Chapter Fourteen ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Fourteen

Blood Announcements

Bella’s eyes fluttered open to the beautiful sight of her gorgeous fiance sound asleep. She was sure he was as tired as she, since she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep all week. She couldn’t believe her luck to have such a wonderful man to love her as he did. 

Growing up, Charlie had told her time and time again that she was nothing. She was a disappointment and disgrace to her father. God, she was glad she didn’t listen to him. 

“Hey,” Edward said, his voice husky, full of sleep. 

“Hey. Nice nap?” Bella smirked.

“Fuck, I can’t remember the last time I slept in the middle of the day,” he said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Oh my, yes. This bed is so comfortable,” Bella moaned, shifting her body deeper in the plush goodness.

“Fuck,” Edward drew out. 

“What is the matter?” Bella asked, lowering her voice into a sexy deep throat tone as she ran her finger down his exposed neck, desire percolated between them.

Grasping her finger, he brought it up to his mouth and suckled it, never taking his eyes off hers. He saw her pupils dilate and a whimper escaped her lips as heat curled down to her toes. Releasing her finger from his mouth, he smiled. “Now, you know how it feels.”

“Tease,” Bella growled.

Giodróg (minx), don’t be mad. We don’t have time because what I want to do to you will take hours,” Edward confessed with a wicked smile.

“I’m getting Esme to teach me Gaelic,” Bella huffed, sitting up in the bed and crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’ll teach you, but with one condition,” Edward suggested.

“Which is?”

“We have to be naked,” he advised, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You are a pig. Since we are not going to have sex, we better get up and get ready for our company,” Bella huffed.

Edward reached out and pulled her into his arms. “I promise that I will make it up to you.” 

“Okay,” Bella said with a sigh.

“Edward, Bella, are you awake?” Esme called out, rapping softly on the door.

“I knew she would be at least an hour early,” Edward chuckled. “Yes, Máthair (mother), we are sleeping.”

Bella slapped his arm. “Stop lying to your mother. Esme, we will right out.”

“Okay, dear. I brought over some decorating books I thought we could look at before dinner,” Esme said.

“See, I told you,” Edward whispered, then leaned in, capturing her lips with a kiss of promise. He couldn’t wait until later when he would be able to kiss, lick, and suck every inch of her body. Pulling back when his lungs felt like they were going to burst. “I fucking love you so much.”

“I love you,” she gasped.

They got up and began getting ready for their company. Edward put on a pair of Kiton dark wash jeans, a white button-down shirt, and Salvatore alligator oxford shoes. Splashing on his favorite Dior Homme cologne, he opened his drawer that held his collection of watches. 

“MY GOD, EDWARD!” Bella exclaimed, looking down at the drawer. “How many watches do you have?”

“A few,” Edward shrugged.

“A few, my ass,” Bella grumbled, her focus on the watches. “Are those diamonds?”

“Yes,” he answered, matter factually. 

“Do I want to know just how much money all of these are worth?” Bella asked.

“Probably not,” Edward replied, his mouth turning up in a smirk, picking up the Louis Monet Meteoris, strapping it onto his wrist. 

Bella shook her head and proceeded to get a dress. Since Edward was dressing in jeans, she decided on her nearly skinny stretch dark washed jeans, twist cross white blouse, and ballet flats. Pulling her hair back to a low ponytail and securing it with a colorful gem clasp. Not being one to wear a lot of makeup, she applied some mascara, a brush of blush on her cheekbones, and finally, her favorite lip gloss.

Edward had just watched in fascination as his delicate yet feisty fiance got ready for the evening. Before Bella, he had never really paid attention to the nuances of a woman. He never dated, only using them to satisfy his carnal needs. He didn’t lead them on, making sure they knew that he didn’t want anything else. Then five months ago, he walked into that bar and saw her. Bella had captivated him like no other and caused his heart to beat fast. He lost his heart to her that night, just too stupid at the time to realize it. Even though he had screwed up in the beginning, fate had helped him make it right. Bella was his life now, a part of his soul and he would do anything to protect her.

Bella had just finished applying her lip gloss when she noticed Edward staring at her. “What?”

Stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her and pulled her close. “I just love you so much and I can’t believe that you are here.”

“I love you too,” She cooed. 

“We better get out there,” Edward declared.

Edward took her left hand and they walked out of the room. When they arrived, Esme bounded to her feet and rushed to them. 

Cailín leanbh (Baby girl),” Esme sang, pushing Edward out of the away and pulling Bella into a hug. “Don’t you look lovely. I just love those jeans on you.”

“Thank you, Esme,” Bella said. Esme’s hug was so loving and warm, something her own mother had never done. Showing of affections was not permitted, ever. Her father said it was a wasted effort on a girl. In God’s eyes, men were the ones to be pampered and loved. 

“I have brought over some magazines and paint samples. Have you decided which room will be the nursery because I thought the second guest room with the views of Central Park would be perfect,” Esme rambled on, not seeming to need air to breathe.

Edward just stood back and watched his mother embrace and adore his Bella, with her motherly love. He couldn’t be happier to see how his parents had accepted her into their lives and family. “Hey, what am I, ae mionghearrtha (chopped liver),” he joked, with his hand over his heart.

Mac (son), it looks like you have been replaced,” Carlisle chuckled.

“Yeah, but I am okay with that,” Edward advised.

BUÍOCHAS LE DIA (OH MY GOD) !” Esme screamed, holding up Bella’s left hand. “Carlisle, look at what hand your mháthair (mother’s) Claddagh is on.” 

“Well, it looks like we have something to celebrate tonight,” Carlisle exclaimed. “Do you have good champagne here?”

“I have two bottles of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Champagne,” Edward replied.

“Oh my word, that would be perfect,” Esme cooed. She couldn’t be happier unless her other two boys would find women who would complete them as well as Bella had done for Edward.

“I’ll have to go down them for the wine vault and get them along with a few bottles for dinner,” Edward said.

“I am sorry you won’t be able to drink the champagne, though when these little ones appear, we will make sure to have a bottle to toast their birth,” Esme explained.

“It is okay. I am not a big drinker,” Bella shared. During college, she enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner or hanging out with Rose and Alice. 

Edward returned twenty minutes later, carrying several bottles. It was nice to have the vault and when he built their next home, they would have a wine cellar.  His mom had found the ice buckets, placing ice in each. He put the champagne in them to chill, waiting until the rest of the family arrived to open them. Edward opened the wine to let it breathe. Once he was done, he joined Bella and his mother on the couch; needing to be near and feel her touch, he took her hand into his. 

“So, have you discussed a date?” Esme inquired, her mind racing on the images of a grand wedding fit for The Skipper and his wife. 

“Yes. We would like a small ceremony in a month,” Edward answered, smiling down at Bella.

“A MONTH!” Esme yelled. “Impossible.”

Máthair (Mother), we want to be married before the babies come,” Edward disclosed. 

“Esme, I am growing by the day and I would love to be able to walk down the aisle, not waddle,” Bella clarified.

“But, we have so many friends and other families would want to be in attendance,” Esme expressed.

“We understand that and we thought that a huge reception could be held after the babies’ birth,” Edward said. 

Esme was silent for a few moments. As much as she wanted to hold a grand affair, she realized that a small intimate wedding would be best due to Bella’s delicate situation. “I think we can do that,” she declared.

“Thanks, Esme,” Bella sighed.

“None of that, please call me Máthair (Mother),” Esme cooed.

Tears formed in Bella’s eyes. “Really?”

“Of course, a stór (my treasure), I have always wanted a daughter,” Esme said, wiping a tear off Bella’s face. 

“THE PARTY CAN START NOW, EMMETT IS IN THE HOUSE!” Emmett boomed, walking into the living room with Rose on his arm.

“You big goof,” Rose growled, pushing his arm.

“Hey, don’t damage the goods,” he whined, all the while wagging his eyebrows.

Rose just shook her head and turned back to everyone in the living room. She had been surprised when Emmett had called and invited her up to Edward’s apartment for dinner. Bella had texted her earlier to say she was being discharged and Edward was bringing her home. 

If someone had asked her at the beginning of the week what she thought of Edward, she would have told them he was pond scum. However, as the week progressed, he had demonstrated just how much he cared about Bella. Rose knew Edward was a powerful businessman. Despite that, he remained around the clock at the hospital, even though Bella had not allowed him in her room. He even slept on a small hard loveseat in the waiting area. There were also all the little things he made sure Bella had to make her stay more comfortable. Maybe there was more behind the story and she needed to trust her friend’s judgment.

“Bella, you look wonderful,” Alice gushed, rushing over and pulling Bella into a tight hug.

“I feel wonderful. It is so nice to be out of the hospital and Edward has been taking care of me all day,” Bella advised as she looked up at Edward, her eyes full of love.

“Welcome, Rose and Alice,” Edward declared. “Jasper, Emmett, would you mind getting everyone a glass of champagne, well, except for Bella.”

“I’ll get her a glass of sparkling water,” Esme proclaiming, rushing off to the kitchen.

“Damn deartháir (brother), you broke out the good stuff,” Emmett exclaimed as he popped the cork of the gold bottle of champagne. Edward must have something important to announce if they were drinking sixty-fifty hundred-dollar bottles of champagne.

Once everyone had a flute of champagne, Edward wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and raised his glass. “As you all know, I made a huge and painful mistake with regards to this wonderful woman. Every day since that night, I have thought of her and prayed that I might find her. Then fate stepped in and I was given another chance. Of course, I screwed up again, by speaking before thinking. Despite all my mistakes, this beautiful woman still gave me a chance. She is giving me and our family the greatest gift of all by carrying our sons and I can’t wait to spend every day for the rest of our lives together. So today I asked her to marry me and she said yes.”

Rose and Alice’s mouth dropped open as they gasped. “You are engaged?” Alice murmured.

“Yes, and please be happy for me. I love him. I have always loved him. From the moment we touched at the bar, I knew then that I would love Edward for the rest of my life,” Bella confessed, her eyes never leaving Edwards. 

Taking her face into his hands. “I felt too, mo chroí (my heart).”

“What did he say?” Rose questioned. She had heard Emmett mumbled a few words that she didn’t recognize. 

“Rose, Alice, if you keep hanging out with these boys, you are going to need a Gaelic translator,” Bella laughed.

“Oh, ladies, I would be more than happy to give you Gaelic lessons. Actually, Bella, it is a tradition that the bride and groom say their vows in Galic to one another,” Esme explained.

“I can see a lovely wedding in June,” Alice said, her mind racing with dress designs.

“Can you see a lovely wedding in thirty days?” Bella quizzed.

“NO WAY!” Alice yelled.

“Alice, we want to get married in thirty days. Nothing large, just family and close friends in a private ceremony at St. Patrick’s church. After these two little ones are born, we will have a large, over the top reception,” Bella explained. “I want to be a Cullen when I give birth.”

“And you will be,” Edward declared. 

“Alright, but I still get to design the dress,” Alice interjected. 

“There is no one else I would want,” Bella said, reaching out to take Alice’s hand. “But also I have decided to move in here. We have lost so much time together and we don’t want to lose anymore.”

“You are moving out?” Rose cried. She thought of Bella as a sister, not as just a friend. 

“Rose, I won’t be far away, just one floor up. You are welcome here anytime and I will need your assistance to help decorate this place. As you can see, it is a little drab,” Bella giggled.

“Yes, Rose and Alice, I have heard that you have a fantastic eye,” Esme gushed. “After dinner we will sit down and start putting our heads together.”

“Alright, let’s drink to the happy couple,” Carlisle announced. “To Edward and Bella.”

“Edward and Bella,” everyone said together, then took a drink of the very expensive and extra delicious champagne. 


Later in the night, Bree was in her bed, her lover wrapped around her. They had just finished having sex and were enjoying the post-orgasmic high.

“How was your day?” He asked, running his hand up and down her arm.

“Good. The Skipper had a dinner party for his family and Bella’s friends. He announced tonight that she was moving in and that they were getting married,” Bree disclosed.


“Yes. He gave her his grandmother’s Claddagh ring,” Bree answered.

“So when is the happy event,” he questioned, needing to get as much information as possible. “Sometime next year? I mean, I am sure it takes a while to plan such a grand event.”

“No. I heard they want to get married in the next thirty days. A grand reception will be held after the babies are born,” Bree explained.

“Oh,” he muttered. “Well, goodnight, my sweet.”

“Goodnight,” Bree whispered, closing her eyes and quickly falling asleep.

Sometime later, he carefully removed himself from their embrace, gathering his clothes and slipping out of the room. It wasn’t uncommon for him to leave after they had sex, so he knew Bree wouldn’t be upset if she woke up alone, he was a guard in the family and being so meant he was called out at all times of the day or night. 

Once he was in his vehicle, he picked up his phone and made his essential call.

“Do you have any news?” Eleazar answered.

“Edward is getting married within the next thirty days.”

“THIRTY DAYS!” Eleazar hollered. 


“We have to move fast. Call me with any details you discover,” Eleazar demanded. “If you get a chance to take her, do it and I will take it from there.”

“She is heavily guarded at all times. Edward is staying close and that puts his guard in the mix as well.”

“I am sure she is, though we might have to enact some diversions to diminish the numbers,” Eleazar declared. “Keep me updated and remember the prize when you take her.”

After Eleazar hung up, he had to smile. He would make this happen and soon, he would be the downfall of the Cullen family.

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  1. Eleazar is planning to kidnap Bella. I am pretty sure he wants to abort the babies.


  2. Eleazar will be disappointed with his plans because Edward will not allow him to succeed. I wonder who the rat is?


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