04/11/2020 Recommendation

I just started reading this story and wanted to share. As much as I love a Edward and Bella together, I also love to see her with our characters.

Perfect For Me by mama4dukes

Sunday morning… erm, Sunday afternoon…

Jasper’s eyes popped open as a sharp, keening noise woke him from a deep slumber. He began to rise and discover the cause, but quickly decided to remain horizontal when the bed, no, the room, started spinning. He tried to block out the annoying sound by placing a pillow on his head, but it was rudely whipped away from him.

“Do you realize how embarrassed I was? My parents and I stood in front of the church waiting for you, my fiancé, to arrive, but you didn’t even have the decency to show up! We were humiliated in front of the entire congregation! 

“My mother says she can’t show her face in the neighborhood again. And I come to your house to find you and your no-good friends crashed out all over the house sleeping off a hangover! How dare you?”

Jasper started opening his mouth to reply to her, but instead, he emitted a long, deep belch – most likely from all the beer he consumed the previous night. He looked up to see his fiancé’s appalled face, which twisted and contorted as she opened her mouth again.

“You know what? I am done! I am so done with you! I don’t have time for your frat boy antics anymore! Grow the hell up, Jasper!” She grabbed a bag from the closet and filled it with the few items she kept at his house.  Taking her engagement ring off, she threw it at his forehead before leaving. Soon the slamming of the front door with a resounding thud that rang through the house.

In response, Jasper simply rolled over and closed his eyes again so he could sleep off his hangover.

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