4/2/2020 Recommendation

From my Heart Recommendation is Caledonia by WeeKittyAndTAT. Damn these girls and write a great story. I am loving every word and can’t wait to see where they take us on this wonderful ride.

Edward moves back to Seattle after working under his father’s shadow for five years. Wanting to make a name for himself, he uses his mother’s surname to establish himself. What happens when his father, and a friend call in a favor, and need him to first help a struggling restaurant. Will he want to when the owner let it fall to pieces while she vacationed and what other secrets will unfold along the way?

Caledonia – Chapter 1

Edward POV

I take my shades off as I walk into the real estate agency. “Mr. Masen,” Tanya the receptionist says with a flirtatious smile. “Aro is just wrapping up his meeting. I guess that means I’m the lucky one, because I’ll get to be the one to entertain you for now.” She gives me a coy smile, and moves so her barely covered breasts are on display.

I grin back at her letting my eyes run over her body, and fuck what a body she has. Tanya is over forty, around five-foot-ten and slender. Her breasts are a decent size, appear to be real, and are surprisingly perky for her age. Her blonde hair flows down, hitting the tops of her breasts, drawing the eye more to them. Her skin is flawless and pale. Trailing my eyes back to hers I notice the vivid color of hers, sparkling with lust. Her eyes are one of her greatest assets; the ocean blue color is quite intriguing.

“And how are you going to entertain me?” I ask her in a husky voice making her swallow and lick her lips.

I don’t have a big head or anything, but I know that I am a good looking guy. I have just turned thirty and stand at six-foot-three. I work out four times a week, and make sure that I eat healthy to keep myself in shape and toned. But most women say it’s my green eyes and wild penny-colored hair that makes me look as if I have just had sex. There’s something about freshly fucked hair that makes women wet with want.

“Oh, I have a few ideas,” she whispers as she leans forward to me.

“Anthony,” Aro says loudly.

I wink at Tanya and then turn to look at him.

“If you’d like to come in,” he says.

“See you later, Tanya,” I say looking back at her.


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