Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty One

Oh What a Night

Edward had his arm wrapped over Bella’s shoulder as they listened to Charlie tell of the antics that Bella did as a child. Even as a small child, she had been independent and stubborn. With each passing story, Bella would just shake her head and grumble under breath that she wasn’t that bad. 

“Just you wait, Edward. When this one gives you a baby, they are going to be just like her,” Charlie pointed at Bella as his mustache twitched.  

Edward leaned over, placing a kiss on her temple. “I look forward to it and I hope I will be able to call upon you for assistance.”

“Oh no, I served my time with this one,” Charlie said as he tried as hard as he could to keep a straight face.

“DADDY!” Bella yelled, crossing her arms across her chest and sticking out her lower lip in a pout.

“See what you will have to put up with? She will be more trying than any rival crime family out there,” Charlie chuckled.

“Good damn thing that I love her and am willing to put up whatever she comes up with,” Edward confessed.

The restaurant had outdone themselves with the food, the wine, and the service. They had even brought a small three-tiered wedding cake for Edward and Bella to cut. Once everyone had their fill, Emmett motioned for the young man behind the extensive setup of sound equipment to start playing the dance music. Emmett and Rose rushed out and began dancing. He might be a big burly brute, but he was an excellent dancer. Jasper, Alice, Angela, and Ben joined them, while Bella wanted Aurora to show Edward the picture.

“Aurora, did you enjoy the wedding?” Bella asked.

“Oh my goodness, yes. It was very reminiscent of Maria’s wedding,” Aurora began then as she thought of the ceremony it reminded her of Elena. “Though Bella with you in that dress, you look so much like Elena, even though her dress was different.”

“Elena?” Edward asked, confused by the statement.

“Aurora, would you mind showing Edward your photograph?” Bella asked. 

“Of course not,” she said, opening her purse and pulling out the picture and handing it to Edward.

Edward looked down at the old worn photo and it took all of his years of maintaining an expression of indifference not to reflect the shock he felt. The woman in the middle of the picture looked like Bella. “Who are these women?” He asked with a straight face.

“The girl on the right is your grandmother, Maria, the girl in the middle is Elena, who married Lorenzo Volturi, and I am on the left.”

Bella leaned closer. “Do you see what I saw?” She whispered.

“Yes and I think I know the reason why,” he murmured.

Handing the picture back to Aurora. “Did you keep in touch with Elena after she married?”

“Oh, yes. I actually threw her a baby shower when their little boy was born,” Aurora answered, then leaned forward. “The baby wasn’t theirs. Your grandfather helped a young woman find a suitable family for her baby. She wasn’t married, well, that is what Elena told me in confidence.”

“Really?” Edward quizzed, already knowing who child it was.

“Yes and not to speak badly of someone, but he wasn’t a very pretty baby. They named him Arolodo but called him Aro for short. They were very excited about the baby since she had miscarried three times before. Then by some miracle, when Aro was three, Elena gave birth to a little girl, cute as a button she was,” Aurora recalled.

“What did they name the little girl?” Bella asked.

“Renatus, named after Elena’s mother. An adorable little baby with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. When she was around six months old is when they left for America,” Aurora replied.

There was no doubt in Edward’s mind that Bella’s mother was, in fact, Lorenzo and Elena Volturi’s biological daughter, which made her the blood heir to the family, not Aro. Edward had to find out what happened to Renee and to explain this bit of information to Bella, even though he figured she was piecing it together. “Aurora, thank you. Bella and I are so happy to have you here today and I want to convey an open invitation to come to Cullenello whenever you like. Also, here is my private number and if you ever need anything and I mean anything, you call me.”

“Thank you, Edward, Bella, you are both so kind,” Aurora said, wiping tears from her eyes with the dainty lace handkerchief. “I think I am going to go now. It has been a full day and I think I drank a little too much wine.”

“Allow one of my men to drive you home,” Edward urged.

“I would appreciate that. Bella dear, you looked lovely today.”

Bella got up and went around the table and wrapped her arms around the elderly lady giving her a tight hug. “Thank you for bringing the dress back to life. I promise to preserve it when I get back home and if we are lucky enough to have a daughter, I would hope she will want to wear it as well.”

“I am sure I won’t be on this good earth when that day comes, but now I will be looking down and smiling on that glorious event,” Aurora shared.

Bella hugged her again and then placed a sweet kiss on her cheek. “I will pray that you will live forever so you can see her.”

Edward had sent a text to Brady, one of his guards to come to assist Aurora home. Taking his offered arm, they walked out of the backyard and to the awaiting car.

After Aurora left, Edward stepped over to where Bella was and pulled her close to his body. “Come dance with me.”

Bella turned in his arms. “I would love that, husband.”

“Hmm, I love hearing that word from your mouth, wife.”

The rest of the evening they danced, laughed and enjoyed their first evening as a married couple. It was getting late and it was time for his next surprise. Angela and Ben had made sure that the master bedroom and bath had all the new items that he had purchased in their place. They slipped away during the dancing, to make sure that the candles were lit and the bottle of champagne was placed in the ice bucket. Before walking out of the room, Angela took one last look at the room and smiled. It was perfect. When she walked back out in the backyard she looked for Edward and when they met eyes, she gave him a nod. 

“Are you ready to leave, Mrs. Cullen?” Edward whispered into Bella’s ear as they swayed to the soft music. Emmett and Jasper had done an excellent job with the music for the reception. He was extremely proud of his family and appreciated how they accepted Bella. Once they got back to the states, he would introduce the rest of the family to her and felt sure they would respect her as they did him. 

“I am,” Bella murmured against his chest. It had been a perfect wedding and her love for Edward grew even more after having her father walk her down the aisle.

Edward scooped her off her feet and took off toward the house. Bella thought he was carrying her to the car, which she thought was silly, instead, he walked through the house, up the stairs, then down the hall. Stopping steps away from the master bedroom. 

“I thought this would give us the privacy we needed for our first night as husband and wife,” Edward explained then took the final steps to the open door. The bedroom glowed a warm amber color from the many candles placed around the room. The windows were open and the warm breeze of the evening blew gently into the room. 

Edward sat Bella back down on her feet as she took in the room. The massive ornate bed had been cleaned and polished. The bed was covered with lovely gold and dark brown bedding with lots of decorative pillows. There were new curtains up with white gossamer sheers that were blowing softly from the evening breeze.

“Edward, it is perfect. When did you have time to do all of this?” Bella asked, motioning her hand around the room.

“I had a lot of help. Why don’t we get out of these clothes and enjoy a relaxing bath?” Edward asked, pulling her close and nuzzling her neck as he placed small kisses behind her ear.

“A bath?” Bella quizzed.

“Piero got a huge bonus,” Edward grinned. “Now turn around and let me help you out of this lovely dress. We can’t damage it because we need to keep it safe for our daughter.”

Bella turned around and sighed deeply. The thought of their children made her happy. Edward carefully unzipped, unbuttoned the dress and slowly slid it off her shoulders. It pooled at her feet, leaving her in her strapless bra, thong panties, garter belt, and stockings. 

It took all of Edward’s willpower not to rip off her panties and ram his hard cock into her pussy. 

Her body was made for sin and he counted his blessings because he would be in bed with her every night until his last breath. He unclasped her bra, unhooked her garters to the stockings, and lastly sliding her panties down. She stood before him completely naked and glorious.

Once she was naked, she began to remove his jacket, tie, shirt, and pants. When she began to slide his pants over his hips, she noticed that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Commando?”

Edward licked his lips. “Surprise!”

Bella finished taking off his pants and before she stood up, she leaned forward and licked his cock. When she did, she heard him take a deep breath. Standing up she raked her hand up to his chest and looked him in the eye. “I loved the surprise. Now let’s get wet.”

When they walked in the bathroom, they found the largest claw foot bathtub they had ever seen. It was huge. 

After a long hot bath, where they both washed each other, sharing sweet kisses, they got out and dried off. Edward once again picked her up and carried her back into the bedroom. Placing her on the bed, he turned to the nightstand, opened the bottle of champagne, poured two glasses, then handed one to her. 

“To the woman who holds my heart, my soul. May this be the first day of our forever,” Edward toasted.

Bella’s eyes filled with tears. “I love you.”

“I fucking love you too,” Edward replied. After they both took drinks of the champagne, he took her glass sitting them both on the table. Crawling into bed beside her, he reached out and took her into his arms. They made love through the night, falling asleep in the predawn hours exhausted but with smiles on their faces. They were now married and prepared to take on the world. 

Angela and Ben brought over breakfast, leaving it outside the bedroom door and sending them a text. They walked back downstairs and supervised the cleanup of the reception. Angela was excited that she and Ben would be staying in Italy to oversee the construction. The last few days had been heavenly since they hadn’t had to hide their feelings for each other. They were sitting on the deck that overlooked the backyard, enjoying the breakfast that they brought along for themselves.

“What are you doing today?” Angela asked as she looked lovingly at Ben.

“I have a job to do for Edward,” he advised. 

Angela didn’t know what it was that Edward had asked him to do, though she hoped it wasn’t something dangerous. She couldn’t help but let her concern show on her face.

“My love, it is nothing dangerous,” Ben started taking hold of her hand. “I am just going to take some pictures of some records.”

“About what or who?” Angela questioned.

“Lorenzo and Elena’s baby girl’s baptismal record and I hope to find her birth certificate. Edward thinks that the baby girl is Bella’s mother.”

“WHAT?” Angela exclaimed loudly, then clamp her hand over her mouth.

“Yeah. It all fits, and if she is in fact their blood daughter, that would mean that she is the rightful ruler of the Volturi family, not Aro or his children,” Ben explained.

Angela thought for a moment. “But what if this woman is dead?”

Ben chuckled. “Then Bella would be the rightful ruler. Aro is a dead man as soon as he is called before the conclave. Once he is dead, his son will take over, however, if we can show proof that a full blood Volturi heir is alive, he won’t have a right to the family.”

“Will the conclave want to know this information?” Angela asked, shaken by the information.

“Yes. When the contract was signed by all the families, they sealed it with their blood,” Ben answered.

Angela sat back and took in what she had been told. For years she had protected Edward so he could get revenge for what Aro had done to his family. If this information was correct, the Cullen and the Volturi family have been united.

2 Comments on “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty One

  1. Very interesting chapter. I am surprise Aro hasn’t been made aware of all the activities going on in Italy. It wont surprise me if Aro had Renee locked up in a dungeon in his mansion. Thanks for updating, remain safe. Nice hair cut by the way.-;)



  2. Ben will procure the proof of Bella’s heritage. Then the Conclave will move to end Aro’s reign of terror. I love the pictures that go with the chapters.


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