Madam President – Chapter Five

Football Anyone?

The phone beside the bed began its precise ring. Bella rolled over and answered in a rough sleepy voice. “Yes.”

“Madam President, it is 5:30,” Victoria advised.

“Thank you,” Bella murmured. Opening her eyes, she looked around to see where she was and saw that she was back in her bedroom in the White House. She didn’t remember climbing into bed. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she noticed that she wasn’t in her nightgown, but in her panties and bra. How did she end up like this? Shaking her head, she tried to remember last night, no, early this morning.

Air Force had touchdown a little before two from the west coast. She had been in Northern California leading support after a devastating landslide that had wiped out an entire town. Her security team had a fit when she donned a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, and a pair of boots and started to help remove mud from one of the homes. 

“Madam President, you can’t do this. The area has not been secured,” Edward advised.

Motioning around with her hand. “Do you really think these people planned this mudslide to get me here so that they could kill me?”

“No, but,” Edward began.

“Then I am going out there to help,” she said with her hands on her hips.

“Madam President, I must put my foot down,” Edward growled, taking a step towards her.

She finished the distance between them and poked her finger into this chest. “Listen here, Agent Cullen, you work for me and I am going out there and helping these people. Where is your compassion?”

Grasping her finger and then her hand, he leaned down close to her face. “My compassion is for you,” he whispered. “I can’t lose you again.”

Bella opened and closed her mouth several times. “Edward,” she sighed. “I need to do this.”

“Fine, but we are going to be right beside you at all times,” he commanded.

“I hope you brought something other than a suit,” she giggled.

They had worked all day at the home of an elderly woman whose husband and son had given their lives in the service of the country. By nightfall, the house was clear of mud and ready for the construction crew to come in and rebuild. The American taxpayers would not be paying for the construction. She was going to pay this out of her own pocket; however, no one other than her accountant would know this. This wasn’t about prestige, she had the money and she wanted to do this. 

Walking up the stairs to Air Force One, she turned and waved to the press that always seemed to be around. She was sure that it would be all over the tv that the President of the United States was covered in mud and she didn’t care. Once they were in the air, she took a shower and changed into a pair of dress slacks and top. Sitting down at the computer, she went over her emails and read the evening national security report. That was something she had put into place once she took office. Not wanting to wait for twenty-four between reports, she enacted a bi-daily report. 

Reading through, she saw that Russia was doing some troop movements towards their borders. She thought that was strange since it was in the middle of winter. Making a note, she would have a conversation with her Secretary of State, Alistair Morgan and Secretary of Defense, Jasper Hale. Sending a note to Emmett McCarthy to arrange the meeting at nine tomorrow morning. Shutting down her computer, she went over to the couch and turned on the tv. There was something a few people knew and that was that she couldn’t sleep on a plane, no matter how tired or long the flight. 

The staff had recorded the game and was sworn to secrecy on who had won. Her and father’s beloved team was in the playoffs and if they won today, they would be in the Super Bowl. She was already excited that the Super Bowl was being played in Baltimore, the home of the awesome Ravens. There had already been a discussion that if Ravens made it to the big game, that she wanted to go, as did her father. 

Edward watched Bella walk into her office on Air Force One. He couldn’t believe that she, the President of the United States, had helped remove mud from a stranger’s home. It wasn’t a photo op; unlike the prior administration, she was actually shoveling mud. 

“Edward, here is the security report,” Special Agent Kate Vos said, handing him the report. She had been stationed on Air Force One to ensure the plans for departure were finalized and that no new threats were known. It was her job to compile the data and give it to the SAIC, or his absence DSAIC. 

Edward reviewed the detailed report. “Wheels will be up on ten.”

“Did she really shove mud?” Kate asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes. I tried to stop her; however, she is very big-headed,” Edward explained, raking his hand through his hair. Then he saw the tv screen and Bella’s image came up.

“President Swan is the Northern California town of Pulga that was devastated by mudslides two days ago. She was given a tour of the damage, and then she did something shocking. Changing into jeans and boots, she picked up a shovel. Going into the home of Rachel McCormick, the widow of Major Waylon McCormick, President Swan helped to shovel mud, along with her security detail. Isabella Swan made promises to bring the Office of the President back to its former glory and today she did just that.

Edward couldn’t express how he was feeling; however, he was so fucking proud of her. Stifling back his feelings, he needed to keep his head clear so that he could protect her at all costs. 

“Edward, good news,” Garrett exclaimed.

“What?” Edward asked.

“They lost,” Garrett explained.

“Great. I really didn’t want to plan for her to be in that crowd,” Edward declared. Bella had told them if the Ravens won today’s game, she would be attending the Super Bowl. Currently, she was watching the game in her office that had been taped for her. The news of their loss was a huge relief. The logistics of a President at an event like this was a nightmare and then to also add a prior President in the mix made it even worse. He also was a Raven’s fan, growing up in the D.C. area, so close to Baltimore, with both his and Bella’s father die-hard fans. “Let’s get home.”

The plane ride was smooth. Edward remained awake, checking on Bella several times during the flight. She had been disappointed that the Ravens lost, grumbling about how referees made many bad calls. After she finally calmed down, she began to work on the many reports on her laptop. He knew that she wouldn’t sleep; she never did, even as a child. Diagnosed as flight insomnia, the doctors felt that the high altitude prevented her from sleeping. They finally touched down at Reagan International Airport at 0210. The motorcade was waiting at the bottom of the steps. Bella walked out of her office, wearing a pair of pants and a blouse. Her face was pale and there were dark circles under her eyes due to the lack of sleep. She plastered a smile on her face and once she exited the plane, she waved at the press who were there. Once she was in the vehicle, the motorcade sped through the almost deserted streets at the ungodly hour of the morning. They arrived at the White House and once again, Bella donned a smile when she exited the vehicle and walked through the doors. Edward was on one side of her, while Kate was on the other. They walked slowly towards the elevator and once inside, Bella slowly melted against Edward, falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. Before she could hit the floor, he had her in his arms.

“Is she okay?” Kate questioned as she was about to call for medical assistance.

“Shh. She is just sleeping,” Edward whispered. 

“How do you know?”

“Because she has been awake almost twenty-four straight hours,” he explained quietly.

“Didn’t she sleep on the plane?”

“No. I suggest you read her medical profile,” Edward growled as the elevator arrived on the residential wing. “Go open her bedroom door.”

Kate rushed ahead of them and opened the door. “Would you like me to put her to bed?”

“No, I got this. Go info the team that she is secure,” Edward told Kate. Once she walked away, he took Bella over to her bed. It took him a moment to pull down the covers. Laying her head on the pillow, he was about to cover her up; then he noticed her clothes. She needed as much sleep as possible and being in these tight clothes would prevent that. Unbuttoning her blouse, he slid off her shoulders and pulled it from underneath her. Her shoes were easy, the tough part was pulling off her pants, notthe actual act itself, but the sight of her milk-white skin. His cock came to life when he saw the tiny lace covered pussy. It was still as perfect as he had remembered. 

Once she was just in her bra and panties, he pulled up the covers. Looking down at her angelic face, he couldn’t help but lean down and place a kiss on her forehead. 

“Goodnight, my love,” he whispered. Laying her clothes on the chair he headed towards the door. Just as he was about to open the door he heard her soft voice.

“Love you Edward.”

Turning back he looked at her and she was still sound asleep. His heart wanted him to strip his clothes off and climb in bed with her, but his head brought him back to reality. She was the President and he was her SAIC.


President Vladmir Demitri was in a joyful mood. Zafrina and Serena had given him a secret weapon that would bring down the great United States to its knees. The sleeper agents were activated and the virus had been shipped. It was so easy to get it into the country that Vladmir had a chuckle. The virus was in small plastic tubes the size of drawstrings in a hoodie, where they were placed. 

Tickets to the Super Bowl had been purchased under a shell company. Four agents would go to the game, each sitting in different sections of the stadium. They would release the virus, using a small valve. The effects of the virus would take effect in thirty-six hours, giving the affected time to go back to their homes all over the country.

“Brother, can you believe this,” Stefan said walking into the room. 

“Yes. It is time for mother Russia to break the backs of the vial Amrericans. Once we weaken them, we will strike their White House killing their President and Vice President. Then we will strike our final blow. The country will fall, then I will step in as the new President to usher them into a new reality,” Vladmir boosted. 


Bella got dressed for the day, still confused about why she couldn’t remember underdressing herself. Walking out to the breakfast table, she sat down as the staff served her a cup of coffee and a plate of food. After drinking the entire cup, she looked around the room and spotted Edward in the corner. This was the spot that he was always in when she was in this room. She had a dream of him again last night, like every night since inauguration. “Agent Cullen a word.”

Edward stepped forward to where he was standing beside her. “Yes.”

Bella looked towards the staff. “Can you give us a moment?” Once the staff were gone she looked up at him. “Edward, please sit down.”

He couldn’t believe she called him by his first name. After he sat down he looked towards her. “Is there something you need Madam President?”

“Bella, Edward. My name is Bella.”

“Sorry, but I can’t call you that,” Edward replied.

“I command you to call me Bella when no one else is in the room. Do I make myself clear?” She demanded in a voice that left no room for denial. 

“Alright, Bella,” he consisted. 

“I woke up this morning and I don’t remember getting undressed. Do you know anything about this?” Bella asked.

Edward’s heart began to race. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he thought. “Well, you see you fell asleep in the elevator and I carried you to your room.”

“Alright, but how did I get naked?”

“You weren’t naked, you still had on your panties and bra,” he advised in a hast.

“So you took my clothes off?”

A tint of pink appeared on his cheeks. “Yes, but only so you could sleep more soundly,” he explained.

Without thinking she reached out and placed her hand on top of his. “Thank you. I know this is hard for you and I hope this won’t cause a problem between you and your special someone.”

“There is no one special. Never has been since you,” he confessed.

Bella was about to answer, when Jacob walked in. She quickly removed her hand from his and Edward stood walking back to the observation spot. “Jacob, good morning.”

“Madam President, we have a situation,” he advised with a worried look on his face.

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  1. I hope they get to intercept the plan of Russia. That will be something epic and will truly cause their downfall.


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