Words to Die By ~ Epilogue

Bishop Bertazzoni was sitting on the sofa in his office, waiting for his new assistant to arrive. His prior assistant, Gina De Luca, quit suddenly, leaving him without someone to handle both his administrative duties and satisfy his carnal needs. He couldn’t wait to break in a new assistant.

Lost in his sexual thoughts and fantasies, he didn’t hear the door open or see the man that walked in until he was only a few feet away. “Who are you?”

“Call me the avenging angel of your victims. I have come to pass judgment on all your past deeds, and seek justice for your lecherous wrongdoings,” Ben smirked.

“What the hell?” Bishop Bertazzoni yelled as he began to stand, but was pushed back down. 

Ben reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the pictures. He and Edward figured that the Bishop was perverted enough that he would keep evidence of his acts. After hacking into his computer, they found more than they expected. The depravity of the acts was so heinous that their stomachs turned. Laying the pictures on the table, Ben watched the Bishop as he looked at them; instead of being ashamed, he appeared to be aroused. 

“Hmm, there is some tight pussy here,” the Bishop groaned, licking his lips.

Ben rushed over, putting his hand around the Bishop’s neck, adding enough pressure to cut off his air supply, but not enough to leave a bruise. “I wonder if that is what your faithful parishioners will think when they see them.”

The Bishop’s eyes grew great large at that comment. “They won’t,” he gasped.

Ben smirked and pulled out the needle from his pocket. Pulling off the cap with his teeth and inserted it behind his ear, pushing the Dopamine into the fucking asshole. Removing his hand from the Bishop’s neck, he picked up the cap, placing it back on the needle, putting it back in his pocket.

The Bishop’s heart began to race and he became light-headed. “What did you give me?”

“Oh, a little something to stop your heart. In just a few minutes, you will be joining your son in hell,” Ben instructed.

“My son is dead?” The Bishop wheezed.

“Yeah. Edward Cullen ripped his black heart out of his chest,” Ben boasted. He hadn’t been there, but Emmett had called and relayed all the intimate details of Aro’s demise. He didn’t tell Angela the details, just that Aro was dead by Edward’s hand.

The Bishop was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. As he closed his eyes for the last time, he was able to say one more thing. “Cullenello.”


Six Months Later

Edward and Bella were lounging on the sofa, while he read his wife’s newest bestseller, Words to Die By. She had taken their story, tweaked it a little to hide the guilty, and wrote one hell of a book. He thought it was her best one yet.

After he had killed Aro and the cleaning crew took out his body, the other leaders called James over to the table to discuss what his future was going to entail. 

“Mr. Volturi, Mrs. Cullen, who is the rightful blood heir to the Volturi family, has made it known to the conclave members that she is turning her control of the family over to her husband,” Pete explained.

“WHAT THE HELL?” He yelled, losing the self-control that he had been keeping, even during the brutal execution of his father. 

“We are joining the families under one leadership,” Edward declared, in a cold tone. 

“The Volturi are not joining the Cullen family,” James snapped.

Bella was standing beside Emmett, as Edward, who was standing with the other leaders, tried to control the situation with James, though it seemed James wasn’t going to listen. “James, I think once we talk to them and explain they will be fine, if not, Edward will handle them.”

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. For years he had tried to get his father to relinquish control of the family to him and now it was too late. What the fuck did it matter if he didn’t have any Volturi blood? Glancing over to Bella, he began to rage. It was all her fucking fault. His father being killed and his crime family being ripped away from him. Without even thinking, he lunged towards Bella, thinking that if he killed her, he could take back what he deserved.

Bella had been looking towards Edward and didn’t see James advance towards her, though Emmett had, quickly stepping in front of Bella. The next second, Emmett had his massive arm around James’s neck and in one fluid motion, twisted until he heard the deadly snap. Releasing his neck, James’ lifeless body fell to the floor. Emmett couldn’t help to think that his Rose wouldn’t have to worry about the fucker.

Bella stood motionless during the attack. It had happened so quickly that she didn’t have time to think or move. When it was over, Edward had made it to her side, his breath heavy with fear for her. They looked down at James’s body and knew that it was for the best. For Emmett’s quick thinking in protecting Bella, Edward purchased him a new Hummer and moved him up in ranks. He would be the second in command over the Volturi family.

After the conclave, Edward met with all of the members of the Volturi family, and other than a few holdouts who were immediately dealt with, everyone welcomed the change in leadership. Aro had been very abusive to the members and instead of taking care of them, he used them to make money for himself. 

Edward sighed as he read the part about Aro’s, or in the book Joseph’s, death, and how Tony found justice for his parent’s death. Turning the page, he began to read a short epilogue.

Tony had finally found everything that he had ever wanted. Justice for his family’s murders, happiness for the woman who raised him, peace for the members of his family who had been victims of Joseph’s cruelty.

He also found the love of a woman, who in about eight months would be giving him the next heir to the Cullen/Cullenello family. It all came to pass because of the Blood Oath signed by all the family heads containing the words to die by, though the future became bright with words to live by. 

The End

6 Comments on “Words to Die By ~ Epilogue

  1. I knew James wouldn’t make it. He got what he deserved. The evil Bishop has ended his abuse. Chicago and Italy are both in better hands now that the Cullens have taken control.


  2. I am glad they got rid of that disgraceful bishop. James would have been a bigger issue than his father, afterall, it was him who led the ambush of the Cullen mansion. Great story, great ending, thank you.


  3. couldn’t think of a better way for them all to meet the demise……thoughts of the bishop still make my skin crawl……ugh…….and James, how stupid of him to try to make a more like that……..a great ending with a promise to the future….thank you. Loved every word…..


  4. Hate to see this end. It was my drop everything and read story. Looking forward to what’s next. Thank you for sharing your talent!


  5. I liked this fiction and the ending is very good.


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