Double Crossed



Edward Cullen was ruthless, deadly, a man whore and was damn proud of each title.  The only child of the West Coast Mob Boss, Carlise “The Lion” Cullen. From the age of thirteen, he had been groomed to take over for his father when he retired. The day before his twenty-five birthday, his father sat him down and informed him that he was ready to hand over the reins to him, that was after he performed two more acts of loyalty to the family. Edward grinned, knowing that there was nothing his father could throw his way that he wouldn’t do or could do.

Isabella Swan the daughter of Charlie “The Books” Swan, the accountant for the Cullen crime family for all of his adult life, as well as friend and confidant to his Boss.  Knowing from a young age what her father did for a living, she decided she wanted to develop her skills in weapons and combat so that one day she could find a place in the family. Called to a meeting with her father and Carlisle, she thought that her dreams were coming true.

What happens when they are Double Crossed? 

Pairing:  Edward/Bella


“Take all of me in those hot little mouths,” Edward groaned. Damn, he loved getting head, but getting head from two women at once was fucking fantastic. “Suck me harder. YES! DEEPER!  Swallow my cock down your throat and you suck both my balls.” The girls did as they were told. This wasn’t the first time they had played with Edward Cullen and they knew what his needs were.

He was getting close to coming and he wanted to be buried balls deep in one of their pussies or ass when he did. “Stop, you, fuck what is your name?”

“Jessica,” she bubbled, tossing her mouse-brown hair over her shoulder. 

“And I am Tanya,” the blonde busty chirped in a high pitched voice, gazing up at him as she continues to fondle his balls.

“Fine, Jessica ride my cock and Tanya suck her fucking tits,” he commanded. He had to grin when they both jumped up and did as he bid. 

He had often wondered if he should look into the BDSM community. There was no doubt that he loved to dominate a woman and got off by making them obey his every command. There was nothing like demanding a woman to hold off her orgasm while he pounded his cock in her pussy, her ass, or her hot mouth. Though he had been told it was about more than just sex and he would have to be very disciplined.

“Well maybe in the future. Right now I am just enjoying the fun,” he thought. 


Bella had come to Carlisle’s office today to deliver some paperwork. When she had arrived, his secretary Jessica was not at her desk. Walking around the desk, she pushed the intercom button to his office. 

“Yes, Jessica,” Carlisle answered.

“Carlisle, it is me, Bella. Jessica is not out here and I have those documents from Charlie for you,” Bella explained.

“Come on in,” he said.

Bella walked to the door and opened it up to find Carlisle behind his desk, cleaning his gun. It was a Wilson Combat Classic Supergrade .45 caliber eight shot. Fuck, it was a sexy gun. 

“Close your mouth and stop drooling,” Carlisle chuckled.

“Carlisle, you know how much I love that gun,” Bella explained, not taking her eyes off its black stainless steel barrel.

“I know you want to fire the beast and I am going to give you a chance to win that,” he declared.

“I’ll do anything,” Bella gasped.

“I give you six minutes to take it apart and put it back together. If you do it, we will go down to the range and I will let you shoot it,” Carlisle explained.

Licking her lips, she thought about it. She had never handled a Wilson Combat, though she could handle and shoot any gun that she touched. It was what she was born to do and this might be her chance to show Carlisle “The Lion” Cullen, the leader of their mafia family, that she could become part of his guard. Handing the envelope of paperwork to Carlisle, she watched him move back, allowing her to stand in front of the gun.

“Are you ready?” Carlisle asked.

“You bet, Boss,” Bella answered with a determined voice.

Carlisle looked down at his Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants Watch. He had fallen in love with this special timepiece from the first moment he saw it and knew he had to have it for his collection. It had 480 diamonds for a total of 58 carats with a white gold three-piece case, which is set with 42 carats of diamonds. Yeah, it cost 1.8 million, but hell it was only money and he had a shit load of it. He made sure his family was well taken care of, never wanting or needing anything. Fuck, Esme had more jewels than the Queen of England. “Alright, five, four, three, two, one, begin.”

Bella picked up the gun and began disassembling. It was different than any other gun she had held before but in the end, she just needed to remember how she took it apart. 

“Three minutes forty-five seconds have gone by,” Carlisle announced as he watched intently at Bella’s hands as she finished taking apart the gun and began putting it back together. Fuck, she was good. No wonder Charlie had boasted about her abilities. Her hands were like magic, picking up the right part and sliding it into position.

Bella didn’t know how much time she had left, but picked up the last part and clicked it into place. Looking at Carlisle and smiling. “So, did I do it in time?”

Carlisle looked down at his watch, then back up to Bella. His face was void of emotion, something that he had perfected over the years. There were times when it came in handy.

“Carlisle,” Bella cried.

A smile broke out across his face. “Five minutes and forty-two seconds.”

“YES!” Bella boomed, pumping her fist. 

Carlisle stood up, picked up his gun, placing it in his holster. “Are you ready to go?”

“Now? Hell yes,” Bella said, a smile that beamed like the sun on summer’s day.

Carlisle motioned for her to go before him and once they were out of the office, he noticed that Jessica was still not back at her desk. “Shit, where the hell is she again? Bella, do you mind helping me find her. I am expecting some calls and need her to send them to my cell.”

“No problem. I will go this way,” Bella said, pointing down the hallway. She began looking in all the offices and storerooms until she reached the office at the end of the hallway. She opened the door and gasped.

Jessica had just straddled a naked man and was riding his cock. “WHAT THE FUCK!” Bella roared.

Edward peered around Jessica’s nake body and smirked. “Well, prude, it is called fucking. Do you want to join in?”

“You are nothing but a manwhore,” Bella raged.

“Damn right, I am and I am sure your pussy has fucking cobwebs since you are nothing but a frigid bitch,” Edward chuckled. “Jessica, Tanya, show her how to please a man.”

Jessica laughed and began to ride his cock, while Tanya pinched and sucked Jessica tits. 

Bella was so pissed she wanted to cut his cock off and feed it to him. Then she felt Carlisle behind her, she turned and saw the fury in his eyes.


Jessica fell off Edward bumping Tanya, who had been sucking her tit, causing them both to fall to the floor. Edward leaned up, naked with his cock still hard and stared at his father.

Bella hadn’t seen his cock before this and it wasn’t like she hadn’t had sex before, but damn it was a fine-looking dick. It was long, around eight, maybe nine inches long with a girth of at least five inches. Fuck, he could fill her up, though that was never going to happen. Who knows what kind of diseases he had. 

Carlisle was so pissed. Edward was his only child and someday was slated to take over the family. However, he was doubting if Edward would ever have the discipline to be a leader. “Bella dear, can you give us a minute?”

“Sure,” Bella asked, giving Edward a scowl.

Carlisle waited for Bella to walk away to speak. “Get some damn clothes on, now.”

Edward stood up, unashamed by his nakedness, strolled over to the chair, picked up his pants, sliding them on. Opening the box on the desk and taking out a cigarette, lighting it with the gold lighter, taking a drag, then let out a large poof of smoke. “So, what do you want to talk about?”

Carlisle came directly in front of Edward. His son might have several inches on him, but he didn’t have the street smarts that his father had gained over the years. “You are a fucking disgrace to the Cullen name. I am putting my foot down now and if you want to take over the family one day, you are going to start following my rules to the t.

“What got a bee up your ass, Dad?” Edward asked with a smirk.

In one swift movement, Carlisle took Edward’s legs out from underneath him, sprawling him out on the floor, and placed his 45 on his forehead. “You will NOT TALK TO YOUR BOSS that way again. Son or not, I will put a fucking bullet in that fucking hard head of yours.”

Edward went to open his mouth, but the look in his father’s eyes made him close it. Over the years, he had witnessed Carlisle’s wrath on those who had hurt his family or business, though he never had been the brunt of his fury.

“This is how it is going to be. You will go to the doctor and be tested for any sexual diseases. You will come to work every day at 8:00 a.m. and won’t leave until 5:00 p.m. You will be assigned to different family members to learn how they do their jobs.  You won’t be able to move to the next assignment until that person feels that you have mastered their jobs,” Carlisle growled. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Edward answered, then felt the barrel being pressed harder onto his forehead.

“Yes, what?” Carlisle snarled.

“Yes, Sir,” Edward replied, gulping down the excess saliva that had formed in his mouth.

Carlisle holstered his gun and got off Edward. “Now, get up and get dressed. I am going down to the range to work off some of my anger and disappointment.”

Edward didn’t say anything, just got dressed quickly and once his feet slipped into his Italian loafers, he opened his desk drawer and took out his Desert Eagle 50 caliber placing it in the waist of his pants. 

Carlisle had stepped out of the office and found Bella waiting for him in the waiting area of his office. “Bella, I am really sorry you had to see that.”

“It is fine, Carlisle. It is not the first time I have seen a naked boy,” she said, grinning at herself for saying boy and not man.

“Don’t say that around your daddy. He would go and blow off their dicks,” Carlisle chuckled. 

“What is she doing here?” Edward quipped.

“She has a name and I suggest that you use it with respect,” Carlisle said, his voice cold and deadly.

“Yes, Sir,” Edward replied.

“Alright, Bella, let’s go to the range,” Carlisle grinned, holding out his arm for Bella. She wrapped her arm around his and then went to the private elevator to the basement. When he had the building constructed, he had designed a state of the art gun range in the lowest level for his men to use. 

Coming off the elevator, they were met by Ben, who was in charge of the gun range. He was a master in every type of gun that was ever made. “Well, well, well. Bella, it looks like you have finally got Carlisle down here to see what you can do with a gun.”

“Oh Ben, it is more than that. I won a chance to fire his Wilson Combat,” she gushed.

“Really. Damn, I haven’t even had a chance to do that,” Ben gasped.

“She took it apart and put it together in under six minutes,” Carlisle praised.

“Anybody can do that,” Edward grumbled.  They each turned to Edward with a look of disbelief.  Carlisle figured he must have followed them down.

“I have never seen it happen before,” Ben replied as his eyes narrowed towards Edward. He might be the same age as he was, but Edward was known to be a pussy with no respect for the family. “Alright, Boss, Bella, let’s get you set up.”

Ben took them over to the end slots, placing eye and ear protection down on the tray. He then placed targets on the pulley system and ran them out to twenty-five feet. Carlisle took out his gun and handed it to Bella with a smile. 

“Do you really think she can hit the target with that gun?” Edward challenged.

“I certainly can and could outshoot you as well,” Bella replied her jaw tight with rage.

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile. He had been told of Bella’s abilities with a gun, not only from her father but from several members of the family as well. They all were in awe of her aim and control. “I think she will do just fine.”

Bella had had enough Edward’s fucking mouth. “Why don’t we make a little wager?”

Edward’s chest puffed out. He had no doubt that he could outshoot this girl. “Name your terms?”

Bella thought for a moment and knew something he couldn’t refuse. “If I win, I get your Desert Eagle,” Bella replied.

“And when I win?” Edward asked.

“You get one night with me,” Bella advised.

Edward eyed her up and down. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but Bella Swan was sexy as fuck. “Fine, but you have to do everything I command that night.”

“Bella, what are you doing?” Carlisle asked, worried about the bet. 

She turned and smiled. “It will be just fine.”

Ben smirked. This was going to be fun. “Alright, then. Eight shots at twenty-five feet, and eight shots at fifty-feet. The one with the most kill shots wins.”

Bella and Edward placed on their eye and ear protection, then took their position in their designated lane. Taking a deep cleansing breath with her eyes closed, she centered herself. 

“Alright on the count of three,” Ben yelled. “ONE, TWO, THREE!”

Bella aimed and shot the eight rounds, feeling good about her ability to handle the Wilson Combat. Edward raised his gun and fired off the eight rounds. There was no way she could have even hit the target, so he really didn’t worry about aiming. 

“PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN ON THE TRAY!” Ben yelled. Once both Bella and Edward did as they were told, he walked out into the range and replaced the targets with new ones. Then he came back and ran the targets to the fifty feet mark. 

After Bella and Edward loaded their guns, Ben gave them the command to fire. The sound of the gunfire rang out and when the last shot was taken, they removed their protective ear wear and glasses. Bella didn’t want to get overly confident but she did feel good. Making sure the safety was back on, she handed Carlisle the gun. “Damn, I fucking love the feel of that.”

Carlisle chuckled out loud. “It does have a smooth action and you handled it perfectly.”

“Yeah, but did she hit the target,” Edward laughed. 

Ben went once again and collected the second target. He brought them back and laid them side by side on the table. “This target had six kill shots at twenty-five feet and this one has, well hell eight kill shots. Now to the fifty feet target. This target has five kill shots, while this one has seven.”

“Whose target is who’s?” Edward demanded.

Ben looked at Carlisle and gave him the signal. Carlisle nodded and turned back to them. “The winner is Bella.”

“NO FUCKING WAY!” Edward roared.

“Edward,” Carlisle said sternly. “You lost, now hand over the gun.”

Edward was livid. He could not believe that a fucking woman had bested him. Handing the gun to Bella, he sneered. “I’m out of here.”

Bella looked down at the Desert Eagle and sighed. Yeah, she could have bought one for herself, but beating Edward was so much better. 

“Good job, Bella. Now I need to go to have a conference with my son. I will be calling you soon for a job.”

“Really? Oh, Carlisle, I am so ready to serve the family,” she gushed.

Over the next several weeks, Carlisle made Edward toe the line. He did as he was told, even though he wasn’t happy. After hours of contemplation and discussions with his friend and confidant, he made a decision that would ultimately benefit Edward and bind him to the family. 

Carlisle was sitting in his office, awaiting Edward’s arrival. Edward’s response to the news would determine if he would inform him about the timeline for taking over the family. It was once believed that he would assume the position as head of the family once he was married, however, Carlisle was going to put an additional caveat to the stipulations. 

Edward entered his father’s office and came over to the desk, awaiting permission to sit. Over the last month, he had been put through the wringers with different family members and his dad. As much as he hated to admit it, he finally realized that he was being a fucking asshole and he needed to grow up. He had always wanted to be just like his father, though somewhere along the way, he got lost. 

“Have a seat, Son.”

Edward unbuttoned his jacket and sat down. “Is there something you needed, Dad?”

“As you know, I don’t want to stay the head of the family my entire life. I am hoping to be able to turn it over to you, knowing that you will be the leader that I know you are fully capable of deep down inside,” Carlisle explained.

“I’m hoping to be that leader,” Edward confirmed.

“I need you to be willing to do anything I ask of you, without question. So, tomorrow at noon, be at Blessed Sacrament with your tuxedo on,” Carlisle demanded in a tone that left no room for defiance.

“Who is getting married?” Edward asked. 


Edward’s mouth fell open. “Excuse me.”

“Remember, no questions, no objections,” Carlisle inserted.

Edward had a thousand questions rolling in his head, but the one that was number one was who was he marrying? He knew he had two options, he would refuse the marriage, or he could show up tomorrow and see who his father selected for him. Weighing each option in his mind, he came to the conclusion which one was more beneficial to him. “I’ll be there.”

“Good choice, Son,” Carlisle said.


Bella was sitting at her desk, cleaning her gun. She had been waiting for Carlisle to call for weeks, yet he never did.

Charlie had just finished some paperwork and went to find Bella. His daughter had been his bright and shining light, since the moment she was born. Her mother, Renee, had been his high school sweetheart and they married right out of college. He had gotten a degree in accounting, while she had a degree in fashion design. She had aspirations of being a well-renowned designer to the stars, though she didn’t have the talent. 

Charlie knew that he could give her a life where she wouldn’t want for anything. His best friend was Carlisle “The Lion” Cullen, the mafia boss of the Cullen Crime Family, and Charlie was going to be the one that kept the books for the family.

It was a chance encounter. Charlie was on his way back to his off-campus housing after having a few beers at the local bar. He was walking down the street when a hooded man pushed past him. Charlie stumbled but stood upright. “Fucking asshole,” he called out to the man. He watched the man turn down an alley, then as he came upon on it he looked to see if he could still see him. What he saw was a hooded man with a gun to another man’s head. He couldn’t let this happen. Charlie quietly moved toward the hooded guy and the man who was facing towards him. As he neared, the man who was kneeling on the ground looked up. Even though he saw him, his expression still remained calm, almost serene. 

Pulling from his past football training as a linebacker, Charlie took off running,  ramming his shoulder into the small of the attacker’s back. The hooded man fell to the ground and dropped his gun in the fall. Charlie went for the gun, not wanting the attacker to get to it. Just as he picked it up, he heard a shot. Turning, he saw the man who had been on the ground towering over the attacker with a massive gun. He had placed a bullet in the attacker’s knee.

“Who sent you?” The man growled as he pointed the gun at the attackers head.

“Fuck you, Cullen,” the attacker spat.

“No, fuck you,” he said, then put a bullet in his head. When he finished, he turned back towards Charlie. “I am indebted to you for saving my sorry life.”

“Who are you?” Charlie asked, his hands shaking from what he had just witnessed.

“Carlisle Cullen. Come, let me buy you a drink,”

Carlisle took Charlie to one of his many clubs. Hours later, Charlie learned exactly who he had just saved. That was the first night of their very long friendship. Carlisle offered Charlie the job of accountant to the family once he graduated; until then, he would be assigned work in other positions to learn about the family business both legal and illegal. He was lovingly called “Books” for constructing unique accounting techniques which kept the Feds from investigating the family while allowing them to keep the majority of their profits. 

After graduation and passing the CPA test, Charlie became the accountant for the Cullen Crime Family. He and Renee got married in a grand ceremony in the backyard of Carlisle’s home, where he had married the love of his life, Esme, the year before. 

Everything was going great up until Renee became pregnant. She complained about everything, hating being sick, gaining weight, and losing her figure. After she gave birth to Bella, she refused even to hold her. Charlie held Bella and ensured that he lavished her with all the love he possessed. The next day he took Renee and Bella home, hoping that Renee would warm up to her daughter. She again refused to hold her or take care of her. Charlie made sure Bella was fed and changed. He was falling asleep in the recliner in the nursery after the last feeding. When he awoke a few hours later, he went to find Renee and hopefully, to find out what was going on with her. Searching the entire house, she was nowhere to be found. When he walked into the kitchen, he found a note and her wedding rings. 


I can’t be a mother. My life was meant for so much more than someone who changes smelly diapers and has spit up on them. When I get settled, I will file for a divorce. I love you, but you made me have her. I won’t play second fiddle to her.


Charlie read the letter over and over again. How could she just leave her own flesh and blood? He was devastated, but he knew he had to remain strong for Bella. Knowing he would need help, he called his friend and told him what had happened. Carlisle was furious and wanted to hunt down Renee and drag her back by her hair. Instead, he hired a nanny to help Charlie. 

Bella grew up without a birth mother, though Esme was always there when she needed someone to talk to. When she was little, Charlie would take her over to the Cullens’ home to play with their son, Edward. They loved hanging out together, getting into trouble. They attended the same school and were even in the same classes. When you saw Edward, Bella was always close by. However, that all changed when they started high school. Edward began to hang out with a different group of peers and chasing girls, while Bella showed an intense interest in guns and weapons of every type. Edward had told her all about the family and their operations when they were just thirteen years old. He explained that one day he would be the leader. When she asked what she could be, he said that women didn’t have any positions within the family. It was at the moment she decided that she could and would be part of the family.  Using her interest in weapons, she devised a plan.

Charlie had started taking her to the gun range to teach her how to hold and shoot a gun when she was fifteen. He wanted to make sure that if, for some reason, he wasn’t around that she knew how to defend herself. He showed her all about the maintenance and safe handling of it. Then he put out a target and allowed her to take aim and fire off the first round. Thinking that she would be scared and miss the target, but he was wrong. Shot after shot was dead center. She was a natural. 

Bella fell in love with shooting the gun and knew that if she could master all aspects of weapons in guns and other areas, her dream to one day become a guard for the family would be a reality. Her father had demanded that once she graduated high school, that she get a degree. After many sleepless nights, she decided on chemistry. At least she would know what to mix together to make a bomb if the family would need it.  She would make herself indispensable.

“Bella,” Charlie called out from her door.

“Yeah, Dad,” she replied, putting down the Desert Eagle that she had won off Edward on the table.

“Carlisle wants you to come by his office at three o’clock this afternoon,” Charlie explained.

“Really?” She chirped excitedly. 

“Yes,” Charlie said, stepping over to her and laying his hand on her shoulder. “Bella, you have told us for years what your goal was and sweetheart, you have to be willing to give your whole self to the family. Once you are given a job to do, you can’t question the decision of your Boss.”

“Family first and always,” Bella declared.

Hours later, she had arrived at Carlisle’s office and instead of Jessica at the desk, it was her friend Angela Webber. She was older than her by about ten years, though Angela had told Bella she had an old soul.

“Hey Angie, what are you doing here?” Bella questioned as she threw her arms around her giving her a tight hug.

Angela pulled back and looked around to see if anyone else was around. When she felt sure that they were alone. “Carlisle fired Jessica and Tanya.”

“What?” Bella gasped. The last time she had seen them they were having sex with Edward.

“And that is not all. He had them sent away.”

“Wow. Do you like being his assistant?” Bella asked.

“Oh, my God, yes. But I am not only his assistant. I am also Edward’s assistant. After the blow-up with Carlisle walking in on Edward and the girls, he put his foot down. Edward has been in the office every day since, working and learning,” Angela explained.

“I bet he is hating that,” Bella chuckled.

“The first few days were very interesting, to say the least, then he seemed to change overnight. He is even nice,” she said.

“Edward Cullen, nice. I don’t believe it,” Bella stammered.

“Well, I am sure you are not on his nice list after you bested him on the range,” Angela denoted with a grin. 

“How did you find out?” Bella quizzed.

“Just a little pillow talk,” she bragged. 

Bella thought for a moment on that comment and then it hit here. “You and Ben?”

“Yes, finally.”

Bella knew that Angela had a crush on Ben for years and she suspected that he had one as well. She was happy for her friend to be with the one that she loved finally. Maybe one day she could find someone. Suddenly the door of Carlisle’s office opened up and she was surprised to see her father come out of the room.

“Bella, Carlisle is ready for you,” he said with an unknown expression on his face. Was he nervous about something?

“I’ll talk to you later, Angie,” Bella whispered then walked towards the door. Once she was inside, her father followed her as she reached the front of Carlisle’s desk.

“Have a seat, Bella,” Carlisle stated with his lips in a hard line. Bella sat down in the chair, while Charlie sat on the small sofa to the side of the room. “Bella, I am aware that you want to be part of the family and I am here today to give you that chance.”

“I will do anything that you request of me, Boss,” Bella declared in a strong, steady voice.

“If you agree to this, there will be no discussion. You must do as I command without disagreement. Do you agree to these terms?” Carlisle probed.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then tomorrow at noon, be at Blessed Sacrament Church wearing the dress that is in that bag,” Carlisle commanded as he pointed to a white long bag hanging on the door.

“What am I to do?” Bella questioned, wondering what type of test this was to show off her skills.

“There is a wedding,” Charlie began.

Bella wondered if she was going to kill someone at the wedding. “Who’s getting married?” she asked.



Edward was pacing back and forth in the small room. He kept tugging on the bow tie, thinking at any moment that it would choke him to death. Well, that might be a better thing than marrying someone that you didn’t know. Fuck, what was he doing? He was raking his hand through his disheveled hair when his father walked in, wearing a huge smile.

“How are you holding up?” Carlisle asked, slapping Edward on the shoulder.

“Dad, why are you forcing me to do this?” Edward asked, his voice cracking.

“Have I ever done anything that was not in your best interest?” Carlisle questioned.

“No, but this is different. I am marrying someone that I know nothing about.”

“It is not uncommon in mafia families for marriages to be arranged. This union will make our family stronger,” Carlisle explained.

Then it hit Edward. This was a marriage in name only. Smiling for the first time since yesterday, he realized that he could do this and still continue to fulfill his sexual needs elsewhere.

Carlisle was a master at reading people and immediately knew what Edward was thinking by the expression on his face. “I want to make this absolutely clear to you, Edward, you will not sleep with any other woman, other than your wife. There will be no goomahs. You will have to sleep in the same bed every night. There will be no divorce.  In order for you to take over the family, you must produce an heir.”

Edward just shook his head and began taking short breaths. He was getting light-headed and collapsed into a chair.

“Put your head between your legs and take deep breaths,” Carlisle advised.

“Dad, please,” Edward gasped between breaths.

“Son, this is for your own good. Once you get over the shock, you will see that I am right,” Carlisle advised as his watch went off. When he looked down at it, he smiled. “It’s time.”

Helping Edward to his feet, he led him out of the room and out to the altar. Positioning Edward so he was facing the priest, he took the position beside him. Glancing back into the church, he saw that his lovely wife had in fact filled every pew with family members, from their family and other crime families. This was a glorious day. The next leader of the Cullen Crime Family was getting married. 


Bella couldn’t believe she was getting married to a man that she didn’t know. As a little girl, she had dreamed of falling in love and one day marrying the love of her life. Carlisle had come to the room and asked her once again if she was willing to dedicate herself to the family by marrying today. She had wrestled with the answer all night long. Going through all the reasons not to marry and reasons why she should do as Carlisle commanded. In the end, she was doing what she always wanted to be part of the family. Then he surprised her by stating that there would be no divorce, they must stay faithful to each other and sleep in the same bed each night together. 

“Bella, it is time,” a voice called through the door. 

“Thank you,” Bella murmured softly. Taking one more look at herself in the mirror in the wedding gown that Carlisle had given her to wear. Surprisingly it was something she would have picked herself. The dress was cut from layers of ivory floral embroidered lace into a classic A-line silhouette. It has a corseted bodice with flattering silk tulle straps that are designed to be worn off-the-shoulder. As she walks down the aisle, guests will admire the pooling train behind her. The veil matched the dress and she was told that she had to keep her face covered until she reached the altar. 

Stepping out of the room, she walked towards the double doors where two men were standing. Taking a deep breath, she nodded to them to open the doors. The room was packed, though she really couldn’t see their faces through the veil. Walking in slow, steady steps, she reached the altar quicker than she had hoped. She was too scared to look towards the man she was going to be bound to for the rest of her life. 

“We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, the joining of two hearts. If there is anyone present who has just cause why this couple should not be united in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace,” Father Michael proclaimed. “You have come together today so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of God and this community. Christ abundantly blesses your love, he strengthens you so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity, and so… in the presence of this community. A good marriage must be created. In marriage, the “little” things are the big things. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say, ”I love you” at least once a day. It is never going to sleep angry. It is standing together and facing the world. It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways. It is having the capacity to forgive and forget. It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow. It is a common search for the good and the beautiful. It is not only marrying the right person — it is being the right partner.”

Father Michael then read 1st Corinthians. Bella loved this scripture. 

“Now turn and hold each other’s hands, repeating after me,” Father Michael instructed.

Edward turned and stared at the woman. She had her head bowed with her face covered by a veil. Reaching for the delicate material, he lifted it over her head. Slowly she raised her face towards him and he gasped. It was Bella Swan. His father was making him marry Bella Swan. He hated her.

Bella’s mouth fell open when she caught sight of the man she was going to marry. Edward Cullen, Carlisle was marrying her to his son. She hated him.

They had been Double Crossed.

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    Cant wait for chapter 2. I wonder what they will do? Will they take the empire from Carlisle?
    Thanks for the story


  2. Beth Izzy says:

    Love It! This is going to a wild and crazy ride with these two!!!!😂 😇 😈


  3. bevey99 says:

    is this being expanded?


  4. InspireRae says:

    Somehow I knew this was yours. Can not wait for you to extend it.


  5. Judy Leavell says:

    They were friends as children. Perhaps, in time, they can learn to love each other.


  6. canyaceme says:

    Oh boy! This should be good. Can’t wait to see if Bella can take him down a notch or two!


  7. pattsy1994 says:

    Lets hope they don’t kill each other before the end of the service. Seriously await next chapter, thanks.


  8. dpennell007 says:

    That was fun! For me, not for them. lol.

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  9. Robin Cercone says:

    Can’t wait till you continue this, PLEASE


  10. renee30 says:

    Love this all ready for more


  11. 💕Love it & I want more plz 💕


    1. Robin Cercone says:

      can’t wait for more


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