Chapter Nine – Normal Blood Pressure

Edward arrived at the apartment building with the girls and Bella’s driver when Harry told them what was happening, it was as if his heart stopped. He had just found her and he couldn’t bear to lose her again or the lives that they had created together on that magical night. As he looked up into the ambulance, seeing Garrett, he felt a little better knowing that she had someone in the family with her. He turned back to Emmett and Jasper, motioning them to where he was standing he needed a little privacy. “Get Bella’s security detail lined up and to the hospital immediately. She is not to be left unsecured at any time.  I want at least three guards assigned to her at all times. Also, make sure that the security in the building is increased, especially on her floor.”

“Captain, what are going to tell Rose and Alice?” Jasper asked. 

“Nothing, ” he replied, his jaw clenched.

“They are not stupid and are very protective of Bella, ” Emmett advised.

“Are you prepared to make them more than a quick lay?” Edward questioned. He had told Bella about the family, due to the fact that she was carrying his children, who were the princes, heirs to the family, and would be the next in line to one day take over.

Emmett and Jasper both paled and shifted weight from one foot to the other. “Ahh, hmm, ahh,” Emmett stuttered. 

“We just met them,” Jasper whispered, looking briefly over his shoulder at the gorgeous petite woman who had captured his attention at the museum.

“Then they are not to be told about our family business. If they ask, give them the information that we allow the press and cops to know,” Edward declared, his mouth set in a hard line. 

Before they could agree, Rose and Alice walked up. “We need to get to the hospital,” Rose said, her face full of fear for Bella and her babies. 

“We are going as well,” Edward proclaimed, his voice hard and authoritative.

“Rose, Alice, if it is okay, I will ride with you,” Jasper said.

“We would like that,” Alice whispered her stomach churning with fear of the unknown.

Edward and Emmett walked purposely to their car, while Jasper helped the girls into the car that Bella had taken. “Phil, get us to the hospital as fast as possible.”

“Yes, Captain,” Phil answered, putting the car into drive and gunning down the road. As they traveled, Emmett was going through the list of security personnel. 

“Edward,” Emmett began. “What do you think about placing several of the women guards on Bella’s detail?”

“Who?” Edward asked.

“Claire, Cora, and Gianna,” Emmett replied.

Edward knew them well, not in a sexual way, but with their abilities. They were just as good as the men, hell better than a lot of them. “I like that idea. It would make Bella feel more comfortable having females looking out for her, I believe. Which men are you looking at?”

“Demetri, Embry, and Mark,” Emmett answered.

Thinking about each one of them, Edward thought of each of their strengths and weaknesses. Each had proven themselves as lethal killers, proficient in numerous types of weaponry and hand to hand combat. “Alright, I want the first shift to be at the hospital in an hour.”

“Sure thing,” Emmett declared, sending a text each one explaining their assignment. They wouldn’t have to be told of its importance, they all knew protecting the mother of the next heir was a huge honor.

Pulling up to the emergency room, Edward didn’t bother to wait for his security team, jumping out of the car and rushing through the doors and stopping at the desk, where a young girl, no more than sixteen, was sitting behind the counter. “My fiancee was brought in by ambulance. Can you tell me which room she is in?” He asked, giving her one of his panty-dropping smiles.

“Her name,” the girl asked, looking up the fucking handsome man before her. Damn, whoever the girl was, she was one lucky bitch.

“Isabella Swan,” Edward answered, watching the girl type Bella’s name on the computer.

“It looks like she is in exam room six,” she replied.

“Thank you,” Edward said, turning to walk through the doors that lead to the rooms.

“Sir, you can’t go in there,” the girl called out.

Edward continued as if he didn’t hear her. He needed to get to Bella and no one was going to stop him. Looking around, he got his bearings on how the numbering of the rooms were and once he figured it out, he began towards the back of the room. He got a few feet before he was grabbed by two rent-a-cops.

“LET ME GO, ASSHOLES!” Edward growled.

“You are not allowed back here,” one of the security guards said, pulling Edward’s arm back.

“I don’t fucking care,” Edward barked. “My fiancee is back here.”

“Sir, you are not going in there.”

Edward kept arguing with the guard until Garrett walked out to see what was going on. When Edward said that he knew whose room it was, he could see first the shock on Garrett’s face, then the eventual understanding a few moments later when he had worked it out.

Garrett looked at the two guards who were holding Edward back. “ I am Dr. Garrett Martin and if I assure you that I can control Mr. Cullen, will you let him go?”

The two guards looked at each other, then back to Dr. Martin. “Fine, but one more outburst and he will be escorted out of the hospital in handcuffs.”

”Mr. Cullen, do you agree to their terms?” Garrett asked, hoping Edward’s Irish temper wouldn’t get in his way. 

“Yeah,” Edward murmured, his blood still boiling with the fact that they were blocking him from getting to Bella and his children.

The guard let Edward go and as soon as they did, he straightened his suit, then followed Garrett to a room two doors down from Bella’s room. Before walking in, he turned and motioned for Alec and Royce to guard Bella’s door. Stepping into the room, Garrett closed the door behind them.

“Edward, why didn’t you tell me about Bella?” Garrett asked.

“Because I didn’t know until earlier this evening. I lost track of her when I had to rush home after the hit on Carlisle. When things were settled, I searched for her, coming up empty, as if she just disappeared from the face of the earth,” Edward explained.

“God, I wish had known,” Garrett offered.

“How is she and the babies?” Edward probed, running his hand against the tight muscles of his neck.

“Her blood pressure is high and she is having irregular contractions. She said that she had had a stressful night, which is probably the cause,” Garrett explained.

“Fuck,” Edward murmured, slamming his fist down onto the wooden table beside him. He had caused this.

Garrett reached forward, grasping Edward’s hand that he had just smashed, seeing redness across the knuckles. He didn’t think it was broken, but it was going to hurt like a motherfucker later on. “Edward, you need to calm down. Bella is going to be able to feel your anger and she doesn’t need that.”

“Can I see her?” Edward asked.

“Not now. Dr. O’Neil is going to admit her for observation and once she is settled, we will see if she wants to see you,” Garrett answered.

“But,” Edward began.

“Right now it is important to keep her calm. It is way too early for the babies to be born and you need to do everything possible to make sure that they stay secure in her womb,” Garrett pleaded.

Numbness infused his body. “She hates me.”

“I doubt that. She and I have become close over the past few months and her desire was to find Tony, to tell him about the babies,” Garrett said.

Edward was shocked to hear that and it gave him a slight glimmer of hope. Maybe he would be able to make it up to her. “Alright, but I am not leaving the hospital and promise to wait in the waiting area. Her security team will be here in a little bit and I need the hospital security not to get in their way.”

“I can do that and I will keep you up to date on her condition,” Garret advised. “Why don’t you stay here and I will come get you when she is moved to her room.”

“Alright,” Edward said, hating the fact he couldn’t be the one who was giving her the support and comfort that she needed. After Garrett left the room, Edward pulled out his phone and called his parents explaining what was happening. Esme informed him that his father was tired from the night’s activities and once he was settled she would come to the hospital. Once he hung up with his parents, he stood and looked out the glass door. He saw Alice and Rose being ushered into Bella’s room. Even though he really wanted to be beside her, at least she had her friends for support. 

Jasper and Emmett kept in touch by texting, keeping watch on the entrance of the emergency room, while their guards secured all the other doors. Claire and Demetri had arrived, relieving Edward’s guard at Bella’s door. Once they were relieved they came over and stood guard next to his door. Thirty minutes later, Bella’s bed was wheeled out of the ER room and taken to her room on the labor/delivery floor. Edward had called the hospital’s President and made sure that Bella was placed in the best suite on the floor. Her guard followed, no one really paying attention to them, which was perfect. Ten minutes after she was moved, Edward left the room and made his way to the waiting area outside of Bella’s room, sending a text to Jasper to bring up their mother when she arrived. Finding a chair that was positioned so he could watch her door, he sat down and began his wait, hoping and praying that they would be okay.


Bella was finishing up her lunch two days later. Her blood pressure was down but was inconsistent, fortunately, the contractions had stopped. The babies were healthy and secure in her womb. Savoring the last bite of the gourmet chocolate layered cake, her thoughts went to Edward. He had arranged for her meals to be brought in by restaurants from all over the city. Rose and Alice had supplied him with her favorites. He had also filled her room with vase after vase of flowers, roses of every color, gardenias, hydrangeas, and peonies, making the room smell like a florist. At first, she had refused the flowers, asking for them to be given to other patients in the hospital, but over time he wore her down, sending her heart filled notes. She had been shocked when Esme showed up, offering to sit with her while Rose and Alice went home to rest. Rose would come back in the evenings after work and Alice stayed overnight since she proclaimed she was using the chair that turned into a bed.

Esme mothered her, something that she had missed since her own mother cared nothing for her. When she had felt the sheets and pillows on her bed, she cringed. An hour later the bed donned Charlotte Thomas sheets, which Esme explained were sheets that were made of high-quality Merino wool fabric that is woven with small amounts of gold carat and silk jacquard. Bella had never felt anything like it before and didn’t think she would be able to sleep on anything else ever again. However, Esme didn’t stop there, she had the hard flat pillows replaced with European White Goose Down pillows. Bella thought she was sleeping on air since they were so fluffy. Esme had brought in her lunch, placing it on real china plates and pouring the purified water in a crystal glass. After she finished the last bite of her cake, she turned to Esme.

“Esme, this is too much,” Bella argued when she saw another package being laid on the bed. Esme shook her head and pushed the bag towards her. Knowing she couldn’t say no, she took the tissue from the top and pulled out the luxurious pajamas and robes. They were so comfortable and stylish, that even Alice would be impressed. 

“Nothing is too much for the mother of my grandchildren,” Esme explained with a warm smile and a kiss on her head. “Can I help you change?”

“Yes, but we might need a nurse to help with putting all the monitors through the pajamas,” Bella suggested. 

“You are wired up aren’t you,” Esme chuckled. Bella rang for the nurse. A few minutes later, Tracey came in with a smile.

“What does my favorite patient need?” She said.

“Esme brought me these lovely pajamas and we need help getting all my lead wires put through them,” Bella explained. All the nurses on the floor had been extremely nice, but Tracey was the one who made her feel most at ease.

“They look so soft,” Tracey cooed and began helping Esme to get Bella changed. After Bella was in her new pajamas, Tracey went ahead doing her vital checks of temperature, O2 saturation, and lastly the most important blood pressure check. Taking the cuff off after she got the reading, she typed the reading onto Bella’s electronic chart.

“What is it?” Bella asked, hoping that it was once again was normal. Dr. Neil had said if it stayed normal for twenty-four hours, she would consider releasing her, even though she didn’t want her going back to work full time until after the babies were born.

“122 over 82,” Tracey answered. “Much better than what it was when you came in.”

“Bella that is really good. It looks like you might get home tomorrow,” Esme chirped.

“Yes, except I can’t go to work full time, only a few hours a day. How am I going to be able to afford all these doctor bills?” Bella trembled, the color draining out of her face. She had been able to save her salary up to this point since Robbie refused to take any money for the apartment.

“Don’t you get upset over the bills. Edward has already taken care of them and will continue to take care of any expenses,” Esme explained, taking hold of Bella’s hand and leaning close to her ear so Tracey couldn’t hear her. “Please, a pheata (my darling) don’t argue about it, you are part of the family and we take care of family,”

Tears shimmered in her eyes. Could she really take so much? She had always taken care of herself, only in the past year had she allowed Rose and Alice to buy her things that she needed, when she couldn’t afford them. “Alright,” she whispered quietly.

“If you need anything else, please just ring,” Tracey said, wanting to give the two of them some privacy. She had been advised by her supervisor that Bella was a very important patient and not to be shocked by the two armed guards who would always be by her door. She was new to New York, coming from Charlton Heights, West Virginia. Before becoming a nurse she worked as an ambulance driver and EMT in her hometown. Her dreams were to work in a big hospital where she could make a difference. Never believing that she would get the job when she saw it listed, but by some divine intervention, New York-Presbyterian Hospital maternity ward offered her the job. Moving in with two other nurses from the hospital, she settled into a city that never slept. The news of Bella spread, as well as the rumors of who the Cullens actually were and what they did for a living. Tracey couldn’t believe that Esme or any of her family that she had met were criminals.

After Tracey left, Esme sat down beside Bella and allowed her to mentally accept the money. Bella was a strong independent woman and those were traits that Esme admired and would be needed when she became Edward’s wife. Yes, she was getting ahead of herself, but she could see the spark of love in her son’s eyes.

“Esme, thank Edward the next time you see him for all that he has done while I was in here,” Bella muttered, waiting breathlessly for her reply.

“Bella, he is here,” Esme advised.

“Here, as at the hospital?” She asked.

“He hasn’t left since you were brought in. The staff has allowed him to take showers and change clothes. His brothers and I have been bringing him food every day,” Esme advised.

“Where does he sleep?” 

“Hardhead won’t leave the waiting area, so he has been cramming himself on a soft loveseat,” she replied.

“Why won’t he leave?” Bella asked, her heart ached for him. She was still upset with him, yet she couldn’t quit remembering how she felt when she was in his arms.

“Due to the fact that he wants to be near if you ever need anything,” Esme explained. 


Hours later Rose called to state that there was an emergency at work and wouldn’t be able to come until much later. Esme offered to stay, but Bella told her she would be fine. After dinner, Esme left placing a kiss on her forehead and wishing her goodnight. Dr. O’Neil came in with smiles over the vast improvements in her vitals and if they continued through the night, she would release her at noon. 

“I am going to take off the monitors, the babies heartbeats haven’t changed in the last twenty-four hours, remaining steady at a healthy 150. Tonight, I would like for you to get up and take a walk down the hallway and back. The nurses will take your blood pressure afterward to see what changes happen if any.”

“Alright,” Bella said.

“You are doing great Bella and I feel that if you avoid stressful situations, that in four months we will be delivering two healthy little boys.”

“Thank you, Dr. O’Neil.”

The night nurse came into the room and removed all the leads to the fetal monitor. They had turned down the sound, though Bella could always look at the monitor and see the rhythmic peaks. 

“Dr. O’Neil wants you to take a walk,” Jessica said.

Of all the nurses, Jessica was her least favorite. Not because she had done anything wrong, just the sound of her high pitched voice. “Yes, she told me.”

“Well, let’s get going. I have a ward of patients.”

Bella swung her feet over the bed, slipping on her slippers, and putting on her robe. Jessica gasped Bella’s elbow and helped her to stand. At first, she was wobbly and her steps were slow. She had only been up, placed in a wheelchair and wheeled to the bathroom to relieve herself. Finally reaching the door, she stepped out of the room and was shocked to see someone standing on either side of the door. 

“Come on, Miss Swan,” Jessica said, leading her further out the door.

Shuffling her feet, Bella continued forward. Once she was out in the hallway she looked over to the waiting area and sitting in a chair was Edward. He looked pale, a light beard on his chiseled jaw, and his white shirt open at the neck. 

Edward had been thinking about what gift he could send Bella next when he heard Bella’s name. Looking up he saw her standing with a nurse holding her elbow for support. Glancing over her body, his eyes finally made it to her face and instead of anger, he saw a small smile.

“Jessica, I know you are busy, I am sure that Edward would be happy to assist me down the hall,” Bella stated,  looking at Edward.

Edward jumped to his feet and was by her side in seconds. “I would be honored.” 

“Fine, but if she gets dizzy make sure she sits down and call the nurses’ station,” Jessica huffed.

“I promise,” Edward said, taking Bella’s arm and linking it over his. They started down the hall and he hoped they were taking a step in the right direction.

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  1. Bernadette Aquino says:

    At last! I love that Bella’s giving Edward the chance to be with her again. ❤


  2. yankeegirlnj says:

    Absolutely loved it. Seems like Bella is starting. To have a change of heart. She sees he’s not trying to buy her. But he’s been there the whole time as well.


  3. Charelle Burkley says:

    Glad she’s having a change of heart. She was being unreasonable but pregnancy does that. My heart hurt for Edward. Things are looking up tho. I need more!!!!


  4. 💕I’m happy the babies are getting better & love it💕


  5. Judy Leavell says:

    It’s been a struggle, but maybe Edward can convince her that he cares.


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