Chapter Eleven ~ If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow

Chapter Eleven

Blood Desire

The early morning sun filtered through the hospital windows. It’s bright beams landing on Bella’s sleeping face. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room, disoriented about where she was and then  remembered that she had been taken to the hospital. This was the first night since arriving that she had slept peacefully. Her eyes then fell upon  Edward, sleeping on the chair that pulled out into a tiny bed. His massive body cramped into its small space laying on his side with his ankles and feet hanging over the end. She hadn’t noticed his feet before, though she smiled over the old saying about men with large feet. In Edward’s case, it was very accurate because she remembered how well endowed he was in that department. Recalling his long, thick cock, she unconsciously contracted her pelvic floor muscles. After all this time, she could still remember how he felt when he was buried deep inside her, causing a jolt of desire to pulse through her. Damn, she was horny and she needed relief that wasn’t battery operated.

“Belllaa,” Edward moaned as he rolled over on his back. 

Bella was stunned at his moan of her name, and then she saw that his massive cock was tenting his sleep pants. The fabric was so tight, it had to be uncomfortable for him. She then watched as he took his hand rubbing and pushing the top of his pants, moving them down, so the tip of his cock was now visible. It was magnificent. She broke out in a cold sweat as she watched Edward finally remove his cock from its confines and began stroking his hand up and down. 

“Bella, sweetheart, I need you so badly. I only want you, now and forever,” Edward murmured hoarsely.

A cry caught in Bella’s throat. He wanted her forever. Could she open her heart to him? Could she trust him not to lie to her? Placing her hand on her belly, she thought about Edward talking to them and how his voice was full of so much love. There was no doubt that he loved their sons. They were their sons, a combination of the two of them.  A product of a magical night of passion and love. Yes, love. There was no doubt that he was her other half. As she thought about the truth of that statement, she was gifted by two powerful kicks. Leaning down, she whispered. “You are going to be so loved.”

Swinging her feet over the edge of the bed, she stood, never taking her eyes off Edward as he continued stroking himself, moaning her name over and over again. Glancing over to the door, she breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was shut. Sliding her pajama bottoms and underwear off, she stepped over to Edward. Taking her hand, she swept his hair from his eyes, then ran her finger over his eyelids. 

“Bella, baby,” he moaned as his tongue came out, licking his lips. 

Placing her hand over his, she began to stroke his cock, up and down in tandem with his strokes. His cock was perfection, exactly as she remembered it. 

“Fuck, baby,” he mumbled. “I need your WAP.”

Wap? What the hell was that? Bella thought. Then he began to hum a sultry tune, then he stopped and began to mumble the lyrics. 

I said, certified freak

Seven days a week

Wet ass pussy

HOLY SHIT! Hearing him say wet ass pussy, caused her to almost combust. She needed him; she needed his cock. Climbing over his legs, she positioned herself over him. Bending forward, she began kissing his neck, up his jawline and finally to his ear. “Edward, my love, wake up.”

Edward heard Bella’s voice through his dream. She was always there, always loving him, touching him. He could almost feel her hot breath on his ear. Never had his dream felt so real. 

“Wake up,” Bella whispered in his ear. “I have a wet ass pussy waiting for your cock.”

Hearing those words, he opened his eyes and groaned. Bella was on top of him. Her hair was hanging down, like a silky brown curtain and then he felt her sex, wet, hotm, and rubbing across his dick. “What are you doing?” He asked, his voice full of sleep and need.

“I need you to plunge deep into my wet…hot…pussy,” she purred, drawing out the words.

Capturing her mouth with his, he gave her a long open mouth kiss, driving his tongue in her mouth, claiming her tongue with his. Finally, pulling away, he began placing feather-light kisses up her jawline. “Are you sure,  mo shiorghra (my eternal love)

Placing her hand on the side of his face, she looks into his vibrant green eyes. “You have ensured that my needs have been taken care of since I arrived at the hospital. Soft, comfortable bedding, delicious meals, cute pajamas, and decadent chocolate cake. However, I am horny as hell and I need for you to curb my wants and desires.” Bella could have just plunged herself on his erection, but that was wrong. She couldn’t take what was not given to her. She wanted him to want to be with her.

“Well, I can’t have you wanting something when I can give it to you,” he smirked, reaching between them and aligning himself at her wet opening. Fuck she was so wet that it was dripping onto him. Wet ass pussy indeed. Easing himself through her opening, he was granted entrance with a loud moan.

“YES!” Bella groaned as every nerve in her body lit up with desire.

“God, I have missed you so fucking much,” Edward murmured, overwhelmed by the feel of being inside of her once again. 

“Better than I dreamed,” she said, leaning back her body, matching his thrust. The pressure of her release was building and she couldn’t help but chant his name over and over again.

“So fucking good. Never again will I lose you,” Edward declared.

Hearing that, Bella’s orgasm took over with wave after wave of bliss. She ran her nails up his chest, taking one of his nipples between her fingers and twisted it. “COME FOR ME!”

Edward was always in control. The Captain of the family, the man that everyone complies to his every command. Yet hearing Bella scream for him to come, his body followed her’s, releasing deep inside of her. She collapsed against him, her large belly tight against his and suddenly, he felt his sons kicking. “Is that what I think it is?”

Bella sat back up, relishing the feeling of his now semi-hard cock still inside of her. God, what that man did to her. She felt his hands on her belly and watched his face as he marveled over the kicks. “Yes, they are very active in the morning.”

Edward wrapped his arms around her and began to sit up. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. I’m sorry that you didn’t have a comfortable bed,” Bella answered. “I hope that Dr. O’Neil lets me go home today.”

“Home? Do you think it is wise to go home alone?” He questioned, not wanting to be apart from her now that they had made progress.

“I won’t be alone. I live with Alice and Rose,” Bella answered.

“They work all day and you will be alone. What if something happens and they are not there? I can’t imagine something happening to you or our precious little ones,” he declared.

“I’ll be okay,” she answered, noticing the concern on his face.

“Stay with me,” he blurted out.

Bella gasped over the comment. “I can’t. Rose and Alice have been so supportive and I don’t want to be far from them.”

Reach up, he stroked the side of her face. It was so smooth and flawless. “I never really believed in fate or destiny until now. Robbie bought your apartment in my building and one floor above yours is my apartment. You wouldn’t be far from your friends and I know my mother would love to spend time with you deciding on how you want to decorate the nursery. Damn, you can redecorate the whole apartment, make it a home for you, the babies,” he stated, then in a much lower voice, almost a whisper. “And me.”

“Edward, we just found each other and we still have a lot of things to work out,” Bella replied, as her heart rate was increasing.

“We can do that with you in my, no, our apartment. I will work as much as I can from home so I will be with you, care for you, make sure you get everything you want and desire,” he exclaimed, his voice becoming husky from desire and his cock which was still buried in her became hard. Shifting his hips, he began moving inside of her.

“Fuck, Edward,” she moaned, her hands gripping his shoulders as she began to meet his moves, stroke for stroke.

“Anytime,  anywhere you want this, I will be there,” he groaned. “I will never leave you wanting.”

“Yes,” she cried. 

Suddenly the door opened. “Bella sweetie, I didn’t see,” Esme began as she walked in, then stopped. A huge smile broke across her face and she turned quickly. “I’ll just go freshen up my coffee.”

Bella turned when the door opened and her face bloomed red in embarrassment. Turning back to Edward, she buried her face into his shoulder. Once she heard the door close, she remained there. “I can’t believe that happened.”

“It is fine. She is probably out there planning our wedding,” Edward chuckled. 

“How can you laugh at a time like this? She saw us having sex.”

Pulling her up so he could look at her lovely face. “She already knows we had sex.” He placed his hands on her belly.

Slapping his arm. “That is not funny.”

He licked his lips and moved his hand down her belly to the bundle of nerves at the apex of her sex. Stroking, pinching it until her passion was back to before his mother’s arrival. “Stop thinking and just feel.”

Following his command, she allowed herself to push the thought of his mother into the back of her mind and allow the sensation of his touch to take over. He began to move again inside of her and a few minutes later, they both succumbed to their powerful orgasms. When their spasms ceased, he helped her off his lap and into the bathroom, where he had stored the remainder of her clothes and his own. “We better hurry before Mom comes back or a nurse comes in. It would be quicker if we showered together.”

Bella gave him a smile with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, right.”

They stepped in the hot water and Edward picked up a rag, pouring on the body soap that his mother had said was good for her skin. He began washing every inch of her body, taking extra care of her breasts and pussy. When he looked at her, he could see that the flames of desire were being stoked to life once more, much like his own. As much as he would love to take her once again, they didn’t have time. When he was finished bathing her, he quickly began washing his own body. 

His hands were going to be the death of her. One-touch and her body was craving for more. She watched as he washed and turned off the water. Taking one of the towels, not one from the hospital, but one of the ones that he had made sure she had, he dried her off and then wrapped a dry one around her, before placing one around his waist. “Fuck I forgot our clothes are in the room.”

“Oh well, she has already seen us having sex. At least we are covered with towels,” Bella giggled.

Minco (Mink),” he growled, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips where he kissed her knuckles.

“I am going to have to get a translator if you keep speaking Gaelic,” Bella remarked.

“I’ll give you Gaelic lessons,” he started, then wiggled his eyebrows. “But only if we are both naked.”

Bella’s mouth fell open. Shaking her head at him she gave him a frown. “You are one dangerous man.”

“Oh, baby you have no clue,” he smirked. They opened the door, taking a look around and breathed a sigh of relief that no one was there. They dressed quickly and Edward helped Bella in the bed then cleaned up the blankets from the chair. Fucking thing was the most uncomfortable contraption ever invented. Just as he was finishing tying his shoes, there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in Mom,” he called out as he looked over to Bella whose face had turned a bright shade of red. 

“Good Morning, I brought breakfast for you both,” Esme said, trying to hide the smile. She had been shocked for sure, but elated to see them together this morning. There was no doubt that they were meant to be together and she had already begun to think about the details for the wedding. It would be small with a large reception to be held after her grandsons were born. She could see it being held at St. Peter’s with Father Michael officiating. The chapel would be decorated with gardenias and hydrangeas. It would have to be soon, before Bella was too large to enjoy the day. “You both look very refreshed. Did you sleep well?”

“Mom,” Edward groaned. 

“What?” She asked, giving him a pointed look before turning to Bella. “I brought you a wonderful omelet.” Placing the container on the table, she went over picking up the plates and silverware. Edward helped her to serve up the omelet, fresh fruit, hot non caffeine tea for Bella and coffee for Edward. 

Bella inhaled the mouth watering smell of the food and pushed aside her embarrassment. Digging in, she devoured every bite. 

“So happy to see that your appetite has returned,” Esme teased as she looked over at Edward who had also devoured his food. Hmm, sex does have a way of making you hungry, remembering the many times that her and Carlisle had been ravenous after a night of love making.

Edward shook his head and finished up his breakfast. When they all had finished, he collected the plates and silverware, giving them to one of the guards to take to the kitchen to be cleaned. He excused himself and went out to make a few phone calls to check on business. Jasper had been keeping an eye on shipments that were coming in and keeping him up to date. 

While Edward was out of the room, the nurse Tracey came in and took Bella’s vitals. 

“Wonderful, they are all normal and your little ones’ heartbeats are normal as well,” Tracey explained. “Dr. O’Neil should be in in a few minutes.”

“Great, I’m hoping to leave this place today,” Bella said.

Edward came back in after Tracey left and sat on the bed beside Bella. Taking her hand he kissed it. “Is everything normal?”

“Yes. We are just waiting for the doctor,” she explained.

“Bella has agreed to move in with me,” Edward told his mother.

Bella whipped her head towards him. “I did not.”

Leaning to her ear he whispered. “You cried out yes just a little while ago.”

 Bella then remembered. Damn his magical cock. “Alright, though we still need to work out a few things.”

“Gladly, as long as I get to see you everyday,” he replied, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“This is fantastic news. I would love to help you decorate the place to blend both your tastes,” Esme chirped.

“See I told you,” Edward joked.

Ten minutes later Dr. O’Neil came in and after checking Bella out, she allowed her to go home with strict orders to take it easy for the next two weeks and if she is still doing fine after that, more restrictions will be released. After Dr. O’Neil left, Edward began making calls to have a vehicle and extra guard ready to move them from the hospital to home. Esme helped Bella change into a pair of maternity leggings, a sapphire top, and a pair of black ballet flats. She then packed Bella’s bags, making arrangements to deliver the floral arrangements to others throughout the hospital. An hour later, Bella was in a wheelchair being wheeled through the hospital surrounded by four guards. When they got to the front door, a long black limo with darkened windows was waiting with four more guards. Edward helped Bella out of the chair and wrapped her arm around his, walking slowly towards the car, all the while looking around for any threats. 

As he helped Bella in the car, he didn’t see the woman across the street, her face full of rage. Edward Cullen was hers and no one was going to stand in her way.

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  1. Bernadette Aquino says:

    Just starting to be together and another threat is coming. I just hope Edward gets to protect Bella from that woman.


  2. 💕Love it💕🥰🧸


  3. yankeegirlnj says:

    I hope whoever this “woman” is Edward never slept with her and she’s just a delusional bitch that they can take down quickly before she gets to Bella. We know that won’t happen but it would be nice. Love romantic, sexy Edward and Bella.


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    Love it


  5. Maryse Tireau says:

    I love ! In these stressful times, I love your stories! But what is this harpy that threatens our lovers?


  6. Oops. Mom got an eye full!


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    Finally she gets to go home.


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