Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty

Time For a Wedding

Who is this woman? Bella thought as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Aurora had brought the dress back to its glory.

 Unless someone knew that it had been designed years ago, they would think it had just been made. There was not one hint of yellow that was there when Bella had been found in the chest.

Aurora was on the floor clipping off a few stray threads on the hem and wanted the dress to be perfect for the bride. She was shocked that yesterday, when Bella had come into the shop to pick up the dress, she had invited her to the wedding. Tears formed in her eyes as she remembered the wedding of her dear friend Maria, wearing this exact same dress. They had been the best of friends, along with Elena. Aurora looked up at Bella and saw a distinct similarity between the two brides.  One of days gone by and one to be wed tomorrow. 

”You look so much like my friend, ” Aurora commented in English as she tried to stand. Bella offered her an arm and assisted her to her feet. She had learned the difficult language, making it easier to converse with the visitors to Como.

”Really? Bella replied, thinking it was Maria. 

”Oh, yes. As you know Maria and I were close friends, but Elena was extremely close to us as well, ” Aurora said with a giggle. ”We were always together, getting into trouble. Elena was the first of us to find her prince charming, who swept her off her feet. It was at her wedding that Maria met Caius. Their courtship was a whirlwind and within a month she was wearing that very ring that sits on your finger. With the money that Caius had, Maria could have gone to Paris to get her dress, however she wanted me. Once the design was approved, Caius had the best satin and lace shipped here. I worked night and day to get it ready in time.”

“Aurora, the gown is stunning and I couldn’t imagine myself wearing anything else,” Bella gushed. “Does your friend Elena still live here?”

“No. Their family moved to states a long time ago. She did write to me for many years. Her letters were filled with how she was adapting to the new country with her children. About twenty years or so ago her letters stopped and I figured she had passed.”

“I am sorry. Where did she live, because once we go back to the states I could do some research to find out what happened to her?” Bella inquired, patting Aurora’s hand.

Aurora thought for a moment. It had been so long and unfortunately her memory wasn’t as it once was. “Uh, Chi, something,” she guessed.

Bella gasped. “Chicago?”

“Yes, that is it. You know of this place?” Aurora quivered as excitement raced through her.

“I live in Chicago. What was your friend’s married name?” Bella probed.

“Volturi,” Aurora answered.

“Volturi?” Bella repeated her eyes revealing a flash of shock. What were the odds that Aurora’s friend was a Volturi? She tried to remember the name of Lorenzo’s wife, but was coming up with nothing.

“Si. She married Lorenzo Volturi,” Aurora began then leaned in closer to Bella. “He was a malavitoso.”

Bella couldn’t believe this. Aurora had been friends with two powerful mafia wives. Then Aurora’s earlier comment hit her. “You said I looked like Elena. How so?”

“It is hard to describe, though I do have a picture of all three of us together. I carry it with me at all times,” she said then walked over to where she had placed her purse. Pulling out a small leather case, that held the image of her two best friends. She went back over to Bella and handed it to her. 

Bella gasped. It was as if she was looking into a mirror. The woman in the middle could have been her twin. “Who is who?”

“Maria is the one on the right, Elena is in the middle, and I am on the left,” Aurora explained with a smile. “It was taken right before Maria’s wedding.”

Why did she look so much like Elena Volturi? Bella pondered. It was in the moment when Rose and Alice came into the room.

“Bella, it is time to go to the church,” Rose said.

Looking up at the clock, Bella couldn’t believe it was already time. She had been wrapped up with the information that Aurora had given her and couldn’t wait to tell Edward. Her heart began to race, not because she was afraid of the idea of marriage, but because she was excited to be joined with Edward forever. He was everything she had ever dreamed of as a husband. Like many little girls, she wanted to marry someone who was just like her daddy. He was the best man in the world and until she met Edward, no one ever measured up to him. Her smile fell, as she wished that her daddy could be here today to give her away. In spite of the fact that it was impossible, she couldn’t help but be sad.

“Bella, are you okay?” Rose whispered, placing her arm around her shoulder giving it a squeeze.

“Yeah,” she answered, wiping away a tear. 

“You two are perfect for each other and I am so happy to have you as a new sister,” Rose murmured. 

One of the guards clicked a few pictures before they walked out and got into the limo that was waiting for them. It was a quick ride to the church and before Bella knew it she was standing outside the doors that lead into the chapel holding a bouquet of burgundy and white flowers. Taking deep breaths, steading her nerves, then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around, her breath caught as she realized that the hand belonged to her father. “Daddy,” she cried, throwing herself into his arms.

“Hi, sweetie,” Charlie whispered, his voice cracking with emotions. 

“How?” Bella whimpered.

“Your young man arranged it,” Charlie said, taking her hand. “Are you sure about this Bella? I mean you know who he is and what he does for a living.”

“Daddy, I love him with all my heart and yes I do know who he is, though what he does for a living, does not define the man. He is a man who cares for a group of people whose lives were irreparably altered by that devil Aro Volturi,” Bella inserted. “Trust me daddy, you will like him when you get to know him.”

“Well, we will see about that,” Charlie grumbled with a smirk. 

“Ms. Swan, it is time,” Seth declared as he went to the doors prepared to open them.

Charlie moved to Bella’s right and offered her his arm, which she took, placing her hand in the crook of his elbow and giving him an emotional squeeze. He then nodded to the guy at the door who he knew was carrying at least one gun. When the man moved a specific way, Charlie had seen the bulge of the weapon. Edward Cullen was being extremely cautious and this pleased him. 

The doors opened and they began walking down the aisle. The music was a single piano player playing A Thousand Years. Bella bit her lip, trying to hold back the tears, the song was perfect for them. They arrived at the altar and Charlie placed a kiss on Bella’s cheek, then placed her hand into Edward’s outstretched one. Bella handed her bouquet to Rose and moved closer to Edward.

Edward’s heart had nearly stopped when he saw her walking down the aisle. Her already stunning beauty was amplified by the white dress and veil. When they turned to face the Bishop, he leaned down and whispered into her ear. “You are so fucking beautiful.”

Bella couldn’t help but shake her head slightly and grin. Her soon to be husband had a potty mouth.

Bishop Bertazonni stared at Edward, who gave him a raised brow. He still couldn’t believe that someone had found out about the baby. Breathing in deeply he began the service in the required English that Mr. Cullen had demanded.

“We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman. Does anyone have just cause why these two people should not be joined? If so, speak now or forever hold thy peace,” Bertazonni announced to the group. After a few seconds of silence, he continued.

“Who gives this woman in marriage?”

“I do,” Charlie quavered, tears filling his eyes.

The rest of the ceremony was lovely with Edward and Bella pledging their undying love for each other. Finally, it was the moment that Edward had waited for.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride,” Bishop Bertazonni instructed, glad that this was over with. 

Edward took Bella into his arms and leaned towards her lips. “You are mine now.”

“As you are mine,” she smirked, her eyes filled with love and want.

Capturing her mouth, he sealed their vows with a kiss full of promise and need. When he felt her dainty tongue demand entrance into his mouth he tightened the hold and willingly opened. All thoughts of them being in a church with their friends and family around was forgotten. It was only them, lost in the sensation. 

Finally a cough broke them out of their trance. As Edward leaned back he saw that Bella’s lips swollen from the kiss and her eyes hooded with desire. Fuck could they just skip the reception and go straight to the honeymoon? Placing one more quick peck on her lips. “You don’t have to say a word for me to feel your love for me.”

“Oh Edward, I do,” Bella confessed. “Now let’s go party so we can celebrate this day with our family and friends.”

“Then we will have a honeymoon that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” Edward boasted. “I plan on fucking you all night long.”

“Hmm, that sounds perfect to me,” Bella groaned.

They turned back to their family who rushed forward to congratulate them.

Charlie hugged Bella whispering his love for her softly. Turning towards Edward he took a moment before sticking out his hand. Edward without hesitation placed his hand into his. Charlie squeezed hard, however, instead of allowing Charlie to have complete dominance of the handshake, he returned the pressure to Charlie. This unspoken exchange spoke that Edward wouldn’t allow anyone to gain control, which was what Charlie needed to know. A man without a backbone would have been a coward, but not Edward. 

They were ready to leave, but before doing so, Edward turned back to the Bishop and smirked thinking to himself that the fucker had only days to live.

Taking Bella’s arm and wrapping it around his then walked back down the aisle to the doors. Once outside, they were surrounded by his guards who escorted them to the limo. Once they had climbed in Edward pulled Bella into his arms and continued the kiss that they had started after the ceremony. Kiss was hot, primal full of want and need. He slanted his mouth over hers again and again, expressing all the love he had for her in the kiss. His lungs were burning when he finally pulled away. His body was on fire and his cock was painfully hard. God he needed to be inside of her and now.

“Oh, darling the ceremony was lovely,” Angela gushed as she got into the limo with Ben right behind her.

Edward had forgotten that they were riding with them to Cullenello. Hearing his mother’s voice blanketed him with ice cold water, causing his cock to soften. 

Bella giggled seeing the discomfort of her husband. He might be a badass mafia Don, but he will always be a mother’s boy. “I think so as well, Angela.”

The last person who was riding with them climbed into the car. 

“Daddy,” Bella gushed, so happy to see him. Once he was seated next to her, she took his hand. “Angela, Ben, this is my father, Charlie. Daddy, this is Edward’s mother Angela and her boyfriend Ben.”

“Mother? I thought your mother was killed,” Charlie questioned. Had Edward lied to him?

Before Edward could answer, Angela spoke up. “Charlie, his real mother, Esme was killed, along with everyone else in the Cullen family. She gave up her life so I could take Edward out the secret tunnel to safety.”

Edward reached out and placed his hand on Angela’s leg. When she looked at him he smiled. “You will always be my real mother, even though we don’t share the same blood, we will always family.”

Charlie saw the love that Edward felt for the woman, Angela. Bella had been right, his position didn’t define who he truly was, he was just a man who was looking out for his family. If he had been placed in the same situation, would he do what Edward was doing? A few seconds passed before he answered his question, yes he would. 

They soon arrived at Cullenello, but before they went out back to the reception area, Edward and Bella posed for some pictures. Even though they wouldn’t ever forget today, it would be nice to have pictures that they could show their children in the future. When they were satisfied they had preserved the day in print, they went into the house.

“Damn, this is a great place,” Charlie exclaimed.

“It was my grandfather’s. Bella found it when she happened upon one of his journals that he had hidden in a bookshop,” Edward explained.

Charlie looked around, seeing the construction that was going on. “You are renovating?”

“No, returning it back to its glory,” Edward answered. “Bella and I have similar tastes when it comes to the house. We want to preserve as much of the history as we can, while putting in a few modern conveniences.”

“Dad, I will show around tomorrow. Come let’s go out back, I am starved,” Bella said.

They walked through the double doors that led to the back courtyard. The tent was lit brightly and the music was playing. Emmett came out of the tent and boomed. “It is about time you got here. Let’s party!!”

4 Comments on “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Twenty

  1. There’s fucking, there’s sex but I would think he would want to make love to his “wife”.
    If she’s a Volturi, is he going to kill her too?


  2. Fabulous. So Bella is really half Vultori, l wonder if Charlie is aware of this little worrisome issue. I really like the seamstress, l think they should sit her down and ask her some question. She might just surprise them with local information. Thank you for another great chapter, do remain safe.


  3. Bella has Volturi blood. Elena’s granddaughter? Perhaps, when they eliminate Aro, they can reach a compromise.


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