Chapter Thirteen ~ Blood Proposal

Chapter Thirteen 

Blood Proposal

“You have a cook and a housekeeper?” Bella gasped. After receiving a text from everyone that they would be there at six o’clock, Bella got up to go to the kitchen to see if there was any food. That was when Edward informed her about the household staff.

We have a cook and a housekeeper,” Edward stressed.

“Who are they and do they live here,” Bella questioned, motioning her hand around the apartment.

“Bree is the cook and Angela is our housekeeper. They live five floors down in their own private apartments. Most of the family live here in this building,” he explained. 

Bella looked around and saw that the place was immaculate, not a speck of dust anywhere, which calmed her OCD tendency. “Is Bree a good cook?”

“She is a formally trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America here in New York.”

“Wow. So are they part of the family, or are they just an employee?” Bella wondered.

“I allow no one this close without being part of the family. Both of their families have been part of the family in some capacity for decades,” he said, taking her hand into his. He couldn’t get enough of her touch and knew he would be happy his entire life just holding her hand. Bringing it up to his mouth, he kissed each knuckle, then turned it over and placed a kiss on her palm. “So you stop worrying about the dinner. Bree will be here in about an hour to begin preparations. However, before they get here, we do need to discuss a few things.

Bella sat up straight, her body tense for the impending conversation. Had she already done something to upset him? 

Edward immediately noticed the change in Bella’s body. “A chéadsearc (my one and only), lean back and relax.”

Bella did as Edward told her and he reached down, picking up each of her feet, slipping off her shoes and placed them onto his lap, where he began to massage each one. She couldn’t help but let out a little moan because it felt so good. 

“God, baby, you can’t make those sounds. I am hanging on by a thread from not christening each and every room in this apartment,” he groaned, adjusting his hardened cock. “Now, you can’t tell Rose and Alice about the fact that my family is part of a mafia.”

“I know. Why can’t they?” Bella quizzed.

“You are family. Rose and Alice are not,” Edward clarified.

“We are not married.”

“Not yet, but soon,” Edward promised.

“Married? You are crazy. We have only known each other a few days,” Bella stated.

“Do you love me?” Edward asked.

“Yes, but,” she began.

“No buts. You love me and I love you. We are going to be parents in a few months.”

“Don’t you need to marry someone with Irish blood or something?” Bella stuttered. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t want to marry Edward; it was the fact she was scared. She had no clue how to be a wife. Hell, she was just coming to terms that she was going to be a mother.

“Do you know anything about your family history?” He asked, hoping that she wouldn’t be upset over the intrusion that he had investigated her lineage.

“Not really. My grandparents were both dead before I was born and my parents never spoke of them.”

“Don’t be upset. I did look into your family history. Your great-grandparents on your father’s side came over from Ireland in 1905. They were both in their early twenties and settled in Boston. They had three children; however, only one survived the Spanish flu. Your grandfather married his childhood sweetheart, moving from Boston to Washington State. They only had your father and when he turned nineteen, they were killed by a drunk driver in a small town about three hours from Seattle,” Edward revealed.

“So I am Irish?” Bella marveled.

“Yes, but it is not the reason I want to marry you. I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together,” he proclaimed, as he lifted her feet and slid off the couch. Getting up on one knee, he took her left hand into his. “Oh, shit, wait right there.” He jumped to his feet and ran to his office, quickly opening the safe and collecting the green velvet box. It had been passed down to him by his grandmother. Lifting the lid, he couldn’t help but smile because it was going to look perfect on her finger. Shutting the lid, he rushed back to his love. Once he was beside her again, he dropped down on one knee and opened the box. “With the heart, love is shown. With the hands, friendship grown. With the crown, loyalty, give. With all three, it’s best to live. The symbol of the Claddagh, for all to behold. Is a symbol of faith and my love.” Taking the ring from the box, he slipped it on her left hand. “When you wear the Claddagh on this finger with the heart pointing outward, it means you are engaged. This ring has been passed down to every firstborn son. Isabella Swan, will you give the extreme pleasure in agreeing to be my wife?”

Bella looked down through her tear-filled eyes at the beautiful ring, then towards Edward. “Yes,” she cried.

Edward leaned in, capturing her lips in a searing kiss. When they finally broke apart, he gifted her with a heartwarming smile. “You have made me the luckiest man on the earth.” He moved her over where they were both lying on the couch, his arm wrapped around her with her head on his shoulder. Her hand rested on his chest, with the sun catching the diamond shooting a dazzling prism around the room.

“It is breathtaking and heavy,” she murmured.

“It is because it is platinum and that is a two-carat diamond. Do you like it? Because if you don’t, we can go to the jewelers and pick out one that you do.”

“NO!” She screamed. “I love it. It is perfect.”

“Good. When we get married, you will turn the ring around, so the heart is facing you,” Edward instructed. 

“When do you want to get married?” 

“Is tonight too soon?” He joked.

“Yeah. I think your mother would have a fit,” Bella giggled.

Máthair would cut off my coileach,” he coughed.

“I really do need a translator for you,” she laughed. “What did you say?”

Máthair is mother,” Edward instructed.

Máthair,” Bella repeated, acing the pronunciation. “And the other word?”

“Ah, well,” he stammered.

Bella pulled up and looked down at him with one eyebrow raised.

Coileach means cock,” he whispered.

“Cock?” She snickered.

“Yes, cock.”

Bella thought about the statement now that she had the meaning of the two Gaelic words. “I believe you are right about that. So we can’t have it tonight. How does a month from now sound? I will be six months pregnant and big as a house and I don’t think they make a wedding gown to cover all this,” she said, motioning to her pregnant belly.

“I am sure they do. Isn’t Alice a clothing designer?” He asked.

“Damn, I completely forgot about that. This pregnant brain is the worst. I just don’t know if a month is long enough for her to make something and we don’t have a priest or a license or a church,” she rattled on. 

“Calm down. Esme will take care of everything. I promise,” he informed, placing a kiss on her head. 

The rest of the afternoon they spent talking about the wedding and possible changes to the apartment. Bree arrived and Edward introduced Bella to her. 

Bree had gone to the market when she had received Edward’s text about cooking dinner for eight. The gossip grapevine had been abuzz with the news that The Skipper was going to be a dad to someone outside the family. When she walked into the apartment, she was welcomed by her boss and a petite brunette with a large pregnant belly. Like most single women in the family, Bree had dreamed that Edward would fall in love with her. However, one look at Edward as he looked down at Bella showed that he was head over heels in love with her. She had begun dating one of the guards and even though it was new, she had high hopes. 

“Bree, follow Bella’s instructions as you would my own. She is now the Bean an tí (Lady of the House),” Edward informed.

“Of course, Skipper,” Bree answered.

“Bree, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Edward when we are here.”

“And please call me Bella.”

“Thank you. I need to get started with dinner, especially since Mr. Emmett is coming,” Bree giggled.

After Bree went into the kitchen, Bella wanted to slip downstairs so she could pick up a few things before Rose and Alice got home.

“You have been up since you came home. Don’t you think you should maybe take a nap or something before everyone gets here?” Edward groaned.

“It will only take us a few minutes. I know what I want to grab, please,” she begged, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. 

“Grrr. I can’t deny you. Alright, let’s go get your things and when we get back, we are going to bed,” Edward growled.

“Bed?” Bella panted, thinking about them naked in their California King bed. 

“To sleep, for now,” he answered with a smirk, then ran his finger up her arm causing goosebumps to break out. “But after everyone leaves, I promise to take care of your every need and desire.”

“Damn, I think I need a cold shower,” Bella grumbled.

“Baby, you and me both. Now, let’s get that cute ass moving,” Edward said, placing a slap on her butt.

Edward sent a text informing their guard that they were going down to Bella’s old apartment and to do a security check before they arrived. When he received a text back saying it was secure, they got in the elevator and traveled down the one floor.

“I still can’t believe that we lived so close to each other and never ran into each other,” Bella remarked.

“I really didn’t stay here much. Ever since that night when I left you,” he agonized, his face saddened. 

“Don’t. I have forgiven you and we are moving forward,” Bella assured him.

“Ever since that night, I have been looking for the person or persons who shot my father. All the while, I had the family business to take care of as well. I was putting in twenty-hour days, crashing on the small bed in my office.”

“How awful. You still don’t know who did it?” Bella asked, concern written all over her face. She didn’t know what she would do if something happened to Edward. 

Arriving at her door, she unlocked it with her key and once inside, she disarmed the alarm system. Edward followed her in and looked around. Bella had said that Rose and Alice had decorated the apartment and they had done a fantastic job. Hell, his mother would probably call upon them to help with his and Bella’s place. God, he hoped they took the news okay since Bella didn’t need them upset over it. He followed her through the apartment and into her bedroom. He was surprised to see that it was not a “girly” style bedroom. Instead, it was decorated in shades of green and brown. 

“Edward, can you get that suitcase down from the top of the closet?” Bella asked.

“Sure,” he answered, walking into her closet to find it impeccably organized. It reminded him of his own closet. Lifting down the case, he placed it on a table that was along the wall. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, I am going to grab several things and after we break the news, I am sure that Rose and Alice will pack up the rest,” Bella said, with a sad smile. It wasn’t the fact that she was moving in with Edward that made her sad; it was because she had been roommates with Rose and Alice for almost five years. They had stuck by her in good times and bad. 

Edward sat down on a small bench and watched Bella pull items off the hook, then meticulously fold the article of clothing. He had been concerned that she would think he was an obsessive asshole who liked to have his boxers ironed and his t-shirts folded in a perfect rectangle. 

Bella was lost in packing and didn’t pay a lot of attention to Edward, so when she looked up and saw him staring at her, she became worried about what he was thinking. Maybe she should just open her underwear drawer, grab a handful of panties, and then throw them in the suitcase. However, she just couldn’t do it. Bowing her head, she let the tears flow. She was such a weirdo.

Edward sprang to his feet when he saw the tears begin to flow. Wrapping his strong arms around her, he held her tight against him. “Why are you crying?”

After several minutes of trying to control her tears, she whispered. “I am such a weirdo. I mean, seriously, who folds their underwear into perfect rectangles?”

Edward placed his fingers under her chin and raised it up so he was looking at her lovely, tear-stained face. “If I didn’t think we were a match made in heaven, this just confirmed it. I have to have my boxers ironed before they are folded into rectangles and placed in the second drawer by color.”

“Really?” Bella said, amazed by his confession.

“Yes. I am so happy that we both have a love for things being in their place. Growing up, Emmett and Jasper were both pigs. They drove me crazy with how they kept their rooms and how they threw their toys around,” he confessed. “Now, let’s dry those eyes and get finished.”

Ten minutes later, two suitcases were perfectly packed and were being carried by Mark and Riley. Bella had just locked the door and was moving towards the elevator when she remembered her laptop bag. Turning around, she headed back.

“Where are you going?” Edward asked.

“I forgot my laptop bad,” Bella replied.

“I can get it for you,” Royce offered. “But I will need your key and the alarm code.”

“Thank you,” Bella said, handing him her keys and telling him the code. 

A few minutes later, Royce was back carrying the bag and handed Bella back her keys. “We can take it from here, Royce,” Edward advised, taking the bag from him. “Go back to your station.”

Royce nodded and gave him a forced smile. 

Once they were back in their apartment, Edward helped Bella unpack her suitcases, making sure that each item was perfectly positioned in the right drawer, shelf, or hanger. 

“Your clothing looks mighty fine next to mine,” he smirked, wrapping his arms around her and placing his hands on her belly. 

“They do,” she admitted, placing her hands on top of his. She loved the connection that they shared and prayed that it would never end.

“Time for a nap,” Edward proclaimed, placing a feather-light kiss on the side of her neck.

She turned, reaching up and running her fingers into his hair and began scratching the back of his neck. “I’m not tired.”

“Please behave. I already made you a promise for later.”

“Fine, as long you lay down with me,” she pleaded.

Giving her a nod, he clasped her hand and led her to the bed. She sat down and he took off her shoes and toed his off. He didn’t plan on sleeping. He would stay with her until she drifted off. Once they were lying down, he pulled the covers over them. As they laid on their sides, looking deeply into each other’s eyes they whispered their confessions of love as they closed their eyes, both falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.


Eleazar glanced down at his phone and smiled an evil smile. His mole had just gotten his hands on a very important piece of the puzzle, that would make their job easier. Edward Cullen’s time as ruler was about to come to an end. Now was time to call in a marker. Dialing the number he waited for them to answer.


“Get prepared, because you soon will have your lost sheep home and she is in need of a purification,” Eleazar chuckled.

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  1. pattsy1994 says:

    I so do not like Royce, he is . up to no good. He is the mole working with Eleazar.


  2. I have such a bad feeling about Royce


  3. Bernadette Aquino says:

    I’m with you ladies. Royce is definitely the mole. I just hope Someone from Edward’s family gets to uncover this traitor.


  4. Judy Leavell says:

    Royce now has key and code. Alice and Rose are now in danger, also.


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