If the Boughs Break Blood Will Flow ~ Chapter Four

Blood Bonds

Bella slung the pants across the room and fell flat on the bed. None of her clothes were fitting over her ever-growing belly. Placing her hands over her bulge, she couldn’t believe that she was pregnant having sex only one night. If that wasn’t bad enough, she wasn’t just having one baby, no she was having twins. Rose and Alice had been very supportive, hell they were elated. They had already called a decorator to design the nursery and Alice was creating an entire wardrobe for little bundles of joy. 

After the initial shock, Bella knew that she had to tell Tony about the baby. Not having his phone number, she started with what she did know, that he had been a student at Boston University. When she called the school and asked for information concerning him, they refused citing their privacy policy. Rose was livid, calling her father, Robbie, who, in turn, called the President of the University, an old drinking buddy. President Fuller pulled up the record and was shocked that the only information on Anthony Mason was his name, social security number, and his address in Boston. No parent’s names, prior addresses, phone number, or email address. Robbie used his resources once again to run Tony’s social security number, which was the number of a man who had died thirty years ago. 

Bella was devastated by the news. She had thought that she and Tony had connected in a special way, however, it appears that he was only out for one thing, sex. Being too naive to see what he truly was, she gave herself entirely to him, and now she was pregnant with his baby correction, babies. Their neighbor, Dr. Garrett Martin, had been so compassionate, breaking the news to her about her pregnancy, then arranging for her to meet with the best OBGYN in the entire city, Dr. Rachel O’Neill. Dr. O’Neill and her staff had delivered ninety-five percent of the elite in New York City. Usually, you could never get an appointment unless you knew someone and Dr. Garrett Martin was that someone. What he didn’t tell Bella was that Dr. O’Neill’s father had been the private OBGYN for the Cullen family for decades. Dr. Alstair O’Neill had delivered all three of the Cullen’s sons, two of which were twins. Bella, Rose, and Alice had been so thankful, they invited him over to their home for dinner. Rose invited her father and he was excited to spend time with his old friend. Robbie felt better knowing that Garrett lived on the same floor as his “girls” in case they ever needed a doctor. He suspected who Garrett worked for, however, he would never come right out and ask, that would be stupid. He had not personally met Carlisle Cullen, though he heard the rumors about him.

Garrett wondered about the father of Bella’s baby. She was young, just out of college, and he wondered if it had been a boy from school or a boyfriend. He had offered to go with her to her first appointment with Dr. O’Neill and Bella took him up on the offer. While they were in the car, he decided he would ask about the baby’s father.

“Bella, you don’t have to tell me, but where is the baby’s father?” 

She was quiet for a long while, trying to control her emotions. Finally, she cleared her throat. “He was a guy I met in a bar,” she murmured softly then turned toward Garrett. “Please don’t think that I did that a lot, to be honest, it was my first time and I had thought he was special.”

“Does he know?” Garrett questioned, feeling sorry for her.

“I tried to find him, but it seems that he gave me a fake name,” she said, brushing away tears. “Foolish me, I thought he would have given me his real name.”

“You are not foolish, he is just an immature asshole, who needs to be taught how to treat a lady,” Garrett growled.

Bella smiled over the protective comment. She counted herself lucky to have made so many friends who were willing to look out of her. Dr. O’Neill was terrific with a quick wit and thick Irish brogue. After a few moments of conversation, Bella felt extremely comfortable with her. They went over what she should expect over the next few months and gave her a prescription for prenatal vitamins. 

Two months later, Bella was having her first ultrasound to check on the development of the baby. She was lying on the table while Dr. O’Neill was using the wand over her stomach. As the image came up on the screen, she would tell Bella what she was seeing. Suddenly Dr. O’Neill stopped and moved the wand to see an area better.

Bella was watching her face and became concerned. “Is there something wrong?”

“Bella, there is nothing wrong, but it seems that someone likes to play, hide and seek.”


“You are having twins,” she replied, pointing to the screen at the second little head.

Bella couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her heart and mind was racing. She had been terrified about having one baby and now she was having two. “How didn’t we hear two heartbeats?”

“It happens. The one baby was hiding behind the other,” Dr. O’Neill explained. “Causing us to only hear one heartbeat.”

“Are they both okay?” Bella asked.

“They are both perfect and seem to want to show us their sex if you would like to know,” Rachel giggled. Both of the babies had their tiny legs apart, showing off their appendages. 

As much as she liked the idea of finding out when she gave birth, the overwhelming urge to know superseded that idea. “Yes.”

“Congratulations, you are having two feisty boys, by the way, they are both showing off their penis.”

Bella looked at the screen where Dr. O’Neill was pointing and sure enough she saw their penis. It was like they were proud of them and if this was what was to come, she was going to be in real trouble. God, if they looked like their father, girls would be dropping their panties at their feet. Dr. O’Neill printed off several copies of the ultrasound for Bella.

After that appointment, Bella went home and broke the news to her friends, showing them the images. They were as shocked as she was but thrilled. So here she was at the beginning of her fifth month and couldn’t fit in any of her clothes. Hating shopping, she had been putting it off. The door to her room opened up and Rose walked in.

“Having a little problem?” She chuckled.

Bella sniffled. “I have nothing to wear.”

Rose came over to the bed and sat down. “Well, if you had gone shopping when we wanted you too, you wouldn’t be lying on the bed naked. Now get your ass up, put on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. We are going to get you some clothes,” Rose commanded, her tone left no room for argument. 

“I have to be at work in an hour,” Bella whimpered. She hated being so weak, though Dr. Neill had explained it was the raging hormones that were causing her distress.

“Alright, get your face and hair done. We will rush into the boutique and select something for today,” Rose explained.

Whipping her eyes, Bella sat up and gave Rose a little smile. “Thank you.”

Twenty minutes later, they were a boutique down the street. Bella was in the dressing room, putting on a cute black dress. It had a chic Tunisian neckline and glamorous gold zipper detailing to the sides, giving a rock chic edge to this classic style. It was made of a soft stretch jersey, which hugged her bump. Rose tossed in a pair of black pumps with an accent of cream and gold studding. 

Bella stepped out of the dressing room with a huge smile. The dress made her feel not only like a professional but also showcased her bump.

“Shit, you look great,” Rose whizzed, then looked up at the clock. “You have to leave now. I will take care of the bill.”

“I can pay,” Bella inserted.

“I know, but you need to get to work,” Rose explained. “Be prepared for some major shopping when you get off.”

“Alright,” Bella confirmed, reaching out, taking Rose’s hand and giving a tight squeeze. “Thank you.”

“You are very welcome. NOW GO!”

Bella arrived at work on time and all day received compliment after compliment over the dress. By the time she was off, she couldn’t wait to shop. Rose didn’t lie when she said major shopping. When she, Rose, and Alice, who had to be there to ensure that Bella looked fashionable, left the last boutique, their arms were covered in bags full of clothes. Each dress, pants, and tops were designed in fabrics that would accommodate her growing belly. They also purchased new bras, panties, slips, and nightgowns. 

Over the next few months, Bella’s pregnancy progressed, her tiny frame carrying a tummy that looked like she was going to give birth at any moment, though she was only nearing her fifth month. Dr. O’Neill explained that this was to be expected since she was carrying two babies. At work, she was busy planning a gala to raise money for the museum. It was the biggest event of the year with attendees from the upper echelon of society with deep pockets. Their donations would keep the doors of the museum open and this gala showcased the exhibits. 

Alice had designed a gown for Bella to wear to the event. It was a stunning strapless floor-length gown in a delicious shade of Cappuccino with a gently boned bodice which gave Bella the perfect shape in confidence and comfort. The softly shimmering acetate jersey boasted a little stretch to accommodate her changing shape. A pretty sweetheart neckline emphasizes her bare shoulders above a full flowing skirt. Alice designed a vintage sash with matching Cappuccino tails that added a touch of sparkle in front for the essential hint of bling. 

The day of the event, Robbie wanted his girls to look their best, so he scheduled them for an exclusive day spa excursion. They would be pampered from head to toe. A driver was hired to take them to and from the spa. When they arrived, they walked up to the reception desk.

“Good day. Welcome to Oasis Day Spa. My name is Rebecca.”

“Hello. We have an appointment,” Rose advised.

“Certainly. Your name, please?” Rebecca asked. 

“Rosalie Hale.”

“Oh, Miss Hale, we have been expecting your party. Bridget, please take these ladies to the executive suite,” Rebecca instructed.

“Follow me please,” Bridget said with a warm smile. They walked through the luxurious building towards a set of double doors. “This suite is designed for four patrons.”

Bella looked towards the suite and noticed two extremely large men standing on either side of the doors. She wondered who they were. Bridget opened the door and motioned for them to go in. The room had four camel-colored chaise loungers, dark brown walls, light stone floors with deep red rugs placed around the room. The warm glowing lights finished off the room, giving them a tranquil effect. Bella was too busy taking in the room to notice the older woman sitting on one of the chaise loungers. She was wearing a camel colored robe with matching slippers. 

“Hello. My name is Esme. You must be my suitemates today.”

“Yes we are,” Alice chirped. “This is Rose, Bella, and I am Alice.”

“Glad to make your acquaintance,” Esme replied in her thick Irish brogue. 

“God, I love your accent,” Bella confessed.

“How sweet of you to say so. Irish born and bred,” Esme confessed, then glanced at Bella midsection. “Oh my goodness, you are carrying a precious little angel.”

Bella’s hand went to her belly. “Actually two.”

Esme looked intently at her belly. “Then you must be about five months.”

“How did you know?” Bella asked with a shock.

“Because that is about the size I was with my twins. God, I can’t believe that was twenty-two years ago,” Esme murmured.

“Wow. You don’t look old enough to have children that old,” Rose exclaimed.

“Thank you, leannán,” Esme purred. “But they are not my oldest. My Edward is twenty-three, they are Irish twins.”

“Leannán? Irish twins?” Bella quizzed.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting that not everyone knows Gaelic. Leannán, means sweetheart. That means that they were born within one year of each other. Jasper and Emmett were born the day before Edward’s first birthday,” Esme explained.

“I can’t imagine having three children so close together. Hell, I can’t imagine having one,” Bella whispered, rubbing her belly.

Esme studied Bella’s face. She could see the hurt and loneliness in her lovely brown eyes. At that moment, four staff members came in and directed Rose, Alice, and Bella to the dressing room to change. A little while later they were back in the suite on their loungers. Everyone except for Bella were given mimosas; she was given just orange juice.

“So ladies, is there a special occasion for you being here today?” Esme asked.

“We are going to this huge shindig over at the museum tonight, that this one organized,” Rose joked, pointing at Bella.  

“The gala? That is where I am going,” Esme confirmed. “Bella you work at the museum?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Bella confirmed. 

“Oh my stars. We are one of your donors.”

“Really?” Bella asked. “I am sorry, but what is your last name.”

“Cullen. Esme and Carlisle Cullen.”

HOLY SHIT! Bella thought. They were the top donors to the museum.

7 Comments on “If the Boughs Break Blood Will Flow ~ Chapter Four

  1. It seems Edward is very good at hiding his identity. If Bella had told Dr. Martin the father’s name, everything would be in the open. When Edward surveys the museum footage, will Bella be shown?


  2. I am so loving this story. Am sure Edward and Bella will meet each other at the gala. Boy l can’t wait.


  3. Oh I hope Edward will be at the Gala. I’m just curious, what will be Edward’s reaction if he sees a pregnant Bella? Will he be able to guess that Bella’s carrying his children? Or will he think it’s from another man?


  4. We can only hope this gets sorted out at the museum and Edward Doesn’t think they belong to someone else. Please update soon!


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