Words to Die By ~ Chapter Eighteen

Who is Renee Dwyer?

The first rays of the morning were seeping through the bedroom room. Edward covered his eyes against the piercing light. Moaning softly, he turned to check on Bella. She was sleeping soundly, her mouth opened slightly and her hair in disarray. After an impromptu celebration for Angela and Ben, they finally made it to their bedroom and into each other’s arms. They made love until the wee hours of the morning. 

Leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her naked shoulder, Edward gently eased himself out of bed. Once he took care of his morning ritual, he quietly left the room carrying the envelope that Angela had handed him last night.

Fixing a cup of coffee, he sat down at the table, pulling out the papers. Jenks had done an exceptional job on the forged documents. No one would be able to tell that they were fake. Then he pulled out the manilla folder, opening it and began reading the background check on Charlie Andrew Swan. Edward read the particulars of Charlie’s birth and parents. He married one Renee Dwyer in 1984 in a civil ceremony in Chicago’s judicial center. Edward knew that Bella was catholic and wondered why Charlie and Renee were not married in the catholic church? Charlie had worked his way up through the Teamster Organization, becoming one of the youngest VPs in history. He was known to have done business with many crime families. Edward pondered if Charlie ever met his father. 

The report continued with the birth of Isabella Marie Swan on September 9, 1986, at Chicago Hospital. Three days after taking Isabella home, Charlie filed a missing person report for his wife. Renee Dwyer Swan was never found and Charlie raised Isabella  alone. 

The rest of the report didn’t have anything important in it. On the next page, Jenks had written that he was continuing to look for information on Renee Dwyer Swan. He had found that she had changed her name to Dwyer. When Edward read what her original name was, he shook his head. He did not just read that. It was impossible. Taking another drink from his coffee and rubbing his eyes, hoping that he was seeing things. Looking once again at the paper, he saw the name.

“Fuck,” he groaned out loud. Renee had changed her name to Dwyer from Volturi. How the hell was she kin to Aro? 

Picking up his phone, he sent a text to Jenks, telling him to work harder on the information on Renee and get it to him ASAFP! Slamming his phone down on the table, Edward stood, then began pacing back and forth, tugging his hair. Bella’s mother was a Volturi. Maybe she was just a distant cousin, though there was something that told him that it was worse than that. It was the feeling when the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Edward knew that Aro had been adopted by Lorenza and Elena Volturi. The reason why they had wanted a baby was that they hadn’t been able to have a child of their own. Picking up the paper, he saw that Renee’s birth date was two years after Aro’s birth. Flexing his jaw, he began to wonder who Renee’s parents were and why did she change her name. He needed to talk to Charlie and see the baptismal records at the church. Even if he couldn’t find Renee’s birth certificate, the church would have documentation. Fuck, he just didn’t want to deal with that fucking Bishop after Saturday. The plan to take him out was already designed and ready for him to give the go-ahead.

Now he needed to work on the surprise for the wedding for Bella. Picking up his phone, he sent a text to Garrett to take a burn phone to Charlie. He didn’t trust that Charlie’s phones hadn’t been hacked. Jacob had gotten a message to him, saying that Aro was going nuts trying to find Bella. The fucker most likely had wired up Charlie’s phone and house, waiting for Bella to call or come by. A few seconds later, Garrett responded that he would take care of it.

Garrett had been tailing Charlie since the morning after the incident in the alley. From the reports he had been getting, Charlie didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. The plan was that he would slip the burn phone to Charlie when he was coming out of work. Garrett was one of the most successful pickpockets in the entire state of Louisiana. Once he had dropped the phone in Charlie’s pocket, he would let Edward know to call. 

Edward put the background check and the information of Bella’s mother back in the envelope, leaving out the documents needed for the church. Just as he was sealing up the envelope, Ben came walking in from the direction of the spare bedroom where his mother was staying. 

“Edward, I didn’t think you would be up so soon,” Ben stuttered. Fuck, he had wanted to slip out before Edward awoke. He had just experienced the most beautiful night of his life. 

When the party broke up, he escorted Angela to her room to spend a few moments alone with her. He had missed her so much since coming over with Edward. When they got to the room and the door closed, Angela jumped into his arms, placing a hot needy kiss. When they finally broke apart, she looked into his eyes. “I love you so much. Take me to bed and make me completely yours.”

“What?” Ben asked, afraid that he had misunderstood what she had said.

“I am ready, please don’t say no,” Angela pleaded.

“I could never say no to you. We are going to take it slow and at any time you feel you can’t continue you only have to say so,” Ben instructed.

Angela laid her head on his chest and hugged him tightly. This was why she knew that he was the one to heal all her scars. After undressing each other, he laid her in the bed and began kissing every inch of her body, murmuring words of love with each kiss. When he had finished, he ran his hand down her body and began stroking her hot wet folds.

“Fuck, baby, you are so wet,” Ben groaned.

“For you only,” she cried. “Please make love to me.”

Leaning back and studying her face once more. He would stop if he saw one ounce of terror; however, her face was full of passion and desire.

“I love you,” he said as he placed his cock at her opening and thrust slowly inside of her. God, she was tight, hot, and so fucking wet. “You feel so good.”

“I never knew it could feel like this,” she cried, tears running down her cheeks.

When Ben saw the tears, he stopped moving. “Did I hurt you?”

Angela lifted her hand and placed it on his face. “No. I am just overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure.”

Ben placed a kiss on her lips, then began to thrust once again. Angela needed more, so she wrapped her legs around him and lifted her hips. This new angle, his cock was able to go deeper, causing her orgasm to build, until it finally snapped.

“FUCK!” She screamed as the walls of her pussy clamped down on him.

He had never felt anything like this before. All the other women he had fucked over the years paled in comparison to her. He came after her, emptying cum deep inside her. 

The rest of the night they made love or fucked. He had awakened a tigress and she was hungry for his cock. 

“Good morning, Ben,” Edward said with a smile. “I was doing a little business while everyone slept. Do you want some breakfast?”

“No, Sir. I was just going to check on the men,” Ben lied. 

“Ben, have a seat,” Edward commanded.

Ben sat down at the table and tried to calm his nerves. 

“You are sleeping with a woman and you need to eat to keep your strength up,” Edward chuckled.

Ben’s mouth gaped open and he didn’t know what to say.

“Ben, I am just joking. I am truly happy for you and Mom,” Edward explained with a sincere tone.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he let out the breath he had been holding. “I love her.”

“Good. Now I need to discuss what Jenks found out,” Edward whispered then turned to make sure that no one else was in the room. He had decided to move Ben from the guard to his inner circle with Jasper and Emmett. 

Ben was a little shocked by this. He had always been informed about any information pertaining to what was needed for security purposes but never information of this type. 

Edward saw the shocked look on his face. “I have decided to raise you up in the ranks. You will now be assigned to the inner circle along with Emmett and Jasper.”

“Really?” Ben asked.

“Yes. Over the years, you have proven yourself time and time again that you are a loyal, trustworthy member of the family,” Edward declared, then moved the envelope towards Ben’s hands.

Ben opened it up and began to read. When he was done, he put the papers back in the envelope. “Charlie Swan on paper seems to be an alright guy, though Renee is a problem. Who do you think her parents are and why did she change her last name?”

“I don’t know for sure and Jenks hasn’t found a birth certificate yet,” Edward remarked with a hardened mouth. 

“Fuck,” Ben grunted his teeth clenched angrily.

“As I said last night, I am going to have someone to stay here after I leave to keep an eye on Cullenello. There is also a job that needs to be done after we leave,” Edward paused, allowing Ben time to think about what he had said before going on. “I want you to be the one to stay.”

Ben knew that he was to do whatever his Boss wanted; however, the duty would keep him away from Angela for months. It had been challenging with just the week that had gone by and I didn’t know if he could last that long. 

“Ben, I wasn’t going to ask you to do this alone. Mom has great taste and I am going to ask her if she would like to stay as well,” Edward advised. “She would also be safer over here with you, than back in the states. My hopes are that the agreement with the other families will bring judgment against Aro, but if it doesn’t, it is going to be dangerous in Chicago. It is time for me to make Aro pay and take down his family. If I must make the streets of Chicago flow red with the blood of Aro and his family, so fucking be it.”

“I understand and back you one hundred percent. Are you sure you don’t want me to be with you to protect your back?”

“Your responsibility will be to protect Angela,” Edward explained. “I also want you to take out Bishop Bertazzoni and make it look like a heart attack.”

“That is easily done,” Ben replied. He had killed a few people that way over the years. A simple drug was all that was needed. He only needed to make sure to inject him in a location that wasn’t noticeable. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that the fucker has pictures and possible videos of his escapades. Find them and print them off. When you take him out, put them with his naked body placing his hand on his tiny dick. After his last breath, make an anonymous call to the police,” Edward ordered.

“Damn Boss that is an excellent plan,” Ben said.

“Alright, let’s get some food and go over the plans for Cullenello,” Edward explained then went to the kitchen. He wasn’t the greatest of cooks but he could fry an egg and make toast. While he fried the eggs, Ben made them each another cup of coffee and got the plates ready. When the food was ready they sat back down at the table, ate and talked about Cullenello. They were just finishing up when Angela came out of the bedroom, wearing a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt. Her hair was messy and there were dark circles under her eyes. 

Ben stood up and went to her. “Darling, you look exhausted. You need to go back to bed.”

“I am fine,” she whispered, taking hold of his hand. “What are you two doing up so early?”

“Mom, have a seat and I will make you a cup of tea,” Edward said, getting up and going to the kitchen.

Angela sat down and Ben sat beside her, placing a sweet kiss on her lips. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Euphoric,” she murmured with a smile.

“Me too,” he replied.

Edward returned with a cup of Earl Grey and placed it in front of his mother. He took a seat and waited until she took a drink before speaking. 

“Mom, we have been talking, and when I go back to Chicago, I want you and him to stay here.”

“Why?” Angela asked.

“To oversee the renovation of Cullenello,” Edward replied.

“And?” Angela quizzed, her eyebrow raised.

Edward couldn’t help but chuckle. He could never get anything past her. “Ben has a couple of jobs that he needs to do for the family.”

Angela studied Edward’s face and knew there was something else. He was excellent at reading people’s faces; however, she was better. “And?”

“Fuck, Mom, I thought for sure I had you on this one. If the other families don’t abide by their blood oath contract, I will still move forward; it is time for Aro to go down. I will be starting an all-out offensive and will not stop until every last member of the Volturi scum is dead. I don’t want you in Chicago if that happens.”

“And where will I be?” Bella asked.

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  1. Reneé was a Volturi before she changed her name to Dwyer. She has disappeared. Is she in hiding or is she dead? That means Bella has Volturi blood. But who are Reneé’s parents? Will Edward reveal to her what he has found? Ben and Angela will be together in Italy. Will they eventually marry?


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