Words to Die By ~ Chapter Sixteen

After Edward left the church, he couldn’t help but smile. He and Bella were going to get married on Saturday in the church. It did leave a bad taste in his mouth the Bishop was the one marrying them, but it was worth it. Bishop Bertazonni’s time on this earth was coming to an end, he just didn’t know it yet. There was no way in the world, Edward was going to allow this asshole to continue his sexual depravity on young women. 

“Ben, take me by the mansion. I want to check on the progress,” Edward informed him as he was getting into the back seat. 

“Certainly, Boss,” Ben replied.

As they headed down the streets, Edward was thinking not only about the wedding but also the renovation of the mansion. They would be leaving soon after the wedding to go back to the states, so he could take care of Aro at last. Even though he felt the contractor would do a good job, he would feel better if he had a family member were here to see and control the project. But who? 

Arriving Edward found several vehicles on the property. Ben had already checked the surveillance cameras and evaluated the danger level. They had already run an extensive background check on each of the workers and contractors, with each coming out clean. In spite of that, Ben, Seth, and the security team that would be arriving tonight would be keeping a close eye out on anyone who came close to the family, especially Edward. 

Ben opened the back door which was the sign for Edward that it was all safe. He first went into the house and saw that the construction crew had begun working on rewiring the house. He had been told that they would try not to open up the plaster walls unless there was no way around it and by the look of things it looked like it was working. Edward and Bella wanted to retain the character of the house while bringing it to the date with the latest technology and convenience. 

“Mr. Cullenello, how are you today?” Piero asked, coming into the room from the garden.

“I am well. How are things going here?” Edward asked, pointing around the room.

“Very good. We have only had to open up a few spots so far. I’ve found the best plaster artist to come in and repair,” Piero advised. 

“Excellent. How is the garden?” Edward questions wanting it to be perfect for the wedding reception.

“Happy to say that the bulbs were just sleeping, and should be blooming soon, They are dormant during the long cold winter, awaking for the warm spring sun to bloom. After we removed five truckloads of vines, branches, and weeds, we discovered that the damage wasn’t severe. The fountain needed only minor repairs, the bulbs are in good shape, and we have begun to plant spring blooming flowers. We fertilized and are watering the grass and it is getting greener by the day,” Piero explained.

“Wonderful. Do you think it will be ready for Saturday evening?”

“Yes,” Piero replied with a smile.

“Piero I am very pleased and so will my wife be. However, I was wondering if you could work your magic in the master bedroom. Not wanting perfection of course, just clean and safe,” Edward said.

Piero’s mind was racing with what was all needed in the master bedroom. The electrician had started running wiring and thankfully hadn’t run into any problems causing them to tear out the plaster. The entire room needed a good scrub and he had a master craftsman wood maker coming in next week to look it over. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt using the bed in case the support system in the massive bed was dry rotted. 

Edward saw the emotion cross over Piero’s face as he calculated how to answer him. He was asking a lot, though he was willing to throw whatever it cost to make it happen. He really wanted them to spend their first night as husband and wife in this house and in his grandparent’s bed. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a wad of money. “Would this help make it happen?”

Piero took the money and looked down at it. This money could help his family during these tough economic times. Jobs of this caliber were hard to come by. He would make this happen. “Thank you Mr. Cullenello and I promise that it will be done.”

“I knew you were the right man for the job. Now I will leave you to it. If you need anything, contact my men, they will get whatever you need,” Edward advised. 

Edward walked out into the garden to take a look around and mentally picture the tent for the reception. The backyard was coming together nicely. The fountain was cleaned and worked beautifully. Taking out his phone he took pictures, he would use them when he went to rent the tent and chairs. He couldn’t wait to see Bella’s face, fuck he couldn’t wait for her to be his wife. 

Once he had gone back into the house, he saw Ben, told him he was ready to leave, and that he had several stops to make. He had researched where each business he wanted to go was located and gave the addresses to Ben. Pulling out his phone, he checked in with his pilot and was glad to see that they were on schedule and would be arriving in Italy at eight-thirty. 

“Ben, the flight is on time,” Edward called out as they drove down the streets to the first shop.

“Excellent, Boss. I have arranged the vehicles for picking them up,” Ben explained. He was relieved that more guards were coming. So far they had not run into any issues, but that could change at any moment. His and Seth’s workload had been non-stop since arriving in Italy. Yet he was happier that he would be seeing the woman who held his heart. They had kept their love affair secret, not knowing how Edward would respond. She was his mother and he was one of his private guards, responsible for keeping him alive. Even though it was the most important job in the family, Ben still felt that he wasn’t good enough for Angela. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought of her. She was the bravest person he had ever known. Saving Edward and keeping him hidden all those years. 

He had been attracted to her for months, even though he never really talked to her alone. That all changed one winter night. Edward had asked him to go and stay with Angela during the storm. She hated snow because it reminded her of the day that Aro had attacked, though she would never leave Chicago and Edward. He arrived, stomping off his shoes on the rug outside of her door, he was going to ring the doorbell, but Angela opened the door with a 9mm in her hand. 

“Oh, Ben, I didn’t know you were coming,” Angela murmured her cheeks turning a bright shade of pink.

“Edward wanted me to stay with you,” he explained.

“He is so thoughtful. Come in, it is bad out there,” she declared rubbing her hands up and down her arms to break the chill.

He came into the house that he had been in many times before and took off his coat. The first thing he wanted to do was to make sure that the house was secure. “I’m going to check things out.”

“Alright,” she replied as she placed her gun back in the drawer beside the couch. Edward had taught her how to handle and shoot. He then placed guns all over the house, so she would be within feet of one. 

Once Ben was satisfied he went to check on Angela. Just as he stepped into the den, the lights went out. Angela screamed and Ben rushed to her side and when he did she threw herself into his arms. 

“I hate this,” she cried out.

“Shh, it is okay. I am here,” he whispered into her hair as he held her tight. She felt so right in his arms. He felt her move not being able to see her because it was so dark in the house. Then he felt her smooth lips on his. After the initial shock, he angled his mouth and deepened the kiss. This was heaven. Finally breaking away when his lungs were about to explode from the lack of oxygen, he placed a feather-soft kiss down her jaw and neck. “Let me start a fire and we can talk.”

“I would love that,” Angela sighed.

They spent the rest of the night on the couch, cuddled together talking and kissing. She had told him about what had happened to her before she came to work for Edward’s parents and that she had never trusted any man except him. He promised her to let her set the pace for their relationship and they would wait to tell Edward. Neither knew how he would take the fact of them being together. They still had not sex and even though he had the biggest case of blue balls in history he knew he could never leave her. He loved her.

“Ben. Ben. BEN!” Edward called out.

“Sorry, Boss,” Ben said.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked, wondering where Ben’s thoughts had been. This was not like him.

“Yes, Boss. Just thinking about what needed to be done when the new guys get here,” Ben lied. 

“After they are brought up to speed, I want you and Seth to take several days off,” Edward commanded. He didn’t want his two best guards fucking up because they were tired.

“Thank you,” Ben replied with a sigh.

After Edward had arranged the tent, flowers, tables, chairs for the reception and buying the items needed for Bella’s surprise, they headed back to the villa. When he walked in Bella, Rose, and Alice were sitting around the table talking, while Emmett and Jasper were in the den watching t.v.

He leaned down and placed a warm kiss behind Bella’s ear. “Hello, love.”

Bella moaned and leaned her head so he could have better access to her neck, allowing him to place his hot kisses. 

“FUCK, EDWARD!” Rose yelled. “We don’t want to watch this shit.”

“I DO!” Emmett called out laughing. “I haven’t found any good porn over here.”

“EMMETT,” Rose screamed. “If you want to see my pussy again you need to shut up.”

Emmett couldn’t go without seeing his love’s pussy, so he decided to shut up. 

Edward stood up, placing his hands on Bella’s shoulders and began to massage them. Whenever she was near, he had to be as close as possible. Would it always be like this? God, he hoped so. 

“Did the Bishop agree?” Bella asked, loving the feeling of Edward’s large, strong hands on her shoulders kneading the knots.

“Yes. The ceremony is set for Saturday at four. Is that going to be enough time?” Edward questioned.

“Yes. We are not going to have a large guest list and we have a game plan for what we will need to make it special,” Bella explained.

“Use my card and get whatever you want,” Edward urged. 

Bella tilted her head back and looked up at him. “Certainly, my love.”

Jasper and Emmett walked back in the room, smiling. They were happy to see their Boss and friend happy in love. 

“Angela and the extra security will be landing eight-thirty. I figure they will be here around nine-thirty or so. Jasper, can you arrange rooms for the security?”

“Sure thing, Boss,” Jasper replied.

“Where is Angela going to stay?” Bella asked. “I think she needs to be here. We have another bedroom and I am sure she will want to be close.”

Edward bent down and kissed Bella’s nose. “I have told you just how much I love you today?”

“No,” she chuckled.

Edward looked up. “Everyone, leave NOW!”

Rose leaned over to Bella. “I think you are going to get lucky.”

“Damn right she is,” Alice laughed.

As they began to walk out the door, Emmett turned back. “Ride him hard and put him up wet, Bella.”

Edward flipped him off, leaned down and swept Bella up in his arms. “Yippee ki yay, cowgirl.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Bella doing exactly what Emmett had advised. 

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  1. The wedding preparations are going smoothly so far. Angela and the extra guards will be here soon.


  2. the power he wields……lol in more ways than one…..love it


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