Fire of Your Soul ~ Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

 After an entire afternoon working on the charting, or at least trying to, along with the never-ending thoughts of Edward, Bella decided it was time to get out of the office and go home to find some relief. Shit, at one point, she had to take off her panties because they were soaking wet from her pervy, overactive imagination. Her thoughts of   Edward Cullen, the world’s sexiest fireman were on overdrive as she replayed every moment as they shared coffee. Only, the ending was quite different and they both ended up arrested for indecent exposure as a result of acting on their desires. 

Nice … 

Total spank-bank material, that’s for sure. He was so pretty to look at, with his muscular body, tousled bronze hair and emerald eyes. His voice? Deliciously deep and Bella wanted to hear him same her name as he was coming, claiming her with his body. 

Down, girl. 

 As soon as Bella walked into her apartment, she began stripping out of her clothes and headed straight to her handy-woman’s ‘tool’ drawer. She pulled out the first toy she touched. Knowing that it would not take very little external stimulation, she grinned at her choice. Her brain was bombarded with thoughts of a naked, fully erect and throbbing Edward as they had hot, dirty sex on every flat surface of her apartment, his place and on the fire truck. Ooh, I must add that to the bucket list. Yes, and please! 


Propping up her leg on the bench at the end of the bed, she turned on the Rocks-Off Rapture vibrator and placed the pulsating goodness against her already swollen clit. “HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!” Bella keened, closing her eyes and Edward’s dark, blazing green eyes flashed into her mind, filled with desire and lust. She could almost feel his large hands skimming over her hot flesh, causing the tiny hairs to stand up on her body. A few seconds later, her orgasm pulsed through her with waves and waves of pleasure. 


Throwing the vibrator on the bed and sliding down her leg onto the floor, she bent over to catch her breath, sitting heavily on the bench. Holy fuck, that was intense, Bella thought. After calming down, she walked into her bathroom and took a long, hot shower. 

She needed to get ready to meet up with Alice and Rose. She definitely needed to tell them about this turn of events. 

Washing her body, she treated herself with an all-over exfoliating scrub, along with a hair mask and deep conditioning treatment. Once she finished her beauty treatments, an hour later, she walked to her closet and pulled out a sexy dress to wear for her night out with the girls. She held up a couple of options before finally deciding on an asymmetric black dress that hit at mid-thigh. Putting the dress on her bed, she dried her hair and pinned it up into a messy, curly bun with tendrils curled around her face. Her makeup was dark and sleek, playing up her best features.  Putting on some jewelry, Bella got dressed, adding a pair of black strappy heels. As she was transferring her ID, credit card and cell phone into a bright red clutch, her cell phone rang. 

FOYS Chapter 7

“Hello?” Bella replied. 

“We still on for tonight?” Rose asked. “I’m in the mood for drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. Copious amounts of alcohol, Bella.” 

“I’m almost ready,” Bella smiled. “There’s this place near me that is under new management. Tavern Law? It’s got a speakeasy vibe.”


“Oooh, sounds amazing,” Rose sang. “I’ll be there in a half-hour. I just need to change and make myself look sexy.”

“Rose, you naturally look sexy,” Bella deadpanned. 

“Not when I’m in my uniform or turnout gear,” Rose snickered. “At least, I didn’t have to go to a site today. I don’t smell like an ashtray. I just spent the day looking over pictures and analyzing results. Kind of boring, but easy work. Did you tell Alice about the bar?”

“I’ll call her now. See you in a bit, Rose,” Bella smiled. 

“Later, bitch,” Rose sang. 

Bella hung up with her and dialed Alice’s cell. Alice was nearly ready to go and very excited to go to Tavern Law. She was eager to try out her new‘fuck me’ heels. Bella laughed and hung up with her friend. Bella nibbled on some snacks in her fridge before she got ready to leave for the bar. With one more look in a mirror, Bella rode down the elevator and hopped into a taxi. Ten minutes later, she arrived at Tavern Law. Alice was already there, sitting at the bar. 

“You got here fast, Alice,” Bella said, hugging her mom’s assistant and one of Bella’s few friends. 

“My apartment is across the street,” she chirped. “I love your dress!! So sexy. If I  were a lesbian, I’d do you.”

“I think Liberace is missing some of his sequins, Ali,” Bella teased, giving her an appraising look. Alice had on a purple sequined dress, with her silver ‘fuck-me’ heels. “You are the only person I know who could pull this off and make it look chic.”

FOYS Chapter 7 b

“I march to the beat of my own drummer,” Alice said, shrugging a shoulder. “Sit, sit! Get a drink!”

“What are you having?” Bella asked, sliding onto a stool. 

“Purple Haze,” she smiled. “I’m coordinating with my outfit.”


“Only you,” Bella snorted, waving down a bartender. “Can I get a Manhattan?” The bartender tried to flirt with her, but she ignored his advances, listening to Alice as she prattled on about the latest project she was working on with her mother. The drink was placed in front of Bella. She smiled tightly, sliding over her credit card. 

“Would you like to start a tab, beautiful?” the bartender asked, his grey eyes sweeping over Bella’s form. 

Bella glowered at him, adopting the New York persona – being rude and unwilling to deal with bullshit. “I’m pretty certain my boyfriend won’t appreciate your tacky come-ons,” she sneered. 

“I don’t see a boyfriend,” the bartender scoffed, trying to play it off as a joke. 

“Girl’s night out, asshole,” Bella snapped. 

“Bitch,” he grumbled his breath. 

Bella took a few deep breaths, blinking toward the entrance. She saw a man, wearing a suit and interacting with the patrons. “Do you think he’s the manager? The tall guy with the goatee and bright smile?”  

“I’ll go get him, Bells,” Alice nodded with a shudder. “This guy’s an asshole. He tried to pull the same ‘beautiful’ shit with me, too. He’s creepy.” She walked over to the manager, gesturing to where they were seated. The bartender returned with the credit slip. Bella refused to give him a tip, signing it and tucking her card back into her clutch. The manager came over to them. He was tall and muscular, with black curly hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. “This is Mark, the manager on duty.”

“Hello, Mark,” Bella said, shaking his hand. She told him about the bartender’s unwanted flirtations and his comments muttered his breath. 


Mark shook his head. “I’m so sorry, ladies,” he grumbled. “You’re not the first women to complain about Brody. He’s been warned about flirting with the patrons.”

“The flirting wasn’t so bad. It was the fact that he called me a bitch when I told him I wasn’t interested. Granted, I was very forceful, but I lived in New York City for almost ten years. You have to be …” Bella shrugged. 

“I’ll handle it. And your drinks tonight will be comped,” Mark said. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back with Brody. Mark had listened and believed his sad stories too many times. Brody was officially done. 

“The party can officially start,” sang Rose as she sashayed into the bar. “The Goddess is here.”

“You look more like the devil,” Alice snickered. “Love your dress. Such a gorgeous shade of red. It really looks beautiful against your skin, making your eyes pop.”

“I was going more for making my tits look fabulous,” Rose said, cupping her breasts. 

If there was one thing that Bella and Rose understood about Alice was the fact that nothing was surprising. Just as Rose was cupping her tits, Alice reached out and grasped Rose’s breast,  giving them a tight squeeze and a lift.

“Damn girl! You are so right about them being fucking fabulous,” Alice smirked.

“Fuck, Alice, stop feeling me up in public, I am in desperate need of cock, not pussy,” Rose snapped, shooting her a scowl.

FOYS Chapter 8 C

Alice released Rose’s tits and slapped her hard on the ass. “Sorry, you haven’t had any cock, Miss Cobweb Pussy. I, however, am enjoying a long thick cock anytime and anywhere I want it. Got that baby on speed dial,” Alice boasted. “Perfection!!”

“Bitch, when did this happen,” Bella said, shocked that Alice hadn’t said anything to her or Rose.

Finishing off her drink, she waved it to Mark to indicate she wanted a refill. “I can’t believe that I am having a Betty Childs opportunity,” Alice swooned.

“Who the fuck is Betty Childs?” Rose asked, thinking that Alice had been drinking before she arrived at the bar.

“Betty Childs, Lewis Skolnick’s love interest in the Nerds movie,” Alice explained.

“Nerds?” Bella asked, wondering what the hell Alice was going on about.

“Yeah, Nerds, the movie from the eighties about the nerdy guys going to college,” Alice explained slowly, with a giggle.

“But, what does that have to do with you getting laid?” Rose wondered, arching a brow.

“I’m fucking a nerd and Lewis had it so right. Jocks only think of sports, while nerds only think of sex. The guy I am seeing, hands down, he’s the best I have ever had in my entire life. Fuck, the things he does with his tongue, his lips, his fingers, and of course, that glorious cock of his,” Alice said, fanning herself trying to calm down. “He does not leave me unsatisfied. Best. Lover. Ever.”

“Well, I don’t remember getting any cock pics sent to my phone,” Rose joked, even though there had been many times that Alice had, in fact, sent pictures of the men she was sleeping with to their phones.

“And you won’t. This dick is all mine and I am not sharing. Ever,” Alice said sticking out her tongue.

“Alright, who is this guy and where did you meet?” Bella asked.

“He owns a computer program design company and recently purchased a new condo. Renee was requested to help remodel the condo to meet his eclectic and nerdy tastes.”

“What is his name?” Rose asked.

“Jasper,” Alice moaned.

“What kind of name is Jasper? Who in their right mind names their child that?” Rose asked. “Jasper? Isn’t that a type of rock?”

As soon as Bella heard the name Jasper, she knew who it was. It was Esme and Carlisle’s youngest son, which meant that he was Edward’s brother. Oh, Edward. Sexy Edward.  Sex WITH Edward. Oh, yeah, Bella thought in her mind, but instead, she moaned out loud.

Oops … 

Alice and Rose looked over at Bella when they heard her moan and they were shocked by the look on her face. It looked like she was lusting after someone. “Who the fuck are you thinking about?” Alice asked, her lips quirking. 

“What?” Bella said, coming out of her thoughts.

“Do you know Jasper? Have you slept with Jasper?” Alice growled, her eyes piercing at Bella.

“I know Jasper, but I haven’t slept with him. Fuck, Alice, he’s Esme’s son and he brought her into the office several times,” Bella explained. “I know who he is. That’s all.”

“Then, who the fuck where you moaning about?” Alice said, tapping her foot. “Surely not my Jazz!”

“Ah, um … well,” Bella started but didn’t want to say anything. Well, at least not now. The time wasn’t right. “Never mind.”

“Damn, Bella, are you getting action also? I am the only one not getting some cock?” Rose whined. “I want some cock. It’s been far too long since my breakup with that douche canoe, Royce.”

“I haven’t gotten any,” Bella whispered.  “I wish …”

“But, you have met someone. Who is it?” Rose pushed. 

“I’m going to need another drink,” Bella muttered, looking around for Mark. As soon as she caught his attention, he quickly brought over a refill for not only Bella but for Alice and Rose, as well. He also offered them a table that had just opened up off to the side of the bar. 

Once they were comfortable at the table and we’re working on their drinks, Rose looked over at Bella and put on one of her wicked grins. “Alright, spill it. We need deets!”

“I ran into someone this morning,” Bella said, her cheeks flaming.

“Did they come into your office?” Alice questioned.

“No, at a coffee shop near the hospital.”

“Did you know them from New York and just now run into them in Seattle?” Rose asked, wagging her brows.

“No, I didn’t run into them,” Bella said, making quotation marks with her fingers. “Okay, I literally ran into him, spilling hot coffee down his shirt.”

Rose and Alice chuckled. “And so, after you rendered first aid to his burnt chest, you took him back to your apartment and had hot steamy sex with him. Right?” 

“No!” Bella wailed, even though that would have been fantastic. “He bought us new coffees and we sat down, talking for what seemed like forever. I have never met anyone who has invaded my thoughts and dreams as much as this man does. Hell, I spaced out all afternoon at work while I was charting. Maggie kept asking me what the goofy smile I was wearing was all about.”

Rose remembered how Edward was the same way this afternoon after she called him into the office. There was no way that Bella was talking about Edward. Or, could she? “It’s Edward isn’t?”

“Damn, Rose! Are you sure you’re not a police detective?” Bella said, surprised by the fact she had guessed who she was talking about so quickly. 

“Those bastards couldn’t find their own dicks if they weren’t dangling between their legs,” Rose growled. “I’m a fire investigator and, damn, a fine one at that. Edward had that exact same goofy smile on all afternoon as well. So, I put two and two together.”

“He was?” Bella asked, excited to hear that he might be thinking of her like she was of him.

“Yes,” Rose nodded, grinning widely.

“Did he say anything?” Bella said, biting her lip.

“No, but I can take a note with me tomorrow if you like. You can write, ‘Do you like me? Yes or no’?” Rose teased.

Bella flipped Rose off, rolling her eyes. “Bitch.”

“Yes and proud of it, you whore.” Rose boasted, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. “Seriously, though. Edward Cullen is as cold as they come. When he came in today, he was floating on cloud nine. He had a goofy smile on his face.”

“Cold?” Bella asked. 

“Edward is a bit, um, emotionally closed off,” Rose explained, blinking over to Bella. “He doesn’t explain why, but he gives off this aura that he’s not very open. He’s a great fire investigator and brilliant, too.  He’s also a good looking man. Too pretty for my taste, to be honest.”

“Edward is not pretty,” Bella scoffed, glowering at Rose. “He’s gorgeous.”


“He’s a pretty boy with lashes that most women would drool over, and natural highlights that are … hmm, he’s pretty,” Rose laughed wryly. “I like my guys to be more …. beefy? Muscle-bound?” She just sipped her dirty martini, crossing her legs. “Not that I’m ready for any sort of relationship. After Royce raked me over the coals? I’m a little gun shy. I’m happily single, but horny as fucking hell.”

“I bet, but don’t close yourself off too much. Mr. Right could walk into your life and you would shut the door on him,” Bella said, shrugging.

Rose knew Bella was right, but as much as she projected this tough-as-nails woman, in reality, she was actually a huge cream puff. She dreamt of finding someone who could love her and treat her like a queen, cherishing her for the rest of their lives. However, she really doubted there was any man out there in the world that could fit those attributes. 

After a couple of more drinks, Bella said her goodbyes because she wanted to get a good night’s sleep so she could get up early and go to the coffee shop. Again. The thoughts of the possibility of seeing Edward made her smile.

When she arrived home, she changed into her silk nightgown, which reminded her of Edward’s hands as they skimmed over her body. After checking her email and deleted the neverending spam that always infiltrated her inbox, she climbed into her king-size bed and drifted off to sleep.

xx FOYS xx

“You taste delicious, Bella. I could feast off your pussy all day long,” Edward groaned, licking and sucking on her clit.

“Oh, fucking yes,” Bella moaned, tangling her fingers into his messy bronze hair.

“Who’s pussy is this?” 

“Hmm, yes,” Bella sighed. “Edward  …”

Edward placed one of his long fingers deep into her pussy, pumping it while he pinched her clit, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. When Bella lifted her hips, he slid in two more fingers, curling them so he was rubbing the soft patch deep inside.

“FUCK!!” Bella growled as she neared her climax. But suddenly, Edward pulled his fingers from her quaking sex.

“I asked you, who’s pussy is this?” Edward asked with a smirk, then licked her juices from his fingers, place one in his mouth like a lollipop and sucked on it.

“YOURS, it is YOURS! Please fuck me until I come,” Bella yelled.

“DAMN RIGHT, IT IS MINE!” Edward sneered, staring at her as she writhed beneath him. Aligning his massive cock at her entrance, he lifted her leg, placing it over his shoulder and with a slow thrust, he inched his hardness into her hot, wet, tight and quivering pussy. It was heaven on earth. 

“EDWARD, OH MY GOD!” Bella moaned, slapping her hands down onto the mattress.

Picking up speed and strength, Edward began to pound into her body, trying with all his might to hold off his climax until she came. “Come for me, Bella. Come for me NOW!!! All over my cock.”

Bella closed her eyes, arched her back, and allowed the orgasm to vibrate through her body.

Suddenly, Bella woke up from her dream, with her hand down her panties that were soaking wet from her orgasm. “Holy shit,” she gasped, trying to catch her breath. If sex with Edward was that intense in her dreams, what the fuck would it be like in flesh and blood? 

It was a good damn thing he was a fireman because she might just combust. 

But what a way to go. 

xx FOYS xx

The next morning, Bella made her way to the coffee shop. She was nervous that Edward wouldn’t be there. She knew that they’d shared something, a moment. Her insecurities reared their ugly head. When she arrived at the coffee shop, she saw him. He was leaning casually outside of the shop, enjoying a rare sunny day. Bella smiled giddily and her stomach flip-flopped when he looked up, giving her a warm smile. 

“Good morning, Bella,” he purred. 

“Edward,” she breathed. “Fancy meeting you here.”

He chuckled, opening the door for her and gallantly bowing. She giggled, walking past him and inside of the coffee shop. They shared coffee and conversation every day for two weeks. They built a friendship and got to know each other outside of being a fire investigator and an oncologist. They shared stories about their lives, but never really scratching the surface.  Bella was attracted to Edward and he felt the same way, but the walls were still firmly in place. 

For both of them. 

Bella was still hesitant to have a relationship. Ever since her sister’s death, she kept everyone at arm’s length, including her parents. Edward also had a haunted look in his eyes. They both were reeling from a tragedy. Little did they know that it was the same tragedy. 

 After their usual morning coffee, Bella went to the hospital. She had several appointments. Some of them were not going to go well – negative test results and recurrences of cancer. She hated giving bad news, but it was a necessary evil of being an oncologist. The bad news was very bad, but the good news was amazingly miraculous. She’d gone through her appointments, planning new treatment options for her sickest patients. Some of them would have a chance, but it broke her heart when there was no hope. 

In her office, Bella was looking over her next patient’s chart. She smiled, seeing that it was one of the miraculous outcomes. Maggie poked her head inside, her cherubic face pink. “Mrs. Cullen is in the examination room, Dr. Swan.”

“Thank you, Maggie,” Bella nodded, looking over the results again. Esme had finished her last round of chemo and according to the test results, was in remission. She’d have to be monitored, but this was the best possible news for the Cullen family. Bella took Esme’s file and headed down the hall to the exam room. Inside, Bella saw Esme and Edward inside. “Good afternoon.”

“Bella,” Esme breathed. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Bella said, shaking her hand. She took note of Esme’s appearance. Her skin had a rosy glow to it and she didn’t look as sickly as she’d had in appointments previously. She turned to Edward, holding out her hand. “Mr. Cullen.”

“Bella,” he grinned, enfolding her hand with both of his. She bit back a shiver as the warmth of his palms traveled up her arms. 

“Let me do a quick vitals check,” Bella said. She took Esme’s temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. They were all a little elevated, but Esme did have a fear of the doctor. She marked her findings down, noting that the results were lower than her previous appointments. “How are you feeling? Any nausea? Fatigue?”

“Now, that I’m done with chemo, my appetite is slowly coming back,” Esme explained. “I still can’t eat very heavy meals, but my food is not making a reappearance.”

“And sleep?” Bella asked. 

“I still struggle with that. Insomnia,” Esme shrugged. “The melatonin has helped, but once I’m awake, I’m for the day. It makes planning for the benefit easier.”

“Benefit?” Bella questioned, arching a brow. 

“Surely you’ve heard of it,” Esme beamed. “It’s a benefit for the firefighters. Something about building a new PTSD treatment center and for the retirement fund.”

“My mom has mentioned that to me,” Bella smiled, crossing her legs. “Now, I have your latest test results.”

Esme reached over to Edward and held his hand. He slid his arm around her frail body. “I’m here, Mom.” 

Bella could see their concern and worry in their eyes. She leaned forward, putting her hand on both Esme’s and Edward’s. She gently stroked her thumb over his knuckles. “It’s good news,” she breathed. “Very good news. After your latest blood test and scan, you’re in remission. There’s no more cancer in your body. We will have to monitor you, but this is an amazing outcome.”

“No more chemo? No more treatments? Surgeries? My hair will grow back?” Esme cried, her hands flying to her mouth. 

“Yes. With time and proper nutrition, you will be back to your normal self,” Bella confirmed.

“Maybe I will have more energy for the fundraiser. I do miss dancing with Carlisle,” Esme confessed. “We must find you a proper date for the event, Bella. We can’t have the wolves nipping at your lovely heels.”

“Esme, I should be fine without a date.” Bella blushed and shifted in her seat.

“Let me think of the young men that are available,” Esme said, concentrating on all the eligible men that were Bella’s age.

“Mom, stop torturing Bella with your matchmaking. I’m certain that Bella is more than capable in finding her own date for the benefit,” Edward chided gently. In all reality, he was panicking because he wanted to take her to the benefit. He wanted her to be on his arm, not with anyone else. To hide his fear, he shot her a wink and a crooked grin. 

Bella’s blush deepened. She smiled coyly, crossing her legs. “Enough about the benefit,” she said, diverting the attention away from the benefit and dating. “For now, let’s just focus on the great news that you’re cancer free. I do want you to have a repeat  blood test and scan in three months to make sure that we got it all.”

“That works, Bella,” Esme said, standing up and hugging the beautiful doctor. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You are … you’re truly a godsend. In more ways than one.” 

Bella returned the hug, handing Esme a script for new blood tests and PET scan in three months. She shook Edward’s hand and he stared at her. They held on more than was socially appropriate before Bella ducked out of the room. 

However, the handshake didn’t go unnoticed by the eagle eye of Esme. Something was going on between the two of them and she was going to find out what. It made Esme happy that her son was finally opening up, even as minutely as flirting with a woman. Since that horrid night when he lost Charlie’s daughter, Edward had been shattered. For the first time in nearly five years, she finally saw a glimmer of the dashing, kind, and warm son she’d lost. 

Another miraculous recovery … 

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