If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow ~ Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Blood Bonds

Edward stood staring at the open door that Bella had just walked out of his mind still racing from the news. What the fuck had just happened? For months he had thought, hell dreamed of her, but instead of the happy reunion that he had dreamt of, it turned into a horrible nightmare. What the hell was wrong with him to treat her so badly?

“Edward, son,” Carlisle said coming alongside him.

“Dad,” he whispered.

“We will work this out, but she needs protection,” Carlisle advised, concerned for his son and for the mother of his grandchildren.

Fuck he was right. Why had he allowed her to leave without one, or fuck a contingent of guards following her? His mind was racing on how he could find her, then he remembered that Bella had told Robert to give her number to his parents. Turning toward him he looked Robert in the eyes with the look that could cause many a man to quiver in fear. “Where does she live?”

“Get your head out of ass and think,” Robert snapped, not caring that he was poking the bear. Bella deserved a man who treated her well, taking care of her and her children.

“Don’t you think that if I knew where she lived I would have been with her before now?” Edward fumed, his hand itching to grab his gun and put it between his eyes.

“Where did you see me first this evening?” Robert asked.

“Here you asshole,” Edward growled, then he glanced at Robert who held up his hand like he was holding something. The memory hit him like a knife to the gut. “Are you telling me that Bella lives in the apartment one floor below me?”

Robert nodded his head with a grin. “I purchased the apartment for my daughter and her two friends. I have known Bells for years, as she always came home with Rose from school. If she hadn’t, she would have been all alone for holidays and school breaks. I liked the building for the reason that it had the best security system in the city.”

“What?’ Esme gasped. “She lives on the same floor as Garrett?”

“Dr. Martin?” Robert questioned.

“Yes. He is the family doctor,” Carlisle answered.

“He has been helping Bella, finding her an OB and checking on her several times a week,” Robert replied. “He has formed a special attachment to her. She has this way about her that people instantly love her and want to protect her.”

“Who is her OB?” Esme asked, her mind still racing with the news.

“Dr. Rachel O’Neil.”

“Thank God,” Esme wheezed.

“Is she the best?” Edward probed. Bella and his children deserve the best no matter what it costs. The expense was of no concern to him; his legal enterprises had placed him in the top one percent of the country’s wealthiest.   

“Yes,” Esme confirmed with a smile. “Her father was my doctor.”

“Alright. But why didn’t Garrett tell us about her?” Edward pondered.

“He didn’t know you were looking for her,” Carlisle supposed.

“No. Sorry, my mind is going in every different direction,” Edward muttered.

Mo Mhuirnin (my little darling), please come sit down with me,” Esme cooed, patting the cushion beside her. Edward came over and sat down. “I want to say that I am sorry for letting my temper get the best of me.”

“I deserved it, Mathair (mother),” he confessed. 

“You were just shocked,” Esme remarked, patting his knee. 

“What am I going to do?” He asked, his voice low and unsteady. “The way I yelled at her tonight, she is never going to forgive me.”

“You are going to apologize to Bella,” Esme replied.

“Do you think that will do it?” 

“No, but it is a start. She has been hurt and she feels like she has been deserted. That is something that doesn’t just go away by words, you will have to prove to her that you will be there for her no matter what,” Esme explained, wondering what Robert meant by his comment of her being alone. Where were her parents? That would be something that they would have to discuss, but not tonight. “You will also have to remember that right now her body has an unusual amount of hormone pulsing through her body. One moment she will be happy, the next she will be in tears.”

“And the next she will be threatening to cut off your balls,” Carlisle interjected, remembering the numerous times that Esme had said that exact same thing to him when she was pregnant with both Edward and his brothers.

“Well you did deserve it a time or two,” Esme chuckled. 

“I know how to run the family business and kill a man a hundred different ways, however, I know nothing about being a father,” Edward groaned.

“Being a father is something that you learn as you go, but some aspects will come naturally,” Carlisle shared. “I know that you could be a great father, son.  You just need to trust your intuition, instincts.”

Edward lowered his head and rubbed his neck, the tension seemed to be settling there. “I hope so.”

Robert had been hearing the conversation and was happy to hear the sincerity in Edward’s voice. It sounded like a colossal amount of events had prevented him from finding her. Given time, he knew that Bella would give Edward another chance. He took out one of his business cards and wrote Bella’s cellphone number on the back of it. He stood and handed it towards Edward. “This is her cell number. I know what you do, what you are capable of, that you could take me out with a blink of an eye, but if you hurt her again I will have to hurt you.”

Edward took the card and cleared his throat. “And I would allow you to do it. I promise you, Sir, that I will do everything I can to make her happy.”

Robert nodded his head. “I know you will. Carlisle, Esme, if there is anything you need from me, just call.”

Esme stood up and wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you for taking care of her.”

“I consider her as my own flesh and blood,” Robert said with conviction. Esme released him from her tight hug, allowing him to walk out of the room.  Robert felt that Bella was going to be okay.

“We should be leaving as well. People are going to get suspicious about us being in Bella’s office,” Carlisle proposed. “Edward, you need to get Emmett on her security detail ASAP.”

Edward looked around the room once more, enjoying the fact that while he was in the room he felt closer to her. Walking over to her desk, he picked up a piece of pink paper and a pen. Thinking for a moment he began to write. I never meant to put you through pain. I promise, to never to do it again. After reading the note several times he signed it with his name. Leaving the note in the center of her desk, knowing that she would see it as soon as she sat down. Taking a deep cleansing breath, he glanced around her desk and his breath caught. In a tiny silver frame was an ultrasound image of his children. Picking it up he stared at the tiny little ones and his heart, soul, mind, body fell in love with them. They were part of him and Bella, a creation of the night that they had spent together. He knew that night, that this wasn’t just sex, but something special. As he began to place the frame back, even though he would have loved to have a copy of it, he noticed the writing. Baby 1 – Boy, Baby 2 – Boy. He was going to have a son, no sons. Taking out his phone he took a picture.

Mo Mhuirnin (my little darling), what are you looking at?” Esme asked. She had been watching him as he wrote something then picked up the frame.

Mathair (Mother), it is a picture of my sons,” he said, his voice cracking with emotions. 

Esme wrapped her arm around him. “They are lovely. Please send me a copy of the picture. I will print them out for the family members to have, though I will wait until Bella gives us permission to do so.”

“Thank you,” he said, clearing this tightened throat. “I am ready to leave now.”

They walked back over to Carlisle and proceeded out the door, their guard falling into step as he spoke into the microphone in his sleeve, making the other guards aware of their movements. Edward looked at Riley. “We are leaving, have the cars brought around.”

“Yes, Sir,” Riley replied, then relayed the information to the others.

As they walked back into the main lobby of the museum they came face to face with someone they all wished they hadn’t seen.

“Carlisle, it is so good to see you up, no I mean out and about,” Eleazar Ortiz teased. 

“Eleazar,” Carlisle responded, his tone void of any emotion.

“Oh, Edward,” Irina crooned, as she rushed over to wrap her arms around him, placing a kiss on his lips before he had a chance to stop her. She ran her hand down between them until she reached his cock, palming it through his pants. 

Edward jumped back, pulling himself away from her. “Irina,” he growled, his brow arched in outrage. 

“Oh, Eddie, I am so happy to see you. I’ve missed you so much,” she purred, undressing him with her eyes.

“Carlisle, they make such a lovely couple. It would be so lucrative for both families if they would marry,” Eleazar insisted. He had been planning for years to take over the Cullen territory and their rule over the docks in both New York and Jersey. He needed them so it would make it easier for him to ship in his heroin and cocaine. The hit he had taken out on Carlisle had been foiled, the fucker was still alive though in a wheelchair. Instead of the family becoming weak, Carlisle places Edward in charge of the family and all its dealings. In his book, Edward was nothing but a pretty boy and could easily be controlled if he could get his daughter married to him. 

Carlisle itched to pull his gun and blow this fucker away. He might be in a wheelchair, but nevertheless, he was always carrying and tonight he had his Ed Brown 1911 Signature Edition. It was the Liberace of handguns with the detailed metal work on the flat surfaces on the frame, the slides, the grip screws, the slide stop, the mag release and the mag itself. It was a sight to behold. He hated Eleazar Ortiz, the drug lord, mafia wannabe from Columbia. For years he had been trying to slime his way into his territory and now it seems he thinks that marrying his slutty daughter to Edward would make it happen. “Sorry, Eleazar, Edward is already taken.”

Eleazar was shocked. He had not been informed that Edward was seeing anyone. He would have to call his contact within the Cullen organization and get the details of the woman. Once he had, he would make the bitch disappear.

“Eddie, tell me it is not so,” Irina cried, sticking her lip out in a pout.

“I am very much in love,” he answered. As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew that they were true. Fuck, how the hell did that happen? 

Irina wasn’t going to let some whore steal Edward away from her. She knew if she could just get him alone and in bed, she could make him see that she was better than anyone else. She began walking towards him when suddenly she was blocked by a broad chest.

“Take a step back,” Emmett growled. He and Jasper had met two women in the New World mammals exhibit. They began talking and before they knew it, they were making plans to go out on a date. He only had eyes for the feisty brunette with soulful brown eyes. Her name befitted her because she was as beautiful as a Rose. Never had he met a woman who knew as much as he did about the exhibit and that intrigued him. They were coming out of the exhibit so he could introduce her to his parents and Edward when he saw Eleazar Ortiz and his family. He didn’t trust them. Weaving his way through the crowd, he quickly approached, getting to his brother just as the bitch Irina started towards him. She didn’t see him, until he placed himself between her and Edward.

Irina blinked several times before scurrying back to her father’s side. Eleazar glared at Emmett. “Well, Carlisle, it seems we need to move along. I will be in contact with you very soon.”

“As you know I am no longer the head of the family, so if you have anything to say, you need to contact the Captain,” Carlisle informed.

Eleazar clicked his tongue, took Irina by the elbow, turned and walked into the crowd. He was going to take them down and their blood was going to flow through the streets.

After the Columbian trash had left, Emmett turned to Edward. “What the fuck was that all about?”

“I really don’t know, but we need to keep an eye on him. There is something in his eyes that I don’t like,” Edward explained. “I also need a new security team.”

“For what?” Emmett questioned.

“Not here. Come let us get mathair (mother) and athair (father) in their car. Where is Jasper?”

“He is with the girls,” Emmett answered.

“What girls?” Edward asked.

Emmett peered around the room and once he saw Jasper, he nodded his head. He had given him the warning not to follow when he saw Eleazar, not wanting to put Rose and Alice into danger. They had no clue who they were and wouldn’t unless they became serious in a relationship. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw Rose coming towards him. As she neared, he couldn’t help but smile, remembering how nice it felt when she had her arm around his. He was about to say something smooth to her, but she sidestepped him and rushed over to Esme.

“Esme, I was looking everywhere for you,” Rose cooed as she welcomed with a warm hug.

“I am so glad that you found me,” Esme exclaimed.

“ESME!” Alice screamed, running towards her and wrapping her arms around her. 

Jasper and Emmett stood wondering how the hell they knew Esme. They were talking over each other and it was almost impossible to understand a word they were saying. Finally they stopped and Esme looked over to her sons. “So you found two of three lovely ladies that I had the pleasure to meet today.”

“Two, who was the third?” Jasper questioned.

Edward stepped up with a sly grin. “That would be me. I found Bella.”

8 Comments on “If the Boughs Break, Blood Will Flow ~ Chapter Seven

  1. Hope they get to unravel the fact that Eleazar was the one who put the hit on Carlisle. And hoping Edward will do his best to get into Bella’s good graces again.

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  2. Why do l always left wanting more after reading each chapter? Thanks for great writing and beautiful story telling.


  3. A triple date will be just the thing. I think the girls will have some understanding and help Edward.and Bella get together. Love the story.


  4. Edward is already committed. It may take some time for Bella to get there.


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