Chapter Sixteen ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Sixteen 

Blood Plans

Edward and Bella were on their way back at the apartment with new pictures of their bundles of joy in their hands. Both were quiet as they were driven through the busy, congested city streets. In the front seat was Riley with Phil, with the other guards in either SUV in front of them or the one behind them. 

Edward was still reeling from the sight of his sons’ faces. He had only seen the one ultrasound picture that had been on Bella’s desk at the museum. He was awestruck at the grainy photo. But the 4D ultrasound was almost like he could reach out and touch his sons’ faces. If there had been any doubt that they weren’t his, which there wasn’t, the boys’ image was identical to his own. They were Cullen boys and he couldn’t wait to see if they had green eyes like him or their mother’s stunning brown eyes.

Bella was wrestling with the fact she was leaving a job that she loved. When she was about to graduate, she had prayed for an opportunity to work in a museum, even if it was just as a tour guide. Then Robbie had surprised her with the job as a curator. It was her dream job and she loved every minute of the hard work. At first, she doubted that she would be able to perform the duties, but over time she became more comfortable in the position. Even the responsibility of acquiring money from wealthy donors. Looking down at her copy of the ultrasound picture, she rubbed her finger over one of their cheeks. No job was worth putting her babies’ health in jeopardy.

“Bella, are you okay?” Edward asked, placing his hand on her leg.

“Yeah. I am sorry that I was short with you in the doctor’s office,” she murmured.

“It is fine. I understand that your whole life is changing and I only wish I could do something to make it easier,” he commented.

“It is changing, but for the better,” Bella declared, placing her hands on her belly. “Our sons are the most important thing in my life and I will do nothing to put them in danger.”

Leaning over Edward places a sweet kiss on her lips. “You are going to be a fantastic mother,” he declared.

“And you are going to be an awesome father,” she admitted.


Two days later, Bella was at the museum, packing up her office of all her personal possessions. She had called her boss and informed her that due to the high risk of her pregnancy she would be unable to return to work. Ms. Page was disappointed that she wasn’t returning but understood the reason why. 

Edward had wanted to come along, then he got a call that he needed to care for an issue on the docks. He had been lucky the last few weeks, not having to be pulled away from Bella. However, the attacks on their shipments had begun to increase and he needed to show the fuckers that they didn’t mess with the Cullens. Even though he couldn’t go, he had confidence in Bella’s security detail to ensure she was safe. 

Bella had to shake her head. She was here to pack up her office and she wasn’t allowed to pick up anything. Mark and Cora were in the office taking direction on which items were hers. They would then carefully wrap each one and place them in sturdy boxes that they had brought. She had been allowed to go through her desk and stack the items that were hers so they could be placed in the boxes. Sitting down at her desk, the first thing she saw was the small silver frame that held the first ultrasound picture of twins. Beside the frame was a folded piece of paper with her name on it. Knowing immediately that it was Edward’s graceful handwriting. She loved the way he wrote, with such grace for such a powerful man. Opening the paper, she read the words. “I never meant to put you through pain. I promise to never do it again.” Edward. Tears filled her eyes and her heart leaped. He had written it the night they first saw each other again. God, she loved him so much.

“Miss Swan, are you okay?” Cora asked, concerned that she was crying.

Bella wiped her tears, clutching the note to her heart, she smiled. “Yes, I am fine.” This was not the end, it was the beginning of her life with a man who would always fight for their love and family.

Later that night, when all of the boxes were stored away until a place was made for them, Bella laid in Edward’s arms. She had told him that she had found his note he had left her, and knew without a doubt that he meant every word. He affirmed it with not only his words but with every touch, kiss, and caress. 


“Bella, you can’t stay in the apartment while it is being painted,” Esme said.

“But I could stay in one room until they get another one done,” Bella informed Esme, hoping to change her mind on the issue.

“It doesn’t work that way, Sweetie. The fumes from the paint will drift throughout the entire apartment and we can’t just open windows this time of the year. You would freeze to death before it was safe to stay,” Esme instructed with a tone that she wasn’t going to back down. “The wedding is only four days away and it would make it convenient for you to be at the mansion, so we can finalize all the plans.”

“And I need to tie up some loose ends before we leave for our honeymoon,” Edward advised. The situation at the docks had increasingly gotten worse. They had lost three gun shipments and two of his men had been killed. He had not told Bella of the problem and made sure that he had showered and changed before coming home each night. She would be safer at the mansion than in her old apartment. After the shooting, he had increased the guard around his parents. Hell, the mansion was better protected than the White House. 

“Fine,” Bella huffed. 

Esme came over and placed her arm around Bella. “Sweetie, when you get back from your honeymoon, the apartment will be all done, except for the nursery. You and Edward still have to decide on several things before it can be finished.”

“I know. It is just so much,” Bella sighed. The last few weeks had been one decision after the next. Who’s great idea was it to have a wedding in thirty days? Oh yeah, hers. Then on top of that, redecorating the apartment with an unbelievable amount of decisions that needed to be made, Edward was no help, as he didn’t care as long as she was happy. 

“The wedding is going to be lovely and your Gaelic vows are perfect,” Esme murmured. 

“I’ve been practicing all the time. Thank you for breaking it down into pronunciation, that helped the most,” Bella advised, giving Esme a smile. She had been listening to the recording of her vows over and over again. There was only going to be Edward’s close family, Rose, Alice, Robbie, and Garrett at the ceremony, yet she wanted to say them perfectly to Edward. 

“Alright, let’s get you two packed up,” Esme said. Two hours later, they were pulling up to the Cullen Mansion with everything that Bella and Edward would need until after the honeymoon. 

“Where are we staying?” Edward asked, with a suitcase in both hands and one over his shoulder. 

“In your old room,” Esme instructed as she tried her best not to show any emotion. She had told them that she had remodeled his old bedroom and bath. Bella didn’t need to stay in a horny teenager’s bedroom with half naked women on posters taped the walls and hidden porn magazines under his bed. 

Climbing the stairs, Esme led them to the east wing, where the boys had their bedrooms as they grew up. Smiling, she remembered the many times she caught them sliding down the banisters or riding her good silver serving trays down the steps. She told them that one day they would have children and they would understand why she was upset with her dented and scarred trays. Even at a young age, Edward was the leader and his brothers would follow him everywhere, doing every dangerous activity. In spite of the fact that all of them were part of it, Edward always stood up, taking the blame and the punishment instead of his brothers. There was never any doubt he would be a great leader of the family

“Esme, this place is huge,” Bella said, looking around at the vast space. 

“It is now, but with three young boys all within one year of each other, it didn’t seem so small,” Esme explained. Then a thought hit her. She wondered if Edward and Bella would like to take over the mansion, while she and Carlisle moved into the penthouse. She would have to see what Carlisle thought of the idea. When they reached Edward’s room, Esme opened the door and stepped back, allowing them to walk in.

Bella entered the room and gasped. It was stunning and she couldn’t believe that Edward had grown up in a room decorated so stunningly beautiful.

“What the hell?’ Edward exclaimed, looking around the room, placing the suitcases on the floor. “Where is all my stuff?”

“Do you really want the mother of your children to see all the posters of half naked women you had decorating the walls and the pornographic magazines under the mattress?” Esme asked, her mouth turning up in a smirk.

“But they were,” he began before he was cut off.

“They were what?” Bella questioned, a twinkle of mischievousness in her eyes placing her hand on her hips.

Stepping over Bella, Edward wrapped his arms around her and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Nowhere near as sexy as you, A Chumann (my sweetheart),” he cooed. 

Bella smiled lovingly at Edward. Before stepping back and taking a look around the room. It was decorated in dark eggplant and steel gray. The bed was a large four-poster canopy bed with a steel gray bedspread with eggplant sheets. Steel gray had been painted on three walls, while one was painted the deep eggplant color. Two large gray chairs sat in front of the eggplant wall. The room had a fireplace and on the mantel silver picture frames. Walking over Bella picked up one of the frames and gasped, as she turned towards Esme. “How did you find this?”

“Bella, dear, we are criminals,” she giggled.

“But how did you?” Bella stuttered, looking up at the other pictures. They were pictures of her grandparents. The same ones she had seen in her parent’s attic all those years ago. 

“I sent a team in and stole the chest you spoke about,” Edward answered. Esme had told him about the chest and how much it meant to Bella. He already knew where she lived, so he sent the team and told them to make sure they were not seen. They had been able to slip in while the Swan’s were at church and take the chest.

Bella placed the frame back on the mantle and rushed over to Edward wrapping her arms around his neck. “I am the luckiest woman on this planet. Thank you for doing this for me.”

“I plan on giving you the world,” he murmured, before capturing her mouth in an all-consuming kiss that left them both breathless and needing more.

“Dinner will be ready in about two hours,” Esme advised as she slipped out the door and closed it behind her. She knew that look, and if Bella hadn’t already been pregnant, she would be in a little while. Leaving the young couple to christen the room, she went to find her love and blow off some built sexual pressure. Thankfully, even though Carlisle was still paralyzed, he did have full use of his glorious cock. 

After Esme left, Edward took no time whatsoever to strip both of them and they ended up making love on every surface of the room. They finally ended up in the bed, collapsing into sleep with contended smiles on their faces.

The next day, Esme made plans for Bella, Rose, Alice, and herself to have a spa day to relax before the madness. Since they had such a great time before at Oasis Day Spa, it was a perfect place to return. Edward commanded that both Bella and Esme’s guard be stationed at the day spa. 

The women were ushered out of the limo and through the front door of the spa. As Esme stepped in, she noticed a woman she couldn’t stand. Damn, she couldn’t really shoot the bitch here.

“Esme, darling,” Carmen cooed in her thick Spanish accent.

“Hello, Carmen,” Esme said in a voice without any feelings. Then looked over at her daughters, giving them a nod. 

“And who are you with?” Carmen asked, looking at the three young women behind her. 

“These are my good friends, Rosalie Hale, Alice Brandon, and my soon to be daughter-in-law, Bella Swan,” Esme answered, reaching out and taking Bella’s hand.

“And which of your sons is the intended?” Carmen quizzed.

“Edward. He is very lucky to have found someone like Bella,” Esme explained, with a warm smile.

“Edward?” Irina cried out.

Carmen turned, shaking her head at Irina, then turned back to Esme. “What a shame. We were hoping that we could join the families when Irina and Edward got together.”

“Oh, Carmen, darling, Edward has to marry someone with Irish blood,” Esme responded, using her brogue even thicker.

“And this little thing is Irish?” Carmen hissed.

“Why yes, she is. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to get pampered before the big day,” Esme pronounced.

“We haven’t gotten an invitation,” Carmen announced, a look of shock on her face.

“That is because only close family is invited,” Esme said, and then leaned close to Carmen. “And you are not now nor will ever be family.”

Esme straightened back up and turned leaving Carmen standing in the lobby. 

Once Esme and the girls were through the door leading to spa suites, Gianna and Embry took position on either side of the door. Carmen eyed the guard then walked outside. Once outside, Irina fell into her arms crying.

“Mama, why is that girl marrying my Edward?” Irina sobbed.

“Oh, baby. Just because they are getting married, doesn’t mean they will stay married,” Carmen shared, soothing her daughter.

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  1. Wow… Irina is a nasty piece of work and so are her parents.
    Looking forward to more 🙂
    I laughed at Edward’s save over the porno’s


  2. Irina has always wanted Edward. I think there will be trouble with that Family.


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