”

“Edward, calm down. Now tell me what you said to Royce,” Esme urged.

“I told him to pull three men from her detail,” Edward said. Then he went on to talk about the gunfight and how the people disappeared after the bomb went off. Then he came back and found Embry, Claire, and Cora dead and Bella gone.

Esme thought for a moment. “Something didn’t add up right. If there were three guards stationed on the floor, why was Embry’s body found in the garage? All three of Bella’s guards were highly qualified and wouldn’t allow a stranger to get close enough to kill them the way they were. This meant that the person who did the killing was someone they knew. The person who did the killing knew just how many guards would be guarding Bella,” Esme speculated.

Edward had been listening to his mother as she began talking about that day and when she got to the point about where and how Bella’s guards died. “Royce,” he muttered, his voice cold as ice.

“I believe you are right,” Esme confirmed.

“He will suffer before I allow him to die,” Edward said through gritted teeth. 

“But you have to make sure,” Esme pushed.

“Oh, I will. If I know Irina, she will be calling him soon for a booty call. We will have his phone tapped by then and will catch them both. Royce will tell me where Bella is and I will hold Irina as leverage against Eleazar,” Edward divulged. For the first time in thirty-three days, he was able to take a full breath. He had a plan and he would get Bella back.


Bella rolled over on the small bed in the cold, damp basement of her father’s church. It had been thirty-three days since she had been kidnapped and flown to Forks.

When she had awakened after her attack, she found her hands and feet bound. Looking around, she could tell that she was on a plane. Trying as hard as she could, she tried to free herself of the ropes, but they were too tight. It wasn’t long after that, she heard footsteps coming towards the closed door. When it was open, she recognized the man as Eleazar Ortiz.

“Ms. Swan, so glad you are awake,” Eleazar purred.

“It is Mrs. Cullen,” Bella said, her eyes burning with fury.

“Ah, yes. Edward did marry you. Well, I can’t have that. My sweet Irina wants Edward and I want control of New York,” he advised.

“Are you going to kill me?” Bella asked, wanting to be able to wrap her hands around her belly to protect her unborn children.

“No. Someone else wants that pleasure,” Eleazar chuckled.

“But I am pregnant,” Bella cried.

“Oh, don’t worry about your babies. You are going to be allowed to give birth to them. It seems that male sons are what the man has wanted, yet his wife gave him a girl. I personally don’t mind daughters. Men always think with their dicks and not their brains,” Eleazar explained. “Since the snow has stopped, it is time for you to begin your journey.”

“Where and who are you sending me to?” Bella asked, hoping to get some idea who wanted her children.

“Forks, Washington and you will be having a family reunion with your father,” Eleazar laughed as he turned and walked away from her.

Bella’s nightmare was just beginning. Looking down at her belly, she knew without a doubt that Edward would find them.

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  1. yankeegirlnj says:

    Can’t wait until Edward gets his hands on all of them. What a nasty bunch. Charlie, Eleazar, Carmen, Irina. I hope Esme gets in on the action….,

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    Let’s have the next chapter please 😊 I need to know how Edward will deal with everyone involved. I doubt Eleazar will care if Edward will take Irina against him.


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    The Ortiz family’s days are numbered. And Royce will wish he was dead. Charlie is crazy and Bella isn’t safe with him.


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