Words to Die By – Chapter Twenty Two

Ben walked into the villa where Edward and Bella were staying. They had returned after the short honeymoon at Cullenello. The building wasn’t ready for someone to stay long term, so it had been decided when Edward returned to Chicago that he and Angela would stay at the rented villa. When Cullenello got to the point that it was safe for them to live as the construction company continued their work, Ben and Angela would move in. Edward would arrange for more of their personal belongings to be shipped over, expecting them to be here at least six to eight months.

He had been able to break into the Bellano Hospital records department and make a copy of Renetta Volturi birth certificate. After slipping out of the hospital unseen, he went to the church and proceeded to do the same thing, except this time take pictures of the baptismal records for Renetta Volturi. The last document that Edward wanted required Ben to call in a favor at the State Department. Ben had helped Jared Call out of a sticky situation. Jared’s daughter Jane had gotten wrapped up in drugs and was picked up for dealing. Ben was walking out of the police station after dropping off the monthly “donation” to the police chief retirement fund. He saw Jared walking back and forth on the street, his hands raking through his hair. Ben didn’t know why he took the time to find out what was wrong with the man in a finely tailored suit. It took several minutes before Jared began to talk, but the floodgates opened, slipping his concerns for his daughter. When Ben found out what Jared did for a living, he knew that he had to help. 

Ben walked back into the police station with Jared’s daughter’s name and another envelope of money. An hour later, he was walking out with Jane. Jared was overwhelmed with emotions for what Ben had done for him and his family. Jared promised to repay him and Ben told him that one day he might just need a favor. Today was the day for the favor to be called in. Three hours after making the call, he had the information. Renetta Volturi arrived in the United States with her parents and when she was twenty-one changed her name to Renee Dwyer.  Damn Edward was going to be excited with all of it, though he didn’t know how Bella was going to feel. 

Edward hadn’t really been forthcoming with the possibility that Bella’s mother could be the rightful leader for the Volturi family and not Aro. Ben didn’t know how she was going to take it, because, with everything he had found, it was a fact. Fucking Aro’s life was coming to an end and his dickless son, James, would think that he was going to take control. Though with this information proved otherwise and the other family leaders would put the blood heir in the leader’s position.

Edward was sitting at the table with his laptop.  He and Bella had returned to the villa after having a very satisfying honeymoon. They had lost count how many times that had made love, had sex, and fucked in the last eighteen hours. The only thing he knew was his dick was actually sore from all the use. In spite of that, damn he couldn’t help to be happy with married life. Bella was the complete package of sexy, intellectual, and funny. How the fuck did he get so lucky to find her? Chuckling to himself, it would so like his parents to have put her in the right place at the right time.

  He was checking on his legal business holdings. All good crime leaders had legal enterprises to hide their illegal dealings. Currently, he owned ten restaurants, four apartment buildings, eight warehouses, and one small bookstore. Oh, the little bookstore he thought. It had been an impulse buy. One cold January day, he had walked to the store where he had purchased all the copies of I.M. Swan hardcover books. Her newest book had just released and even though he could read it in ebook form, he wanted to hold the book in his hands as he read. It made him feel closer to her. Walking in the little store, he was hit by the warmth of the shop, not only physical but emotional. 

“Mr. Mason,” Lydia called out.

“Ms. Lydia, don’t you look striking today?” He cooed with a wink.

“Those winks are going to get you into trouble one day,” she joked, her wrinkled face beaming with a large smile and picking up the book. “I have what you were looking for.”

Edward took the book, turning it to the back and sighed at the small image on the back. She had gotten even more beautiful. Laying the book on the counter, Edward pulled out his wallet to pay. 

Lydia took the money and tried to give him back the change, however, he refused. “Mr. Mason, I can’t take this.”

“Call it a tip for taking such great care of my reading needs,” Edward said. 

Lydia gave him a small smile. “Thank you. Though you will have to find somewhere else to buy your books.”

“What do you mean?” Edward asked.

“Business is not good and I am unable to keep up with the overhead of the store,” she murmured her eyes filled with tears. “My darling, Henry, bought this store for me as a wedding present. For fifty years, I have run it, even after Henry passed away. The times are changing and actually books are a thing of the past.”

Edward couldn’t let this store close. “Ms. Lydia, how would you feel about a silent partner?”

Lydia finally agreed if Edward would purchase the entire store and he agreed to that if she would stay on and ran it. He had hired two other people to help Lydia stock shelves and staff the desk. It didn’t make money, but the joy of Lydia’s face made it worth every dollar he lost.

“Edward, I got the documents,” Ben called out.

Edward closed the laptop and motioned for Ben to come closer. When he did so, he laid the envelope on the table. “It is all there and everything you suspected is true,” Ben explained.

“Fuck,” Edward growled. Bella was his wife and that was a close as he wanted her to be the mob. This information made her either the next in line or the actual heir to the Volturi Family, which until he took back what was rightful his, the largest family in Chicago. 

“Yeah. Are you going to tell her?” Ben asked.

“I can’t keep something like this a secret and Charlie will need to know as well,” Edward answered, his jaw clenched. 

“How do you think she will take it?” 

“I have no clue. She is unlike any woman I have ever encountered and to be honest she would make an outstanding family leader,” Edward said.

“I would have to agree with that,” Ben asserted, then looked at his watch. “I am going to find Angela. Let me know if there is anything else you need me to do.”

“I think the only thing left is the death of the Bishop,” Edward commented. “But give us a few days back in the states before you do.”

“Certainly, Boss,” Ben answered, got up, and went towards the bedroom that he was sharing with Angela. It was only six in the morning and he had been gone all night. He wanted to shower, climb in bed, and make love to the woman of his dreams.

After Ben had left, Edward took the documents out of the envelope and looked over each one. Just as Ben had said, it proved without a doubt that Renee Dwyer was, in fact, Renetta Volturi, the only blood child of Lorenzo Volturi. 

“Man, I thought I was an early riser, ” Charlie grumbled, scratching his head. “Or did Belka kick you out of bed?”

“Not this time,” Edward joked. “I have always been up before the dawn.”

Charlie went into the kitchen and fixed a cup of coffee and came back to the table. “What are you working on?”

“Just checking on my interests in the buildings that I own around Chicago,” Edward answered.

“I still can’t believe that Bella is part of the mob,” Charlie murmured as he shook his head.

Edward couldn’t help but chuckle at that comment. Charlie didn’t know that he had also been part of the mob. He couldn’t wait to see Charlie’s expression when he told him and Bella about Renee.

“You both kill me,” Bella grumbled, shuffling her slipper covered feet across the floor. 

Edward stood up, opened his arms, which she shuffled into. “Good morning, love.”

“Morning,” she murmured into his chest.

“Sit down, while I get your coffee and danish,” Edward advised, placing a kiss on her head. 

“Shouldn’t you be kissing my ass?” Charlie quizzed, as he twitched his mustache.

“I don’t swing that way,” Edward came back with a wink.

Edward brought in a tray with a carafe of coffee, bowl of fruit, and a plate of danishes. After serving Bella and Charlie, he poured himself a cup, and sat down. Several minutes later Edward sat his cup down and took a deep breath. It was time he told both of them the truth.

“Bella, Charlie I have found out something that I need to tell you about,” Edward began.

“Did Aro do something else?” Bella asked, her brow knitted together.

“No, but in a round about way, Aro is involved. “Bella as you know Aro was adopted by the Volturis’ and three years later they had a little girl, that they named her Renetta,” Edward said, then pulled out the birth certificate and baptism record from the envelope. “This is her birth certificate and baptismal record.”

“So?” Charlie quizzed.

“Lorenzo, Elena, Aro, and Renetta left Italy for the United States. I don’t have a lot of information about the early years, though I do have a piece of evidence about Renetta when she was in her early twenties and changed her name.”

“What does this have to do with Bella?” Charlie grumbled.

“Charlie, she changed her name to Renee Dwyer,” Edward burbled out.

Charlie’s heart stopped. He had not heard that name since Bella was a baby. “That can’t be.”

Edward slid the document that Ben had got from his contact from the State Department to Charlie. “It is.”

“Wait. Are you telling me that my egg donor was Renetta Volturi?” Bella asked.

“Yes,” Edward answered, reaching out and grasping her hand.

Charlie’s mind had been racing. The woman he had once loved had lied to him from the beginning. They had been happy up to the day that she had gone into labor. He had caught her staring out the window and crying. “Right before she went into labor, I caught her crying, though she wouldn’t tell me why. I might be wrong but I think she left to protect us.”

“Charlie, you might be right. I have a mole in the Volturi family and Aro hasn’t said anything about Bella being his niece,” Edward advised.

“Is she alive?” Bella whispered.

“Baby, I don’t think so. My mole, Jacob hasn’t seen or heard anything about her.”

“Does Aro know he was adopted?” Charlie asked.

“I don’t think so. Crime families leadership is passed along to the next blood relative. Aro doesn’t have a drop of Volturi blood in his body and when the conclave is called, this will be brought up,” Edward explained.

“So who will take over the family once he is dead?” Bella asked.

“If Renee is in fact dead, that leaves only one blood relative. Bella, baby that is you,” Edward said, looking deep into her shocked brown eyes.

“HOLY FUCK!” She yelled.

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  1. yankeegirlnj says:

    Let the games begin! This is outstanding!


  2. pattsy1994 says:

    Holly fuck indeed. Things are heating up, and l can’t wait for more.


  3. Judy Leavell says:

    Bella and Charlie are now aware of Bella’s heritage. When this information is revealed to the Conclave, they will have to start rearranging the Volturi hierarchy. Will Bella want to take her rightful position? Will she hand the reins to Edward?


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