If the Boughs Break, Blow Will Flow ~ Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

High Blood Pressure

“What do you mean, ‘you found Bella’?” Alice asked, her eyes narrowing.

Edward looked around and this was not the place to be having this conversation. These two women were Bella’s friends and for all intents and purposes, her family.  He needed to take this elsewhere, as they might not take the news very well that he was the man who had gotten Bella pregnant, then disappeared. “Why don’t we give you ladies a ride home?”

“We can’t leave yet,” Rose explained, then looked around the room, I presumed to see if she could see Bella.

“Rose, dear, Bella left a little bit ago,” Esme said, hoping to curb another incident that would garner them more attention. “Why don’t you allow my boys to take you home?”

Rose looked at Esme, who gave her a knowing look. “Alright, but we’re ready to leave now.”

Emmett stepped up and offered his arm to her. “Our driver is waiting out front.”

Once Alice had her arm around Jasper and was walking towards the door, Edward looked at his mother. “Thanks. I have a feeling this is not going to be a nice ride, but at least we will be out of the public.”

“I am sure once you explain, they will be okay,” Carlisle interjected. 

“You mean like Bella was okay?” Edward huffed.

“She was the one who was hurt. These are just her friends,” Carlisle explained.

“Just let them get the anger out and remain calm,” Esme said, shaking her head at her husband. He was able to handle tense situations with gunmen all around him; however, he knew nothing about how to handle a madwoman. Her jewelry box at home was filled with his attempts to curb her anger. 

“I think I can do that. Thanks again and I will call you later on,” Edward said, giving Esme a hug, then headed out of the museum. When he walked outside, his guard surrounded him and escorted him to the bulletproof vehicle where Phil was standing guard by the backdoor. Phil opened the backdoor and Edward stepped inside to find his brothers on one side while Rose and Alice sat across from them. Keeping his cool calm demeanor upon his face, he waited for Phil to get behind the wheel and once he did, Edward called out. “172 Madison Avenue.”


“She is fine. Mr. Hale had her taken home after our meeting,” Edward advised in a dry tone of voice.

“What meeting?” Alice growled a frown creased upon her forehead.

“We hadn’t seen each other for several months and it was a surprise to run into her here in New York,” he said vaguely.

Alice looked over at Rose, both their expressions the same, worried over Bella. Esme had been so warm and friendly at the spa and meeting Jasper and Emmett, they knew where they had gotten their charm. Regardless of that, they really don’t know anything about these men and Edward had a coldness about him. “Where do you know her from?” Alice asked.

“Boston,” he answered. 

At that moment, Alice shrieked, her hand balled into a fist and she lunged towards Edward, her fist making contact with her intended target, his fucking dick. “YOU BASTARD!”

Edward groaned, covering his throbbing dick with his hands. “Ifreann naofa.” (Holy hell)

Rose had suddenly understood why Alice’s sudden outburst, Edward was Tony, the man that had gotten Bella pregnant and disappeared. As she began to move to beat the fucking shit out of the man, Emmett caught her, pulling her into his massive arms.

“Let him explain,” he whispered into her ear, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine. 

“Fine,” she conceded.

Jasper moved beside Alice and took her tiny hand into his. Leaning down, he murmured into her ear. “I do so love feisty women.”

Alice looked up at him, his deep green eyes, causing her panties to become damp and her core tightened with the evil thoughts of what he could do with those full pouty lips.  Quickly clearing her head and coming back to the topic at hand, she obliged, “Alright, spill.”

Edward explained what happened that evening that he had looked for Bella everywhere, but could not find her. “I even sent one of my men to Washington to her homeplace.”

“Damn. Did he find her father?” Rose gulped.

“Yes. He is a fucking blaigeard (bastard),” grunted.

“What did you say?” Alice asked.

“Sorry, my Irish blood comes out when I am upset. I called him a bastard,” he explained.

“Irish?” Rose quizzed.

“Yes, a chumann (sweetheart),” Emmett verified, his smile breaking out, showing off his dimples. 

“A chumann?” Rose quizzed, her heart racing 

“Not telling,” Emmett replied, raising his eyebrows in amusement. 

“Hmm, I guess I will have to ask Siri later,” Rose mused.

“I would not have left her that night if it hadn’t been that my father had been shot,” Edward pleaded. 

“Is that the reason he is in the wheelchair?” Alice asked, her temper much calmer at the moment.

“Yes,” Edward murmured. 

“Bella was really destroyed when you left and when she found out she was pregnant, the pain intensified,” Rose explained.

“I will make it up to her and assure her that I will never do it again,” Edward vowed.

Rose looked at Alice and gave her a slight nod. She didn’t know why, but she believed the sincerity in his voice and face. “If you hurt her again, I will sic Alice on you for a repeat performance.”

“And I will stand by and allow her to do as she wishes,” Edward declared. The car made its way down the busy streets, Edward’s thoughts were of Bella and their sons. 

Bella held it together as she weaved her way through the crowd and out to the waiting car. Harry was standing by the rear door and as soon as he saw her, he flashed her one of his bright smiles, then opened the door. Not wanting to talk about what had happened, she forced a smile.

“Thank you, Harry,” she murmured, climbing into the back of the Towncar. Harry went around the car and they were soon driving towards home. Taking deep cleansing breaths, she tried to calm herself down, knowing that it wasn’t good for the babies for her to be so upset. Closing her eyes, she thought about everything that happened tonight, and the discoveries concerning Tony, no Edward. He was in the mafia, no he was the leader of the mafia, which meant that her children’s father was a criminal. Her heart began to race and her breathing became labored. 

Harry could tell that something was wrong with Bella as soon as he looked at her. Not wanting to pry, though he was deeply concerned about her, he discreetly kept an eye on her through the rearview mirror. When he had gotted behind the wheel, he shot a text to Mr. Hale with his concerns, making sure that Bella didn’t see him do it. Mr. Hale sent a text back asking him to keep an eye on her and if he felt she was in trouble, health-wise to call him immediately. As he neared the building, he glanced back and saw that she was breathing heavily. “Miss Bella, are you okay?”

At this point, Bella was gasping for air, then suddenly, a sharp pain stabbed her in her lower belly. “No,” she cried, tears pouring down her face.

They had arrived at the apartment. Harry quickly parked in front of the building, rushed around the car opening the door and taking a good look at Bella. Her breaths were still labored, her face showed that she was in pain, as she held her belly. He quickly called Mr. Hale. “Sir, Miss Bella is not well.”

“What is going on?” Robert asked, his brows tense with worry.

“Her breathing is wrong and she is having pains,” Harry explained.

“FUCK!” Robert growled. He had been afraid of this and was kicking himself for not going after her when she walked out of the room. “I am on my way. Keep her calm.”

“Yes, Sir,” Harry said, then turned to Bella. “You just stay put, Mr. Hale is on the way.”

“No, I should be fine,” she gasped between words then began to swing her legs from the car and stood. As soon as she did, a piercing pain stabbed her abdomen, causing her to bend over, clutching her stomach.

Harry rushed to her, helping back onto the seat of the car. Pulling up the seat opposite of her, he opened the small refrigerator taking out a bottle of water. “Here, take a drink.”

Bella brought the opened bottle to her lips and took a small sip. Tears still fell from her eyes. Was there something seriously wrong with her babies? What if she was losing them? “Please, God,” she prayed.

“Bella,” Garrett exclaimed. He was just getting back from dinner and was about to walk into the building when he heard a woman’s distressed voice. Turning, he saw Bella sitting in the back of a Towncar, tears running down her face, and she was clearly in pain. Dashing towards her, he climbed into the car, took her wrist, checking on her pulse as he did his assessment. Something was wrong and he needed to get her to the hospital. “Call 911,” he said to the man standing by the car. Garrett figured he was her driver. 

“Who are you?” Henry asked.

“I am Dr. Garrett Martin, now call NOW!”

Henry dialed 911 and five minutes later, they heard the sounds of sirens coming down the street. 

“Bella, sweetie, I need you to take some deep breaths and try to calm down. I am here and I won’t leave your side,” Garrett pleaded.

“It hurts,” she cried. “I am scared for my babies.”

“Shh. They are fine. Now take some deep breaths for me, please.”

Bella took a few breaths, but the stabbing pain was still happening. A couple of minutes later, she was on a stretcher being placed in the back of the ambulance. Garrett had called Rachel O’Neil, Bella’s OB and advised of the situation. He climbed in the back of the rig. Just as they were about to pull away, a black Towncar pulled up with a black SUV on its tail. Suddenly, three men jumped from the SUV and he recognized them as Edward’s guard. Edward exited the vehicle along with Jasper and Emmett, then Rose and Alice got out. Why were they with the Cullens? Bella’s driver rushed forward and pointed towards the ambulance. All their faces whitened, but when he glanced at Edward, he was shocked. He looked visibly distraught. As the ambulance began to pull away, Edward started running towards it. What the hell was that all about? Did Edward know Bella? He had never said anything about her. Turning back to Bella, Garrett checked that she was hooked up to the blood pressure cuff, O2 sensor, and heart monitor. A bag of saline was hung and the needle was placed in the top of her left hand. 

Looking at the monitor, he became slightly alarmed at her blood pressure. It was way too high and she was still in pain. He didn’t want to do a pelvic in the back of an ambulance and Rachel had said she was already at the hospital and would meet them in the ER. Seven minutes later, they were pulling into the ambulance bay, the crew wheeled out her stretcher, the monitors and IV still intact. Rachel met them and directed them to a room, where she had already had a fetal monitor and a portable ultrasound machine waiting. 

“What are her stats?” Rachel asked as she helped them move Bella from the stretcher to bed. The nurses transferred from the ambulance equipment to the hospital units and removed her evening gown, placing a hospital gown on Bella. Garrett told Rachel her stats, which made Rachel shake. She didn’t like this one bit. “Bella, are you still having pains?”

“Yes,” she cried.

“Did something happen that could have caused them?” Rachel asked.

“I had a stressful evening,” Bella confessed. 

“Alright. I am going to do a pelvic exam and an ultrasound.”

“Please don’t let me lose my babies,” Bella sobbed.

“Calm down, it is not helping  your blood pressure,” Rachel advised, looking over to Garrett giving him a concerned look.

He stepped over to the side of the bed and took Bella’s hand into his. “I am not leaving your side. We both know that Rachel is the bomb and will do everything in her power to ensure that those little munchkins stay put for another four months.”

“Okay,” she whispered, taking deep breaths. 

Garrett adjusted her O2, while Rachel hooked up the fetal monitor. When she was finished she turned up the volume, the room filled with the fast strong heartbeats of the babies. “Listen how strong they are,” Garrett urged, squeezing Bella’s hand.

Hearing their heartbeats, helped Bella to calm down somewhat. They were fighters. She felt her gown being raised and the cold gel dropped on her belly. Dr. O’Neil had the ultrasound wand and began rubbing around. 

Rachel was pleased with the fetal heart rates and as she began the ultrasound, everything seemed to be fine. Bella’s blood pressure was still high, though lower than it had been when she came in. “Bella your babies are fine. I am not sure what happened. I want to keep you a few days, keeping you on the monitors.”

“But, my job,” Bella began.

“Your job right now is to take care of your babies and yourself,” Garrett explained. 

Bella nodded, knowing he was right. Suddenly there was shouting coming from the hallway and she could have sworn that it was Edward. “What is happening?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll go check it out,” Garrett said, standing up and walking to the door. When he walked out into the hall, he was shocked to see Edward being held back by two large security guards, while Edward’s guards were trying to get through three other security guards.

“Sir, you are not going in there,” one of the security guards said.

“I fucking will. She is carrying my babies,” Edward growled.

Garrett stopped and shook his head. “Edward, calm down. This is Bella Swan’s room.”

“I fucking know that, I have to see if she is okay,” he growled.

Garrett thought about the conversations that Bella and he had had about the father of her children. She had told him that the father’s name was Tony, then it hit him that Edward’s alias was Tony. Holy shit, Bella was carrying the next heirs to the family.

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  1. yankeegirlnj says:

    Loved it! Seems Garrett might try to get in the way of Edward… Now that he knows and the girls know the truth maybe things will calm down? I somehow doubt it.


  2. Bernadette Aquino says:

    First and foremost I need the next chapter to know how the babies are. I think Garrett will talk to Edward as to not put Bella into further stress.


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    Loved It


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    It’s all coming together. All of Bella’s loved ones are in the hospital and know that Edward is the babies’ father. Can Edward convince her of his love?


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