Chapter Twelve ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Twelve

Blood Confessions

As the black limo maneuvered through the busy city, Bella’s mind was racing. They were on their way back to his, no their apartment. Would he have any quirks that would drive her crazy? Like leaving the toilet seat up, dirty socks on the bedroom floor, dirty dishes all over the apartment, all things that would set her OCD tendencies in a tizzy. 

“Whatcha thinking about so seriously, mo fhiorghra (my true love),” Edward asked, reaching out and placing his hand on her leg. He had been watching her ever since they had left the hospital. She was so beautiful, not only on the outside but on the inside. There was no doubt that she was going to be a fantastic mother, much like his own. He knew that he had a lot of making up to do and he silently swore that she would know just how much she mattered to him from this day forward. 

“Things,” Bella shrugged, not knowing how to confess her fears of the sudden changes. Last week, she lived with Rose and Alice, planning to have her babies without having their father around. Then suddenly he appears and all those plans are out the window. It wasn’t like she wasn’t happy that Edward wanted their babies as much as she does; it was the fact that everything had changed so fast.

 Reaching out, he placed his hands on either side of her delicate face and softly turned it, so they were looking eye to eye. “Please tell me.”

Bella looked into his eyes and sighed. “I am afraid that you will hate living with me.”

“How could I hate having you near me all the time?” He asked, unsure what she was thinking, though he saw the sadness in her eyes. Over the past few days, he had a lot of time to think about Bella and their future. At first, he didn’t understand the feelings that he had for her. Was it because she was carrying his children, or was it something else? It wasn’t until his father had come by the second day that he figured out what he was feeling and why.

He had been watching Bella’s door hoping for a chance to catch a glimpse. Thankfully Garrett had been keeping him appraised of Bella and their children’s health. With his mother’s insider information, he had been able to supply her with food carvings and any other needs that she had while being trapped in a hospital room. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t hear his father roll over to where he was sitting.

“Son,” Carlisle said.

“Dad, I didn’t hear you,” Edward murmured. In his business, it was dangerous to lose your concentration and not to be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

“Thinking about a brown-eyed beauty who is over there in that room?” Carlisle asked, even though he knew the answer. The look in his son’s eyes was the same he had when he first met his lovely Esme.

“I am just worried that she and my sons are going to be okay,” Edward confessed.

“You love her,” Carlisle declared.

“I can’t. We have only known each other for just a few days and one of them, I was accusing her of whoring around,” he groaned as he lowered his head and pulled his hair. “She is never going to forgive me. I am nothing but a fucking monster.”

“You are not a monster and I feel sure that once she calms down, she will forgive you,” Carlisle advised. “And, yes, you do love her and I can tell you how I know, and how you can tell.”

“How?” Edward whispered as he lifted his sad face towards his father.

“When you look into her eyes and the only thing you see is your future with her, that is how you will know.”

“Did you see that in Mom’s eyes?” Edward asked. It was evident to anyone who looked at his parents that they were completely and utterly in love with each other. 

“Yes. As you know, unlike your seanathair and sin-seanathair who had arranged marriages, I had been permitted to pick my own bride as long as she was Irish. Well, that being said, your seanathair and seanmháthair still had their hands in me meeting your máthair. They had arranged for this dinner party for an old friend of the family who just happened to be visiting New York. The family had been having issues with the Italians on the docks in Jersey, as they were trying to take over. For weeks I had been standing shoulder to shoulder with the sentinel and buttonmen to show the assholes that no one was going to take what was ours. Máthair had insisted that I be at the dinner, even going as far as laying out one of my best suits for the occasion. I was late getting home and by the time I showered and dressed, the party was in full force. Walking into the living room, I remember hearing the song My Lovely Rose of Clare playing and as I looked across the room, I saw her. She was wearing this stunning, emerald green gown that hugged her every curve. Her long auburn hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. As the song continued, I don’t remember walking towards her, though I was standing in front of her in a blink of an eye. Then it happened, she looked up at me, I met her gaze and I was lost in those shamrock green eyes. It was in that moment that I knew that I would love her until dying breath,” Carlisle said with a sigh. 

“Are you sure?” Bella asked as she held her breath.

Leaning down, he placed a soft kiss on her lips. Pulling back, he smiled at her. “I don’t want to scare you, but us Irish men know who we love very quickly, and Bella, I do love you. I love you, not because you are carrying our children but because you are the only woman I ever want. I want to share our lives together through good times and bad. I want to go to bed with you every night and wake in the morning with my arms wrapped around you. I know there will be times when we will disagree, but I promise never to go to bed mad. You are my life, my soul, and you own my heart. Please give me a chance to show you,” Edward pleaded, then placed his hands on either side of her belly. “I also promise to be here for these precious little boys and the other children that you will give me.”

Bella couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted it all with Edward. Quickly leaning forward, she placed a kiss on his lips. Pulling back slightly, she whispered. “I love you, too.”

Edward’s heart soared and he pulled Bella onto his lap and began to kiss her with all the love he had for her. Her hands went to his hair, tugging him closer as their tongues tangled in an erotic dance. Bella couldn’t sit still, her little ass moved restlessly as she tried to gain some friction, which caused Edward’s cock to harden. God, he needed to be inside of her again. Suddenly the car stopped and when he pulled back from the kiss, his breath ragged from the lack of oxygen, he saw that they were in front of their apartment building. Well, it wasn’t technically hers yet, but it would be as soon as he contacted his lawyer, she would be the co-owner of everything that he legally owned. “Let’s finish this later in our bed,” he murmured against her lips.

“Please,” she begged. Her hormones were raging, wanting some relief. She didn’t care where they were, she needed to come.

“Fuck, I can’t deny you anything,” he groaned. Knowing that Phil wouldn’t open the door until he was given the signal and the windows were darkened so no one could see in. Moving her ass back a little on his lap, he slipped his hand down her leggings and panties, finding her folds wet with need. “Oh, my little girl is so wet. Do you need to come?”

“Yes, I need to come so bad,” she cried.

Edward continued to stroke her wet folds and then took her clit between his fingers, rubbing and pinching. He could hear her panting and knew she was close. Moving close to her ear, he ran his tongue around the shell and took the ear lobe between his teeth, biting down. “COME FOR ME!” He demanded.

She heard his command, the tension that had been building, released with wave after wave of euphoria, pulsed through her body, which seemed to go on for hours. Finally, the spasms stopped and she opened her eyes and was faced with Edward’s blazing green orbs. She watched as he pulled his fingers from her leggings, bringing them up to his lips, and sucked the wetness from them. “Fuck me,” she gasped. 

“So fucking yummy and I plan on dining from the source when I get us to our bed,” he said, giving her one of his devilish smiles.

“Our bed?” Bella asked.

“What is mine is yours, so get used to it. Come, woman, let us get upstairs and invite your friends and our family over,” Edward chuckled as he helped her back to the seat. He tapped on the security glass, signaling Phil to open the door. 

Phil got out of the driver’s seat and surveyed the area to verify that Edward’s and Bella’s guards were in position. His primary duty was to drive the Skipper and to keep him safe while he is in the vehicle. Over the years, he had also participated in a few assaults with rival families using “The Beast.” It is a hand-built monster named Knight XV that weighs over thirteen-hundred pounds and has a gas tank that holds sixty-three gallons of gas. With a V10, 6.8-liter engine and sits on a commercial class chassis, it provides 400 hp and 498-lbs of torque. The Skipper didn’t skimp on money and it was decked out with luxury carpeting, leather seating, custom flat screen television and a TracVision satellite system. It also had indirect LED lighting, AM, FM, CD, DVD, navigation, Bluetooth equipment and overhead tandem bulletproof sunroof, TV monitors, night vision and rear op camera system with a PlayStation 3 and Xbox personal digital entertainment. He had only driven it a few times since the Warlord claimed it for his own private vehicle. The Skipper just laughed and put in an order for another one, not wanting to take away his brother’s toy.

When Phil felt everyone was in place, he opened the back door. Edward stepped out, taking a good look around for any dangers and when he thought it was safe, he offered his hand to Bella. Helping her from the vehicle, he offered his arm to her and they walked arm in arm to the door that was held open by Royce while the others surrounded them. Once inside, they walked toward the private elevator used only by the apartments’ residents. Each resident had a passcode that had to be entered before the doors would open. Guests had to be escorted in by one of the security team. Once they gained access to the elevator, Edward pulled a key from his pocket, put it into the control panel and pushed the Penthouse button.

“I will get you a key today,” Edward declared as they began their ascent.

“You don’t have to,” Bella reasoned.

Placing a kiss on top of her head and pulling her close. He knew that she was very independent and would fight him concerning money; nonetheless, she would soon be the co-owner of every legal business, building, and bank account that he had. Soon they arrived at the penthouse and the double doors of the elevator opened to the front foyer. The epitome of luxury, with  the most breathtaking views of Central Park, the iconic Manhattan skyline and all points north, south, east and west. 

Bella stood, looking around with her mouth wide open. She thought that the apartment she shared with Rose and Alice was spectacular. Even so, it dwarfed in comparison to this opulent space. Hell, she was impressed with just the foyer. The walls were a soft gray with a white marble floor with a black star inlay.  As they walked towards the living room, there were floor-to-ceiling windows that had dramatic views of the city. Looking around, she saw that everywhere seemed to be the same gray color. 

“I haven’t stayed here much,” Edward said.

“Why?” Bella asked.

“There is a small bed in the back room of my office. I usually crash there after a long day,” Edward explained. “However, I promise I will not be sleeping there anymore. How do you like it so far?”

“It is very nice,” Bella answered.

“Change whatever you want,” Edward instructed.

“No, it is fine.”

Placing his finger under her chin, he raised it to look at him. “Bella, this is our home, a place where we live, a place that we will bring our boys back to after they are born,” Edward implored. 

“I don’t know anything about design,” she muttered. Rose and Alice had designed their apartment. 

“Mom would be more than happy to help you. She lives to decorate,” he exclaimed. 

“Okay,” Bella agreed as her mind went to what she would like to do to the room.

Sweeping her up into his arms. “Come, let me give you a quick tour.”

“Put me down before you hurt your back,” Bella laughed, slapping his arm playfully.

“You are as light as a feather and we don’t want you to exert yourself since we have plans after everyone leaves,” Edward informed, wagging his eyebrows.

Adjacent to the living room was the library, which also overlooked the park and has pocket doors to close off the space. Next is the formal dining room, which also has the same mesmerizing views and pocket doors, allowing the entertaining space to flow. There is an impressive windowed eat-in kitchen with a separate corner windowed breakfast room; both rooms have stunning views of Central Park and the city skyline. The kitchen is superbly outfitted and has state-of-the-art appliances, including a Subzero refrigerator with two freezer drawers, two Miele dishwashers, a Miele oven, a Miele speed oven/microwave, a Miele warming drawer, a Miele wine refrigerator, a Wolf double oven, a Wolf range with six burners and a griddle, a Wolf vented hood, and two sinks. In addition to the breakfast room, there is an island with seating for four and a large pantry closet with built-in storage. An elegant full bathroom clad in onyx with a shower and coat closet complete the public spaces.

Edward walked them into the extraordinary master suite. The corner of the bedroom faces south and east and is illuminated with brilliant sunlight throughout the day. There was an enormous dressing room as well as a separate oversized closet. The suite had two lavish windowed en-suite master bathrooms. The first faced south and had two sinks, a separate deep soaking bathtub, a windowed walk-in steam shower, and a bidet. The second faces east and has a sizeable windowed steam shower. Both bathrooms have radiant heat in the floors, slabs of marble and polished nickel fixtures. The second bedroom suite faces south and with a large closet and an en-suite that is windowed with marble and a bathtub and radiant heated floors. The third bedroom was a corner suite that faces south and west with beautiful views of Central Park and the Midtown skyline. It had an en-suite  with marble bathroom, a shower and radiant heated in the floors. There was a laundry area with an Electrolux side-by-side washer and vented dryer. The home had a back service hallway connecting the secondary bedrooms to the kitchen. 

When they were finished with the tour, Edward walked her back to the living room and carefully placed her on one of the couches near the window. “So, do you think you can live in this humble abode?” Edward asked with a smile.

“Are you crazy? This place is unbelievable. I will have to have a map to get around,” she declared.

“I thought that the third bedroom would be a great room for a nursery,” Edward said.

“Me too,” Bella chirped. 

“Alright, I am going to call Emmett and Jasper and have them bring Rose and Alice since they already met for dinner along with my parents,” Edward said, placing a quick kiss on her sweet lips.

“Okay,” Bella agreed, even though she was worried about how her friends were going to take the fact that she was moving in with Edward.


“Daddy, some whore is saying she is having Edward’s baby,” Irina whined, twirling her hair around her finger.

“Oh my love, I will make sure to take care of the issue,” Eleazar soothed. 

“I want to give Edward his son,” she cried.

“You will sweetheart, you will. We have a mole on the inside and they will bring the bitch to us,” he chuckled darkly as he sent out a text. 

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