Words to Die By ~ Chapter Nineteen

Father of the Bride

Edward didn’t say anything. He had thought that it would be safer for Bella to stay in Italy, though he hadn’t made a decision yet. 

Bella came beside him with rage pulsating through her body. “When you go back to Chicago, I am going to be right by your side.”

“Bella, baby, please listen to my reasons,” Edward began but was cut off by her finger shaking in front of his face.

“Don’t baby me. I am going to be your wife, which means we are going to be partners in good times and bad. So get it out of your head,” she growled.

Edward knew that it was a long shot that he would be able to convince her to stay, still, he would try. Now his chance was gone. By the look on her face and the stance of her body, she was going back to states. Pulling her down onto his lap, he looked into her eyes. “I can’t lose you.”

“And I can’t lose you. We are stronger together,” she murmured. 

Edward leaned his head forward, placing the side of his face on her chest where her heart was. Listening to the rhythmic beats it calmed his nerves. She was right, they were stronger together. His father had written in his journals that his mother was the glue that held the family together. “Alright.”

“Good. Now, tell me, why is everyone up so early?” 

“I have no clue,” Angela laughed.

“Well, we have a busy day. I need to go get the dress and finish up the wedding details,” Bella said, then hit her that they hadn’t said anything about a reception. “Edward, I hadn’t thought about where we would have the reception.”

“I have that covered. The garden behind Cullenello has been cleaned and I have a tent being set up. That wonderful restaurant that we loved so much, is catering the food,” Edward advised.

Bella threw her arms around his neck and placed kisses all over his face. “You (kiss) are (kiss) the (kiss) best (kiss) Fiancé (kiss).” 

God did she know what she was doing to him. She had a barely-there silk nightgown and robe that left nothing to the imagination. Rubbing his hand up the inside of her leg, finding that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Was she trying to kill him before he could change his will? He began stroking her wet folds and she let out a moan.

Bella couldn’t believe he was feeling her up with his mother at the table. In spite of that, God, his fingers were magic and she didn’t want him to stop. Taking a deep breath, she leaned in and whispered in his ear. “As much as I love this, we can’t right now.”

Edward smirked, pulled his finger from her pussy, brought it to his mouth and licked, giving her a wink. Pulling Bella back so he could see. “Mom and Ben are going to stay here after we leave to oversee the renovation of Cullenello. I know it is going to be a busy day, but why don’t we get ready and go to Cullenello so that we can see the garden. I figure why we are there, we can show what we have planned, also where the secret door is and how to open it,”

“I can’t wait to see the room,” Angela said. 

“Oh, Angela, it is really cool. I just can’t believe that so many crime families came together in one space,” Bella gushed.

“They were smart enough to come together to make a pact that would protect their families. We will know if their grandfather’s passed along their agreement when we call for a conclave,” Edward explained. 

Bella hopped off Edward’s lap. “I am going to call Rose and Alice. They can come along and see what Edward has planned for the reception, then we will know what we need to get today.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Angela confirmed.

Bella went to the bedroom and sent out the texts. Next, she undressed and slipped into the shower. Her mind was racing with everything she needed to do before tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day that she was getting married to Edward. As the water rained down her, she smiled with the thoughts of him. He was so loving, kind, and so incredibly protective. Whenever he was near, she knew she was safe, that he would die before allowing her to be injured. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear Edward come into the shower.

“I like it when you are all wet,” he hummed, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “Though I love it when you are wet for my cock.”

“Fuck me,” she groaned feeling his hand skim down her stomach and begin to stroke her folds.

“I plan to. Place your hands on the wall and spread your legs,” he commanded his voice rough and powerful.

Bella placed her hands on the wall in front of her and spread her legs apart. She left Edward rubbing his hard cock back and forth between her folds. Leaning back her head, she moaned loudly. “Edward,” she groaned, overwhelmed by the feelings.

“You are my heart, my soul, my very existence on this earth,” he murmured onto her neck. “Bend over and be prepared.”

Bella bent over and braced her hands. She didn’t have to wait long. He drove deep inside her, filling her completely. Allowing only a few moments for her to adjust to the position until he began to thrust in her again and again. 

God, she was hot and wet. Grasping her hips, he turned her around, pulling her up so her legs were wrapped around him and drove back into her pussy. He held her ass with one hand while bracing them with the other on the shower wall. Thrusting in short stokes, him so fucking close to spilling his seed deep inside of her, but he needed her to come first. Leaning down, he took one of her nipples in between his teeth and bit down. 

“HOLY FUCK!” Bella yelled as a wild wave of pleasure overtook her.

As soon as he felt her pussy clamping down on his cock, he soared over the edge. Gasping for breath he removed his hand from her ass allowing her legs to slide down his body. Not wanting to lose the connection, he picked up the rag, squirt soap on it and began to wash every inch of her body. When he got to her stomach, he imagined what it would look like round with his child. Damn it would be sexy. He hoped that once he had taken care of Aro they could discuss having children. He wanted them and he knew that she did as well.

When they finished bathing each other, they got out of the shower and began getting ready. Standing side by side at the mirrors, she brushed her hair, while he shaved. It was so natural for them to be doing trivial everyday tasks together. 

Once they dressed, Edward took her hand and walked out of the room. Emmett, Jasper, and Ben were discussing security, while the girls were talking about the wedding. Soon they were in the vehicles, traveling to Cullenello. When they arrived, the construction company was busy. Edward introduced Ben and Angela to Piero, informing him that they will be staying in Italy to oversee the renovation. He then took everyone to the garden, the tent was up, with the tables and chairs underneath. 

“Oh my gosh, this is beautiful,” Bella gushed as she looked around. The garden still needed some work, though Piero had worked a miracle to make it this wonderful.

“I ordered flowers to be placed around,” Edward explained. “I hope they will be okay.”

Bella reached up and placed a kiss on his lips. “I feel sure they will be perfect.”

“Edward, we need some tunes for the festivities,” Emmett declared. 

“Yeah, that sounds actually like a great idea. Why don’t you and Jasper handle that for us?”

“Will do, Boss,” Jasper answered, pulling out his phone to locate what they would need. 

Bella, Rose, Alice, and Angela talked about the reception area. They made a list of things they would need. Bella needed to go to see Aurora and pick up her dress. She had called her and Aurora had told her the dress had turned out beautifully. 

“Edward, we are ready to go get the things for the wedding,” Bella declared, stroking his arm unconsciously.

He hated that she was leaving without him, though he knew she wanted her wedding gown to be a surprise for him. He didn’t care what she wore as long as at the end of the ceremony she was his wife. Her new security detail was ready to follow and protect her. When they got back to Chicago, Seth would be her primary guard and he would direct the other guard. She would have a detail with her at all times. “Have fun and listen to your guard.”

“I will, love,” Bella said with a smile. The women left, leaving Edward and Ben. 

Once they had left, Edward took Ben for a tour of the house and to take him to the secret room. He made sure that none of the construction workers were around when he opened the secret room. Ben was impressed with the mechanics of the door and the room itself. 

“Damn, Edward. Your grandfather was a badass to have invited all these fellow mafia Dons into his home,” Ben said in awe. 

“He sure was and I hope that I can be a leader that he would have been proud of,” Edward declared.

“You already are. Starting with only yourself and Angela, you recruited a legion of loyal family members. We may not be blood related, but we are related all the same,” Ben explained.

 Edward sighed deeply. “For so long, it was just mom and me, of course this was before I knew the truth. She had told me that my father died and I would dream at night what he would have been like. That day she told me the truth, showed me the journals that my father wrote were both the best and worst days of my life. My dreams came true, for my father journaled everything and words of wisdom for me. Fuck, it was like he knew something was going to happen. Do you know what hurts the worst, after the fact that my family was dead?”

“What?” Ben asked, glad that Edward was finally talking about his parents and himself. He had always been so closed off, never expressing his feelings.

“That the name that my family fought to protect was gone from existence,” Edward answered.

“Though you are about to bring it back to life,” Ben declared.

“Yes, because my lovely Bella found Grandfather’s journal,” Edward smiled. “Ben, after the wedding I need you to do a job.”


“I need for you to break into the church and make copies of the baptismal records for Renee Volturi,” Edward advised. “Then search the nearby hospitals to see if you can find a birth record for her as well. I have a feeling that she is going to be important in my fight against Aro.”

“Who do you think she is?” Ben inquired.

Edward ran his hand along his jaw. “I think she is the blood daughter of Lorenza and Elena Volturi, while Aro is only the adoptive son.”

Ben thought of the possibility that Renee was a true blooded Volturi. “HOLY SHIT! Bella could be the true-blood Princepessa of the Volturi family?”

“Yes. Which means when the punishment has been delivered against Aro, Renee would be in charge if she is still alive, of the Volturi family. If she is not, Bella would be in charge,” Edward explained.

“Doesn’t Aro have a son?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, but Aro doesn’t have a drop of Volturi blood in his body,” Edward said with a smirk. “His son doesn’t have any rights to the family.”

“Alright I will get the information after the wedding. When do you see yourself leaving Italy?” Ben questioned.

“Wednesday,” Edward replied. “I want to get this shit over with,” 

“Are you sure you want me to stay here?” 

“Yes. I want to keep that smile that is on my Mom’s face and you are the one doing that. Also, I need you here just in case something else comes up and to take care of the Bishop once we leave,” Edward said then looked down at his watch. “Ben, if you will excuse me, I need to make a very important phone call.”

“Certainly, Boss. I will just go check on the guards and the construction crew.”

Once Ben had left the secret room, Edward took out the burn phone he had and dialed the number. On the second ring, the gruff voice of a man answered.

“Who is this?”

“Mr. Swan, are you alone?” Edward asked, hoping he caught him in walking from the parking garage to the building. The surveillance team had said he arrived within a couple of minutes each day to the deck and walked to his office building. 

“Yes, but you haven’t told me who the fuck you are and how the hell I got this phone,” Charlie growled. Just like every other day, he had gotten into his truck, traveled towards work, only stopping for coffee at his normal coffee shop. He had just arrived at the parking deck and was walking to the building, which was three blocks away. Enjoying the walk was the reason why he picked this garage. 

“One of my family slipped it into your pocket at the coffee shop. My name is Edward Cullen.”

Charlie sucked in a deep breath. He hadn’t heard the name Cullen for nearly twenty-five years. Carlisle Cullen had been the head of the Cullen crime family in Chicago and on several occasions, he had dealings with him because of his position within the Teamster Organization. He had liked Carlisle and even though he was a mob boss, he was a fair man who was looking out for his family’s interest. When he found out that the entire Cullen family had disappeared and their home blew up, he was shocked. Then overtime, the name Cullen had vanished. It was strange. “Cullen, you say.”

“Yes. You had dealings with my father Carlisle.”

Charlie knew that Carlisle had an infant son when they disappeared. “And how is Carlisle?”

“Mr. Swan, my father, mother, and entire family were murdered when I was just an infant. I only survived because my father planned for the worst-case scenario. I have been in hiding until I had put a new family together and prepared to make the person responsible pay for what he has done,” Edward said.

“And what does that have to do with me,” Charlie asked, confused by this young man’s phone call to him.

“Sir, Bella happened upon the name Cullen and became a target for the man who killed my family,” Edward revealed.

“Has she been hurt?” Charlie exclaimed his heart racing. His little girl was his life.

“She was attacked, but I was able to save her,” Edward started not wanting to keep anything from Charlie. “You taught her well, fighting off the attacker, which only broke a rib. It is healing nicely, under the care of my private doctor.”

“Is she with you?”

“Yes, she has led us on an adventure that has revealed some very wondrous things. We are in Italy,” Edward informed Charlie and took in a deep cleansing breath. “Mr. Swan, I am in love with your daughter and we are to be married tomorrow here in Italy.”

“LIKE FUCKING HELL!” Charlie yelled. He had stopped at the small park that was close to the parking deck. The sound of his voice caused the birds to fly from the trees. Good thing there were very few people on the streets at this time of the morning.

“Sir, you know your daughter and you know that once she sets her mind on something there is no way to change it. By some marvelous chance of fate, she loves me and wants to be my wife.”

Charlie kept shaking his head, though he knew Edward was right. Bella was stubborn and pigheaded, just like him. She was also independent. “Damn it, you are right.”

“The reason I am calling is to see if you wouldn’t mind catching a plane and coming over for the wedding. It is going to be a small affair and I know that she would be so surprised to have you here.”

“She doesn’t know that you are calling me?” He asked.

“No, Sir. The man who killed my family is surely keeping you watched and she knew that calling you might put you in more danger. She doesn’t know that I have had a security team watching you since the night of her attack and have taken care of a few problems along the way,” Edward admitted. Aro was missing four men and the last time he spoke to Jacob, Aro still didn’t know who was behind it.

Charlie thought about what Edward had told him. This young man had saved Bella and by the sounds of it, had saved him as well. “Let me just tell my office that something has come up and I need a few days off. I got enough fucking vacation time.”

“Don’t tell them where you are going or that you are leaving the country. When you get back to the house, don’t call anyone or say anything out loud. Your house and phone are bugged. I will send you a number to call on your regular cell for a car service. It will be my men who will get you. Leave your phone behind and they will give you another one. After we hang up, destroy this phone. My men will also have a passport and ID for you to use at the airport. The ticket is ready for you to pick up,” Edward explained.

Charlie was amazed by the amount of details that Edward had thought of for his safety. “Then it looks like I’m coming to a wedding.”

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  1. bevey99 says:

    Well that was ‘sweet’? Calling Charlie almost as a fait accompli. Bella will be excited, hopefully.


  2. Denise Wilson Johnson says:

    Great chapter!!


  3. Judy Leavell says:

    Edward has been keeping Charlie safe for a while now. Every step has been planned to get Charlie safely to Italy for the wedding. Bella will be so surprised!


  4. mothergolf@earthlink.net says:

    I was worried that Charlie wouldn’t want her marrying Edward, but I think he realizes she safest with him …..anxious for the wedding…….


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