WTDB ~ Chapter Seventeen

Not so hidden

Edward and Bella were sitting out on the deck enjoying the evening. They had enjoyed a quiet dinner alone, knowing that the next couple of days would be hectic and they wouldn’t have much time alone, just the two of them. 

Bella was cuddled up against Edward, his arm draped across her shoulder, as his thumb caressed her arm. She noticed Ben next to the fence that overlooked the water, he was passing back and forth, checking his watch every minute or so. “What is wrong with Ben?” 

Edward had also been watching Ben and smiling. Did he really think that he didn’t know about him and Angela? It was just by chance that he learned about them. 

It had been one spring day when he had decided to pick up Angela to take her out to lunch. When he pulled into the driveway, he noticed Ben’s private vehicle was here. He hadn’t sent him and he wondered why he was here. Getting out of his car, he used his key and walked in. Looking around he didn’t see either one of them, then he heard Angela’s sweet laugh. It was something he loved hearing, even though it was a very rare occurrence. Walking towards the sound which was coming from the sunroom. The room was his mom’s favorite place to be. She would sit for hours in the room, reading, or listening to music. As a small child, some of the best memories were of them cuddled on the sofa as she read to him. Stepping down the hall, he was about to call out when he heard Ben’s voice.

“Oh, my beautiful Angel, do you know how much I love your laugh?” Ben cooed.

What did Ben just say? He loved her laugh? He stopped and continued to listen.

“Darling, you make me so happy,” Angela said. “My heart has wings when you are near. I can’t believe we found each other.”

“Me either. I love you so much,” Ben confessed.

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How long had this been going on and how the fuck had he not seen it before now? Though he was upset about not knowing, he was happy that his mother had someone else who loved her. Ben was a great guy, loyal to the family, and a skilled mercenary. There was no one in the world better to protect his mother. Slipping out of the house taking their secret with him, he left with a smile on his face.

“Edward, love, are you okay?” Bella asked her voice full of concern.

“Yes, my love.”

“I have been calling out to you for the last few minutes. What were you thinking about?” She questioned.

Edward looked back over to Ben, who was currently running his hand through his hair then looked at his watch. “I was thinking of the reason why Ben is acting the way he is right now.”

“You know why? Is there something wrong?” She quizzed.

Edward turned and placed a kiss on her head. “He is in love.”

Bella looked at Ben, then back to Edward with a shocked look. “Who?”

“Mom,” he answered.

“Angela? When, how, ahh?” She stammered.

“They don’t know that I know. It has been going for at least a year, maybe more,” Edward explained. 

“So, they are together, together?”

“God, Baby, don’t put that thought in my head,” he cried, shutting his eyes trying to rid the images of his mother and Ben in bed together. Fuck that is just something he couldn’t think about.

Bella giggled at the expression on Edward’s face. Wrapping her hands behind his head, she pulled him down for a hot passionate kiss. When they finally broke apart, she smiled at him. “Did that help?”

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned. “You make me forget the world when you kiss me like that.”

Bella sighed and leaned back against him. He made her forget the world. So much had happened in such a short amount of time and in two days she will be married. She couldn’t wait to be Edward’s wife and was happy that his mother was going to be there. However, she had not talked to her father since the accident in the alley. It was not uncommon for them to go for weeks without talking, due to each of their hectic schedules. 

Charlie had been her only parent since her good for nothing egg donor left them when she was born. He was always her champion, telling her she could be anything she wanted to be. When she began to write, the first year was rough, with no one wanting to read her manuscripts. Charlie kept telling her that her books were great and it was only a matter of time before the whole world would realize it as well. Two months later, she signed a huge contract with a publisher and the rest, as they say, was history. Her father was the International Vice President-At Large for the Teamsters. He stood toe to toe with some of the most ruthless companies in the world to fight for the rights of his brothers and sisters in the Teamsters Organizations. That was the reason why he had taught her self defense, having seen and having to deal with the fucking scum. 

When the situation with Aro was resolved, she would have her father over and introduce him to Edward. She was unsure how much she would be allowed to tell Charlie about the family, though there was doubt that Edward would let her know. Charlie would love Edward there was no question about that. Edward loved her and protected her with everything at his disposal and that in Charlie Swan’s eyes was what made a man acceptable. 

Edward’s phone dinged with an incoming text. After he looked at it, he smiled. “They are about ten minutes out.”

“That is wonderful,” Bella exclaimed then glanced toward Ben. “Are you going to let him know?”

An evil grin formed on his face. “Nope. Let him suffer a little longer.”

“Edward!” Bella gasped. “That is mean.”

“Then the fucker should man up and tell me that he is in love with my mother,” Edward explained with a smile.

“He is scared of what you will say or do,” Bella hypothesized.

“Well, it is my right to do so,”  Edward chuckled then gave her a smoldering look. “We have ten minutes, let’s make out.”

“As much as I would love to make out with you, I don’t want to see your mother looking like I had just had sex with her son,” Bella instructed. 

“But, Baby, I need you,” Edward whined.

Bella palmed his hardening cock, leaned close to his ear. Her hot breath caused shivers of pleasure to course through his body. She began to hum softly, then said. “I will take care of this tonight, but now you need to think about your mother having hot, sweaty sex with Ben.”

“BELLA!” Edward cried, the images bombarding that made his cock hide like a turtle withdrawing into his shell.

She placed a quick kiss on his lips and got up. “Come on, love, our guest will be here at any moment.”

“You are one evil woman, Bella Cullen,” Edward growled.

“I’m not a Cullen yet,” Bella said with a glimmer in her bright brown eyes.

Edward stood up and wrapped his arms, her waist pulling her close. “You became a Cullen the moment I picked you up in that alley.”

Bella turned a shocked look on her face. “Really?”

“Yes. I think I fell in love with you when I read your first book,” Edward proclaimed.

Suddenly the front door opened, with Emmett carrying in a large suitcase and behind him was Angela, who pushed him out of the way and ran to Bella. “Oh, I am so happy he found you.”

Edward shook his head. He had been replaced. “Hi, Mom.”

Angela continued hugging Bella and crying. “This has been my prayer for so long that he would find and marry a good woman. I can’t think of anyone better for my baby.”

“Hi, Mom,” Edward repeated.

“Is there anything I can do to help with the wedding? I hope the dress I bought is okay. If not, we will have to go shopping,” Angela continued.

Edward walked over to the chair and sat down. Emmett came over and leaned down. “You’ve been replaced.”

“Fuck you, bastard,” Edward snarled as he flipped him off.

Angela turned around, placing her hands on her hips. “Watch your language around a lady,” she hissed.

“Mom, Bella’s cussing is worse than a shipload of sailors on a three day leave,” he advised with one of his crooked smiles.

“No, I don’t, you fucking asshole,” Bella scorned.

A moment passed and everyone cracked up laughing. Angela came over and gave Edward a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek. “I am very proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mom. She is more than I could have ever hoped for,” Edward murmured.

“You deserve it,” Angela said as she pulled back. Reaching into her bag, she handed him the large manilla envelope. “This is from Jenks. He told me to tell you that you need to read some of this in private.”

Edward nodded. He had asked Jenks not only to prepare the documents that he and Bella would need to get married, but also to do a background check on her father. She had mentioned her father and that her mother had left them when she was only days old and they had never heard from her ever again. “Thanks, Mom. We ordered some food and it should be here in a few minutes.”

“Oh, thank God. Even though the flight crew was wonderful, I just can’t eat on the plane,” she confessed.

“Angela, you are staying with us in this villa. There is another suite at the opposite end so you will have your privacy,” Bella explained, trying her best not to smile. Her hopes were that Ben would be staying in the room as well.

“That sounds nice,” Angela hesitated. She really had hoped to have a room away from Edward so Ben could stay with her. After not seeing him for these last few weeks, she had realized she needed to take the leap, giving herself entirely to Ben. 

Bella could see the hint of disappointment on Angela’s face. “Oh yes, it has a lovely deck outside of the bedroom that overlooks the water.”

Angela’s heart skipped a beat. This would mean that Ben would be able to come in without Edward knowing. She knew that they couldn’t keep this relationship secret forever, though Ben was scared what Edward would say. He was his boss and the head of the family. “Oh, I can’t wait to see it.”

Bella smiled, knowing that she had helped the love birds. A few minutes later, the extra security men came into the room with both Seth and Ben. Edward wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and pulled her close.

“Gentlemen, as you know, Ben and Seth have been working around the clock to keep me and my lovely Bella safe. We are going to be here for about five or six days more, then we will be traveling back to the states. The information we have found, because of Bella we will be of tremendous help in garnering support from rival families in the states to finally make Aro pay for what he has done my family and many of yours. I am giving Seth and Ben some much needed time off after they inform you of the security measures they have put into place, not only here but also at the Cullenello Mansion. When we go back to the states, I will assign someone to stay here and oversee the renovation of the mansion,” Edward advised, then nodded at Emmett, who was standing to his side. Emmett handed him a wooden box. “Seth, thank you for your hard work and with that being said, please accept this gift.”

Seth took the box from Edward and opened it up, gasping at the sight, It was a Tanfoglio Witness Elite Gold Team 45ACP. “Wow, Boss. I can’t accept this,” he stuttered.

“Yes, you will. I command it,” Edward quipped with a sly smile, then turned towards Ben. “Ben, come here.”

Ben came up and stood in front of Edward. He hated being the center of attention. 

“Ben, I want to thank you for your dedication in protecting my family. As you know, Bella is the love of my life and I know that you would take a bullet for her as everyone here knows,” Edward declared. “But what people don’t know is that you have also been protecting the other person who was my protector when I was too young to do it myself. Mom, Ben, I just want to let you know that I am happy that you found each other and please don’t hide your love for each other anymore.”

Angela and Ben gasped in unison. “How did you know?” Angela asked a look of shock evident on her face.

“I have known for a long time and have been waiting for you to tell me,” Edward explained. 

Even though Ben was still in shock, he stepped over to Angela and wrapped his arm around her waist. “Edward, I promise you that I will love and protect her until the last beat of my heart.”

“You fucking better or you know I can take you out and no one will ever find your body,” Edward growled.

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  1. I’m glad Edward finally let Ben and Angela know that he knows about them. No secrets.


  2. Edward knows pretty much everything, but……Charlie, how is that going to play out I wonder….great story….


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